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micahgasac: I can give you dev membership without upload rights if you want01:38
BenCAny reason why packages.ubuntu.com contents search isn't working for saucy?02:59
ScottKHasn't been set up yet.03:07
ScottKRhonda handles it both for Ubuntu and Debian.  Not sure what's blocking it.03:07
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pittixnox: erk, your update-manager merge (common dialogs) broke quite a lot -- got the tests mostly fixed again, but this dropped UpdateManager/UpdateProgress.py which was still being included05:12
dylan-mpitti: Eep, I thought I had those tests passing.05:18
pittidylan-m: the pep-8 and pyflakes errors were simple, I got these committed05:18
pittidylan-m: it looks like I'd replace UpdateProgress(main) with something like get_backend(self, InstallBackend.ACTION_UPDATE) ?05:19
pittiin ./tests/test_update_error.py05:19
dylan-mpitti: I'll be happy to work through these tomorrow, if you'd like :)05:19
dylan-mpitti: Hang on, just going to jog my memory on that one, but I think that's right. The Update / Install backends were stuck together, if I remember correctly.05:23
pittidylan-m: hm, I'm afraid I can't figure it out without truly understanding what's going on there :/05:30
dylan-mHm, action-done isn't a signal any more, either, so that'll need to be changed to just call the hidden method _action_done. Should take the same arguments.05:30
pittidylan-m: ok, in bzr I now fixed all failures except this one05:35
dylan-mHm, are there some existing failures trying to import DistUpgrade.DistUpgradeCache, or is that just me?05:36
pittinot with "env -u LANGUAGE LANG=C nosetests3" here05:37
dylan-mAh, yes, using the right version of nosetests helps :)05:38
dylan-mpitti: Okay, that one is fixed! https://code.launchpad.net/~dylanmccall/update-manager/test_update_error-fix05:54
pittidylan-m: ah, nice header_markup() fix, I changed that differently in trunk but I'll take your version05:55
pittidylan-m: thanks!05:55
dylan-mpitti: I thought about just using get_text instead of get_label, but some translations could add Pango markup for some reason (not sure if they should, though), so that could cause some unusual failures05:57
pittiah, overlong line again05:57
* pitti fixes05:58
pittiyay, all pass now05:58
pittitime for another "real life" test, and then I'll upload05:58
dylan-mpitti: d'oh! This is what happens when I use the wrong text editor.05:58
pittidylan-m: pep8 test was failng05:58
pittixnox: unping, all good now06:02
dylan-mpitti: Yay! Sorry about the trouble :) I really appreciate good unit tests, and I'm really glad you're keeping on top of them! I really need to fix my ugly habit where I always forgetting to run them when they're there.06:04
pittidylan-m: heh, thanks for the fast fix06:05
pittidylan-m: all I did was to drop the obsolete threads_init() call, and that got me into some more work :)06:05
dylan-mOh, right, I was brushing my teeth. Err, good night, then! :)06:11
pittidylan-m: night!06:12
dholbachgood morning06:43
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tvosspitti, ping07:59
pittihey tvoss08:00
Laneydobey: well, those changes alone aren't enough to make the autopkgtests pass08:07
LaneyI'll give you what I have atm but it's unfortunately still not enough - it seems to block forever at some point even though they were passing when I ran them manually08:08
Laneykind of annoying that adt-run buffers output so you don't get it at all if you have to ctrl-c :/08:08
pittiLaney: you can tail -f the stdout/stderr files in the tmp dir08:11
Laneypitti: oh really? let me try this08:12
LaneyI was playing with --output-dir and --log-file08:12
pittiLaney: that works as well in run-adt-test, you can ssh into the VM and tail -f the files in /tmp/adtmp/...08:13
pittissh -p 54323 ubuntu@localhost08:13
pitti(get the precise port from the initial output or from the qemu command line)08:13
dholbachwe're at 62 sponsoring items - does anyone have a bit of time today to go through a few?08:16
xnoxpitti: cool, thanks. sorry about that.08:21
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cjwatsonpitti: Please could you merge subversion?08:31
pittiugh, did I make the error of touching it?08:32
pittiah, a no-change rebuild08:32
cjwatsonYeah :)  Or I can do the merge if you like08:32
pitticjwatson: I'll have a look08:32
pittiI don't even see it on MoM, perhaps it's still catching up08:33
xnoxbarry: i think i got broken icon in emacs24, it was a combination of having a server on the tty and launching a new gui instance.... it turned into a "?"08:34
cjwatsonMoM got stuck.  I've poked it08:35
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cjwatsonShould catch up within an hour or so I hope08:35
cjwatsonIs there a good example package anywhere which uses both the autotools and setup.py?  I need/want to use the autotools for C parts of this project, but I already have setup.py in place for the Python parts ...08:41
pitticjwatson: merged, test sbuild running now08:43
pittihttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/debian/sid/subversion/sid/revision/22 FTW :)08:43
mptev, how do you track bugs that, when fixed, will alter the apparent error rate but not the actual error rate? For example bug 1196740.08:47
ubottubug 1196740 in software-center (Ubuntu) "not all package install failures generate a crash report" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119674008:47
evmpt: we don't at present08:47
evdidn't we come up with a plan for that at the January sprint?08:48
mptev, if so, it isn't mentioned in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ErrorTracker#Cross-release_comparisons08:49
evmpt: https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1BWOIRdJvUueJa4cWV68UEY3nlmHgAVJY6aNGo6YSCQg/edit# - "How do we handle anticipating more errors?"08:51
evthere's no implementation for this yet though08:52
mptaha, DetectedSince, DetectedUntil08:53
mptbut there's no field for that in the database?08:54
evmpt: not yet, no09:01
evmy priority at the moment is getting error reporting working on mobile and server, while working through this datacenter move (then back population jobs, woo) and testing acunu analytics for possible use. Detected{Since,Until} is just not something I'll have time for in the near future09:03
evdpm: you're my hero for the workaround in https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-3222509:05
dpmev, no worries, Wellark is the person to credit, he suggested it to me :)09:06
evthanks to the both of you then :)09:06
seb128update-manager is hanging on a " [debconf-communi] <defunct>"09:07
evseb128: do you know what the plan is for mobile with respect to dbus services that currently require authentication via policykit? Are we going to start shipping 10-vendor.d configs setting ResultActive=yes for the phablet group?09:27
evthe background for this being that we currently have com.ubuntu.WhoopsiePreferences which controls access to /etc/default/whoopsie. On the desktop, it requires an admin user to enter their password via polkit to call the dbus methods. My understanding is that we don't want to ask the user to reauthenticate when changing system settings on the phone.09:29
seb128ev: no, I don't know, it's on my list of things to check with the sdk/security teams, the previous times I asked people didn't really know/think about it yet09:32
seb128ev: I'm not sure we even have polkit on the touch image atm (the UI is GTK as well which is an issue)09:32
pitticjwatson: ah, it finally finished building, uploaded svn09:33
evseb128: *nods* thank you09:33
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seb128ev: yw ... I'm going to try resume discussions about that and I will include you09:34
evvery much appreciated, thanks09:34
capdenucaanyone over here?09:50
cjwatsonJust ask - don't ask to ask09:50
capdenucado u know how to get a mirc user?09:52
cjwatsonI'm not sure how a Windows IRC client is relevant to this channel?09:52
capdenucacuz i m new on this...09:53
cjwatsonI think you're confused and want some other channel.  I'm not sure which.09:54
cjwatsonThis channel is for development of Ubuntu.09:54
quadrisprohello everybody09:55
evmpt: got a second?10:26
evmpt: so it's not going to centre, because the toolkit defaults to left-aligned for captions and does not expose that property: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/trunk/view/head:/modules/Ubuntu/Components/ListItems/Caption.qml#L5710:48
evthink I should file a bug for that?10:48
mptev, no, that's fine, all captions should line up the same.10:49
* ev nods10:49
seb128ev: what are you trying to do?10:56
evseb128: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ErrorTracker#Privacy_settings (righthand mockup)10:57
seb128ev: you can do http://paste.ubuntu.com/5867801/11:01
seb128ev: but please open a bug on the toolkit asking them to allow changing the alignement11:02
evseb128: sure, but I'm more keen on staying consistent11:02
seb128ev: consistant with what?11:02
evthe rest of the interface11:02
seb128ev: caption will not do what you want anyway11:02
evit's going to look weird if we have some captions left aligned and some centred11:02
evas mpt also seemed to suggest11:03
seb128ev: ok, well still caption is going to be weird, they have colored background11:03
seb128ev: cf. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/119451311:03
xnoxev: file:///usr/share/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/doc/html/qml-ubuntu-components-listitems0-standard.html11:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1194513 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "[ListItem] Should be possible to wrap text in list items" [Undecided,In progress]11:03
seb128xnox, you can't wrap in standard, see ^11:03
xnoxev: List Items -> progression. It's a left aligned text with progress arrow on the right. I would have used that standard element.11:04
xnoxseb128: yeah, sucks =)11:04
evxnox: I'm already using progression - we're talking about the caption item11:05
xnoxoh, isee.11:06
xnoxI got ubuntu-sdk guru answer a question on centered wrapping for me here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/308088/how-to-make-a-centred-wrapped-and-padded-container-of-elements-in-qml11:06
xnoxwhich does work in a Column.11:06
seb128xnox, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5867801/ works11:09
seb128xnox, but ev doesn't want to use non standard elements11:09
xnoxseb128: ok. I don't think I've done inheritance yet.11:10
seb128xnox, the system settings are mostly listitems11:10
seb128see e.g the about settings11:10
seb128we have random alignments and hacking there ;-)11:11
xnoxseb128: ok. i think i've asked yesterday, but is anybody working on porting chewieui / indicators-client / wifi portion into the system settings?11:11
seb128xnox, ted11:11
seb128xnox, well, he's working on the indicator11:11
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seb128but the idea is that the indicator is gmenu based code sent to unity which renders it through a qmenumodel/unitymenumodel11:12
seb128we plan to reuse the model in system settings11:12
seb128since most of the items/actions will be shared11:12
xnoxseb128: but there is slight differences in design, the system settings has more options.11:13
seb128the indicators services will have several "profiles"11:13
seb128e.g different layouts they export11:13
seb128one for desktop11:13
seb128one for greeter11:13
seb128one for phone11:13
seb128one for settings11:13
seb128the service basically has all the items that will be used and actions11:14
seb128then you build models with the layout/actions you need11:14
xnoxseb128: what should I do for oobe then, cause i also need "connect to network" step.11:14
seb128talk to ted11:14
xnoxted, talk to me =)11:14
seb128but it should be "hit the menu/action though unitymenumodel", I'm not sure how that works though11:14
seb128it's a bit early for ted11:14
xnoxyeah, and not idling via irc proxy. Right. will poke him in late afternoon.11:15
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evxnox, seb128: if you have some free time: https://code.launchpad.net/~ev/ubuntu-system-settings/diagnostics/+merge/17438511:37
seb128ev: thanks, I will try to review/comment today11:39
seb128ev: could you or mpt update the design on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemSettings to list that panel because it's not there at the moment? (should it really be a main category item in rather rather than a subpanel in security&privacy for example)?11:40
seb128ev: oh, it's in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityAndPrivacySettings#Phone11:41
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mptUgh, why did I think it was top level?12:04
mptSorry, ev12:04
mptMemory malfunction12:04
evmpt: so it should be accessible from "Security & Privacy"?12:05
mptev, yes12:05
* ev nods12:06
evI'll fix that in the MP12:07
* Laney pauses reviewing :P12:07
evoh boo :)12:07
evdo feel free to pick apart the rest of it12:07
Laneyjust saw some from seb anyway12:07
seb128Laney, I did a quick one before lunch, it would still be good if you would review/comment12:08
LaneyI'll take Round Two after those are addressed12:08
seb128especially on the cpp code, I glanced to that one only12:08
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obounaimHi everybody13:27
obounaimIs there a way in Ubuntu to get the number of users of a given package13:27
gesernot really, you could look at the popcon data but it's only a *very* rough estimate13:32
obounaimOk thanks13:35
obounaimbut where can I find this popcon data?13:35
pitticjwatson: libapache2-svn is NBS now, removing13:35
cjwatsonI already did13:35
pittior, someone already did that13:35
geserobounaim: http://popcon.ubuntu.com/13:37
obounaimis popularity-contest installed by default in Ubuntu?13:53
debfxobounaim: yes, but submission is opt-in13:53
obounaimso it sends data about installed packages by defaults right?13:56
debfxobounaim: no, only when you configure it to do so (I think the installer has a checkbox that is disabled by default)13:57
obounaimso what did you mean by "opt-in"?13:58
geserexactly that, the user has actively to enable it during installation (opt-in) otherwise no data gets send14:02
obounaimok thanks14:05
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caribouwhen a submitted debdiff fixes two existing bugs, should it be uploaded to both bugs or only one ?14:45
caribousorry to bug you about this here but didn't get an answer in #ubuntu-bug14:46
infinitycaribou: It should mention both bugs in the changelog.  Don't really care where the diffs go, best to just find a sponsor and get it sorted.14:58
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caribouinfinity: well that's the danted fixes we talked about yesterday. Both bugs are outlined in the changelog14:59
infinitycaribou: Toss me a diff, and I'll look at sponsoring it.15:00
caribouinfinity: I completed the SRU template  & subscribed the appropriate teams.15:00
caribouinfinity: they're attached here : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dante/+bug/81615315:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 816153 in dante (Ubuntu Precise) "dante-server using the wrong libc.so" [Medium,In progress]15:01
caribouI can send them over by mail if you want; both precise & saucy15:01
caribouinfinity: I added the search snippet you suggested yesterday15:02
caribouinfinity: both tested on saucy & precise, 32 & 64 bit15:03
infinitycaribou: I'll look at the bug(s) in a second.15:03
caribouinfinity: no rush,I'm almost done for the week15:03
dobeywho is it again that is most appropriate to ping about busted bzr imports of package uploads? wgrant and who else? i pinged wgrant last night before i left, but unfortunately didn't get a reply :-/15:05
infinitydobey: I think xnox has been looking into import issues.15:06
dobeyxnox: have you? :)15:06
xnoxdobey: what package?15:07
xnoxdobey: yeah, i have access to the imported and _some_ experience in it.15:07
dobeyxnox: software-center failed15:08
dobeyhttp://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/software-center.html#2013-07-05%2021:56:29.968306 is the error15:08
dobeyseems to be a common problem though, those missing revisions from james_w :-/15:09
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dpb1slangasek: Hi -- upstart question.  I have a non-forking daemon that is early exiting (log file permissions are wrong).  Is there a way to catch this error so the "start daemon" command fails?  Or is that not something to worry about?15:46
tedgcjwatson, Do you expect the $(pkgdir)/.click/$(pkgname)/manifest path to remain constant?15:48
tedgcjwatson, At least in the near term.15:48
stgraberdpb1: so it's not exiting non-null before it's done double-forking? otherwise I'd expect upstart to notice the failure and make the start call fail15:48
dpb1stgraber: this is a non-forking daemon (running in foreground)15:49
stgraberhmm, not sure that's possible for a non-task to return a failure to start when it's not forking15:57
dpb1:( ok  I thought post-start could be helpful, but it seems to ignore exit codes from therewq16:10
slangasekdpb1: so you have no 'expect' stanza; which means upstart believes the job is successfully started as soon as it has exec'ed the program.  I'd say you want to change it so upstart can know that it's failed, if you care about 'start' not returning success when the startup hasn't succeeded.16:14
cjwatsontedg: Yes.16:16
tedgcjwatson, cool, thanks!16:17
cjwatsontedg: Though it's actually $(pkgdir)/.click/info/$(pkgname).manifest ...16:17
stgraberslangasek: but how would you do that with a non-forking service (as seems to be the case here)?16:18
tedgcjwatson, Ah, sorry, I wrote from memory instead of cut-and-paste.  I was planning to look again :-)16:18
dpb1slangasek: hmm.  So, adding a post-start "sleep 5" for instance prints the "daemon stop/waiting", but I still get a 0 exit code from the service command.  And I get 0 exit from status as well, which doesn't seem right?  Unless I'm missing something.16:19
dpb1(which is likely)16:19
slangasekstgraber: 'expect stop' is the least intrusive16:19
slangasekdpb1: 'sleep 5' just means that upstart thinks that a) the main program started successfully, b) the post-start script exits successfully, so 'service' (or 'start') returns success.16:20
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dpb1slangasek: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5868569/ -- I worked up a paste that demonstrates what I'm talking about.  Hopefully it makes more sense than my prose.  How do I get non-zero exit status when the daemon is not running?16:37
jbichamardy: could you approve https://code.launchpad.net/~jbicha/gnome-control-center-signon/fix-build-with-control-center too?16:39
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slangasekdpb1: sorry, I understood already exactly what you were asking for, it must be my answers which were unclear. :)  The easiest way for upstart to reliably know whether your non-daemon process has launched successfully is to use 'expect stop', and modify your program to raise SIGSTOP when it considers itself successfully started17:04
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slangasekdpb1: (probably something that you want to have as a commandline option to the program, since raising SIGSTOP isn't normally something you'd do when run from the commandline)17:04
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dpb1slangasek: intersting.  I'm looking into that now, thanks.17:08
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slangasekdpb1: documentation in init(5), though that doesn't add much over what I've already said17:10
dpb1slangasek: OK, thanks.  I'm still curious though why service status is not showing an error when the daemon is not running (and upstart knows it is not).  If I switch over to SIGSTOP, that will suddenly start working, I hope? :)17:11
dpb1by error, I mean, exit status17:12
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slangasekdpb1: that seems like a bug in the service command17:16
dpb1Tracing, it's just a pass-through to status, which is a call to initctl, which also shows the same behavior.  I'll look for a bug.17:20
dobeyxnox: hey. were you able to get software-center branch import fixed up?17:21
slangasekdpb1: it's not a bug in initctl, whose exit codes are defined to represent success/failure of the dbus calls, not anything about the service status17:23
slangasekdpb1: it may be a bug in the service command, I'm not sure17:23
dpb1slangasek: not this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/upstart/+bug/552786  seems the same?17:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 552786 in upstart "initctl: lacks proper exit codes" [Medium,Triaged]17:23
slangasekdpb1: comment #11 - this is about return codes from upstart-job, which is deprecated17:24
slangasekdpb1: is this on saucy? precise?17:25
xnoxdobey: i did requeue it...17:25
dpb1slangasek: precise17:25
xnoxdobey: $ bzr branch lp:ubuntu/software-center17:25
xnoxMost recent Ubuntu version: 13.05-0ubuntu217:25
xnoxPackaging branch status: CURRENT17:25
slangasekdpb1: ok - then yes, that version of service may be affected by that bug in upstart-job17:25
dobeyxnox: ah cool, thanks! :)17:27
dpb1slangasek: ah, gotcha.  initctl also shows this behavior though.  Is there a way to poll the service status more reliably on precise?17:27
slangasekdpb1: initctl is *supposed* to behave that way17:28
slangasekthings that want a different exit code for running/not-running need to parse the initctl output and do their own mapping to error codes17:28
slangasekthis is what 'service' is meant to do17:28
slangasek(or upstart-job, depending on which iteration)17:28
dpb1slangasek: ok, thanks.  that helps.17:29
* dpb1 stops sucking up all of slangasek's time now17:29
slangasekfwiw, it looks like this issue is still present in the saucy version of service17:29
dpb1slangasek: yes, I'm seeing that, thanks.  I wonder what puppet has done to workaround it.  probably parse I guess17:33
slangasekI believe so17:33
evmardy: so I tried your suggestion of subclassing QDBusInterface, but I'm running into a segfault deep in the bowels of the generated code: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5868715/ (diff against lp:~ev/ubuntu-system-settings/diagnostics) and http://paste.ubuntu.com/5868718/17:33
evI can't seem to figure out what's going on here17:34
Snow-Manhrmmm, ipv6 for the systems behind us.archive.ubuntu.com appears to be non-functional this afternoon. :(18:42
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dobeyanyone care to sponsor https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/ubuntu/saucy/ubuntu-meta/drop-u1-gnome/+merge/174471 please? :)21:07
infinitydobey: If by "sponsor", you mean update the seeds, maybe...21:20
dobeyinfinity: i guess that's what it means. i just want to get ubuntuone-client-gnome gone :)21:25
dobey(anyway, i'm gone now. thanks.)21:25
infinitydobey: Uploaded.21:29
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cjwatsonbarry: Hum.  Does ./run-tests in lp:click fail for you (you'll need to "./configure && make" first, nowadays)?22:44
cjwatsonbarry: I get an outstandingly weird failure: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5869503/22:44
barrycjwatson: `apt-get purge python-configparser` and try again ;)22:45
barryslangasek: yeah ;)22:45
* slangasek punches configparser in the exception handler22:46
barryslangasek, cjwatson i had a long chat today with upstream.  most of the failures we saw really are bugs in the code that uses configparser, not in configparser itself.  configglue, but virtue of using configparser broke its api which caused the cascading problems.  virtualenv is at fault here (and it's really insane anyway) but upstream has promised to make configparser more bullet proof22:47
cjwatsonRight - but why am I seeing '/usr/bin/python3.3', '/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/virtualenv.py' ... there?22:47
cjwatsonIt's true that purging python-configparser fixes it; I was just put off by what appeared to be attempts to run Python 2 code in Python322:48
barrycjwatson: that's virtualenv's insanity.  it re-invokes itself with the version of python its creating the venv for but does it in a python 2 context.  yes, it's fscking nuts, but that's the way it works!  the bullet proofing i mentioned is to make configparser python 3 compatible for exactly this reason, even though it isn't intended to run under python 3 normally (because py3 has the real configparser)22:49
barryiow, venv will execute some py2 code under py322:50
* barry boggled22:50
cjwatsongotcha.  I think. :)22:52
barrydon't ask me *why* it does that ;)22:55
cjwatsonargh freaking python-debian out of sync in pip22:57
cjwatsonbarry: remind me how you got click's tests working in python3.2 despite the cheeseshop version of python-debian being confused?22:57
cjwatsonI remember you talking about this but not the resolution ...22:57
barryvirtualenv --system-site-packages ...22:57
barryignores pypi for anything you already have installed22:57
cjwatsonah.  can tox pass that along?22:58
barryerrr, yeahhh.  let me look that up22:58
cjwatsonor do I just need to make the virtualenv by hand first?22:58
barrycjwatson: http://testrun.org/tox/latest//config.html#confval-sitepackages=True|False22:58
cjwatsonHm, sitepackages=True already in tox.ini22:59
cjwatsonOh, maybe this is because my python3.2 build has the wrong site-packages23:00
cjwatsonMuch better, woo23:02
cjwatsonbeuno: Do we have anything anywhere yet about what the click app download arrangements are going to be - URLs etc.?23:28
cjwatsonbeuno: ... never mind, just found it on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AppStore/Interfaces/ClickPackageIndex23:29

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