roastedwhat is this crazy talk about 3.9.4 out already?04:50
roastedalso, looks like 3.10 is slated for a late sept release. I wonder if that'll end up in 13.10 by default?04:59
darkxstricotz, hi10:51
ricotzdarkxst, hi10:53
darkxstI was thinking to start upload some 3.9 bits to the ppa, what do you think?10:54
ricotzdarkxst, sounds fine10:54
ricotzwhile there is finally a cogl release, it would be nice to transition to it immediately then10:55
ricotzand enable the full wayland support with it10:55
darkxstyeh that would be good10:56
ricotzdont install those packages like that ;)10:56
ricotzthere is a breaks missing which would prevent that10:56
darkxstricotz, you added xwayland manually?10:57
darkxstconsidering it hasnt been merged yet afaik?10:58
ricotzthis is more for testing, the xorg-edgers package includes it too10:58
ricotzthere are still the ddx side patches needed10:58
darkxstok cool, too bad I am stuck on the binary blob here10:59
ricotzyeah, intel is kind of the best to test it10:59
darkxstcould never get my second monitor to work on nouvaeu10:59
darkxstmy laptop has intel, buts its not really my dev playground. kind of needs to be stable ;)10:59
ricotzdarkxst, that is fine11:01
darkxstmaybe wayland works in vmware though?11:01
Rand_hello everybody! I have a great problem with my vuze on ubuntu 13.04 : the window is not responding before I get the gnome 3.8 it was working perfectly, I am on vuze 5.0 is someone know what to do ?11:02
ricotzdarkxst, i guess it should11:02
darkxstRand_, you might be better trying a more generic channel such as #ubuntu for that. Vuze is not part of gnome11:03
darkxstricotz, I will try when I get a chance.11:04
darkxstI do remember seeing mentions of wayland support in the changelogs along the way though11:05
ricotzdarkxst, it was quite in flux, but with the abi/api promise of wayland 1.1.91 it should calm down11:05
ricotzonly gtk builds the wayland backend11:05
ricotz3.9.8 require wayland 1.1.9011:05
ricotzto prepare the full support for mutter the support in cogl and clutter needs to be enabled too11:06
darkxstI pretty sure I don't have any Qt apps (excluding ubuntu apps)11:06
darkxstwe have pretty much free reign on that this cycle though? assuming its actually ready11:07
darkxstJono has some idea of a Mir backend for gnome-shell, lol ;)11:08
darkxstno idea where that will come from !11:08
ricotzi *really* doubt that11:09
darkxstricotz, yes me too11:09
ricotzthe needed changes for mutter are quite something11:09
ricotzand no mir for gnome-shell, without support for mutter/cogl/clutter11:09
ricotzand gtk, of course11:10
darkxstyeh I know, its super complicated with just X and wayland11:10
darkxstno way upstream will take a 3rd complication11:10
darkxstI think jono is just dreaming....11:11
darkxstbecause there is no way canonical would do it. and its well beyond us11:11
ricotzlet see what the future brings for mir11:13
ricotzi hope fedora will pick up testing GNOME/wayland soon11:13
ricotzor even debian11:14
darkxstfedora should! its always broken anyways ;)11:15
ricotzjfyi https://lists.launchpad.net/elementary-dev-community/msg02491.html11:15
darkxstricotz, that sounds almost exactly the same as the conversation I had with jono11:16
ricotzdarkxst, probably ;)11:17
darkxstapparently there is some delusional idea that upstream might consider ubuntu flavours as different distros11:19
ricotzdarkxst, i hope they do in regards helping with wayland problems ;)11:20
darkxstwell ironically, they may well if all the flavours switch to wayland11:21
ricotzis there an eta when mir lands in saucy?11:21
ricotz(the package itself)11:21
darkxstnot entirely sure11:22
darkxstcurrently its just Xmir11:22
darkxstall input etc is still through X11:22
ricotzyeah, i know11:22
darkxstso really just a system compositor for rendering11:23
ricotzi am just curious about the init changes when this happens11:23
darkxstlightdm lauches u-s-c11:23
ricotzyou mean session-compositor?11:24
darkxstthey call it unity-system-compositor of course!11:24
darkxstso there shouldnt be any init changes provided you are using gdm or other dm11:24
darkxstyou can force fallback by patching a conf file11:25
darkxstand I think there is also a lock file that is created after things fails, so lightdm doesnt bother trying again in case your system doesnt happen to work11:26
darkxstanyway at the end of the day wayland is the future for gnome11:32
darkxstand I am pretty sure we did bulk of work on landing the gnome 3.8 stack11:33
darkxstyet they won't provide any help for example making gdm work under Xmir11:34
darkxstricotz, can you upload gtk 3.9.4? I will start uploading other packages then, when I get back from my adventures tomorrw12:26
ricotzdarkxst, you mean 3.9.8?12:27
darkxstyeh that too12:27
darkxstI have been running on jhbuild so far this cycle12:28
ricotzit will break the unity menu stuff while there is no port of that patch12:28
ricotzif i get to it everything will go into gnome3-staging/saucy first12:30
darkxstok sounds good12:30
darkxstI mean it would be better we don;t break unity, but the people using staging probably don't care12:31
ricotzdarkxst, lars wasnt declined to work on porting the patch though if it is needed12:34
darkxstricotz, ok, that is good I guess12:41
darkxstassuming wasnt == hasnt12:41
roastedhello friend13:49
=== roasted_ is now known as roasted
=== roasted_ is now known as roasted
amjjawaddarkxst: I've been waiting here for a long time :(19:32
amjjawaddarkxst: looks like you are not here19:32
jbichaamjjawad: he has to sleep some time ;)20:07
=== epzil0n is now known as Guest93057
amjjawadjbicha: thanks :)20:07
amjjawadI will catch up with him later then. He did not tell me what time he be online20:07
jbichadarkxst: hibernate on lid close bug 119432823:58
ubot5bug 1194328 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 13.10 Close LID actions Ignored" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119432823:58
jbicha(I don't use that feature but if you wanted somewhere to track that...)23:59

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