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micahgdupondje: taking a look04:22
dupondjethx micahg  :)05:51
dupondjeat least we can listen to music again this evening then :P05:51
dholbachgood morning06:43
iulianMorning dholbach.07:26
dholbachhey iulian07:27
gesergood morning07:27
iulianHi there geser. How are you doing?07:37
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geserHi, iulian. I'm fine and you?07:48
iuliangeser: I'm not too bad, thanks.08:12
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dholbachwe're at 62 sponsoring items - does anyone have a bit of time today to go through a few?08:16
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obounaimdholbach: thanks for sponsoring me I really appreciate it15:22
dholbachanytime :)15:22
obounaimCan I apply for Ubuntu membership now?15:24
dholbachobounaim, I'd write you an endorsement, but in the end that'd be a question for the DMB or a Membership Board15:26
obounaimIn your opinion should I apply or do more work?15:29
dholbachobounaim, what I'd recommend to do is: set up your application (you will have to do it anyway) and ask the people you've worked with for comments - soon you're going to see what they all think :)15:38
obounaimOk thanks for your advice dholbach15:38
dholbachall right - time to call it a day over here - have a great weekend everyone15:38
iuliandholbach: Enjoy!15:39
dholbachyou too15:39
obounaimHow to build on multiple architectures using a ppa? thanks16:27
obounaimarchitectures other than i386 and amd64 like powerpc and arm16:37
obounaimbecause when upload packages they only build in i386 or amd6416:46
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