balloonsdarran, sak, Noskcaj10 thank you for coming00:00
sakenjoyed, it, thank you balloons00:01
Noskcaj10i'll read the logs when i get home, thanks balloons00:03
balloonsNoskcaj10, :-)00:04
balloonsvideo is up as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qD_e_xqlBbg00:04
asacplars: ho ... can you see if maguro and mako are still alive :)?00:39
asacand if autopilots are in queue on those?00:40
plarsasac: autopilot jobs already ran on mako, and all failed01:11
plarsas could be related to a bug I filed a bit ago, I tried on mako locally and the ui didn't come up on first boot. surfaceflinger segfaulted01:12
asacplars: how about maguro?03:08
plarsasac: that one's not set up currently, I think the existing ones on grouper and mako are still being debugged03:11
asacplars: grouper matches what was expected03:15
asachowever its super unimportant device03:15
asactop prio i maguro03:15
asacsecond is mako03:16
asacunless stuff failed completely dont debug on the infrastructure side... we saw exactly what i see on the dashboard locally as well03:16
asacall failing on mako should be looked at yes.03:16
asacbut i have no local results to cross check03:17
asaconly maguro i have03:17
asacthats what is in here:03:17
asacplars: is setting up maguro scripted?03:18
asaccan you do that and kick them off?03:18
asacin the hope ... :)03:18
asacthomi: can you do n4 manual checks on the tests?03:19
asacseems infrastructure has issues and i want to give folks a heads up tomorrow03:19
asacdefault apps would be good enough03:19
thomiasac: veebers has the nv, and I'm kneck-deep trying to un-bork the unity8 tests.03:19
asacjust to see if they all fail localy as well03:19
asacveebers: ?03:19
thomisorry :(03:19
* veebers reads backlog03:19
asacyeah... i think now we should kill n7 right away03:20
asacveebers: its about getting manual results for the tests for n403:20
asacseems folks always prefer n7 even though its like zero prio :)03:20
asacveebers: its trying to run https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Au6idq7TkpUUdDhEUy1nM1Jab3N4VGNQS0dQR19lTFE#gid=003:21
asacon n403:21
asacplars: try to just check if its infrastructure issue03:21
veebersasac: right, can do. Although I may have lead you astray when I said it's a nexus 4, its actually a Galaxy Nexus (the samsung one)03:21
asacthat one i already have03:21
veebersasac: ah, sorry03:21
asacplars: can you in some way kick off GN?03:21
asaci am not sure why we didnt do GN first :)03:22
asaci thougth i told everybody that GN is first prio :)03:22
asacand N4 second and all the tablets are somewhere later03:22
asaci really need those results to give people a heads up tomorrow...03:22
asacotherwise i will just send what i did on the spreadsheet03:22
plarsasac: working on it, I need to make some changes to the script. Please be aware that these just ran for the first time today, and are not yet considered "in production" tests03:22
asacwhich is outdated03:22
veebersasac: I take it you don't need me to run that manually any more?03:23
asacplars: well.. i see all devices succeed executing commands every day03:23
asacwhy would running the autopilot stuff be different?03:23
plarsasac: I'm talking specifically about the autopilot stuff03:23
asacso my suspicion is that the n4 really fails all tests03:23
asaceven if run locally03:23
asacbut cant validate locally03:23
asacplars: iknow... but ultimately its not much than running commands on a provisioned device, no?03:24
plarsasac: no03:24
plarsasac: it's a pretty big difference03:24
asacreally... odd03:24
asacwell. ok.03:25
asaclets try to get maguro over the line tomorrow03:25
plarsasac: I can get it running tonight, if you'll give me just a minute03:25
plarsasac: but as I said, they are still not "in production"03:25
asaci dont need warnings... i know its all hot iron... i just need one run on todays images03:26
plarsthere are some changes we still need to experiment with on the jenkins side to ensure that they don't allow a job to slip in between them and muck things up03:26
plarsasac: and I'm doing that now03:26
asacveebers: actually i think if plars cannot get it done getting one more run of the default apps tests on todays image would be helpful03:26
asacbut i really hoped we would get those results from automation :)03:26
asacplars: yeah. well. dont stress yourself out :)... in worst case i veebers will do a few on GN and i will do a few tomorrow morning here and then send the results :0... but it would be slam dunk to see that on the dashboard03:27
veebersasac: ack, will run some app tests in a short while03:29
plarsasac: ok, I added it to the job generation scripts, regenerated the jobs, and kicked it off, if you have vpn access you can watch it in progress03:29
asacyeah if i would be anything less than a moron i would still have VPN access.... but my NM somehow forgot the config and i didnt mangae to set it up when realizing it :)03:38
asacwill check out tomorrow moring03:38
asacveebers: yeah... can you just put it in the column next to mine for the 08 build?03:39
asaci will see how far you got and finish off tomorrow03:39
asacremember to put the right build id on top03:39
asacthanks a bunch03:39
asacplars: thanks!! ... dont bother to wait... if they go through they will show up and i will be happy if not. no big deal. we can check tomorrow03:40
veebersasac: can do03:40
asacand will just send my disappointing mail with the manual results we are now getting :)03:40
asaci will also get someone to run through n4 tests locally to see if everything fails03:40
asacmost likely ogra :-P03:40
plarsasac: I'd offer, but my n4 is tied up testing something else at the moment, and I think my isp has finally throttled me03:43
asacplars: i checked the dashboard03:43
asacit looks reasonable for mako03:43
plarsmy download rates have slowed to a crawl03:43
asacshare-app succeeded03:43
asacthat means for me infrastructure is clean03:43
asacand you shouldnt try to figure on your own what the problem is03:43
asaci am almost 100% sure we will see the same stuff when run locally without utah03:43
asacso all green from QA infrastructure side for now03:44
asacdont spend time debugging... i will have ogra check locally and if he sees the same just throw it to the owners of those apps/tests to do everythinhg03:44
plarsasac: something went awry on notes-app it seems, no tests were run03:44
asacits 2/203:45
asacthats exactly what i would expect03:45
asacthats looks realy ok03:45
plarsasac: not share-app, notes-app03:45
plarsasac: notes-app is 0/003:45
asacah-autopilot run -v share_app.tests.test_share.TestShare.test_cancel03:45
veebersasac: to clarify, which order would you like me to test: core apps then default?03:46
asacthats a bit of a mystery i agree03:46
asacveebers: default first... then core apps (aka community)03:46
veebersasac: ack, thanks03:46
plarsdns problems it looks like03:47
asacwell spotted03:47
plarsincidentally, I think having dnsutils in the touch images would be handy03:48
asacveebers: you might want to be lazy and wait a bit and see if we get results matching roughly what i have in the spreadhseet for the GN03:48
asacif so you dont need to invest in manual testing i can just through the automated results at folks03:48
veebersasac: cool, sounds good03:48
asacnot sure how long you are still on, but if you dont see results until 3 hours before your EOD just start manually03:48
veebersasac: heh, that's about now. But I'll be back on later so can check then03:50
asacveebers: right. well. i really just care about getting fresh results for GN (maguro) and mako for defaults apps... because those are the apps where we have paid developers doing the work :)03:51
asacand unity is scheduled for later :)03:51
asacand unity is being fixed with lots of enthusiasm by saviq and thomi so i am sure they will be great03:52
asacveebers: so just focus on getting a bunch or all of them done when you find time... as long as i dont have to run all tomorrow i am happy :) (i only have a half day for travel reasons tomorrow to fill out and send mail to folks)03:53
asacplars: can you send doanac a ping to remind me to talk about dnsutils with me while you are gone? i am completely brain wrecked right now and surely wont remember :)03:54
plarsdoanac`: ping03:54
plarsasac: yes, we have a sync tomorrow, I'll tell him to nag you about it03:55
veebersasac: I see that you don't have the -n flag for phablet-test-run (disables the shell for the app test). I seem to recall that being a requirement for the apps tests, although that may be out of date now03:55
doanac`plars:  hey03:55
asacveebers: dunno ... i saw tests go completely green without it03:56
veebersasac: ah ok, I just had 7 failures with the camera_app (marked green in spreadsheet)03:56
asacand the grouper results on dashboard seem close enough to believe that what i did manyually is ok03:56
asacveebers: yeah further to the right you see thomi's n7 results03:56
asaci think he didnt get the scheme so its not clear :)03:56
asacmoved :)03:57
veebersasac: right, but I also have a GN and more than tests fail for me, whereas you get green03:57
asacbut its a throwaway spreadsheet anyway :)03:57
asacveebers: which build?03:58
asac09 was completely busted03:58
asaci had to go back to 0803:58
asaci woul dhope that -n would give more green :)03:58
veebersasac: hmm how do you get the build date, I see "JENKINS_BUILD=saucy-41" in /system/ubuntu_stamp03:58
asaci dont know :(03:58
asaci dont have the 08 image anymore03:59
asaci have it still one sec04:00
veebersasac: ah good point, just did a listing of those directories to get the most recent files04:03
asacthat ziup doesnt even have the ubuntu_stamp file04:04
asacso *shrug*04:04
doanac`asac: the maguro results are starting to show up now: http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/saucy/image/2934/04:04
asacgreen for share04:05
asac84.2% for notes04:05
asaci had 15 out of 19 failures04:05
asacif that is 84.2% you calc the success wrong :)04:05
asachmm. thats 78.something04:06
asacfeels scary close04:06
asacto the upside down calc04:06
asac :)04:06
asacdoanac`: sure you guys interpret the fail/total and not as success/total?04:06
asacboth me and thomi had 78% failyures04:07
asacon different devices04:07
asaci hope this turned to 84% success :) ... but maybe worth checking04:07
asacthat the real output agrees with that number04:07
asacnice ... phone-app == success :)04:08
doanac`asac: notes is 16/1904:08
asaci didnt have a SIM so that would explain my RED04:08
asacdoanac`: in the log? ... what the stuff outputs is fail/total and not success/total.. unless my eyes were on crack the other day04:09
plarsasac: http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/saucy/image/2934/ is starting to show results04:09
plarsah, doanac` beat me to it :)04:09
asacplars: :)04:09
asacdejavu :)04:09
asacits great04:09
asacso i love that dejavu :)04:10
doanac`asac: i think the timing is just perfectly bad, and the rest of the results won't show for another 30 minutes, when the dashboard polls jenkins again04:10
plarsdoanac`: what's odd, is that webbrowser was the last one to run, but it's here04:12
asacthat effect is called: race :)04:12
asacor fail :)04:12
asaci hope its race04:12
asacdoanac`: can we greedily kick another poll because its late and we love to watch how it goes :)?04:13
asacor is tha trisky?04:13
asac(i mean: more risky than landing all thist stuff :))04:13
doanac`asac: cjohnston and josepht are the guys with access to do that04:13
doanac`they aren't on04:14
asaclazy guys.04:14
asacsleep is for the weak i used to say when i was still a core-dev :)04:14
josephtdoanac`: I'm on, what do you need?04:14
asacsee if we can brute force getting jenkins reults on the dashboard was the idea04:14
asacsee a few lines above04:15
josephtsmoke results?04:15
doanac`josepht: can you make the qa-dashboard to a quick sync of smoke?04:15
asacplars: so the maguro tests really got results super fast imo04:16
asacgiven that it flashes everything etc.04:16
josephtdoanac`: it's runnning04:16
asace.g. 30 minutes for all04:16
asachmm. maybe my perception of time is just off04:16
doanac`asac: i flash once, then run each test only doing reboots in-between04:17
asacare all jobs going on the same device?04:18
asacthought we had a pool and they are parallized04:18
asachow is that done in jenkins?04:18
plarsdoanac`: unless you beat me to it, I'll experiment with locking that master job to the subordinate jobs in the morning04:18
asaclets talk about that at another time04:18
doanac`plars: give it a shot. i'm a bit overloaded with a couple of other things.04:19
doanac`asac: yeah - you don't want to know the world of jenkins04:19
asac"remember sammy jenkins" :)04:19
plarsdoanac`: I'd do it tonight, but staring at xml at 12 am can only spell disaster04:19
asacoops... damn long urls04:20
asaci forgot :)04:20
josephtthe dashboard pull is done04:21
asacnice... 0% :)04:21
doanac`josepht: we have a small bug04:21
asacplars: doanac`: can you confirm that http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/saucy/image/2934/ shows all jobs that were supposed to run?04:22
doanac`we are missing 2 jobs04:22
doanac`josepht: mediaplayer and camera. let me share links ...04:22
=== _salem` is now known as _salem
pittiGood morning04:25
asac6:25 and pitti is booting up :)04:25
asacthats ... err... scary04:25
doanac`i usually take it a sign i should go to sleep when I see pitti logging in for the day04:27
asacseems we need NZ after all to get a 24/7 sprint going04:27
asacwe dont need NZ i mean04:27
asacTHATS scary04:27
asacpitti: go to bed :)04:27
asacfor 2h04:27
pittiasac: I hope you aren't in Germany ATM04:27
asacno... east coast :)04:27
asacmonday i am back in central europe ... working 24/7 :)04:28
pittiasac: don't forget to work in the plane :)04:30
asacgerman mode04:30
asacjosepht: did you figure whats going on with those?04:33
asacotherwise i believe we all can go to sleep ... and plars to early vacation :)04:34
josephtasac: yeah those two jobs don't have any utah artifacts04:34
plarsasac: no, I'm here tomorrow for sure04:34
josephtdoanac`: ^^04:34
asacplars: man. its a great achievement to cut and just take overhours swap day :)04:34
asacbut wll.. i know you wont listen04:34
asacveebers: so can you do camera and mediaplayer only?04:35
doanac`josepht: sorry. I could have sworn i saw yamls for them.04:35
doanac`i'll dig into the job04:36
doanac`sorry to waste your time04:36
josephtdoanac`: no worries04:36
asacplars: josepht: doanac`: thanks. great stuff. talk to you tomorrow! i have all i need for now04:36
asacdont sweat it :)04:36
asacfolks should now go and run stuff locally and fix :)04:36
veebersasac: I've done cam, friends and gallery was about to do media player04:36
asacveebers: thanks!04:36
asaci have enough data04:36
asacand folks will have enough work for the rest of the week04:36
doanac`plars: josepht: asac: the problem: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/All/job/saucy-touch-maguro-smoke-mediaplayer-app-autopilot/1/console04:37
doanac`we have a disappearing maguro in the lab04:37
plarsdoanac`: that can't be good04:38
asacyeah. i have the results i want... so now you can do the fixes needed like fixing the locking etc.04:38
plarsdoanac`: it's actually there, looks like an adb race04:38
doanac`ugh - i worry adb doesn't scale well04:38
doanac`this is awesome. i think gema just got online04:39
doanac`we are literally working around the clock04:39
asacas i said04:39
josephtI'm wearing my "Quite Awesome" shirt04:39
asaceven without NZ we could work 24h04:39
asacthats scary04:39
asachence... guys.. you did an amazing job04:39
asaci have all i needed... why not start digging into whats going on tomorrow (at least you guys in texas :))04:40
josephtgood night04:40
asacsee y0ou tomorrow04:40
pittin8 asac04:42
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jibelgood morning06:54
Saviqasac, ping08:23
DanChapmanGood Morning all :-)08:34
elfyhi DanChapman08:41
DanChapmanHey elfy :-)08:44
=== asac` is now known as asac
asacSaviq: bongo12:02
Saviqasac, hey, we want to start looking into memory / performance / resource testing in unity812:03
Saviqasac, can you point me at someone who I could talk to about that?12:03
Saviqasac, ideally integrated with whatever reporting / shooting $dev solution you have for regressions12:04
asacyeah... let me wake up and think :)12:04
asacmaybe you can join a hangout in a couple minutes with tvoss?12:04
asaclets say at :15?12:04
asacwill ping you once ready :)12:05
asaccould be a couple minutes later than that12:05
Saviqasac, hmm in McDo's now for power (outage at home) - not the best place to hang out12:06
Saviqasac, should be back 1300UTC12:07
asacSaviq: :) hope its not breakfast time for you12:07
asacSaviq: thats in one hour?12:07
asacsounds good12:07
Saviqasac, ah, wrong...12:07
Saviqasac, thought I'm free until 1330UTC12:07
Saviqasac, but I've a meeting from 1300UTC to 1450UTC12:08
Saviqasac, can we do later? or Monday?12:08
asacSaviq: monday would be best. qa team has pulled huge things last nights and i think they need some moment for recovery :).12:09
asacSaviq: is this for desktop or phone?12:09
Saviqasac, phone12:09
asaccool. yeah. maybe lets chat a bit here...12:09
asacSaviq: do you alreayd have some kind of tests and just want to sort how to run it on infastructure and how to make the reporting happen?12:10
asacor do you want to first check sanity on your test approach?12:10
Saviqasac, we have a set of unit tests (dpkg-build-time), isolated ui tests (CI-time) and some autopilot tests (not nearly enough)12:11
Saviqasac, but none of them had any performance measurement in mind12:12
Saviqasac, so we simply need to pick brainz about how to approach that12:12
asaci think tvoss would be the right guy to discuss the high level approach etc. first12:13
asache has been good in setting good standards for the memory budgeting thing.12:13
asacand gema should appoint someone from QA team i would think to have this discussion. let me talk abit around today.12:14
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* cjohnston blames balloons for breaking the dashboard :-)13:46
balloonsis everything I ever wanted on the dashboard done cjohnston ?14:05
cjohnstonballoons: I blame you.. http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/saucy/image/2933/webbrowser-app-autopilot/14:05
balloonsfinally these things are coming online, sheesh!14:10
balloonsis mir online yet?14:10
slickymasterballoons: hi balloons. sorry for bothering, when we get the time can you take a look at this?14:34
slickymasterwhen you14:34
balloonsslickymaster, yes of course14:38
DanChapmanballoons, Morning! .... it is morning where you are right lol14:38
balloonsYes, still morning DanChapman :-)14:40
balloonswhew, so today is all about reviewing code and helping out.. so if you've got something for me to look at today's the day :-)14:40
* DanChapman is seeing if he has anything for balloons to look at14:42
asacdoanac`: did you recover yet?14:44
asacplars: :)14:46
plarsasac: we're in a meeting right now14:46
asactalk in a bit then14:47
DanChapmanballoons, I'm looking at the Terminal test in the dev branch at the moment. And can see that it can now be introspected which i will do. What would you say are the requirements of the test? I can't see how we can test the actual xterm emulator window anymore than create a file and check the file system for it. Would you say more focus on the dialog windows i.e. profiles, shortcuts, search. Aswell as the usual fullscreen, tabs e15:04
balloonsDanChapman, yes terminal is a bit more funny, but worth checking out.. Window management is a good one. we can't test the color stuff sadly.. I wonder about the fonts or "other" profile things15:05
DanChapmanballoons, ok cool I was going to strip the colours and backgrounds out. I'll have a play and see how it goes15:08
balloonssounds fine.. Keep it simple for now and see what happens. Introspection is already going to make the whole thing saner!15:09
DanChapmanIt is pretty wild atm!15:10
slickymasterballoons: thanks, let us see what noskcaj and elfy had to say about it15:22
* elfy is happy with it as it is currently15:23
slickymasterelfy: thank you, I'll leave it as it is and consider it ready to merge15:24
=== zyga_ is now known as zyga
slickymasterballoons: if it's also ok with noskcaj, I consider the test good and done to be merged15:25
elfyslickymaster: I'll check spelling and format in a moment and approve if it's ok15:28
slickymasterelfy: Thanks. I appreciate it :)15:28
balloonselfy, thanks mate15:29
elfyslickymaster: "The Display Power Management Signaling (DPMS) is disabled" too L's in signalling - but I'm really not too concerned about that15:31
elfygiven that American's can't spell colour properly ... :p15:31
elfybut you can change it if you want15:31
DanChapmanelfy, hey mate. :-) I have made a start on getting some autopilot tests together for xubuntu. Evince worked straight away without any mods but firefox and fileroller ( which has a diff UI to ubuntu) are not working. Although I haven't tried the new firefox test yet. I will try to get those two working over the weekend :-)15:32
elfyyou are a superstar :)15:32
slickymasterelfy: LOL15:32
slickymasterelfy: I'll fix tonight. Right now I'm at work and behind a proxy and not able to push the branch15:34
elfyI've approved it slickymaster - really not worried about that.15:35
elfyI could come up with hundreds of spelling/grammar errors in testcases15:35
* DanChapman looking forward to seeing 0 fails on jenkins tonight 15:35
elfyballoons: I've approved that one now - if I knew how to actually merge it I would15:36
slickymasterelfy: ok, elfy, I'll leave as it is, then and assign myself to a new one (while continuing the settings manager)15:36
balloonselfy, merging isn't so bad at all15:36
elfyyep - cool slickymaster :)15:36
balloonsDanChapman, wahoo! 0 fails!15:36
elfyballoons: I doubt it is - but trying to get someone to walk through bzr things doesn't always work out :D15:37
balloonsDanChapman, not today, but we need to get the ubiquity stuff added too.. I know we talked about it. There's some technical work and ideas to be done15:37
DanChapmanballoons, yeah pitti said he had talked with jibel about it and he was going to look into how to fake a disk drive to get it working.15:39
balloonsright, that was going the otto route I believe... it'll be more of a challenge that way I think :-)15:40
balloonshe's up to it!15:40
elfyballoons: I would have assumed that doing bzr merge lp:~slickymaster/ubuntu-manual-tests/xfce4-power-manager-settings would do the job - but then again it might not :)15:40
balloonselfy, checkout the trunk branch15:40
balloonsthen do a bzr merge lp:~slickymaster/ubuntu-manual-tests/xfce4-power-manager-setting15:40
balloonsthen commit and push back to trunk15:41
balloonsthat's it.. you already knew how :-)15:41
* elfy wanders off to try and to get a rest from writing stuffs15:41
elfyballoons: hang on - don't you add numbers or something?15:42
DanChapmanballoons, what route do you think would be better?15:42
balloonselfy, I do, but that's for the sync to the tracker itself15:42
balloonsso if you wanted to do that step manually, basically you would copy and paste the testcase into a new test on the tracker. Then name it id_Name15:43
balloonsthat's the format. But you don't have to do that at all. Just merge without it and I'll add the id later when I run the sync15:43
balloonsI'd give everyone the sync tool, but it uses my apikey :-)15:43
elfysee  - knew it - not as simple as you said - you always forget the steps you know :D15:43
balloonsI'm telling you not to worry about that part :-)15:44
balloonsjust merge and ignore the id stuff :-)15:44
elfyballoons: no, not that - the other "that's it.. you already knew how :-)" bits15:44
balloonselfy, lol.. you did.15:45
elfydon't worry about it now - I'll catch up with you some time early next week15:45
elfywhat you mean - lol you did - all I get here are errors15:45
balloonsenjoy your weekend mate!15:45
balloonsI hear even the UK is warm this week :-15:45
elfyand little one is off to Big Town with her school - dad is free ... ;)15:46
DanChapmanelfy enjoy it!!15:46
elfyballoons: on a serious note I will catch up early next week about this - I'd like to sort out the howto15:46
balloonsDanChapman, did you attempt or plan to attempt getting through the video I put together on autopilot?15:47
elfyDanChapman: I shall15:47
DanChapmanballoons, I plan to have a look tonight once the  little devils are asleep. :-)15:50
elfyballoons: of course I could hassle knome  about it as well :)15:50
slickymasterelfy: yeah elfy, have agreat weekend with no strings attached15:50
elfyknome: I could hassle you about going through merging approved testcases in the main thingy15:51
knomeelfy, 15mins, ok? :)15:52
elfyok - cheers :)15:52
=== DanChapman is now known as DanChapman|afk
=== DanChapman|afk is now known as DanChapman
knomeelfy, you still around? :)16:46
elfyI am16:47
elfyknome: whenever you've time16:51
knomeelfy, i have time now, just go ahead and shoot ;)16:54
elfyknome: so how do I merge this https://code.launchpad.net/~slickymaster/ubuntu-manual-tests/xfce4-power-manager-settings/+merge/17436016:55
knomeelfy, the page says: To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~slickymaster/ubuntu-manual-tests/xfce4-power-manager-settings16:55
knomeelfy, so in your lp:ubuntu-manual-tests branch directory, run that command16:55
knomethen commit and push16:56
knome(you probably want to move the file under Xfce before you commit)16:56
knomei created the Xfce directory to keep the repository clean16:56
knomethe status will be changed to "merged" automatically16:57
elfyknome: that's better - getting there16:57
elfyknome: ok - moved the file to XFCE - so if I commit it tells me there's stuff missing now - do I have to bzr add first?16:59
elfyalternatively I can just move it later to XFCE :)16:59
knomewhat does it say is missing?16:59
elfythe one I'm trying to merge - it expects it in packages17:00
knomecan you paste the line so i can paste you an exact command to run17:00
knome(i'll also explain why it thinks you have it missing)17:00
elfyknome: http://pastebin.com/c3a8Djg817:01
knomegreat, so as usually, when you add new files into a repository, you'd run: "bzr add ."17:01
elfyI can understand why it thinks it's missing - it is - I can also understand why it's unknown - it is17:01
knomethat would make the unknown -line go away17:01
knomefor the missing line; bzr expects you to have files that were in the merged branch17:02
elfyshould I do that then?17:02
knomeif you moved those, you should run "bzr del old-name", in this case "bzr del testcases/packages/xfce4-power-manager-settings\ tests"17:02
knomeyup, run both the add and del command17:03
knomethen you shouldn't get either of the warnings when you do the commit (or see the status with "bzr status")17:03
elfytestcases/packages/xfce4-power-manager-settings tests does not exist17:03
knomedid you use "\ " ?17:03
elfystatus shows the added and the pending one now17:04
knomebut no missig ones?17:04
knomeok, then you're fine!17:04
elfycommit shows the added and pending merges17:04
knomeyup, that's fine17:05
elfyk commited it17:05
knomewhen it does that, it automagically handles setting the status of the MP merged17:05
knomenow push17:06
elfyok - bit more help then :p17:06
elfypush how17:07
knomebzr push17:07
knome(you did the local commit, now push to the parent branch)17:07
elfybzr push :parent ?17:07
knomeor bzr push if you've done :parent at least once17:07
elfynever done pasrent17:08
knomethen do :parent, yep17:08
elfyseems to have done something :)17:08
knomeyou should only need to do that once17:08
knomeyup! so in https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-testcase/ubuntu-manual-tests/trunk17:08
knomeyou'll see your commit #16517:08
knomeand in https://code.launchpad.net/~slickymaster/ubuntu-manual-tests/xfce4-power-manager-settings/+merge/17436017:08
knomethe status is merged17:08
knomeand effectively the merge proposal is now "closed"17:09
elfythanks :)17:09
slickymasterelfy: I can confirm that, just received the email from LP stating it.17:10
knomeanything else you need help with?17:10
elfyknome: nope - that's cool - thanks :)17:10
elfyjust make some notes now lol17:10
knomequickly re: the id's you were asking before:17:10
elfyslickymaster: thanks17:10
elfyid's ?17:11
slickymasterelfy: it's me who thnak you, elfy. not the other way around17:11
knomeelfy, 18:43  balloons: so if you wanted to do that step manually, basically you would  copy and paste the testcase into a new test on the tracker. Then name  it id_Name17:11
slickymasterelfy: i wish a very good (free) weekend17:11
elfyknome: oh I see - the numbering thing17:12
knomeelfy, so basically, now that a new test is in the repository, you go ahead and add it to the testing tracker (no bzr black magic included)17:12
knomeelfy, and once you've added it, the tracker will give you a test ID17:12
knomeelfy, once you have that, rename the file in the local branch to "thatID_testname" and commit+push17:13
elfyok - that all obviously makes loads of sense to you ;)17:13
elfyleave it for the time being - I'll look at that a bit later17:14
knomeelfy, so the ID's are more for us humans to track that the tests have been added to the tracker and on the other hand, find those tests in the tracker easily. does that make sense?17:14
knomeelfy, well as balloons said, he can handle it17:14
knome(i've let him do that before, and i think he might have some tool for it)17:14
elfyindeed - just want to get my head around all of these things so I can at least keep up with our stuff17:14
elfybut for the moment - that's either another day or an SEP17:15
knomeSEP? :P17:16
elfysomeone else's problem :)17:16
knomeif you need a new test in the tracker quickly, feel free to ping me17:16
knomeand i'll handle that stuff17:17
elfyone thing at a time17:17
elfyknome: ok :)17:17
elfyknome: while on the subject of tests - someone who actually uses gmb should do the testcase ...17:17
knomei'm not using gmb17:18
knome....right now17:18
* elfy can write the testcase ... open/close/wait 6 hours for it to read library/give up/use clementine :D17:19
elfyknome: thanks for your help though :)17:19
knomeno problem at all17:20
knomeif nobody seems to be writing the gmb test later in the cycle, i can do that at some point17:20
Letozaf_balloons, Hi19:07
Letozaf_balloons, I wanted to do some other tests on sudoku app, but I see there is a merge proposal pending, do I have to wait for the merge to be accepted before pulling the branch ?  what happens If I pull it now and work on it and the merge gets accepted ?19:13
balloonsLetozaf_, hello!19:13
Letozaf_balloons, :)19:13
balloonsLetozaf_, no worries on active mp19:14
Letozaf_balloons, ok thanks19:14
balloonsunless the merge proposal is changing something your going to change or want to change (literally the same lines) it won't have an effect19:14
balloonsso I was looking at this: https://code.launchpad.net/~carla-sella/ubuntu-rssreader-app/ubuntu-rssreader-test-add-view-feeds/+merge/17331619:14
balloonsdid you want to make those changes? The team was ready to merge as-is but we should fix it up as francis talked about19:15
* Letozaf_ did not see the last part19:16
* Letozaf_ is reading it now19:16
Letozaf_balloons, I will try to fix what's asked, sorry I probably missed the email19:20
balloonsno worries.. I just didn't want to do something you might be working on ;-)19:20
Letozaf_balloons, :D  Let's say I kind of got used to it :D19:21
Letozaf_balloons, funny eh! if I pick something, someone else does it19:21
Letozaf_balloons, lol19:21
Letozaf_balloons, just another doubt, when I've done the changes to the rssfeed app, do I just have to commit an push it to the same branch it's now , will it be ok ?  never made changes to an already proposed to merge branch so no quite sure what's the right way19:25
balloonsyes, push to the same branch19:28
balloonsyou'll see it'll just update the diff below on the merge proposal :-)19:28
Letozaf_balloons, thanks19:29
Letozaf_balloons, the ubuntu-rssreader-app test should be fine now, I applied fginther's suggestions20:18
balloonsLetozaf_, cool :-)20:18
Letozaf_balloons, :)20:18
balloonshopefully you'll stop being followed on writing tests eh?20:18
elfyballoons: hi - got that thing merged in the end - I'll try and keep an eye on manual tests - most seem to be coming from xubuntu atm anyway :)20:19
Letozaf_balloons, :p yeah hope so :D it's a bit weired20:24
elfyballoons: while I remember do you not want underscores in testcase names then?20:24
Letozaf_balloons, well I'm doing a lot of exercise in autopilot tests "for nothing" lol20:24
balloonselfy, please no underscores :-)20:29
balloonsLetozaf_, lol, I think it's over for now.. no one is following you on rss reader for sure20:30
balloonsoh I should approve so jenkins will merge your fixes20:30
balloonsLetozaf_, odd, does the changes run on your box/20:32
Letozaf_balloons, yes I tried the test before pushing it20:36
balloonswild.. I guess it just dislikes me!20:36
Letozaf_balloons, isn't it working on yours20:36
Letozaf_balloons, let me try  to move the test to another dir and pull the one that's in the branch20:37
Letozaf_balloons, maybe the push did not work correctly20:37
balloonsno worries.. the build bot will solve it for us20:37
balloonsif it works for jenkins, it works :-)20:37
balloonsgive it a couple mins to pick it up and try it20:37
balloonsi have funny things on my box sometimes20:37
Letozaf_balloons, ok because it already happened that push sort of left files on my box and did not find them in the branch20:38
balloonswhat's bzr status say?20:40
balloonsif it doesn't look right to you, then it's worth fixing :-)20:40
balloonsideally bzr status should be blank and show nothing after you commit and push20:41
balloonsif there's stuff in there, then you have local modifications that didn't get pushed up20:41
balloonsLetozaf_, ^^ what's bzr status say?20:43
Letozaf_balloons, nothing20:44
balloonsLetozaf_, then you should be good :-)20:45
Letozaf_balloons, hope  so :) anyway I ran the test again and it worked20:45
Letozaf_balloons, I mean the one on my box20:45
balloonsright right..20:45
balloonsme wonders where the build bot is\20:46
balloonsohh silly me, I didn' thit approve20:46
Letozaf_balloons, :( I see a fail20:51
balloonsLetozaf_, so if you click that link it links to this page20:52
balloonswhich has videos of the runs :-)20:52
Letozaf_balloons, cool, but there must be something wrong with my browser, I only see a black screen with a white mouse pointer20:54
balloonsone of the tests the app doesn't launch.. so it's blank20:55
balloonsthat one shows the other test run20:55
Letozaf_balloons, now I saw the other one20:55
Letozaf_balloons, cool, let me try to pull the branch on my box and see if the same happens, because it works here20:56
Letozaf_balloons, I pulled the branch and it says 17 revisions, they should be 1820:57
balloonsdid you bzr push?20:57
balloonsmaybe you forgot to push that last one :-)20:58
balloonsohh wait, no I do see i have r1820:58
Letozaf_balloons, that's strange20:58
Letozaf_balloons, I mean that I pulled the branch and see 17 instead of 18 :?20:59
balloonsahh.. I did get rev 18 when I pulled is all20:59
Letozaf_balloons, I will try again20:59
Letozaf_balloons, zzz I pulled the lp:ubuntu-rssreader-app and not mine lol21:01
Letozaf_balloons, mabye if I pull the right one ....21:01
Letozaf_balloons, I confirm it works on my box21:03
Letozaf_balloons, that's quite weired21:03
balloonsLetozaf_, lol gotcha!21:05
balloonsok, well let's fix this before it's too late for you there :-)21:05
balloonsgot 10 mins?21:05
Letozaf_balloons, ok21:06
Letozaf_balloons, but I pulled the right branch now and it works :?21:07
balloonsLetozaf_, hmmm.. so yea, i see some changes we can still tweak in here21:08
balloonsI think fginther is saying that the buildbot will randomly not work21:09
balloonsif I approve again it may work just fine21:09
balloonsso his fixes and suggestions are to try and prevent it from randomly failing21:09
Letozaf_balloons, hope so :)21:09
balloonsso your lambda: self.assertThat lines21:10
balloonshe was trying to explain how to do that a bit differently21:10
balloonsyou want to use lambda: to allow you to use the eventually operator21:11
balloonsso you can do this:21:11
balloonscanonical_feed = lambda: self.main_window.get_canonical_feed()21:11
balloons        #does it exist?21:11
balloons        self.assertThat(canonical_feed, Eventually(NotEquals(None)))21:11
balloonscanonical_feed = self.main_window.get_canonical_feed()21:12
balloons        #does it exist?21:12
balloons        lambda: self.assertThat(canonical_feed, Eventually(NotEquals(None)))21:12
balloonsmake sense?21:12
* Letozaf_ is looking at here code21:13
Letozaf_balloons, yes21:13
fgintherLetozaf_, let me take a look at some of those failures, one of them looks like the app couldn't start21:15
balloonsgo for it.. I'm going to try and clean up the code a little with some edits I would make.. we'll see what we think21:15
fgintherLetozaf_, also I can't view the pretty videos from chromium, I have to use firefox or wget21:15
Letozaf_fginther, same here had to use firefox21:16
fgintherLetozaf_, new tests results
fgintherLetozaf_, 78 failed because the jenkins config had been reset and lost my latest changes.21:32
Letozaf_fginther, :(21:32
fgintherLetozaf_, The error in 79 is caused by a missing import for "StateNotFoundError". I gave you some incomplete advice.21:33
fgintherlet me find the right module for that21:33
Letozaf_fginther, thanks21:33
balloonsfginther, I just changed it to be an open expect21:33
balloonsmy wip is herE: lp:~nskaggs/ubuntu-rss-reader/carla-feed-commit21:33
fgintherthat works too :-)21:33
balloonswe don't really care why it didn't work :-)21:34
balloonsso Letozaf_ your before and after piece for the insert21:34
balloonswe can long tap on the feed name and tell it to update21:34
fginthersometime we do :-)  It can mask the real failure and make it a pain to debug21:34
balloonsotherwise I don't see how it will work21:34
balloonsfginther, well, true I suppose21:35
balloonsbut your blind returning anyway21:35
balloonsif it's a non state error, then it could be confusing21:35
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
fgintherLetozaf_, "from autopilot.introspection.dbus import StateNotFoundError"21:37
Letozaf_fginther, ok let me insert this21:37
Letozaf_balloons, fginther or are you guys going to do it ?21:38
fgintherLetozaf_, I'll give it a try, don't want to have to tell you I was wrong twice :-)21:39
Letozaf_fginther, :-)21:40
balloonsmm ok I'm seeing why I'm having issues21:41
balloonsthis return self.app.select_single('Subtitled', objectName='feedItem')21:41
balloonsmore than 1 feed means this returns multiple21:41
fgintherballoons, yeah, the testing expects a clean slate21:43
balloonswahoo success21:46
Letozaf_balloons, fginther \o/21:46
fgintherLetozaf_, balloons, I pushed my wip attempt here: lp:~fginther/ubuntu-rssreader-app/test-update-take-222:00
fgintherLetozaf_, balloons, I have to drop off soon22:01
balloonsthis is my as-is code:  lp:~nskaggs/ubuntu-rssreader-app/carla-feed-commit22:02
Letozaf_balloons, fginther my problem is I cannot test on jenkins ... so I have to rely on you22:03
balloonsbasically the one test works22:04
fgintherLetozaf_, I understand. I sometimes use a VM (like virtual-box to create an environment similar to jenkins)22:04
balloonsthe other doesn't22:04
balloonsthe issue is the bloody select_single call for grabbing the feed AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'text'22:05
fgintherballoons, that probably means the feed object wasn't available yet22:05
Letozaf_fginther, but how is it configured, I mean the VM22:05
balloonsfginther, I'm sure your right.. but the check isn't working.. I suppose looping on sleep22:05
fgintherLetozaf_, balloons, I gotta go (my wife will yell at me if I don't) I'll try to help out later this evening22:06
Letozaf_fginther, :)22:07
fgintherLetozaf_, the general idea of a VM is that it just runs a raring desktop, the fact that it runs *really* slow is what makes it interesting for running autopilot tests, you get completely different timings22:07
slickymasterballoons: Hi, do you mind I ask you a quick question?22:07
Letozaf_fginther, oh so maybe I will try on a VM22:07
Letozaf_fginther, thanks22:07
balloonsthere's actually a cooler trick you can do22:08
balloonsuse Xephyr22:08
balloonsnest an xserver and launch the app into it22:09
balloonsyou can make it unaccelerated22:09
Letozaf_balloons, Xephyr ? never heard of it but I will google  to find out22:09
slickymasterNoskcaj: Hi, do you mind I ask you a quick question?22:12
Noskcajslickymaster, sure22:13
ubot5Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:13
slickymasterNoskcaj: so, I'm continuing, in order to finish it, to work on the settings manager test. But I see that this test already has an ID abd is on the XFCE folder22:14
NoskcajJust branch ubuntu-manual-tests and work on it. Request a merge when you think what you have should be added22:15
slickymasteriand now, when I'll want to bzr push the some  alterations I've made, do i use the bzr branch lp:~slickymaster/ubuntu-manual-tests/22:15
slickymasteror do i use bzr branch lp:~slickymaster/ubuntu-manual-tests/22:15
slickymasterXfce ?22:15
balloonsLetozaf_, well it's all around late22:15
balloonsI'm leaving my branch as is..22:15
balloonsI guess we fail.. for now :-(22:16
Letozaf_balloons, quite...22:16
Letozaf_balloons, ok maybe during the week end I can try on a VM or xephyr...22:16
slickymasterNoskcaj: is the bzr any different?22:16
Letozaf_balloons, and see if I get your problems22:16
balloonsLetozaf_, yes, until then ;-)22:16
balloonshave a good weekend22:17
balloonsfood time for me!22:17
Letozaf_balloons, enjoy22:17
Noskcajslickymaster, the for bzr, just skip the "add" bit22:17
Noskcajuse lp:~slickymaster/ubuntu-manual-tests/WHATEVER-YOU-WANT22:18
slickymasterNoskcaj: and do I keep the ID number in the test name?22:18
slickymasterNoskcaj: ok, thanks a lot. I won't bother anymore22:19
slickymaster* bother you22:19
Noskcajremember: The changes don't do anything till balloons or i merge the test, and we won't do anything that breaaks the tracker22:19
slickymasterNoskcaj: good to hear it, and to know it22:19
Noskcajslickymaster, it's not bothering us. Being on IRC is good because it's easier to contact you22:19
phillwballoons: can you have a look at the latest email posting from Vasudevan Kottilil i'm not a unity user.22:20
slickymasterNoskcaj: I know that, thing is during the day it's difficult for me to conciliate work hours and 'this' hours22:20
phillwor anyone? :)22:20
Noskcajslickymaster, ok.22:21
slickymasterNoskcaj: I'll try to show up here more. anyway, thanks, again22:21
NoskcajThis does count as volunteering and can be used as a referral or previous experience22:21
slickymastersee you tommorow :)22:22
Noskcajok, bye.22:22

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