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shakes808Hello all00:44
shakes808been looking for a way to reset my root password. I keep finding the same way that won't work for me. Go into recovery and passwd <name> and then set pass. When I get the root shell open it prompts me for the admin pass. That is what I am trying to change because I forgot it. :\ Anyone help please?00:46
jrwren_we use ubuntu, we don't use a root password01:05
jrwren_we use sudo01:06
jrwren_can you sudo? do you know your own password?01:06
shakes808that is what I am trying to get into :\ haha01:06
shakes808I don't remember my own password to get into the machine01:06
shakes808I am logged in as guest searching the internets01:07
shakes808and keep finding the same thing over and over by different pepple01:07
jrwren_can you boot single user?01:07
shakes808? what do you mean by single user?01:07
jrwren_runlevel 1 ?01:08
shakes808I don't know what that is.01:08
jrwren_should be as simple as adding "single" to the kernel command line01:08
shakes808Guest doesn't have any permissions to use command line but to look around.01:08
jrwren_kernel command line.01:09
jrwren_so you would reboot and type it in the right place in grub01:09
jrwren_grub does make it a little tricky01:09
shakes808I will try that.I will be back in a little while :\ haha01:10
jrwren_good luck01:10
shakes808Thank you01:10
shakes808is what i found01:10
shakes808jrwren_ didn't get to a kernel cmd line01:20
shakes808When I click on the shell prompt it asks me for a administrator password or hit Control-D to return the the menu options01:20
shakes808Is there a way to get passed that01:20
shakes808The instructions that I keep finding are like this: http://www.noobslab.com/2012/02/reset-your-forgotten-password-quickly.html01:25
shakes808but in the second screenshot where it has root@ubuntu...  I get that different message01:25
jrwren_shakes808: i'm unsure. single user always works for me.02:00
jrwren_shakes808: short of that, boot a live CD, mount the filesystem and edit /etc/shadow02:01
jjesseeveryone watching sharknado tonight?02:02
jrwren_no, just watching peopel tweet about it.02:03
jrwren_i'm watching TED talks and reruns of The Newsroom02:03
rick_hok, I didn't look at this yesterday thinking 'big deal' but now that I watch it...freaking cool https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=syJq10EQkog12:17
snap-lGood morning13:20
rick_hfrom the rv dealership wheeee13:20
snap-lWoo wooo13:22
snap-lThat helicopter is pretty cool. :)13:22
rick_hyea, you can tell they got a real biker for it. Crazy to think of the forces that he's swinging in those wings. And love that the quadcopter is the latest/greatest in designs like that13:23
snap-lhttp://slashdot.org/topic/datacenter/hp-keeps-installing-secret-backdoors-in-enterprise-storage/ <- Why?13:41
snap-lI swear, HP is working hard to become irrelevant13:41
jcastrowow that is awesome13:47
jcastroThat's one way to market Ceph13:48
snap-ljcastro: No kidding14:10
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snap-lIfi this had a Thinkpad nub, I think this would be rick_h's new laptop:17:02
greg-gsnap-l: that keyboard sucks17:03
greg-g"you know, fewer keys the better, and make this not responsive, that's good"17:04
jrwrenbecause its a nice KB17:12
greg-gis not17:13
greg-gOUT YOU HEATHENS!17:15
brouschThey have the best touchpads too17:19
rick_happle does have the best touchpads17:23
jrwrenomg, touchpad alone is enough reason to never buy a nonapple laptop.17:25
rick_hstop using a touchpad and win!17:27
brouschI prefer the nipple too17:28
jcastroOut of all the stupid thing that laptop does17:31
jcastroyou point out the keyboard17:31
jcastronevermind the dumb rotating display17:31
snap-lI think the display is pretty cool17:40
snap-lIt's better than some of the idiotic convertible systems I've seen out there17:40
greg-gjcastro: that was just a given :P17:51
greg-gjcastro: also, I'm just still burned from the Dell XPS (typing on it now)17:51
jcastrofo sho17:56
snap-lUbuntu hard-codes the distribute version into virtualenv?18:35
snap-l(maybe it's not Ubuntu-specific, but that's a bit strange to me)18:35
rick_hwhy does that matter? Since no one would ever copy/move/shift a venv around?18:35
snap-lIt would matter if you were building new virtualenvs and wanted to use a later version of distribute without running an upgrade step18:36
snap-lsince the package ships with 0.6.2418:36
snap-land MySQL-Python 1.2.4 wants 0.6.2818:36
snap-lor higher18:36
rick_hsnap-l: because the virtualenv version is tied to the pip version and might break if things change?18:37
brouschI thought distribute installed into the virtualenv, so the virtualenv version determined the deistribute18:38
brouschMaybe I'm thinking of pip18:38
rick_hbrousch: no, it's there. It's included in the virtualenv.py file18:39
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snap-lpossibly. But you can do an easy_install -U distribute to upgrade it18:49
snap-lBut yeah, it ships with it's own version of distribute. I was just wondering if it's possible to upgrade it18:51
snap-lI'm just getting a little tired of my machine being the special case because I stick with the default packages.18:52
snap-lSome days it's not even worth trying to code out of the paper bag. ;)19:47
rick_h"hmmm, this looks like a book reading day"19:48
snap-lWEll, what should have been a pretty easy "adapt this code to do this" turned into a bit longer19:50
snap-lespecially when I adapted the code, and then pretty much used less than 10% of it19:50
snap-land that's being generous19:51
rick_hO...M...G https://twitter.com/frailgesture/status/35579711768141004821:24
snap-lho le fuk21:41
jcastro"Hanneman’s ashes were present, displayed on top of a Marshall cabinet surrounded by his collection of guitars and amplifiers as well as an iron cross made out of flowers. During a video tribute to Hanneman’s life and music fans formed a circle pit while ‘Raining Blood’ played, providing the most fitting tribute."21:54
jcastrodo this for me when I die21:54
jcastron0p_: ^^21:54

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