roastedyeah I'm curious to check this out.00:01
roastedalthough I think what I'm more curious about is the future with OEMs and how things shake out, which really can't be answered by an early look at 13.10 :P00:01
FernandoMiguelnity nite00:21
Kowwhat will be interesting to see is how in the heck the live cd is kept under 700mb with Mir+Xorg. Xorg will still be required because XMir will need the Xorg libs.01:35
Kowheck the saucy daily is at 841mb right now :P01:36
binaryhermitexcept the iso image isn't required to be under 700 MB anymore01:36
Kowburning to a CD is no longer an option?01:36
binaryhermitHasn't been for a while01:37
Kowoh right 90min is roughly 800mb of data01:38
Kowwell still, its at 841mb right now with no MIR01:38
binaryhermit13.04 is like 794 MB or so, something like that.01:40
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jo-erlendthe crasher in software-center seems kinda silly. How can that possibly have passed tests?08:38
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BluesKajHI all10:37
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