k1lah well. didnt see the canon package name first00:00
agorak1l :)00:00
oldude67what is the easiest way to get rid of old kernels.00:03
maumwell i converted into debian then installed that although it warned its 'bad quality' then the printer still doesnt work00:03
wilee-nileeoldude67, I use ubuntu-tweak, but you can do it from the terminal.00:03
k1loldude67: remove the old kernel packages (and the headers) with apt-get00:03
agoramaum did you install cnijfilter-common too?00:04
k1lubuntu-tweak :/00:04
agoramaum i gtg but ask around others can help00:04
funkywhats the diff  between host name and FQDN host name?00:06
funkycan i use xyz  as host name and host.xyz.com as FQDN host name?00:06
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lj1102Hello, I've a problem with my internet connection, more specific my dns resolving. On bootup everything is fine but after a few hours or so more and more hosts become unreachable/unresolvable/time out. Pinging them is still possible but i cannot browse them anymore :/ Anybody can help me on that?00:15
lj1102When i'm using a virtual machine i can reach these hosts00:16
Blackout_\join #salvador00:18
lj1102Blackout_: talkin 2 me, or just a mistype ?00:19
guidemario_hi there ... I'd like to know if it's possible to write some commands on a text file and save it in a kind of extension (like .BAT for windows) to run the commands when I click on this file.00:19
lj1102guidemario_: .sh is the extension00:19
histoguidemario_: like a bash script?00:19
guidemario_just write the files and save it as .SH file? (sorry, I'm kind new to linux)00:20
histoguidemario_: the extension doesn't matter in linux typically00:20
Blackout_lj1102 mistyping... i dont know what im doing00:20
histoguidemario_: but for uniformity name it somefile.sh and chmod +x it00:20
histo!cli | guidemario_00:20
ubottuguidemario_: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal or type in it: man intro00:20
guidemario_histo, what means "chmod +x" it?00:21
lj1102making it executable00:21
guidemario_chmod +x <filename.sh> ?00:21
guidemario_ok, I'll try00:21
lj1102adding the "executable" flag to it00:21
histoguidemario_: you have to make the file executable00:21
guidemario_thanks in advance for the help00:21
lj1102anybody knows how i can reset/flush my local dns cache00:22
histoguidemario_: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Bash-Prog-Intro-HOWTO.html00:22
guidemario_thanks histo!00:22
lj1102So i'm damned to reboot my machine every few hours :'/00:23
wilee-nileelj1102, If you have modifies your access, post tha process, details are really helpful, for the channel.00:25
lj1102i'm root, i dont know what is handling the dns stuff on a default ubuntu installation, so i dont have any process to name.00:26
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maumhow do i know if i have amd or something else?00:27
wilee-nileelj1102, Cool, many come on with modified, like proxies...etc and you have to ask is all.00:27
lj1102wile-nilee: I've already changed something in a config file not quite sure which one it was(had no effect), i'll have a look if i can find it00:27
wilee-nileelj1102, Cool, I'm not your best help though in this area. ;)00:28
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lj1102wilee-nilee: aw, i've already asked for help here a few days ago but nobody could help me there, only info i got was that dnsmasq is not used anymore for that.00:29
maumhello, my printer driver is installed but when i click 'print test page it says 'printing' then completed, but nothing ever really moves on the actual printer!00:29
lj1102wilee-nilee: also the articles I've read on flushin the cache wanted me to install custom daemons for dns handling which i'm not really a fan of...00:29
lj1102maum: to get information about your processor type "cat /proc/cpuinfo" into a terminal00:30
lj1102maum: under model name you'll find the name of your processor00:31
maumIntel(R) Celeron(R) CPU B830 @ 1.80GHz00:32
maumdoes this correspond to 64 bit or 32 bit?00:32
maumits not an AMD right?:) sorry if i sound a bit idiotic but im not sure00:33
lj1102maum: no its no amd ;)00:34
enkotHi everyone! When I install ubuntu (any version) the system create some users. I want know what do every user for erase or not (for security). Someone know where I could check this information?00:35
maumbut which bit is it?00:35
lj1102maum: its a 64bit processor00:36
boohI installed ubuntu server 12.10 64bits, I have 2 drive with / in RAID1 md0 and /home in RAID1 md1.  Now I have a message at reboot: "error: disk 'mduuid/39485798729487234' not found.  Grub rescue>00:36
maumok its an Intel 64, thanks00:36
Guest57207hi my hard drive is fried00:40
Guest57207i am running ubuntu off live usb00:40
Guest57207is this safe?00:40
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wilee-nileeGuest57207, a iso load or full install, and what is your definition of safe?00:42
Guest57207like if i install chromium will it still be there after wake from sleep?00:42
wilee-nileeGuest57207, You have a persistent?00:43
boohI installed ubuntu server 12.10 64bits, I have 2 drive with / in RAID1 md0 and /home in RAID1 md1.  Now I have a message at reboot: "error: disk 'mduuid/39485798729487234' not found.  Grub rescue>00:43
Guest57207what is a persistent00:43
wilee-nileeGuest57207, It is a file to save your work, if you shutdown00:43
wilee-nileenot a file exactly called casper-rw00:44
Guest57207where can I find this00:44
wilee-nileeGuest57207, Most usb loaders offer that option.00:44
Guest57207oh i see00:44
wilee-nileeGuest57207, And most limit it to 4 gigs, however if you have a usb with enough gigs you can have a casper-rw partition as big as you need.00:45
Guest57207mine is 4 gb00:46
Guest57207I mean 8GB00:46
Guest57207it is a big one00:46
psingh_Is anyone out here running KDE on Ubuntu?00:46
wilee-nileeGuest57207, Ah, you fine then with a regular usb loader, that caper does fill up and can't be cleaned so you can fill up the usb after awhile, and you are limited as to what you can update.00:46
jrib!anyone | psingh_00:47
ubottupsingh_: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.00:47
wilee-nilee!anyone > psingh_00:47
ubottupsingh_, please see my private message00:47
psingh_I just opened a but against Kick Off because the fonts look fuzzy.  The bug report is at https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=322263.  Would someone please follow the instructions in my bug report and confirm the bug?00:47
ubottuKDE bug 322263 in widget-kickoff "Fonts look fuzzy in Kick Off" [Normal,Unconfirmed]00:47
wilee-nileeGuest57207, Ah 8 gigs good I would do A full install if it were me.00:47
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ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."00:47
dougnetI'm glad IRC is not totally dead...00:48
fatumwhy does it say printing but the printer is dead?:/00:48
sam___My /var/lib/dpkg/lock file is having a problem. It won't let me download anything. It says it is being used by another program... but it isn't. Possible Solutions?00:48
wilee-nilee!ot > dougnet00:48
ubottudougnet, please see my private message00:48
wilee-nileesam___, A reboot is easiest, however any failed installs?00:49
ianorlin!ot >ianorlin00:49
ubottuianorlin, please see my private message00:49
boohI installed ubuntu server 12.10 64bits, I have 2 drive with / in RAID1 md0 and /home in RAID1 md1.  Now I have a message at reboot: "error: disk 'mduuid/39485798729487234' not found.  Grub rescue>   If I do set prefix=(md/0)/boot/grub   insmod normal   error: file '/boot/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod' not found.  But I am in 64bits...00:50
sam___wilee-nilee, I tried it is every time I log on it is doing this.00:50
wilee-nileesam___, two common commands here.  sudo dpkg --configure -a  sudo apt-get -f install00:50
enkotHi everyone! When I install ubuntu (any version) the system create some users. I want know what do every user for erase or not (for security). Someone know where I could check this information?00:50
dougnetI do have an issue with some xls files not allowing me to edit. I suspect the problem is because the Original file was not set-up correctly. Any ideas?00:51
wilee-nileesam___, You have a broken package I would guess.00:51
wilee-nileeenkot, only one user is created you make any more.00:51
enkotwilee-nilee: when I type: cat /etc/passwd a list of more tha one user, right?00:52
wilee-nileeenkot, If you have not added users, those are not users in its definition.00:53
enkotwilee-nilee: I want to know what do every user of this list for erase the unnecessary00:54
sam___wilee-nilee, It says it is locked by another process. I do have a bigger problem and it is that my updates are using I have just figured out. I am trying to update to 13.04. Becuase it started without my permission a few weeks ago. but... I have efi so it doesn't boot when I turn on with 13.04. Can I tell it to stop?00:54
wilee-nileeenkot, You have your cart before the horse in your methodology based I think on paranoia.00:54
energizerWithin an application, in a "Choose file" window, I'd like to be able to drag files and folders around, etc. just like you can in regular nautilus. Possible?00:55
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wilee-nileesam___, Hmm, I can't really help there, I never upgrade distros personally.00:55
enkotwilee-nilee: but whats happend with the users in /etc/passwd?00:56
wilee-nileeenkot, And honestly not understanding linux in general, you have hardly any security issues to worry about, unless you put yourself there.00:56
ctcbI'm wondering how do I get out of sudo and go back to being a normal user without having to close a Terminal Window and using "Ctrl + Alt + T" to open a new one? Is there a command I can use in the Terminal?00:57
enkotwilee-nilee: I'm learning about thousands of thing to convert ubuntu more secure but just I have the question about this users00:58
wilee-nileeenkot, I have no users there just apps and processes. We do not know what you have done.00:58
jribctcb: how did you enter sudo?00:58
psingh_ctcb, type exit00:58
ctcbjrib, "sudo rm ~/Dev -r -v"00:58
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wilee-nileeenkot, I doubt you will make ubuntu more secure beyond what they provide in wiki's00:58
jribctcb: then you'll get a normal prompt as soon as that command terminates00:59
ctcbjrib, My name now has a $ Sign next to it in the Terminal Window.00:59
dougnetWould I be ok to drag my laptop to work on a Cisco router with a USB console cable?00:59
ctcbI think that means I'm a sudo user.00:59
jribctcb: no, # means root00:59
dougnetOr must I drag the Windoze laptop to console into the router?01:00
psingh_ctcbctcb, you should be out of sudo after the command finishes.  Type whoami to see if you are root or not01:00
ctcbpsingh_, whoami brings back "root"01:00
psingh_try typing exit01:01
wilee-nileectcb, Do not ever post any rm on this channel, if you are posting what you have run make that clear!!!01:01
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enkotwilee-nilee: thank you so much for your help. Yes, I'm reading wiki's about security but I though in this list are users, but your explanation make sense about applications and process01:01
jribctcb: you must have done something else then.  Probably "sudo -i" or something similar possibly involving "su"...?01:01
ctcbjrib, When I originally made the Dev Folder, I had to do sudo su to allow me to create it.01:02
ctcbwilee-nilee, Uh... what?01:02
jribctcb: 1) something is broken with your permissions and 2) use "sudo -i" instead of "sudo su" if you need a root prompt01:03
jribctcb: and "exit" as psingh_ suggested will let you leave the root prompt.  Alternatively, you can press ctrl-d01:03
boohI installed ubuntu server 12.10 64bits, I have 2 drive with / in RAID1 md0 and /home in RAID1 md1.  Now I have a message at reboot: "error: disk 'mduuid/39485798729487234' not found.  Grub rescue>   If I do set prefix=(md/0)/boot/grub   insmod normal   error: file '/boot/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod' not found.  But I am in 64bits...01:04
MrCollinsI am trying to install ubuntu 12.04 when I use unetbootin or the ubuntu recommended from a win64 box to create a usb stick, when it boots from usb stick I get a message SYSLINUX 4.03 2010-10-22 EDD Copyright message and it just sits there with a blinking cursor01:04
wilee-nileeMrCollins, Are you limited to windows to load the usb?01:05
devincebleMrCollins: use YUMI http://www.pendrivelinux.com/yumi-multiboot-usb-creator/01:06
MrCollinsyes wilee-nilee01:06
wilee-nileeMrCollins, Cool, if you get it running with say yumi and get that first gui that unetbootin loves to bypass use the nomodedset option I suggested earlier.01:06
MrCollinswilee-nilee,  ok man and thank you devinceble01:07
MrCollinstrying now....01:07
a5tr4alanyone had sucess syncing iphones01:07
wilee-nileeMrCollins, Good luck. ;)01:07
a5tr4ali know they are not supported01:07
a5tr4albut have heard of work arounds01:08
wilee-nileetime for store run anyone need anything01:08
a5tr4albeer and lots01:08
MrCollinswilee-nilee, pickup some winning lotto tickets ;)01:08
wilee-nileelol no problem01:09
JcAdduonoare there any ftpd's that allow r/w root login to /01:09
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boohI installed ubuntu server 12.10 64bits, I have 2 drive with / in RAID1 md0 and /home in RAID1 md1.  Now I have a message at reboot: "error: disk 'mduuid/39485798729487234' not found.  Grub rescue>   If I do set prefix=(md/0)/boot/grub   insmod normal   error: file '/boot/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod' not found.  But I am in 64bits...01:14
SonikkuAmerica!danger | JcAdduono01:14
ubottuJcAdduono: DO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!01:14
SonikkuAmerica!danger | JcAdduono01:15
IdleOneSonikkuAmerica: ?01:16
SonikkuAmericaIdleOne: I thought !DANGER worked here. But I think you'd agree accessing / in read/write mode via FTP is a terrible idea, right?01:16
SonikkuAmericaPoint in question: <JcAdduono> are there any ftpd's that allow r/w root login to /01:17
JcAdduonoi'm using it for development on a host-only network01:17
IdleOneyeah, but the !danger factoid is not meant to be used that way01:17
* SonikkuAmerica needs to review his !command congruency cases. :P01:17
JcAdduonoand if that is dangerous, so is apt-get install openssh-server01:18
jribJcAdduono: in light of that, do you really need ftp instead of just using ssh?01:19
JcAdduonojrib: yes, my host os does not support mounting of sshfs01:19
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jribJcAdduono: what's your host OS?01:20
JcAdduonowindows 8.1...lol01:20
jribJcAdduono: when you say, "host OS", are you implying that you are virtualizing ubuntu through vbox or similar?01:20
JcAdduonojrib: yes, i have a virutalized copy of my website's server running on this computer through vmware so that i can work on a development copy of my site efficiently01:21
ejvyou can mount sshfs using an app called WebDrive, works pretty well01:22
jribJcAdduono: at least with vbox, there is a built-in way to share directories.  Is that not possible with vmware?01:23
ejvJcAdduono: http://www.southrivertechnologies.com/products/webdrive/ (used it in the past, works ok)01:23
JcAdduonojrib: you can share directories, yes, but with ftp mount would make my life much easier just hitting ctrl+s in my ide and immediately having changes applied to the vm, dir sharing requires you to copy the file to that folder, than do copy command on guest....very time consuming01:24
ejvthere's also samba...01:27
JcAdduonoejv: samba 3.6.16 doesnt support connections from win8.1 surprisingly...i wonder if that is a bug on microsofts part lol01:28
JcAdduonothat was my original plan haha01:29
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
JcAdduonoooo got pure-ftpd to allow root with / as login dir, yay. thanks anyways guys01:31
ejvwell then webdrive is fine for your purposes01:32
ejvor that, w/e works01:32
JcAdduonoya i'm not willing to go the proprietary route lol01:32
ejvit's like 10 bucks, dirt cheap to make your life easier01:33
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cholcoboI had a boyfriend named Ubuntu once.01:43
cholcoboHe would "play the bongos" on my ass.01:43
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neytirihow do i cross compile a c++ app for windows?01:48
=== michel is now known as Guest78904
Sakarahi all I am looking for a way to put a little widget running htop on my desktop01:53
Sakarais there a desktop terminal widget?01:53
neytirihow do i cross compile a c++ app for windows?01:54
qin_neytiri: c++ is so famous for its portability, /topic and http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3261608/c-portability-between-windows-and-linux01:54
neytiriyes but i cnat compile it on windows or i would have done so01:56
SonikkuAmerica!es | alumno, ¿buscas para obtener soporte en español?01:58
ubottualumno, ¿buscas para obtener soporte en español?: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.01:58
qin_neytiri: perl? python?01:58
wilee-nileeneytiri, you might try ##linux this is ubuntu support you nhave to be registered for that channel.01:58
neytirii run ubuntu which is why i askd here01:58
neytiriits c++ code but i cant get a compiler to run on any of my windows boxes01:59
wilee-nileeneytiri, Sure, just a suggestion is all.01:59
neytirii'll ask01:59
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arquebusneytiri: QT Creator02:07
=== dir is now known as guampa
ruammitgood moning02:19
ConsultingMentalHello hello, so i'm VERY new to IRC, yet very not new to Linux, can someone answer a quick IRC question for me. I've looked everywhere.02:20
unicorimConsultingMental: ill try to help02:21
unicorimwhats up?02:21
ConsultingMentalSo I just got my IRC client today, using XChat on Ubuntu 13.04, I tried to go to the "Hak5" channel, via the two servers, "irc.hak5.org" and "irc.mintirc.net" and both say Unknown host, etc..  Am I doing something wrong02:22
ConsultingMentalor are those hosts actually, down or gone. I need to know if it's jus tme02:22
unicorimConsultingMental: i tried mintirc02:23
unicorimbut it doesnt seem to work for me either02:24
Noizewhere is this now? " /gwibber-daily/ppa/ubuntu/dists/raring/main/binary-amd64/Packages"02:24
wilee-nileeConsultingMental, Try /j #hak502:24
Noizei get 404 when i apt-get update02:24
qin_ConsultingMental: irc.hak5.org works, you do something wrong02:24
qin_ConsultingMental: ping irc.hak5.org (???)02:25
wilee-nileeNoize, one two all of them?02:25
Noizejust for the gwibber-daily packages for amd64 and the other matching one02:25
Noizethis one: http://ppa.launchpad.net/gwibber-daily/ppa/ubuntu/dists/raring/main/binary-i386/Packages02:26
wilee-nileeNoize, Sounds like PPa check if they have your release in it.02:26
Noizeboth i get 40402:26
Noizei got 13.0402:26
wilee-nileeNoize, Check the PPA02:26
ConsultingMentalThanks, I was hoping it wasn't just me doing something epically wrong.02:26
wilee-nileeConsultingMental, Give your self time. ;)02:27
Noizewilee-nilee, your right02:27
Noizenot for mine02:28
NoizeI also get an sso-login error trying to open software-center without sudo02:28
wilee-nileeNoize, It happens, what you want may be in debs or tars though some where.02:28
wilee-nileeNoize, You would never open the software center with sudo.02:29
Noizewell... it doesnt work without sudo...02:29
Noizehasnt for awhile :o02:30
=== brad`_ is now known as brad
wilee-nileeNoize, I suspect it is part of the sources.lis.d errors on the ppa's or sources in general. http://askubuntu.com/questions/295313/ubuntu-software-center-in-ubuntu-13-04-crashes-when-opened02:31
wilee-nilee sources.list.d *02:31
AlmindorI have a serial USB device connected to /dev/ttyUSB002:34
wilee-nileeNoize, You might look through here in general. http://askubuntu.com/search?q=+ubuntu+software+center02:34
RaptorJesusHello guys!02:35
Almindorhow can I set it's permissions to be read-writeable by my user? Currently I have to sudo the app that uses it02:35
AlmindorI suspect an udev rule, but have no idea what numbers/ids02:35
* wilee-nilee waits for the spam02:35
=== acrocity_ is now known as acrocity
usr13Almindor: chmod +rw02:36
Almindorusr13: that's one time solution, it's re-permissioned on replugs and reboots02:36
RaptorJesusAre there any Windows 8 users on XChat tonight?? UEFI is kicking my butt right now.  =(  I installed Ubuntu 13.04, but I can't get it to boot and I followed all the directions on the Ubuntu Wiki.02:36
usr13Almindor: But what filesystem is it?02:37
Almindorusr13: it's a device file...02:37
wilee-nilee!uefi | RaptorJesus02:37
ubottuRaptorJesus: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI02:37
usr13Almindor: Is it VFAT?02:37
wilee-nileeRaptorJesus, and some more uefi fun. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214729502:37
usr13Almindor: You said that it's a USB device. Right?02:37
RaptorJesusyeah, i read the whole thing and I still can't get it to boot.  :(02:37
qin_Almindor: what device? and what app?02:37
Almindorserial usb02:37
usr13Almindor: sudo fdisk -02:37
Almindorit's a 3d printer02:37
AlmindorI'm not accessing it's contents man :)02:38
Almindorit's being used as a serial port02:38
wilee-nileeRaptorJesus, Check the forums link.02:38
Almindorbut I found it out, there's a pre-defined "dialout" group owner for it02:38
AlmindorI'll just add myself to it02:38
wilee-nilee!enter | Almindor02:38
ubottuAlmindor: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:38
usr13Almindor: But you asked, "How can I set it's permissions to be read-writeable by my user?"02:38
RaptorJesusThank you!  I'm reading right now....  :D02:39
usr13Almindor: Oh, it's a modem?02:39
Almindorusr13: that was my initial question yes, and in general, I'd like to know how to set up udev rules for devices so they can be accessed by anyone needed02:39
wilee-nileeRaptorJesus, Cool, from my observations on uefi issues I think the forums are the best support.02:39
Almindorusr13: it's an integrated board controlling a 3d printer02:39
usr13Almindor: Add to it's group02:40
RaptorJesusI just hate not having my favorite FOSS operating system on my computer!   *sobs*  Lol.  =)02:40
usr13Almindor: If it's a USB drive, it will probably be netdev02:40
usr13Almindor: If it is a printer, use cups configuations.02:41
wilee-nileeRaptorJesus, I started on open source and use it 99% of the time, however W8 is usable for a few things.02:41
wilee-nileecough word02:42
mastershakehello world.. im trying to install gnome-classic on chrubuntu but i cant switch over to classic02:43
wilee-nileemastershake, chrubuntu?02:43
mastershakeubuntu for chrome02:43
halpmeGonna lose my mind trying to install 12.04.2 as a dual boot w/windows 802:44
halpmecan anyone help02:44
usr13halpme: Do you have a specific question?02:44
halpmeI have the iso on 2 different flash drives and a dvd-r yet when i set any of them to be booted off of, nothing happens02:45
pfisteranyone have any experience running ubu on the 13" retina?02:45
wilee-nilee!uefi | halpme02:45
ubottuhalpme: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI02:45
wilee-nileehalpme, Is W8 a uefi or your install in msdos partitioning?02:45
pfisteruefi isn't my issue, I blew past that little 'roadblock'02:46
halpmeI dont think its installed in uefi02:46
wilee-nileepfister, The channel is a state your issue norm.02:46
wilee-nileehalpme, Who installed it?02:46
halpmei have tried CSM on every setting imaginable, it wont detect an iso on any storage medium i try02:47
pfisterits that intel hda sound02:47
halpmeI installed it myself02:47
mastershakecan anyone help with chrubuntu and gnome-classic?02:47
pfisterneed sound through hdmi, and its not hsppening.02:47
=== alumno is now known as yamyy
wilee-nileehalpme, Are you just getting a black screen?02:48
pfisterI'm also getting wierd issues with mmc devices, /dev/mmc... works, sometimes, sometimes not...02:48
halpmeit says insert boot media into selected boot device02:49
halpmebut i've tried it 20000 times in 3 different bootable devices02:49
wilee-nileehalpme, Two questions, have you checked the sums on the ISO's and how are you burning th dvd and loading the udb's02:50
MrCollinsAfter downloading a new iso, checking md5, creating usb drive with ubuntu, it gets stuck at syslinux 4.06 message then blinking cursor02:50
wilee-nilee!md5sum | halpme02:50
ubottuhalpme: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows02:50
wilee-nileeMrCollins, Not sure really but I see this. http://askubuntu.com/questions/128160/trying-to-boot-from-usb02:52
=== Troy_ is now known as Troy^
wilee-nileeMrCollins, Here are some more, hopefully there is an answer in there. http://askubuntu.com/search?q=syslinux+4.06+message02:54
dwakarI'm fade up with this 'waiting for network configuration' problem in ubuntu 12.0403:00
dwakarremoving all line except the 'auto lo iface lo inet loopback does solve the problem but then I can't bring the eth0 interface up using ifup03:03
bradyI am running 12.04. I want to upgrade to 13.04. I have google'd and have found some conflicting information. Would someone please link me to the ``official'' information?03:04
anonymous_looking for help03:05
MrCollinswilee-nilee, I think I found a solution but do not know how to implement. How do I format my usb drive to ntfs then have the usb autoboot stuff03:07
MrCollinsI think my acer aspireone ZG5 for some reason has an issue with fat32 usb drive with ubuntu... Someone in the forum said they have the same machine I have, said he formatted to NTFS then booted but do not know how to do that with the bootloader... just format ntfs with windows then just skip format step in yumi?03:08
mastershakeam i supposed to be prompted to boot beteen unity and gnome classic after i install gnome panel?03:08
wilee-nileeMrCollins, Can you give me the url to that?03:09
wilee-nileeI just want to make sure I'm actually helping you. ;)03:10
MrCollinswilee-nilee, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=161003103:11
MrCollinsabout halfway down is his post.03:12
wilee-nileeMrCollins, with only one post I would be suspicious, the mod oldfred would be the one I follow I know there work. However you will  not break anything with a ntfs, you use the disk manager in windows to format it and then skip the format with the loader.03:15
wilee-nileeMrCollins, The dd options are valid as well.03:16
MrCollinswilee-nilee, I cant do dd. I wish I could. I guess I could load a virtual box, install ubuntu then make disk from there?03:16
wilee-nileeMrCollins, Doh I forgot you were in windows, my bad. ;)03:16
MrCollinsdo you think that would work or would it still have some windows on it03:17
wilee-nileeMrCollins, Not sure I understand the question.03:17
MrCollinswilee-nilee, that did it! NTFS fixed it.03:17
wilee-nileeone never knows, lol03:18
MrCollinsnow I am at grub. what now LOL03:18
wilee-nileeMrCollins, Hmm, grub on a live cd/usb?03:18
wilee-nileeMrCollins, Does it look basically like this? http://www.dedoimedo.com/images/computers_new_2/grub2-chainload.png03:20
MrCollinsno it has a grub command line. wilee-nilee wait I think I know what I did....03:21
MrCollinstime out....03:21
PepperoniPizzaCan someone help me to get the volume keys on my keyboard working again03:22
PepperoniPizzaIm not sure when they stopped working, but I think it was in the 13.04 upgrade03:22
MrCollinswilee-nilee,  I have a prompt GRUB4DOS03:28
MrCollinsfind /menu.lst etc03:28
MrCollinscommandline reboot and halt.03:28
parallelswhere can I download ubuntu for tablet?03:28
wilee-nileeMrCollins, What release is this?03:29
MrCollinsGRUB4DOS 0.4.5c03:30
wilee-nileeparallels, THe only tablet orientated download is the ubuntu-touch in development #ubuntu-touch, however ask there on regualr installs as there is a 13.10 as well.03:30
wilee-nileeMrCollins, The ubuntu release, menu.list is grub legacy, we are sort of in left field for me anyway with grub4dos, I suspect the ntfs is part of that.03:31
MrCollinsubuntu release is 13.0403:31
MrCollinsubuntu release is 13.10 *correction*03:32
wilee-nileeMrCollins, Not sure really, did you check the files name changes in those various links?03:32
MrDyneGreetings, Is it possible to install, config, and update an Ubuntu installation inside of VirtualBox and then deploy that to a physical hard drive and put it in a computer?03:33
MrCollinsno? I will. Shouldnt there be a command I issue to grub to make it load or mount my iso03:33
wilee-nileeMrCollins, Ah, get 13.04, 13.10 is a development, the channel for 13.10 is #ubuntu+1 I can't say 13.04 will not act the same but it is supported on this channel.03:33
MrCollinswilee-nilee, sorry I meant to say 13.0403:34
MrCollinssorry its late my bad03:34
wilee-nileeno biggie03:34
Jordan_Uparallels: The default Unity interface is designed to work well with tablets. Do you have any problem with normal Ubuntu?03:34
wilee-nileeIntrinsically I want to see you succeed. MrCollins03:34
MrCollinsthank you wilee-nilee03:35
MrDyneI am limited to internet access at a public place and can't haul in my desktop computer to install Ubuntu and the software I want for offline usage at home.03:35
wilee-nileeMrDyne, Can you boot a cd or usb there?03:36
wilee-nileeMrDyne, Soory is it you want to have sources to transfer to home from the public access?03:37
MrDyneNo was wondering if there is a way to bridge VirtualBox to a real computer.  Can I take my laptop to the public location and download and install Ubuntu in VirtualBox and then some how copy that virtual hard drive image to a real hard drive.03:38
wilee-nileeMrDyne, Supposedly you can, however I was not able to myself when I tried for fun.03:39
MrDyneMite I ask how you attempted to copied the virtual hard drive image to a real hard drive?03:40
MrDyneOr did you not get that far?03:40
wilee-nileeMrDyne, From virtualbox forums I believe it was a couple of years ago.03:41
somsipMrDyne: like this? http://superuser.com/questions/114445/is-it-possible-to-convert-virtual-machines-to-physical-environments03:41
reddeath68need help using my sony walkman nwz e365 with ubuntu 13.1003:45
wilee-nilee13.10 | reddeath6803:45
wilee-nilee!13.10 | reddeath6803:45
ubottureddeath68: Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) will be the 19th release of Ubuntu. Announcement: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1252 - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+103:45
reddeath68woops meant 13.04....03:46
wilee-nileeheh, cool03:46
reddeath68got so used to saying 12.10 then upgraded...03:46
wilee-nileereddeath68, A bit old but take a look. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=86629703:47
MrCollinsman I am at a loss03:47
MrCollinsive gotten this far and no luck... hmmm... grub4dos i guess is not very friendly way to install ubuntu....03:48
wheatthinor at least not a very friendly way to install grub03:48
wilee-nileeMrCollins, Is that the stock version aspire one zg5 with 512Mib of ram, a bit old for ubuntu and below minimal requirements even if you got a install. I have a aspire d250 that runs okay but with 2 gigs ram, there is lubuntu though for lower loads.03:53
MrCollinsit has 1gb ram03:53
MrCollinsim just going to use it for an mp3 player connected to my surround sound03:53
wilee-nileeMrCollins, Hmm, well I'm stumped the ubuntu forums might be helpful if you choose to keep trying as well.03:54
MrCollinsi thought this would be freaking simple.03:54
wilee-nileeusually is03:54
MrCollinsim not giving up. I know it will work.03:54
MrCollinsjust need a grub4dos guru ;)03:55
wilee-nileethat is the spirit. ;)03:55
wilee-nileeI think the ntfs and grub4dos is not the answer though, that poster had one post on the forums, who knows how true that is, I have never seen that for a iso loaded linux03:56
MrCollinsthe ntfs gets me past the syslinux issue...03:56
wilee-nileedoes  not mean it isn't but I have never seen that is all.03:56
wilee-nileeMrCollins, Getting past that issue is not a valid answer if you use critical thinking, in other words don't get stuck there is all.03:57
MrCollinswilee-nilee, I understand. I was self validating... giving me the courage to press on03:58
wilee-nileelol, use what you need. ;)03:58
* wilee-nilee pats his self on the back when others criticize.04:00
DartSmjkfuE|2hi niger04:01
DartSmjkfuE|2with love from Russian04:02
MrCollinsthanks wilee-nilee you have gone above and beyond04:03
MrCollinsim going to retire for the night....04:03
wilee-nileeMrCollins, Goo luck.04:04
MrCollinsin the meantime, I bid you all good night... su su sudio04:04
somsipMrCollins: you used that nick, just for that joke? LOL :-)04:07
PepperoniPizzaI need some help..... according to xmodmap -pke my XF86AudioRaiseVolume is keycode 123 and lower is 122, but when I press them nothing happens in say.. xev it is like they aren't working correctly ?04:13
PepperoniPizzaso when I try to use xbindkeys to map them to a command they don't work obviously04:14
=== Nothing_Much_ is now known as Nothing_Much
expwOrmhi there... can any body help me04:34
somsip!anyone | expwOrm04:34
ubottuexpwOrm: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.04:34
stylesexpwOrm, what's up04:34
expwOrmi have been installed Ubuntu precise04:35
expwOrmbut, skype look with rare symbols04:35
expwOrmthats an image imgur.com/Myvw2Na04:35
expwOrmi duno why skype look rare symbols04:35
somsipexpwOrm: a missing font? What language are those skype contacts written in?04:36
expwOrmIm from méxico, i installed ubuntu on english, but i configured the keyboard on Spanish MX04:36
somsipexpwOrm: and how did you install skype04:36
stylesYeah font / language issue04:36
stylesAh that's probably it04:36
expwOrmI install skype from Skype webpage, then from repo... and its the same04:36
expwOrmvidalia for tor is the same case04:37
wheatthinit's using wingdings04:37
wheatthinfor the skype issue04:37
stylesWhat language is skype set to? Spanish?04:37
expwOrmi duno04:37
wheatthinexpwOrm, it's using Wingdings04:37
expwOrmbecasuse when i try to install skype, show symbols, and i dont understand04:38
somsipexpwOrm: options, general, 'Set program laguage to...'04:38
stylesAnd I'd go to System Settings -> Language Support I'd download spanish so you avoid future issues04:38
expwOrmsomsip, all of skype is in rare symbols... i can understand where is what04:38
stylesit's the bottom left hand corner04:39
somsipexpwOrm: then the crossed hammer and screwdriver icon for Settings04:39
stylesexpwOrm,  ctrl + o for options04:39
somsip..for Options (sorry)04:39
PepperoniPizzawhat could cause some keys to not show any keycode in xev etc, while xmodmap says they are keycode 122/123 ????04:39
expwOrmlet me see04:39
expwOrmand vidalia show the same problen04:39
stylestotal side note, why the hell does a font named wingding even exist04:40
thetenthdrHey guys, I could used some help. Just did a fressh install of 13.04, trying to get my wifi working. Loaded the XP 64 driver with ndiswrapper, but "sudo modprobe ndiswrapper" doesn't seem to do anything.04:42
expwOrmsudo find / -name *wingding*04:42
lotuspsychjethetenthdr: what chipset your wifi card have?04:43
thetenthdrLotuspsychje, Ralink RT357304:44
expwOrmAll the options on Skype... are on unknown symbols -_-04:44
wheatthinmaybe for some who can only read hyloglyphs04:45
somsipexpwOrm: you;ve had to offers to help. You're not replying04:45
lotuspsychjethetenthdr: maybe this can help: http://askubuntu.com/questions/295533/ralink-rt3573-chipset-not-working-with-ralink-linux-driver-for-that-chipset-wha04:46
thetenthdrlotuspsychje, I saw that yesterday, it's a question without an answer..04:47
lotuspsychje!ralink | thetenthdr04:48
ubottuthetenthdr: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:48
thetenthdrNo offense, I really hate that bot. Thanks though.04:49
holsteinthetenthdr: how about the links it references? did you find those relevant?04:50
PepperoniPizzawhat could cause some keys to not show any keycode in xev etc, while xmodmap says they are keycode 122/123 ????04:50
thetenthdrNot really. Ive read through it already, and google searched until my eyes bled, followed quite a few guides, and finally just did a fresh install of ubuntu to see if that helped.04:51
lotuspsychjethetenthdr: did you also check 'additional drivers' to see if some drivers need to be installed?04:51
somsipPepperoniPizza: IIRC, xmodmap -pke tells you the mappings. xev will tell you what key's have what codes. If a key doesn't have a code, the mapping makes no difference. So your keys aren't being picked up correctly. What device is it?04:52
holsteinthetenthdr: have you tried other ubuntu versions live?04:52
holsteinthetenthdr: have you tried the windows driver with ndisgtk?04:52
PepperoniPizzasomsip, its just a logitech wireless keyboard, all my other multimedia keys work fine04:52
thetenthdrHolstein, that is exactly where I'm stuck. Ndisgtk shows the driver installed and the hardware present, but it is still not functioning.04:53
PepperoniPizzabut my XF86Audio{Raise,Lower]Volume/Mute Don't work04:53
thetenthdrIve done it through ndisgtk and ndiswrapper using Terminal with the same results, nothing04:53
somsipPepperoniPizza: you need to find some way of making sure those keys are generating a signal that is being read by Ubuntu04:53
holsteinthetenthdr: try with a known good access point with no encryption04:53
PepperoniPizzasomsip, they aren't as far as I can tell but when I press them the terminal cursor blinks, so it see's the key somehow I just don't know how04:54
thetenthdrHolstein, that's what Im saying. Zero response from the wifi card. Doesnt even attempt to list available access points04:54
somsipPepperoniPizza: does it work with other OSes? Another computer?04:54
PepperoniPizzasomsip, well my other pc is my gaming pc, so it runs windows04:55
thetenthdrholstein, Also, iwconfig doesnt list wlan0, only usb0, eth0 and lo04:55
holsteinthetenthdr: i would test the hardware somewhere with a windows driver.. i worked on a card for *days* and i finally took it to a windows box, and it was bad04:56
PepperoniPizzasomsip, about 99.9% sure there is nothing wrong with the keyboard04:56
PepperoniPizzasomsip, i should mention this worked fine in the last version of ubuntu04:56
somsipPepperoniPizza: that doesn't answer what I'm asking. You first need to make sure you do not have a hardware issue, or you could be killing time.04:56
thetenthdrholstein, the card works. This is a dual boot system, right before I reinstalled I booted to W7 and used the wifi adapter04:56
PepperoniPizzasomsip, well i'm saying the keys worked in ubuntu 12.10 and don't work in 13.0404:57
PepperoniPizzathat is what changed04:57
thetenthdrholstein, I wish it was that simple, it's still under warranty lol04:57
somsipPepperoniPizza: when did they last work?04:57
holsteinthetenthdr: unfortunately, it can be challenging when the vendors dont support the operation system you want to use04:57
pranav1how can i change workspace switching time (animation that precedes ctrl + alt +  arrow keys ) ?04:57
holsteinthetenthdr: what would i do? i usually swap out hardware.. things are too affordable these days04:58
PepperoniPizzasomsip, before I upgraded to 13.0404:58
insmod<PepperoniPizza> Fn04:58
PepperoniPizzasomsip, which was ahile ago i'm just trying to get shit to work now04:58
deckard_hello. Is there a command to like clean up flash? Maybe to dump out old stuff?04:58
somsipPepperoniPizza: And I now give up. This might help you to find a keycode or scancode https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Extra_Keyboard_Keys04:58
PepperoniPizzainsmod, i don't have an fn key this isn't a laptop04:58
holsteindeckard_: flash?04:58
iMnewi amusing ubuntu12.04 and i havea printer installed onmy systeM which accepts print command once but after that i have to restart the printerto give another print. Whatto do?04:58
PepperoniPizzasomsip, yea i've been all through that just now04:58
thetenthdrholstein, Im starting to see that lol. Supposedly others have gotten it working, but it doesnt seem to want to for me. Any recommendations on a good dual band wifi adapter?04:58
insmod<PepperoniPizza> ah04:58
deckard_yes, some sites wont work. they said clean out flash settings etc04:58
pranav1how can i change workspace switching time (animation that precedes ctrl + alt +  arrow keys ) ?04:58
PepperoniPizzainsmod, i have volume up/down keys that worked on 12.04 and don't work on 13.04 for no apparent reason04:59
holsteinthetenthdr: whatever works.. really.. i save reciepts, and i just try and buy with linux support, if possible04:59
guest-xFFG8zHey all.04:59
guest-xFFG8zSo i restarted my laptop today04:59
guest-xFFG8zAnd I cannot login04:59
guest-xFFG8zIt accepts the password, takes me to a back screen, then back out to unity login04:59
guest-xFFG8zblack screen*04:59
holsteindeckard_: in what, friend? you are talking about in some web browser? you are visiting a page that says "clean out flash"?05:00
guest-xFFG8zI have not restarted in a few days, have applied the last few updates.05:00
guest-xFFG8zI see that one update apparently causes this behavior:05:00
guest-xFFG8zHowever, 1) I am able to login to the guest account05:00
insmod<PepperoniPizza> system/preferences/keyboard shortcuts05:00
guest-xFFG8zAnd 2) I have no idea how to install anything or change to the super user from within the guest account.05:00
guest-xFFG8zI have no access to sudo05:00
guest-xFFG8zDid Ubuntu seriously break its own OS through an update?05:01
PepperoniPizzainsmod, i'm on xfce4 and yes I have checked, nothing mentioning those keys exists05:01
PepperoniPizzaguest-xFFG8z, are you somehow surprised ?05:01
holsteinguest-xFFG8z: there is a recovery consol05:01
guest-xFFG8zPepperoniPizza, I guess not. I suppose I thought Ubuntu was trying to be A-material or something.05:01
PepperoniPizzawhat does A-material mean ?05:01
insmod<PepperoniPizza> i use balckbox05:02
holsteinguest-xFFG8z: i have had that.. i blew out the user config for unity.. you can do that from a live CD if its more comfortable05:02
guest-xFFG8zEhm, higher quality standards I suppose.05:02
insmod<PepperoniPizza> wife gnome05:02
PepperoniPizzaguest-xFFG8z, things get broken all the time05:02
somsipPepperoniPizza: like keyboards...check it...05:02
PepperoniPizzano one is perfect at writing code for all the dif hardware that exists05:02
PepperoniPizzasomsip, lol05:02
holsteinguest-xFFG8z: this is not really an operating system quality issue.. its likely just user config problems.. in your /home config... blow them out and test05:02
guest-xFFG8zholstein, by recovery console you mean hold shift to drop to root prompt?05:03
guest-xFFG8zSort of thing?05:03
PepperoniPizzasomsip, kk let me plug in that k/b to this machine and check05:03
guest-xFFG8zI recall that now, thanks.05:03
holsteinguest-xFFG8z: you can use a live CD if you prefer..05:03
guest-xFFG8zholstein, user config problems? Like my config of unity?05:03
PepperoniPizzasomsip, yep the buttons work fine in windows05:03
guest-xFFG8zI didn't make any changes in the last couple months O.o And it has been fine.05:03
holsteinguest-xFFG8z: the config files in your /home, for unity.. they are "bad" and causing a login loop05:03
holstein!ask | iMnew05:04
ubottuiMnew: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:04
guest-xFFG8zholstein, any idea what they might be called?05:04
vtmnahi anybody runs Dota 2 on Steam, the native version not though Wine05:04
somsipPepperoniPizza: ok - good to confirm. Any model number for this keyboard?05:04
insmod<PepperoniPizza> last iused xfcde it was a cde clone05:04
PepperoniPizzasomsip, logitech mk32005:05
insmod<PepperoniPizza> last iused xfce it was a cde clone05:05
PepperoniPizzajust a cheapo wireless k/b05:05
PepperoniPizzainsmod, I love xfce05:05
holsteinguest-xFFG8z: i would, if i were able to look.. they will be in ~/config somewhere.. grab them all, and just move them out, or rename them temporarily05:05
insmod<PepperoniPizza>  balckbox and Eterm05:06
guest-xFFG8zholstein, can everything in ~/.config be moved without causing harm?05:06
holsteinguest-xFFG8z: harm?05:06
guest-xFFG8zsuch as autostart, compiz, gnome-session, etc?05:06
holsteinguest-xFFG8z: you cant login, correct? im not asking you to delete anything05:06
guest-xFFG8zAfter moving them out or renaming them, would I be able to login?05:06
holsteinguest-xFFG8z: what will happen you you move them?05:06
guest-xFFG8zWhen they're moved I'll be missing configuration05:07
guest-xFFG8zI would think Unity/whatever uses that configuration will scream at me05:07
holsteinguest-xFFG8z: new ones get made, and, if the issue is in their, you will be able to login05:07
guest-xFFG8zAnd not function05:07
guest-xFFG8zAlright, will give it a shot05:07
holsteinguest-xFFG8z: all the time, those files are *right* *where* you put them05:07
somsipPepperoniPizza: amazingly, we have reports of success by 'turning the keyboard off at the back and on again' http://is.gd/HuU3iO05:07
guest-xFFG8zOne moment. Or 3.05:07
iMnewi amsusing ubuntu1204 andhave aprinter installedon themachine. iT accepts the first printcommand but for the subsequent printcommands ihaveto restart theprinter.whY isthis occuring andwhattodo?05:08
holsteiniMnew: that might be as good as support gets for the device05:08
holsteiniMnew: what do i do? try other drivers... and search online for better drivers05:09
iMnewholstein: meanswhat?05:09
PepperoniPizzasomsip, didn't work05:09
PepperoniPizzai tried taking the batteries out too05:09
holsteiniMnew: you are using some driver.. try another one05:09
iMnewholstein: ok but those arethe official driver05:09
somsipPepperoniPizza: I'm not overly surprised, but worth a punt05:09
holsteiniMnew: you would need to ask the manufacturer if they have made one for you to use in ubuntu05:09
PepperoniPizzasomsip, that link is broken also05:10
somsipPepperoniPizza: and you have tried showkey and looking for scancodes using dmesg|tail ? Er...link?05:10
PepperoniPizzasomsip, the one you linked says bad gateway05:10
PepperoniPizzasomsip, yes! showkey actually shows it as keycode 114/115 but when I try that it doesn't work05:11
somsipPepperoniPizza: ok - not very exciting. http://forums.logitech.com/t5/Keyboards-and-Keyboard-Mice/MK320-keyboard-hot-keys-not-working/td-p/545318/page/205:11
iMnewholstein: they have specified thatitis forlinux05:11
holsteiniMnew: they?05:11
PepperoniPizzasomsip, dmesg|tail -5 shows nothing05:11
somsipPepperoniPizza: shows nothign when you press the key? And showkey? And after that I'm out of ideas05:11
holsteiniMnew: if you would like a volunteer to help googld search for answers, link what device you have05:12
iMnewholstein: sorry, canon mf3010 multifuntion printer which only printes and photocopy but cannot scan on ubuntu05:12
PepperoniPizzasomsip, actually now dmesg is showing something about input: /devices/pci blah blah etc05:12
somsipPepperoniPizza: it might be helpful, but I'd only be googling it...05:13
holsteiniMnew: what i read says to try http://support-sg.canon-asia.com/contents/SG/EN/0100270810.html05:13
iMnewholstein: thedriverhasadebfile05:13
PepperoniPizzasomsip, http://paste.ubuntu.com/586717605:13
=== jeff is now known as Guest25609
holsteiniMnew: have you tried one from ubuntu? in the wizard?05:13
holsteiniMnew: i see nothing indicating the scanner wont work05:14
iMnewholstein: the wizrd from ubuntu doesnt have thespecific driver05:14
holsteiniMnew: yes, but ther are *many* drivers to try there05:15
somsipPepperoniPizza: this is a new entry in dmesg? It's acting like the usb dongle has been plugged in again. Have you tried that in a different USB slot? Have you checked the batteries for the keyboard? And the mouse? Clutching at straws here to be honest...05:15
holsteiniMnew: what driver are you trying? the one i linked?05:15
guest-M4ojeMBack, PepperoniPizza05:16
guest-M4ojeMOr wait, holstein05:16
guest-M4ojeMAnd no joy. Renamed .config to .notconfig, made a new .config directory and made sure it had the same ownership and permissions as the original...05:17
guest-M4ojeMBut got to the login screen and it still just booted me back out to login whenever I tried to get into my user05:17
holsteinguest-M4ojeM: right05:17
holsteinguest-M4ojeM: you did it wrong05:17
guest-M4ojeMoops :(05:17
holsteinguest-M4ojeM: the system will make the new one.. you dont05:17
guest-M4ojeMAh, not just new contents of it05:17
guest-M4ojeMI... yeah, okay embarrassing >.<05:17
guest-M4ojeMI will brb again then05:17
holsteinguest-M4ojeM: you *only*, as i said, delete or move the config.. dont replace it with *anything*05:18
PepperoniPizzasomsip, I had unplugged it to test on windows :-)05:18
iMnewholstein: soidelete the printerand try installing printer again05:18
PepperoniPizzasomsip, it worked fine on windows remember, I tried removing the batteries and putting em back in and no dice on ubuntu still05:18
holsteiniMnew: what driver are you using? the one i linked?05:18
holsteiniMnew: start by telling me what driver you are using05:19
iMnewholstein: UFR II Printer Driver for Linux Version 2.7005:19
PepperoniPizzasomsip, it is all good some things just don't work on certain releases I guess05:20
holsteiniMnew: did you get it from the link i gave?05:20
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
guest-zhQC4Pholstein, this time I nuked it from orbit, rm -rf /home/user/.config05:20
guest-zhQC4Pstill no joy :(05:21
=== Guest25609 is now known as jeff_liu_cn
iMnewholstein: i had already downloaded it from the website and installed the driver with sudodpkg -i05:21
holsteiniMnew: did you try an included driver first? why not remove it, and try one from the default setup05:22
iMnewholstein: ok05:22
iMnewholstein: wait am trying05:22
holsteinguest-zhQC4P: still could be something in the config.. you want to try another user?05:22
holsteinguest-zhQC4P: make a new user, or try logging in as guest05:23
guest-zhQC4Pholstein, only have guest and that one user05:23
guest-zhQC4Pholstein, I'm guest now05:23
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
guest-zhQC4PUsing the guest account to talk to ya05:23
holsteinguest-zhQC4P: make a new user from tty.. or from the recovery terminal05:23
guest-zhQC4PI just can't login to the normal account.05:23
guest-zhQC4Pholstein, I think I just found my problem05:24
guest-zhQC4PFirst of all, i forgot all about tty, which would've solved the "how can I do these administrative things from guest account?" problem quite well.05:25
guest-zhQC4PSecondly, I used tty and logged in as the other user that was having issues, and received an error message about unexpected end of file in ~/.profile05:25
guest-zhQC4PThere was a random "f" in it.05:25
holsteinthats a good place to start05:25
guest-zhQC4PSo let me try logging in now.05:25
holsteinjust move or rename that, and test05:26
guest-zhQC4PI removed the obviously out of place "f" -- I edited that file recently... would make this whole issue my fault.05:26
guest-zhQC4PIn one of the most humbling ways05:27
iMnewholstein: i have selected 4010 ppd and it is also printing i printed two pages just now. seems to be ok.. Will see if it works well.. thanks a lot :)05:27
holsteiniMnew: enjoy!05:27
iMnewholstein: although theres nothing written about the scanned not working but it is not working. so what do you suggest05:28
holsteiniMnew: how is it now working? have you tried it?05:28
iMnewholstein: i open simplescan and there is an error message no scanners detected05:29
holsteiniMnew: might not work then05:29
iMnewholstein: i try to add but  get the same error05:29
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
holsteiniMnew: they usually just show up if they can be supported05:30
holsteiniMnew: i would just enjoy the printer for now :)05:30
iMnewholstein: so what can be done05:30
thatsnotjackGot an error trying to enable a swapfile.  Checked the obvious (permissions look correct (root:root 0600) , FS is ext4.  `sudo swapon -v /swap` exits with 255 after printing: "swapon: /swap: swapon failed: Invalid argument".  Anyone have any ideas?05:30
holsteiniMnew: again, ideally, you ask the manufacturer05:30
iMnewholstein: so i call them up?05:31
nilsecholstein, well, I do think it was my .profile after all05:31
holsteiniMnew: i would start with an email.. then, when you dont hear from them, try the link i gave05:31
holsteinnilsec: so, no need to adjust quality control for the larger ubuntu commmunity then? ;)05:32
mayankmadani just cant clone a repository05:32
nilsecholstein, well at least... I tried restoring the old .config directory to reintroduce the problem, and it didn't cause issues05:32
mayankmadancan any one help?05:32
thatsnotjackmayank: what vcs?05:32
nilsecholstein, no, no need to adjust that -- just a need to adjust my attitude ;) I'll blame it on being very late at night on a worknight :)05:32
holsteinnilsec: it happens.. no worries, and glad you are back to a login05:32
nilsecand thus, you know, shove off culpability05:32
sarcasticsimbaMayank: what's happening?05:32
nilsecholstein, thanks a lot for your help :)05:33
nilsecnow I've got a lot to reconfigure05:33
lotuspsychje!cookie | holstein05:33
ubottuholstein: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!05:33
holsteinmauryaarun: help what? you are trying to close what?05:33
holsteinlotuspsychje: lol05:33
holsteinmauryaarun: what are you trying to clone05:33
nilsecprobably didn't help that I encountered this issue while trying to get this laptop out for Wireshark to test why network connectivity was suddenly abysmal for everyone (look for local network issues), holstein05:34
nilsecwas already fed up with the ISP, as I was sure it was something outside our network... yeah anyways, don't want to clog up chat with that.05:34
mayankmadansaracasticsimba: i cloned kde's neverland repository using this git clone git@git.kde.org:websites/neverland05:34
mayankmadanthen i checked out develop branch05:34
mayankmadanwhen i did git branch -a, it showed develop but the files in neverland directory are of master branch05:35
mayankmadanthen i restarted my laptop and then the .git directory from neverland was deleted05:35
eduhathey guys what is a simple cli text to speach program I can use?05:36
sarcasticsimbamayankmadan: Whoa. Weird. Have you tried nuking the repo and starting from scratch?05:36
eduhatim trying to have fun with some people that are logged into a computer im logged into over SSH05:36
mayankmadansaracasticsimba: nuking?05:36
thatsnotjackmayankmadan: rm -rf the repo directory05:36
wilee-nileethatsnotjack, If you want a swap file that is dynamic you could try swapspace it is in the repos I have used it in the past05:36
sarcasticsimbamayankmadan: Deleting the whole (local) repo and cloning from scratch05:37
lotuspsychjeeduhat: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TextToSpeech05:37
thatsnotjackwilee-nilee: I haven't seen that yet, I'll check it out.  Thanks!  I'd still like to figure this issue out there, just for the sake of my sanity :)05:37
CobaltHexso i was trying to set up ldap05:37
CobaltHexbut that didnt work out05:37
CobaltHexand now my server seems to be fucked05:37
CobaltHexi cannot login via ssh05:37
lotuspsychje!language | CobaltHex05:38
ubottuCobaltHex: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.05:38
CobaltHexbecause pam is trying to look for ldap05:38
CobaltHexi do not know how to remove that check05:38
mayankmadansarcasticsimba: yep i have done that05:39
sarcasticsimbamayankmadan: And the problem persists? That's odd. You've made sure that you've got your branch checked out, right? You're not poking around in master?05:40
cfultzhey everyone, I just started working for my companies data team. Just got my laptop today, running 12.04 (since everything we've tested and need is working on it). Any specific tools for network analysis other than wireshark, minicom, etc. that i should use? Any help is appreciated!05:41
moxziehi dude05:42
moxziehow do i remove the password thing in kubuntu05:43
thatsnotjackcfultz:  What network analysis tasks will you be performing specifically?05:44
holsteinmoxzie: what "thing" ?05:44
wilee-nileemoxzie, The channel does not support removing passwords or that option.05:44
=== mayankmadan_ is now known as mayankmadan
moxziewhenever i mount some drive in the pcmanfm05:44
holstein!chown | moxzie05:45
ubottumoxzie: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions05:45
CobaltHexPAM unable to dlopen(pam_ldap.so): /lib/security/pam_ldap.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory05:45
mayankmadansarcasticsimba: i didnt got your last messages05:45
cfultzthatsnotjack, just basic data watching, making sure streams are good, no issues with picture messages, etc05:45
moxziethnkd dude05:46
sarcasticsimbamayankmadan: I just asked if you're positive you've got your branch checked out and that you're not working in master. Or maybe the branch you're trying to use was recently merged with master? How's the commit history look?05:46
CobaltHexPAM unable to dlopen(pam_ldap.so): /lib/security/pam_ldap.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory05:48
thatsnotjackcfultz: tcpdump could be handy, but I suppose wireshark will do that job just fine.  It's tough to tell what tools you'll need until we know what problems you'll be bumping up agaist :)05:50
cfultzthatsnotjack: that is very true05:50
cfultzdoesnt look like there's anything there CobaltHex05:56
CobaltHexPAM unable to dlopen(pam_ldap.so): /lib/security/pam_ldap.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory05:56
=== rajesh is now known as Guest20539
narzyneedshelplong question about dns and reverse proxy05:58
narzyneedshelpnginx or apache for reverse proxy05:58
narzyneedshelpis the only thing that I have to do are create the zone records to point to localhost and then let the proxy do the rest?05:59
erekis there a default app in the instlal disc to check a HDD for errors?06:01
aeon-ltderek: fsck?06:02
erekwhat if it's not a linux disk06:02
wilee-nileeerek, Disks will and does a smart check.06:08
erekim trying to figure out if my disk is bad06:12
ereki'm currently running a mkfs.ext406:12
cfhowletterek, for diagnosing physical HDD problems, best to use the default tools for the HDD.  Check the manufacturers site for such.06:13
cfhowletterek, but what makes you suspect the HDD?06:13
erekcfhowlett: it had OSX on the drive, this is an iMac06:13
erekand im using ubuntu to try and diagnose it06:14
erekbut anyways, OSX wouldn't boot, and recovery said the drive was locked06:14
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
erekand during verification, i would see input/output errors06:14
ereki tried to install ubuntu over the whole drive06:14
erekbut it was taking forever to "create ext4 filesystem"06:14
ereki didn't see any errors in the dmesg06:15
ereki got fed up and rebooted06:15
erekim doing the mkfs.ext4 myself so i can see how far along it is06:15
erekits a 250GB drive06:15
cfhowletterek, I've only ever tripled booted a Dell hackintosh.  I'd suggest formatting/wiping the HDD before attempting OS installation06:20
erekit's formatting06:21
cfhowletterek, as ext4, right?06:21
erekionodes something or other06:21
WardropDoes anyone know how to start all services that should already be running? Such as if I did a `killall java`, is there a way I can do a `service all start` and have all those services automatically start if they're not already running?06:21
erekit's at 1100/181806:21
CobaltHexservice java start06:22
cfhowletterek, go have a coffee ...06:22
CobaltHexarent init.d all of the initial run services06:22
CobaltHexjust enum those06:22
WardropCobaltHex: Well, there's multiple services, and they all named after the application.06:23
erekcfhowlett: what's your favorite coffee?06:23
WardropI guess that's what I want to do, enum all the init scripts06:23
WardropWhat's the best way to do that?06:23
WardropIn Windows for example, you have the concept of an "automatic" service. If you see one of those in a stopped state, you know it should be running, and you can safely start it.06:23
ssonicblueHey, is anyone interested in playing a match of dota 2 on the 20-hero pool?06:29
=== dooglus_ is now known as dooglus
surtSuggestions RE conky beginning with ultra tiny tiny font, but once closed and re-launched, correct font size? Conky is automatically launched after login...06:43
aeon-ltd /j mac06:44
diverdudeHow can i maximize a window without mouse in ubuntu?06:45
cfhowlettdiverdude, probably there's a keybinding for max. screen, but I couldn't tell you what it is as I'm Xubuntu06:46
aeon-ltddiverdude: supposedly it's ctrl-alt-006:46
=== wizrd_ is now known as wizrd
PepperoniPizzasomsip, was a conflict with xfce4-volumed causing the keys to be 'swallowed'06:46
somsipPepperoniPizza: nice catch :)06:47
PepperoniPizzasomsip, took forever, now I can either get it to work using xbindkeys (no osd) or xfce-volumed shows an osd when I push the buttons but doesn't actually change volume lol ;-(06:48
PepperoniPizzasomsip, so I still have failure06:49
somsipPepperoniPizza: steps int eh rigth direction though,,,06:49
PepperoniPizzasomsip, yea atleast I know why the keys weren't even showing up06:49
PepperoniPizzacause the volumed was running ~_~06:49
aeon-ltddiverdude: did it work?06:50
lodenrogueGood morning guys. I just got Ubuntu 13 and I noticed that the screen resolution looks stretched on the vertical axis. How do I repair this?06:52
=== jayne_ is now known as jayne
=== holymacaroons is now known as holymac
aeon-ltdlodenrogue: change resolution?06:56
cfhowlettaeon-ltd, that was my guess as well ...06:57
lodenrogueChange my screen resolution06:57
lodenrogueThe detected resolutions are not the correct aspect ratio for my laptop06:57
lodenrogueIs there a way to create a custom resolution?06:58
cfhowlettlodenrogue, there is but you should have autodetected.  Might your graphics driver be at fault?  nvidia perhaps06:59
lodenrogueI'm not sure what graphics card this laptop has. I just got it today.06:59
cfhowlettlodenrogue, you might want to check that ....06:59
lodenrogueDriver is ntel® Sandybridge Mobile x86/MMX/SSE207:00
histolodenrogue: does xrandr show proper resolutions?07:00
cfhowlettlodenrogue, or run system > settings > additional drivers07:00
ss_hazeI have sandybridge and I have no problems07:00
histolodenrogue: cfhowlett In 13.xx they moved additional drivers to System Settings > Software Sources > Additional Drivers07:01
lodenrogueoh ok thanks histo07:01
ss_hazealso 12.04 is stable version07:01
cfhowletthisto, d'oh!  plus I'm on Ubuntustudio 12.04, so I'm clearly behind the times!07:01
lodenroguedamn should have gotten 12.0407:02
cfhowlettss_haze, Long Term Support ... all releases are "stable" (in theory)07:02
lodenrogueHow do I switch back?07:02
cfhowlettlodenrogue, torrent 12.04 and install.  easy07:02
lodenrogueI can overwrite this install?07:02
cfhowlettlodenrogue, of course.07:02
lodenrogueok thank you. I will give it a try07:03
cfhowlettlodenrogue, best of luck.  come back if you have questions07:03
lodenroguebe back in an hour or so. I'll let you guys know if that works.07:03
histoWhy would you have him switch to LTS rather than fix his issue...07:03
histoNow he'll just be here with issues with 12.0407:04
cfhowletthisto, ss_haze indicated that 12.04 just worked ...07:04
ss_hazeI'm giving shitty advises07:07
SarcasticDoes anyone know if Mir has been created yet?07:08
ubottuSarcastic,: Mir is the next-generation display server currently under development by Canonical and Ubuntu. It's slated for inclusion in Ubuntu 14.04. For more information on it, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mir/Spec . For code, see https://launchpad.net/mir07:08
=== calmyournerves_ is now known as calmyournerves
SarcasticDoes anyone have a good tutorial for setting screen dimensions with xorg.conf ?07:10
SarcasticI've tried before but I end up with a broken system07:11
ss_hazelast time I had to check xorg.conf was long, long time ago :> (lucky me)07:12
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
Equinox3any one know how to fix the ia32-libs error on amd6407:13
nimeshwhat is the best linux distro for ati redeon 9800 graphics card07:14
Equinox3looked all around google. added i386 architecture, still no luck07:14
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
histo!xrandr | Sarcastic07:15
ubottuSarcastic: XRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1207:15
histonimesh: any distro will do07:15
tae1hello, I want to know how to format usb flash drive in ubuntu07:15
ss_hazeEquinox3, have you considered you need pae 32 bit distro07:15
tae1please help07:15
cfhowlettnimesh, the issue isn't the distro, the issue is the graphics driver which will be pretty standard across the major distros07:16
ubottutae1,: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent07:16
ss_hazebut you probably want 64 bit OS for any means, right07:16
ss_hazebad for you, Equinox07:16
histotae1: do you know which device is your usb? e.g. /dev/sdb etc..07:17
Equinox3no skype for me then. :(07:17
histotae1: lsblk can help07:17
tae1histo: how to use lsblk?07:17
ss_hazewell, maybe you should really check if your processor isn't intel, and doesn't want pae 32 bit version07:17
Equinox3ss_haze: what do you mean?07:18
diverdudehello...i have a computer running ubuntu12.04. it has a wireless usb pin. For some reason it cannot connect to wifi...i have checked the settings in network connections, and they are exactly same as on another computer which works fine on wifi...that one is running ubuntu1210. for some reason wlan0 cannot connect....How can I find out why? (It finds the network ok, but it will not accept the password i enter even though i know its07:19
diverdudecorrect pwd)07:19
cfhowlettdiverdude, router settings?07:19
cfhowlettdiverdude, as in "admit THIS computer but not THAT computer"07:19
diverdudecfhowlett, its just set up to do dhcp07:19
diverdudecfhowlett, no i have no mac filtering07:20
Equinox3ss_haze: how do i check the processor authenticity07:20
grass7boy_is anybody familiar with ibus?07:20
grass7boy_in my ibus07:20
diverdudecfhowlett, and /etc/networking/interfaces just have default content07:20
=== MobGod is now known as Guest392
ss_hazeEquinox, I am googling it right now, but I also have 64 bit width, but it's intel, so I use 32 bit pae07:22
wizrddiverdude: did you try to connect without security? That way you can identify if it's a driver issue or a protocol issue07:22
grass7boy_when I switch my input method into chinese input07:22
grass7boy_and press shift+a07:22
monkwitdafunkEquinox3, you can use hardinfo which is aka system profiler and benchmark07:22
grass7boy_it will show a UPPERCASE character A07:23
=== Guest392 is now known as MobGod
blackwindpear os screen is flickering anyone know why?07:23
grass7boy_however, my capslock is off07:23
=== BlackoutIsHere is now known as BlackoutIsHere|O
grass7boy_is there any way to chanege the setting?07:24
cfhowlettblackwind, Pear is not supported here.  Pretty sure they have their own channel.07:26
monkwitdafunkHi ppl of freenode. I get I/O errors when doing a sha256sum and when checking my disk for defects, it is taking forever07:27
monkwitdafunkDo i have a bad disk?07:27
diverdudewizrd, no security also dont help07:28
moondancer762Please help. I am unsure if I am in the correct place. I have some general questions about ubuntu07:28
wizrddiverdude: so without security there still is no connection07:29
wizrdSeems like driver trouble then07:29
diverdudewizrd, i dont understand it because it has worked before07:29
wizrdcould be that the specific driver for your nic is included in 12.10 and not in 12.0407:30
blackwindubuntu 12.04 to 13.04 is also screen flickering in my pc :(07:30
diverdudewizrd, with the exact same hardware....then i went and did some changes in /etc/network/interfaces and it all broke down...now i have reset to original and it will not connect any longer....i have rebooted pc many times07:31
Equinox3ss_haze: monkwitdafunk the processor is Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz2999.96MHz.07:31
adscmaybe that's a new feature, blackwind07:31
adscit0s hard to tell nowadays07:31
moondancer762Someone, please help. I am unsure if I am in the correct place. I have some questions about ubuntu07:32
blackwindadsc:the version before were working fine,but 12 to 13  is the problem07:32
bazhang!manual | moondancer762 have a read07:32
ubottumoondancer762 have a read: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/07:32
bazhang!rute | moondancer762 and this07:33
ubottumoondancer762 and this: documentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com07:33
blackwindanyone please help me out?07:33
bazhang!patience | blackwind07:34
ubottublackwind: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/07:34
aleksandrрусские есть ?07:34
moondancer762Thank you ubottu. I will begin as you suggested.07:34
bazhangaleksandr, #ubuntu-ru07:34
aleksandrне получается зайти07:35
bazhang!ru | aleksandr07:35
ubottualeksandr: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.07:35
ss_hazeEquinox3: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/questions?distro=desktop&bits=32&release=lts07:35
PepperoniPizzaanyone know of an OSD that will show volume on xfce? xfce4-volumed doesn't work right07:36
wizrddiverdude: can you tell me the changes you made?07:36
=== amin_007110 is now known as amin007110
bazhangPepperoniPizza, try apt-cache search term and have a look07:36
Equinox3ss_haze: whats that link for07:37
aleksandrсервер , зайти на канал , далее #ubuntu-ru07:37
ss_haze32 bit version of ubuntu07:37
bazhangaleksandr, english only here07:38
bazhangaleksandr, /join #ubuntu-ru     <---------07:38
=== ferret___ is now known as ferret_
Equinox3ss_haze:  i don't want 32 bit lol. im good with some things not working07:39
ss_hazewell, I could not live without skype, as I have family and friends in it (damn it)07:40
Equinox3ss_haze:  i have win 7 on dual boot. :)07:41
ss_hazeEquinox3: I have one partition of ubuntu only07:42
=== jack is now known as Guest8585
pigletflyyou can try google hangout07:42
histoEquinox3: skype works on 64bit07:42
histoss_haze: Haven't you heard of multilib?07:43
ss_hazehisto: he had an error07:43
adscss_haze: you should make a last post on skype: "I've stopped using this garbage, meet me on <new software"07:43
histo!skype | Equinox307:43
ubottuEquinox3: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga07:43
diverdudewizrd, i made it work07:44
diverdudewizrd, just take out the usb plug and insert it again07:44
wizrddiverdude: I assumed you had done that already07:45
diverdudewizrd, why should that be necessary07:45
wizrdglad it works again for you07:45
wizrdpigletfly: it works!07:48
diverdudewizrd, hmm ok it seems to be pretty unstable07:49
wizrddiverdude: try another USB port.07:52
=== sykopomp` is now known as sykopomp
layer3[iris604_] test07:54
lodenrogueHey guys I just installed ubuntu 12 and I'm still getting the same problem with the resolution07:59
lodenrogueIs there any way to manually set the screen resolution?07:59
vltlodenrogue: xrandr07:59
lodenrogueHi vlt I am new to Ubuntu and linux in general. I know I have to put that in the terminal but not sure what to do with it08:00
halfvollemelkHi, i've got a quick question. I'm using an atheros USB network adapter to create a internet hotspot in ubuntu08:00
halfvollemelkthe NIC in my laptop is connected to a wireless network08:00
halfvollemelkis it possible to share the wireless internet connection using the atheros adapter?08:01
halfvollemelkor does it need to be wired?08:01
vltlodenrogue: For (nearly) every command there’s a manual. Type `man xrandr` (w/o the `)08:01
cfhowlettlodenrogue, dang.  I really hoped that would just work out of the box for you.  Please post your details and be atient.08:01
lodenrogueok thank you08:01
wizrdhalfvollemelk: looks like you want to connect to 2 different networks with one nic08:01
halfvollemelkwizrd: not exactly. i'm connected to a wireless network on my laptop, and i'm running ubuntu in VMware.08:02
halfvollemelkthe VM get's internet connection from my laptop's wireless connection08:03
halfvollemelkand i'm trying to expand it wirelessly using a USB wi-fi adapter in vmware08:03
wizrdjust to be clear on this. Ubuntu host with a VM inside. You want to share the same NIC where the host connects to your network and the VM should use the same nic as a hotspot08:05
halfvollemelkNope, laptop running VMware with ubuntu host inside.08:10
lodenroguecould I get an example of how to use the xrandr command?08:11
bazhanghttp://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/raring/man1/xrandr.1.html      lodenrogue08:13
lodenrogueok ty08:14
wizrdhalfvollemelk: let's go dutch for a single sentence08:17
wizrdDe host is waar VM in draait08:17
wizrdso the main OS is the host08:17
wizrdwhat OS is that08:18
lodenrogueok so now I need to choose what output I want my new resolution to display on. I have tried VGA, LVDS, and LVDS1 but it says it can't find those outputs. What other outputs are there?08:21
SwervzLinux doent have any back doors?08:21
SwervzUbuntu is safe?08:21
bazhang!ot | Swervz08:22
ubottuSwervz: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:22
bazhanglodenrogue, your output in a VMware virtual machine?08:23
lodenrogueI don't know. it is my laptop screen.08:23
lodenrogueWhen I try using LVDS1 it gives me this error: X Error of failed request:  BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)08:23
lodenrogue  Major opcode of failed request:  140 (RANDR)08:23
lodenrogue  Minor opcode of failed request:  18 (RRAddOutputMode)08:23
lodenrogue  Serial number of failed request:  2908:23
lodenrogue  Current serial number in output stream:  3008:23
FloodBot1lodenrogue: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:23
bazhanglodenrogue, what is the guest and what is the host08:23
lodenrogueI'm really dumb when it comes to this stuff. I don't know what guest or host is/are08:24
bazhanglodenrogue, are you simply trying to adjust the resolution on your laptop screen, with Ubuntu installed on the computer, and nothing else?08:25
lodenroguethat is what I am trying to do yes. I also have windows 7 installed but that is in another partition08:25
isnnnnwill there be support for miracast/widi in ubuntu in the near future?08:27
lodenrogueyes bazhang08:28
=== tbn is now known as Guest15299
=== vibhavp_ is now known as vibhavp
arvutdo you know who Sutekh is?08:36
lodenrogueok I figured it out bazhang08:36
bazhang!ot | arvut08:36
ubottuarvut: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:36
arvutbazhang: yeah ty bazhang, been awhile08:36
arvutbazhang: how long is 10.04 supported btw? I'm considering a downgrade on my old 2007 laptop (core2 with 2Gb RAM)08:37
bazhang!10.04 > arvut08:38
ubottuarvut, please see my private message08:38
cjsArvut: why downgrade?08:38
arvutaww, so its dropped already?08:39
arvutcjs: cause it can't run 12.04 very well08:39
arvutand it currently runs 10.1008:39
arvutmaybe even 11.04, but it has gnome 2.6 with compiz fusion in semitransparent hexacube. not the best videocard, a intel g945 or something like that08:41
arvutmight install gentoo on it instead, more customization that way08:41
blazemorearvut: For a lightweight system, look at Lubuntu (official Ubuntu derivative) or Crunchbang (Lightweight Debian derivative)08:42
arvutanyway, thx for the info. have a great day :) blazemore: I know about lubuntu and xubuntu. never liked them tho08:42
cjsArvut, you might just try xfce or something like that. Xfce on 12.04 runs quite well on my ThinkPad X60.08:46
obbeDoes anyone else have the problem of the gnome lock screen in 13.04 refusing to let you back in?08:49
blazemore!details | obbe , does it give you an error?08:50
ubottuobbe , does it give you an error?: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:50
iMnewD-Link DSL 2750U router i have. There is usb port and want to share my printer from there. I am able to print from windows but from ubuntu its not accpeting08:50
iMnewholstein: hi08:50
Solupusanyone reading the news of late?08:51
iMnewholstein: problem persists08:51
ra_phaelhi, since reinstalling raring i get compilation problems like /usr/bin/ld: note: «pthread_cancel@@GLIBC_2.2.5» est défini dans le DSO /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libpthread.so.0 /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libpthread.so.0: could not read symbols or /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libm.so.6: could not read symbols08:51
ra_phaelis there a way to resoolve this ?08:51
blazemoreiMnew: What printer do you have?08:52
blazemore!details | iMnew : What is the printer model? Can you set the printer up at all? What happens when you try to print? What do you mean by "not accepting"?08:52
ubottuiMnew : What is the printer model? Can you set the printer up at all? What happens when you try to print? What do you mean by "not accepting"?: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:52
obbeSymptoms: When lifting the blinds, it already says "authentication error". It's impossible to type. The cancel button and "log in as other user" animates when hovered., but does not work. The blinds come back down after a few seconds. The Unlock button is dead. So it doesn't work, but it's not a complete freeze. It's also impossible to switch to another terminal, but ctrl-alt-del works.08:52
obbeUnless I find another computer too ssh from, to kill gnome-shell, a hard reboot seems to be the only workaround.08:53
blazemoreobbe: Is this Gnome 3?08:54
obbeii  gnome-shell          amd64              graphical shell for the GNOME desktop08:54
obbelatest in 13.0408:54
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iMnewblazemore: ubutnu 12.04, canon mf3010, dsl dlink 2750u, arch:i386,08:58
=== sw__ is now known as sw
michaelai tried to install tor browser on ubuntu from this tutorial http://penreturns.rc.my/2012/04/how-to-install-tor-on-ubuntu-11101204.html but the last command sudo chown $USER -R ~/tor-browser/ give me this chown: cannot access `/home/michaela/tor-browser/': No such file or directory and the application does not launch08:59
lotuspsychjeiMnew: http://support-asia.canon-asia.com/P/search?model=imageCLASS+MF3010&menu=download&filter=0&tagname=g_os&g_os=Linux09:00
iMnewblazemore: what is ipp09:00
lotuspsychje!tor | michaela09:01
ubottumichaela: Tor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl09:01
iMnewhow to install ipp ubuntu09:02
histoiMnew: What is ipp?09:02
obbeiMnew: ipp: Internet Printing Protocol09:02
OerHeksiMnew, just add printer > select ipp, find the adress (same as in windows) ..09:03
michaelai now that it wold just be convenient to launch it from the launcher09:03
histomichaela: sounds like that file doesn't exist09:03
OerHeksiMnew, i would first see if that canon works by connecting directly to your machine instead of the router. canon can be a hog09:04
histomichaela: there is also a tor browser binary you can download it's like a portable browser.. You just launch it anytime you want to be anonymous09:04
=== amin_007110 is now known as amin007110
michaelathats what i thought can u direct me to a tutorial on how to script it09:04
lotuspsychjehisto: you got an url on that1?09:05
michaelaits on the torproject09:06
WhiteNighthi, how can I display the comments made in a pdf (without adobe reader)?09:06
lotuspsychjeWhiteNight: what do you mean by comments09:07
iMnewOerHeks: i did that but its not working09:09
iMnewOerHeks: canon works directly connecting to the machine09:10
WhiteNightlotuspsychje: A pdf in with text comments made to text in the pdf. With adobe reader they are displayed in a yellow box and can be closed. In other pdf viewer like evince just the text passage is yellow09:12
WhiteNightlotuspsychje: something like that http://blogs.adobe.com/techcomm/files/2011/05/AddingCommentsUsingReader1.jpg09:13
lotuspsychjeWhiteNight: you might wanna try mupdf maybe, not sure if they will show comments09:13
lotuspsychjeWhiteNight: ah i see!09:13
WhiteNightlotuspsychje: mupdf does not work09:14
OerHeksiMnew, maybe this page is any help >> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu09:14
histolotuspsychje: hold up let me gets09:19
Leo_anyone ubuntu expert online?09:19
h4ml3t__hi all09:20
blazemore!anybody | Leo_09:20
ubottuLeo_: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.09:20
h4ml3t__Leo_, how much expert?09:20
Leo_anyone else dealing with no GUI after boot?09:20
histolotuspsychje: https://www.torproject.org/download/download-easy.html.en09:20
Ben64Leo_: just ask your actual question09:20
Leo_no GUI after boot09:21
Baattithat's happened to me a few times. I can't tell you how to fix it.09:21
histoLeo_: is this a brand new install?09:21
Ben64Leo_: ok, now give more details09:21
Leo_Ive been running linux for some time now on a lab pc09:21
histoLeo_: What video drivers are you using?09:22
Leo_Im gonna tyep the whole story ina single message gimme a minute, not used to IRCs09:22
Baattiwonderful, that usually helps on IRC09:22
* histo My psychic powers are weakening09:23
BaattiI've only ever had an issue with X not starting up when I tinker with things I shouldn't be tinkering with. 1 time it did happen to me after trying to get Dual Monitor to work the way I wanted09:24
=== jamie_ is now known as vorsprung
vorsprungis 13.04 likely to become an LTS version or doesn't it work like that09:27
blazemore!lts | vorsprung09:28
ubottuvorsprung: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; with the exception of 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), which will be supported for 5 years on the desktop. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04)09:28
blazemorevorsprung: no09:28
jribvorsprung: it's every 2 years (so even.04)09:28
vorsprungblazemore: ok thanks :)09:28
freddofrogfolks I'm trying to do an install via virt-install using a local mirror that my ISP maintains.... so I'm entering the details manually.... of course the mirror has a dense tree made up of multiple distro's and versions... my question is: what part of the path is the installer looking for? just the /pub/ubuntu bit or do I need to give the path for the actual version I want or something else entirely?09:28
vorsprungjrib: ah! even numbers09:28
histovorsprung: then next lts will be 14.0409:29
Baattifreddofrog, I think that would depend on the directory tree. I would think if it's an ISP virtual installer, it would be simply /pub/ubuntu... but you know how these things go09:30
freddofrogBaatti, yeah I do :( .... I've tried a few different variations but the installer is choking on it... unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a way to even examine the error log as I'm installing a paravirt machine and can't alt-f4 to the correct VT09:31
Baattifreddofrog, I don't really know how to help you :-/09:32
freddofrogBaatti, no probs... I'll just wait 'till someone else chimes in09:32
Baattifreddofrog, can you exam the hierarchy from a browser window?09:33
freddofrogwhat is it that I'm looking for....a specific file no doubt?09:33
Baattifreddofrog, I'm assuming you'd be looking for an .iso file09:33
freddofrogit's a VM install... rather like doing a pxe install09:34
freddofrogactually scratch that09:34
Baattiyeah I've never done that09:34
freddofrogit's the same stuff that you'd provide if you were booting from a CD but wanted the packages from an ubuntu mirror... but not one of the one's the installer knows about09:34
freddofrogBaatti, nevermind... I just had idea of something else to try09:35
Baattiso then I did help!09:35
* Baatti encourages himself09:35
iceroot_freddofrog: the installer is using the normal syntax which is used in /etc/apt/sources.list  so its searching for the release name and the architecture. like this archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/raring09:36
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mayankmadaneverytime i restart my pc, .git directory from a cloned repository gets removed09:37
mayankmadandoes anyone have idea what might be the problem09:37
iceroot_freddofrog: freddofrog so you have to prodie the path where the Packages.gz can be found for each repo/architecture09:38
jivoraHi My chrome renders like this. http://picpaste.com/pics/chrome-BCZwUTUQ.1373621799.jpg some gtk or gdk issue. Thanks for help.09:38
tsesterjivora, try resetting the theme to the default one09:40
jivoratsester : This is in deployed machine. How do I do this?09:41
tsesteri think you could change the theme with some programs called : gtk-theme-switch2 or gtk-chtheme09:43
T3Xis it possible redirect output of a command as excel file format?09:43
mayankmadaneverytime i restart my pc, .git directory from a cloned repository gets removed09:43
jivoratsester : Ok Let me try that. Thanks.09:43
adscmayankmadan: where does that directory reside in?09:43
jribT3X: excel can import csv.  Maybe you can be more specific about what you are trying to accomplish?09:44
blazemoreT3X: No, but you could use sed, awk etc to make it a csv, and import that into Excel. But it would depend on the command and the nature of its output09:44
adscmayankmadan: no idea, then09:44
Baattiwho owns the directory?09:44
T3Xblazemore: i did that but the issue is all the printed columns will open in only one excel cell, i want each column goes to each cell09:45
* ss_haze listens to some music, and chills09:45
* Baatti loses himself to dance09:46
T3Xjrib: i want to save every output column to each excel cell09:46
jribT3X: what are you using as the separator for csv?  Did you make sure to select that when you import in excel?09:47
T3Xjrib: i am not yet been able to save it as csv.09:47
jribT3X: why?09:48
T3Xjrib: how do i do it jut ping localhost >> save.csv?09:48
jribT3X: sure, you may want to actually use something like a comma (',') to separate the fields though.  If you say what you actually want to accomplish in the end there may be a better way.09:50
T3Xjrib: ok one sec09:51
T3Xjrib: this is my script's output http://pastebin.com/JfWWPZET  i save the output by using ./scrip.sh >> test.txt . Now what i want to accomplish is to save the output in excel sheet and as you see there is date, upload speet or download speed and the speed; and i want each of this parameter in different cells09:56
jribT3X: grab each field with awk or cut and print them separated by commas09:57
histoT3X: then use ' ' as a seperator09:57
T3Xthis is my script  while true ; do ./speedtest.py 2>&1 | while read pong; do echo "$(date): $pong"; done | awk -F"\t" '/Download speed/ {print $0} /Upload speed/ {print $0}'; sleep 1; done how do i accomplish that09:59
histoT3X: just replace the spaces with ,09:59
=== totesmuh1oats is now known as totesmuhgoats
blazemoreWhen Linux 3.11 is released, is it going to be called Linux 3.11 for Workgroups?10:00
histoT3X: sed -i s/ /,/g somefile10:00
T3Xhisto: sed: -e expression #1, char 2: unterminated `s' command10:01
histoT3X: sed -i 's/ /,/g' somefile10:01
T3Xhisto: cant be used like this cat file | sed -i 's/ /,/g'10:02
histoT3X: or just import the file into excel or whatever and use space as the seperator10:02
histoT3X: it could without the -i10:03
histoT3X: Not sure why you want to do that though10:03
=== rajesh is now known as Guest81512
histoT3X: cat file | sed 's/ /,/g'    Is excessive use of cat but whatever10:04
blazemoreT3X: Try importing it into LibreOffice Calc first, which has a lot more options to load a CSV10:05
blazemoreT3X: Then save it to excel from there (or just keep on using Calc)10:05
histoT3X: why are you trying to add commas anyway?  What is the end goal?10:06
ikoniaI suspect a comma seperated file for old excel10:06
T3Xhisto: thanks this one solved the problem "T3X: or just import the file into excel or whatever and use space as the seperator"10:07
funkthi how do i change the keyboard shortcuts?10:09
Baattifunkt, which ubuntu version are you on?10:10
BaattiShane_, yes we hear you10:10
Shane_I just downloaded version 1310:10
funkterm 12.0410:11
Shane_and burned to a dvd r10:11
funktusing gnome10:11
vl4kn0Hi, I'd like to publish a .deb package for ubuntu but I have no idea how to specify the icon and screenshots seen in ubuntu software centre10:11
Shane_and my pc will not boot it10:11
MonkeyDustvl4kn0  #ubuntu-app-devel10:11
BaattiShane_, you need to mount the iso file, not burn it10:11
blazemorevl4kn0: If you want your application to have a screenshot in the software-center, it has to be in the repositories.10:12
Shane_I burned it with imgburn to a dvd from another pc10:12
blazemorevl4kn0: If you are interested in getting your package into the repositories, follow this question: http://askubuntu.com/questions/91296/how-to-add-a-software-to-the-ubuntu-software-center10:12
Shane_in order to boot from it?10:12
blazemoreShane_: How did you burn it to a DVD?10:12
[Gentoo]Shane_: it should10:12
vl4kn0blazemore: does the same goes for the icon? Does the package need to be in ubuntu repositories in order to have icon?10:12
blazemoreShane_: Is your computer set to boot from DVD first in this BIOS?10:13
Shane_its a macbook, I hold alt at startup and then i choose to boot from dvd10:13
MonkeyDustShane_  do you have casper et al on the dvd, or just the .iso file ?10:13
blazemorevl4kn0: Do you mean an application icon? http://developer.ubuntu.com/2012/02/how-to-prepare-a-compiled-application-for-ubuntu-software-center/10:13
Shane_all the files and folders10:13
blazemoreShane_: Do you get any kind of error message? What exactly happens when you try booting from DVD?10:14
Shane_Something along the lines of "No bootable media, please insert a bootable cd or dvd and press any key"10:14
Shane_i have booted from an old ubuntu 9 cd which works10:15
blazemoreShane_: Sounds like either a dodgy download or a dodgy burn10:15
blazemoreShane_: Use a USB flash drive to save wasting DVDs10:15
Shane_alright, ive just downloaded and am burning 12.04 instead10:15
vl4kn0blazemore: I mean this icon http://i.imgur.com/L65Hy8R.png10:15
blazemoreAny reason for 12.04 instead of 13.04 Shane_ ?10:15
Shane_13.04 didnt work the first time10:16
blazemoreYeah vl4kn0 that'll only show if you're in the Ubuntu repositories10:16
vl4kn0blazemore: I see, thank you very much10:16
blazemoreShane_: Yes but not because it was 13.04, it probably just didn't burn correctly10:16
Shane_fair enough10:16
blazemoreShane_: Did you check the md5sum of your downloaded iso?10:16
aubrmgedyHow can I run an untrusted program sandboxed?10:17
Shane_is it substantially better than 12? no10:17
[Gentoo]aubrmgedy: afaik there isnt a program like sandboxie10:17
Leo_hi again10:17
Leo_ Got a problem in runnig linux. GUI doesnt start after boot. I used command line to log in and used startx to manually start GUI. Worked with some minor screen freezes. I tried to reconfigure my nvidea graphics, closed and restarted X. Screen went blank, tried to switch to noGUI. nothing happened. Restarted PC, after boot I get a blank screen now and now even the command line access isnt working10:17
blazemoreShane_: Well I think it is, but 12.04 is long-term support. That would be the only reason I can think to use an older version10:18
Shane_ok, thanks10:18
=== ferret___ is now known as ferret_
blazemore!nomodeset | Leo_10:18
ubottuLeo_: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter10:18
Shane_if the 12.04 works, can i update from within the os?10:18
hplcwhats the easiest way to create raid0 before install? use a live-cd?10:18
blazemoreShane_: Yes but why would you? Just install 13.04 from the beginning10:18
=== fallout is now known as Guest16274
T3Xdate +"%d-%m-%y" will print month number how i do it if i wanted to print month name?10:18
blazemorehplc: yes10:18
blazemoreT3X: "man date"10:19
Leo_@ubottu, will check it out, thank mate10:19
hplcblazemore: thanks10:19
blazemoreyou're welcome Leo_ ...10:19
blazemoreT3X: you want %b or %B10:19
sotrudnikhi! I need help: E: Internal Error, No file name for libc610:20
sotrudnikmy apt-get is broken :(10:20
sotrudnikI did apt-get update etc.10:20
sotrudnikand apt-ge -f install too10:20
Leo_@blazemore, chat moved so fast didnt see your response, thanks for your response too10:21
Shane_thsanks for your help10:21
fosser_joshHi I want to install openelec.tv OS for raspberry pi on 12 SD cards. I am looking for software in ubuntu to copy sd card along with bootloader? Is anyone aware of any such software?10:25
MonkeyDustfosser_josh  like in cloning?10:29
junctionshey guys, anyone know how to listen to Jamendo on Rhythmbox?10:30
junctionsIt seems that it would no longer be supported even though it's still advertised on rhythmbox's frontpage.10:30
* Johnny_Linux wonders if unetbootin would do the job10:31
irecanyone having problems with unity hotcorners going inactive?  Cycling on/off corrects the problem but i'm not sure of root cause.10:31
fosser_joshMonkeyDust: yeah cloaning10:35
MonkeyDustfosser_josh  is this useful - other tuts advice dd, too http://superuser.com/questions/460657/cloning-an-sd-card-onto-a-larger-sd-card10:36
blazemore.youtube earl's breakdown 78 version10:36
sotrudnikcan you help me fix apt?10:36
blazemoreSorry wrong channel10:36
MonkeyDustsotrudnik  what's the output of     sudo apt-get update|pastebinit ?      paste the url here in the channel10:37
fosser_joshMonkeyDust: thanks i got this blog http://mikelev.in/2010/09/cloning-an-sd-card-on-linux/#10:37
blazemoresotrudnik: sudo dpkg --configure -a10:38
SerelijahSo, I was given an old, slow-as-a-sloth and apparently riddled-with-malware netbook to use as a guinea pig. What's the best way to go about installing Linux? Install from a boot USB, and there should be an option to install over Windows?10:38
blazemoreSerelijah: Yes10:39
sotrudnikMonkeyDust: http://pastebin.com/VqvQUYpt10:39
SerelijahIf it's also riddled with malware, will it make it any faster?10:39
blazemoreSerelijah: The malware is on Windows. You will be completely removing all of Windows' partitions10:40
sotrudnikblazemore: http://pastebin.com/ADNzFaTh10:40
=== Troy_ is now known as Guest20880
[Gentoo]Serelijah: just destroy the windows partition from a linux livecd and install on a clean partition10:40
SerelijahSure will. Boot USBs interchangeable from livecds?10:40
blazemoreSerelijah: Yes10:41
MonkeyDustsotrudnik  nothing wrong there, what's the exact error you get ?10:41
sotrudnikoh wow, after `dpkg --configure -a' apt-get -f install started to work, not complain!10:42
SerelijahGreat. While I'm looking for an empty one I have lying aorund, is there anything I should know about choosing the exact version of Linux? (such as the desktop environment)10:42
blazemoreSerelijah: if it's an old netbook, look at Lubuntu, which is based on Ubuntu but uses the lightweight LXDE desktop environment10:42
blazemoreSerelijah: There are a LOT of distributions of Linux, however. Choosing an Ubuntu official derivative, or an Ubuntu-based distribution like Mint is what I recommend for new users, as it makes it easier for them to find help10:43
SerelijahRight. Though I can always dualboot/reinstall if I need to, don't I?10:43
ss_hazebetter xubuntu, as lxde has some problems with system tray as it expands, while having some ubuntu binary loaded in memmory10:44
sotrudniknow I have this ^^^^^^^^^^10:44
blazemoreSerelijah: Yes of course10:44
crocketWhen will I see ubuntu phones and tablets?10:44
blazemore!ot | crocket10:44
ubottucrocket: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:44
SerelijahExcellent, thanks. back to looking for that bloody usb...10:44
bazhang!touch | crocket10:44
ubottucrocket: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch10:44
bazhangblazemore, thats not ot10:45
blazemoreI think it is for a support channel bazhang10:45
MonkeyDustsotrudnik  did you ever install something that was not from the repos?10:45
bazhangblazemore, #ubuntu-touch in the future10:45
blazemorebazhang: He's more likely to get a discussion about it going in ot at the moment10:45
bazhangblazemore, there s a channel for that #ubuntu-touch10:46
sotrudnikMonkeyDust: I edited sources.list to add debian's sid, because ubuntu's libreoffice base comes without report builder, which is very essential for our database solutions10:46
blazemoresotrudnik: See, you probably shouldn't do that...10:47
sotrudnikMonkeyDust: and did apt-get install --reinstall libreoffice10:47
bazhangsotrudnik, never mix ubuntu and debian repos10:47
sotrudnikblazemore: building libreoffice from source was rcommended on mail list10:47
blazemoresotrudnik: I think you should remove that debian repository, and run apt-get update10:47
sotrudnikblazemore: already reverted10:47
sotrudnikmaybe worth upgrading to 13.04? can it be done w/o reinstalling?10:50
ss_hazehappy blazing10:50
sotrudnikcan you please pastebin sources.list for 13.04?10:51
blazemoresotrudnik: Russia?10:51
sotrudnikblazemore: да10:52
blazemoresotrudnik: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5867782/10:52
sotrudnikblazemore: thanks, will try10:53
SerelijahWell, now to actually find the livecd download...10:54
blazemoreWhat have you chosen to get Serelijah ?10:55
sotrudnik1563 upgraded, 394 newly installed, 27 to remove and 0 not upgraded.10:55
sotrudnikwow (it's from apt-get -y dist-upgrade)10:55
SerelijahI'm not really knowledgeable about desktop environments10:56
blazemoreSerelijah: I'd recommend Xubuntu10:58
Serelijahv 12 or 13?10:59
otak+1 xubuntu it's light, easy to configure and personalize10:59
blazemoreSerelijah: 13.0411:00
blazemoreSerelijah: (Named after the month and year of release)11:00
AntonioLhi, can anyone help me, i cant turn on my laptop11:00
blazemoreAntonioL: What happens when you try?11:01
AntonioLfile/boot/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod not found11:01
AntonioLthis is the message, i am totally new at linuex and i am lost11:01
blazemoreWhat version of Ubuntu are you using AntonioL ?11:02
AntonioLand w711:02
blazemoreAntonioL: When did it start happening?11:02
=== jagger|away is now known as jagger
AntonioLi tried to reinstall ubuntu and wen try to turn on again message is shown11:03
blazemoreAntonioL: Was it a fresh installation? If not, what happened before it stopped working?11:03
Rand_hello everybody! I have a great problem with my vuze on ubuntu 13.04 : the window is not responding before I get the gnome 3.8 it was working perfectly, I am on vuze 5.0 is someone know what to do ?11:04
AntonioLi apologize, what do you mean with fresh?11:04
tomreynhi, i need to install ubuntu 12.04 side by side (dual-boot) with windows 7 on an eepc. windows is already installed (OEM/recovery partition) in UEFI mode. i tried with the 64-bit installer (which, in contrary to the 32-bit one, supports UEFI detection) but the system reported it cannot handle 64-bit (which surprised me, this should be an Atom CPU, but then it only has 1 GB). now i want to try with the 32-bit ubuntu installer, but i'm not next to11:04
tomreynthe system now and am a bit worried about uefi detection.11:04
tomreynor lack thereof.11:04
blazemoreAntonioL: Had it only just been installed?11:04
AntonioLit has been working without problem until today11:05
mystertyHello everybody11:05
mystertyDo you know a soft able to open a more than 2Go pdf file's ?11:06
maedoxmysterty: I would imagine all you need is Evince and a whole lot of memory11:08
zoraelDoes anyone know of a GUI application to set up font fallbacks and aliases?11:09
mystertymaedox, i have 8Giga. Evince answers : "Error: Document base stream is not seekable11:10
mystertyi tried some commands like pdftk page.pdf output fixed.pdf ou gs -dBATCH -dNOPAUSE -q -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -sOutputFile=fichier_reduit.pdf fichier_a_reduire.pdf without more success11:10
lispghosthi all11:12
aubrmgedyam i the only one to get many internal error messages in my recent 12.04 installs?11:12
lispghostI want to install ubuntu on my mobile HDD11:12
lispghosthow can I do it?11:12
mystertyaubrmgedy, nop, i also have "internal error" message almost each time i reboot, even if i never see a single bug associated :/11:14
aubrmgedyhow can in use iptables to limit a program to a single ip/port?11:16
Walexaubrmgedy: there is a specific channel for iptables/netfilter11:20
aubrmgedyWalex, thanks11:20
Walexaubrmgedy: the questions about iptables/netfilter are very specialized11:20
aubrmgedyi see11:21
sotrudnikwhat changed in windfarm module since 3.2?11:22
T3Xi ran a command to run in the backround like this "./foo.sh &" and for some reason the process get killed afet hour or two. what could be the reason, and how make running in the backroud and even after reboot?11:24
jribT3X: did you close he shell you ran it from?11:25
T3Xjrib: nop11:25
jribT3X: make your command be more verbose when it quits then11:25
hdonhi all :) why is it so easy to lock up my system hard with a single process allocating tons of memory and using all of my CPU? it seems to me that in the past, the kernel was responsive on the VT no matter what abuse a process was committing. i could Control+Alt+F1, login, and kill the process, without it taking ten minutes. these days, on ubuntu at least, it's easy to make a programming mistake and lock up my entire desktop. what can i d11:28
hdono to stop this?11:28
clemensHello, is it possible to check what happen during the boot and how long it takes?11:29
greenithi, i have accidentally locked out myself from a virtual server (iptables -P INPUT DROP), i already managed to rescue it (host has a rescue-console and i was able to chroot to the system and purge iptables)... however, if i reinstall iptables, will the policies be re-applied (so that i get locked out again), or are they reset?11:29
OerHeksclemens, try bootchart11:29
ubottubootchart charts your machine at boot time, to install >> sudo apt-get install bootchart << the graphic is in /var/log/bootchart after the next reboot11:29
schnufflegreenit: if you just launched the command, after a reboot the rules are gone11:30
OerHeksclemens that is how i found out disabling IPv6 saves me 9 sec boottime11:31
schnufflegreenit: if you saved the rules of course they will be reestablished but as you have locked out yourself I supose you sissn't11:31
greenitschnuffle, nope, i didn't save them.. phew, then i can re-install iptables and configure it the right way, thx^^11:32
buttee22hello. could i get a suggestion for a very easy simple inventory managment software? just to keep track of items coming in and out with basic info...11:33
irecgreenit: you may want to use a cron job to flush the tables every few minutes while working on them and deactivate it when done.11:34
greenitirec, oh, that's a good idea, thx11:35
OranMiam new to ubuntu and try to run a script for wine,for a certain programm, but i got some problems i paste my problem here http://paste.ubuntu.com/5867862/11:35
hdoni've just been told the problem could be in my proprietary graphics driver. fuck you nvidia11:37
=== Troy_ is now known as Troy^
aubrmgedyhow do I install a program for a specific user?11:38
buttee22 hello. could i get a suggestion for a very easy simple inventory management software? just to keep track of items coming in and out with basic info...11:39
clemensi have now my bootchart, can anyone help my a little bit? :)11:40
OranMiam new to ubuntu and try to run a script for wine,for a certain programm, but i got some problems i paste my problem here http://paste.ubuntu.com/5867862/11:41
jribOranM: you need to give more details11:41
MonkeyDustOranM  "a script for a certain program" is rather vague11:43
carnicellamauroaplease italy11:44
Pici!it | carnicellamauroa11:45
ubottucarnicellamauroa: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)11:45
OranMjrib: iver cleared the point out http://paste.ubuntu.com/5867885/11:45
aubrmgedyhow can su install a program for a specific user?11:45
schnuffleaubrmgedy: can you elaborate a bit11:50
OranMI want to make my current linux partition smaller, cause i want to install a other distro for testing stuff without deleting my currenct linux distro, but im not sure which way shall work11:50
nibbler_aubrmgedy: just put the binary in his homefolder - but why not just make it all-accessible?11:51
eyveerhi. is it possible focus selected application window by console command?11:53
schnuffleOranM: get a gparted liev usb/cd boot from it, then you can resize your partition. For the future maybe use LVM11:53
amanSharmaWhat is JuJu? And how would it affect a Google AppEngine Developer?11:54
aubrmgedynibbler_, because i don't trust the code enough11:54
OranMschnuffle: thank you11:54
BluesKajHiyas all11:54
schnuffleOranM: you're welcome11:56
auronandaceamanSharma: i don't think any of that has anything to do with ubuntu11:56
shurtagul:c can someone help me?11:56
amanSharmaauronandance: well JuJu is Ubuntu product, isn't it?11:56
shurtagul Whenever i click install (for chrome) in ubuntu software center, nothing happens ;;11:56
=== jack is now known as Guest34385
auronandaceamanSharma: oh sorry, i've never heard of it11:57
sandy123give me post installtion process11:57
amanSharmaauronandace: well next time don't repeat your mistake than11:57
ubottuJuju is a open source devops platform created to allow rapid deployment of applications in the cloud11:57
sandy123for ubuntu 10.0411:57
schnuffleshurtagul: hmm did you try to install it with terminal?11:58
shurtagulI dont know enough about the terminal to begin that11:58
shurtaguli shall google it11:59
schnuffleshurtagul: it's easy11:59
MonkeyDustshurtagul  sudo apt-get install [package name]12:00
shurtagulwould the package name be google-chrome-stable_current_i386.deb?12:01
=== remnux is now known as klsjdflksjfklsdj
MonkeyDustshurtagul  no, chromium-browser12:02
schnuffleshurtagul: okay, so you downloaded the deb package from google and want to install it? or do you want to use the open source chromium one?12:03
T3XHow to make a script run as service from the boot?12:03
shurtaguli got it12:03
shurtagul i already had the deb package12:03
shurtagulbut i used the command you told me and it's starting12:04
shurtagulthanks btw :D12:04
schnuffleT3X: you could use xinetd or daemon tools12:05
schnuffleT3X: depending on what you want to achieve12:05
clemensCan someone tell my why my ubuntu need so long to boot? I have this bootchart: https://www.dropbox.com/s/69619she2wwv19d/clemens-Inspiron-7520-precise-20130712-1.png12:05
T3Xschnuffle: i just created a script and i wanted to run 24/7 and even after reboot to start again12:06
schnuffleT3X: http://www.unix.com/man-page/Linux/8/start-stop-daemon/ should give you some hints12:10
schnuffleT3X: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1582947 some examples12:12
chinerwhat games can you play on ubuntu?12:14
lotuspsychje_!info playonlinux | chiner12:14
ubottuchiner: playonlinux (source: playonlinux): front-end for Wine. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 4.1.1-1 (raring), package size 1436 kB, installed size 3507 kB12:15
aubrmgedychiner, http://appdb.winehq.org/12:15
lotuspsychje_chiner: check steam and wine aswell12:15
=== lotuspsychje_ is now known as lotuspsychje
lotuspsychjeclemens: did you clean install or upgrade?12:16
DJones!games | chiner12:17
ubottuchiner: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php and http://www.penguspy.com/12:17
lotuspsychjeDJones: tnx for the trigger, didnt know that112:18
lotuspsychjekiwis: what can we help you with?12:21
kiwishow to connect pc using ip....12:22
kiwisi want to connect my new pc anf loptop12:23
lotuspsychjekiwis: are you on ubuntu?12:23
Qantouri1cWhere does ubunut wings it's resoltion/refreshrate for the splash screen (Automaticly configured is also equal to automaticly broken)12:23
lotuspsychjekiwis: for file transfer or remote control?12:24
kiwisfile transfer12:25
lotuspsychje!ssh | kiwis12:25
ubottukiwis: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)12:25
shurtagul-sighs- (sorry to be a nuisance) I have flash installed, but it wont load in either firefox or chromium.12:25
blazemoreshurtagul: How did you install flash?12:26
lotuspsychjeshurtagul: did you install ubuntu-restricted-extras also?12:26
shurtagulblazemore: i used software center12:26
blazemoreshurtagul: You have to close and re-open firefox/chrome, just ruling that out12:26
shurtagullotuspsychje: idk what that is, explain?12:26
shurtagulblazemore: i have12:27
lotuspsychje!info ubuntu-restricted-extras | shurtagul12:27
ubottushurtagul: ubuntu-restricted-extras (source: ubuntu-restricted-extras): Commonly used restricted packages for Ubuntu. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 57 (raring), package size 2 kB, installed size 30 kB12:27
shurtagulsorry, im not very experienced, do i sudo apt-get install that?12:28
lotuspsychjeshurtagul: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras12:28
lotuspsychjeshurtagul: its worth a try, sometimes fixes12:29
kiwisthen what about remote control?12:29
shurtagulthanks, its starting12:29
lotuspsychje!vnc | kiwis12:29
ubottukiwis: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX12:29
lotuspsychjekiwis: or teamviewer for ubuntu12:29
Qantouri1cnobody know how the ubuntu splash screen "works" ?12:33
SwedeMike!anyone | Qantouri1c12:34
ubottuQantouri1c: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.12:34
lotuspsychjeQantouri1c: what exactly you want to achieve?12:34
Qantouri1cWhere does ubuntu deteremen it's resoltion/refreshrate for the splash screen12:35
lotuspsychjeQantouri1c: is default res bad on your system?12:35
adamkQantouri1c: With most video cards, the DRM driver queries the monitor and selects the preferred resolution.12:35
Qantouri1clotuspsychje: yes: out of range12:35
=== nathaniel is now known as Guest75310
Qantouri1cadamk: so it's drm for cli, aka, framebuffer ?12:36
adamkQantouri1c: If you are using one of the DRM drivers that supports KMS, you can force a video resolution on the console with video=XRESxYRES as an option to the kernel.12:36
Qantouri1cadamk: iirc nvidia(closed) didn't like drm drivers, removing :p12:36
shurtagullotuspsychje: the terminal came to an end-user license agreement, am i done?12:37
adamkQantouri1c: That sentence makes no sense to me.  It is true that the nvidia driver requires disabling the opensource nouveau driver.12:37
lotuspsychjeshurtagul: accept the agreement and continue :p12:37
shurtagullotuspsycheje: how do i accept?12:37
lotuspsychjeshurtagul: cant you press TAB for ok?12:38
Qantouri1cadamk: atm doubting between nouveau and nvidia...12:38
aiziyuerif i forget my password, how could i do ?12:38
shurtagullotuspsycheje: not too familiar with the terminal, yes i did, thanks12:38
aiziyuerany one can give me a hand?12:39
lotuspsychje!password | aiziyuer12:39
ubottuaiziyuer: Forgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords12:39
Qantouri1cadamk: hmmm, looks like ubuntu doesn't support nvidia-closed drivers ? drm-nouveau is needed by libgl-mese is needed by xorg :(12:40
aiziyuer!password | aiziyuer12:40
ubottuaiziyuer, please see my private message12:40
Qantouri1cnot to mention gnome3 fails with old nvidia-drivers12:40
adamkQantouri1c: Ubuntu does support the nvidia proprietary driver. In fact, there are packages for it in the repos.12:41
BluesKajadamk, installing the nvidia driver unloads and removes the nouveau driver12:41
adamkBluesKaj: I never said it didn't.12:41
Qantouri1cadamk: you can't run drm drivers (by the information given earlier) and be running nvidia and exepct it to work without crashing12:41
adamkQantouri1c: Yes, I know this.12:42
Qantouri1cso that implies removing the nouveau drm drivers, witch can't be done without removing xorg according to the deps12:42
adamkQantouri1c: You don't need to remove anything...12:42
adamkQantouri1c: Installing the nvidia driver will disable the nouveau driver.12:43
aiziyuersorry , i just forget my xchart password, did it work yet?12:43
Qantouri1cadamk: then how is it giving out of range on the splash screen ?12:43
lotuspsychjeaiziyuer: you mean your nickserv password?12:44
Qantouri1cadamk: you need A driver to ruin this, also gnome3 fails on nvidia-9212:44
lotuspsychje!nickserv | aiziyuer12:44
ubottuaiziyuer: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode12:44
adamkQantouri1c: At the moment, I have no idea which driver you are using... If you're not using the nouveau driver, then something else is adjusting the terminal resolution.12:45
Qantouri1cadamk: splash is12:45
aiziyuershould i register an other on nickname instead?12:46
hadriel /msg nickserv identify hadriel12:47
BluesKajhadriel, that goes in the server text12:47
shurtagulso flash wont load on chrome, and i still get a blank screen on firefox :c12:47
lotuspsychjeQantouri1c: maybe this can help: http://askubuntu.com/questions/6033/enabling-nvidia-driver-messes-up-splash-screen12:47
hadrielyep, had a space in front of it...12:47
lotuspsychjeshurtagul: did you try a reboot?12:47
aiziyuer /msg nickserv register fuckusaber  ziyu0123456789@gmail.com12:48
shurtagullotuspsycheje: not yes :)12:48
shurtagulbrb haha12:48
chunkyheaddoes anyone know how to switch between windows of different channels or irssi?12:49
chunkyheadon tty12:49
chunkyheaddoes anyone know how to switch between windows of different channels or irssi in tty?12:49
lotuspsychjechunkyhead: wasnt it ctrl n ?12:50
Qantouri1clotuspsychje: i have the oposite issue, i have high res, but this point me to the stuff that needs a good kicking, thanks12:50
tomreynsince ubuntu dropped alternative installers, does this mean that full disk encryption is factually no longer supported?12:50
lotuspsychje!encrypt | tomreyn12:50
ubottutomreyn: For information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory12:50
tomreynlotuspsychje: full disk encryption is not "encrypted private directories", though12:50
tomreyni'm referring to FDE with dm-crypt/luks12:51
=== hadriel is now known as headbuster
otakchunkyhead: also alt-<no.of window>12:51
OerHekstomreyn, full disc encryption is now standard option in the ubuntu iso, also lvm/lvm encrypted12:51
=== headbuster is now known as hdbuster
BluesKajctrl+alt+F1 to F6 will give you 6 diffiernt windows in irssi if you want to run that many , chunkyhead12:52
tomreynOerHeks: "now" refers to which release?12:52
OerHekstomreyn, 13.04 last time i checked12:52
tomreyni was trying with the 12.04 amd64 ubiquity installer yesterday and couldn't find any mention of dm-crypt, luks, full-disk encryption, encrypted partition/device anywhere (including manual partitioning)12:53
shurtagulrebooted, still no luck ith flash ;~;12:54
BluesKajshurtagul, do you have flashplugin-installer installed12:54
sotrudnikshurtagul: flash is slow, buggy, proprietary12:54
shurtagulyes i do12:55
sotrudnikshurtagul: and avail only for 1 architecture12:55
shurtagulsotrudnik: ?12:55
sotrudnikshurtagul: I don't use Adobe(R) Flash(R) for more than 3 years12:55
lotuspsychjesotrudnik: what you using as ubuntu alternative?12:56
shurtagulsotrudnik: you dont watch videos?12:56
sotrudniklotuspsychje: hmm? html512:56
sotrudnikand sfrom.net12:56
MonkeyDustbut embedded videos don't always work in chromium, with html5 activated12:56
BluesKajshurtagul, suggest you download the linux version of flashplayer and extract it from the tarball , then copy the flashplayer.so to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins12:56
sotrudnikMonkeyDust: you can always download them12:57
shurtagulBluesKaj: how would i begin to do that12:57
BluesKajshurtagul, go to the adobe site and download the linux version , think it's the 11.212:58
tomreynactually i guess FDE with 12.04 may be possible using the server installlation image.12:59
shurtagulBluesKaj: which shousld i download, theres four options13:00
sotrudnikfifth option: nothing13:00
BluesKajadobe flashplayer for linux 11.2 version13:00
BluesKajsotrudnik, if there's deb , then that's news to me13:01
shurtagulBluesKaj: i mean, YUM, tar.gz, rpm, or apt13:01
BluesKajis the an apt , the use that13:01
hadrielWhy is my wireless card channel stuck to -1? I can't change it as well, says device is busy.13:01
blazemoreshurtagul: first, try "sudo apt-get install --reinstall flashplugin-installer"13:01
BluesKajblazemore, I had the same issue , it makes no difference13:02
OerHeksflash works fine with the prop. driver for your videocard13:02
BluesKajOerHeks,not for everyone13:02
shurtagulwhat should i do with the tar.gz?13:03
sotrudnikapt would be okay13:04
Bower^Workdoes ubuntu have something similar to ctrl+alt+del? since installing ubuntu at work i've sometimes been experiencing unresponsive applications which seems to eventually kill everything else. any ways to diagnose slowdowns/hanging would be appreciated too13:04
chunkyheadlotuspsychje: ah thanks! usually i use the terminal in that alt+right/left works but on tty it just switches between ttys13:04
BluesKajshurtagul,  right click on it and "extract here , folder will appear ., copy the flashplayer.so to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins13:04
chunkyheadotak: ^13:04
=== maxx is now known as Guest79692
MonkeyDustBower^Work  alt-f2, then type xkill and click on the frozen application13:05
chunkyheadotak: actually the one above that13:05
BluesKajshurtagul,  then you may have to reboot13:05
Bower^Workthanks MonkeyDust , i'll keep that in mind for future13:05
shurtagulBluesKaj: ok, thanks13:06
BluesKajshurtagul, i had to install it an hr ago and a reboot was needed to make it work13:06
shurtagulHow do i paste it in the plugins folder :c13:10
bgardnershurtagul: Extract it to your home directory, then from a terminal do 'sudo cp flashplayer.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/'13:13
occhas anyone installed ubuntu on aspire s7(ultrabook)? on some forums it says you need to disable RAID ..... as i understand it RAID is for combining multiple hard disks, and a lot of ultrabooks have this hybrid setup........ however every shop i go to assures me their s7 only has one hard drive in it... are they wrong?13:14
DeLorean731I'm new to mounting drives in Linux. I have a drive that is not auto-mounting (yes, the drive has issues, I'm trying to mount it so I can use ddrescue on it). Maybe it's smart to make sure it's actually not auto-mounting correctly. It is not in /media, this means it's not auto-mounting, correct? I also typed "fdisk -l" and did not see it. How can I manually mount it if I don't see it there?13:16
shurtagulcp: cannot stat `flashplayer.so': No such file or directory13:16
auronandace!mount | DeLorean73113:16
ubottuDeLorean731: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount13:16
Bower^Workshurtagul, make sure you're either CD'ed into the directory flashplayer.so sits on or provide a full path to it13:16
Bower^Workshurtagul, e.g. ~shurtagul/Desktop/flashplayer.so13:17
PiciDeLorean731: I don't think you need (or want) to mount the drive to use ddrescue.  I was under the impression that you needed to run it against the device node.13:19
bgardnerDeLorean731: Also, ddrescue works with unmounted devices, usually.  Be sure to check the docs.13:19
DeLorean731Pici: Excellent! How do I find the device node? :\13:20
PiciDeLorean731: Do you know what entry it has under /dev/ ?13:20
DeLorean731I actually see it on lsusb, but I don't know which it is under /dev/13:20
DeLorean731I'll try to figure that out, 1 sec13:20
DeLorean731I see the same number of entries in /dev with the drive plugged in and without it plugged in... I'mg uessing that means it's not showing up under /dev?13:22
bgardnerDeLorean731: Check output from dmesg after plugging it in.13:22
shurtagulso the .so file is in my home folder, i did "sudo cp flashplayer.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/" but its not found13:23
bgardnershurtagul: Do 'sudo cp flashplayer.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ | pastebinit' and give us the resulting link.13:24
BluesKajshurtagul, just copy it , then alt+f2 , sudo gedit /usr/lib/mozilla/ plugins , paste it there13:24
shurtagulcp: cannot stat `flashplayer.so': No such file or directory13:25
shurtagulYou are trying to send an empty document, exiting.13:25
Bower^Workshurtagul, presumably you aren't in the your home directory on the command line13:25
Bower^Worklike i told you, either CD there and provide a full path to the file13:26
shurtagulhow do i CD there13:26
Bower^Workcd ~13:26
BluesKajoops let me rephrase that , sudo nautilus /usr/lib/mozilla/ plugins , paste it there13:26
Bower^Worktype fl then press tab13:26
DeLorean731bgardner: scsi22 : usb-storage 2-1.1:1.013:27
DeLorean731is the last line when I plug it in13:27
bgardnerDeLorean731: Do 'dmesg | tail -n 50 | pastebinit' and give us that.13:28
bluethundrhello.. how do I restart the ssh *client* under ubuntu 13? I checked /etc/init.d and didn't find an ssh service oddly13:29
bluethundralso tried service ssh restart and service sshd restart13:29
bgardnerbluethundr: The ssh client does not run as a service.13:29
jjavaholichow would you diagnose indicator-datetime problems?13:30
bluethundrbgardner: oh ok good to know.13:30
shurtagulwhy cant i do this ;;13:30
bluethundrAny idea how I can fix annoying timeouts on the ssh client side?13:30
Bower^Workshurtagul, what do you think that does?13:30
shurtaguli dont understand bower13:31
Bower^Workyou ask why you can't do something. i'm asking what you think that something actually does13:31
DeLorean731bgardner: sorry for the delay pastebin.com/nkNKSmp013:31
shurtagulAll i want to do is get this dumb file in this dumb directory13:32
bgardnerbluethundr: Do you have timeouts when you try to connect to the IP address instead of the name?13:32
bluethundrbgardner: good question. I guess I can try that13:33
bgardnerDeLorean731: That looks like you did the command fresh after a reboot, but before plugging in the device (or it was already plugged in during the boot), is that right?13:33
DeLorean731bgardner: that is not right at all13:35
blazemorebluethundr: Edit or create the file ~/.ssh/config and add this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5868091/13:35
DeLorean731bgardner: it's one of the first things I did after waking the computer from sleep, but I have tons of things open...13:35
DeLorean731bgardner: also, the device was plugged in while I did that command13:36
DeLorean731bgardner: lsusb shows the drive interestingly13:36
BluesKajshurtagul, look in your /home/user/downloads folder , is the file there?13:36
bgardnerDeLorean731: I don't see anything in the dmesg output that would appear to relate to your device.  That may mean we just didn't capture enough of it.  Do this instead: 'dmesg | pastebinit'13:37
shurtagulthe file is in /home/libflashplayer.so13:37
shurtagulalso just noticed the name of the file, cant remember if it was always like that13:37
LongCatTHfree coupon for codeschool, first come first serve :) http://go.codeschool.com/yp6ONw13:38
shurtaguli think ive been typing the wrong name for the file13:38
shurtaguldumb me :c13:38
DeLorean731bgardner: pastebin.com/EBwcpLu513:38
Bower^Workshurtagul, use tab completion. just need to type in the first few characters then press tab13:38
Bower^Workvery handy feature of cli13:38
BluesKajshurtagul, then copy that file to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugin in your file manager13:39
shurtagulBower^Work, thanks for the tip13:39
Bower^Workshurtagul, np problem. that also works for user names and commands13:39
DeLorean731bgardner: appreciate your time btw (:13:40
bgardnerDeLorean731: Sure thing, bear with me still reading this output.13:41
DeLorean731bgardner: zero rush for free help :D13:42
EncryptHi everybody!13:42
bgardnerDeLorean731: While I'm looking, what is the relevant line from lsusb that you referred to?13:42
occif i have a laptop with a raid 0 setup in it.... and i go into the bios and delete the raid pattern, then i can install a normal ubuntu 12.04 on either disk? or i have to do some other weird stuff ?13:42
shurtagultheres a libflashplayer.so in the plugins folder, so either ive been successful and didnt know it, or that file somehow got there in previous attempts to install flash13:43
EncryptI'm looking for a way to modify the settings of a UEFI Bios from the command line13:43
xxxxxxxxhelp please..13:43
shurtagulgonna reboot now13:43
blazemore!ask | xxxxxxxx13:43
ubottuxxxxxxxx: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:43
boichevxxxxxxxx, just ask man :)13:43
xxxxxxxxwhile partitioning my hard disk, the live usb got detached ands now my hard disk isn ot visible.13:44
xxxxxxxxplease help.13:44
EncryptIt seems it is possible on a simple BIOS installing a correct configuration of /dev/nvram13:44
blazemorexxxxxxxx: Can you see it when you run the gparted partition manager from the LiveCD?13:44
blazemorexxxxxxxx: Are you on the LiveCD now?13:44
xxxxxxxxfor the first time i did, then after that its not.13:44
wizrdxxxxxxxx: does it stull show up in the BIOS?13:44
DeLorean731pastebin.com/rQfFNRyX - you can see before/after plugging in13:44
occalso apparently you can disable raid in ubuntu live cd with sudo dmraid -E -r /dev/sda, is there any difference to doing this and how you can apparently disable raid in the BIOS? is one method safer?13:44
blazemorexxxxxxxx: Then it's not plugged in13:45
wizrdor RIP13:45
EncryptBut on my Gigabyte Motherboard, I can see there are changes but I can't change it... :(13:45
xxxxxxxxit is, physically its not touched. while partitioning, some error occured13:45
EncryptApparently, people succeeded on "simple BIOSes"13:45
blazemorexxxxxxxx: Can you please run the command "sudo fdisk -l" in a terminal and paste the output on http://paste.ubuntu.com, then paste the resulting URL back into this channel13:45
xxxxxxxxnot detecting the harddisk13:46
xxxxxxxxblazemore: not detecting the hard disk13:46
blazemorexxxxxxxx: What's the URL of the paste please?13:46
xxxxxxxxonly th epen drive is shown in th eop13:46
xxxxxxxxi didn paste it. just telling oyu.13:46
blazemorexxxxxxxx: Can you please run the command "sudo fdisk -l" in a terminal and paste the output on http://paste.ubuntu.com, then paste the resulting URL back into this channel13:47
shurtagulflashplayer still poop13:48
blazemorexxxxxxxx: Is that the entire output?13:48
bgardnerDeLorean731: Is that a drive enclosure we're working with?13:48
xxxxxxxxblazemore: yes13:48
blazemorexxxxxxxx: I don't think it is13:48
xxxxxxxxit is13:48
blazemoreUsually fdisk -l gives head/sector/track/etc information before that part13:49
SP33Dhi having a heavy problem13:49
SP33Di wanna do ps -aux and i get: couldn't allocate memory13:49
xxxxxxxxblazemore: got yu dat, but thats the info of pen drive13:49
blazemorexxxxxxxx: So it looks like that /dev/sda1 is your 4GiB USB flash drive which you're using as a LiveCD?13:49
xxxxxxxxblazemore : yes13:50
SP33Dwhat can i do any ideas :D13:50
=== BlackoutIsHere|O is now known as BlackoutIsHere
DeLorean731bgardner: sorry again for the delay, yes it's a drive enclosure13:50
blazemorexxxxxxxx: If it's really not being detected by the BIOS, it won't be detected in Linux either (or Windows, or anything else) - you could try resetting your BIOS to default settings13:50
xxxxxxxxdoes partitiioning error leads to physical damaage of hdd?13:51
blazemorexxxxxxxx: It's unlikely pulling the LiveUSB out during the partitioning process will break a drive to the extent it can never be used again13:51
blazemorexxxxxxxx: Although I am concerned it's not displaying in the BIOS13:51
SP33D-bash: fork: Cannot allocate memory13:51
SP33Dis the exact error :D13:51
blazemoreSP33D: what about "free -m"13:51
xxxxxxxxit  did, i was resizing one partitioning13:51
blazemoreHow much RAM do you have SP33D ?13:52
xxxxxxxxyeas, bios says, no hard disk drive and start up says  " a disk read error has occured"13:52
wizrdxxxxxxxx: check if you can hear it spin13:52
sotrudnikhi again; I still have problem with locales: http://pastebin.com/gbkh3XMn13:52
SP33Dshould be round about 32 gig13:52
sotrudnikin terminal, russian letters are just ????13:52
blazemoreSP33D: You have 32 gig of RAM?13:52
sotrudnikand I cannot cd to directory13:53
SP33Dsure its a rack blade from hp13:53
SP33Dits a server13:53
david_Hey. Does anyone know a cheap SBC with wifi?13:53
xxxxxxxxwizrd : i am not sur i am hearing fan or hdd.13:53
SP33Dbut never got such a error :D13:53
blazemoresotrudnik: Looks like you're trying to use a PPA there - 2.13+git20120306-9 isn't an official Ubuntu version string afaik13:53
SP33Dthat my processes can't get showed :D coz less memory13:53
sotrudnikblazemore: I'm using your sources.list13:54
xxxxxxxxblazemore: any recovery tools in deb format?13:54
occif i have a laptop with raid setup on it, is "sudo dmraid -Er /dev/sda" and " /dev/sdb " all i need to do to be able to replace windows with a normal ubuntu 12.04 install? or i have to do disable raid stuff in the bios too?13:54
blazemoresotrudnik: Yes but check in /etc/apt/sources.list.d that's where PPAs live13:54
sotrudnikdeb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu precise partner #Added by software-center13:54
DeLorean731bgardner: should I not be using an enclosure? I'm on a laptop so plugging it in hasn't really been an option13:54
sotrudnikonly one file there /etc/apt/sources.list.d/precise-partner.list13:54
blazemoreocc: It depends on the implementation of RAID, but to be sure, you might as well set your drives to ACHI in BIOS13:55
sotrudnikwith only one line I postd above13:55
blazemoresotrudnik: try "sudo apt-get update" first13:55
sotrudnikblazemore: did; the same13:55
blazemorexxxxxxxx: No because your drive hasn't even been detected by the BIOS13:55
occthanks blaze. i will try that too13:56
blazemoresotrudnik: You really broke a lot when you added those Debian packages earlier. Try "sudo apt-get install --reinstall libc6"13:56
bgardnerDeLorean731: You have something strange happening with that device.  Try to get your machine as idle as possible, then unplug the USB drive, count 5 and plug it back in.  Once done, immediately do 'dmesg -n 100 | pastebinit' and give us the link.13:56
sotrudnikblazemore: Reinstallation of libc6 is not possible, it cannot be downloaded.13:56
blazemorebgardner: He's running off a USB drive, his problem is with his internal hdd13:56
xxxxxxxxblazemore: it was once detected before i had tried to start my pc without liveusb..13:57
SP33Dok i am out of memory i think :D13:57
SP33Dnow i cant even edit a file :D13:57
bgardnerblazemore: I'm aware, but the USB device appears to auto-disconnect within 2 seconds of plugging it in.13:57
blazemoresotrudnik: sudo apt-get remove locales; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get -f install13:57
BluesKajshurtagul, using chromium ?13:57
blazemoreMy apologies bgardner I thought you were talking about xxxxxxxx13:58
sotrudnikblazemore: 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.13:58
DeLorean731bgardner: when you mean idle as possible, kill all processes not vital to the system running?13:58
blazemoresotrudnik: that happens when you run sudo apt-get remove locales?13:58
david_ Does anyone know a cheap Single board cp with wifi?13:58
bgardnerDeLorean731: Nothing so drastic - just try not to have too much going besides the IRC client and the terminal.13:58
xxxxxxxxblazemore : what should i do?13:58
DeLorean731irc is on another computer, so win!13:59
blazemorexxxxxxxx: Did you try resetting your BIOS to default settings?13:59
xxxxxxxxwait i will be ack .. hacv eto restartr my pc.13:59
blazemoreOK xxxxxxxx13:59
shurtagulBlueKaj, I have both chromium and firefox14:00
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=== jelatta_away is now known as jelatta
BluesKajshurtagul, have you tried firefox ?14:03
wizrdxxxxxxxx: HD is connected correctly?14:03
wizrdpower / SATA14:03
sotrudnik"E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages" << is there any way to "unhold" them all14:03
blazemoresotrudnik: It's quite likely you irreversibly broke your package manager earlier14:03
shurtagulBluesKaj, yes, Ive tried both, im about to give up until later :c14:03
blazemoresotrudnik: if the usual "sudo apt-get update; sudo dpkg --configure -a; sudo apt-get -f install" doesn't work then idk14:04
BluesKajshurtagul, ok which siters arte giving trouble , can you post one url here pls14:04
sotrudnikblazemore: dpkg --configure -a does absolutely nothing14:04
shurtagulby the way, is it possible to play a flash game in a flash projector if i dont have flash plugin?14:05
sotrudnikblazemore: how to turn apt to believe my std c lib an locales and other low-level stuff is okay14:05
blazemoresotrudnik: Try removing download cache with "sudo rm /var/cache/apt/archives/*.deb"14:05
shurtagulBluesKaj, all sites wont work14:05
blazemoresotrudnik: then try "sudo apt-get update; sudo dpkg --configure -a; sudo apt-get -f install" again14:05
sotrudnikblazemore: configure -- nothing; -f install -- 0/0/0/014:06
bgardnerDeLorean731: Any luck on the disconnect/reconnect/dmesg instructions from earlier?14:06
BluesKajshurtagul, ok , give me one anyway14:06
coreyoDoes anyone know of a way that I can have a samba share mounted for a user when they log in (without an entry in the fstab)?14:06
shurtagulBluesKaj, youtube, transformice, and 1channel are the only ones ive tried14:07
DeLorean731bgardner: my dmesg doesn't like your -n 10014:08
DeLorean731"cat: 100: No such file or directory" - cat /var/log/dmesg -n 100 > ~/pastebin14:08
bgardnerDeLorean731: Oof, that's my fault: 'dmesg | tail -n 100 | pastebinit'14:09
DeLorean731ah my bad >.<14:09
DeLorean731if I were more familiar with linux commands I would have realized that14:09
dakotawulfycoreyo  u can mount it with pynieghborhood14:10
dakotawulfycoreyo sorry you can mount it with pynieghborhood14:11
DeLorean731bgardner: pastebin.com/U6JJUWgb14:11
coreyodakotawulfy: does that do a real mount, or a pseudo mount (like when you're browsing the network through nautilus) ?14:11
T3XHow to make a script run as service?14:12
dakotawulfywell it does ask for sudo14:12
dakotawulfyto mount it14:12
bgardnerDeLorean731: And this output is taken shortly after unplugging and re-plugging that enclosure?14:12
coreyodakotawulfy: ahh, that kind of defeats the point if the user needs sudo permissions14:13
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occwhats the difference between "mdadm --stop" and "dmraid -E -r " ?14:13
coreyois there a group that you can put the user in to give them permission to mount?14:13
DeLorean731bgardner: yes14:13
coreyoor a policy to set?14:13
DeLorean731bgardner: should I try one more time? maybe a 10 second delay?14:13
dakotawulfyno  it ask for sudo on their system then it has a setup for the password u want for the shared14:14
bgardnerDeLorean731: Please do, I'm going to work up something else for you in the meantime14:14
DeLorean731bgardner: 10 second delay between unplugging/relplugging - pastebin.com/SwuBeVyH14:15
Neo31hello folks14:17
bgardnerDeLorean731: Do this: 'lsusb -d 152d:2338 -v | pastebinit'14:18
BluPhenix316hmm i have a weird problem, when i was loading ubuntu 12.04, the kernel seen my usb 3.0 port and the hard drive i had plugged in, but as soon as ubuntu booted and tried to access it, i got an error message, and then the device disappeared14:19
BluPhenix316it works fine if i plug it into a usb 2.0 port14:20
DeLorean731bgardner: pastebin.com/E5vZ5wmK FYI this yielded the warning:14:20
DeLorean731"Couldn't open device, some information will be missing"14:21
=== Guest98373 is now known as Debolaz
MadwillHi i'd like to have ubuntu 12 restart everyday at 8am is that easily doable ?14:24
jram0421is there anyway to boot isos off an external hard drive14:25
jribMadwill: yes, but it's an odd thing to want.  You can use crontab if you really want to do that14:25
bgardnerDeLorean731: Understood, we'll come back to that.  Try this: 'sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit'14:26
Madwillthanks its a special installation that runs tons of shit and somehow sometimes get stuck14:26
jribMadwill: fix the "stuckiness" :)14:26
KaiForceServer 13.04 error "problem reading from your CDROM" during Load Installer components from CD.  Same CD used to install to VMWare ESXi.  This is to physical machine.  Is this a known issue with certain hardware?14:27
DeLorean731bgardner: that drive does NOT show up on fdisk -l, pastebin anyway?14:27
bgardnerDeLorean731: No, no need.  One moment.14:27
KaiForcemd5sum on CD matches the ISO14:27
DeLorean731sda is all that shows up on that14:28
jram0421Can you boot the ubuntu iso off a usb hard drive? Im on windows 8.1 and it sucks14:29
blazemoreyes jram0421, my preferred tool is Linux Live USB14:29
dakotawulfyDeLorean731 is that a usb drive u are having problems with  and u do not see it in a program like gparted?14:29
bgardnerdakotawulfy: It's a USB enclosure.14:29
iam_sudipi am using linux mint mate 13. I have python-docutils 0.8 installed. i want to install 0.10 version but when i do sudo apt-get install python-docutils it says it is already up to date.14:30
dakotawulfyok some time u have to have a cable with 2 usb plugs on one end to give it more power14:30
dakotawulfyor a power cable14:30
DeLorean731dakotawulfy: the drive DEFINITELY has issues. Plugged in with a SATA cable on a windows box I ran a bunch of data recovery software and all it got was read errors (1/3 of the programs I tried could even see the drive) this is all an effort to run ddrescue on it14:31
DeLorean731dakotawulfy: gparted does not see this drive14:31
bgardnerDeLorean731: Is it powered from a separate cable, or does it draw all power from the USB?14:32
amrit_can anybody help me with LVM layout which i acidentally applied and now i can't see ntfs drives which has lots of important data14:32
DeLorean731bgardner: I actually have a sata power plug from a desktop PSU powering it14:32
DeLorean731bgardner: let me link you to the exact usb thing I'm using, it is not powered (hence the powering from PSU)14:33
bgardnerDeLorean731: Last thing I can think of, try this: 'dir /dev/disk/* | pastebinit'.  If that fails to show the USB-to-device mapping, then I think your enclosure is defective.14:33
DeLorean731bgardner: pastebin.com/q576FC6414:34
DeLorean731bgardner: using something like this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/USB-2-0-to-IDE-SATA-2-5-3-5-Hard-Drive-Converter-Cable-/231008391111?pt=US_Drive_Cables_dapters&hash=item35c92c4fc714:35
aaronjlinhi all, I recently found the debian handbook (http://debian-handbook.info) and I was wondering if there was something similar for ubuntu, a sysadmin guide for ubuntu rather than a beginner-level user guide14:36
aaronjlinsomething very in-depth for ubuntu server14:36
bgardnerDeLorean731: Ok, I'll check that.  And I had a typo in my command, sorry.  Here is the correct one: 'dir -Fl /dev/disk/* | pastebinit'14:36
amrit_can anybody help me with LVM layout which i acidentally applied and now i can't see ntfs drives which has lots of important data14:37
DeLorean731bgardner: pastebin.com/rpujn7XB14:38
bgardnerDeLorean731: Okay, that command shows it.  Try 'sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb | pastebinit'14:39
KaiForceamrit_: did you verify your backups?14:39
DeLorean731bgardner: blank :\14:40
amrit_i didn't backup it was by mistake i ticked in the installation and after that i can't see ntfs drives14:40
iam_sudipi am using linux mint mate 13. I have python-docutils 0.8 installed. i want to install 0.10 version but when i do sudo apt-get install python-docutils it says it is already up to date.14:40
iam_sudipIf i am in wrong channel please say me that.14:40
somsip!mint | iam_sudip14:40
ubottuiam_sudip: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org14:40
iam_sudipI thought linux mint and ubuntu are same little different so i asked.14:40
bgardnerDeLorean731: Not good, if you were expecting to find partitions on that drive.14:41
iam_sudipok. thanks.14:41
DeLorean731bgardner: I was going to attempt to recover some files, I don't expect to ever be able to boot into the drive14:41
Pess_I have a bluetooth adapter in my laptop but ubuntu 13.04 doesn't detect it. Here's lspci: http://pastebin.com/PfeePQz8 . a14:41
bgardnerDeLorean731: If you WERE expecting a blank drive, you can go ahead and try to build partitions with fdisk, up to you.14:41
Pess_I have a bluetooth adapter in my laptop but ubuntu 13.04 doesn't detect it. Here's lspci: http://pastebin.com/PfeePQz8 . Any help?14:41
DeLorean731bgardner: I wasn't expecting a blank drive, I'm trying to recover some files for a friend14:42
Darael!serverguide | aaronjlin - I think the closes thing we have is this:14:42
ubottuaaronjlin - I think the closes thing we have is this:: The Ubuntu server guide may be found at http://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/14:42
bgardnerDeLorean731: In that case, you could try another port, or a powered USB hub.14:42
aaronjlinDarael -- thanks, will check it out14:43
Daraelaaronjlin: It's not *quite* as in depth as the Debian handbook, but it's that order of thing.  And much of the stuff in the Debian Handbook will be applicable to Ubuntu as well.14:43
DeLorean731bgardner: I have a powered hub right here, I'll try that now14:43
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
bgardnerDeLorean731: Other than that I'm afraid I'm about out of ideas.14:43
DeLorean731bgardner: you've been incredibly helpful, I really appreciate it14:43
unknown_had2hello please tell me where is temp file is created in ubuntu14:43
unknown_had2I am creating temp file via java14:43
Daraelaaronjlin: One can adjust the release number in the URL for the Server Guide as appropriate.  Just a note.14:43
KaiForceamrit_: important data has backups.  This was just data.   That being said, you might try something like http://www.ntfs.com/recovery-toolkit.htm14:44
Daraelunknown_had2: In general, on *nix systems, including ubuntu, temporary files go in /tmp or ~/.cache.  Which is appropriate should be easy enough to determine from the name.14:44
kostkon_Pess_, to make sure it isn't being recognised, in a terminal give:   hcitool dev    without sudo in front. do you get any output?14:44
bgardnerunknown_had2: Also, the JDK provides for getting access to the temp file path.  Check the JDK docs.14:45
DeLorean731bgardner: with a powered up, sdb is still blank14:45
DeLorean731oh well, I"ll try to actually use sata connections to the mobo when I get home14:45
Pess_kostkon_, outputs "Devices: "14:45
kostkon_Pess_, ok14:45
bgardnerDeLorean731: If you can, I would use another enclosure or similar device.  Sounds like this one may not be working, or may not like this drive.14:45
=== Subo1978_ is now known as Subo1978
DeLorean731bgardner: will do (:14:47
unknown_had2bgardner, thnks , let me check :)14:47
kostkon_Pess_, http://askubuntu.com/questions/235285/ubuntu-12-04-bluetooth-rt329014:48
=== unknown_had2 is now known as unknown_had
Amrit_please anybody help me with LVM LAyout which i by mistake applied before ubuntu installation and now i can't see my ntfs drives14:49
=== unknown_had is now known as unknown_had2
Amrit_please anybody help me with LVM LAyout which i by mistake applied before ubuntu installation and now i can't see my ntfs drives14:51
KaiForceRe:  my issue with cdrom that burnt/verified OK was incompatibility between the media and the drive.14:52
Pess_kostkon_, very weird. rfkill list lists only my wireless connection and the other suggestion doesn't work too. :(14:53
=== BadLarry_ is now known as BadLarry
jram0421Ive booted from the usb hhd with the ubuntu live on it but i need help partioning14:53
jram0421can someone help me partion for 13.0414:55
KaiForceAmrit_: You've overwritten your partition table.  You are going to to hope there is software that can a) scan for and identify NTFS volume and b) recover it.  first thing I would do is make an image of the mess you've made, and work off of a copy so you don't make things worse.14:55
StathisAany recommended blogs that have tutorials on ubuntu server administration???...i mainly learn by examply or test cases14:56
kostkon_Pess_, yeah, apparently many people are having issues with ralink's bluetooth chips. you could check this forum post http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=211557014:56
jram0421Can someone help me14:57
bgardner!ask | jram042114:57
ubottujram0421: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:57
gui_why can't ubuntu resolve DHCP issues after boot and allow me to log in faster? :(14:58
Amrit_KaiForce : so can my files be recovered ?14:59
=== s1aden is now known as sladen
jram0421Amrit_:  no your files are totally gone14:59
Pess_kostkon_, atleast the wireless connection is working ;)15:00
kostkon_Pess_, :P15:00
jram0421IM booting from a usb hdd and its tring to install to it and i know i need to partiton manually but i need help15:01
=== aaron is now known as datname
KaiForceAmrit_: I have no way to tell you that.  I only know what you told me.15:03
Amrit_will testdisk do any good15:03
KaiForceno, did you look at the link I sent?  those folks may have some good advice for you.15:04
Amrit_KaiForce : will testdisk do any good15:04
mithranhow can i access a shared folder of ubuntu from windows15:04
FloodBot1xwix: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:04
mithranhow can i access a shared folder of ubuntu from windows.15:05
KaiForceAmrit_: what are you going to test for?  You need to scan the drive with software...  Never mind I already told you this.15:06
KaiForceDo what I said, I'm done advising.15:06
mithranirreverant:  am using samba but cant connect it asking the network password15:06
zertyuhello there15:07
zertyuanyone ?15:07
ikoniaanyone what ?15:07
SurbI've a wierd problem on Ubuntu. Or atleast that's what I think ! I am not able to open some sites like github, deviantart. The site just keeps on loading forever. I currently use firefox.15:07
zertyutop chrono15:07
mithranirreverant: but when i am entering the password it fails to connecr15:07
ikoniazertyu: do you speak English ?15:07
zertyuyes of course15:07
zertyuwhat about you ?15:07
KaiForceSurb:  is this a new system?15:07
ikoniazertyu: do you need help with an ubuntu issue ?15:07
zertyuyou don't speak english ?15:07
zertyutop chrono15:08
ikoniazertyu: if you need help with an ubuntu issue, it would be good if you could form a question in English rather than random words15:08
KaiForceSurb:  is this a new install or have you been using this system without issues before.15:08
zertyueach time if i need to change to an user from my console15:08
zertyuterminal i15:08
mithranhow can i find the network password15:08
zertyui have to sudo su -  uerone and enter the password15:09
mithranplease help me15:09
ikoniamithran: what network password, what do you need to do ?15:09
SurbI am using this system for some months. I've had these issues before too. I currently use Ubuntu 12.0415:09
mithranhow can i access a shared folder of ubuntu from windows.15:09
zertyui would like to simply that task to making an alias15:09
ikoniamithran: what are you not clear about15:09
zertyubut still don't know how to do it ?15:09
KaiForceSurb:  is the system directly connected to the internet, or do you have a router/firewall?15:09
zertyudo you know ikonia ? ?15:09
SurbI've a wired dial up connection.15:10
ikoniazertyu: I'm still waiting for you to ask a clear question in English15:10
SurbI don't have any firewall.15:10
zertyui would like to use15:10
mithranikonia:  i'm using ubuntu 13.04  and i want to share a folder using samba but it could not be accessed from another windows computer15:10
SurbAnd no router too.15:11
ikoniamithran: ok, so what's the issue accessing it ?15:11
KaiForceSurb:  this could be an MTU issue.  You might try making your MTU smaller.  I cannot advise you on how but the symptoms you describe are consistent with an MTU that is too large15:11
mithranikonia:  it asks a network password but i dont know the ntwork password15:12
SurbSorry for being a noob, bu what is a MTU ?15:12
ikoniamithran: the network password will be the password of the account sharing the directory15:12
=== Sazpaimon_ is now known as Sazpaimon
mithranikonia: i tried my username and my login password it does not work15:12
KaiForceSurb:  it is basically the largest size a packet can be.15:12
ikoniamithran: is it your account that's sharing it ?15:13
schnuffleSurb: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-change-mtu-maximum-transmission-unit-of-network-interface-in-ubuntu-linux.html15:13
mithranikonia:  how can i find the account sharing the directory15:13
KaiForceIf you are configured for an MTU larger than what your connection supports, you get symptoms exactly as you describe15:13
ikoniamithran: it's the account you used to share it15:13
SurbKaiForce: Thanks, checking it ....15:13
mithranikonia: login account15:13
mithranikonia: ????15:13
ikoniawhat ?15:13
mithranikonia: login account ????15:14
ikoniamithran: what do you mean "login account ????"15:14
mithranmy computers login user name and password?15:14
mithranikonia: my computers login user name and password?15:14
thebishopis anything running a recent (< 1 year) laptop with AMD muxless hybrid graphics?  how's the experience?  battery life?  hardware support?15:15
Picimithran: typically15:15
th0rPici, smbpasswd?15:15
schnufflethebishop: i've a couple of AMD E2/A4 APUs running fine15:15
thebishopschnuffle, what model?15:16
thebishopwhat laptop i mean15:16
mithranPici: th0r how can i find my smb password15:16
th0rmithran, if you are using samba to share the folder, you need to define a password using smbpasswd15:16
schnufflethebishop: lenovo thinkpad the cheapest, bought it for my mother15:16
NoiseEeehi folks, will a "sudo mount -t cifs //share/etc //local/etc -o user=USER" persist over reboots, and if not, how to make it so?15:17
th0rmithran, assuming ubuntu hasn't changed any of that lately.15:17
schnuffleNoiseEee: no, you need to create fstab entry15:17
anshulkHI everyone, i need to compare and edit two c source files, any app for that ???15:17
ac_slaterHey guys, I need kernel-source... whats the package for 12.0415:17
dat789Hi! I noticed I had to ssh-add every time after a reboot. Is there a way to automate this so that I don't have to key in my passphrase at every reboot?15:17
NoiseEeethanks schnuffle will look15:17
schnuffleanshulk: somesthing like diffstat?15:17
ac_slateranshulk: vimdiff15:17
mithran Pici th0r ikonia it worked thanks alot lol15:18
mithranThanks alot15:18
schnuffleNoiseEee: be aware that the CPU power is really low, but for the classic mail/surf ... thing its perfect15:18
NoiseEeeschnuffle: looking to mount a share on my VM to develop on it from ubuntu, should be fine yes/15:19
schnuffleNoiseEee: not sure if the E2 has virtual extensions15:19
Surbschnuffle: Thanks checking it ...15:20
schnuffleSurb: you're welcome15:21
raubHow to find out which package (installed or otherwise) a given file or directory belongs to15:21
schnuffleraub: you can install apt-file15:21
Stanley00raub: or use "dpkg -S path/to/file"15:22
Surbschnuffle: The solution isn't much detailed for dial up connections. Moreover I've tried it. I changed the mtu packet size from etc/ppp/options. I disconnected and reconnected the connection, but still doesn't seem to work15:23
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KaiForceSurb:  you need to gradually reduce it until the problem disappears15:24
anshulkhow to make vimdiff display all the lines instead of just those having differences ?15:24
schnuffleSurb: i haven't closely followed your problem, so i'm not uptodate15:24
=== anev_ is now known as anev
KaiForceSurb: or better yet, contact your provider and see what it should be15:24
anshulkhow to enable wrapping in vim ?15:25
thebishopschnuffle, oddly enough, i find cheap laptops tend to work great on linux.  it's more power-user models with cutting edge features that suffer.15:26
wheatthinanshulk, did you bother to check the man page for vim?15:26
schnufflethebishop: my experience backs up your statement15:26
SurbKaiForce, It has happened earlier too !  I called for support. He brought a Windows laptop and showed me that internet was running without hitch ! Moreover I've contacted him to check for any network problems, but it seems to be an issue with the system.15:27
thebishopschnuffle, good thing power users don't use linux ;)15:27
SurbKaiForce, I would try  reducing size...15:28
schnufflethebishop: i would could myself as power user :)15:28
Surbschnuffle, what do you want to know ?15:28
schnuffleSurb: I only know that somebody guessed it could be a MTU problem and that apparenlty the problem is on a dial up line15:29
arun_gpHello Everyone15:29
arun_gpCan you guys help me with suPHP?15:29
blazemore!ask | arun_gp15:30
ubottuarun_gp: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:30
arun_gpI know it is slow + Sebastian Marsching announced END OF LIFE on http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.comp.php.suphp.general/115115:30
arun_gpHowever I have to create a documentation...15:30
schnufflethebishop: if you want to use virtualization you need AMD > A$15:30
arun_gpHowever I have to create a documentation...15:30
arun_gpI have described my problem here - http://pastebin.com/vbsAkpQt15:30
arun_gpAny help would be appreciated :)15:30
thebishopschnuffle, i'm not buying any laptop with AMD CPU right now.  God AMD on desktops, but Intel rules the laptop game.15:31
thebishop*Got AMD15:31
Surbschnuffle, I felt the same too ! But my internet provider has checked for same problem earlier. I don't want to call him again. Because this has happened earlier too ! Earlier I ended up with reinstalling the system.15:31
schnufflethebishop: aaah okay15:31
thebishopbut AMD discrete graphics, maybe.  had my eye on the Samsung Series 7 Chronos which has AMD 887015:32
thebishopstill haven't seen any reports of Ubuntu running on it15:32
thebishopand now i feel like waiting for these new retina-beating LCDs15:32
thebishop3200x1800 in a 13" display... drool, just give me 14"+ and I'm sold15:32
schnuffleSurb: okay surb I checked back. so you dialup have aconnection but some site fail to load?15:33
schnuffleSurb: what kind of dialup do you have? old modem V.90 style?15:34
wheatthinarun_gp, so you're having trouble enabling php in the apache conf?15:34
Surbschnuffle, Yeah ! I pinged the sites through terminal and the sites which weren't loading took hell lot of time to recieve all the packets15:34
arun_gpwheatthin: Nope...My PHP DSO is working fine and running the PHP scripts normally...15:36
schnuffleSurb:  so the problem is only with some specific sites? check the routes. could be due to your ISP having bad peering connections, have you checked your logs?15:36
wheatthinso what's your question?15:36
Surbschnuffle, I really don't know much about modems :-)15:36
ac_slaterHey guys, I need to build a module against my kernel kernel. I have headers installed, but do I need kernel sources?15:36
Surbschnuffle, where do I find logs ?15:36
arun_gpwheatthin: My PHP scripts are not working with suPHP - I have described my problem here - http://pastebin.com/vbsAkpQt15:37
schnuffleSurb: syslog is under /var/log/syslog15:37
wheatthinthen it must be a problem in your script lol15:37
Surbschnuffle, thanks ! checking it ...15:37
=== SmokeyD_ is now known as SmokeyD
arun_gpwheatthin: You mean suPHP and PHP DSO treat the PHP scripts differently !!!15:38
schnuffleSurb: and with tracepath github.com you could check the path to the site that has problem15:38
schnufflesudo tracepath .....15:38
wheatthinI have no clue what suPHP is.. is it a package within ubuntu repo?15:39
Surbschnuffle, what do I check in syslog. There are so many lines of things I don't understand !15:39
ikoniait's EOL15:39
ikoniaso there is no point in it15:39
rahuleshi, I'm trying to connect to a Windows Ad-hoc wifi network from Ubuntu 13.04. Ubuntu shows the wifi network name in the network panel indicator, but nothing happens when I click on it.15:39
arun_gpwheatthin: :)15:40
blazemorerahules: Can you connect to any other wireless networks?15:40
arun_gpwheatthin: suphp.org15:40
phixarun_gp: This may not be useful but you can use other scripting or even programming languages to create web applications with, you are not limited to PHP.  The django framework (python) and wicket framework (Java Servlets) for example.15:40
wheatthinarun_gp, if not, it's not an ubuntu problem m815:40
rahulesblazemore: yes, I can connect to other networks15:40
DaughainHow do I setup shares via nautilus?15:40
phixDaughain: I have already told you15:40
arun_gpsuPHP is END OF LIFE - http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.comp.php.suphp.general/115115:40
phixDaughain: What are you having issues with?15:40
arun_gpBut I want to write a documentation for my students...15:40
rahulesblazemore: it's the first time I am trying it with a windows ad-hoc wifi n/w15:41
DaughainAnd, I dont get SHARE as an opti0on, as I told you.15:41
arun_gpThanks for the time guys.15:41
blazemorearun_gp: Why are you teaching your students on something which isn't even supported by its creators?15:41
phixDaughain: Did you read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Samba/SambaClientGuide ?15:42
phixDaughain: in particular, did you install nautilus-share ?15:42
blazemoreDaughain: http://askubuntu.com/questions/107208/how-to-setup-a-lan-between-ubuntu-and-windows15:42
phixDaughain: Are you going to that link yet?15:43
xkernelWhen I open a link in new tab in Google Chrome, sometimes it the content is loading and running in the background but the tab is blank15:43
blazemorexkernel: Does the same thing happen in Incognito mode?15:43
Daughainphix, No, I dont have time today.  was hoping it was a simple fix, with a simple answer. Not rebuilding the entire thing form scratch.15:44
Surbschnuffle, what's the difference between tracepath and ping ?15:44
phixDaughain: it is a simple fix15:44
phixDaughain: INSTALL nautilus-share FFS15:44
yuriyangHi, I just upgraded my ubuntu from 12.10 to 13.04, and Chromium start opening new blank tabs itself. First, it happens when i use dash to search, and i corrected it. Now it opens blank new tabs when i open empathy. does any one know anything about this?15:44
xkernel_blazemore, no15:44
DaughainI f$%^&*( did!15:44
phixDaughain: and you logged out and back inagain?15:44
DaughainDidnt fix anything.15:44
schnuffleSurb: ping sends a ICMP package to the target host, tracepath tries to check the whole route to the target15:45
phixDaughain: did you even read the link I pasted which actually explains all of this?15:45
phixDaughain: you can read right?15:45
DaughainNo, I just lkook ayt the pretty pictures.15:45
phixDaughain: the document is about a page and a half, will take you 5 min max to read it15:45
phixstop being lazy15:45
phixDaughain: If you have specific questions or issues you are having then please ask, if you just don't want to read then go away15:46
zsoltikaHello, Magyar Userek vannak? Kellene egy kis segítség, nem jutok semmire UBUNTU Studio-val15:46
wheatthinzso russion?15:47
ubottuMagyar nyelvű segítséget az #ubuntu-hu csatornán talál15:47
zsoltikaSorry I'm speak english, but little15:48
xkernel_blazemore, any idea?15:48
blazemorexkernel_: One of your Chrome extensions is doing it15:48
xkernel_blazemore, what's your extension?15:49
irreverantzso your having problems with Ubuntu Studio?15:49
blazemorexkernel_: A chrome extension you have installed is causing problems - disable them all and re-enable them one-by-one until you can reproduce the problem15:49
phixDaughain: You have it up and running yet?15:50
irreveranta problémák merültek fel Ubuntu Studio?15:51
Surbschnuffle, thanks for clarifying ! I used tracepath github.com .  It gave me 31 outputs with output after no.14 had "no reply" . The end result was : Too many hops:pmtu 1492; Resume : pmtu 149215:51
schnuffleSurb: no reply only means that the host doesn't answer ICMP request, and max hop by default is 3015:53
schnuffleSurb: at least you see that your MTU is 149215:53
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Surbschnuffle, what do you mean by "host doesn't answer ICMP requests" ? Does it mean that the host is not sending packets after 14 hops ?15:55
Surbschnuffle, what are hops BTW ?15:55
schnuffleSurb: as your pc doesn't have a direct cable to the target it is passed over from one network device to the next until it reaches the target and each device is a hop15:56
Surbschnuffle, thanks !15:57
lieustuebhey guys15:57
fatNERDanyone know why when playing flash video on google chrome, it makes crackling noise15:58
irreverantzso has this problem since i'm not very familiar with Ubuntu studio maybe someone can help him15:59
irreverantThe problem is that he cannot copy the file system be.Letöltött OPENBVE-be15:59
Surbschnuffle,  I see that my mtu is 1492, but I had changed it earlier by going to the link you suggested. I went to /etc/ppp/options and changed the mtu size. Atleast that is what was wrtten in the link you gave me. It means the that editing the file manually and changing the mtu size had no effect.15:59
shurtagulI said fuck it to flash, go html5 ftw15:59
schnuffleSurb: I don't think the problem is really MTU related as it happens only for certain web sites, but I'm not enough net work specialist to give a guarantie15:59
DaughainRead the webpage, and it doesnt help.15:59
h00kshurtagul: please mind the language in here15:59
irreverantIt should be loaded onto one of two things /user /share /games /obve but the admin rights16:00
Surbschnuffle, I can understand that ! :-)16:00
schnuffleSurb: ? to what value did you change it?16:00
irreverantdo not allo him to do so16:00
shurtagulh00k, sorry v.v16:00
blazemorefatNERD: On Chrome enter "chrome://plugins" in the address bar and hit Enter. In the top right of the page, click the [+]Details button. Scroll down to find Adobe Flash and you should see at least two plugins: could you please tell me what each one says under "location" ?16:00
shurtagulafter spending most the night trying to get linux working properly, then no flash, html5 really is the only thing that works16:01
schnuffleshurtagul: some problematic graphic type?16:01
wheatthinblazemore, it could also be settings in chrome://flags   as well16:01
Surbschnuffle, I initially made it 1492 and went on gradually decreasing it. The current size I've set is 1350. But I don't think it had any effect as the mtu is still 149216:01
fatNERDblazemore: will try. thanks16:01
wheatthinbut first things' first16:02
shurtagulschnuffle, idk, the video just doesnt show up16:02
zsoltikaI cannot be making a copy into the usr/share/games/OBV, library because a message is access denied comes outI16:03
schnuffleshurtagul: I've had some pcs with nvidia all having the problem, there're a lot of threads about flash problems. I finally dropped the old boxes and got intel and ati graphics without such problems16:03
zsoltikaBut I'm a systeme Administrator16:04
schnufflezsoltika: you need root rights so use sudo16:04
Daughainphix, Still nothing.16:04
schnufflezsoltika: the admin user is not different to any other user but having sudo rights16:04
shurtagulschnuffle, all i did was change from vista to ubuntu, then since ubuntu was slow (crappy computer) i installed xfce, but when it was running vista flash worked perfectly16:05
erasmusis compiz nice looking?16:05
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marawan2hello does any one know how xubuntu differs from lubuntu16:06
schnuffleshurtagul: the problem is with linux, flash and mostly nvidia graphics16:06
schnufflemarawan2: xubuntu=xfce DE, lubuntu= lxde DE16:07
fatNERDblazemore : under location , it shows /opt/google/chrome/PepperFlash/libpepflashplayer.so16:07
Pici!flavors | marawan216:07
ubottumarawan2: !Kubuntu and !Xubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with KDE and Xfce (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio,  !Mythbuntu, and !Lubuntu16:07
fatNERDblazemore: and /usr/lib/flashplugin-installer/libflashplayer.so16:07
shurtagulschnuffle, ok, ive already pretty much give up on flash16:07
aubrmgedyhow can i set a program to run as a different user?16:07
blazemoreaubrmgedy: sudo -u <username> <programname>16:08
marawan2schnuffle: yes but what they differ in other than look and invirnoment?16:08
blazemorefatNERD: Disable the Chrome PepperFlash one, leave the flashplugin-installer one16:08
blazemorefatNERD: Then restart Chrome16:08
schnufflemarawan2: both are based on ubuntu, share the same repos but have different default package installation that#s all16:09
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rawriteblazemore: alright doing it right now16:09
blazemoremarawan2: It differs in that Xubuntu ships XFCE by default, whereas Lubuntu ships LXDE16:09
phixDaughain: ummm what was the error mesage?16:09
blazemoremarawan2: You can turn any ubuntu variant into any other16:09
marawan2blazemore: so i am running lubuntu now can i turn it into a xubuntu? please explain16:10
Picimarawan2: "yes but what they differ in other than look and invirnoment?" nothing.16:10
blazemoremarawan2: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop16:10
marawan2blazemore: that is all!16:10
blazemoremarawan2: yes, "xubuntu-desktop" "ubuntu-desktop" and "kubuntu-desktop" all will work16:11
phixDaughain: just share it16:11
marawan2blazemore: nothing else!16:11
wheatthinnope, that's it bro16:11
marawan2blazemore: and the defauly lubuntu desktop is deleted16:11
Daughainphix, No error message. I reinstalled nautilus-share, rebooted, and thats it. Once again, I will repeat: There is NO share option in nautilus16:11
blazemoremarawan2: No, although you should reboot afterwards, and be aware there is quite a lot to download16:11
blazemoremarawan2: it won't remove any packages, no16:12
Daraelmarawan2, blazemore:  Of course, installing a *buntu-desktop package won't so much turn one Ubuntu derivative into another as *add* a new one.  To finish the "conversion" it's necessary to remove some packages.  ISTR there's a page on Psychocats to help with that.16:12
blazemoreYeah marawan2 if I were you, judging by how surprised you were that the xubuntu-desktop metapackage even existed, I would just leave it as having both16:12
marawan2blazemore: wouldn't be easier if i just download the iso, burn it and boot from that the new *buntu16:12
blazemoremarawan2: It's a lot more difficult to remove one than add another one16:12
fatNERDblazemore: thanks for your help. It did solve the problem.16:13
blazemoremarawan2: Yes, but it will be a new, different installation16:13
fatNERDsee ya later16:13
blazemoremarawan2: None of your programs or files will be there16:13
blazemorefatNERD: Did it work?16:13
phixDaughain: hmmmmm16:13
marawan2blazemore: u r right16:13
blazemoremarawan2: But it is better, yes16:13
blazemoremarawan2: My actual advice is, back up what files you want, and do a clean installation of Xubuntu16:13
marawan2blazemore: is there a link for how to change the lubuntu desk to xubuntu desk16:13
blazemoremarawan2: step 1: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop16:14
Daraelblazemore, marawan2:  To remove the lubuntu packages after installing xubuntu-desktop (although personally I'd suggest installing the xubuntu-desktop *role*, which can be done by specifying it as "xubuntu-desktop^"), follow instructions at http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntucat/tag/pure-ubuntu/16:14
wheatthinstep 2: reboot16:14
wheatthinotherwise, you can just install xfce4, and it'll add a second desktop environment16:15
Daraelmarawan2: Or rather, http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntucat/tag/pure-lubuntu/16:15
marawan2 wheatthin: ya tell me more about that16:16
Daughainphix, The option isnt on either of my systems, and both have nautilus-share installed and up to date.16:16
blazemoremarawan2: Run this one really long command: sudo apt-get remove abiword abiword-common abiword-plugin-grammar abiword-plugin-mathview ace-of-penguins audacious audacious-plugins audacious-plugins-data blueman catfish chromium-browser chromium-browser-l10n chromium-codecs-ffmpeg elementary-icon-theme fonts-lyx galculator gdebi gdebi-core gecko-mediaplayer giblib1 gnome-desktop-data gnome-icon-theme-full gnome-mplayer gnome-system-tools gnome-t16:16
blazemoreOhhh sorry16:16
blazemoreI meant to paste the link!16:16
FloodBot1blazemore: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:16
blazemoremarawan2: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5868509/16:17
blazemoreUnfortunately I have all the floodbots ignored, along with mode-changes in this channel, did I get penalised for that?16:19
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litepooli want to send /var/www from my local ubuntu to my remote one through ssh, anyone know of a command for that?16:20
phixDaughain: http://i.imgur.com/44u5nKm.jpg16:20
jriblitepool: scp -r16:21
blazemorelitepool: Do you want to transfer a folder over a network/internet? If so you can use rsync16:21
litepoolyeah rsync thats the one thanks jrib too16:21
guest-pnWZzg_were here ??16:22
FunnyLookinHatDo any of you know if there's a way to get the dash's file index to update?  I added a file to my Dropbox folder and it won't show up ( even if I search for the exact filename ).16:22
marawan2does any one know how to run an iso right from the desktop not having to burn into a cd?16:23
blazemoremarawan2: "run" an iso?16:24
blazemoremarawan2: What do you want to do with it?16:24
marawan2blazemore: like run the xubuntu iso so i could install the os16:24
blazemoremarawan2: If it is an Ubuntu/Xubuntu/etc iso you need to burn it to a DVD or use a USB flash drive, then reboot your computer and boot from it16:24
blazemoremarawan2: You can use a USB flash drive if you don't want to use a DVD16:25
volitek_Grub failed to install when I installed ubuntu 12.04 with LVM... how do I fix it? I'm chrooted in and grub-install is telling me http://pastebin.com/VPftd4QY16:25
marawan2blazemore: so it is not possible to run it from the desktop ( on windows you could)16:25
blazemoremarawan2: Ubuntu (and as far as I know, Lubuntu) comes with a program for putting an iso onto a USB flash drive, it's called Startup Disk Creator or similar16:25
blazemoremarawan2: On Windows you could use something called Wubi16:25
blazemoremarawan2: It is very buggy and not recommended by anybody in this channel16:26
marawan2blazemore: well is there something like wubi on lubuntu16:26
blazemoremarawan2: Is that how you originally installed it?16:26
marawan2blazemore: no i used cd16:26
blazemoremarawan2: OK do the same again (or use a flash drive)16:26
marawan2blazemore: but i want to easly run the iso16:26
blazemoremarawan2: What you are asking doesn't make sense16:26
marawan2blazemore: is it totally not possible?16:26
blazemoremarawan2: You *need* to burn it to a bootable medium and boot from it16:26
marawan2blazemore: on windows you don't, Man !16:27
blazemoremarawan2: That is a part of the nature of it, it's not some decision16:27
blazemoremarawan2: That is an entirely different thing16:27
marawan2blazemore: ok i got it16:27
blazemoreI have to go now, good luck with Xubuntu marawan216:27
marawan2blazemore: thanks16:28
dgarstangAnyone here got any info on how to build a custom Ubuntu image for Google Compute?16:38
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dgarstangAnyone here got any info on how to build a custom Ubuntu image for Google Compute?16:47
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit16:51
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DaughainHoiw do I run a jar file on boot in 12.04?16:54
rwlyonsjrHello guys.... I have a wireless issue that I need some help with on my laptop, can anyone help me out?16:54
CoreyDaughain: With an init script!16:55
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hplcis there any opensource mediaplayer that allows of scrolling forward and backwards in different speeds? i.e slow forwards, slow backwards16:55
bazhanghplc, vlc and mplayer do at least forwards16:57
Surbschnuffle, thanks for all your help. I finally fixed it. I deleted my existing dsl connection and created a new one. It worked ! You may not be a network specialist, but you helped me and you are good :-). I've learned many things from you. I can open github now ! I cannot believe the solution was this  easy !16:59
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schnuffleSurb: fine, bad that we don't know where the problem has been16:59
Surbschnuffle, yeah !  I wish I could figure what might have happened !17:00
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Obermackersuche buch vür sambaserver vür blutige anfänger17:02
pylearneris there a function in python that will help decipher a pattern and make sense out of it what i have is a multline string and i am trying to decode the meaning17:03
Obermackersuche ein anfängergerechtes fachbuch vür sambaserver17:03
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volitek_How do I install 12.04 with LVM?17:05
volitek_the grub install fails at the end :(17:05
RalliasIs it possible to have network-manager automatically mount my network filesystems after network connectivity is established?17:06
lmathttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/862430  << This is an Ubuntu problem not a compiz problem?17:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 862430 in Compiz Core "window flicker for a short time after switching workspaces" [Medium,Triaged]17:07
lmatubottu: Thanks!17:08
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)17:08
lmatubottu: It never leaves my mind for a second. I love you.17:08
ubottulmat: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:08
trismpylearner: http://inventwithpython.com/hacking/ is pretty thorough, not really on topic here though17:10
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kearneykidhey i am trying to install ubuntu server on a old hp server that ran windows 2000. whe i try to install normal i get a blank screen and when i use nomodeset and vga=normal i can see the error in the photo attached. also sometimes the cap and scroll lock leds flash on the keyboard.17:15
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kearneykidany ideas?17:21
boboboI have ubuntu 13.04 on macbook pro.  The heat is burning my legs off.  Anyway to put fans to MAX?17:21
boboboI found http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1645913&p=10246215#post10246215 , but when I try to install that package, I get E: Unable to locate package applesmc-dkms17:21
DJoneskearneykid: Can't help with the problem, but you may get some response in #ubuntu-server as well, looks like its a bit quiet in here at the moment17:22
bobobosudo pwmconfig # pwmconfig revision 5857 (2010-08-22) This program will search your sensors for pulse width modulation (pwm) controls,.....However, it is ** very important ** that you physically verify that the fans have been to full speed after the program has completed.  /usr/sbin/pwmconfig: There are no pwm-capable sensor modules installed17:23
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boboboI think I am stuck.  Don't care if they are MAX all the time.  Just need to boost them a lot!  :D17:23
kearneykidDJones thanks very much, this also happens when i check the disc for errors17:24
RobertDuponthello guys17:26
shurtagulis it possible to watch all/most youtube videos in html5?17:27
RobertDupontI want to automatically configure a server with a shell script I'm creating and I wonder if it's possible to configure manually the password for mysql (since I'll need to configure other services)17:28
RobertDupontmaybe downloading the package then using dpkg17:28
RobertDupontbut I haven't found anything online17:28
dakotawulfyshurtagul  alot of youtube will work  in html517:29
aubrmgedydakotawulfy, html5 doesn't work for me17:30
dakotawulfyaubrmgedy do u have the plugins installed for the browser  ??17:31
aubrmgedydakotawulfy, what plugins?17:32
dakotawulfyaubrmgedy and the browser has to support it17:32
dakotawulfyhold on what browser  you using17:32
aubrmgedydakotawulfy, latest firefox17:32
dakotawulfyok hold on for a sec17:33
slughey can anyone advise on hdparm, my hdparm.conf &  /etc/rc.local  seem to get ignored when trying to put drives to sleep. I can manually do it17:33
OerHeksNo need for a html5 plugin, just enable it @ http://www.youtube.com/html517:33
aubrmgedydakotawulfy, never mind, i see most vids do work with html517:33
aubrmgedybut some don't work17:34
dakotawulfyaubrmgedy OK17:34
dakotawulfyaubrmgedy right17:34
aubrmgedyi installed a program for another user (/home/another) and ran it with sudo -u another "program"  but it tried to write files in my home folder (/home/me) .  how can i run a program as a different user?17:38
jribaubrmgedy: -i?17:41
aubrmgedyjrex, what's "-i"?17:41
jribaubrmgedy: man sudo17:42
jribaubrmgedy: I mean, pass "-i" to sudo17:42
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neyder_Hi there17:44
FDE_PleaseSo ubuntu 13.04 has full disk encryption, but I don't see an option for it in the installer17:45
FDE_PleaseAm I just missing something here?17:45
neyder_i cant update my sources, I got two errors: E: Encountered a section with no Package: header17:45
dgarstangIs it possible to get cloud-init to work with google compute engine?17:45
neyder_E: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/_var_spool_apt-mirror_mirror_a...17:45
neyder_i tryed rm /var/apt/lists/*17:46
SonikkuAmericaFDE_Please: It's the option "Encrypt the new Ubuntu installation for security"17:46
FDE_PleaseOk. I'll look for it17:46
FDE_PleaseSonikkuAmerica: AHhh I see it now, but I want to "do something else"17:46
SonikkuAmericaFDE_Please: What is this "Something else" you wish to do?17:47
FDE_PleaseAnd you the encrypt whole disk is only available in "Erase whole disk"17:47
FDE_PleaseSonikkuAmerica: my own partition layout17:47
SonikkuAmericaFDE_Please: I think it has to set up LVM to be encrypted. (The other flavors seem to plainly say this, esp. Kubuntu)17:47
columbHow can I force system to use more ram in order to get better performance?  Haven't noticed usage above 4GB, while my system have 8.17:47
FDE_PleaseSonikkuAmerica: so then I will set up LVM17:48
SonikkuAmericaFDE_Please: But you have to smash your whole disk to do that.17:48
SwedeMikecolumb: please paste output from uname -a17:48
SonikkuAmericaFDE_Please: (Just a warning)17:48
schnufflecolumb: if your're on x32 use a PAE kernel or switch to x6417:48
FDE_Pleasesonikkuamerica, not the whole disk, just the partitions you want to use17:48
columbI'm already on x64.17:48
columbhtop properly shows 8GB.17:49
SwedeMikecolumb: so where are you seeing the 4gb limit?17:49
FDE_PleaseAlso SonikkuAmerica the installer only lets me "erase whole disk" on 1 of my disks... the one with ubuntu already on it. I can't even "erase whole disk" on the disk I want!17:49
columbNo, seems like system doesn't really need that much RAM for work. But may be I could force it to use more? To somehow reduce CPU load, for exmaple.17:50
SonikkuAmericaFDE_Please: Actually, you have to click "Continue" to select whatever disk it is.17:50
FDE_Pleaseoh ok.17:50
kurtwp_can some provide a link to where I can find a list of supported MF printers for 12.04 and greater17:50
SonikkuAmericakurtwp_: MF?17:51
FDE_PleaseSonikkuAmerica: clicking continue only prompts me for the password.17:51
kurtwp_multi function printers17:51
FDE_PleaseIt doesn't allow me to select the disk17:51
netlarSo Ubuntu used debian repositories?17:51
neyder_please help, removing var/cache/apt/lists doesnt roslve this E: Encountered a section with no Package: header17:51
schnufflenetlar: no17:51
columbHere is how my htop look a like. http://i.imgur.com/GXlWwM8.jpg17:51
SonikkuAmericaFDE_Please: Well did you choose your security key?17:51
FDE_PleaseThe next click is "install now"17:52
RarrikinsWhat's a decent program to copy a website for offline viewing when that website requires a form-based password?17:52
FDE_Pleaseand I don't want it to erase the wrong disk17:52
schnuffleRarrikins: curl17:52
lelebarthi! old laptop with fresh install of lubunut 13.04: it doesn't shout down, neither with poweroff, neither with halt. (but reboot does work) the machine says system halted, but nothing happens. what to do? advices?17:53
columblelebart, grub installed?17:53
netlarschnuffle: I thought Ubuntu was based on debian17:53
lelebartcolumb, yep.17:53
Rarrikinsschnuffle: Does curl include automation for getting the entire site or would it have to be scripted?17:54
columblelebart, it's something related to it's config.17:54
schnufflenetlar: based on debian and using the repos is a difference17:54
lelebartcolumb, i switched almost every apci=off noapci etc..17:55
columblelebart, check your kernel parameters. It's should be something like quiet splash acpi=force apm=power_off17:55
FDE_PleaseOk thanks SonikkuAmerica I think Ig ot it now17:55
FDE_PleaseI was just paranoid about the installer overwriting my stuff17:55
__davide___Hi, i have an asus eee pc 1015cx.  I can't hibernate my netboot and i have an error 'not authorized'. is there a solution?17:56
netlarschnuffle: Does that mean Ubuntu was initially based on Debian, but now does its own thing?17:56
columbHello, kr4zycoder.17:56
lelebartcolumb: nosplash for me due to sis graphic, i'll try amp=poweroff :)17:56
schnufflenetlar: it means they use debian as upstream but change things and use their own repos17:57
schnuffleaah, downstream17:57
netlarschnuffle: so when debian gets changes they are incorporated into ubuntu17:58
schnufflenetlar: not always but generally yes17:58
schnuffleRarrikins: found better for you http://www.httrack.com/17:59
lelebartcolumb, i'm goingo to reboot with "acpi=off noapic nolapic nomodeset apm=power_off", see you soon17:59
netlarschnuffle: does Ubuntu do their own thing? or is it mostly dependent on Debian17:59
netlarman sorry17:59
schnufflenetlar: they do a lot of stuff on ther own, which is a hot topic, see mir/wayland, upstart/systemd ....18:00
blizzow1Is anyone else having nightmares with 13.04 and connecting to WPA2 wifi networks?18:00
blizzow1A)  Configuring the Wifi by clicking on the little wireless icon only partially configures /etc/NetworkManager/system-connection/MySSID18:01
netlarschnuffle: I tried to use Debian as my distro, and at least for me it was horrible, no polish for me18:02
schnufflenetlar: the stable debian is mature but for shiny desktop often a bit old. ubuntu is based testing or unstable18:03
flxmmrnetlar: ubuntu might have the nicer ui, but debian is way more stable and using backports you can even have reasonable new packages18:03
netlarflxmmr: Ubuntu has much more usability18:04
wilee-nileedebian is like that slow family member kept out of site, lol18:05
netlarschnuffle: Are the LTS releases more stable?18:05
flxmmrnetlar: why has it more usabilitty?18:05
schnufflenetlar: they get more stable, I would go LTS for a productive system18:06
netlarflxmmr: well I may be only one, but I actually love Unity18:06
tozenflxmmr: debian's stability is amorfable18:06
netlartozen: ok that is not a word18:07
tozennetlar: i found 4 myselfe unity is more usable then gnome, but this is laki a holywar18:08
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:08
wilee-nileeOoftopic goes on #ubuntu-offtopic this is support not chat18:08
tozenwilee-nilee: sorry18:09
wilee-nileedoh missed your post bazhang18:09
bazhangit's alright18:09
tozenaddchannel #ubuntu-offopic18:10
lelebartcolumb, nothing ;(18:11
schnuffle__davide___: here I give you 2 cents of help. is it enough help?18:11
ujkaaawhen i use apt-get install <something>. how to run it ?18:11
schnuffleujkaaa: put sudo in front of it and it should work18:11
schnuffleujkaaa: so: sudo apt-get install <app>18:12
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michel71ujkaa: type the program name in a terminal. only use sudo if you want to give it root access18:12
ujkaaahow run app after install18:12
columblelebart, :( No idea what else could cause that.18:12
flxmmrujkaaa: open terminal → type in the name; if it does not find anything try "apropos <packagename>"18:13
wilee-nilee!details > __davide___18:13
columblelebart^afk, have you applied your  changes with update-grub?18:13
aubrmgedyi installed a program for another user (/home/another) and ran it with sudo -u another "program"  but it tried to write files in my home folder (/home/me) .  how can i install a program as a different user?18:18
aubrmgedyquestion is: how can i install a program as a different user?18:18
flxmmraubrmgedy: not with dpkg/apt, best choice might be compiling yourself, then sudo/su/sux18:21
tonyHey, does anyone know if the update manager installs any proprietary software after the initial install? Or is it all updates to the freeware?18:22
PrometheianAnyone manage to get AMD Eyefinity working on Ubuntu?18:23
tonyHey, does anyone know if the update manager installs any proprietary software after the initial install? Or is it all updates to the freeware?18:23
zipper_How does one carry out GPU processing?18:23
saiarcot895tony: The update manager by itself only updates installed software18:23
PrometheianUsing an HDMI port./18:23
tonyThank you very much saiarcot.18:23
saiarcot895tony: If you install proprietary software from the Ubuntu Software Center, it will update that as well18:23
aubrmgedyflxmmr, compiling myself, then what?18:23
johnny9fingerscant install easytether on ubuntu dpkg error processing ead18:23
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saiarcot895aubrmgedy: I would guess you then run "sudo make install", as that will typically install it to the system itself18:26
johnny9fingerserror processing easytether  (--install) cannot access archive no such file or directory18:26
saiarcot895johnny9fingers: Do you have a .deb file that you downloaded from somewhere?18:26
aubrmgedysaiarcot895, to the system itself? how is it any different from apt-get install?18:27
johnny9fingersfolder is on desktop...  also tried extracting to it's own location18:27
saiarcot895aubrmgedy: well, with apt, it's managed; with make install, you manage it18:27
saiarcot895aubrmgedy: Are you trying to install it to another user or run as another user?18:28
johnny9fingersi have the deb directly from developer18:28
BooeyOHdoes anyone know why when I try to uninstall a package via apt-get and reinstall, it does not ask me to configure it (the second time around) ?18:28
saiarcot895johnny9fingers: use "sudo dpkg -i <path_to_deb>"18:28
PiciBooeyOH: if you just want to reconfigure it you can do: sudo dpkg-reconfigure packagename18:28
saiarcot895johnny9fingers: you don't have to extract the deb18:29
johnny9fingerswith or without the brackets18:29
saiarcot895johnny9fingers: without18:29
saiarcot895johnny9fingers: that was just to show you what to replace18:29
BooeyOHPici: I do that, but it doesn't ask me the questions.  I tried to install roundcube (webmail) and my ssh session crapped out halfway through.  Then when I went in, deleted the lock files, uninstalled (with purge) and reinstalled, it did not pop up and ask me the database questions it did the first time18:29
aaron_i have a hybrid laptop gpu where i should go to install the drivers?18:30
aubrmgedysaiarcot895, trying both. install a .deb with dpkg and run as a different user (because of firewall rules)18:30
nilsecAny idea why the Ubuntu launcher keeps using a blue color even though it's set to change based on background color and none of my backgrounds contain blue?18:30
nilsecFor example, a black and yellow background -> blue colored launcher18:30
aaron_nvidia geforce with cuda18:30
nilsecI cannot set a custom color without losing transparency in the dash completely.18:30
saiarcot895aubrmgedy: the dpkg will install to the system; to run as a different user, I believe you have to first do "sudo su <user>" (without brackets) and then run the program from there18:31
saiarcot895aubrmgedy: I think that will cause the program to use that person's home folder instead18:31
aubrmgedysaiarcot895, thanks. it worked.18:32
aubrmgedysaiarcot895, too earely. it didn't.. the other user doesn't have a password18:33
aubrmgedy"Account disabled"18:33
saiarcot895aubrmgedy: technically, I think the user doesn't have bash permissions, or something18:34
saiarcot895aubrmgedy: let me check how to allow the user bash permissions18:34
aubrmgedysaiarcot895, OK, I set a pw but it says the user is not in the sudoers file..18:34
aaron_my laptop has hybrid gpu (nvidia cuda and intel hd 4000),how can i install the nvidia driver?18:34
saiarcot895aubrmgedy: open up /etc/sudoers (you'll need sudo permission first)18:35
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saiarcot895aubrmgedy: In the user privilege section, add a line that says "user ALL=NOPASSWD:ALL"18:37
=== jordan__ is now known as jordan
saiarcot895aubrmgedy: replace user with the other person's user name18:37
aubrmgedysaiarcot895, /etc/sudoers file is empty18:37
Miles_hello i'm looking for some instructions on how to partition for dual booting osx and ubuntu on a mac g5 system18:37
Miles_i had a guess and it said "yaboot" had problems and the sytem wouldn't boot18:38
PeyamMiles_: Just install it and if you got problems with bootlist. just grub-repair18:38
PeyamMiles_: Have you tried googling?18:39
Miles_the only option for auto configuration is to replace osx18:39
Miles_of course.18:39
Miles_i can't find anything that quite fits18:39
aubrmgedysaiarcot895, what does the line "user ALL=NOPASSWD:ALL" mean?..18:39
saiarcot895aubrmgedy: Instead of editing the sudoers file, can you try "sudo su - user -c 'command'"?18:39
saiarcot895aubrmgedy: the line doesn't ask for the password when running commands as root18:41
saiarcot895aubrmgedy: from that user18:41
saiarcot895aubrmgedy: not the best advice I gave18:41
aubrmgedysaiarcot895, i can't change back to my main user now... xxx is not in the sudoers file.18:42
PeyamMiles_: sorry I can't come to anything else18:42
saiarcot895aubrmgedy: type in exit18:42
Miles_"NewWorld boot partition"18:42
Miles_i wonder what that does.18:42
Miles_maybe if i unplug the osx disk and use the automatic instll..18:43
aubrmgedysaiarcot895, sudo su -u user -c 'command' ?18:44
Miles_but then i assume it won't set the boot loader up correctly..18:44
saiarcot895aubrmgedy: yes, from your user; replace 'user' with the target user and 'command' with the command you're trying to run18:44
saiarcot895aubrmgedy: hmm, I missed something there18:45
saiarcot895aubrmgedy: remove the -u part18:45
llutzaubrmgedy: su username -c 'command with options'         no need for sudo18:45
saiarcot895llutz: running as another user doesn't require sudo?18:46
llutzsaiarcot895: man su18:46
StathisAi'm looking for a ubuntu server administration blog/webpage having tutorials,guides,examples etc...any suggestions?18:46
wilee-nileeStathisA, they have a channel #ubuntu-server18:47
seagleany girl wants fair chat?18:47
llutzsaiarcot895: "sudo su" is a stupid thing some guys use instead of "sudo -i" to get a root-shell in *buntu.18:47
wilee-nilee!ot > seagle18:47
ubottuseagle, please see my private message18:47
Miles_seagle: are you serious haha18:47
StathisAwilee-nilee, thanks alot!18:47
wilee-nileeStathisA, No problem, seemed like a place to get best help.18:48
aubrmgedysaiarcot895, llutz, i get a su: invalid option 'i'18:49
aubrmgedy$ su username -c dpkg -i prog18:50
llutzaubrmgedy: su username -c 'dpkg -i prog'         use quotes18:50
sebrockI have an issue with a VPN where xl2tpd spikes the CPU with 99% load when its running (ie when there is traffic in the pipe). Anyone seen this before?18:51
johnny9fingerswill took a bit more work got it up and running thanks for your help18:51
superbootHi all. Is there a way to know if a package was installed with the system install, or if it was installed by apt-get install?18:51
llutzaubrmgedy: and btw this will fail most likely. "sudo dpkg -i file.deb"18:51
flxmmraubrmgedy: you can download your source-package, then extract it maybe into ~/bin/src. There you should find a file named configure  – execute that with the help option and look how you have to set the $PATH to where you want to install. then it should be a simple make, make install (if you have all deps)18:51
aubrmgedyflxmmr, i have the source, but it's too much work... thank you everyone18:52
llutz!checkinstall | flxmmr you better don't use "make install"18:52
ubottuflxmmr you better don't use "make install": checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!18:52
flxmmrubottu: good luck with cinelerra that way ;)18:54
ubottuflxmmr: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:54
darrell09thomasplease help i need help i wants to put windows 8 onto usb to install on sons laptop anyone help me please im running ubuntu 12.0418:55
flxmmrso why you dont install ubuntu for him?18:55
alainusI'm having trouble fixing GRUB in a 64bit machine, can I get a little assistance?18:56
darrell09thomasi wants to install windows 8 and ubuntu as he still cant use ubuntu properly18:56
aubrmgedydarrell09thomas, make a bootable usb?18:56
wilee-nileedarrell09thomas, easy, a ntfs partition with a boot flag, and extract the iso to the usb with the archive manager.18:57
darrell09thomashow do i do that ive used unetbooting didnt work18:57
holsteindarrell09thomas: i would ask in a windows channel about how to install windows.. otherwise, try http://www.webupd8.org/2012/01/tool-to-create-windows-usb-install.html which is not supported here18:57
darrell09thomashow do i do the boot flag bit i can do the rest18:57
flxmmralainus: what do you  mean with trouble?18:58
wilee-nileealainus, Have you messed with the bootrepair app yet?18:58
wilee-nileedarrell09thomas, Use gparted a right click has the set flags18:58
alainusflxmmr, wilee-nilee: I tried using the boot-repair app but it outputs an error, saying that it can't be used on 64bit machines and that I have to make another bootable cd with some "Linux-Secure-Remix-64bit" iso. I don't have an extra USB key so I don't have that option.18:59
=== TIBS01 is now known as TIBS01-2e0sgg
alainusSo I'm going to go for the manual way18:59
wilee-nileealainus, Did you save the bootinfo summary it tells you to if so post it or run it only again and post it.19:00
alainuswilee-nilee, ok, thanks, 1 sec.19:00
nilsecWhen my launcher is set to change color based on my background, it is always blue no matter what background I have. Anyone know why this might be?19:01
alainuswilee-nilee, http://paste.ubuntu.com/586895619:01
joelwallisZ shell is a stable tool to use also in production servers? And how about oh-my-zsh configuration framework?19:02
wilee-nileealainus, Your error is on a sdb what is it? everything looks good you might just unplug the sdb and run nthe basic fix, I can give you a chroot link to load the mbr.19:04
wilee-nileealainus, Unplug the ipod and run the basic fix.19:05
alainuswilee-nilee, sdb is some apple ishuffle thing.19:05
alainuswilee-nilee, really? huh. What do you mean the basic fix? boot-repair ?19:06
wilee-nileealainus, yeah, sdb is a usb right?19:06
alainuswilee-nilee, yep19:06
alainuswilee-nilee, sda is the concern19:06
alainusok I unplugged it, and I'm running boot-repair again19:06
wilee-nileealainus, That is one of the errors, there is one in ubuntu but it basically looks good, this if ubuntu is okay a pretty easy fix, I would default to the boot repair, not persoanlly but as advice.19:07
alainuswilee-nilee, same thing. http://paste.ubuntu.com/5868972/ . It still gives me: 64bits detected. Please use this software in a 64bits session. (Please use Linux-Secure-Remix-64bit (www.sourceforge.net/p/linux-secure) which contains a 64bits-compatible version of this software.) This will enable this feature.19:09
wilee-nileealainus, Is this a 32 bit iso you are running?19:11
wilee-nileeon a 64 bit install19:11
=== lelebart^afk is now known as lelebart
alainuswilee-nilee, it is. I used it to install lubuntu on my 32bit notebook. Should I make a 64bit usb ?19:12
Bower^does ubuntu provide a clipboard stack (not sure if that's the correct term..i just want access to values i have previous copied)?19:12
alainus(I thought grub didn't care about bitness)19:12
wilee-nileealainus, The linux secure is by the same author as boot repair, they are pretty good here, I would try it or use a 64 bit iso.19:12
jamesHello everyone how's it going? IS this a place where I can find help for Ubuntu 13.04?19:13
wilee-nileealainus, Never seen this problem, but the processes bulit into the bootrepair may have a 32 or 64 bit component not sure.19:14
BluesKajjames, yes it is19:14
wilee-nileejames, Yep.19:14
lelebartcolumb: it didn't do the trick.19:14
kbooduBower^: Do you mean something like Glipper?19:14
alainuswilee-nilee, alright. I'll try the linux-secure thing. thanks!19:15
marawan2hello guys19:15
Bower^kboodu: yup, exactly. thank you19:15
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
wilee-nileealainus, No problem, the bootrepair has become a standard advice tool although I have not used it, I new how to fix this before it appeared, so have never needed it is all. Seems to help many so I have have adapted to its recommendation.19:16
jamesFantastic! I am going to school for computer networking and need to learn Linux. The program we will be using requires microsoft silverlight. I tried to use Wine and failed because I never used it before. Would one of you happen to know how I can make this work? I hate the idea of learning Linux on a windows machine19:17
wilee-nileejames, What's the program?19:18
jamesThe website we will be using is www.testout.com19:19
jamesin order to sign in i need silverlight :-/19:19
wilee-nileejames, This the lab for the classes?19:20
=== epsilonorion is now known as Guest67681
wilee-nileejames, I would just run windows in a vm in linux, wine is a at best unstable environment from my experiences just checking it out.19:21
jamesI found an ad on for browsers called moonlight but never had any luck. Yeah, what it is is we log on and it plays videos of people explaining things about linux. then there are virtual labs on the site so we can better understand linux command line etc. Though there are labs and I don't need my Linux partition to learn it, I would much rather follow along and make things happen with my actual ubuntu partition.19:22
lelebartbtw, this is how grub is set http://paste.ubuntu.com/5869010/19:22
auronandacejames: that is ironic, linux learning material delivered in silverlight19:23
wilee-nileejames, Yeah, I understand, I would try the user agent switcher addon in firefox and see if it tricks the website, as a test.19:23
jamesI know! Thats what i said19:23
jamesOk I will try to find the adon19:23
wilee-nileewont trick it if silverlight is actually needed19:23
CalangaoHi. Does anyone know where I can get some help to get barry / opensync working?19:25
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=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
=== Gugster is now known as Guga_
DaughainWhats the command to run a java file from termina;l?19:28
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.19:28
saiarcot895Daughain: java -jar "file"19:29
Daughainsaiarcot895, Thanks, I forgot the -jar.19:29
holycowwSo I'm trying to connect to a headless VM, I know the password for the root user.. I already disabled the firewall, enabled hosts and everything but I'm new to this kind of deal so. What would be the next step to enable SSH/RDP access?19:29
llutzholycoww: you install openssh-server on your headless vm, create a non-privileged user, use "ssh username@host" to login, and if really needed you use su/sudo to gain root-access. you don't ssh in as root19:32
DaughainIt took me this loing, because I was being lazy. =)19:33
=== SJrX is now known as SJr
olsoneaHi folks, can anyone help me with a bit of an annoyance? My delete key is somehow mapped to the number 1. Del on my num pad works properly.19:34
olsonearunning 13.04 btw19:35
olsoneaany takers?19:36
shurtagulIf im supposed to put something in my home folder, do i out it in /home or /home/shurtagul?19:39
llutzshurtagul: /home/shurtagul19:40
shurtagulllutz, thanks :)19:40
olsonea~ should also do the trick19:40
TheAlliedFleetHey guys19:40
shurtagulIm trying to configure conky19:40
_44trent3Does anybody have an idea why Minecraft runs slower on here than it did on Windows? Am I using proprietary drivers?19:40
=== Troy__ is now known as Troy^
wilee-nilee_44trent3, Not a gamer here, is it in wine?19:41
TheAlliedFleetWhat does everyone think about Mir being the default display server in 13.10?19:41
wilee-nileeTheAlliedFleet, its not I believe.19:42
_44trent3Its not in Wine Wille, it works with linux distros as a .jar file that you open in the terminal.19:42
_44trent3Then the jar executes and you can play the game.19:42
wilee-nilee_44trent3, I suspected that, not sure myself.19:42
dcopehey all, is there a good controller to use for ubuntu?19:42
dcopei've tried using a ps3 bluetooth controller but it is a huge PITA to use every time i want to play a game19:42
holstein_44trent3: that woud be up to java support for linux.. and its not going to be as high a priority for them as windows support, likely19:43
holstein_44trent3: also, the graphics drivers are likely not as "good"19:43
EspiritoWhat is the best Twitter client that integrates with 13:04?19:44
TheAlliedFleetI'm fairly sure it is, not on kubuntu and xubuntu though19:44
_44trent3Most people that use Ubuntu and play Minecraft usually have better performance than they do in Windows, Holstein.19:44
_44trent3I don't understand my issue in any universe.19:45
olsoneaany thoughts on my delete key issue?19:45
holstein_44trent3: i have no idea where you are getting that information.. the fact is, linux support is not the focus of *any* commercial entity *yet* over windows19:45
_44trent3I googled around and there barely is any results about it.19:45
Ari-Yang_44trent3, you the user that had problems installing flgrx, right?19:45
EspiritoWhat is the best Twitter client that integrates with 13:04?19:46
holsteinolsonea: nope.. i would try as a different user, try from a live CD. try different keyboard maps19:46
holstein!best | Espirito19:46
ubottuEspirito: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.19:46
_44trent3I did have those issues Ari. I am the user that had issues with it.19:46
llutzTheAlliedFleet: #ubuntu-discuss would be better to discuss that. this is support only19:46
olsoneaholstein: yeah, i've tried remapping to the us layout, without success19:46
Ari-Yang_44trent3, go to software sources and find out what driver you're currently using..... and what card is your machine?19:46
Ari-Yangamd hd 2400?19:46
olsoneai'll try it as another user though19:46
TheAlliedFleetAh, sorry19:46
holsteinolsonea: sure.. dont try remapping anything. try different locale's for the keyboard.. differnt types19:47
_44trent3My card is a ATI Mobillity Radeon HD 2600...its a laptop card.19:47
wilee-nileeTheAlliedFleet, That question is offtopic try #ubuntu-offtopic  ;)19:47
EspiritoWhat is Twitter client that integrates with 13:04?19:47
Ari-Yang_44trent3, what driver are you currently using? open source or fglrx?19:47
_44trent3I think its fglrx. When I type in fglrx info it gives me this:  OpenGL vendor string: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. OpenGL renderer string: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2600 OpenGL version string: 3.3.11672 Compatibility Profile Context19:48
holsteinEspirito: whern i search "ubuntu twitter application" this is the first result http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/03/new-linux-twitter-app-birdie19:48
wilee-nileeTheAlliedFleet, there is a #ubuntu-mir channel as well19:48
holstein_44trent3: that hardware will likey not be as well supported under linux19:48
_44trent3I accidentaly shot my DVD drive in my laptop so I can't get Windows back easily.19:49
Ari-Yang_44trent3, yeah, that looks about right actually.19:49
Ari-Yang_44trent3, how are you running minecraft again?19:49
_44trent3I run it in the terminal the command is: java -Xmx1024M -Xms512M -cp minecraft.jar net.minecraft.LauncherFrame19:50
_44trent3It gives the default memory heap Minecraft gets in Windows.19:51
Oberon4278disregard last19:51
Ari-Yang_44trent3, oh, I reckon this is how you got it? http://minecraft.net/download#all19:51
Ari-Yangmaybe it's slow because your hardware isn't good enough perhaps?19:52
Oberon4278When I run apt-get update and apt-get upgrade, I'm getting 404s like cray and none of my packages get upgraded or updated19:52
Ari-Yang_44trent3, I also found this in case you want to try it http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/04/minecraft-installer-for-ubuntu19:52
psychocan anyone suggest a program for breaking a pdf password?19:52
holsteinOberon4278: check the sources for PPA's that are old or not working19:52
_44trent3Minecraft ran perfectly in Windows.19:52
_44trent3I'll try that.19:52
xubuntulol help please19:53
Oberon4278holstein: is "PPA source" the correct Google search for that?19:53
holstein_44trent3: you have hardare designed and intented to run windows.. its not contructive, or fair to compare..19:53
Ari-Yang_44trent3, yeah but this is linux.. maybe you need better hardware to run minecraft on linux/ubuntu....19:53
holsteinOberon4278: i would actually just search the sources.. you can run "sudo apt-get update" and pastebin the output here for a volunteer to look at19:54
=== motto is now known as m8
xubuntumy computer its not booting, it says waiting on root19:55
williamtdrHaving an xterm problem.19:55
williamtdrHaving an xterm problem.19:55
williamtdrHaving an xterm problem.19:55
FloodBot1williamtdr: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:55
holsteinxubuntu: what says what exactly19:55
wilee-nilee!details > xubuntu19:55
ubottuxubuntu, please see my private message19:55
Oberon4278holstein: Okay, here's a pastebin of the output http://pastebin.com/dNph21Zf19:56
_44trent3How would I install Windows without a DVD drive, I shot my DVD drive yesterday? Maybe make a parition for Windows, and delete the Ubuntu partition once I get Windows on the other partition.19:56
xubuntuit takes to long to boot then it says waiting on root19:56
IvelfanFrHello everybody I have a problem with jekyll installation:19:56
holsteinxubuntu: what takes to long to do what?19:57
xubuntuand gparted, cant find my harddrives:P19:57
holsteinxubuntu: your computer? running what operating system?19:57
_44trent3But I'd have to download a .iso and mount it into wine.19:57
PepperoniPizzaone time at band camp, I stuck a flute in my cooter19:57
holsteinxubuntu: if you have bad hardware, such as a bad hard drive, that could cause the issue you are seeing19:57
xubuntuxubuntu :P but it came with win 719:57
holstein!ot | PepperoniPizza19:57
ubottuPepperoniPizza: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:57
PepperoniPizzaholstein, it is On topic the flute ran ubuntu 6.1019:57
PepperoniPizza:-) jk i'll stop19:57
_44trent3I'll google it so you don't kick me, buh bye.19:58
xubuntugparted says input/output error during read on /dev/sda19:58
PepperoniPizzaxubuntu, are you trying to read a currently mounted drive ?19:58
=== erry_ is now known as erry
xubuntuno pizza, im just trying to boot. i am on my xubuntu install disk right now:P19:59
wilee-nileexubuntu, from a live cd if you can't get in open disks and check the smart info.20:00
holsteinxubuntu: i would test that hardware.. there is a utility in the live CD..20:01
neyder_hi, my apt is broken20:01
neyder_<xubuntu> no pizza, im just trying to boot. i am on my xubuntu install disk right now:P20:01
holsteinxubuntu: the one wilee-nilee mentioned ^^20:02
neyder_E: Encountered a section with no Package: header20:02
neyder_E: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/_var_spool_apt-mirror_mirror_archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_raring-updates_main_i18n_Translation-es20:02
hjubalhi, which package manager should I use with 13.04, apt-get or aptitude?20:02
bekkshjubal: apt-get20:02
neyder_hjubal, aot-get20:02
xubuntuholstein can you  give me the comman in terminal20:02
wilee-nileexubuntu, It is a gui app.20:02
xubuntuto check my hard disk:P20:02
PepperoniPizzaxubuntu, if you are getting input/output errors reading from a disk then type dmesg and see if it complains about anything20:03
l1wulf85Anyone in here have the Galaxy Tab 2 7.020:03
holstein!info palimpsest20:03
ubottuPackage palimpsest does not exist in raring20:03
holsteinxubuntu: might not be there in 13.04...20:03
PepperoniPizzaholstein, it is also known as gnome-disk-utility I think20:03
holsteinxubuntu: i use a live CD. the ultimate boot cd20:03
holstein!info gnome-disk-utility20:04
ubottugnome-disk-utility (source: gnome-disk-utility): manage and configure disk drives and media. In component main, is optional. Version 3.6.1-1ubuntu1 (raring), package size 147 kB, installed size 876 kB20:04
holsteinxubuntu: try that ^^ as PepperoniPizza suggests20:04
xubuntulol in dsmg i got a lot of stuff:P20:04
PepperoniPizzaxubuntu, anything complaining about (S)ATA resets or DRDY errors ?20:04
PepperoniPizzaxubuntu, dmesg | grep ATA20:05
l1wulf85Please I need help with interfacing my android tablet with Ubuntu 12.04 amd 6420:05
PepperoniPizzaxubuntu, ultimate boot cd is outdated afaik I would try to make an ubuntu live cd20:05
wilee-nileexubuntu, YOU can install this tool if not there. https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/raring/gnome-disk-utility/20:05
hjubalbekks, neyder_ thanks!20:06
wilee-nileel1wulf85, I use airdroid but hold on there is a mtp ppa20:06
xubuntu[ 2330.329278] Buffer I/O error on device sda1, logical block 020:07
xubuntu[ 2330.329290] ata1: EH complete20:07
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest61326
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=== epzil0n is now known as Guest93057
Guest61326yea im getting alot of this20:07
Guest61326Read(10): 28 00 00 0f a0 00 00 00 08 0020:07
Guest61326[ 2324.818806] end_request: I/O error, dev sda, sector 102400020:07
Guest61326[ 2324.818809] Buffer I/O error on device sda1, logical block 020:07
bekksUse a pastebin.20:08
wilee-nileel1wulf85,  https://launchpad.net/~langdalepl/+archive/gvfs-mtp20:08
Guest61326im gonna get the tool pizza said too:P20:08
l1wulf85wilee-nilee, Will that allow direct access from the file manager (IE nautilus or dolphin)20:09
hjubalrang a bell while upgrading: do not use aptitude ;)20:10
PepperoniPizzaGuest61326, disk is hosed20:10
wilee-nileel1wulf85, should it shows up as mounted on my gnome-shell desktop20:10
Guest61326whats hosed:P? pizza?20:10
PepperoniPizzaGuest61326, you 'might' get lucky and it is just a file system error, is the disk ext 4? I'm thinking it is a hardware problem though20:10
l1wulf85wilee-nilee, Okay thanks I will give that a shot20:11
Guest61326well i did partition my hard drive in 5 pices :P20:11
holsteinGuest61326: that doesnt matter. *all* drives fail, and yours may be failing right now20:11
bekksATA resets arent filesystem errors.20:11
Guest61326the one i wanna boot from its an exe420:11
wilee-nileel1wulf85, In 13.04 both my nexus 7 and htc dna automount20:11
bekksYou are encountering a hardware error. Could be cabling, controller or disk.20:12
bekksCould even be memory controller or RAM, but then you would get DMA errors as well.20:12
l1wulf85wilee-nilee, I have been thinking of upgrading to 13.04 I might just do that if this does not work. Thanks agian20:12
Guest61326wow that sucks:P20:13
PepperoniPizzaGuest61326, boot a live-cd and try to mount that disk and save any data from it20:13
PepperoniPizzaGuest61326, new hard drives can fail too but age is usually a consideration on drive failure, how old is the hard drive ?20:13
Guest61326i did a full back up i had just fixed yesterday :P20:13
Guest61326its a refurbished computer, its 3 years old:P20:14
PepperoniPizzaGuest61326, I would run a full smart test on that drive, and run an fsck on the filesystem20:14
holsteina test that would take an hour or so20:14
ubottufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot20:14
PepperoniPizzaholstein, yes, one of the larger tests i'd say20:14
=== crondd is now known as crond
Guest61326can i do fsck on live cd with out  shutting down:P?20:18
PepperoniPizzaGuest61326, on a live cd yes,20:18
holsteinGuest61326: you can do the long test from the disk utility that i and PepperoniPizza suggested from the live CD20:18
PepperoniPizzaGuest61326, I would do the smart tests first, if the disk fails that it is gonna keep corrupting the filesystem etc20:19
mfrcan someone help  me with basic network interface on ubuntu server20:19
PepperoniPizzamfr, sure, dhcp ?20:19
Guest61326how do i do a smart test :P20:19
PepperoniPizzaGuest61326, sudo apt-get install gnome-disk-utility20:19
mfrifconfig -a shows list of interfaces but vi /etc/network/interfaces show only lo ?20:20
=== akaWolf1 is now known as akaWolf
PepperoniPizzamfr, I believe /etc/network/interfaces isn't used anymore but I could be wrong20:21
nilsecAnyone know why my Unity launcher/dash in 13.04 remain blue (set to choose color based on background) no matter what color backgrounds I use?20:21
mfryes it did mention that20:22
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Guest61326well i think my disk its corrupted , i been doing alot of repartitioning, and some times i couldnt open a partitioned part:P20:23
PepperoniPizzamfr, hmm i'm a bit confused, it does seem like you could still edit /etc/network/interfaces manually and add an interface20:24
mfrdid my intefarces not load up when i installed it or am i missing something.  I should have 2 (wired and wireless)20:24
PepperoniPizzamfr, https://help.ubuntu.com/13.04/serverguide/network-configuration.html20:24
holsteinGuest61326: i would want to do a test that would take an hour.. then i would *know*.. no need to "think"20:24
Guest61326not even the install live cd its working because it doesnt findns any partition :P20:24
PepperoniPizzaholstein, it is clearly hosed, but yea he should still run the test20:24
PepperoniPizzato be *sure*20:24
PepperoniPizzamfr, run this, sudo lshw -class network        make sure all your hardware is listed20:25
Guest61326thanks for all your help guys, ill do the test :P20:25
holsteinGuest61326: that is a potetially waste of time anyway... if its a cable, and you share the machine just right and get an install to go through, or whatever20:25
traxster Hello everyone20:26
PepperoniPizzaholstein, good point, I have had a cable go bad once20:26
PepperoniPizzabut it is unlikely20:26
holsteini had 2 actually.. on desktop machines.. pata cables20:26
PepperoniPizzahmm never used pata20:26
mfrIt looks like it does show there20:26
PepperoniPizzaonly idea/sata20:26
holsteinAFAIK, pata is just the "legacy" name for ide20:27
PepperoniPizzamfr, ok, then you can do "sudo ifconfig -a" to show what devices have been assigned an interface name such as eth0 or wlan0 for wireless20:27
traxsterhaving trouble with this command :  Device /dev/sda3/ doesn't exist or access denied.20:28
holsteintraxster: what command is rendering that response?20:29
traxstercryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda3/ crypt20:29
mfrit shows 4 interfaces, 2 with IP are lo and virbr0, and the wired and wireless w/ no IP but are up and running20:29
PepperoniPizzatraxster, /dev/sda3 not /dev/sda3/20:30
PepperoniPizzayou added an extra /20:30
PepperoniPizzamfr, ok, so then follow that guide I linked to get the other 2 configured20:30
traxsteroh?, let me try that20:31
PepperoniPizzamfr, do you use DHCP? If so just scroll down to the 3 steps under Dynamic IP Address Assignment (DHCP Client) it is very simple to configure dhcp20:31
mfrlinked on sidebar of subreddit?  Yes, it on a vlan w/ dhcp avail20:32
PepperoniPizzamfr, who is talking about reddit lol ?20:32
PepperoniPizzamfr, https://help.ubuntu.com/13.04/serverguide/network-configuration.html20:32
PepperoniPizzayou just need to do the steps under DHCP section, and possibly add your router to /etc/resolv.conf20:32
mfrSry, new to this and i am lost to where you linked it20:33
mfrok there it is20:33
traxsterthat got me through that error, however, now I am getting the following:   Cannot use device /dev/sda3 which is in use (already mapped or mounted).20:34
PepperoniPizzatraxster, type mount in a terminal is /dev/sda3 already mounted ?20:35
mfrI will check it out.  Thanks PepperoniPizza! wow i am thanking food. That is a first! LOL20:35
PepperoniPizzamfr, yw20:35
xanguahello, wasn't there a desktop tool to configure adobe flash settings in ubuntu¿20:37
xanguainstalling flashplugin-installer also installs the gtk configuration tool :)20:39
traxsteri don't see it on the list20:40
traxsterso i would guess not20:40
xanguaadobe-flashplugin * i mean, from partner repository20:40
PepperoniPizzatraxster, mount | grep /dev/sda320:40
PepperoniPizzatraxster, /dev/sda3 is commonly /home/user is it your home partition ?20:41
traxsteryes, but I am booting from a live cd. I am trying to follow these instructions  here :  http://blog.markloiseau.com/2012/05/ubuntu-aes-xts-plain64/20:43
SerelijahIs it to be expected that Xubuntu is a bit slow if it's being installed onto an old netbook, through a USB CD drive?20:44
PepperoniPizzatraxster, sudo umount /dev/sda320:44
occi have just bought a aspire s7, which apparently has a RAID setup for it's SSD drive(s), i need to remove RAID completley to replace windows with ubuntu, i know i  need to run the commands(from live cd):  sudo dmraid -E -r /dev/sda , sudo dmraid -E -r /dev/sdb ..... i will also go into the BIOS and disable the RAID where i can..... but, shall i run those commands first? or disable the RAID options in the BIOS first?20:44
PepperoniPizzaSerelijah, if the hardware is slow most things will be slow, and usb keys have low bandwidth20:45
traxsternow it says it is not mounted?20:45
PepperoniPizzatraxster, strange20:45
traxsterso is it that it's mapped?20:45
PepperoniPizzatraxster, idk what 'mapped' means, I know mounted means it is 'mounted' to a certain point in the file system so it can be accessed20:45
audistlshw -C video is reporting my nvidia GeForce GTX 650 Ti as only having 33MHz clock speed. any idea why it's severely underclocked like this?20:46
traxsterat least you got me one step further. He found an error in a command listed in the instructions20:46
traxsterok, I would like to reboot, and try that command over, Are you going to be here for a few?20:46
PepperoniPizzatraxster, sorry I need to hop in the shower and go to the grocery store20:47
PepperoniPizzabut if it is not mounted i don't see why you should have an issue20:48
traxsterok, thanks again for your help really appreciate it....20:48
PepperoniPizzatraxster, you ran this command already? ryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda3/ crypt20:49
eroeurbanohi everybody20:50
PepperoniPizzatraxster, if so it looks like it will be mounted to /dev/mapper/crypt so maybe do sudo unmount /dev/mapper/crypt ? anyway gtg sorry20:51
mal10ceroeurbano: hello20:51
traxsteri will try20:51
traxsterthanks again20:51
eroeurbanoI have one issue with one of my USB devices.. my Ubuntu 12.04 64bit doesn't recognize it nor mount it. Can you help me solving the issue?20:52
mal10ceroeurbano: maybe, what type of usb device is it and does it work on other computers?20:52
raymearshi everyone. got a silly issue with my flash player. in kubuntu 13.04 after switching from a flash installed via flashaid(ages ago) to the adobe-flashplugin i couldn't play vimeo videos. i then tried installing flashplugin-installer. same behaviour. does anyone know which folders/files i would have to delete to "start fresh"?20:52
eroeurbanomal10c : it is a Kindle 4, the problem started after I accidentally deleted the partition (it was changing and I wanted to format my usb pen instead)20:54
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SerelijahSo, how easy is it to set up dual-booting and does anyone know of a distro that is obscure and has no desktop environment?20:55
eroeurbanomal10c: on my other ubuntu laptop it is not mounted as well.. I don't have windows computers to try20:55
F41lI'm having an issue installing Ubuntu on a Win8 Pro tablet. I've got secureboot disabled, but it will not boot from either flash drive or cdrom. I think the issue I'm having is that it's a 32bit only Atom, and will not boot non-EFI. Any ideas? I got this tablet for a super steal of a deal at work and I really hate Windows 8. I was excited to get some KDE plasma action going on :D20:56
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mal10ceroeurbano: does the kindle start up?  if so, when you plug it in, try running a "dmesg" command in a terminal.  That might give more info about the data20:56
cr3how can I use alt-f1 in gnome terminal?20:56
Nach0zyou mean switch TTYs in a terminal window?20:57
Nach0zor that's ctrl+alt+f1, nvm20:57
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD20:57
eroeurbanomal10c the Kindle works just fine except that ubuntu doesn't mount it (at least automatically, I don't know how to attempt manually) some guy suggested me to type sudo fdisk -l to get info..here is the output http://pastebin.com/4hnNRitN20:57
OerHeksSerelijah, mini-iso is what you want, and dualboot is easy setup with grub bootloader20:58
cr3Nach0z: I have a session on a server using my laptop. I need to send alt-f1 to the server but my laptop keeps catching the keycode20:58
cr3Nach0z: the only solution I can think of is to change window manager so, as you can tell, I'm out of ideas :)20:59
mal10ceroeurbano: ah, it looks like it may be at /dev/sdc1.  and as a fat32 volume.  In that case, try this:  "sudo mkdir /mnt/kindle && sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt/kindle ; cd /mnt/kindle ; ls"20:59
eroeurbanomal10c: yes it is /dev/sdc1 .. anyway here is the output of dmesg http://pastebin.com/DSS4fNLz21:00
eroeurbanomal10c: when I type the mount command it says: mount: you must specify the filesystem type21:01
mal10ceroeurbano: try: "sudo mount -t vfat /dev/sdc1 /mnt/kindle"21:03
SubjectOneis there a way i can fix apt-get to update the package list ( for ubuntu 8.04 ? )21:04
gotwigWhy can't I register an Ubuntu One account with my @ubuntu.com mail adress?21:04
eroeurbanomal10c: it gives me an error output http://paste.ubuntu.com/586927821:04
eroeurbanomal10c: the output of "dmesg  | tail" is this http://paste.ubuntu.com/5869289/21:06
klanderhey guys. why is there no apt-get package for apache2.4, php5.4 ?21:08
klandersome people say there probably wont be one. why is this?21:08
Peyamklander: there isn't21:08
gotwigcan someone help? http://askubuntu.com/questions/319423/why-cant-i-use-my-ubuntu-com-mail-address-to-register-an-ubuntu-one-account21:09
klanderright but it seems like an important package, and i'm wondering what the reason is for it not being there21:10
SubjectOnewere can i find a working sources.list for apt-get for ubuntu v8.04 ?21:11
tgm4883!eol | SubjectOne21:11
ubottuSubjectOne: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades21:11
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SubjectOneah thanks tgm488321:13
SubjectOnewas bit messing around with the openvpn ( vmware ) it's still based on the ubuntu 8.04 LTS21:13
Styler2goHey Guys, i am trying to set up an svn server on my ubuntu server. i am using this http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Subversion tutorial. it seems to work but i am getting this error: http://pastebin.com/Bu9rRHen21:14
Styler2goany idea whats wrong?21:14
occok i have been advised to disable RAID in BIOS before running the "dmraid -E -r" commands from live cd, in my BIOS it says SATA Mode: [Raid Mode], i can replace [raid mode] with [ide mode] and [ahci mode], to install ubuntu i want ahci mode right?21:18
eroeurbanomal10c: any suggestion?21:18
bekksocc: Yes.21:19
tgm4883gotwig, answered21:19
occok thanks21:19
gotwigtgm4883: in the thread on askubuntu? thx21:20
tgm4883gotwig, yep21:20
t0k3what is a good hardware trouble IRC channel?21:21
t0k3i have the most bizarre crashes , independet of OS.21:21
t0k3anyone got any tip?21:21
t0k3a website serving that purpose would be quallly great21:21
t0k3if you want i could write you a short summary of my problem.21:21
FloodBot1t0k3: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:21
Styler2gouhm... noone? :-/21:21
gotwigtgm4883: would be nice if members could get some more space for free, huh :D21:22
tgm4883gotwig, I suppose. I've been testing it more and my answer is slightly wrong21:22
gotwigtgm4883: maybe you are right21:23
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gotwigtgm4883: thanks for your smart answer xD21:26
F41lI'm having an issue installing Ubuntu on a Win8 Pro tablet. I've got secureboot disabled, but it will not boot from either flash drive or cdrom. I think the issue I'm having is that it's a 32bit only Atom, and will not boot non-EFI. Any ideas? I got this tablet for a super steal of a deal at work and I really hate Windows 8. I was excited to get some KDE plasma action going on :D21:26
tgm4883gotwig, just updated my answer. I'm pretty sure that is what is happening21:28
SyntheadMy system is dropping to an initramfs prompt on boot.  I ran e2fsck on the partitions in my fstab and it still occurs.  Booting a previous kernel version doesn't help also.  What now?21:29
wilee-nileeF41l, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFIBooting   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214729521:29
SyntheadAlso, I reinstalled the kernel and headers21:29
Synthead(though I doubt that's what it is due to the previous versions not booting)21:29
wilee-nileeF41l, Those two links should get you going.21:29
Syntheadany thoughts?21:32
occim trying to run ubuntu 12.04 live usb stick but it goes to black screen, the boot mode in BIOS says "UEFI mode" there is another option called "legacy bios" shall i try legacy mode? i thought uefi mode was supposed to work with ubuntu 12.04? i used uefi mode on my other machines to install ubuntu21:32
SerelijahHow easy is it going to be for me to figure out Xubuntu through sheer guesswork?21:33
occthere is also an option called secure boot: enabled, shall i disable this?21:33
kingbeastSerelijah, not long21:34
occshall i try legacy mode and secure boot disabled, or just one of them21:34
wilee-nileeocc, Take a look on these links. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFIBooting   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214729521:34
Kitt3nocc, turn off Secureboot, you should use 13.04 and legacy mode is NOT smart to use <_<21:34
kingbeastSerelijah, just get ready to use the terminal a little bit21:34
occok kitten why is legacy mode bad?21:35
Kitt3nPersonal experience, it can cause some weird things to happen21:35
occi see21:38
occaha! disabling secure boot made the live usb work21:39
t0k3what is a good hardware trouble shooting IRC channel?21:39
t0k3i have the most bizarre crashes , independet of OS.21:39
t0k3anyone got any tip?21:39
t0k3a website serving that purpose would be equally great21:39
t0k3if you want i could write you a short summary of my problem.21:39
FloodBot1t0k3: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:39
t0k3(is this supposed how to post)?21:39
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occt0k3 #hardware21:39
nebkatnice exploit http://people.zoy.org/~sam/filsdepute.txt21:42
Kitt3nnebkat, seriously?21:43
nebkatKitt3n: try it21:44
occok i am into the live usb. as i understand it, running the commands "sudo dmraid -E -r /dev/sda" "sudo dmraid -E -r /dev/sdb" should remove RAID................... before i do this, i am checking gparted.... it shows  /dev/sda: unallocated,unallocated, /dev/sdb: unallocated,unallocated, dev/sdc1:fat32,cdrom(but my laptop dosnt have a cd rom drive?), and dev/mapper: shows a bunch of mapper devices which i assume is the raid stu21:45
occff........ so does this all look normal and running those 2 commands i mentioned at the start of this paragraph should remove all the raid and mappers etc so i can do fresh install of ubunut to replace windows completley?21:45
marcel`after upºgrade, every time I press t'he letter ªG or ºg or 'h or backspace it preppends weird c'hars before, any idea?21:45
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aantonic73whats up ubuntu people21:47
nebkathttp://people.zoy.org/~sam/filsdepute.txt this is just amazing21:47
usr13marcel`: Upgrade from ________ to __________. ?21:47
th0rnebkat, not here21:48
nebkatth0r: hmm?21:48
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:48
marcel`usr13: 12.04 to 12.1021:48
marcel`t'his is drivinºg me nuts21:49
usr13marcel`: You might try sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration21:49
marcel`usr13: will try it t'hanks21:49
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usr13marcel`: You might also look at:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf21:50
marcel`usr13: i21:51
marcel`usr13: didn'ht work :(21:51
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submanIn 13.04 I've enabled multiple desktops, but how do I add more than four?21:54
bschaefersubman, you have to go into CCSM (compizconfig-settings-manager) -> General Options -> Desktop Size and change the horizontal and vertical size to 221:57
submanbschaefer, thanks.  Seems kind of a difficult way though.21:57
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bschaefersubman, yeeah its not optimal21:58
occi have 2 SSD's in my ultrabook, the drives seem to be mapped to /dev/sda, and /dev/sdb, in my BIOS, the boot menu only shows HDD0 -which i assume is either sda or sdb, in ubuntu install, if i choose erase disk and install ubuntu, which drive will it choose? will it automatically choose the right one(the one the bios boot menu seems to show)?21:58
quuxmanhey all. I'm using Ubuntu 12.10. Alsa audio works, but pulseaudio does not, so none of my apps can use sound unless I uninstall pulseaudio, and then only a few apps work with it21:59
occor should i go into *something else, and choose sda or sdb specifically... but then i dont know which one..21:59
occill just go autopilot and choose erase disk then...22:00
occill let the computer choose since i dont know better22:00
quuxmanif pulseaudio is running, I see "Built-in Audio Digital Stereo (HDMI)" (which I'm not using), and "Loopback Analog Stereo" (which I assume is a dummy device) in the output tab of sound settings22:00
gordonjcpocc: is there anything on the disk you care about?22:00
otakocc: blkid might give you more idea22:01
occgordon windows is on the disk. so no nothing i care about :)22:01
occiv selected autopilot(erase disk)... hopefully will work22:01
mosesanyone know what the ifort group is in ubuntu?22:01
quuxmanso I'm pretty sure pulseaudio doesn't see the built-in speakers and stereo plug22:02
quuxmananother interesting point is `aplay foo.wav` does not work, but `aplay -D plughw:CARD=PCH,DEV=0 foo.wav` does22:02
occoh it does give me an option in the next screen anyway.... i choose /dev/sda, since it is the first option22:03
quuxmanthis has been plaguing me for 6 months. I don't know where my problem is... seems to be somewhere between alsa and pulse22:03
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SyntheadI'm being dropped to an initramfs shell at boot.  I reinstalled my kernel, headers, and initramfs packages.  I checked the disk for errors.  I'm not sure what else to look for.  Any thoughts?22:07
quuxmanI think my default device si wrong?22:07
SerelijahSo, Xubuntu is complaining that "unknown terminal type: xterm"...22:08
th0rSerelijah, try setting the default terminal in Preferred Applications22:10
SecretFirehow do I delete a file in terminal?22:12
tgm4883SecretFire, 'rm <filename>'22:12
Serelijah"unknown terminal type: xterm" Nothing changed. Except for the fact that I'm using that right now.22:13
SecretFiretgm4883 : do I need to be root22:13
tgm4883SecretFire, you need the correct permissions in order to delete the file22:13
th0rSerelijah, when are you getting this error? From a panel launcher?22:13
SerelijahWhen trying to run Nethack.22:13
th0rSerelijah, running it from a terminal? from a menu item? from a panel launcher?22:14
SerelijahFrom terminal22:14
th0rSerelijah, then it has to be something programmed into Nethack22:14
Androbuntusup yall im running ubuntu on my android phone im so cool yah22:14
th0rSerelijah, the easiest might be to just install xterm22:15
Serelijah"xterm" works as a command22:15
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yannick__hey guys, do you understand why i could mean with the term "lunch menu"? the menu for lunch...22:17
nilsecyannick__, what...?22:18
jribyannick__: try ##english22:18
sykopompwhat happened to nvidia-xconfig? I'm trying to get set up with the nvidia drivers on ubuntu 13.04 but it's giving me a lot of trouble -- I rebooted and I get this weird configuration window that doesn't do anything.22:18
jribyannick__: (assuming you have an english-related question)22:18
sykopompapparently kernel 3.8.0-19 was having issues with the nvidia driver. I'm on -26 now.22:18
yannick__jrib: thanks, just wanted to ask native speakers :)22:19
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SameltroHow can i run ubuntu os on my galaxy s 422:21
Guest52923hi I'm wondering what this process does: gvfsd-http22:21
quuxmanwhy is audio so impossible?22:21
flxmmrguest????, that should be some http-file-share which is mounted by nautilus/gnome...22:22
Guest52923flxmmr, I'm guessing you're reffering to me, thank you for the answer  :)22:23
Syntheadany ideas?22:25
usr13!sound | quuxman22:25
ubottuquuxman: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.22:25
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JiokHi, I'm trying to configure a pc to receive BT files and then process them, I'm kindda lost, I want to do this with console tools only, so far I have been able to auto start my bt and set it to discoverable, but I know how to accept any connection to receive files22:26
flxmmrsynthead: easiest way http://goo.gl/dVpfa.22:27
sykopompHi, I'm having problems with the nvidia-current drivers on ubuntu 13.04. It keeps bumping me into a "do you want to use low-end graphics" menu because it reported a problem with bad configuration or something of the sort. I've found several guides on installing nvidia drivers on ubuntu, and they all mention nvidia-xconfig, which I don't have at all, anywhere in my system.22:27
sykopompis there something I'm missing here?22:27
tapoxihowdy #ubuntu, icons in the top right, how do I get rid of them? namely empathy and ubuntu one22:27
Syntheadflxmmr: an app for android?22:27
quuxmanubottu: I've already visited those links, and the propper device is not in my sound settings22:28
quuxmaner, usr1322:28
flxmmrsynthead, you mean ubuntu phone?22:28
Syntheadflxmmr: I'll send the message from my scrollback history22:29
sykopompI just checked /var/log/Xorg.0.log, and it says screens were found, but have no usable configuration.22:29
SyntheadI'm being dropped to an initramfs shell at boot.  I reinstalled my kernel, headers, and initramfs packages.  I checked the disk for errors.  I'm not sure what else to look for.  Any thoughts?22:29
quuxmanusr13: you probably didn't see my earlier messages. My issue is that pulse doesn't recognise that my sound device exists. It works in alsa, but only if I explicitly specify the right device, as the default is apparently not correct22:29
sykopompdoes anyone have any idea what package owns nvidia-xconfig?22:29
flxmmrsry synthead, mean sameltro :/22:30
BruceSatoim on an ati-graphics adapter, should i switch to the fglrx-update-propdrivers or stay on fglrx?22:30
sykopompor if there's an alternative way to get set up with nvidia drivers?22:30
quuxmanusr13: `aplay -D plughw:CARD=PCH,DEV=0 foo.wav` works, but `aplay foo.wav` does not22:31
occi have succesfully installed ubu7ntuStudio 12.04 on acer aspire s7 ultrabook, wifi seems to work too, maybe a tad slow but it works22:31
holsteinocc: it'll be the same as the support for wireless in ubuntu 12.0422:32
johnfrielhey, does anybody know what might cause 'curl localhost' to fail but not 'ping localhost' ?22:32
johnfrieltotally mystifying me22:32
jribjohnfriel: you should say how it fails22:32
johnfrielparticularly after upgrading from 11.04 to to 12.0422:32
johnfrielcurl localhost22:33
johnfrielcurl: (7) couldn't connect to host22:33
johnfrielcurl fails the same way22:33
johnfrielbut I can curl external sites perfectly fine22:33
jribjohnfriel: do you have a web server running on localhost?22:33
johnfrielI do22:34
johnfrielI *think* I have nginx22:34
johnfriel1 sec22:34
holsteinjohnfriel: why are you trying to use curl to localhost?22:35
johnfrielcrap that's embarrassing22:35
johnfrielit's a server that's hosting a web app22:35
quuxmanThere is nothing on the sound troubleshooting page about alsa recognizing your hardware, and pulseaudio not22:35
johnfrieland I just upgraded ubuntu22:39
johnfrielbut now my site is down22:39
holsteinjohnfriel: what are you trying to do? can you ssh into it?22:39
johnfrielthe web app is running — nginx might not be22:39
johnfrielyep, I can ssh in just fine22:39
holsteini would do the basics to try and sort out why the webserver isnt running/working.. you should be able to use scp over ssh22:39
johnfrielyeah, I think it might actually just be nginx :X22:39
quuxman`aplay -L` shows everything it should, but "list-sinks" in `pacmd` only shows a loopback device and the HDMI device, not the regular built-in device22:39
holsteinquuxman: i would try your best *not* to use or need to use the HDMI output.. otherwise, try pavucontrol to route... driver suppport is key22:40
quuxmanholstein: I don't and can't use the HDMI output22:40
holsteinquuxman: you dont what?22:41
SerelijahHow do I "install" a library?22:41
quuxmanholstein: I'm just trying to get the speakers on my laptop to work with all my applications, mainly google-chrome22:41
jrib!software | Serelijah22:41
ubottuSerelijah: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents22:41
holsteinquuxman: play a known good audio file in chrome, and test.. using pavucontrol to route22:41
jribSerelijah: usually though, you just use your favorite package manager to install it from the repositories22:41
sykopompdoes anyone know where nvidia-xconfig is hiding? :(22:41
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quuxmanholstein: chrome can't play any audio22:42
holsteinquuxman: why?22:42
quuxmanholstein: because it uses pulseaudio, which can't play anything, because it doesn't recognize the device22:42
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jribsykopomp: you sure you don't want nvidia-settings?22:42
quuxmanthe only way I can play audio so far as I've found is `aplay -D plughw:CARD=PCH,DEV=0 foo.wav`22:42
holsteinquuxman: so, you are good then? you dont need any help from a volunteer to troubleshoot the issue?22:42
sykopompjrib: nvidia-settings doesn't work when you can't start an xserver and you're not currently using the nvidia driver.22:42
sykopompjrib: every single guide I've run into demands that I run nvidia-xconfig22:43
quuxmanholstein: no, I'm definitely not good. I've been wrestling with this problem for 6 months22:43
sykopompbut no such command exists22:43
jribsykopomp: what guide?22:43
holsteinquuxman: why? audio hardware is quite affordable these days22:43
holsteinquuxman: replace it22:43
sykopomphttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia for example22:43
quuxmanholstein: and have given up trying to solve it on my own. My laptop is not affordable or easily replaced, and I like it, and there's nothing wrong with it. Sound works fine in windows22:43
johnfriel@holstein, it was nginx — thx!22:43
jribsykopomp: how did you install the driver?22:44
holsteinjohnfriel: cheers!22:44
quuxmanholstein: I can't replace the audio device that's built-in to the main board22:44
sykopompjrib: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bumblebee22:44
sykopomplike that22:44
holsteinquuxman: USB22:44
SerelijahWhat's a good package manager?22:44
jribSerelijah: apt-get22:44
F41lStill no luck with booting to the installer with EFI. Tried flash drive, tried USB cdrom. I think it's 32bit only, so I would need a 32bit EFI install disk. Any ideas?22:44
quuxmanholstein: that is not ideal, but does work22:44
holsteinquuxman: i *never* said "replace your laptop".. your laptop vendor never promised you linux suppport, correct?22:44
quuxmanholstein: the thing is, the built-in audio device and speakers _does_ work, just not with pulse, which is quite frustrating22:45
holsteinquuxman: i usually try live CD's with different alsa version and kernel versions, and make a note of both if something "automagically" works22:45
jribsykopomp: did you read "https://github.com/Bumblebee-Project/Bumblebee/wiki/Troubleshooting" ?22:45
holsteinquuxman: remove pulse then.. try lubuntu live.. .lubuntu doesnt ship pulse22:47
sykopompI thought mbps had optimus graphics.22:48
quuxmanholstein: what does lubuntu use for audio then?22:48
holsteinquuxman: the same.. alsa.. just without pulse22:48
sykopompI guess I'll try setting it up all over again without bumblebee.22:51
SerelijahSo, how do I install something like the SDL library? What do I do after extraction?22:52
jribSerelijah: what do you mean by "after extraction"?  How did you extract exactly?22:53
sykopompjrib: I'm really not sure what's going on here. I tried just installing nvidia-current, but that doesn't work either.22:55
Serelijahtar -xzf SDL2-2.0.0.tar.gz22:55
sykopompthe nvidia module simply fails to load22:56
jribSerelijah: you did not follow my instructions to use a apt-get.  What do you actually want to accomplish?  i.e. once you install SDL, what do you want to do next?22:56
sykopompxorg log says to check the kernel log, but I can't see anything relevant.22:56
jribsykopomp: what was the state before you tried to install nvidia?22:56
sykopompMy system was using nouveau, but nouveau couldn't resume after suspend (and there's the whole 3d accel thing), so I tried installing the nvidia drivers.22:57
sykopompand now I can't even get a working x server :)22:57
jribsykopomp: if you enabled a bunch of ppas to try to get bumblebee, they may be causing issues22:57
sykopompI only enabled the one ppa.22:57
sykopompnothing else22:57
sykopompand only the one recommended in that wiki page I linked22:58
jribsykopomp: s/bunch of//22:58
sykopompI also just removed all the packages from that ppa that were installed.22:58
jribsykopomp: but you've determined you don't need bumblebee?22:58
sykopompI haven't, but that grep in the page you linked came up with no lines22:58
jribsykopomp: what ubuntu version by the way?22:58
sykopompso I thought maybe this laptop doesn't support optimus (which would be surprising)22:58
sykopompthis is ubuntu 13.04. Kernel is 3.8.0-2622:59
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sykopompand somewhere in one of those links, it actually said that the standard proprietary drivers wouldn't work at all on optimus cards (which is strange, isn't it?)23:00
sykopompthere's way too much unclear documentation out there for this stuff :\23:00
=== MobGod is now known as Guest72328
jribsykopomp: I don't know much about bumblebee and optimus, but those pages may not be up to date for 13.0423:00
sykopompnot only that, but I found a mention of recent kernel issues.23:01
=== Guest72328 is now known as MobGod
jribsykopomp: if it's a fresh install, I would just do a new install and try without bumblebee first23:01
jribjust using the default drivers jockey suggests23:01
sykopompthe "additional drivers" thing for ubuntu wasn't showing the nvidia drivers for me at all.23:02
quuxmanholstein: I'm pretty sure all I have to do is properly set the default device in alsa, than pulse will work23:02
quuxmanholstein: or at least I could use alsa directly in various apps then23:02
sykopompit's kind of bizarre how poorly this is working. :\23:02
jribsykopomp: there was a bumblebee-specific irc channel mentioned in one of the links (#bumblebee iirc).  You might try there23:03
nik00I recently installed bt5 on my laptop since I have recently started using it alot more that my other OS's. Before this I was dual booting with ubuntu. Since doing this I have been having one problem after the next. Most problems I was able to fix, or at least create a workaround. I just wanted to know if anyone has tried using ubuntu(or any other flavor of linux) and just installing all the app menu/apps for backtrack. Would you rec23:06
nik00any opinions are welcome23:07
wilee-nileenik00, Backtrack is not supported here.23:08
PashaPastanot to mention that backtrack is outdated23:09
Squarepynik00, well I don't think backtrack is setup as a total desktop environment23:09
Squarepywhy would you want to23:09
PashaPastaIt isn't, but blackbuntu is and kali could be used as such23:09
quuxmanso `aplay -L` shows "sysdefault:CARD=Loopback". That can't be right. That's probably my problem right there, but I can't figure out how to fix it23:10
quuxmanIf I put anything in the pcm.!default section of asound.conf other than "type hw", "card 0", "device 0", aplay shows an error23:10
nik00It is def not a permanent thing. Im just working on a project that required a lot of the tools in BT.23:11
PyR3XOne of the scripts on my desktop executes a program with "/bin/sh path/to/some/prog" and is not using the PATH that I setup in my .bashrc file. Any ideas why not? Or where I should set PATH so it will use it?23:12
onekinghola alguien sabe porque mplayer no funciona en xubuntu 12.0423:13
quuxmanI want card 1 to be the default, but if I put "card 1" in there, aplay errors "aplay: set_params:1087: Channels count non available"23:13
nik00thanks tho. anyone else in here do pen testing professionally? I installed BT just on a whim basically, I just figured it would save me some time. Boy was I wrong23:14
zryanhi all23:14
zryanhow to upgrade ubuntu 10.04 to 12.04 via command line23:15
onekingwrite sudo apt-get dist-upgrade23:15
zryanoneking i have this error (Traceback (most recent call last):23:16
zryan  File "/usr/bin/do-release-upgrade", line 10, in <module>23:16
zryan    from UpdateManager.Core.DistUpgradeFetcherCore import DistUpgradeFetcherCore23:16
zryan  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/UpdateManager/Core/DistUpgradeFetcherCore.py", line 34, in <module>23:16
zryan    import GnuPGInterface23:16
FloodBot1zryan: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.23:16
zryanImportError: No module named GnuPGInterface23:16
wilee-nileezryan, This a desktop or server?23:17
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w30sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y dist-upgrade23:17
wilee-nileeoneking, Heh not even within a mile. ;)23:17
wilee-nilee!eol | zryan23:17
ubottuzryan: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades23:17
onekingzryan is best update with a cd23:18
wilee-nileezryan, You have to do a eol upgrade which I personally would not advise, a fresh install would be my route, but do what you need to and back it up before you do it.23:19
wilee-nileeoneking, You are just giving the littlest info some of which is not even close.23:20
kbooduzryan: You should also backup /etc and save it off as that will be wiped out with a fresh install.23:20
john_umphi have a nvidia geforce 8400 gs and I'm trying to get separate x screen to recognize the dvi port as primary monitor and vga as secondary i know the bios works this way as when i boot it shows bios info on the dvi monitor23:22
onekingwili nine jodete puto23:23
wilee-nileezryan, Did you read the bots info on eol upgrades, 10.04 the desktop is end of life.23:23
zryanUpdate Manager GUI not Open!!!23:25
Kitt3nzryan, the best thing would be to download the new LTS or 13.04 and just reinstall.23:26
williamtdrIf I have a script that runs a command that uses up the terminal, how can I open another virtual terminal to run the next command?23:26
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wilee-nileezryan, A eol upgrade uses the terminal not a gui, read this. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades23:28
zryanKitt3n no sulations in terminal command line?23:28
w30williamtdr, try ctl alt F223:30
SerelijahWhere do I have to place a package for apt-get to find it?23:30
wilee-nileeSerelijah, What?23:30
williamtdrw30: using a script23:30
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sykopompSora1995|Cloud: if you're installing a package manually, use dpkg -i23:31
w30williamtdr, what about using a & at the end of the command in the script?23:31
williamtdrw30: will that execute all the commands simoultaniously?23:32
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
w30williamtdr, that runs the command outside the terminal23:33
williamtdrw30: won't work because I'm using xterm23:33
williamtdr's -e argument23:34
sykopompSerelijah: instead23:34
williamtdreverything after then -e is taken literally23:34
bashstampedealguien habla español23:34
bashstampedemen soy nuevo en ubuntu23:34
wilee-nilee!es | bashstampede23:35
ubottubashstampede: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.23:35
onekingque bien23:35
bashstampedey necesito los comandos basicos para q esto no me coma23:35
wilee-nileebashstampede, english only please.23:35
SerelijahDoes a package have to be in a specific directory to be installed?23:36
nik00i have a external HDD that I need to format in ubuntu using disk utility. I am using a BlacX Duet with 2 HD's right out old laptops. One win7 filesystem, the other is ubuntu. I plan on using them for external storage, as well as saving VM images that I can boot using Virtualbox. I just wanted to verify that NTFS is the best route since I will be using several OS's that I need to be able to plug n play these HD's with.23:36
w30williamtdr, if I run firefox & in script firefox will launch and the terminal goes back to the prompt23:36
sykopompSerelijah: I think you're completely misunderstanding how package management works in ubuntu.23:36
jribSerelijah: you don't download packages, you just tell your package manager what you want and it does all the work.  Did you ever answer my question about what you are actually trying to accomplish?23:36
Serelijahsykopomp: Of course I am.23:37
sykopompSerelijah: what jrib said. Read it.23:37
Serelijahjrib: Just trying to figure out how the OS works right now.23:37
_44trent3Can I umount my ext4 partition to resize my disc drive to make parition to put windows on?23:37
jribSerelijah: read the link about installing software ubottu sent (and also going through http://help.ubuntu.com would be helpful)23:37
sykopompSerelijah: maybe there's better ways to do that, such as reading the vast amounts of documentation available to you, or by simply trying ubuntu on a livecd23:37
w30williamtdr, if I kill the terminal it kills firefox but if I exit at the prompt firefox stays alive23:38
psusi_44trent3, yea... boot off another disk23:38
wilee-nileenik00, ntfs for windows, vm's in general can be ext or ntfs.23:38
_44trent3What do you meam? Like using the livecd version of Ubuntu?23:38
bashstampedethank you23:38
williamtdrw30: I23:38
psusi_44trent3, that's one way yea23:38
wilee-nileenik00, At least the vm's vdi's23:38
williamtdrm trying it23:38
nik00wilee, thanks man.23:39
_44trent3How would I get gparted on a livecd though?23:39
wilee-nileeno prob23:39
psusi_44trent3, same way you do otherwise... if it weren't already installed on the livecd, which it is23:40
_44trent3Okay then, can I boot into Ubuntu after I resize23:40
Serelijahjrib: I did read that link...23:41
_44trent3I generally only need this info to get Windows back, but when I boot into Windows if I delete the ubuntu partition, will that count as resize and not boot next resrat on Windows?23:42
_44trent3My dvd drive is shot and I have a 2gb usb.23:42
_44trent3I was thinking to install Windows by mounting the official .iso for Windows 7, and then install Windows through wine and install it on the partition that I made.23:44
_44trent3Is that gonna work?23:44
bashstampedei want work23:44
MeekenThe Tor client and browser found here, www.torproject.org, is there any reason to doubt its trustworthyiness?23:44
_44trent3Or I could blank the Ubuntu disc I made the other day.23:46
Meeken44trent3 I do not believe you can install windows through wine, you could mount it virtually though.23:46
_44trent3Like mount the iso in virtualbox and restart.23:47
wilee-nileeMeeken, Hmm, lets see here a app that runs your stuff through servers that others control, with all it takes is a exit and enter in the same country to expose you, what do you think.23:47
MeekenYou would be playing windows in a VM, rather then directly, I think, I don't know much about it23:47
_44trent3Ooooh. How would I install Windows without a DVD Drive or USB23:48
Meeken44trent3 Why can't you do either?23:48
Meekenoh, your computer lacks both? How did you get your current OS on then?23:50
MeekenSo is that tor client thing a trusted program? I don't see it in ubuntu software center, but I remember hearing some programs have packages outside of that, which have been vetted23:52
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wilee-nileeMeeken, Tor is in my repos and yours if you have them not ticked off.23:55
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Jason_HudsonMeeken, that browser should just be a rebranded Firefox with Tor config included and maybe some privacy-unfriendly settings disabled...If you want trusted software on Ubuntu just use Firefox and Tor from repos.23:55
_44trent3Am I using the open source catalyst driver?23:56
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Meekenwilee-nilee: repos? "ticked off"?23:56
Jason_HudsonMeeken, and by "trusted" I mean "vetted" by someone withint the Ubuntu community, I'm not claiming that Tor Browser is malicious.23:56
sykopompI guess ubuntu isn't really ready to run on recent macbooks yet. I'll wait another 6 months and try again. :\23:56
SerelijahOh, so do I need to specify more repositories for APT?23:56
wilee-nileeMeeken, in the sources are the option of turning the repos on or off the term is ticked=# for off.23:57
MeekenJason_Hudson:  Well I would want different settings for tors and privacy verses normal viewing, so its fine if its a repacked firefox. But has it been vetted?23:58
Meekenwilee-nilee: The browser package is not in software center23:59
kchenguehello guys23:59
Meekenwilee-nilee: Only thing there is "vidalia"23:59
Jason_HudsonMeeken, vetted by who exactly?23:59

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