infinitycjwatson: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5867830/11:19
infinitycjwatson: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5867831/ <-- The product of the above.11:19
infinitycjwatson: My gut feeling is that we might also want those deps versioned, so we can force ourselves to rebuild against any new d-i component to keep sources in sync, but that seemed draconian for a first cut.11:20
infinity(And this matches what britney was already doing)11:21
cjwatsonCertainly looks good for now.  Thanks!11:24
cjwatsonGo for it.11:24
infinityKay, will upload after I've tested that d-i also builds and does sane things with the linux-ppc 3.10 bump.11:24
cjwatsonI suspect we'll find this is a "wow, we should have done this years ago".11:24
infinity(And possibly some lunch :P)11:25
infinityThe big bonus here for removing the irriating seed skew and fiddling is that I'll be happier with the idea of rtg and apw doing ABI bump uploads of d-i, since it's just one package instead of some delicate "watch for migration and change seeds in the same publisher cycle" madness.11:27
* apw looks up, ahh yes indee11:40
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infinityDangit my d-i change is going to make me slip off the "top contributor" list to ubuntu-seeds.19:07
infinityMy precious, precious karma!19:07
* infinity uploads a revert.19:07
GrueMasterHmm.  Karma vs Quality.20:27
infinityQuality, schmality.  It's all about pointless metrics and popularity contests, right?20:28
GrueMasterTHAT's why I'm no longer there!  I knew I was doing something wrong.21:22
infinitycjwatson: Bah, germinate's Kernel-Version pruning routine has thwarted me.  Updating seeds for now, but we might want to make germinate less clever.22:16
cjwatsonYou can't just delete the Kernel-Version seed entries?22:16
infinity    def _is_pruned(self, di_kernel_versions, pkg):22:16
infinity        """Test whether pkg is for a forbidden d-i kernel version."""22:16
infinity        if not di_kernel_versions or not di_kernel_versions.kernel_versions:22:16
infinity            return False22:17
infinity        kernvers = di_kernel_versions.kernel_versions22:17
infinity        kernver = self._packages[pkg]["Kernel-Version"]22:17
infinity        if kernver != "" and kernver not in kernvers:22:17
infinity            return True22:17
infinityI assume that's pruning anything not specified as a current/allowed kernel-version.22:17
infinity        return False22:17
cjwatsonnot di_kernel_versions => not pruned22:18
cjwatsonfirst test22:18
cjwatsonSo if the seeds simply don't contain Kernel-Version at all ...22:18
infinityOh, so if we specify none... Kay.22:18
infinityS'pose that's worth a test.22:18
cjwatsonAt least that's how it's meant to work.22:19
infinityI wonder if we'll find a bunch of modules udebs that don't show up in debian-installer-udebs and need seeding anyway.  Hrm.22:21
infinityI'm going to look at this tomorrow when I get in to London, I have an early flight and should nap instead of pondering this.22:23
cjwatsonProbably.  Perhaps "Extra-Include: *-modules-di *-firmware-di" would deal with that.22:25
cjwatsonOr similar.22:25
infinityOr just seed the kernel source packages wholesale.22:25
cjwatson(i.e. include all modules from the same source)22:25
infinityBut I'll play around with some germinate runs and output tomorrow.  Sleep now.22:25
cjwatsonThere have historically been some cases where we've wanted to seed only some flavours but not others, so I'd like to make sure we still have that flexibility.22:26
cjwatsonSleep well.22:26

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