gggsErr http://au.archive.ubuntu.com quantal/main Sources 503  Service unavailable [IP: 2001:388:30bc:cafe::beef 80]13:52
jeaah, a proper error message at last13:54
jeahowever, this is a bit different to previous, i think13:54
jeabecause mirror.aarnet has been down for the past few days for some reason13:55
gggsyou're right: "The AARNet Mirror is down for maintenance13:56
gggsWe apologise for the outage, the Mirror's filer is receiving a talking to. We'll be back as soon as we can be. "13:56
jeaI haven't heard any reason for it, so I can only hope it will be up again very soon13:58
gggsodd for something as big as aarnet to be down. I was getting 'untrusted source' warnings from aptitude, turns out I'm missing my primary mirror13:59
jeayeah, it is unusual. don't think i have seen it happen before14:00
gggsneither have I, I could change my apt sources but I think I'll just wait14:01

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