magespawngood morning 06:40
ThatGraemeGuymorning magespawn06:41
ThatGraemeGuymorning peoples06:41
magespawnhey ThatGraemeGuy06:41
magespawnKilos' internet must be really sick06:41
superflyaloha ThatGraemeGuy, magespawn07:24
magespawnhey superfly07:25
ThatGraemeGuy'lo superfly :-)07:33
Kiloshi superfly magespawn nlsthzn and others07:38
Kiloshi Tonberry 07:39
Kiloshi Trix[a]r_za 07:39
Kilos8ta still sick here but they called back and said it would be fixed withing 72 hours07:40
ThatGraemeGuyhi :-)07:40
superflyhi Kilos07:40
magespawnhi Kilos07:40
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy 07:41
Kilosoh i decided to reinstall yesterday because after the funny stuffs unity kept booting to login/password page07:42
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Kilosonce before i fixed it somehow but was easier to reinstall yesterday07:42
Trixar_zaHey Kilos07:43
nlsthznMorning ZA land07:46
Kiloshi psyatw 08:24
psyatwhi Kilos08:25
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Kilosbig brother is watching you08:59
nlsthznwhat you gonna do when they come for you?!09:00
Kiloshaha i dont have any android stuff online09:00
Kilosthats inna song methinks09:04
Kilosbad boys09:04
charlgood morning09:38
charlMaaz: coffee on09:38
* Maaz puts the kettle on09:38
psyatwgood morning charl09:39
psyatwhi nlsthzn09:39
nlsthznalo psyatw 09:40
Kiloshi charl 09:42
MaazCoffee's ready for charl!09:42
charlMaaz: thanks10:04
Maazcharl: Sure10:04
charlhi Kilos 10:04
charlhi psyatw 10:04
charlhi nlsthzn 10:04
charlhi mazal 10:04
mazalHey Charl10:05
mazalHey nlsthzn 10:05
* nlsthzn is struggling to make a better CV :'(10:05
nlsthzn"Will a bigger fish please swallow me!"10:05
charlnlsthzn: aren't there templates you can use?10:06
nlsthznthat isn't the biggest issue... it is what to say and how to say it :p10:06
nlsthznand the templates are really rubbish mostly10:06
charli think there is some value in standardisation10:06
* nlsthzn even paid money for "professionals" ... that was a mistake10:06
nlsthzncharl, sure, but whose standard?10:07
Kilosyou wanna move nlsthzn ?10:07
Kilosaway from date and camel milk?10:07
charlnlsthzn: in europe we have this: http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/10:07
charlnot sure about other countries10:07
nlsthznnah if it comes to pass it is just accross the way... still in middle east10:07
charla cv is simple it is not worth paying people for10:08
nlsthznbut it is a position above my paperwork :/10:08
charla position above your paperwork?10:08
charlsorry not following10:08
nlsthznqualifications / experience10:08
nlsthznwell, I have some experience...10:09
nlsthznbut I don't think it will be enough10:09
mazalI always say , papers don't do the job , skill and experience does10:09
nlsthznmazal, you work in HR?10:09
mazalBut it's a simple fact10:09
mazalPapers get's the job , but can't get the job done10:09
charlsoliciting for a new job is always a pain10:10
charlyou know you can do the job but you need to try and explain that to the other party10:10
charlor that is what i have anycase10:10
nlsthznwell I have an inside man who can get my foot in the door... but I need to really make the litle I have to work with pack a punch >.<>10:10
charlfor me it is realtively simple, i just list all my skills and expertise, but i suspect my situation is slightly different10:11
charlcan't say i have much trouble putting it into a cv10:11
nlsthznfor another job like I have now I have to have on my CV - Job Title, years worked - Get job :/ I am aiming outside my last 13 odd years of working... that makes it more tricky :p10:12
charlyeah indeed10:13
charlalthough i don't think a change of direction is that strange in ict - it is actually quite normal10:13
magespawnKilos: here is that link to the  free website http://is.gd/Odi52f10:13
charlbut you can imagine as a company you want to hire people who you know can do the job10:13
Kilosty magespawn 10:13
Kilosnow i just need an internet connection that works10:14
magespawncharl nlsthzn i am expecting some open mouth when i apply for my first pc/tech job10:14
mazal8ta still not sorted Kilos ?10:14
charlmagespawn: open mouth?10:14
charlsorry not sure what that means :)10:14
Kilosthey foned at 7am and said it can take 72 hours magespawn but apologised a few times10:15
magespawnyup i have 10 years+ experince as a tourist guide, so slight change in direction10:15
charl"slight" you say... lol10:15
Kilosopen mouth = shocked expresion ?10:15
charlah i see10:15
magespawnyup ^10:16
charlsorry my english is limited10:16
Kiloshi mazal 10:16
mazalMirrag oom10:16
Kilosyou just gotta think when peeps mouths hang open charl10:16
nlsthznmagespawn, well good luck when you go for it :)10:17
charllol when people's mouth hang open i say close it :)10:17
charlthey say don't look a gift horse in the mouth... i don't want to look a person in the mouth either10:17
magespawnwill be intersting for sure10:17
charlwhat is funny is "gift" is german for poison so when they talk about a poison horse, i definitely don't want to look it in the mouth10:17
Kilosgo for it nlsthzn and the best of luck to you10:18
nlsthznI have to uncle Kilos :) - but also a new country/new company/very new job ... eish10:18
Kilosyou gotta remember you can do anything, only some you still gotta learn10:18
nlsthznoh well let me get on with it ;)10:19
Kilosalso lotsa places give site specific courses when you start anyway10:19
nlsthznthe middle east have money, they take who they want so they just drain the experience etc. from other companies, no time for training etc10:20
Kilosoh my10:20
magespawnbbl going to get lunch10:28
mazalMooi man , now I'm hungry10:28
Kilosyo JoTraGo 10:40
Kilos-sorry guys. blame 8ta10:48
Kilos-nm applet normally shows only 4 bars signal strength now its got 5 and the first one is tiny10:50
magespawnso lunch is nice and healthy today11:40
magespawnpepper steak pie and chips11:41
magespawnwith frankies Old Style Root Beer11:43
charlhaha this is hilarious http://i1.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/574/752/77a.jpg12:01
charlIE FTW12:01
magespawnlol @charl12:03
charlwb Kilos 12:09
Kilosty charl 12:09
Kiloswhat must be in here - sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces13:07
Kilosauto lo13:07
Kilosiface lo inet loopback13:07
Kilosis that it?13:07
mazalBye everyone13:08
zereftumbleweed: 14:46
zerefi'm trying to upload to my ppa via dput but i get a No host ppa<ppa> found in config?14:48
nocwareevening kilos.14:50
Kiloshi nocware 14:51
kbmonkey_happy friday14:57
Kiloshi kbmonkey_ yeah again14:57
=== kbmonkey_ is now known as kbmonkey
kbmonkeyyou know you are getting old when you knock your knee on a desk and it pains still :p15:05
Kilosthats how you know you aint dead yet15:06
kbmonkeythat depends if you are in purgatory, right?15:09
Kilosno man when dead if you knock your knee it dont hurt15:10
kbmonkeya pitchfork in my butt does not sound any worse than a knock knee15:10
kbmonkeyhaha yes Kilos :]15:10
Kiloskbmonkey, you must organise you go up not down15:25
Kilosits too hot down there15:25
kbmonkeyI am kinda used  tor durbs weather Kilos ... ;)15:26
kbmonkeythat will count for something15:26
Kiloshahaha never man its really cooking in that other place15:26
kbmonkeyhey Kilos did you know that we never see the other side of the moon?15:28
Kilosthe inside?15:29
Kilosor the dark side15:29
kbmonkeythe otherthe dark side15:29
kbmonkeyknown as the far side of the moon15:30
kbmonkeythe other face15:30
Kilosdoesnt the moon also rotate on its own axis15:31
Kiloswhats the trick here15:31
kbmonkeybut it's rotation is in such a way that it is negated by it's rotation around us.15:32
kbmonkeydunno I just found that interesting15:32
Kilosso we always see the same side?15:32
kbmonkeyyes, the same side15:32
kbmonkeyI know right!15:32
kbmonkeywow I can't even load a wikipedia page15:33
kbmonkeylets use lynx15:33
Kilos8ta is in a bad way15:34
Kilosive got nearly no signal here last 2 days15:34
kbmonkeyno I am on voda through my phone right now. 8ta is 100 times better than this. ha ha15:35
kbmonkeygot data on phone I trying to use15:35
Kilosmy prob is my local tower. even fone shows tiny signal and keeps dropping15:44
Kiloswb Vince-0 15:44
kbmonkeyhello Vince-0 - Friday woots and hi5'es15:47
Vince-0yay, cept there was still work today15:47
Vince-0now its braai time15:48
kbmonkeycoffee time!15:50
kbmonkeyMaaz, coffee on!15:50
* Maaz puts the kettle on15:50
kbmonkeyMaaz, make me a sandwich!15:50
Maazkbmonkey: What? Make it yourself.15:50
kbmonkeyMaaz, sudo make me a sandwich!15:50
Maazkbmonkey: sudo make me a sandwich is $nick is not in sudoers file. This incident will be ported.15:50
Vince-0I got some dutch chocolate coffee 15:53
Vince-0its like sweet15:54
MaazCoffee's ready for kbmonkey!15:54
kbmonkeyI got nescafe with soya cream XD15:54
Kiloshmm... looks like 8ta did some work here, getting 3 bars connection again16:32
Kilosaw down again16:44
Kilosuh oh16:45
Kilosthe pro grew a tail16:45
Kilosinetpro, maak reg man16:46
Kilosjulle twee hier16:46
Kilosuh oh16:54
KilosMaaz, google birdie for 12.0417:16
MaazKilos: "How To Install The Birdie 0.3 On Ubuntu 13.04, 12.10, 12.04 ..." http://linuxg.net/how-to-install-the-birdie-0-3-on-ubuntu-13-04-12-10-12-04/ :: "How to install Birdie Ubuntu 13.04, Ubuntu 12.10 and Ubuntu 12.04 ..." http://linuxg.net/how-to-install-birdie-ubuntu-13-04-ubuntu-12-10-and-ubuntu-12-04/ :: "how to install the birdie twitter client on ubuntu |17:16
MaazLinuxG.net" http://linuxg.net/tag/how-to-install-the-birdie-twitter-client-on-ubuntu/ :: "…17:16
Kiloshmm... i wonder if the have a daily build17:20
magespawnevening all17:50
Kiloshi magespawn 17:50
magespawngood to see your signal is better17:52
Kilosty its hopping tween 2 and 4 bars now17:52
Kilosha birdie-granite is the daily build18:03
Kilosmagespawn, do you do g+?18:16
magespawnyes 18:17
Kilosif the pro forgets will you remind them there about mondays meet please18:18
Kilosand you Vince-0 tell your lug peeps18:18
magespawnnot sure if i can do it on the offcial page18:20
Kilosoh cant anyone post there?18:20
Kilosoh my18:20
magespawnlet me check18:20
magespawnlooks like I can Kilos 18:25
Kiloscool. ty magespawn 18:25
magespawn19:30 on Monday.18:27
magespawnokay will do18:27
Kilosim sure i got an account there just need to find what and where18:29
Kiloseek dancing dogs eat data18:30
Kilosmy signals gone down again18:31
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:31
magespawngood night Kilos 18:31
magespawni am off too, night all18:32
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inetprogood evening19:11
Maazinetpro: By the way, Kilos on freenode told me "tell inetpro Good morning to you" 1 day, 47 minutes and 47 seconds ago19:11
nlsthznlong time no see inetpro :p19:12
inetpronlsthzn: ya looks like I was out of town19:12
nlsthznas long as you where it is cool then :p19:13
inetproactually not, clearly just haven't said anything on here in all that time :-)19:14

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