OvenWerkszequence: I don't know if you saw any of it or not. Xubuntu had a meeting yesterday and the the logs would be interesting if you haven't already.13:16
OvenWerkszequence: much talk about MIR, mostly about how it works (or doesn't) and how ready it is likely to be for 13.10.13:18
OvenWerkszequence: Xubuntu will be deciding on XMIR/xorg mid August.13:19
OvenWerkszequence: going into the future, Ubuntu has said MIR will be _the_ X that is supported.13:21
OvenWerksAfter 13.10, Canonical intends not to support xorg. I do not know that is a problem. We use a lot of SW now that is in the Ubuntu repos, but not supported.13:23
OvenWerkszequence: XFCE has no plan to ever support or write a MIR back end. There are very few devs (two?) and there is not enough time etc.13:26
OvenWerksWhat this means is that come 14.04, when XMIR is to be replaced with MIR, Xfce's experience with MIR's X compatability will be a good indication for Studio if our SW will work with MIR or not.13:29
OvenWerksIt will also be a good indication if there will be performance issues of the translation layer in MIR that takes X commands and tells MIR how to render them.13:31
OvenWerksI would suggest that going forward, Audio will become less of a testing priority and video/graphics/GUI will require more of our attention.13:33
OvenWerksThat is, we will need to spend more time testing video applications, particularely KDE based apps. (which should still work with MIR)13:38
OvenWerksOne question I have not even seen asked, is if there is any thought given in The MIR group to supporting/translating wayland interfaces... where the rest of the Linux community and SW are going.13:40
zequenceOvenWerks: My understanding is that xorg will be community supported from there on. How good/bad that is, I have no clue - and what that will do to the other flavors in the long run, but since we always have the choice to use something else, or whatever works, we won't of course be technically affected, like some of the other flavors13:47
zequenceWe could engage in the problem, to give opinions and support to the others. We could play a role in the community.13:48
zequenceMe, personally, won't have the resources to add much to it. And my goal is really to understand the maintenance infrastructure better, packaging, ISO building, seeds, etc13:50
zequenceand how to adapt Ubuntu Studio to other flavors13:50
zequenceI've been thinking about the possibility to add us to other flavor installers, at least the audio workflow13:51
zequencealready my goal is to change from audio group to something else, and make it default on all flavors, so jack always works in realtime when installed13:52
zequencesome of these things just need to be organized, and the technical aspects solved, and then try push for the change13:53
zequencewas disconnected from the internet for about 24h, so again, not able to get much done :P13:54
zequenceby adding us to other flavors, I don't mean the audio applications, just the core components to make any flavor audio friendly - kernel, settings and maybe jack13:55
Mishzequence: I've made some icons with colours. They are in here  ---   https://www.wuala.com/Mishrito/Icons/?key=CRBaTkk2DEln19:56
MishThey are for Audio and Graphics and I took the colours from the slideshow of the UBS homepage you showed me19:56
MishThere are two versions of each, one with the object and one with the corresponding letter19:57
MishBut that probably wouldn't work out since I'd be stuck at photography and publishing since both start with P19:58
Mishbut I put it there anyways so you can see what it looks like19:58
MishIs it similar to what you had in mind?19:59
zequenceMish: I thought your original icons looked quite nice, so I was just imagining those with colored backgrounds. As for the content of the image, the headphones, brush, etc, I suppose I imagined those white, just as they are originally. If you'd like suggestions for colors, I could have a moment to think about that, but otherwise, just choose which ever ones you feel is right yourself.20:05
zequenceThat's just how I pictured it. Doesn't matter what it ends up being, as long as it works :)20:05
MishSo just the old icons with coloured background?  Ok I'll do that. And I'll just take the colours from that slideshow for consistency20:12
zequenceMish: Don't worry about the slideshow. Those are really random20:12
MishSo can they be changed easily?20:13
zequenceI'd rather create a more sensible set of colors, and later adapt the slideshow to those20:13
zequenceWe just create new artwork for that later, and also, we could use the colors for our workflows in other situations too20:13
zequencelike in documentation, or the feature tour20:13
zequencethe choice of colors might be a really interesting one, especially as it seems some colors have very different meaning in different cultures20:14
zequencemaybe they don't need to make sense, just look pretty, I don't know20:15
zequencephoto could be red, or black (like film), audio could be blue or red (like the rec button). publishing could be white as paper (but then the content would need to be black), or yellow, etc20:16
zequencethe classic blue is a nice blue, I think. I would start with that, and make the other colors have similar strength in color20:17
zequenceMish: I used three colors for our wiki https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio20:17
Mishwith colours the main thing would be to make them look good in both light and dark environments. I've been pained by so many apps, mostly java apps using SWT that don't respect GTK+ apps properly and end up forcing white backgrounds despite me having a dark GTK theme, making text sometimes unreadable and graphics look ugly20:17
zequencenot sure if that blue is the classic one, actually, but probably close20:18
Mishfor that reason I tend to avoid java apps20:19
Mishok cool got it20:20

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