RAOFWell, it certainly needs to be notified when the display configuration changes, yes.00:00
RAOFIt does not expect to immediately reply to that notification, though.00:02
kdubthe message could be ignored if nothing in the x-world cares about the display change00:03
RAOFX *might* want to keep a copy of the display configuration internally, and update it on that signal.00:04
RAOFBut it might just be easier to forward configuration state probes all the way down to Mir.00:05
kdubso if mir can notify x of changes to the physical displays (along with the info associated with the change)00:06
kduband mir can service a configuration request at any time00:07
kdubsounds like that would be good enough00:07
RAOFX also wants to be notified of non-physical display changes. Basically, any time the display configuration changes - either because the hardware has changed, or because the resolution has changed, or whatnot - X wants to be notified.00:08
RAOFBut yeah. Notification when the configuration changes plus the ability to get the current configuration at any time is enough for X.00:09
kdubwell, i guess by 'physical' i meant 'the displays, and all properties associated, like resolution'00:09
TheDrumsThere was an email sent with results of people testing XMir, and one that came in late with an Intel card (Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE) came up with http://paste.openstack.org/show/40176 still.01:49
RAOFTheDrums: Oooh, that's a shiny new error.02:33
RAOFThat would be a ‘Your GPU is too old to support Mir’ type error, though.02:34
dufluTheDrums, RAOF: I was thinking about this only a few hours ago. It should be perfectly possible to enhance gl_renderer to switch to a more compatible compositing method (i.e. no GLSL). That's what Compiz and Unity do today. I'm not aware of any significant technical hurdles02:39
dufluDo we have a bug yet?02:39
RAOFduflu: That's not a “I failed to get GLSL” style thing, that's an “I can't create ARGB EGL surfaces” type thing.02:39
dufluRAOF: Sure, but they're both solvable problems02:40
RAOFFailure to create ARGB surfaces will be pretty hard to solve.02:40
dufluAnd both likely to occur on similar systems02:40
RAOFHow would you work around a lack of alpha channel?02:41
dufluRAOF: Either ignore alpha as a fallback ugly mode, or change the surface type, or enhance Mesa02:43
dufluIt's all solvable.02:43
dufluSome more easily than other parts02:43
dufluI don't accept we have to impose tougher restrictions on hardware support in Mir than Ubuntu has today.02:44
dufluIt's just "not implemented yet"02:44
RAOFFair enough.02:45
dufluRAOF: Laptop? :)02:45
* duflu is excited for new hardware02:46
RAOFNot yet shipped.02:46
dufluHas anyone else noticed a second or two delay in mir_demo_server[_shell] starting?02:50
dufluAny idea why it's not immediate?02:50
RAOFI don't _think_ I've noticed that?02:58
RAOFThat *almost* works.02:58
RAOFModulo Unity crashing.02:58
RAOFAnd unredirected rendering always being done in the top-left corner.02:58
dufluRAOF: Isn't top-left correct? (unless you have multiple outputs)02:59
RAOFNot if you're a popup that's meant to go at 1200,23002:59
dufluRAOF: Oh. That's not unredirected, usually. Unless you're playing with XComposite clients03:00
RAOFOr don't have a compositor running.03:00
dufluOh, of course03:00
RAOFWhich is easy to do, if Unity crashes :)03:00
TheDrumsHeh, wow.  So the answer isn't "Switch distros." after all, interesting.03:25
dufluTheDrums: Even if support for older hardware is not implemented by 13.10, Ubuntu will still fall back to legacy X where Mir can't start. So long as X works for you now...03:27
TheDrumsIndeed, so I've noticed.03:28
* RAOF has Zoë for an hour or so.04:32
tvoss_good morning :)05:06
tvoss_duflu, good morning :)05:15
duflutvoss_: Good afternoon05:16
tvoss_duflu, hello, mind giving https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/mir/get-rid-of-disable-epoll-flag/+merge/174180 a quick review?05:16
duflutvoss_: Shrug, approve.05:17
tvoss_duflu, the change might reduce spurious wakeups in the frontend threads05:18
dufluOK. I wasn't aware we had "spurious" wakeups05:18
dufluBut I've never looked too hard05:18
tvoss_duflu, we introduced the flag to support the ancient kernel in the buildds05:21
tvoss_duflu, ignoring some of the warnings present in the code :)05:21
tvoss_thomi, ping05:21
* duflu wonders about the evils of std::shared_ptr<T> a(p), b(p)05:29
tvoss_RAOF, ping for later when you have time05:31
RAOFtvoss_: Pong.05:34
thomitvoss_: hey05:35
tvoss_thomi, sorry, might have lost some of your messages05:47
thomitvoss_: I just said "hi" :)05:47
thomiI have the in-laws arriving for dinner any second though, so I can't stick around I'm afraid :-/05:47
tvoss_thomi, okay, no problem :)05:48
thomiof course, having said that, they appear to be late...06:09
tvoss_thomi, of course06:09
duflualf__: I think I have a clearer explanation of my buffer problems...06:33
dufluTemporaryCompositorBuffer is unsafe to put in a shared_ptr because it maintains its own use_count in back_buffer_strategy06:34
dufluSo even after the last shared_ptr is destroyed, the strategy has a refcount of 1 and fails to compositor_release()06:35
dholbachgood morning06:43
alf__dholbach: Good morning!06:43
dholbachhi alf__06:44
alf__duflu: I am not sure I got what you mean... when the shared_ptr holding a TemporaryCompositorBuffer is destroyed, it calls BackBufferStrategy::release() which either releases the buffer or not, depending on whether someone else has acquired the same buffer in the meantime.06:47
duflualf__: I'm writing a better explanation...06:47
duflualf__: https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/120050406:49
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1200504 in Mir "surfaces::Surface::compositor_buffer() will leak and cause hangs if used more than once" [Undecided,New]06:49
alf__duflu: what I don't get is how 'a' and 'b' are the same shared_ptr?  mc::BufferStreamSurfaces::lock_back_buffer()07:04
alf__duflu: returns a new shared_ptr<TemporaryCompositorBuffer> every time07:05
duflualf__: It's the same from mc::MultiAcquisitionBackBufferStrategy::acquire07:05
alf__duflu: it's the same real buffer but wrapped by different TemporaryCompositorBuffer object, so I would expect ~TemporaryCompositorBuffer() to be called when b goes out of scope.07:07
* duflu checks again07:07
duflualf__: You make a good point. Bug incomplete for now07:10
alf__duflu: ok, let me now if I can help you investigate this further07:11
dufluOoh. I think I'm alternating shared_ptr's. But because there are always at least one in existence, the underlying buffer is never released properly. And actually that's kind of what I need.07:14
dufluSo maybe I need a special scanout_buffer()07:14
dufluUgg. How many internal compiler errors can I hit in one day?07:26
RAOFAll the clangs07:27
RAOFBuilds faster, too ;)07:28
* duflu goes clang07:29
* duflu was sure gcc never sucked so much before07:30
hikikocould you please give me a hand with cmake?08:18
alan_gtvoss: https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/mir/workaround-1200236/+merge/17420108:19
alan_ghi hikiko, what do you need?08:19
hikikoI just realized alan_g that what I did yesterday doesn't give any errors because it doesn't compile anything :\08:20
hikikoI have a directory nested08:20
hikikoinside src/server/graphics08:20
hikikoI did add_subdirectory(nested/) in graphics/CMakeLists.txt08:21
hikikoand in nested/CMakeLists.txt08:21
hikikoI want to:08:21
hikiko1- link with mirclient08:21
hikiko2- add the source files08:22
hikiko3- maybe(?) build mirplatformgraphics (?) <- not sure at all this is necessary08:22
hikikoand I have no idea what I am doing so wrong08:23
hikikoif I add target_link_libraries( mirclient )08:24
hikikoI get:08:24
hikikoThis typically indicates a problem with your CMakeLists.txt file08:24
hikikoCMake Warning (dev) at src/server/graphics/nested/CMakeLists.txt:10 (target_link_libraries):08:24
hikiko  Cannot specify link libraries for target "mirclient" which is not built by08:24
hikiko  this project.08:24
hikikothen make shows no errors and doesn't build my source files08:24
tvosshikiko, how is your target called?08:25
alan_ghikiko: you're leaving me to guess where you get a problem. graphics/nested/CMakeLists.txt should be similar to src/server/frontend/CMakeLists.txt with appropriate name changes08:25
alan_gmaybe you can pastebin your graphics/nested/CMakeLists.txt?08:26
hikikooh I did something completely different :) I thought target_link_libraries are the libraries you want to link with08:26
hikikosure alan_g08:26
hikiko1 sec08:26
hikikoalan_g, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5867495/ that's what I have now (I removed include_directories etc to keep it simple)08:29
alan_ghikiko: the first parameter to those commands is the library you want to build08:30
hikikoso I have to add mirplatformgraphics SHARED?08:31
hikikoor a new one?08:31
alan_ghikiko: you want a new static library that will be linked info mirserver08:31
alan_gadd_library(mirnestedgraphics STATIC ...08:33
alan_gtarget_link_libraries(mirnestedgraphics mirclient08:33
hikikono :) I did this yesterday, but then I thought what alexandros meant was that I have to remove it and use mirplatformgraphics and since I was getting errors with mirplatformgraphics I totally removed it... :p I can't make myself clear :\ that worked :DD +I got the compile errors back!!! thanks a lot... :)08:36
alan_ghikiko: that wasn't clear. If you still have a problem, push a branch to ~mir-team (where I can see and fix the problem)08:38
alan_ghikiko: if you don't have a problem, that's even better08:39
hikikono I haven't :) it works :D I just misunderstood something yesterday :) thank you alan_g! :)08:39
alan_ghikiko: you're welcome08:40
* duflu gives up; goes to dinner09:39
* alf__ is attempting a reboot after 600MB worth of saucy updates...09:44
FernandoMiguelI assume todays update of ppa on ubuntu 13.10 is broken?10:14
FernandoMiguelgot to boot in safemode10:14
FernandoMiguelxserver -mir is not a valid option, according to the logs10:14
RAOFAh. You've not pinned the PPA as suggested.10:15
RAOFAnd someone's uploaded a new Xserver  :)10:15
FernandoMiguelRAOF: ehe10:15
FernandoMigueltrying to purge it now10:15
tvossFernandoMiguel, pinning the ppa is really a good idea right now :)10:16
* tvoss is doing a reboot, too10:16
RAOFYou should get a shiny new -ati that works on resolutions that aren't 1366x768 and a bonus -intel that uses sna.10:16
FernandoMiguelgood luck tvoss :p10:17
FernandoMiguelRAOF: all intel DELL here10:17
FernandoMiguelThe following packages will be DOWNGRADED:10:17
FernandoMiguel  libdrm-intel1 libdrm-nouveau2 libdrm-radeon1 libdrm2 libegl1-mesa libegl1-mesa-drivers libgbm1 libgl1-mesa-dri libgl1-mesa-glx10:17
FernandoMiguel  libglapi-mesa libgles2-mesa libkms1 liblightdm-gobject-1-0 libopenvg1-mesa libsdl1.2debian libxatracker1 lightdm unity-greeter10:17
FernandoMiguel  xserver-xorg-video-ati xserver-xorg-video-intel xserver-xorg-video-nouveau xserver-xorg-video-radeon10:17
FernandoMiguelI had two mouse pointers too10:18
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1200553 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "two mouse pointers" [Undecided,New]10:18
FernandoMiguelguess we can close that one... probably the new X10:18
FernandoMiguelPPA purged successfully using aptitude fallback10:18
FernandoMiguelRAOF: that should be enough, no?10:19
RAOFFernandoMiguel: That should get you back to stock Ubuntu, which should get rid of the second mouse pointer and allow you to start, yes ;)10:19
FernandoMiguelguess I'll wait for MIR to hit the repos10:20
FernandoMiguelthat was a fun trial10:20
FernandoMiguelI must say, it is faster10:20
RAOFPeople do say that.10:20
RAOFI don't really know why!10:20
FernandoMiguelofc it could also be from other upgrades10:20
RAOFSome thing we do must make us feel faster.10:20
FernandoMiguelbut the last version of unity/X before I upgraded to MIR was actually slower than the earlier ones10:20
FernandoMiguelhence a person notices more the speed bump10:21
RAOFThat could be it :)10:21
FernandoMiguelI did notice while jumping windows10:21
FernandoMigueland expose10:21
FernandoMiguelmulti screen with a 37" 1080p tv also behaved much better than X10:21
FernandoMiguelFYI it's working10:23
FernandoMiguelany time table for MIR to hit 13.10 repos?10:24
tvoss_FernandoMiguel, bugs preventing us from entering universe https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bugs?field.tag=entering-saucy10:26
tvoss_FernandoMiguel, so yeah, hopefully really soon10:38
RAOFtvoss_: I'm pretty sure the input delay we're seeing is a missing-damage issue. It's possible that the signal unmunging MP might fix that (fingers crossed!). Failing that, I'll investigate next week.10:43
tvoss_RAOF, ack ... that's mostly my conclusion, too10:44
tvoss_RAOF, can we get an updated version into the system-testing ppa today?10:44
RAOFtvoss_: Sure. Do you want to babysit the copies? All you need to do is copy-with-binaries Mir, and then copy-with-rebuild unity-system-compositor.10:45
tvoss_RAOF, okay, what about the xserver?10:45
tvoss_RAOF, or do we just need a new mirclient library?10:45
RAOFJust a new mirclient library10:45
tvoss_RAOF, no versioning conflicts, then?10:45
RAOFThere *shouldn't* be.10:46
* tvoss_ wonders if we should break the ppa over the weekend10:46
RAOFThe xserver depends on a (too strict) >= version, so a newer mir won't break that.10:46
tvoss_RAOF, okay10:47
tvoss_RAOF, can you trigger the respective copies?10:48
tvoss_RAOF,  I will watch it building then10:48
mirtestuserHi All! I am running Mir (Ubuntu 13.10 + enabled Mir according to Olli's blog post).10:56
tvoss_mirtestuser, cool :)10:57
mirtestuserI get the two mouse pointers (hardware and software pointers).10:57
mirtestuserTyping text feels a big laggish (takes a few moments for the text to appear). Is this a known behaviour?10:58
tvoss_mirtestuser, yes, that's a known bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/119945011:01
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1199450 in XMir "[xmir] Inputs slowing, last event of a stream of events greatly delayed" [Critical,Triaged]11:01
tvoss_mirtestuser, it turned up after the last update of the ppa and we are working on the fix11:01
tvoss_mirtestuser, what gpu are you running on?11:03
mirtestuser(also compiled from the 'mir' repository in order to get the examples, etc)11:03
mirtestusertvoss_: thanks. It's AMD/ATI Radeon HD 6320 ( Evergreen).11:04
tvoss_mirtestuser, cool, I'm running Intel myself11:05
mirtestuserWhat Mir examples, etc are available to try out?11:09
tvoss_mirtestuser, there is not a documented list right now, but if you have built from source, you can find the examples in bin of your build dir11:10
mirtestuserI am going through those available at mir/build-linux-x86/bin/11:11
=== tjaalton_ is now known as tjaalton
mirtestuserThe mir_demo_client* do not run. I get some errors.11:12
RAOFWhat errors.11:12
mirtestuser./mir_demo_client_eglflash Can't get connection user@laptop:~/Downloads/mir/build-linux-x86/bin$ ./mir_demo_client Starting Connected mir_demo_client: /home/user/Downloads/mir/examples/demo_client.c:109: demo_client: Assertion `mir_connection_is_valid(mcd.connection)' failed. Aborted (core dumped)11:13
RAOFHave you started a mir server? mir_demo_server_shell is most likely the one you want.11:17
mirtestuserThose mir_demo_client* apps do not seem to get a valid connection to the running Mir server.11:17
mirtestuserRAOF: I see. I am trying to run them from within the GUI (Ubuntu) assuming that they will connect to the running Mir server. That is not the case?11:18
RAOFThey should get a connection to the running Mir server.11:19
RAOFIf you started mir_demo_server_shell as root and the clients as non-root though you'll need to chmod the /tmp/mir_socket so that they can connect to it.11:20
mirtestuserRAOF: that's right, the running Mir server on Ubuntu probably runs are root. By changing the permissions I manage to run the demos.11:24
RAOFmirtestuser: Oh, you're running these from XMir?11:24
mirtestuserRAOF: Yes, I am running them from gnome-terminal/XMir.11:25
RAOFFunky :)11:25
mirtestuserIf a process is spawned from gnome-terminal (XMir), then it is limited to XMir then?11:26
tvoss_RAOF, yeah, it's actually quite cool, the demos are overlayed on top11:29
mirtestuserIs there an app that is pure Mir (like simple text editor) so that it is possible to compare the behaviour between Mir / XMir? (for example, the lag during typing).11:31
RAOFI don't know. If the qtplatform was in the PPA you could just use a random Qt app.11:42
* alan_g starts to hate clang11:49
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=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
kgunnalf__: alan_g hikiko any of you running xmir...like dogfooding/using it regularly ?13:51
kgunni have pinned ppa, but this morning i did a dist-upgrade...and it uninstalled my lightdm & u-s-c13:53
alan_gkgunn: never - until I can test the mir I build with a session mir it would just prevent any work being done.13:54
kgunn...so i think packages might be busted again....13:54
hikikokgunn, I removed it13:55
alf__kgunn: +1 alan_g13:55
hikikoI have an intel and I was getting a black screen so I removed it13:55
hikikobut if you want me to test it13:56
hikikoI can use it again13:56
kgunnwell i'm not going to force anyone...but it is nice to have a second sane opinion (esp if you have multiple machines)13:56
hikikoI ran ubuntu only in my laptop13:57
kgunnbregma: ^13:58
kgunnyou having any trouble?13:58
hikikobut ok I can try (not atm because I have to finish something)13:58
kgunnhikiko: np13:58
kgunni know bregma is a user13:58
bregmaI'll check13:59
alan_gkgunn: Some of us want one of the machines to work (and keep it on raring)13:59
kgunnalan_g: stability...its so overrated :)14:00
bregmaI have a test machine running mir because that's what I do14:01
bregmabesides, it's fun to watch people try to control two pointers14:01
alan_gkgunn: Until I worked here I kept my "stable" machine on the LTS14:01
kgunnbregma: ....you need a hobby if you like watching pointers race across the screen14:02
kgunnbtw...the x pointer always loses14:02
bregmapeople like to watch cursor races just to see a pointer crash14:03
tvoss_alf__, ping14:04
alf__tvoss_: pong14:04
tvoss_alf__, the testing ppa is broken, do you know how to trigger a rebuild of unity-system compositor?14:05
alf__tvoss_: no :/14:08
kgunntvoss_: checking to see if ancell told me last time...14:09
olli_kgunn, bregma... who is on the armhf build issue?14:09
olli_do we have an eta14:09
alf__tvoss_: packages for the testing ppa are copied from the staging ppa. Does the staging ppa have what you need?14:09
bregmaolli_, I'm still working on it, expect something today14:09
tvoss_alf__, we need a non-binary copy14:10
kgunntvoss_: seems u-s-c is building now14:11
alf__tvoss_: you can have non-binary copies from one ppa to another14:11
alf__tvoss_: (i.e. rebuilt the package in the target ppa)14:11
alan_golli_: kgunn bregma - is that the hanging input tests? (tentative fix in -c 847)14:14
tvoss_kgunn, ack14:15
kgunntvoss_: so we need to copy both u-s-c & mir right ?14:16
tvoss_kgunn, mir should already be current14:16
kgunntvoss_: ok14:17
kgunntvoss_: yeah....makes sense...duh14:17
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greybackkgunn: hmm, something may be wrong somewhere. I just distupgraded, now xmir fails to start. X is failing with "unrecognised option -mir"14:35
tvoss_greyback, did you pin the ppa?14:36
kgunngreyback: working on it14:36
greybacktvoss_: yes14:36
tvoss_kgunn, you sure that usc is building in the testing ppa?14:36
kgunntvoss_: i was about to copy u-s-c over14:36
tvoss_kgunn, do so14:36
greybackHuh, my xserver-xorg is from saucy main repo. That can't be right14:36
greybackbut no other version exists in apt-cache policy14:37
kgunntvoss_: copying14:37
tvoss_kgunn, but source, not binary, right?14:37
kgunntvoss_: binary per ancell's instructions14:38
kgunnthat he sent in case this happened again14:38
tvoss_kgunn, the system compositor needs to rebuild against mir in the ppa14:38
kgunntvoss_: it did technically....in staging...it was building against 848...which is the same that was in the -testing14:39
tvoss_kgunn, okay14:39
bregmajust managed to get my apt updates done, and yes, it kindly wants to remove lightdm and unity-system-compositor for me14:42
bregmaand also unity14:42
* bregma looks for his trusty hammer.....14:42
kgunndidrocks: confused/looking for help....so i copied over u-s-c to14:45
kgunn2 things...#1...i accidently copied raring & saucy ( just meant to copy saucy)14:45
tvoss_kgunn, unity-system-compositor - 0.0.1bzr33saucy0.161 is pending and not yet propagated14:45
kgunntvoss_: thanks...where did you see that / how does one tell ? (i must have missed it)14:46
didrockskgunn: what's the question? ;)14:46
kgunndidrocks: well...my #1 is still valid....if i accidently copied in a package that shouldn't be in a ppa...how to expunge ?14:47
didrockskgunn: you have this "delete package link"14:47
kgunndidrocks: got it thnaks14:48
didrocksyw ;)14:48
tvoss_kgunn, propagated14:50
tvoss_dist-upgrading right now14:51
kgunntvoss_: moi aussi14:52
sil2100renato: ping15:40
sil2100renato: is there any work being done related to adding more autopilot integration tests to address-book-app?15:40
mhall119kgunn: where is the XMir code and the modified Xorg server code that is needs?15:42
kgunnmhall119: uno momento15:42
kgunnmhall119: instructions here http://unity.ubuntu.com/mir/building_source_for_pc.html15:42
kgunnare now updated to include all the other bits15:43
mhall119thanks kgunn15:43
mhall119kgunn: have the xorg-server changes been submitted upstream?15:47
kgunnmhall119: i have to punt on that one...15:48
kgunnits on the todo list...and15:48
kgunnraof is listed as inprogress (i just looked at it yesterday)15:48
kgunnso the full intention is to do so....15:48
kdubok, so for names for the surface-state-related stuff...15:48
kdubmi::InputCriteria, mg::CompositorCriteria, ms::SurfaceCriteria (for the readonly information)15:49
kduband for the interface to change that information15:50
kdubi think we can group that all into ms::MutableSurfaceState (containing alpha, input regions, position)15:51
kdubjust because at the moment, there's no need to split that all up15:51
alan_gCompositorCriteria makes sense as it sets out the way that compositing should be done. I'm not so convinced by the others...15:51
* alan_g tries to remember what those interfaces have in them15:53
mhall119RAOF: /w 11615:54
alan_gkdub: mi::SurfaceConfiguration is your rework of InputChannel?15:57
kdubwell, no mi::InputChannel hasn't changed15:57
kdubmi::SurfaceConfiguration has the size, position, and input regions15:57
kdubi think that works15:59
kdubwith ms:: though, there already is a ms::Surface, so ms::SurfaceState sounds better (containing transform, size, name)16:02
alan_galf__: what do you think of these names? ^^16:03
alan_gkdub: does ms need the transform? Or just the pre- and post-transform properties16:05
kdubalan_g, i'll have to check16:06
kdubalan_g, no, transform will go away when I consolidate the implementation class16:06
kdubso that should just be name, size_and_position16:07
kdubso, to summarize, mg::CompositorCriteria ( the read-only interface the compositor uses), mi::Surface, the read-only interface the input stack uses16:08
kdubms::SurfaceState (the basic generic info the shell needs) and ms::MutableSurfaceState (the way the shell can change the surface state how it needs)16:09
alan_gWasn't it mg::CompositingCriteria?16:09
kdubah, ok :) mg::CompositingCriteria16:10
alf__alan_g: kdub: they seem ok. I wonder if at some poin ms::Surface should be renamed to ms::SurfaceImpl (or perhaps hidden somewhere), and free ms::Surface to be used for an interface name16:10
kdubalf__, i'd expect something like that in the future, not in the MP16:11
alan_galf__: ms::Surface should never have been public - it was forced there by some early example code16:11
alf__kdub: ok16:12
kdubbut after this mp, ms::Surface : public mg::Renderable is broken, so we can put a sensible  public interface around it16:12
kduband what is now ms::Surface will just become an implementation class16:12
* kdub goes about changes16:16
* alan_g escapes to the weekend before kdub pushes changes for review16:52
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOW
kdubhaha :)16:52
bregmagosh dang I made one small typo and now I have to restart my arm build.... another hour-and-a-half delay17:10
* tvoss notes that the testing ppa has got a very snappy version of mir/xmir17:44
* ogra_ still waits for XMir on his chromebook 17:45
kdubrenaming is a pain, but worth it in the long run18:34
renatosil2100, we are waiting for the final designs before start to writing autopilot18:50
renatosil2100, does not make sense implement autopilot tests with the current UI since this will change18:51
kgunnbregma: dang it!!...success yet?19:09
bregmakgunn, https://code.launchpad.net/~bregma/mir/lp-1195265/+merge/174478 ...  I finally get a build on my machine19:11
bregmawon;t know if it fixes on the builders until they've done their bit19:12
sil2100renato: ok, thanks19:16
bregmagah, my branch fails in the builders https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/mir-android-saucy-i386-build/1299/console but passes fine on my hardware...  anyone have any ideas?19:41
bregmais jenkins actually cross-building on i386 and failing because it tries to run just-built executables?19:42
wilee-nileeSo in what release does mir become the default?19:45
gotwighowdy :D20:03
gotwigmhall119: any idea when QT apps can run on Mir?20:04
kgunngotwig: its happening already...https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Testing/Mir20:26
kgunnkdub: ^ can you take a look at bregma err's20:26
mhall119gotwig: the bigger question is when we'll be running Unity 8 on mir (on desktops and devices)20:27
kdubhmm, looks like the builder's trying to exec the arm executable, i'd guess20:28
kgunnbregma when you say "passes fine on your hw"....are you native compiling on arm? or cross compiling ?20:32
kdubright, it looks like a cross-arch execution attempt is being made20:35
kgunnbut if you go look at that check_discover_tests_in_acceptance-tests it just looks like a bunch of make calls to verify directories are populated....20:39
kdubright, but it touches ctest (which i beleive we make)20:45
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olli_quick question (stupid question too;)20:58
olli_GPUs using UMA doesn't tell whether it's using a binary/free driver20:59
olli_i.e. any GPU can be using UMA20:59
olli_is that correct?20:59
* olli_ tries to parse a statement from sales21:00
olli_and it doesn't quite make sense21:00
olli_racarr, kdub, kgunn ^21:00
kdubolli_, uma == unified memory architecture?21:01
olli_that's how I read it21:01
olli_not sure what Mr. SalesPerson had in mind21:01
kdubthe question is sort of a 'does not compute'21:02
kgunnolli_: or if it was wrt graphics....did he mean to say UXA ?21:02
kgunnthe evolution of EXA21:02
kgunnwhich is now subsumed by SNA21:02
kgunnso chronologically it went EXA -> UXA -> SNA21:03
olli_kdub, UMA is not an attribute of a GPU which would say anything about vendor or driver21:03
kgunnolli_: after a quick googling...yeah, its using system mem instead of dedicated video/gfx mem i think21:05
kgunnit seems to be kind of associated with intel....but i know for a fact of other architectures that use system mem21:05
kgunngpu archs that is21:05
kgunnso conceptually....yeah....any gpu could do it21:06
olli_kgunn, nv & ati do UMA as well21:06
olli_according to uncle google21:06
kdubright, its of course common in the mobile world too21:07
mlankhorstkdub: ^citation needed21:08
mlankhorstit's a mess :P21:08
kdubit is sort of whatever they want to do though of course21:09
kgunnbregma: do you need help ?22:10
kdubbregma, the problem is in MirCommon.cmake22:18
bschaeferkgunn, kdub bregma is EOD22:20
kgunnkdub: do you know a sensible solution ?22:21
kdubah, ok, well, i'll MP how I got his fix to work22:21
kdubas like, a merge to a merge22:21
kgunnkdub: excellent22:22
kgunnput bregma as reviewer22:22
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