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zulcjwatson: ping reading the update_excuses.html does "valid candidate" mean it should be ok to get it out of proposed?13:21
seb128zul,  no, it means it's a valid candidate, check http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_output.txt13:22
seb128zul, I don't know the specifics but excuses seems to list only blocks/outdated versions (like fail to build)/tests, the installability issues are on the output page13:23
zulseb128:  ok cool thanks13:23
seb128zul, what source are you looking at?13:23
seb128oh, yeah, that's a non trivial transition ongoing13:23
infinityHe should know, he started it. :P13:24
cjwatson"valid candidate" means that it is OK to proceed to the second stage, logged in update_output.txt13:24
seb128zul, look at the big list at the top of http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_output.txt under it13:24
cjwatsonIt means that there is no reason *within that source package itself* to block it13:24
seb128zul, that' the packages involved there13:24
cjwatsonzul: You might as well not bother.  I've spent several days on this now and most of it is clearing via Debian.13:24
infinityMore to the point, the big list at the end where the autohinter tries to get it in.13:24
infinityThe list at the top is less helpful.13:24
zulcjwatson: ok thanks13:25
cjwatsonPlus rbasak merging php5 (how's that going)?13:25
zulcjohnston:  i was more concerned about the zentyal/ebox stuff that im pretty sure is not in debian13:26
infinityTab completion is hard.13:26
cjohnstonIt is13:26
zulyeah especially when i just woke up :P13:26
cjwatsonYou're only seeing that because you aren't looking in the block of output from the autohinter.13:27
cjwatsonThe one at the top is where proposed-migration tries to promote apache2 *on its own*, discovers that it breaks lots of stuff including libapache2-mod-perl2 and hence zentyal etc., and then stops.13:28
cjwatsonBut promoting it on its own is never going to work, so don't worry about that.13:28
Davieycjwatson: rbasak is here hit and miss, he is at an event this week.13:28
infinityI'll go punch him.13:28
cjwatsonInstead, search for "Trying easy from autohinter: apache2"13:28
cjwatsonDaviey: I know13:28
zulok ill go back to trying to wake up13:28
infinityHis php5 merge was taking a bit longer than expected because he's trying to do it "right".13:28
cjwatsonDaviey: But he was in progress on this13:29
infinityLike, auditing years of cruft and dropping/fixing useless/broken deltas, etc.13:29
Davieycjwatson: Aye, just wanted to help explain if he doesn't respond quickly13:29
ogra_infinity, one can do php *right* ?!?13:29
cjwatsonDaviey: That's OK, it wasn't meant as a synchronous request :)13:29
infinityogra_: I used to, before I gave it up.13:29
cjwatsonOf the remaining things the autohinter is complaining about, several are blocked on php5, libapreq2 is under discussion in Debian, I have NMUs on their way for (authnz-external, authz-unixgroup, defensible, fastcgi, spamhaus, suphp), somebody else has an NMU on its way for lisp, I think I know what to do for auth-pgsql, and that just leaves a handful.13:32
infinityDid peterS get around to doing subversion?13:33
cjwatsonNo, but jcristau dropped the libapache2-svn binary for now.13:33
infinityThat seems... Suboptimal.13:33
cjwatsonWhich is less good, but it'll pass for the moment.13:33
cjwatsonJulien's pretty keen to try to disentangle things.13:33
cjwatsonAssuming we get php5, and once the upcoming set of NMUs land, I'll probably temporarily demote the remaining packages to -proposed so that we can move on.13:35
rbasakphp is still going. I wrote some dep8 tests to help, and then got slowed up by autopkgtest issues. I'm fixing those on the way, hence it's taking longer than expected. I think I've got most of the way through it now. If we're in a hurry I can be quicker by not worrying about the dep8 side so much, and then fix it up later.13:47
rbasakAlso Debian has update php5 since I started. But I can upload soon to free apache2 and do the rest later.13:48
infinityrbasak: yeah, quick is probably more interesting than complete here, though all the other work you're doing is also shiny. :)13:49
rtginfinity, no good deed goes unpunished. no sooner did I upload precise linux-firmware, then Ben updated the upstream repo with an important AMD ucode fix.14:14
rtglinux-firmware_1.79.6 is in the pipe14:14
infinityrtg: Sorry, you only get one per day.14:15
rtgbut that was yesterday14:15
infinityrtg: Will accept in a bit.14:17
rtginfinity, no rush14:17
bdmurrayinfinity / slangasek: could one of you accept ubuntu-release-upgrader to raring-proposed?15:28
infinitybdmurray: Okay.15:43
bdmurrayinfinity: thanks15:43
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