guidemariohi ... I'd like to know if it's possible to write some commands on a text file and save it in a kind of extension (like .BAT for windows) to run the commands when I click on this file.00:17
David-Aguidemario: extension on file names does not matter in *nix and mac (well, sometimes but not as much as in win*). what matters is that the file has executable permission and a proper magic header.00:22
David-Aguidemario: for a text file with terminal commands, the header should be a so called shebang, that is a line #!/bin/bash (and executable permission of course)00:23
a5tr4alanyone get iphone syncing with xubuntu01:07
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LanzuHello! I just installed Xubuntu on my X121e Lenovo netbook, But it won't start. I only get "Operation System not found" How do I fix this?01:57
SonikkuAmericaLanzu: Well... step 1: Is your computer a "Certified for Windows 8" machine?01:59
LanzuI don't think so.02:00
LanzuIt came without and OS and I had Win 7 running on it02:01
SonikkuAmericaLanzu: 32- or 64-bit machine? (Probably the latter?)02:01
LanzuSonikkuAmerica: 64-bit yea02:02
SonikkuAmericaLanzu: Do you have a 64-bit Live image?02:02
LanzuSonikkuAmerica: on USB yep02:03
SonikkuAmericaLanzu: Step 3: Boot from it, and select "Try Xubuntu without installing"02:03
LanzuSonikkuAmerica: okay doing just that02:04
SonikkuAmericaStep 4: Connect to the Internet.02:05
LanzuSonikkuAmerica: established02:07
SonikkuAmericaLanzu: Step 5: In a terminal [ sudo apt-add-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install boot-repair ]02:08
Lanzuuhh can I change the keyboard to a german setting?02:13
LanzuI never used US layout before. so that is hindering me right now...02:14
SonikkuAmericaLanzu: Settings Manager > Keyboard (or Keyboard Layout, I forgot which, I'm on Kubuntu atm)02:15
Lanzunvm found it :D02:16
Lanzui can only find "terminal emulator" is that the right thing?02:17
SonikkuAmericaLanzu: Yeah, that's the terminal.02:17
Lanzuokay it's downloading02:21
Lanzuand done.02:22
Lanzushould I restart now?02:22
SonikkuAmericaNot yet.02:24
SonikkuAmericaNow run Boot Repair from terminal: [ boot-repair ]02:24
Lanzu"RAID detetect you might want to retry after installing the [mdadm] packages. (sudo apt-get install -y --forces-yes mdadm --no-install-recommends)02:26
Lanzuso I guess I'll just do what the prompt says?02:27
SonikkuAmericaLanzu: Oh dear, you have a RAID array?02:27
LanzuAppearently? :302:28
SonikkuAmericaLanzu: You may want to ask tomorrow in the main #ubuntu channel. Mainly because it's getting late and RAID arrays are best supported in there.02:28
Lanzuyou say it like that's a bad thing though...02:28
Lanzuokay will do that02:28
SonikkuAmericaLanzu: Not that it's a bad thing per se, just that it's a little harder to mainpulate02:29
SonikkuAmericaLanzu: And that I in particular don't know a thing about it :)02:29
LanzuI see :302:30
LanzuThanks for your time though!02:30
SonikkuAmericaLanzu: You're welcome!02:30
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hoopes4908OMG yeah baby!!! Just installed my virgin XUbuntu program!06:22
hoopes4908Feel like kid in candy store06:22
cfhowletthoopes4908, you seem ... excited?06:22
hoopes4908Very lol06:23
hoopes4908this is amazing06:23
hoopes4908screw windows 806:23
cfhowletthoopes4908, strictly speaking, xubuntu is the operating system, not a program.  Glad you're enjoying it though.06:23
cfhowletthoopes4908, what will you use your computer for?06:23
hoopes4908Primarily just home web use, I own/run my own insurance agency06:24
hoopes4908it's a home/business PC06:24
SunStarwell it'll be perfect for that06:24
cfhowletthoopes4908, nice.  well, I suggest you install dropbox so you can backup to the cloud those things you can't lose.06:24
hoopes4908OK Yeah I have lots to learn obviously much different than Windows 8 im running with06:25
SunStarnice to have many backups stored in different physical locations.   doesnt matter how many backups you have if they are all destroyed in 1 fire  ;)06:25
cfhowletthoopes4908, also you might want to install libreoffice or you can go with Google Docs ...06:25
hoopes4908OK what do you recommend?06:26
hoopes4908Apparently it's telling me I need to reboot, TTYL ;-)06:26
cfhowletthoopes4908, libreoffice has worked quite well for this MS Office refugee06:26
hoopes4908OK great, TY06:27
SunStaractually to be honest, if the machines can run win8 you may want to try something with a better apllication library out of the box (less time spent configuring new boxes.) Ubuntu Studio is based off xubuntu if you like the current look and feel.06:27
cfhowletthoopes4908, with the exception of a functional replacement for MS Outlook ...06:27
SunStarthunderbird is getting close i think06:28
cfhowlettSunStar, not sure I'd go that far.  I use US and it's excellent for producing multimedia content.  For office/business use though?06:28
SunStarjust saying, i doubt he wants to remove abiword and install libre every time06:29
cfhowlettSunStar, noted.06:29
SunStarthen again the ubuntu customization kit will get ur xubuntu just the way you like it for easy rollout of new systems06:29
Sysiit takes like half an hour to set up pretty much any custom xubuntu setup, even if you reinstall every 6 months it's not that bad06:31
cfhowlettSysi, reinstall every 6 months?  Why would one do that?  Not following ...06:32
Sysiif you use /home on separate partition you just need a list of programs to install/remove and it's pretty much automated06:32
Sysicfhowlett: 13.04 and following non-lts release have support span of 9 months06:32
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cfhowlettSysi, which is why I ONLY install LTS releases.06:33
cfhowlettSysi, but your /home suggestion is spot on06:33
Sysiyeah, with lts is every 2 years06:33
Sysithough every six months I'd might actually try upgrade instead of clean install06:33
Sysiwork machine might be better with LTS, but you might need PPA to get newer/better libreoffice06:34
cfhowlettSysi, I am SO spoiled.  I actually try to do WORK with my system so the potential breakage/headaches/reconfiguration every release just doesn't work for me.06:34
cfhowlettSysi, you can download the latest stable LibreOffice and sudo dpkg -i   quite easily06:35
Sysi!info libreoffice precise06:35
ubottulibreoffice (source: libreoffice): office productivity suite. In component main, is optional. Version 1:3.5.7-0ubuntu4 (precise), package size 22 kB, installed size 158 kB06:35
Sysiusing LO ppa is a tad better since you get updates automatically06:37
cfhowlettSysi, I can live without the marginal improvements.  I've yet to find a reason to run a PPA but that's just me ...06:39
Sysiyeah, no point to update unless there's need for it06:41
PepperoniPizzaany xfce experts on can help me with a xfce-volumed issue ?06:47
cfhowlettPepperoniPizza, #xfce for the "experts" I think06:48
PepperoniPizzacfhowlett, yea he pointed me to a guide i've already done and didn't work unfortunatly06:49
cfhowlettPepperoniPizza, :(06:49
PepperoniPizzacfhowlett, yea this is starting to piss me off, it makes no sense why it won't work06:50
PepperoniPizzait shows a slider when I press my volume keys, but changes no volume06:50
cfhowlettPepperoniPizza, yeah, my volume mutes and won't release the mute via the media keys.  I've got to go into the volume properties to reset.  Sometimes seems that the audio isn't quite ready for prime time with xfce ...06:51
PepperoniPizzacfhowlett, heh I think i've come across a supposed fix for your problem along my travels06:52
PepperoniPizzawho knows if it works though06:52
PepperoniPizzacfhowlett, I can use xbindkeys to change my volume /mute with a simple script maybe you could just do the same, only thing it lacks is an osd06:53
cfhowlettPepperoniPizza, as that is the only systemic glitch, I have to say that xfce has generally impressed me.06:53
cfhowlettPepperoniPizza, nah, I've learned to live with it ...  Thanks though.06:53
PepperoniPizzacfhowlett, yea I didn't have this problem in ubuntu 12.10 it showed up when I upgraded to 13.0406:53
PepperoniPizzacfhowlett, suit your self it takes like 2 minutes ;-)06:53
cfhowlettPepperoniPizza, and I'm in 12.04 for the LTS ...06:54
PepperoniPizzacfhowlett, yea, I'm not upgrading ever again06:54
PepperoniPizza'ever' lol06:54
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shurtagul:c can someone help me?  Whenever i click install (for chrome) in ubuntu software center, nothing happens ;;11:53
recon_lapxubuntu for the win, seems I'm getting free mobile broadband !!!12:42
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recon_lapbought a pay as you go mobile dongle, never put any credit on it, but I'm using it now. seems that they don't support linux.13:02
recon_lapI might be wrong here, maybe there is some start credit, guess I just have to use it an see if it keeps working.13:04
poisoned_dragonit could just be a hole in the walled garden that they never bothered to patch on prepaid phones.13:06
poisoned_dragonThey just didn't expect you to tether a prepaid phone. :)13:07
recon_lappoisoned_dragon: guessing something like that, not the first time I've fallen through the billing system of a boardband provider.13:07
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xubuntu565hello, i just installed xubuntu 13.04 and i can not find the menu that i had on 12.04 which had pidgin and mail and i could set    it on available or busy etc.any idea how can i get it?14:28
recon_lapxubuntu565: you need to add it to the toolbar I think, right click and select properties14:31
recon_lapxubuntu565: think it's the indicator plugin you are looking for14:32
recon_lapxubuntu565: right click and select panel -> panel properties , then add the indicator plugin14:33
xubuntu565It is not that, anyway thank you.14:36
recon_lapmust be the notification area then14:43
elfyI thought that pidgin was in the messaging indicator14:51
elfythought there was problems with that14:52
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nantouis there now a way to proxify all your traffic in xubuntu?17:48
ubottuSeveral Ubuntu channels prohibit access from open proxies and other anonymous connections due to a high level of abuse. The supported ways to hide your IP address on freenode are to use !Tor or get a !cloak17:48
holsteinnantou: http://askubuntu.com/questions/104323/set-up-proxy-server-on-ubuntu17:49
holsteinanything for the main ubuntu documentation should be easily applicable17:49
nantouholstein, it must be xubuntu specific, there is a ubuntu application for ubuntu, not for xubuntu iirc17:49
holsteinnantou: xubuntu *is* ubuntu.. what is the specific application you cannot install and use?17:50
nantouholstein, a moment please17:51
nantouholstein, not specific application, will this work? http://askubuntu.com/questions/86638/xubuntu-11-10-proxy-server-settings17:53
holsteinnantou: should.. why not just use one in the browser to test?17:56
nantouwill do thanks17:57
nantouholstein, now works for me (as particular user). Say I use marble to download some land tiles: it is not a good idea to use that same proxy, because that would be redundant, right?18:06
holsteinmarble to download land tiles?18:09
holsteinnantou: ^18:09
nantouas I travel...18:35
PeyamI have some icons in "system setting"18:38
PeyamThat I don't want18:38
PeyamHow do I get rid of them?18:38
TheSheepPeyam: install alacarte and hide them18:39
Peyamdoes it hive the icons in "Systemsetting" or main menu?18:39
holsteinnantou: sure.. i have *no* idea what that means, however..18:39
holsteinnantou: the content you are accessing is just that.. you either need a proxy, or not18:40
nantousorry holstein is the free counterpart of google maps. it downloads tiles of terrain as you go north or west...18:40
PeyamTheSheep: Alacarte opens the main menu. not the System setting Window18:40
holsteinnantou: sure.. i just dont understand how that is relevant to a proxy... you either use the proxy or not.18:40
nantouprivacy holstein18:41
TheSheepPeyam: the system menu is there too18:41
PeyamIm not talking about System categori18:41
PeyamIm talking about the windows which opens when you click on "system settings"18:42
PeyamSetting Manager18:42
TheSheepI'm not sure how it gets its icons18:43
TheSheepI'm sure it looks for the .desktop files in /usr/share/applications and ~/.local/share/applications18:43
holsteinnantou: the content you are accessing is irrelvant.. if you want to use the proxy, use it.. the privacy is relating to the proxy server, and configuration.. has nothing to do with the content you are accessing18:43
PeyamI download Gparted and removed it. but the icon is still there18:43
Peyamtried that too18:43
nantouthanks holstein18:43
TheSheepPeyam: if you removed it, the corresponding .desktop file should be gone too18:44
holsteinnantou: maybe i am misunderstanding.. which is quite possible/likely18:44
PeyamTheSheep: it supposed to  yes. But it didn't18:44
nantounot really holstein , after the last news about nsa eavesdropping on anything I do on the internet I have become quite paranoid, thus, the need to proxify all my traffic...18:45
TheSheepPeyam: maybe it's just cached18:45
holsteinnantou: through what proxy? that proxy can be monitored as well, correct?18:45
TheSheepPeyam: or are you saying the .desktop file is still there?18:45
Peyamtried to clean stuff with bleachbit and evern restarted the mechin18:45
nantouholstein, privoxy18:46
PeyamIm watching the /usr/share/applications again18:46
holsteinnantou: correct.. and im proposing you are assuming that using a proxy is providing you some privacy18:46
holsteinits more likely just an easy way of providing a layer of annonimity18:47
nantouholstein, yes, some... it is really misguided to think that my real ip is not traceable then?18:47
PeyamTheSheep: Now Im removed it but the Text is still there18:47
holsteinnantou: i have no idea what proxy server you are using.. nor am i a security expert.. nor is this related to xubuntu or ubuntu specifically18:47
nantouholstein, ok, ill take these questions elsewhere18:48
holsteini would join a security channel.. i am only suggesting that, if privacy is the intention, dont assume you have enabled any privacy18:48
holsteinnantou: anonimity is not necessarily privacy18:48
nantougood point18:48
PeyamTheSheep: removed it from The ./local/share/applications!  Not its gone but the Firewall configurations icoon is gone but the text and I can't find it18:49
PeyamIt is totally going to my blog18:50
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wilee-nileeyoh, does the xubuntu live cd have the disks smart tool on board?20:03
bekkssmartctl is installed on the livecd, iirc.20:04
Sysiif not, you can install them while on live system if you have internet connection20:04

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