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xnoxslangasek: or stgraber: please review https://code.launchpad.net/~xnox/upstart/bug-1199778/+merge/174372 to unblock SRU. stgraber - wasn't there something else that needs to go in the SRU? (we now pulled the last one)09:59
xnoxin the mean time I'm preparing saucy upload.09:59
xnoxstgraber:  lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu/raring/upstart/raring10:00
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stgraberxnox: the respawn fix13:17
xnoxstgraber: ack. So we need to cherry-pick the respawn fix, above chroot-reexec-fix. Can you review above merge-proposal, if you are in the mood for upstart subtle bugs =)13:18
stgraberxnox: I'll take a look once I'm fully awake ;) currently still at the processing IRC backlog and e-mails phase ;)13:25
stgraberok, I think I'm as awake as I'll be today, taking a look at that branch now14:52
stgraberxnox: should test_session_upgrade do some checks of the unserialized data or is checking the return code sufficient?15:32
xnoxstgraber: i think it should be checking unserialized data for a complete test.15:33
xnoxstgraber: checking the return code is sufficient test for the bug in question: "upstart upgraded failed with active chroot session"15:33
stgraberxnox: ok, can you add some tests to at least ensure those lists and hashes contain stuff post-unserialization? I don't think we need a ton of asserts but just checking that they aren't empty anymore would be nice15:34
xnoxright, I see what you mean.15:34
xnoxstgraber: and that caught a bug =)15:39
stgraberxnox: yay!15:43
xnoxstgraber: so, pushed more asserts. As it turns out chroot-sessions only have CONF_JOB_DIR, unlike normal system init which has CONF_FILE & CONF_JOB_DIR.17:04
xnoxstgraber: so it checks that the correct session got deserialised with proper conf sources and that none of the job classes belong to a session.17:04
xnoxstgraber: since we don't deserialise those at the moment.17:05
xnoxstgraber: right, I'm off to my lunch break....17:12
* xnox scratches head17:12
xnoxwill be back to poke upstart or android a bit more.17:12

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