dholbachgood morning06:43
elfymorning dholbach06:43
dholbachhey elfy06:44
elfydholbach: can you get to https://test.ubuntu-discourse.org/ ?06:47
elfydownforeveryone appears to think it's just me06:47
dholbachhttps → http06:47
dholbachthen yes06:47
elfyoh right - so it won;t work there and it's down for you to?06:48
dholbachon http it works for me06:53
dholbachhttps doesn't06:54
dholbachjust replace https with http06:54
elfynot that worried :)06:54
elfywhich is shorthand for firefox keeps adding the s and I've not had enough tea yet ... :p06:55
dholbachah ok :)06:55
dholbachnigelb, happy birthday! :)08:06
elfy50 again ...08:06
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dpmnigelb, and elfy happy birthday ;)09:12
elfythanks dpm - but it's not mine - just Nigel's :)09:14
dpmelfy, ah, misread dholbach's comment. Nevermind, congrats for the next one ;)09:14
elfyI'm not having anymore - 50 is more than old enough for anyone :p09:15
elfymen that is ... women seem to like 30 :D09:15
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jcastrothat is awesome13:24
mhall119nigelb: happy birthday dude!14:45
cjohnstonwho's this nigelb guy?14:54
elfythe older one :)14:56
balloonsnigelb, happy happy birthday!15:36
dholbachall right - time to call it a day over here - have a great weekend everyone!15:39
elfyhave a good weekend dholbach15:40
dholbachyou too15:41
bkerensajono: just sent the list to sarah15:54
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bkerensajono: looks like everyone is registered and I'm working with O'Reilly to get a exhibitor sticker17:03
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popeymarcoceppi: discourse broken?21:24
marcoceppipopey: not that I know of. what are you seeing?21:25
marcoceppipopey: loads for me. what url are you using?21:26
popeyweb page not available21:26
marcoceppipopey: we disabled SSL and spdy. drop the s21:26
jcastrologin loop!21:36
jcastroI blame popey21:36
josehey jcastro, let me know if you're around22:49
jcastrojose: for 5 minutes22:52
josejcastro: I don't know if I can also participate on the charm contest as a maintainer, I'm in the process of getting a charm on the store atm22:52
jcastroyou have until october 122:52
josestill 16 years old :(22:52
jcastroyou just need your parent's permission22:52
josesigned permission?22:53
jose(you know I'm 16, you checked my ID)22:53
jcastrosend me a mail, I'll send you the packet22:53
* jose sends email22:53
jcastrothis is for the maintainer stuff right?22:54
jcastronot like a full blown entry?22:54
josefor the $200 chances I may have22:55
josejcastro: you have mail22:57
jcastrosmart man23:00
jcastrosnag all the unmaintained boring charms people will need to use23:00
jcastrothat's what I would do!23:00
joseyeah, plus I've submitted postfix and mailmn23:00
josewhich should be useful for the monitoring solution23:00
josejcastro: when are you sending the info?23:05
pleia2jose: I barely recognised you with the little nick!23:07
josepleia2: yep, new nick! thought it was time to change :)23:08
* pleia2 keeps the nick she picked when she was 1623:08
pleia2looking like a grown up, pfft23:08
joseyou should feel young23:09
pleia2I have my moments23:09
josemy teacher who is older than 50 feels young23:10
jcastrojose: I just sent it ~15min ago to your ubuntu account23:14
josejcastro: didn't get it at all, note that I'm now using jose@ubuntu.com23:14
josegreat, got it now. thanks!23:15
josejcastro: quick question, should I register myself in the sign-up page or I don't need to?23:17
joseor my parents should register themselves?23:17
jcastroyou don't need to register anything23:19
jcastrothey need to email be i, ii, and iii23:19
joseok, thanks!23:19

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