mario_26bonjour !13:43
bkerensapleia2: So we are going to need some Wiki Admin Rights for myself and others working on the Doc Onboarding if possible.16:36
* bkerensa is not sure who has access to add people16:36
pleia2bkerensa: probably, I'd start a thread on the mailing list about that specifically16:37
pleia2bkerensa: I think historically we've sent "applications" to the mailing list to become wiki admins, then people comment on your qualifications16:37
bkerensapleia2: yeah so there is already one open16:38
bkerensabut my understanding is the person who added them previously16:38
pleia2oh, I should catch up on my email16:38
bkerensais no longer around16:38
bkerensaPhil used to have access16:39
bkerensabut is now saying something about not having it16:39
pleia2he's an admin, but I think regular admins can't add people16:39
pleia2probably a ticket to Canonical IS is required16:39
pleia2the CC can add people to the launchpad team, but we have absolutely nothing to do with the wiki16:40
pleia2Canonical IS can look up who is admin on it, since you're an admin of the doc team in LP they should listen to your authorityness :) (can Cc: me on the ticket if you're worried)16:41
bkerensapleia2: I just assign it to the Portland Canoni IS guy :p16:53
pleia2hah :)16:53
pleia2whatever works!16:53

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