Saviqjdstrand, found the issue, qtubuntu reverses the arguments00:01
Saviqjdstrand, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5866645/ is the grep DEN00:16
Saviqjdstrand, and I'm prepping a fix for qtubuntu00:16
Saviqjdstrand, https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/qtubuntu/fix-reversed-arguments/+merge/17431300:22
Saviqjdstrand, https://chinstrap.canonical.com/~msawicz/phablet/ these two packages should sort you out00:43
Saviqjdstrand, or you can get the packages from jenkins output.zip https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/qtubuntu/fix-reversed-arguments/+merge/174313/comments/39038400:59
* Saviq → bed01:00
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tvoss_Saviq, ping07:01
Saviqtvoss_, pong07:01
tvoss_Saviq, good morning :) quick one: shared_ptr's and qml, good or bad idea?07:02
Saviqtvoss_, http://qt-project.org/wiki/SharedPointersAndQmlOwnership ;)07:02
tvoss_Saviq, so usual QObject* and c'tors with QObject* parent are best07:03
Saviqtvoss_, yeah, that's what QML expects07:03
Saviqtvoss_, and even though we're using some shareds here and there and haven't noticed problems07:04
Saviqtvoss_, YMMV07:04
Saviqtvoss_, to make things safer, Satoris sents up the data() of a QSharedPointer after having set the object ownership to Cpp07:12
tvoss_Saviq, ack07:13
Saviqtvoss_, as described in the wiki, really07:13
tvoss_Saviq, yeah, bookmarked that one07:13
SaviqMirv, hey, glad 5.1 worked for you - the test... must've been something weird with the environment, it should've exported QT_QPA_PLATFORM=minmal so that it doesn't try and connect to X07:14
SaviqMirv, otherwise it'd fail everywhere from jenkins to the PPA07:15
MirvSaviq: I'm glad as well. sure, something weird it. it'll pop up again if it's something that needs fixing.07:18
SaviqMirv, yup07:18
Saviqlet's see, will I make it through the power outage?08:15
nic-doffayCimi, can you pastebin me an example of a component using themes/colour pallet’s?08:20
nic-doffaySaviq, how much battery left?08:46
Saviqnic-doffay, 1:2308:46
Saviqnic-doffay, unfortunately it's a dying battery :/08:47
* Saviq needs to finally fix it / get one for the optical drive bay08:47
nic-doffaySaviq, aren't they all? :P08:47
Saviqnic-doffay, indeed!08:47
nic-doffayTook me ages to buy a new one.08:47
Saviqnic-doffay, this one lasted some disappointing 18 months08:48
Saviqwas nice at the beginning with almost 8hrs life... now it's more like 1:4008:48
nic-doffaySaviq, mine for ages was 0. haha08:54
Saviqnic-doffay, ;)08:54
nic-doffayCimi, up above dude. <nic-doffay> Cimi, can you pastebin me an example of a component using themes/colour pallet’s?08:55
nic-doffayAt least just the colour pallet for now.08:55
nic-doffayI'll figure the Ubuntu Shape thing later on.08:56
nic-doffayThat def will need themes.08:56
Ciminic-doffay, sorry it's the ping day09:18
Ciminic-doffay, got so many pings I am catching up :)09:18
Cimiyour turn09:18
Ciminic-doffay, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/trunk/revision/60809:19
nic-doffayCimi, what am I looking for?09:27
Ciminic-doffay, color: Theme.paletter.normal.background09:27
nic-doffayCimi, and for labels and all that?09:27
nic-doffayColours etc?09:28
Ciminic-doffay, the documentation for colours is in the palette file09:28
nic-doffayCimi, ok great09:28
Cimishould be easy, ask if you need09:28
nic-doffayCimi, which ones the Pallete file?09:34
nic-doffayThere are two here.09:34
Ciminic-doffay, actually09:34
Cimithis is easier to read09:34
Ciminic-doffay, modules/Ubuntu/Components/Themes/PaletteValues.qml09:35
nic-doffayCimi, what do I need to import?09:37
Ciminic-doffay, nothing09:38
nic-doffayCimi, and testing this works?09:38
nic-doffayJust run the the gallery preview in the sdk?09:38
nic-doffayAny idea?09:38
Ciminic-doffay, wait a bit then mumble09:41
Ciminic-doffay, mumble?09:50
nic-doffayCimi, yeah one sec...09:50
Ciminic-doffay, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/camera-app/trunk/files09:56
sil2100dednick: hi! Unity unit tests for i386 started failing, strangely10:05
sil2100dednick: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/144774686/buildlog_ubuntu-saucy-i386.unity_7.0.2%2B13.10.20130712-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz10:05
sil2100dednick: re-running didn't help... do you know maybe what could be wrong?10:05
dednicksil2100: not really. if you look at the failure output, the expected and actual values are the same.10:07
dednicksil2100: new version of gtest?10:09
sil2100dednick: most probably10:10
mhr3sil2100, there's special template for comparing doubles, i guess it's not used though it should be10:13
mhr3doubles are rarely equal10:13
sil2100mhr3: right, I think that needs to be fixed, as by some 'lucky chance' it passed for armhf and amd64 ;)10:14
sil2100dednick: hm, I checked and there seems to be no new gtest10:14
sil2100I wonder why suddenly it stopped working10:14
mhr3sil2100, btw any progress on the hud thing?10:15
mhr3i suppose dist-upgrade wanting to remove ubuntu-touch is not a good thing10:23
dednick_sil2100: all tests succeed for me10:29
mhr3dednick_, it's EXPECT_EQ() on doubles10:33
nic-doffayCimi, where can I get opacity values for the themes?10:38
nic-doffayor do you just set the whole colour?10:38
nic-doffayCimi, and one thing else. Any idea how I can see the themes in action?10:41
Ciminic-doffay, colours are rgba10:41
Ciminic-doffay, to set theme10:41
nic-doffayCimi, right so no separate alpha.10:41
Ciminic-doffay, in your main qml file10:41
sil2100mhr3: didn't hear any info about that...10:41
sil2100dednick_: hm, are you on i386?10:42
CimiComponent.onCompleted: Theme.name = "Ubuntu.Components.Themes.SuruGradient"10:42
dednick_sil2100: 6410:42
Ciminic-doffay, ^10:42
sil2100dednick_: it seems amd64 didn't have that problem10:42
sil2100dednick_: maybe mhr3 is right and we should expect double values some differently10:42
dednick_sil2100: possibly10:42
sil2100dednick_: are you free right now to fix that, or busy and I should try that? :)10:43
dednick_sil2100: not what i would say "free"10:44
dednick_sil2100: you on 6410:44
dednick_or 32?10:44
sil2100amd64 as well, sadly!10:44
nic-doffayCimi, can you not bind it?10:45
Saviqmhr3, ubuntu-touch is being fixed now10:45
Saviqmhr3, or is fixed already, just needs to get published10:45
Saviqmhr3, but it shouldn't matter10:45
mhr3Saviq, it also wanted to remove indicators10:46
Saviqmhr3, as it only gets removed because indicators-plugins* are integrated into unity810:46
Saviqmhr3, and the seed wasn't updated yet10:46
Ciminic-doffay, bind what?10:46
mhr3Saviq, k, thx for update10:46
Saviqmhr3, indicators-plugins, not indicators themselves, right?10:46
nic-doffayCimi, I just threw that code into The option selector and tried it out in the gallery. No change.10:47
mhr3Saviq, indicator-client-plugin-*10:47
Saviqmhr3, yup, that's fine10:47
nic-doffayCimi, the onCompleted10:47
Saviqmhr3, built into unity8 since yesterday10:47
mhr3sil2100, i have 32bit chroot10:50
dednick_sil2100: not sure why it's not working though. the values should be the same...10:51
mhr3cause it's doubles10:51
dednick_1.00201 != 1.0020110:51
mhr3printing a double truncates it10:52
dednick_i've checked the code, they should be the same10:52
mhr3the reality is that 1.0020100000001 != 1.002010000000310:52
dednick_mhr3: it's not10:52
dednick_sil2100: when did this stop working?10:54
mhr3dednick_, you can never compare a double for equality, that's a cs fact10:54
Saviqcomputer science10:55
dednick_(should_be_selected ? 1.0f : 0.9f) * progress != (should_be_selected ? 1.0f : 0.9f) * progress10:56
mhr3damn, he got me10:56
mhr3ok, in one case you can :P10:56
mhr3i can't build unity10:57
dednick_mhr3: saucy update10:57
mhr3add_subdirectory given source "/usr/src/gmock" which is not an existing10:58
mhr3  directory.10:58
dednick_mhr3: yeah. new gmock10:58
mhr3upgrading then10:58
dednick_mhr3: there probably should be a check for the version in the configure10:58
dednick_i wonder if gtest is trunking one of the values going into the test equality function11:00
sil2100dednick_: I only noticed it failing since like yesterday11:00
dednick_damn. my laptop is burning. something keeps frying my cpu!11:01
mhr3dednick_, hud! :)11:01
dednick_mhr3: really? how do i kill it!?11:02
sil2100killall hud-service11:03
sil2100Try that!11:03
sil2100SHOOT IT11:03
dednick_process not found11:03
mhr3pkill -f hud-service11:04
dednick_killall unity11:04
mhr3sil2100, anyway, i don't think the hud fix is going to happen anytime soon, hud guys want unity to use the new interface and implementing that will take a while11:06
sil2100mhr3: *sighs* - since if you say that all the unity AP failures are caused by the DBus issue that is caused by HUD, then hm, we seem to be blocked - just hope the problems are not 100% reproducible11:08
mhr3sil2100, ehm, how do i run the unit tests these days? make check not make test doesnt' work11:12
Ciminic-doffay, in the main qml file11:13
Ciminic-doffay, you need updated packages11:13
nic-doffayCimi, as of when?11:14
Ciminic-doffay, today11:18
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mhr3sil2100, nvm11:18
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dandraderSaviq, Have you seen something like that? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5867928/12:15
dandrader^ when running ./build12:15
Saviqdandrader, you need ppa:ubuntu-unity/next12:15
Saviqdandrader, https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/unity8/clean-build-scripts-coding/+merge/17384712:15
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* Saviq goes back home looking for power12:34
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jdstrandSaviq: hi! thanks for the work on bug #120043712:50
ubot5bug 1200437 in qtubuntu "startProcess reverses arguments from desktop files." [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120043712:50
Saviqjdstrand, cheers12:51
jdstrandSaviq: I haven't been able to test it yet because the files in output.zip and your directory don't seem to include the fix12:51
Saviqjdstrand, oh!12:51
Saviqjdstrand, that'd be very weird12:51
Saviqjdstrand, /me tests12:51
jdstrandSaviq: ie, it didn't work, so I read /usr/share/doc/qthybris/changelog.Debian.gz and it doesn't show your change12:52
Saviqjdstrand, I didn't add anything to the changelog, though12:52
Saviqjdstrand, we're relying on daily release to do it for us12:52
Saviqjdstrand, did you reboot after installing?12:52
jdstrandI did not reboot12:52
Saviqjdstrand, you at least needed to restart the shell12:52
jdstrandI guess I should do that?12:52
jdstrandI see12:53
* jdstrand restart12:53
Saviqjdstrand, yeah, it needs to pick up the new lib12:53
jdstrandok, that makes sense. not sure why I didn't think of that :)12:53
jdstrandit is working now :)12:54
* jdstrand hugs Saviq 12:54
Saviqjdstrand, awesome12:54
jdstrandSaviq: the only trick is that the version in output.zip is the same as the one in saucy right now. when do you think saucy will have the fix?13:00
dandradergreyback, will Shell.qml and Stage.qml (specially the animations code) change much with unity8-mir or will it be essentially about having a new implementation of Ubuntu.Applicaion module13:00
greybackdandrader: I've a refactoring branch, which just isolates the WM code out of a shell into a more testable condition. I need to update that and figure out why some of the tests failed13:01
greybackdandrader: the plan has been to limit the amount of changes in unity8, so will still be grabbing screenshot from Mir and animating that - not the surface itself. The new AppManager will need a few code changes, but nothing major. I'm hoping there'll not be too many changes13:03
Saviqjdstrand, as soon as it's approved / merged / released13:03
dandradergreyback, ok. do you mind if I take that bug from you? https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity8/+bug/1116207  I'm idle at the moment13:10
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1116207 in Unity 8 "[right edge swipe] Right edge does not respond if there are no running apps" [Medium,Confirmed]13:10
greybackdandrader: go for it13:10
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jdstrandSaviq: oh, can you paste the apparmor denials somewhere?13:19
Saviqjdstrand, I did, let me scroll up13:19
jdstrandah, missed that13:19
Saviqjdstrand, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5866645/13:20
Saviqjdstrand, that's maguro, btw13:20
jdstrandthanks! :)13:20
jdstrandI'll get that adjusted in our policy13:20
seb128Saviq, dednick: hey, do you know what's the status of using the real indicators in unity8/ubuntu touch?13:26
seb128Saviq, dednick: we had a couple ported to gmenu in saucy but I think we still don't use them on touch? what is blocking?13:27
Saviqdednick, I'll leave that to you ↑13:27
dednickseb128: i believe they don't have phone profiles yet. at the moment i think they're only supportted on desktop13:30
seb128dednick, is the unity side ready?13:30
seb128dednick, larsu said they didn't have phone profile because nobody asked for those profiles yet13:30
dednickseb128: unity8?13:30
dednickseb128: i've asked for them.13:30
dednickmaybe i dont count13:30
seb128dednick, is the only piece missing to use them on the touch image the phone profile?13:30
seb128dednick, where did you ask?13:31
dednickindicator status meeting13:31
dednickseb128: indicator status meeting13:33
seb128dednick, sorry, my session closed13:33
seb128dednick, ok ... so is everything ready on the unity8 side? (e.g if we can an indicator exporting a phone profile we can use it on unity8)?13:34
seb128dednick, can you open a bug on launchpad about what you need? that's easier to track13:34
dednickseb128: yep, should be good to go when we have them.13:35
seb128how can I test that?13:35
seb128just running an indicator with a phone profile on the current touch image should work?13:35
greybackkgunn: lol13:40
kgunngreyback: are you running xmir ?13:49
greybackkgunn: yes13:49
kgunndid you pin the ppa ? if so, can you dist-upgrade and see if it tries to remove/uninstall lightdm/u-s-c13:50
kgunn(assuming you haven't dist-upgraded today)13:50
greybackkgunn: yep I pinned the PPA. Ok, trying...13:51
om26ermhr3, ping13:51
* kgunn hopes i have some latent apt-cache issue...13:52
mhr3om26er, pong13:53
om26ermhr3, after searching in the dash I see installed scopes along with apps: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/143920097/t.png13:54
om26ermhr3, I am hoping its something for scopes team (?)13:54
mhr3om26er, like on desktop, yes13:55
om26ermhr3, they are appearing alongside installed apps, which looks wrong13:56
om26ermhr3, is that expected ?13:56
mhr3atm, yes13:57
greybackkgunn: u-s-c is being kept back. lightdm untouched14:00
kgunngreyback: well good...so it didn't remove either in your case....just a failure to update u-s-c14:01
greybackkgunn: yep14:01
kgunngreyback: f me....why did it uninstall mine?14:03
kgunnanyone know of a way to clear apt cache just in case something lurking in there?14:03
kgunn....oh....nvmd....i think i know14:03
kgunngreyback: thank you for the interruption....14:04
greybackkgunn: I'm really not sure how that could've happened. The pin priority is 1002, which should be the highest14:04
greybackdoes it let you re-install lightdm? What lightdm package is it?14:05
kgunngreyback: no...it does the lightdm depends on u-s-c, but can't install u-s-c cause of libmirserver version14:05
kgunnthe classic broken package...14:05
greybackyay :(14:05
kgunnkgunn: so its good /bad.....it is broken....but i bet for people already running xmir ( & for most non-stupid people, e.g. !kgunn) then it will just whine14:07
kgunnbut keep working14:07
greybackkgunn: 0.0.6bzr848saucy0 is what I'm installing now with the dist-upgrade14:07
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greybackah kgunn syndrome, yet I get that sometimes :)14:07
kgunngreyback: well..it really sucks when you have it 24/7 ; )14:08
greybackchronic kgunn, whoa nasty. Gotta be drugs for that14:08
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Saviqkgunn, greyback having fun here, eh? go back to work!15:08
kgunnSaviq: yes...sorry....no more fun15:09
greybackSaviq: but it's Friiiddaaay15:10
* Saviq always wondered why Friday is called thus... /me never had a free day on Friday15:11
didrocksJohnLea: I'm afraid I won't have the time in the forseable future for this enhancement TBH15:12
didrocksJohnLea: my personal load average is 3,02, 2,35, 2,85 ;)15:13
JohnLeadidrocks; no worries, it's not essential because we are already making that differentiation by looking at which bugs are assigned to designers and which are not15:19
JohnLeadidrocks; it only cleans up something we are doing already, so is non-essential15:19
JohnLeadidrocks; will you be in IOM for sprint?15:19
didrocksJohnLea: yep, maybe between 2 meetings, we can have a look :)15:19
JohnLeadidrocks; no, would be good to see you and grab a beer, that's all ;-)15:20
JohnLeadidrocks; it depends if the power stays on this time as well, at the last sprint there we were having power cuts!15:20
didrocksJohnLea: that will make all that… interesting! ;)15:21
didrocksJohnLea: will be good to see you too!15:22
JohnLeadidrocks; well have a good weekend, speak soon!15:22
didrocksJohnLea: thanks, you too!15:22
Saviqo/ o| o/ guys15:25
Saviqhave a great weekend!15:25
dednickSaviq: cya15:26
dednickSaviq: have a good weekend15:26
MacSlowsaviq_ happy weekend-time15:32
sil2100dednick: btw. since I probably missed something... were you able to resolve the failing unit test on i386 for unity?15:38
sil2100*unit tests15:38
dednicksil2100: mhr3 is your man, but i believe so15:49
mhr3sil2100, Trevinho was on that15:50
* sil2100 waits until Trevinho points him to andyrock or someone else15:51
sil2100Trevinho: any luck?15:51
mhr3it's pretty simple fix though15:51
Trevinhoandyrock: ^15:51
Trevinhobschaefer: ^15:51
* bschaefer wonders whats going ong15:51
* Trevinho ping jocking... :D15:51
Trevinhobschaefer: nothing... Just a ping ^_^15:51
bschaeferwell hello :)15:52
Trevinhobschaefer: hi! :)15:52
bregmabschaefer, it's just a finger-pointing circle thing15:52
Trevinhoping proxy I wanted to write.. but "proxy" got lost15:52
bschaeferhaha, well Ill stop the cycle!15:52
bschaeferbschaefer, ping15:52
TrevinhoNooo... deadlock!15:52
Trevinhosil2100: Im with you now... Let me read backlog :)15:53
sil2100Trevinho: it's about the unit-tests failing for i386 related to double values ;)15:56
sil2100Trevinho: any progress?15:56
sil2100Since it causes FTBFS and blockage of the unity stackz15:56
Trevinhosil2100: ah, ok... I'll fix it in a branch is coming with other tests as well15:57
Trevinhosil2100: how much time do I have? :)15:57
mhr3175 seconds :P15:57
sil2100Trevinho: I think there's no haste anymore, Friday releases are a bad idea ;p15:58
sil2100I understood that with seb128 some time ago when publishing of indicators on a Friday afternoon caused a nasty regression15:58
* sil2100 makes no more Friday afternoon releases15:58
Trevinhoah I see.. I didn't notice it was blocking something important (and I saw builds ok in builders)15:59
Trevinhosil2100: didrocks teached you his story? :)15:59
sil2100Trevinho: the problem is that it's ok for armhf and amd64, but fails for i386 o_O15:59
* didrocks looks at his scarves16:00
didrocksscares* even16:00
sil2100Trevinho: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/144774686/buildlog_ubuntu-saucy-i386.unity_7.0.2%2B13.10.20130712-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz16:00
Trevinhosil2100: yeah, I was already on that link16:02
sil2100Trevinho: so, no hurry, but thanks for working on that ;)16:03
Trevinhosil2100: I can do one-line fixes :)16:06
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* greyback eow16:36
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slangasekok, so I'm trying to fix bug #119312019:22
ubot5bug 1193120 in unity (Ubuntu) "unity-common is not common" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119312019:22
slangasekbut rebuilding the package that's currently in saucy is failing19:22
slangasekmake[5]: *** No rule to make target `../tests/test-gtest-xless', needed by `tests/CMakeFiles/check-headless'.  Stop.19:22
slangasekdoes someone know what's going wrong here?19:22
gotwighey there20:04
gotwigwhy is it C for Scope programming?20:04
gotwigwhat is wrong with Vala and C++ ?20:04
gotwigwhy c....20:16
bschaefergotwig, ... whats wrong with C?20:19
bschaeferslangasek, hmm my test-gtest-xless seems to have  compiled fine20:20
bschaeferthough in a make-check i've failing on test-unit...which Trevinho has a branch im reviewing which should fix that...20:21
bschaeferand make-headless seems to be working as well20:22
Trevinhobschaefer: make check-headless :)20:22
bschaeferyeah that one :)20:22
* bschaefer type-o-ed20:23
gotwigbschaefer: what is wrong with C++ and Vala...20:29
gotwigbschaefer: programming via C is not the modern approach for programming nowadays.20:29
bschaefergotwig, we could be at this all day :)20:29
gotwigbschaefer: why C , seriously20:29
bschaefergotwig, theres nothing wrong with either choice, but theres also nothing wrong with C, and C works very well20:30
gotwigbschaefer: why have you choosen C as the main language for scopes20:30
* bschaefer did not choose anything20:31
gotwigWarum habt ihr C genommen20:31
TrevinhoVala is awesome, but it's also unstable and has missing features... C++11 is fantastic as well, modern and a allows to code quickly and powerfully!20:31
gotwigbecause the english language is too bad to distinguish20:31
gotwigTrevinho: wait... missing features? Do you compare Vala now with C or... what?20:31
gotwigonce, unity scopes were written in Python, than Vala. Why now C? Why not C++?20:32
bschaeferpython was to slow, i remember that switch20:32
gotwigI cant look at this c code...20:33
gotwigI began to programm with C... but this hardcore stuff is simply too much for C20:33
bschaeferlearn C :), its a good language to know20:33
gotwigwhy can noone say me why there was choosen C20:33
bschaeferwell im not sure who made that choice, im just simply saying that C is not a bad language20:34
gotwigin the end, Vala is C ABI compatible, so this shouldnt be an issue...20:34
gotwigI want to program with objects.. not with old prodedural stuff20:35
bschaefergotwig, you can think of structs as object :)20:35
gotwigif you mean this seriously....20:36
gotwigwell, you must be kidding.20:36
gotwigmaybe they choose C20:37
gotwigbecause its so simple20:37
TrevinhoI didn't check the code, but writing a vapi is quite easy generally20:37
bschaeferno... not really, its the same thing, not the same syntax sugar, mix some function pointers and variables and you've got a class representation20:37
bschaeferC is simple, expressive and fast20:38
gotwigthere is a reason why C++ is not just a C extension lol20:39
gotwigso, is there no real reason why we have to use C for our scopes?20:54
bschaefergotwig, probably the simplest answer is speed21:05
gotwigbschaefer: to what21:05
gotwigI dont understand21:05
bschaeferthe reason to use C21:05
gotwigin contrast to what21:06
gotwigI like to see Vala support..21:06
gotwigor something object orianted programming21:07
bschaeferyeah, but if you're going for raw speed, C is still the best choice21:07
gotwigbschaefer: this cant be an argument21:14
bschaefergotwig, whats wrong with that argument?21:15
gotwigbschaefer: I mean... nowadays we dont really care about speed, that much. Vala produces very fast code, as well as C++ code is fast21:16
bschaefergotwig, the scopes need to be fast, when you are dealing with 100 scopes... its needs to be as fast as possible...21:16
bschaefer(i know its not 100 but still)21:16
gotwigC++ should still be good enough, as well as vala21:17
bschaefertheres a reason why they went from python -> vala -> C, again im guessing speed was one of those reason but im not sure :)21:17
bschaeferand yes vala and C++ both produce fast code, but C is still faster :)21:19
slangasekbschaefer: well, it didn't compile at all here.  So how should I debug this?21:22
bschaeferslangasek, hmm you're on trunk, updated, and on saucy?21:22
bschaeferurg..something in my X just blew up.. rebooting21:23
slangasekbschaefer: I'm on the current version of the package in the saucy archive.  *trunk* fails to build because it depends on a version of libunity that doesn't exist in the archive.21:25
slangasekbschaefer: I'm on the current version of the package in the saucy archive.  *trunk* fails to build because it depends on a version of libunity that doesn't exist in the archive.21:25
bschaeferslangasek, yeah, you have to compile it yourself atm...21:26
bschaeferat lease im having to21:26
slangasekyeah, I don't want to do that21:26
bschaefer:(, I don't think its landed in main atm21:26
slangasekI want to rebuild the package in the archive, which is something that should always work21:26
bschaeferand another problem is libunity needs to be compiled with .18, but its using 0.20 atm21:26
bschaeferyes it should21:26
bschaeferneeds to be compiled with vala 0.18*21:27
slangasekif nobody knows why the build is failing, I could just apply my patch and push to saucy21:28
slangasekand hope it builds21:28
slangasekbut I'd rather not do that :P21:28
bschaeferso right now lp:unity cannot build with the archive...annnd that really should get fixed...21:28
bschaefercause there is the wrong version of libunity in main, and libunity isn't building cause its using vala 0.2021:29
bschaeferwhich for some reason needs 0.18 to compile atm...21:29
bschaeferthe only way im getting unity to compile atm is compiling/installing libunity my self21:30
slangasekok, so is somebody responsible for fixing this?21:30
bschaeferi would hope its being addressed... but everyone is gone for the day that deals with that, as far as I know...21:31
bschaeferim just a unity dev :(21:31
slangasekyeah, it is rather late in the weekend ;)21:31
slangasek"just a unity dev" - er, but who's responsible for this, if not the unity devs?21:31
bschaeferwell I don't really touch packages that land in main21:32
bschaeferi would think didrocks or sil2100 or seb would know more about it...21:33
bschaeferbut they are all EOD...so this hopefully will be fix come monday...21:33
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slangasekbschaefer: apparently this is bug #1185265, fixed in trunk.22:07
ubot5bug 1185265 in Compiz "please stop shipping pre-build google-mock, instead all reverse-depends should compile their own google-mock" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118526522:07
bschaeferslangasek, yes, compiz still needs to get fixed... which might be blocking things?22:09
slangasekI have no idea if that would be blocking something22:09
slangasekbut that bug is fixed in trunk, not in saucy22:09
bschaeferneither would I... the only problem I get when trying to build unity from archive is the libunity problem :(22:10
bschaeferoo yeah, you are patching  unity...so you'll still run into that...22:11
slangasekyou probably have an out of date version of google-mock installed, then; the new one was uploaded July 422:11
bschaeferwell I have the new version...but you don't have the unity fix for it22:12
bschaeferif you are patching unity from archive22:12
bschaeferim using trunk unity to build thing...22:13
bschaeferthe last entry in my change log:  -- Didier Roche <didrocks@ubuntu.com>  Thu, 04 Jul 2013 09:54:08 +020022:14
slangasekah. you said 'build unity from archive'22:19
slangasekwhich certainly would have gmock incompatibilities22:19
bschaeferopps sorry, ment when I try building from trunk22:20
slangasekright :)22:20
mhall119Saviq: did you ever get a chance to look at that unity performance complaint I had23:33
mhall119because it's really bad now23:33
mhall119Saviq: http://ubuntuone.com/0qP1aYKqdDR8Da6q9qMtZ723:36
mhall119that's with no apps open and the screen off23:36
mhall119it can barely manage to charge it's using so much power23:37
mhall119but it's fine after a reboot23:39

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