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pittiGood morning04:25
didrocksgood morning05:08
didrockshey larsu! up early? ;)05:18
larsudidrocks: yep. I feel much more productive in the mornings. Let's see how long I can keep it up ;)05:19
didrocksheh :)05:19
larsudidrocks: happy Friday!05:19
didrockshappy Friday larsu!05:20
didrocksjibel: FYI, autopilot in the release pocket06:05
Mirvdidrocks: webkit compiled successfully in the https://launchpad.net/~canonical-qt5-edgers/+archive/qt5-beta2/+packages during the night06:07
didrocksMirv: ah, excellent! having a look at the MP then :)06:08
didrocksMirv: we are not using the private headers in any of our projects?06:10
Mirvdidrocks: we shouldn't, at least the webbrowser-app isn't. if we are, they should be split into a -private-dev package.06:12
didrocksMirv: ok, just ensuring that we didn't break anybody :)06:13
didrocksdiff looks good, sponsoring :)06:13
Mirvif we'd have a global code search, it'd be easier to say for sure. but it seems we are largely using QML anyway.06:13
Mirvdidrocks: thanks!06:14
didrocksthanks to you!06:14
darkxstpitti, hi06:42
pittihey darkxst06:43
darkxstpitti, do you have any ideas how the lid close actions would work in an inhibitor world? I don;t think I can just override the lid action without inhibitors since that will break gnome-shell (and maybe gnome-screensaver)06:45
pittidarkxst: I think the intention is that g-s-d sets a lid close inhibitor, and releases it only when it wants the suspend to happen (i. e. when it is active and gets a lid switch event)06:46
darkxstpitti, yes, but how to configure the action that happens on lid close06:47
pittidarkxst: if you disable suspend on lid close in the config, it would just never release the inhibitor06:47
darkxstpitti, it needs to be configurable from g-c-c, i.e. disable, suspend and hibernate06:48
pittidarkxst: it would need to actively call hibernate from logind, as the default logind config is to suspend06:49
pittidarkxst: so option one is to always hold the inhibitor lock and do all actions (suspend) by itself, option 2 (which is in g-s-d 3.8 AFAIK) is above strategy to drop the inhibitor if you want to suspend06:49
jibeldidrocks, bonjour, thanks. I'll update the tests this morning06:51
darkxstPici, right. but really I need option 3: configure lid close action (suspend,hibernate etc) while still using inhibors06:51
darkxstotherwise gnome-shell won't lock on lid close for example06:52
didrocksjibel: de rien ;) salut!06:52
pittidarkxst: you can't do hibernate with just inhibitors, you'd need to configure logind to hibernate on lid06:52
darkxstpitti, but logind does not have user settings?06:53
pittiand we are not going to change the default ocnfig06:53
pittihibernate on lid close is just evil06:53
pitti(i. e. it's okay to offer it for configuring, but it's a really bad default)06:54
pittidarkxst: so if you want to hibernate, g-s-d always needs to keep the inhibitor and call hibernate() itself06:54
darkxstI'm not talking about default, just adding support to g-s-d to bring back the configurability06:54
pittiright, so that would be "option one" above06:55
darkxstexcept I don't want to break screen locking06:56
darkxstwhich as I understand, currently (in 3.8) gnome-shell gets the preparetosleep signal, locks the screen and then releases the inhibitor06:56
pittibut that's the suspend inhibitor, not the lid inhibitor06:57
darkxstso what does the lid inhibitor do then?07:00
pittiit prevents logind from suspending when closing the lid07:00
pittior, I should say, from doing the configured action07:01
pittii. e. ey=hibernate07:01
pittii. e. HandleLidSwitch= in /etc/systemd/logind.conf07:01
darkxstcan we just drop the hibernate on lid close action then?07:02
pittidarkxst: you mean the configuration option?07:02
pittiwe disable hibernate anyway by default in polkit07:02
pittiso it wouldn't work right now anyway07:03
darkxstok cool07:03
darkxstthat simplifies things somewhat! I see what to do now ;)07:04
pittidarkxst: it seems if you configure "no action", then all that g-s-d needs to do is to skip the piece of code that drops the lid inhibitor07:04
pittiand for "suspend on lid close" it should just work with what 3.8 does07:05
didrockshey Laney, how are you?08:05
Laneypretty good thanks didrocks08:05
Laneybeen making some bread this morning ;-)08:05
didrocksLaney: I'm fine, thanks! Sunny week-end (with national day on Sunday)08:06
Laneysome kind of party?08:06
didrocksfireworks in most cities08:07
didrocksah, also, the Tour de France is going through Lyon on saturday08:07
didrocks3kms from my home, I think I'll have a look :)08:08
Laneyoh wow08:08
Laneygo ride the stage :P08:08
didrocksahah, sure, that's totally me! :)08:09
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didrockshey sil2100, how are you?08:16
sil2100didrocks: hello! Continuuing my cleanup work08:19
sil2100didrocks: can you ACK?
sil2100(me and ken made those changes, so they're oook!)08:20
didrockssil2100: sweet! you've found the right parameters for media then? :)08:20
didrockssil2100: +1 on qtvideo-node08:21
seb128happy friday desktopers08:35
seb128(yeah, I'm late this morning, went for some errands before starting the day, I decided it was better early than at lunch time;-)08:36
didrocksHappy Friday seb128!08:36
seb128didrocks, thanks, you too ;-)08:36
seb128how is friday looking? not too much crazyness?08:36
didrocksseb128: looking good until now, going through the sdk tutorial and seeing where it's deprecated and so on :)08:38
seb128did they fix to have instructions/code actually working? ;-)08:38
Laneymorning seb128!08:40
* Laney was supposed to write a gsettings-qt example for d.u.c08:41
seb128Laney, hey08:41
seb128Laney, "was" supposed... did somebody beat you at it? ;-)08:41
Laneyno I just forgot :(08:42
seb128do it today, seems like a good friday thing08:42
Laneyyeah, after poking mlankhorst about...08:42
LaneyThe following packages have unmet dependencies:08:42
Laney pvr-omap4 : Depends: xorg-video-abi-1308:42
Laney             Depends: xserver-xorg-core-omap-revert but it is not going to be installed08:42
darkxstlucky you guys that still have a whole friday left ;)08:43
mlankhorstLaney: yeah I was afraid of that, if you're lucky manually adding xserver-xorg-video-omap-revert xserver-xorg-input-evdev-omap-revert might help..08:44
Laneycan you try it out on the porterbox? :(08:45
mlankhorstI don't have access?08:45
Laneywhy not?08:45
mlankhorstno idea what it is or where it's hosted08:45
Laneyssh porter-armhf.canonical.com08:45
mlankhorsthm times out08:47
Laneyguessing you don't have sshebang configured?08:47
seb128you need to ssh through chinstrap08:47
didrocksseb128: I asked for it, they are sending MP as we speak08:48
seb128didrocks, sorry, lost context ... "it" being a working tutorial for the sdk?08:49
didrocksseb128: yep, that's the "it" :)08:49
seb128k ;-)08:49
ogra_Laney, can you make sure xserver-xorg-video-omap-revert land in main ?08:49
Laneyit did08:49
LaneyI can install --dry-run it in a chroot with only main/restricted08:50
ogra_before the failed image build ?08:50
Laneydon't know about that08:50
Laneybut i didn't see a component-mismatches mail about it08:50
mlankhorstok my sshebang was out of date, it seems08:51
ogra_Laney, i'll start another build and if that fails too i can force it into omap4 images via livecd-rootfs08:52
Laneyogra_: I'd be interested to understand why it doesn't work08:53
LaneyIs there some manual package addition going on?08:53
ogra_yeah, same here ... but it probably was just a timing issue08:53
Laneylike instalilng ubuntu-desktop doesn't pull pvr08:53
ogra_you can add subarch specific packages (bootloader, specific driver packages etc) via livecd-rootfs if needed08:54
ogra_it shouldnt08:54
ogra_if ubuntu-desktop would pull pvr it would do it on all arm devices08:54
Laneyso ubuntu-desktop will pull the non-reverted xorg08:54
LaneyI guess that makes the other one be uninstallable08:55
mlankhorstwell if you install omap-revert before installing ubuntu-desktop, it would work08:55
Laneyi'll do apt-get install pvr-omap4 and then see what ubuntu-desktop brings in08:55
mlankhorstit might need an explicit depends on xserver-xorg-input-evdev-omap-revert and xserver-xorg-video-omap-revert if it fails, but I don't think it should08:56
Laneyupdate-alternatives: error: error creating symbolic link `/usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/omap_pvr_drv.so.dpkg-tmp': No such file or directory08:59
mlankhorstyou've hit a packaging bug! :O08:59
Laneywhat joy08:59
ogra_didnt it run dkms ?09:00
mlankhorstogra_: /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers doesn't exist yet..09:01
mlankhorstbecause no video driver is unpacked at that point09:01
* Laney mkdir -p and carry on09:02
seb128on try <lost the count> chromium built on saucy/armhf, yeah09:03
LaneyI made a note yesterday to tell people to stop wasting time retrying that :P09:04
Laneynot sure that's a sustainable way for it to be ..09:04
seb128no it's not09:04
seb128but I'm still happy that it built09:04
Laneyyeah, good news09:05
seb128the saucy version was quite outdated09:05
Laneywill it migrate now?09:05
seb128it did09:05
seb128it's in my update-manager09:05
seb128that's how I noticed :p09:05
Laneymlankhorst: ok, so it still wants to remove the stuff09:05
mlankhorstodd.. what if you add those other depends?09:05
* Laney installs the things you suggested09:05
Laneyah, that might be ok09:06
mlankhorstadding xserver-xorg-video-omap-revert would probably be good enough to ensure that directory exists, too09:06
mlankhorstbut yeah you'd need both09:07
Laneybuilding a package09:07
Laneyogra_: mlankhorst: ok then, uploading this ...09:30
Laneylet's try respinning after it's published in release09:31
ogra_k, i added them to livecd-rootfs anyway though09:31
Laneyi don't see how that will help09:31
Laneyit's already a dependency of pvr-omap4 which should have done the trick surely09:31
ogra_they will be forcefully installed in any case that way09:31
Laneyunless you mean the extra packages?09:32
ogra_i just mean the revert packages09:32
Laneythe -video and -whatevertheotehroneis09:32
ogra_xserver-xorg-input-evdev-omap-revert and xserver-xorg-video-omap-revert09:33
Laneyok, well that's the same as adding the dep09:33
Laneyso just respin when that his release if you would09:33
mlankhorstok good so armhf works again then? :)11:04
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ogra_mlankhorst, i havent triggered a new buiold yet, but the fix looks promising :)11:24
mlankhorstgood, that will probably be the last panda related upload from xorg, ever :P11:24
ogra_(we're also wotking on a fix for touch, i want to keep the livefs builder free for a respin)11:25
ogra_hopefully the last panda related upload for everything actually :)11:25
popeyI get GPU lockups on intel 13.04 - is 13.10 any better? (please say yes)11:25
ogra_that already caused lots more work than originally planned11:25
mlankhorstyeah xorg won't break on panda any more, unless going crazy with xmir stuff, which could not be enabled on panda anyway11:30
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seb128Mirv, thanks for uploading that qtsystems patch to your ppa for testing ;-)11:37
Mirvseb128: you're welcome11:42
Mirvoh, it's compiled now, nice11:42
Mirvseb128: confirming that the crash is gone (no IMEI though either)11:51
seb128still not IMEI? :-(11:52
seb128Mirv, on what device do you try?11:52
Mirvseb128: Nexus 411:53
Mirvseb128: nope, at least the field in Pat's test program is empty11:53
seb128Mirv, hum, ok, that one is supposed to have one :/11:53
Mirvseb128: SIM: yes, I wonder if that was before11:53
seb128Mirv, can you run "dbus-send --system --print-reply --dest=org.ofono / org.ofono.Manager.GetModems" and pastebin that?11:54
seb128Mirv, on the device11:54
Mirvseb128: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5867899/11:55
Mirvnote that I don't actually have SIM in there, but IMEI should be readable nevertheless11:56
Mirvbut it might be also ofono feature that it doesn't report it if it's not online11:56
MirvI could grab some SIM card from my tablet11:56
seb128Mirv, that seems a bug in ofono11:56
seb128Mirv, if you could try with a sim that would be useful11:56
seb128but that seems a bug for rsalveti/awe11:56
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darkxstseb128, hey12:01
darkxstso I am going to patch g-s-d to handle "no action" or "suspend" on lid close12:02
darkxsthope that is ok, but really providing a hibernate option is a PITA12:03
seb128darkxst, thanks for working on that12:08
seb128darkxst, what's the issue with hibernate?12:09
seb128I don't feel strongly about it, I think 95% of users want either to suspend or not12:09
LaneyI guess that it's not handled by logind12:09
darkxstit would really need to logind to have support for user settings12:09
LaneyIf users want to do it they can presumably set HandleLidSwitch in /etc/systemd/logind.conf12:10
seb128right, let's not go this way12:10
darkxstshort of breaking gnome-shell (and perhaps now gnome-screensaver)12:10
darkxstLaney, yep basically12:10
Laneyif gsd just gets logind to do it12:10
seb128right, basically what we need is g-s-d to be able to put an inhibitor for those who don't want to suspend on lid clode12:10
seb128I think12:11
Laneyseems fine to me12:11
darkxstseb128, yes that is what I am planning and should be easy enough12:11
Laneythanks for working on it12:11
darkxstLaney, seb128 np12:12
darkxstI'm off on mad mtb adventures tomorrows12:12
Laneyoh wow, s-c autopkgtests passed12:12
darkxstbut will sort it sunday sometime12:12
Laneypitti: I approve of run-adt-test!12:12
LaneyI can imagine prepare-testbed doing its thing in /tmp might be annoying if you can't download at speed from cloud-images though :P12:13
LaneyOne feature request is a config file / flag to add custom apt sources (local reprepro archive) - had to hack the script to do that AFAICS12:14
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pittiLaney: well, you only need to do prepare-testbed every couple of days (when the dist-upgrade time becomes too annoying or -U doesn't cut it any more)12:44
Laneypitti: If you reboot it'll be gone though12:47
pittiLaney: aah12:48
pittiLaney: I set BASEDIR=/home/martin-scratch/images/adt in ~/.adtrc12:48
pittithat, and APTPROXY= (to use apt-cacher-ng)12:48
Laneywell, it's not a problem for me personally because I can pull them at 12MB/s :P12:48
pittiso I keep the base VMs around, and just have it put the temporary overlay fs into tmpfs with the -s option12:49
pittiLaney: but it still takes a while to generate12:49
Laneyyeah, couple of minutes12:49
pittiLaney: I like the fact that I can get a throwaway saucy VM in seconds with run-adt-test -sSl12:49
pittierr, -sUl12:49
Laneyoh yeah, that is nice12:49
* Laney needs a bigger SSD12:50
* darkxst just needs an SSD12:52
Laneyeverybody does12:52
darkxstyes 20 million source files brings even the best HDD to its knees12:52
Laneydobey: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5867999/ there's my debian/ changes12:55
Laneyyou'll see the branch I pushed for the upstream ones12:56
Mirvsil2100: didrocks: hey, I'm running out of time here.. I haven't yet e-mailed SRU team about the XIM patches, could you do that? I was planning to check where are the raring branches of it, but so far I've only checked precise ones13:02
Mirvsil2100: the last item on the spreadsheet13:03
Mirvdidrocks: I actually don't see anything proposed against the raring branches yet, and I initially only thought about precise (what bschaefer asked for) until you mentioned that SRU Team should be e-mailed about raring upload..13:05
Mirvmaybe precise is all that is wanted, at least from Brandon's side?13:05
Mirvsil2100: but regarding precise, it's the usual drill we're familiar with :)13:06
sil2100Mirv: ok ;)13:17
sil2100Mirv: I can handle that, Brandon poked me about that yesterday anyway13:17
sil2100Mirv: so, since the queue is free, I'll poke the SRU guys about those and such13:18
sil2100Mirv: you can assign the task to me13:18
Mirvsil2100: <313:19
didrockssil2100: yeah, just to confirm to you: raring is OK, (libgrip is in UNAPPROVED)13:39
didrockssil2100: we should just email the SRU team as the xim change fore precise is quite intrusive13:39
desrtdidrocks: i see you went with notre dame over sacré coeur13:42
sil2100didrocks: I know, I already e-mailed about that like a month ago, no response - will re-send13:44
sil2100I also asked cjwatson but he said he doesn't know much about unity and I should find someone else ;p13:44
didrocksdesrt: yeah, finally, we thought sacré cœur was overrated :)13:47
desrti disagree, but it's your wedding :)13:47
desrti wish the invite had come sooner.  our trip to france is already booked for this year as of a week ago :/13:48
didrocksdesrt: ah, so bad :( (but I told you the dates before, isn't it?), so you won't be around?13:48
desrtdidrocks: we'll see :)13:49
desrtbut uh... i don't suppose i'll be able to rsvp by 30 june13:49
didrocksdesrt: tssss :p time to catch you up and get your address, remember? ;)13:50
didrocksdesrt: TBH, we just need the definitive answer at last a month before13:50
desrtthat will be easy13:50
desrtwe'll see how it goes13:50
didrocksdesrt: keep us posted :)13:50
desrtnice card btw.... not as cute as the fingers... but nice :)13:50
didrocksdesrt: you don't want to know how my parents hate the card :)13:53
didrocksdesrt: we got compliments only from people within our age!13:54
didrocksdesrt: I'll transmit to Julie to you liked the card ;)13:54
didrocks(and won't tell that you prefered the fingers)13:54
desrtshe already knows :p13:55
didrocksdesrt: TBH, I bet it was the case :p13:58
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rsalvetiseb128: I'll check what is happening with ofono when we don't have a sim card14:26
rsalvetifrom a quick look it'd make sense for ofono to export the imei even without sim card14:26
seb128rsalveti, hey, feeling better?14:27
rsalvetiseb128: better than yesterday at least :-)14:27
rsalvetibut, weekend ahead14:27
seb128rsalveti, thanks for checking ofono, at least it's moving in the right direction, with the update we have the imei when there is a sim card ;-)14:28
seb128rsalveti, the qtsystems backend basically do org.ofono.Manager.GetModems and then GetProperty Serial on the first modem from that list14:28
seb128rsalveti, e.g "dbus-send --system --print-reply --dest=org.ofono / org.ofono.Manager.GetModems"14:29
rsalvetiright, cool14:29
seb128if you want a dump of the infos14:29
seb128compare with/without sim maybe14:29
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seb128mterry, hey, want some easy karma?  https://code.launchpad.net/~seb128/unity-greeter/use-ellipses-char/+merge/173477 ;-)14:43
mterryseb128, looking14:46
* mterry could always use karma14:46
kenvandineseb128 is all into bribing with karma these days15:04
kenvandinei miss the good old days of bribing with beer :)15:07
seb128kenvandine, oh, don't worry, there will be plenty of beer for you, next time we have a team sprint ;-)15:11
seb128kenvandine, Laney: should I renamed Licenses to License as well?15:14
seb128kenvandine, Laney: or is it just that software and info don't have plural or something?15:15
seb128you get information*s* in France, but I guess that's different in english? what about softwares, you can't have several of those? :-)15:15
Laneyseb128: apparently they're both uncountable nouns ...15:18
seb128software as well?15:19
seb128ok, learning every day15:19
seb128thanks ;-)15:19
Laneyif Licenses is the component for displaying one package's license info then I'd have that singular too, yeah15:19
seb128one package can have several licenses15:20
seb128but I'm not picking, just tell me if singular is preferred15:20
Laneysingle sounds better to me15:22
* Laney stares at gsettings-qt15:22
Laneyadding a property which is never assigned to breaks it15:23
kenvandinelarsu, how does this look for a MM vapi?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/5868351/15:26
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tedgseb128, What happens with gi repository typelib files and multi-arch ?16:37
tedgIt seems like on my system Hud is the only person doing multi-arch there.16:37
kenvandinetedg, iirc they break...16:38
seb128tedg, we don't do multiarch for gir16:38
kenvandinealthough i haven't looked lately16:38
seb128you should move it back16:38
kenvandinelarsu, is there any way i can run a locally built indicator-messages/phablet with some indicator loader like thing?  or does it require unity8?16:39
tedgkenvandine, You can use indicator loader on an indicator file16:40
seb128kenvandine, he called it a day already so you might not get a reply today16:40
tedgkenvandine, But I don't htink we have all the widgets in ido16:40
kenvandinetedg, will that work for the phablet build?16:40
kenvandinethat's what i am trying to debug16:40
kenvandineand i can't kill indicator-messages-service on the phone16:40
* seb128 is away for some exercice, be back in an hour16:40
tedgkenvandine, Just a small patch to IDO and it'll all work ;-)16:40
kenvandinerestarting it for debug output doesn't work :/16:40
kenvandinetedg, do tell!16:40
tedgkenvandine, Hah, I'm fixing that now, putting an upstart job together.16:41
kenvandinei really want to be able to figure out why i never get the callback16:41
kenvandinereplies to SMS works16:41
kenvandinebut my code doesn't16:41
kenvandinethat's an option... i never think to run bustle over ssh :)16:41
tedgkenvandine, Can you look at this?  I ended up doing more packaging than expected in the end: https://code.launchpad.net/~ted/indicator-messages/upstart-job/+merge/17446716:44
* kenvandine looks16:45
kenvandinetedg, what's the transition like from something dbus activated to upstart?  shouldn't this break the panel or something?16:46
kenvandineanything that expected it to be activated with dbus?16:47
tedgkenvandine, We're starting it when loading the files, so they'll try, fail, and magically it'll appear.16:51
kenvandineso this won't break current unity7?16:51
tedgIt shouldn't, just tested in a guest session... that one didn't work.  indicator-sound/network do.16:52
tedgNot sure why messages is different yet.16:52
kenvandinetedg, see my comments in the MP too16:52
kenvandinetedg, also remember there is a indicator-messages/phablet branch, which has forked a bit... might be easier to merge this change into both branches now as opposed to expanding the delta16:53
tedgkenvandine, Yeah, I've been turning debug on for now.  If nothing else, it's in it's own file now so it won't get in the way.16:53
tedgkenvandine, Sure, guessing this stuff didn't change much.16:53
kenvandineyeah, i know larsu plans to merge that soon... i'd hate to make that harder on him :)16:54
tedgHmm, didn't realize this branch was still using a .so16:55
tedgHmm, not even the phablet branch has an indicator file :-/16:57
tedgDidn't realize indicator-messages was this far off.16:57
kenvandinetedg, yeah, hence my concern about not making the delta bigger17:00
tedgkenvandine, It actually merges cleanly, except for the conflicts that already exist between the two.17:02
kenvandinetedg, ok... what's the trick to X forwarding?17:03
kenvandine -Y isn't working17:03
tedgkenvandine, Did you install xauth ?17:05
tedgkenvandine, Also, it might be easier to do the capture on the device, and then just copy the file.17:05
kenvandineoh yeah17:06
kenvandinebeen a while since i've used bustle17:06
seb128kenvandine, xorg forwarding is -X not -Y18:12
ogra_both are :)18:13
seb128oh ok, I always used X18:13
ogra_-Y is "trusted" X11 forwarding ...18:13
ogra_whatever that means :P18:14
ogra_(i think -Y drops some security)18:14
seb128jbicha, hey, is libraw 0.15 a stable or unstable serie?18:17
seb128jbicha, oh, and please wait that Debian gets some work done on transition before jumping on those, that's creating extra work for no good reason...18:17
jbichaseb128: http://release.debian.org/transitions/html/libraw.html18:20
jbichahttp://www.libraw.org/ claims that 0.15 is stable18:21
kenvandinelarsu, the vapi i generated worked... i now have an equally buggy vala example using lp:indicator-messages/phablet :-D18:32
robruqengho, ping? I'm trying to find out when chromium >25 first landed in saucy.18:36
robruqengho, nm, just found it's debian/changelog18:41
kenvandineit looks like it was actually just published today18:42
kenvandine28 that is18:42
kenvandinerobru, maybe it's been stuck in -proposed?18:44
Laneyit has18:44
Laneyit failed to build on armhf lots18:44
robruthat explains v28, but was v26 also stuck in -proposed for it's entire life? I'm only just now upgrading from v25 to v2818:45
robruwell I'll be damned18:46
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robruI vote that we delete ALL debian/changelog files and just replace them with links to that URL.18:50
seb128jbicha, where do you see on http://www.libraw.org/ that 0.15 is considered stable?19:21
seb128jbicha, oh; on the side, I see19:22
seb128would be nice if they would put those infos in the release notes19:22
seb128jbicha, not sure what's going on with that tracker package, http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_output.txt lists 45 items for that transition19:23
seb128though those are binary packages, but that's at least 15 sources19:24
Laneyit's probably transitive rdepends19:25
seb128Laney, stop being on IRC a friday at 8:25pm ;-)19:25
Laney+1h to you :P19:26
LaneyI'm playing games on my desktop though ;-)19:26
seb128damn, I don't even have that excuse :p19:26
jbichaseb128: the libraw transition is done now19:28
seb128jbicha, yeah, saw that, I would still appreciate if you were asking around before starting transition/moving to new series19:28
seb128we got bitten a few times now by that19:28
jbichait seemed harmless as there were only 4 rdepends and Debian had already done all the work19:29
seb128there is no reason to always jump on the newest series when the update doesn't bring anything but is likely to create bugs19:29
seb128well, for what we know there might be new bugs19:29
seb128jbicha, thanks for all the work you are doing, sorry if I sound grumpy sometime, it's not always easy to find a balance between doing update and aiming at stability19:34
seb128we had a fun updates this cycle that did cost us quite some bugs/debugging time (including the new gtk)19:35
jbichayes, the balance is tricky19:35
seb128we also had a fun people starting transition and letting stuff in proposed for others to finish19:35
jbichaI do appreciate the extra stability that we've had for raring and saucy even though the delay gets annoying some times too19:36
seb128(not always on purpose, sometimes it's soname changes overlooked when syncing with debian or updating)19:36
seb128oh, on the gtk note, don't count on gtk 3.10 any time soon...19:36
seb128seems like mccann decided to pick gtk as his next project to go against and break/drop half the feature before moving away to the next one :/19:37
jbichait seems that gtk3 has always been disruptive19:39
seb128looking to https://git.gnome.org/browse/gtk+/log/?qt=committer&q=mccann give an idea of what he's doing19:39
seb128Deprecate and hardcode default toolbar style setting19:39
seb128Deprecate and hardcode values for gtk-tooltip* timeouts19:39
seb128Deprecate and hardcode the value of visible-focus setting19:39
seb128Deprecate and ignore gtk-enable-tooltips setting19:39
seb128going on a page19:39
seb128yeah, they used to deprecate saying that those would be dropped in gtk419:40
seb128he went for "let's ignore the config in 3.10"19:40
seb128"Deprecate and ignore gtk-can-change-accels"19:40
seb128that's going to be popular :p19:40
jbichawell it's like for the 3.8 cycle, deprecate fallback == remove everything that fallback uses but gnome-shell doesn't need with no deprecation cycle in between19:41
seb128right :/19:41
seb128well, let's say I'm glad we decided to stay one cycle behind19:42
seb128ok, on that note, enough work for this week19:44
seb128have a nice weekend everyone, see you next week19:44
qenghorobru: Got it?20:09
qenghorobru: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/saucy/+source/chromium-browser/+builds20:11
qenghorobru: inherited v25 from raring on first day.20:11
chrisccoulsonqengho, were you planning to prepare the latest chromium stable?20:12
chrisccoulson(and hi, btw)20:12
qenghochrisccoulson: yes. Upstream isn't making release tarballs right now, so I'm having to check it out from their wonky source control system.20:13
chrisccoulsonqengho, awesome, thanks20:13
robruqengho, yeah, no worries. I was just really surprised to discover that I was running v25 when other people were reporting webapps bugs against chromium 27 and 28.20:41
qenghorobru: one architecture keeps failing to build for S.20:44
robruqengho, congrats on getting v28 out ;-)20:44
asacanyone strong from MIR team around?21:07
asacanyone konws who is strong? :)21:07
asacand also knows a bit about distro/packaging?21:07
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