crocketDoes anyone plan to buy an ubuntu phone next year?00:03
roastedcrocket: I'm holding out on getting a new phone now to see how things shake out into the future. It's impossible to say I will or won't just yet.00:03
crocketI'm so excited to become freed of iOS.00:03
galaxy-nexus-n00its a terrible UI, that only lasted about 15 mins, restoring now...00:11
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jmanjust flashing the 13-07-14 daily image onto galaxy nexus and having trouble connecting to wifi, is this a known issue?02:30
jmanim re-boostraping now, will see if its still a problem02:30
jmanwell, i got it working using the "clone device network settings" - ie it copied the wifi profile from my laptop to the Nexus02:40
jmanshould I file this as a bug?02:40
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Noskcajjman, check it's not already filed, if not file one.02:55
jmanNoskaj thanks, I will have a look and do so02:56
phillysnexuscan any one help me out im trying to flash ubuntu touch on my nexus 4 i installed all the tools the ppa everything went fine until the end i got an error saying not enough data space or something like that so i tried the manual way of placing the files on my /sdcard/ and renamed them to autodeploy.zip then flasdhed them through recovery and the flash goes normally no errors i hit reboot system now and it boots into android03:13
phillysnexusmy sd card03:13
NoskcajWhat are the minimum requirements for ubuntu touch?03:20
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AskUbuntuUbuntu Touch for touch computers | http://askubuntu.com/q/32014104:02
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ax562What's up mbm?06:24
dholbachgood morning06:48
ax562anyone know how to flash images using moto-fastboot.linux?06:50
dejelloIs the install order for the flipped images important?07:18
Noskcajwould the nexus 2 support ubuntu touch?07:41
popeyNoskcaj: does it support cyanogenmod?07:44
SurajI have viewsonic G-tablet with 2.2 android ...i want to remove android and install ubuntu on it....how can i do it please give me step by step installation ..07:44
Noskcajpopey, yes, i''m worried about it's specs though. 512mb RAM specifically07:45
popeySuraj: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices is it listed there?07:45
Suraj512 mb ram and 16GB space in tab07:46
Surajthere is not listed my tablet ....07:47
flo__Noskcaj, my phone has 512mb RAM and only ~380mb available for linux/CPU, and ubuntu touch works. its not really snappy though.. The small /data partition size seems to be problematic though07:48
NoskcajSuraj, It seems you'd have to port it yourself then07:49
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SurajNoskcaj, an you please explain me in some detail...07:50
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rickspencer3hey popey is there a handy web link for the daily image release notes?08:13
rickspencer3I guess "change log" would be a better term08:14
ogra_rickspencer3, not yet, cdimage needs to learn about that08:18
ogra_we currently only have that function on jenkins08:18
rickspencer3thanks oga08:18
ogra_(we had more pressing issues to fix first to make QA happy, it is on the TODO)08:19
rickspencer3ogra, is there a different schedule for the phone that this?08:19
ogra_should there be ?08:19
rickspencer3I ask because I keep hearing about a beta in July, and I"m not sure what folks are talking about08:19
rickspencer3ogra_, no, I think everything is good and correct and that there should be one schedule08:19
ogra_and i doubt we can do a beta that early08:20
rickspencer3ogra_, ok, it's probably just a marketing check point or something08:20
ogra_we are still not on the final image architecture yet08:20
rickspencer3I'll take care of it08:20
seb128ogra_, seems like http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch-preview/daily-preinstalled/current/saucy-preinstalled.changelog is still updated?08:20
ogra_seb128, we still build the old images for ports08:20
seb128oh ok08:20
ogra_they dont use flipped yet08:21
ogra_this is due this week08:21
ogra_then we'll stop publishing the old ones08:21
sil2100oSoMoN: piiing! :)08:23
sil2100oSoMoN: hi! The webbrowser-app fails to build from source since the weekend08:24
sil2100It seems to be some missing header08:24
sil2100oSoMoN: could you deal with that when you're around?08:24
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Get Out of the Dog House Day! :-D08:32
ogra_The following packages have unmet dependencies:08:42
ogra_ ubuntu-touch : Depends: unity8 but it is not going to be installed08:42
ogra_E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.08:42
ogra_ARGL "!08:42
ogra_popey, no image today (again, sigh)08:43
ogra_funnily i see unity8 in the next ppa08:46
* ogra_ doesnt get that08:47
ogra_root@ubuntu-phablet:/# apt-cache madison unity808:50
ogra_    unity8 | 7.81.3+13.10.20130714ubuntu.unity.next-0ubuntu1 | http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-unity/next/ubuntu/ saucy/main armhf Packages08:50
ogra_    unity8 | 7.81.3+13.10.20130710ubuntu.unity.next-0ubuntu1 | http://ppa.launchpad.net/phablet-team/ppa/ubuntu/ saucy/main armhf Packages08:50
* ogra_ scratches head08:50
ogra_why the heck did the original one come from the phablet ppa08:51
* ogra_ curses that PPA mess08:51
ogra_oh, it didnt08:53
ogra_there is just an entry for it08:53
ogra_but the newer one is installed08:53
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* ogra_ retries the build .... there is no reason for it to fail, nothing changed since yesterday 08:56
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didrocksoSoMoN: the private headers have been removed by latest qtwebkit upload. We can reexpose them, but knowing stability of those… do we really have any other way and need them?09:09
didrocksogra_: maybe remove unity8 from the phablet-team ppa if you are puzzled about them :)09:10
ogra_didrocks, not puzzled about them, nothing changed sicne yesterday ... and yesterdays image built (with the version from the next ppa)09:10
didrocksogra_: hum, needing help to debug in case of another failure?09:11
ogra_yeah, well, i'm just preparing a clean chroot here, do you have an ideaa from the top of your head ?09:11
didrocksogra_: not really, apart from the unity manual upload with the -common package change09:12
ogra_oh, where is that ?09:12
ogra_i only see mterrys change09:13
ogra_and that doesnt look manual09:13
ogra_oh, we use any unity7 deps ?!?09:13
didrocksogra_: I wonder if unity-lens-applications maybe play a role into that09:14
didrocks(just a wild guess)09:14
didrockssil2100: speaking of which, are those changes backported to trunk? ^09:14
didrocksogra_: tell me if you need any help09:15
didrockssil2100: there is as well 7.0.2+13.10.20130705.1-0ubuntu209:15
ogra_yeah, let me examine it, thanks for the help09:15
sil2100didrocks: let me check09:16
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sil2100didrocks: the unity one is in trunk, let me check -apps09:18
sil2100didrocks: the -apps one is not in ;/ Let me try and merge it in09:20
didrockssil2100: thanks! daily release should show that btw09:21
mhr3lool, ping?09:21
didrockssil2100: prepare is yellow, even for unity though09:21
didrocksA version (7.0.2+13.10.20130705.1-0ubuntu3) is available at the destination for that component but is not in trunk which is still at 7.0.2+13.10.20130705.1-0ubuntu2. Ignoring that component for source: unity, branch: lp:unity, series: saucy.09:21
didrockssil2100: only ubuntu2 has been backported09:22
sil2100I see that now, so that makes 2 things to fix09:22
didrockssil2100: even 7.0.2+13.10.20130705.1-0ubuntu2 hasn't been backported in fact, it's a UNRELEASED version that has this version09:24
didrockssil2100: so the changelog doesn't match09:24
mhr3sil2100, were the double comparisons fixed yet?09:24
* mhr3 needs to test stuff on phone and unity-common is not built because i386 is broken :/09:24
sil2100mhr3: some autolanding issues I see in the MR from Trevi09:27
ogra_didrocks, hmm, so looking at the change it should have everything needed in libunity-core-6.0-7 to make unity8 installable09:27
didrocksogra_: unity8 doesn't depend on -common either…09:28
ogra_right, so why is it uninstallable09:28
ogra_core provides common, it should just resolve09:28
seb128ogra_, didrocks: what's the issue?09:29
ogra_uniyty8 is uninstallable in ubuntu-touch09:30
mhr3sil2100, cool09:30
ogra_apparentlly sinc ethe second change from slangasek09:30
ogra_(the first one happened before yesterdays image build)09:30
seb128ogra_, what ppa is unity8 coming from?09:31
didrocksogra_: yeah, I skimmed again on -changes, and didn't see anything else which can impact09:31
didrocksoh oh oh, one sec09:31
ogra_seb128, https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-unity/+archive/next/+packages?field.name_filter=unity8&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=saucy09:31
ogra_next ...09:31
didrocksno, it's not that09:32
didrocksunity8 doesn't need libunity-core anymore09:32
ogra_seb128, that package is inn the sunday image just fine09:32
ogra_but uninstallable today09:32
didrocksunity8-private depends on libunity-core-6.0-709:33
ogra_hmm, though it could be that neither of the slangasek changes were in yesterdays build, let me check ... there was only ~1h between that upload and the image build09:33
didrocksogra_: ah yeah, that would be good so that we don't focus on the wrong thing :)09:33
ogra_lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 37 Jul 14 10:08 /usr/share/doc/libunity-core-6.0-7/changelog.Debian.gz -> ../unity-services/changelog.Debian.gz09:35
ogra_dangling symlink on the images09:35
ogra_well, 7.0.2+13.10.20130705.1-0ubuntu1 is on the image09:35
didrocksogra_: on Sunday's build?09:36
ogra_so its one of both changes he did09:36
didrocksnot today's, right?09:36
ogra_today doesnt build :)09:36
ogra_so no09:36
didrocksthat's weird, unity8 rebuilt09:36
didrocksit has the right libunity-core-6.0-7 dep09:36
ogra_yes, and that one is on the image09:36
didrockswhat can possibly happens…09:37
didrocksogra_: are you in a chroot?09:37
seb128didrocks, ogra_:  demo-assets-scopes : Depends: unity-common (>= 7.0.0)09:37
seb128is that the issue?09:37
didrocksah, demo-assets-scopes is installed?09:37
didrockscan be that one09:37
ogra_but there is a provides, no ?09:37
seb128provides are not versioned09:38
seb128they can't match a >=09:38
didrocksbut why did it complain from unity8, as ogra_ told?09:38
ogra_now who maintains that demo stuff09:38
didrocksdemo-assets-scopes should be a recommends09:38
didrocksnot a depends09:38
didrocksthe seed are depending on it09:38
asachi guys09:39
ogra_yeah, they have to09:39
didrockshey asac09:39
ogra_touch images are built without recommends09:39
asaci am back with pain in the back (flying is not good for me :))09:39
didrocksogra_: what's the message exactly you are getting on uity8?09:39
seb128asac, wb, sorry for your back09:39
ogra_didrocks, how would that make unity8 installable though ?09:39
didrocksasac: urgh :/09:39
asacgetting old :)09:39
ogra_the package apt-complains about is unity8, not the demo assets09:39
didrocksogra_: right, that's my question, it shouldn't, or there is something else…09:40
asacso have to get a coffee... will be back in 3-5 minutes09:40
seb128didrocks, the message is "ubuntu-touch : Depends: unity8 but it is not going to be installed"09:40
seb128didrocks, ogra_: the apt messages can be confusing09:40
ogra_sadly there isnt much more09:40
seb128it might be because it prefers to hold libunity-common or something because of the demo assets09:41
didrocksseb128: yeah, but scope-demo-assets is a recommends, not a dep, so it shouldn't impact09:41
didrocksyeah, can be that way09:41
ogra_didrocks, its a dep of ubuntu-touch09:41
seb128didrocks, they are deps09:41
seb128not recommends09:41
ogra_we dont have any recommends in use on touch09:41
ogra_it is explicitly dsabled (dont ask)09:41
didrocksogra_: I didn't say the contrary :)09:41
didrocksogra_: just that it shouldn't block unity8, but yeah, maybe it's blocking installing the libunity-core-* package09:42
seb128let's fix the asset and see if that's enough?09:42
didrocksand so unity809:42
didrocksnot fan of depending exactly on a sonamed version though09:42
didrocksseb128: doing a MP against demo-assets?09:43
seb128didrocks, I can09:43
ogra_tell me once it builot, we install it from the phablet PPA i think09:44
ogra_(so it needs copying i guess)09:44
didrocksogra_: yeah, it's not under dailies09:45
ogra_root@ubuntu-phablet:/# apt-cache madison demo-assets-scopes09:45
ogra_demo-assets-scopes | 0.25-0ubuntu1 | http://ppa.launchpad.net/phablet-team/ppa/ubuntu/ saucy/main armhf Packages09:45
oSoMoNdidrocks: yep, I need them, there’s no way around it, otherwise we’ll have to remove the thumbnailing functionality09:51
oSoMoNdidrocks: (re-private headers, sorry for the late answer)09:51
didrocksoSoMoN: ok, I'll readd what Mirv removed. Will take some time for qtwebkit to rebuild, I think don't expect a release of the apps stack today I'm afraid, sorry :/09:52
didrockssil2100: FYI ^09:52
oSoMoNdidrocks: no worries09:52
oSoMoNdidrocks: do you know what the rationale was for removing the headers?09:52
didrocksoSoMoN: I think they are removed in debian and mirv wanted to align09:52
didrocksoSoMoN: also, first, they shouldn't be exposed :p09:53
oSoMoNdidrocks: that’s debatable, they’re semi-private really, …09:53
didrocksoSoMoN: maybe they should be fixed upstream, did you open a bug to ask them to be moved to the supported header dir?09:54
oSoMoNdidrocks: I don’t think that’s an upstream issue, upstream marks them as private, but as I understand it it’s ok to compile and link against them if you understand that your app might break with future changes09:55
oSoMoNdidrocks: I guess both points of view can be argued and considered valid, but the fact is, we have a use for those headers, so we need them :)09:56
sil2100oSoMoN: so, what can we do now to make it work again, at least temporarily? As a build failure basically blocks the whole Apps stack09:58
sil2100And when that happens, the touch guys attack us that there are no new releases going on ;/09:58
oSoMoNsil2100: ship the private headers again is the only solution I can see09:59
loolmhr3: pong10:01
didrockssil2100: who is attacking?10:01
mhr3lool, hey, how was holiday? :)10:02
sil2100didrocks: asac for instance ;p10:02
didrocksasac: don't be mean ;)10:02
asacnot yet today :)10:02
loolmhr3: sunny!  too bad my kid got sick the first days, but we enjoyed the rest of the week10:02
ogra_sil2100, he has a bad back, so at least physical attacks wont work for a while10:02
asacmy attack bat is still in my luggage somewhere :()10:03
sil2100Oh noes10:03
* didrocks sights at the qtwebkit branches being a mess :/10:03
sil2100Is LP down?10:03
sil2100I got a sad smiley when trying to load my account page!10:04
flo__it's down for me, too10:04
* popey stabs reload repeatedly10:04
ogra_proper timing FTW !10:04
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mhr3lool, at least you didn't get sunburn if you had to take care of the kid ;)10:04
popey"lol"  https://identi.ca/launchpadstatus10:04
mhr3lool, anyway would need to talk to you about some customization specifics, would you have a moment later today or tomorrow?10:05
loolmhr3: With pleasure10:05
mhr3lool, cool, i'll send an invite for tomorrow, will let you process mails today ;)10:07
loolmhr3: Sorry, took me a while to check calendar10:07
loolmhr3: in 2 hours would be fine10:07
loolmhr3: if that's ok with you10:07
mhr3lool, tomorrow would be better, forgot my headphones at home, hangouts aren't great without them...10:09
mhr3lool, 11:30 tomorrow ok?10:10
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didrocksoSoMoN: does those look like the headers you need? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5876971/10:11
didrockssil2100: so, what are you doing now? looking at the new packages that needs daily release and pushing those?10:11
loolmhr3: sure10:13
loolmhr3: thanks for the invite10:13
oSoMoNdidrocks: yes, those are the ones I need10:13
didrocksoSoMoN: ok, uploading10:15
oSoMoNdidrocks: awesome, thanks10:15
seb128didrocks, ogra_: ok, I reproduced the issue in a pbuilder, the issue is not the assets10:15
didrocksoSoMoN: yw, sorry for the breakage :)10:16
didrocksseb128: argh… cool that you reproduce though!10:16
ogra_seb128, what else ?10:16
seb128 libunity-core-6.0-7 : Conflicts: unity-common10:16
ogra_and what forces -common ?10:16
seb128ogra_, let me install aptitude :p10:17
didrocksseb128: stop requesting the impossible! :-)10:17
seb128ogra_, seems to be the assets that brings it in10:18
ogra_but from where ?10:18
ogra_it shouldnt even exist anymore10:18
sil2100didrocks: I was re-merging the missing versions to unity and unity-lens-apps before LP died10:18
sil2100didrocks: and publishing stacks10:18
didrockssil2100: launchpad is back for 7 minutes FYI :)10:19
ogra_oh man, that looks like a lot of packages have the versioned >= 7.0-0 in their deps10:20
seb128ogra_, ?10:23
ogra_seb128, on unity-common10:24
seb128which ones?10:24
ogra_unity-lens-applications and demo-assets-scopes are the installed ones10:25
seb128ogra_, didrocks: https://code.launchpad.net/~seb128/demo-assets/dont-depends-on-unity-common/+merge/17471910:25
seb128I just dropped the depends there, the binary only has a schemas override and unity is pulled it by the seeds anyway10:26
seb128seems cleaner than depending on a soname version10:26
seb128which would break every time unity abi changes10:26
didrocksseb128: ah, if it's just an override, fine, no dep needed indeed :)10:26
seb128ogra_, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-lens-applications/7.0.0+13.10.20130702-0ubuntu210:26
* ogra_ waits for bzr to update10:26
ogra_oh, right10:27
didrocksseb128: approved!10:27
* didrocks clicked on the rev10:27
seb128didrocks, thanks ;-)10:27
seb128sorry it took me a while10:27
ogra_didrocks, is LP so much faster for you or did you do it locally ?10:27
seb128the vcs is some 300Mb10:28
* ogra_ still sees "updating diff" 10:28
seb128ogra_, he clicked on the rev10:28
seb128you can see the diff there10:28
* ogra_ missed that line 10:28
didrocksogra_: yeah, it's easy when there is only one or 2 revs :)10:29
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didrockssil2100: what about?10:34
sil2100indicator-session FTBFS for powerpc because of a failing unit-test10:34
sil2100And it's blocking everything ;/10:34
seb128can we drop ppc yet?10:34
ogra_seb128, that would break all these PPC phones out there though10:35
didrockspopey: you aren't good at math and arithmetic suits, are you? :p10:35
* ogra_ remembers he had to fix adbd on PPC in his first upload10:35
popeykeyboard stuck ☻10:35
ogra_so that adb works on PPC phones :)10:36
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seb128ogra_, didrocks: locally built update demo-assets made apt-get install happy in my pbuilder10:38
* ogra_ hugs seb128 10:39
didrocksseb128: sweet! I think ogra_ will just have to copy ppa once built!10:39
* seb128 hugs ogra_ back10:39
ogra_didrocks, any idea where the binary will come out ?10:39
ogra_for copying10:39
didrocksogra_: let me dive into the upstream merger config10:40
didrocksogra_: I have no idea of what I'm doing FYI, but let's see :p10:40
ogra_didrocks, welcome to the club then :P10:40
* ogra_ flies blind as well ... but as long as i dont hit walls with full speed ...10:41
didrocksI think I have to look at the phablet-land jenkins job10:41
didrocksogra_: from the code, it should be ppa:phablet-team/ppa, if the changelog is released10:42
didrocksoh, maybe that's what we forgot about10:42
didrocksseb128: once your branch is merge, we need another one I guess10:43
didrockswith UNRELEASED -> saucy10:43
seb128didrocks, no automagic for this one?10:43
didrocksseb128: from reading the code, none10:43
seb128that makes sense, the ppa has no daily version either10:43
didrocksalso no commit collects10:43
seb128didrocks, the changelog is "saucy", not UNRELEASED10:43
seb128didrocks, do we need a manual upload?10:43
didrocksseb128: yeah, but it needs to be a newer version10:43
didrocksfor phablet-land to upload to the ppa10:43
didrocksfrom what I read10:44
seb128didrocks, let me bump revision10:44
didrocksseb128: same branch? I can stop this run10:44
ogra_didrocks, oh, perfect, that means i dont need to copy at all10:44
* didrocks reverted to needs review10:44
seb128didrocks, yes, run shouldn't be long, there is no build, just packing the archive10:44
didrocksseb128: you need to bump, put your commit message into it and change UNRELEASED -> saucy10:45
seb128didrocks, there is no UNRELEASED10:45
seb128didrocks, I'm just adding a changelog entry10:45
didrocksyep :)10:45
didrocksthat's what I mean, add a changelog entry with the content10:45
didrocks(but here, if I dch -i, it's UNRELEASED by default, hence the UNRELEASED -> saucy ;))10:45
sergiusensdch -U; dch --release10:46
seb128didrocks, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~seb128/demo-assets/dont-depends-on-unity-common/revision/4310:46
didrockssergiusens: dch -r you mean :p10:46
didrockssergiusens: doing that for years, but thanks ;)10:46
sergiusensdidrocks: I actually use --release10:47
didrocksseb128: ok, let's see now, should upload at the end of the run10:47
seb128didrocks, thanks10:47
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asacsil2100: hey ... so did you get a handle on whats going on with sdk and the app autopilot failures?11:06
seb128didrocks, ogra_: the asset change got merged in but I don't see a ppa upload, not sure if we should do that manually...11:14
didrocksseb128: I don't really know, sergio left, the code seemed to assume that was enough though11:14
didrocksDEBUG: Calling: ['dput', 'ppa:phablet-team/ppa', 'demo-assets_0.25-0ubuntu2_source.changes']11:15
didrocksSuccessfully uploaded packages.11:15
didrocksso it was uploaded apparently11:15
didrocksbut yeah, nothing in the ppa11:16
seb128when was the upload?11:16
didrocksthe job ran 20 minutes ago11:16
didrocksso it would have been published by then11:16
didrocksor maybe launchpad ppas are broken11:16
seb128right, it should show up in the UI11:16
seb128oh, but xnox said earlier that launchpad cron jobs were not all back after the launchpad issues11:16
seb128I wonder if that's still an issue11:17
seb128xnox, ^ do you know?11:17
seb128seems like Laney did upload that went through though11:17
xnoxseb128: no idea, it should be, my archive uploads got accepted. ask around on #launchpad-ops.11:20
* xnox looks at gazzilion ndk's and sdk's in the android tarball, ponders why we ship them.11:20
annerajbhello, this script ./extract-files.sh can take a zip file. which format should the zip file be?11:22
robertbuhrenhi there, i just tried using ubuntu touch on my galxy nexus and i had many problems with the touchscreen: Presses missed, Buttons not working/no visual feedback (exspecially in the settings app). Is this "normal" behaviour?11:23
flo__robertbuhren, can't tell if it's normal, but doesn't happen on my HTC Desire Z11:24
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robertbuhrenflo__: does the "Cellular" button work in the settings app?11:25
flo__robertbuhren, no11:25
seb128ogra_, didrocks: 2013-07-15 11:00:18 DEBUG   File demo-assets_0.25.orig.tar.gz already exists in Phablet, but uploaded version has different contents.11:25
flo__robertbuhren, "Background" works for me (cellular is probably not implemented yet?)11:26
robertbuhrenflo__: ah ok, so i guess it's just not implemented yet11:26
seb128ogra_, you are member of that team, you can upload11:26
seb128ogra_, I will copy the files on my people page, you can sign and dput?11:26
ogra_seb128, i dont get that, it isnt native or anything11:27
ogra_it should just re-use the tarball11:27
seb128ogra_, no, it's not ... I don't know what's going with that jenkins setup11:27
ogra_very strange11:27
seb128do you want to wait for rsalveti or sergio or ricmm to be around to see if they can help us?11:28
didrocksnot sure how the upstream merger is handling it, it should download the tarball from the ppa, it unpacks it, weird…11:28
seb128or do you want to manually upload?11:28
ogra_seb128, yeah, i think thats better11:28
seb128you are the one usually complaining about the too much waiting :p11:28
ogra_i would have to bump the upstream version ... not sure what that would break11:28
didrocksyeah, we can wait on upstream merger, not on dailies, funny ;)11:28
didrocksogra_: why would that break?11:29
ogra_didrocks, no idea, i dont trust CI anymore11:29
didrocksyou mean the upstream merger?11:29
ogra_i bet it will fall over until someone fixes the upstream branch again11:29
ogra_if i do a manual upload with bumped upstream version11:30
seb128ogra_, I would just do the manual upload and let them sort out their lander issues then11:30
didrockssplit = True11:30
didrocksthe package is in split mode, weird that the tarball changed11:30
didrocksogra_: I would do as seb128 propose11:30
asacsil2100: you are SDK, right? one thing we notices is that your autopilot test package name uses a different syntax... e.g. you use camel case (ubuntu-ui-toolkit-autopilot includes UbuntuUiToolkit) rather than what everybody else does: ubuntu-ui-toolkit-autopilot -> ubuntu-ui-toolkit11:31
asacguess might make sense to consolidate11:31
asacthomi: ^^11:31
didrocksasac: sil2100 isn't working upstream, he's on the destkop team, on my team11:32
didrocksso helping getting stuff delivered :)11:32
asacjppiiroinen: ^^11:32
asacdidrocks: good to know... is he the SDK liaison you provide?11:32
asacor rather app team liaison?11:32
ogra_didrocks, well, i'm a bit scared since that package belongs into bfillers realm, if i break that demo images that marketing might use might break11:33
didrocksasac: he's taking care of multiple stacks: https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuDk72Lpx8U5dHFtUmlPOUtCRk8zR2dtaEpIbUVhMmc#gid=211:33
didrocksasac: and taking mirv's stack while he's on holidays (so sdk for the next 2 weeks)11:33
didrocksogra_: my bet is rev41 changed upstream source11:34
didrocksand as seb didn't bump the upstream version part11:34
sil2100asac: I'm only helping things getting released ;) I'll propose a branch in a moment that would protect us from such problems more11:34
didrocksthat's what recreating with split mode the new upstream tarball11:34
annerajbanybody have and idea why this happens I cant build ubuntu touch. https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg02890.html i get that same error when building11:34
didrocksrev 40 created 0.2511:35
didrocksogra_: rev 41 was never released and is from Date: 2013-07-05 16:05:06 UTC11:35
didrocks(that's why the on demand only model doesn't work :p)11:35
ogra_didrocks, well, there is probably a reason that wa held back ...11:36
didrocksogra_: I hope not, trunks should always be reusable11:37
didrocksor in that case and needs to be helf back, just don't merge11:37
ogra_dont tell me :)11:37
didrocksok, qtwebkit building locally, time for some exercise outside11:38
seb128didrocks, enjoy!11:38
didrocksthanks :)11:38
ogra_cjwatson, so ... we are running into several breakages due to the fact that we use PPAs and archive changes arent catched by britney for them, asac asked me if there is a way to include the commonly used PPAs into the briitney runs (i guess not, but thought i should ask :) )11:39
cjwatsonogra_: Not realistically11:41
ogra_yeah, i thought so11:41
ogra_(probably technically if you have a fultime dev working on it for a year)11:41
cjwatsonIt would in *theory* be possible to set up a separate migration instance for given PPAs or something11:41
cjwatsonWell, no, a couple of weeks11:41
cjwatsonIt's probably not actually horribly difficult to run as a separate job11:42
ogra_i was using ogra measurements, not cjwatson ones :)11:42
cjwatsonJust not as part of proposed-migration as such11:42
ogra_(unit issue) :)11:42
cjwatsonHowever, there would be a problem if there were synchronised transitions between the primary archive and the PPAs11:42
cjwatsonIf we declared that out of scope, it's not so bad11:42
cjwatsonI won't have time to help with it until late August though11:42
cjwatsonI'm slightly reluctant in some ways to make it easier for people to do out-of-archive development when we know we want it all in the archive, though :)11:43
ogra_yeah, and by then we should have gotten rid of PPAs11:43
ogra_i think iots good to plan it for the future, but it is unlikely that it can help us with the current issue11:44
=== pete-woods1 is now known as pete-woods
ogra_cjwatson, i think the mgmt vision is to actually use more PPAs than less in the future (not that i agree a bit with that though)11:45
cjwatsonRight, there's no way I can cram it in in the next few weeks - click demo, saucy releng sprint, debconf11:45
cjwatsonwell, there's more PPAs, and there's more long-lived PPAs11:46
cjwatsonthis is basically equivalent to branches in a VCS11:46
cjwatsonbranches are good; but it's well-understood software engineering that branches that take a very long time to land equate to technical debt and are costly11:46
cjwatsonSo in general I think having a way to do safe migration between development and staging PPAs (or similar) would be a great thing to have11:47
cjwatsonAnd I'd be happy to help set it up, just not this month :)11:47
asaccjwatson: hey. don't worry about next few days for this topic :)11:52
asac... next few days its on me to get stuff that is in our primary images into the archive. Everybody seems to agree that whatever is in our official treunk images should have zero tolarnce to be in a ppa :). so lets make that happen first11:52
* cjwatson nods11:52
asacand then as you said, mid/long term we should look how we support topic branches and topic images etc. for stuff that just can't go on trunk - which also is a valid engineering concept that needs to be efficient :)11:53
asacok... /me goes to poke PRD and see if we can remove something from 13.10 goals :)11:54
=== Namidairo`bnc is now known as Namidairo
asacstgraber: do you remember the "key use cases" for this MMS feature?12:02
=== _salem is now known as salem_
asaci remember folks saying it's super essential, but I have never used in in my life, so need a memory refresh at best :)12:03
ogra_asac, it is used a lot in the US i was told12:06
ogra_(i had wondered the same and asked ...)12:06
asacogra_: who told you that?12:06
ogra_probably you dont need to seel your granny to pay for it over there12:06
ogra_awe and ither USians12:06
asacok. i guess its really a tech that was trying to make old phones a bit smarter wrt exchanging content12:07
asaclike my nokia n90 didnt have whats app or good email etc.12:07
ogra_it was the media feature before you had email on the phones12:07
asacor "whats app" as i said12:08
ogra_not sure how big whatsapp is in the US :)12:08
asacbut i think people didnt use MMS here until there were smartphones and cheap flat data12:08
ogra_i know its more used than SMS in europe12:08
asacbecause before it was just massively expensive to shovel any type of serious data :)12:08
asacogra_: it is big... its the biggest app of all time12:08
asacmost installed world wide12:08
asacguess that cannot happen just through europe :)12:09
ogra_well, i only know about europe :)12:09
ogra_never used it myself12:09
asacyeah i think its no. 1 in iphone and android app store or somethign12:09
ogra_well, anyway MMS is something the US wants apparently12:09
ogra_and it doesnt seem to hard to make it work12:10
cjwatsonMy wife sends me MMSes a fair bit.  I remember having to install weird rubbish on the N900 to make them work12:10
asacack. i will check with those folks12:10
asacright. but nothing is hard to make work. its just that we have zillions of easy things not yet done12:10
ogra_(only judging from what tony does though, i have no deep technical insight)12:10
ogra_PIN/PUK code was surely more important than MMS ... but thats there now12:11
ogra_(lacking UI, but so will MMS)12:11
asacyeah... well i just look at the phone as it is now12:12
asacand wonder how all the stuff will happen :12:12
asacthat is not working right now12:12
ogra_by magic ... and much coffee12:12
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
=== chihchun is now known as chihchun_afk
esigoloogra_: Programmer - an organism that turns coffee into software. so true :)12:25
TioBorrachoHi everyone12:25
TioBorrachoanyone up to help me boot ubuntu touch on a GNex?12:25
asacogra_: http://www.apple.com/itunes/charts/paid-apps/ https://play.google.com/store/apps/collection/topselling_free12:25
ogra_asac, yeah, i probably should stop living under a rock :P12:26
asacogra_: lol. magische miesmuschel :)12:27
asacwonder if that is a german fetish :)12:27
ogra_popey, so where do i find that ebook reader i see all over G+ ? thats the one thing holding me back from using my grouper daily12:27
TioBorrachoDoing it manually from osx :(12:27
ogra_asac, LOL12:27
asacogra_: ranks 7 on googleplay :)12:27
ogra_TioBorracho, following the install wiki ?12:27
asacogra_: plz install and let me know if its adictive :-P12:27
ogra_TioBorracho, since we switched to the new container model the order of installing the zips is important12:28
ogra_asac, install what, whatsapp ?12:28
TioBorracho<ogra_>: I tried following the manual installation gere:12:29
ogra_asac, it is probably not more addictive than SMS ... i send like 5 a year ... no danger here :P12:29
asacogra_: i know whats app ... i dont know magische miesmuschel. i think thats exactly what you need when waiting for buidls :)12:29
ogra_TioBorracho, hmm, then it should just work, whats failing ?12:29
ogra_asac, oh, that was an app name12:30
TioBorrachoI installed recovery, ok12:30
TioBorrachoI copied adb push ../Downloads/saucy-preinstalled-touch-armel+maguro.zip /sdcard/autodeploy.zip, ok12:30
* ogra_ didnt get that12:30
asacogra_: right. it ranks Noo=. 712:30
asacin the link above12:30
TioBorrachorebooted recovery and the first magic was done12:30
popeyogra_: I'd like to know too! :D12:31
TioBorrachothen adb push ~/Downloads/saucy-preinstalled-touch-armhf.zip /sdcard/autodeploy.zip, ok12:31
TioBorrachorebooted recovery, autodeployed12:31
ph0newhat language do you use to make apps for ubuntu12:31
TioBorrachoand then when rebooted system it just stays in the Google screen12:31
ogra_ph0ne, QML or html12:31
ogra_TioBorracho, for how long did you let it sit there ? the first boot usually takes a little long12:32
ogra_(the 20130714 image definitely works here)12:32
TioBorrachommm, some minutes, I expected to see another screen at least... I will let it run for some more time again to see what happens12:32
ogra_asac, oh, it is an oracle app ... telling you the fjutscha !12:33
ogra_TioBorracho, normally it should turn black after the google logo for about 30sec and then boot into the UI12:33
asacogra_: is awe off today?12:35
TioBorrachoI reinstalled everything and trying again12:36
esigoloogra_: i sent some emails for whatsapp support asking for an app for ubuntu touch ! no answer at all!12:36
asacjhodapp: hey ... Platform APIs - multimedia: QtMultimedia APIs, probably implemented over GStreamer - is that started?12:38
asacor even the actual plan?12:38
esigoloTomshardware "Is an Ubuntu Phone in Verizon's Future?" http://www.tomshardware.com/news/Verizon-Wireless-Ubuntu-CAG-Carrier-Advisory-Group-Canonical,23485.html12:41
TioBorrachopatience pays off12:42
ogra_asac, awe isnt off afaik, but its still early for the US12:44
ogra_TioBorracho, awesome !12:45
AskUbuntuCan't update my Ubuntu phone with phablet-flash | http://askubuntu.com/q/32026312:46
CrankygeekGood Morning, I have a Galaxy Nexus from Verizon, as I step through the install instructions, everything goes fine until I get to the actual flash command. I get an error stating I have an unsupported device.12:46
=== 17SAC504O is now known as tvoss
xnoxogra_: rsalveti: testing grouper, sticking ubuntu-boot.img into zip, results in reboot loops on grouper. Using the boot.img from flipped zip, boots correctly. Have you tested ubuntu-boot.img as now generated by android build for fitness?12:53
* ogra_ hasnt ... i didnt know that code was already merged12:53
ogra_xnox, do you have build logs for the creation of ubuntu-boot.img ?12:54
xnoxogra_: let me see.12:55
ogra_it should pull the ubuntu-touch-generic-initrd package from LP and then create a normal boot.img from that12:55
davmor2ogra_, popey:  I can still reproduce the dodgy apps lens on thursdays image over the weekend, it only seems to happen after a couple of hours of opening and closing apps and using apps.  It's hard to pinpoint it more than that12:56
xnoxogra_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5877343/12:56
xnoxogra_: it does generic-initrd, but only uses initrd-touch from that.12:57
ogra_xnox, thats fine, it is a link to the versioned img12:57
ogra_xnox, hmm, well, except if mkbootimg doesnt follow symlinks ...12:57
xnoxogra_: /«PKGBUILDDIR»/out/host/linux-x86/bin/acp /«PKGBUILDDIR»/out/target/product/mako/ubuntu/ubuntu-touch-generic-initrd/usr/lib/ubuntu-touch-generic-initrd/initrd.img-touch /«PKGBUILDDIR»/out/target/product/mako/ubuntu-ramdisk.img12:58
xnoxogra_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5877345/12:58
xnoxit does acp of initrd first, then uses it.12:58
ogra_well, that should theoretically copy the real file12:59
CrankygeekGood Morning, I have a Galaxy Nexus from Verizon, as I step through the install instructions, everything goes fine until I get to the actual flash command. I get an error stating I have an unsupported device, autodetect fails device.    Should I try adding the -d (not really sure what a flipped image is and would like the ability to reflash back to the android OS later on.13:00
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
ogra_Crankygeek, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galaxy_Nexus#Variants .... i dont think your device is actually a maguro13:02
ogra_the devices wikipage should have a working version though13:02
ubot5You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices13:02
jhodappasac, yes13:05
xnoxogra_: so the config used for grouper doesn't match the one in the initramfs-tools for ubuntu touch.13:06
jhodappasac, that's an existing project that was ported to GStreamer 1.0 by a community member13:06
ogra_xnox, thats fine ...13:06
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
asacjhodapp: ok... i think at some point we should have a clean C-API in between that hides gstreamer so we can jettison that at some point :)13:07
asacbut don't sweat it for now... let's get stuff going first13:07
jhodappasac, yeah tvoss and I have talked about doing something like that before13:07
asactvoss: has to come up with a good C api that will hide gstreamer13:07
tvossasac, +1 :)13:08
jhodappasac, I'm not sure I'd call a C API clean though ;)13:08
asacalso hide dbus fwiw :)13:08
sfeolesforshee: ping13:08
asacjhodapp: well. once we are confident to say that we will support the API forever and always provide backward compatibility - and its useful ... its clean for me :)13:08
xnoxogra_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5877394/ well, difference is bootsize & cmdline for grouper at least13:08
jhodappasac, GStreamer will be hidden behind QtMultimedia though...that's already a much cleaner API13:09
asacyeah but its C++13:09
jhodappasac, yeah :)13:09
seb128oh, speaking of gstreamer13:09
seb128do you guys still use 0.10?13:09
jhodappseb128, no, 1.013:09
ogra_popey, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-read :D13:09
jhodappseb128, at least for Ubuntu Touch stuff13:09
seb128jhodapp, ok13:10
seb128dpm, ^13:10
ogra_xnox, bootsize is automatically set by mkbootimg (unlike abootimg that needs a value in the config) ... not so sure about cmdline, but i dont think it should do any harm13:10
jhodappseb128, why do you ask?13:10
seb128dpm, I read your g+ post on music that recommends to install  gstreamer0.10-fluendo-mp313:10
seb128dpm, is that a typo or is the music app using the old gstreamer?13:10
ogra_xnox, OH !13:10
seb128jhodapp, ^13:11
seb128jhodapp, I read https://plus.google.com/u/0/115054251212417394181/posts/1oAr9QaQ8DN13:11
ogra_xnox, yeah, that cmdline is essential ... thats a grouper only hack13:11
seb128jhodapp, which recommends installing gstreamer0.10-fluendo-mp313:11
ogra_xnox, try if it works if you use the ubuntu-boot.img with that change13:11
jhodappseb128, as soon as I land this new gstreamer backend, the music app can be rewritten to not call into GStreamer directly13:11
jhodappseb128, I'm not sure why they would have started with 0.10 though, that's completely legacy now13:12
seb128jhodapp, right, which is why I was asking ;-)13:13
seb128jhodapp, let's see what dpm says13:13
gemaogra_: do we have an image today yet?13:13
ogra_gema, nope, waiting for someone who knows the demo-assets trunk branch to fix it13:14
gemaogra_: ack13:14
ogra_it is messed up and i dont want to fiddle with it without knowing what i do13:14
gemaogra_: sounds good, I was wondering if I had to throw a fist at jenkins13:14
ogra_(and in turn it prevents ubuntu-touch from being installable)13:15
ogra_i think jenkins DTRT ... just not that branch13:15
davmor2ogra_: go on fiddle with it you know you want to ;)13:15
ogra_i could ... definitely13:16
davmor2ogra_: you know this early build system might be a bad idea ;)13:16
ogra_but i couold also run my car against a wall driving full speed ...13:16
gemaogra_: ignore davmor2 he's trying to break the image even before it is created13:16
ogra_being able to doesnt necessarily mean its a good idea :)13:16
sforsheesfeole: hi13:17
davmor2gema: It's already broken, besides I broke it good ofver the weekend :D13:17
ogra_gema, yeah, i suspect he is scared jenkins might replace him some day13:17
sfeolesforshee: hey13:18
sfeolesforshee: going back to the powerd discussion we had last week, is there anything that we should note on the wiki page specifically to powerd-cli test?13:19
=== kaleo_ is now known as Kaleo
sforsheesfeole: looking at the page, I'd suggest noting that what it's testing is the powerd dbus API and that the criteria for passing is that all tests pass13:22
om26erbug 120110513:22
ubot5bug 1201105 in touch-preview-images "[mako] rild consumes 100% CPU when MobileData is disabled" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120110513:22
sfeolesforshee: ack13:22
om26erthat's problematic for dogfooding13:22
ogra_bfiller, !13:23
bfillerogra_: !13:24
dpmhey seb128, reading the scrollback now13:24
seb128dpm, hey13:24
seb128ogra_, grab bfiller so he can fix the image, quick ;-)13:25
dpmseb128, I could not find the 1.0 fluendo plugin, and the 0.10 one worked for me. I must admit I didn't look too hard, though. Do you know the package that contains the mp3 codecs for gstreamer 1.0 ?13:25
ogra_bfiller, so we have an issue with demo-assets ... unity in the archive dropped the unity-common package over the weekend ... demo-assets still depend on it ... seb128 submitted a fix, but trunk (https://code.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/demo-assets/trunk) seems to have an unreleased change so CI doesnt kick in ... i didnt want to mess it up even more so left it as is for now13:25
seb128bfiller, we need demo-assets' trunk uploaded to the ppa13:25
ogra_yeah, seb128 writes more effective than me :P13:26
seb128dpm, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gstreamer-fluendo-plugins-partner/1:0.10.21-113:26
seb128dpm, it builds both binaries13:26
seb128dpm, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+package/gstreamer1.0-fluendo-plugins-mp3-partner13:26
popeysweet ogra_13:27
bfillerogra_: so is there an MR you need me to review?13:28
ogra_bfiller, no, there sseems to be a former commit (41) that was never released13:28
ogra_so sebs fix doesnt get published13:29
bfillerogra_: let me look13:29
seb128bfiller, we basically need http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/demo-assets/trunk/revision/42 uploaded to the phablet ppa to unbreak the image13:31
ogra_but 41 never made it ...13:31
ogra_it wasnt clear why and i was fearing it might break something if i blindly upload13:32
bfillerok, just needs a bump in changelog I think, we do want rev 41 releeased, I'll do an MR13:32
ogra_hah, so hloding back was actually valuable ....13:32
ogra_great :)13:32
cjwatsonAny PolicyKit experts hanging around here?  I'm trying to work out the proper way to tell it that installing click packages through PackageKit doesn't require admin auth13:34
* ogra_ guesses pitti knows a lot about PK13:34
ogra_(who isnt in this channel)13:34
seb128cjwatson, pitti is your best guess I think13:34
=== chihchun_afk is now known as chihchun
TioBorrachoIs there a way to connect to wifi with PEAP?13:52
sil2100didrocks: https://code.launchpad.net/~sil2100/cupstream2distro-config/enable_address-book-app/+merge/174760 related to the discussion ;)13:56
didrockssil2100: was it reviewed for NEW?13:56
sil2100didrocks: I made a packaging review for that, approved by Ken - but I'll double check the dependencies13:57
didrockssil2100: please check the dep, then, we need to preNEW13:57
didrocksso have any archive admin +113:57
didrocks(most of the time being seb128 or I)13:57
didrockssil2100: let's say we'll handle that before tomorrow, approving the MP13:58
didrocksbfiller: FYI ^13:58
bfillerdidrocks: thank you!13:58
bfillerand sil210013:58
didrocksyw :)13:59
popeyogra_: had someone else report dodgy wifi with the 20130714 image14:01
WebbyITHi all, I don't understand how to change visibility of an object. First I define an alias property alias deleteRectangleVisibility : deleteRectangle.visible, then I use deleteRectangleVisibility = true, but it doen't work! Why?14:01
ogra_popey, hmm, mine is fine here ... was that with romaing APs a lot ?14:01
popeyyeah, fine here too14:03
popeybut victorp says his in the office is ropey14:03
sil2100didrocks: checked the deps, they mostly look sane - some are from universe, but those are the packages we are anyway using in other projects daily-released - there's just one dep I think is a bit (just a bit) risky - qtdeclarative5-qtcontacts-plugin, which is in universe and does not guarantee binary compatibility as it's still in development14:04
sil2100But besides that, it's ok14:04
victorppopey, yeap. it was 14.  I have a galaxy nexus btw14:04
ogra_popey, did you tell him to remove the tinfoil wrap from his tablet ?14:04
victorpdunno if it makes a difference14:04
victorpogra_, pst14:04
ogra_i have one here too14:04
ogra_no issues, but i didnt carry it around the whole weekend14:04
* victorp shrugs14:05
victorpI am reintalling 1014:05
victorpI will let you know if that connects to the wifi14:05
didrockssil2100: ok, I think we'll have to trust all qt5* anyway14:05
ogra_(so it didnt have to change APs)14:05
ogra_victorp, oh, it doesnt connect at all ?14:05
didrockssil2100: I'll do a preNEW later today, but please deploy (I've pulled the list)14:05
didrockssil2100: you can even run it today if you want14:06
victorpogra_, nope. 2g and 5g14:06
ogra_victorp, even if you disable mobile data in the UI ?14:06
popeyogra_: am sat near victorp and i can't get on the canonical-5GHz-an14:08
* ogra_ remembers there was a discussion about 5GHz a while ago ... 14:08
ogra_rsalveti, do you remember ?14:08
ogra_i forgot the details sadly14:08
rsalvetiyeah, don't remember much, maybe awe14:10
rsalvetibut afaik it should work in there14:11
rsalvetixnox: so I tested maguro, mako and manta, will test grouper14:11
rsalvetixnox: but can't see why that wouldn't work14:11
=== pro is now known as Guest27416
ogra_rsalveti, grouper is tegra ... needs a console=tty114:12
ogra_i guess we need to patch that into the config for the boot.img14:12
rsalvetioh, so that's an extra argument you added, right?14:12
rsalvetiwhy do we need it?14:12
ogra_else you end in a reboot loop14:12
rsalvetiright, and what is the reason of that? just curious14:13
ogra_plymouth causes a hard reboot if there is no console device14:13
rsalvetigot it14:13
ogra_(though i wonder why plymouth would run ... it should be all diverted)14:13
ogra_(or overridden in case of upstart jobs)14:13
xnoxrsalveti: i've hacked up together a BOARD_KERNEL_UBUNTU_CMDLINE, as we need that on flipped grouper only.14:14
ogra_xnox, can you test if adding the console arg fixes the broken img for you ?14:14
rsalvetixnox: can you check if that would cause any side effect for the android image?14:14
xnoxrsalveti: will send a patch against build & device once I finish this round of compiling.14:14
rsalvetiotherwise we can just add that by default14:14
xnoxrsalveti: true.14:14
xnoxrsalveti: ack will test unflipped with that arg.14:14
rsalvetixnox: thanks14:15
* ogra_ has no clue yet how we will do our bootanim ... but we might require a console everywhere depending on the design 14:15
ogra_(no idea if it is actually planned to use plymouth or something else from Mir)14:15
xnoxogra_: i think we will be using plymouth, and slangasek i believe was going to port plymouth to work on top of Mir.14:17
rsalvetiogra_: it'll probably be plymouth over mir14:17
ogra_ah, k14:17
rsalvetias the system compositor14:17
rsalvetimir needs to be the first thing to take control of the graphic stack14:17
popeyogra_: can't get on canonical-2.4ghz-g either14:17
ogra_very strange14:18
ogra_anything intresting in syslog ?14:18
popeya very busy syslog!14:19
ogra_well, tail -f .... do a connection attempt and copy paste that14:20
rsalvetihm, can't get on-line with 14 here14:22
rsalvetiafter a clean flash14:22
rsalvetipopey: using mako?14:22
davmor2ogra_, popey: how is 3g happening cause I don't see a nm entry for it unless it is somewhere other than /etc/NetworkMangaer/system-connections14:22
ogra_rsalveti, i was thinking if we shouldnt probably modify stgraber's adbd patch to use /bin/login isntead of /bin/bash btw14:22
ogra_rsalveti, sinc i think we dont want to have it run as root all the time, this seems like an easy way around14:23
popeyogra_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5877608/14:23
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|tea
rsalvetiogra_: right, might be14:23
rsalvetipopey: same for me14:23
ogra_hmm, i'm connected fine but then did originally use phablet-network-setup14:24
stgraberogra_: that'll make things like "adb shell reboot -f recovery" a bit harder to do (and well, any kind of scripting on top of adb...)14:24
rsalvetiright, indeed14:25
ogra_popey, the log looks like you should see malliit up and a passphrase input ...14:25
rsalvetiwhat happened with mako14:25
* rsalveti looks for kernel changes14:25
stgraberogra_: how hard would it be to run it the same way as Android where it starts as a user and can be respawned as root with "adb root"?14:25
rsalvetiseems the config is there14:25
popeyi did enter the passphrase14:25
ogra_stgraber, well, but we cant keep that adb setup for release14:26
=== hikiko|lunch is now known as hikiko
popeyit then sat and span and never connected14:26
rsalvetipopey: same here14:26
rsalvetipopey: ogra_: is 13 a good one?14:26
rsalvetiguess 13.1 was the one with powerd fixes14:26
stgraberogra_: sure but we're still pretty far from that14:26
stgraberogra_: so let's not make it a pain for developers until then ;)14:26
popeyrsalveti: i think so.14:27
popey14 was fine for me, but I think it wasn's sufficient to test it connected to my home network perhaps?14:27
popeyi suspect my testing will need to include disconnecting and reconnecting14:27
stgraberogra_: for release, I'd expect us to ship with it disabled, maybe have some way to turn it back on with some dev options (but only running as a user) and having "adb root" be rejected (same as Android really)14:27
popeybecause I only found this issue later on yesterday evening when people popped in here to mention it14:28
ogra_stgraber, well, we are trying to get rid of users ... (theoretically) ...14:28
ogra_rsalveti, 13.1 should be good and 14 too ... 11 was the last before hell broke loose14:28
rsalvetipopey: ogra_: we should also tested with a clean flash (-b), and connecting/disconnecting via the indicator14:28
* ogra_ waits for his confused bip to settle ... 14:28
stgraberogra_: run it as nobody, surely that must exist ;)14:28
ogra_stgraber, nobody wont be able to execute stuff, will it ?14:29
stgraberogra_: it'll give you a pretty useless shell, same as you get in Android until you do "adb root"14:29
ogra_well, its nothing urgent anyway14:30
popeyrsalveti: ok, will add those to my tests14:30
ogra_but we should test the opportunities before release14:30
ogra_i personally would prefer login simply because it goes through pam14:30
ogra_currently we lack a lot here14:30
popeyrsalveti: does -b wipe my /home ?14:31
ogra_=b wipes the world :)14:31
AskUbuntuBad color of backgroundColor in a MainView when fixed to "#F1E1A3" | http://askubuntu.com/q/32029214:32
ogra_(it formats userdata)14:32
rsalvetiyeah, -b wipes everything14:32
rsalvetiso not necessarily the best choice if you want to keep some data around14:33
rickspencer3ogra_, popey is there a known reason why my Nexus phone is not connecting to wireless?14:33
ogra_rckwe wish we knew :)14:33
rsalvetipopey: cleaning up /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections should be enough then14:33
ogra_rickspencer3, ^^14:33
rsalvetirickspencer3: that's the issue we're debugging atm14:33
ogra_rickspencer3, it just showed up for the first time14:33
rickspencer3rsalveti, ack14:33
rsalvetirickspencer3: are you using a maguro?14:34
rsalvetior mako?14:34
rsalvetiyeah, hopefully it's mako specific, but let me also flash my maguro to see14:34
ogra_rsalveti, victorp sees it on maguro14:34
rsalvetiogra_: doesn't work with 13.1 either14:35
ogra_we had a NM upload on fri14:35
rsalvetieven with phablet-network-setup14:36
ogra_well, i am currently connected with mine14:36
ogra_with a pre-existing config though14:36
sil2100didrocks: uh, if you don't mind, I'll propose another merge to cu2d-config14:36
ogra_using NM
sil2100didrocks: since I forgot to re-enable integration tests for the phone stack14:37
didrockssil2100: another merge, for what exactly?14:37
popeyyeah, mine was connected fine to a pre-existing connection14:37
popeyit doesn't like new connections14:37
rsalvetiogra_: yeah, seems right14:37
ogra_cyphermox_, already up ?14:37
rsalvetipopey: stop ofono14:38
rsalvetipopey: service ofono stop14:38
ogra_the first one was fine :)14:39
ogra_(we should drop "service" all that extra typing :P )14:39
rsalvetiweird, once it connected at least once (not sure if really ofono related), it seems to be accepting new connections again14:40
rsalvetitime to reflash14:40
ogra_thats why i asked victorp above if it works if he disables mobile data in the UI14:40
ogra_(didnt get an asnswer yet)14:41
victorpogra_, sorry i just reinstall an older image from 10 jul and works fine14:41
ogra_might be that it connects actually, but leaves the default route on 3G14:41
popeyrsalveti: stop and start ofono or just stop ofono?14:41
ogra_stop ofono and try to connect14:42
ogra_if that works, start ofono again14:42
rsalvetipopey: just stop ofono14:42
popeynope, still not connecting14:43
* popey reboots and starts again14:43
rsalvetiI got mine to connect, just not sure what happened for it to work14:43
ogra_remove the SIM14:45
ogra_mine just works reliably14:45
=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
ogra_even when deleting the connection and re-creating it14:45
ogra_(and i have no SIM)14:46
ogra_so it is definitely related to 3G data i think14:46
ogra_grouper (which has no 3G at all) works reliably too here14:46
rsalvetiogra_: right, probably related with ofono as the patch was ofono related (in 16)14:47
popeystill can't connect14:48
popeyrebooted, stopped ofono, try connecting14:48
popey  State:             connecting (need authentication)14:48
popeyconstantly in nm-tool14:48
cyphermox_that looks like something that would have changed in the UI14:50
cyphermox_popey: that's for wifi?14:50
ogra_(ofono is stopped)14:50
cyphermox_you can't do anything to ofono that will change how wifi reacts14:50
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|afk
popeythats what I see14:51
cyphermox_check the connection file in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections, look for a password-flags=1 line14:51
popeyi dont have that in any connection14:51
cyphermox_so you have password= lines instead?14:51
popeyodd, my home connection isn't in that list anymore14:51
cyphermox_in what list?14:52
popeylist of files in that directory14:52
popeythere are files for various wifi networks14:52
popeyand there's active_ws_connection.conf14:52
popeyroot@ubuntu-phablet:/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections# grep ass *14:52
cyphermox_but that's not the one you're trying to connect to are you?14:53
cyphermox_I mean, the home connection14:53
popeytrying to connect to the canonical ones14:53
popeyi just tried phablet-network-setup and now it's connected14:55
popeyso wifi does work, it just doesn't work when driven from the UI14:56
cyphermox_popey: yeah, that's what I expect14:58
popeyah okay14:58
popeygood. i am happy to meet your expectations!14:58
cyphermox_popey: if you look at the files and compare them, I think you'll see new ones have different settings14:58
rsalvetiyeah, if you run phablet-network-setup right after flash it works14:58
rsalvetiseems it doesn't work after trying to connect via the indicator14:59
popeywill do once I finish unbricking one of the design team phones14:59
ogra_so its the indicator changes14:59
cyphermox_I think the indicator expects that because there is no polkit to tell it otherwise, it can just create per-user connections and try to use the keyring to keep the passwords14:59
cyphermox_I'm going to reflash to see14:59
popeyogra_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5877722/ suggestions?15:00
rsalveticyphermox_: : http://paste.ubuntu.com/5877723/15:00
rsalvetithe first one is via phablet-network15:00
rsalvetiand second via indicator15:00
rsalvetithere's no password when creating it via indicator15:01
popeyit showed up fine, then rebooted into recovery and now wont flash15:01
popeyit says "FASTBOOT STATUS - FAILWrite fail" on the screen15:01
cyphermox_rsalveti: right, that's wrong if there is no psk written15:01
cyphermox_since you don't have a way to ask for the password yet via UI I guess15:01
* popey tries reboot recovery15:02
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slangasekogra_: is the unity-common issue sorted out now?  (Sorry, would've caught this myself - or rather, proposed-migration would have - if only all these packages were in saucy :( )15:10
rsalvetidednick: Saviq: seems we got a regression in the network indicator15:10
=== Jim_Lahey is now known as Guest4246
rsalvetinot creating the password for the AP, so unable to connect to a wifi ap15:10
ogra_slangasek, proposed would, if there was one for random PPAs15:13
popeycan someone help me debug why flashing maguro is failing with "FASTBOOT STATUS - FAILWrite fail" during flashing userdata?15:13
popeyis it a bricked/broken device or is it recoverable?15:13
ogra_slangasek, should be sorted now, but other issues showed up15:14
sergiusenspopey: I can15:14
sergiusenspopey: after my standup15:14
sergiusensa few minutes15:14
popeywill try and flash a mako in the meantime15:14
Saviqrsalveti, latest image is it?15:20
ogra_Saviq, right15:20
rsalvetiSaviq: yes, after the unity8 indicator merge15:20
* Saviq checks15:20
rsalvetiSaviq: not sure if it's expecting polkit, cyphermox_ might know better15:23
cyphermox_seems like it is the case yeah15:24
nik90_officemehow_: ping15:25
=== rtg is now known as rtg-afk
Saviqcyphermox_, rsalveti what does "is expecting" means? do we not have polkit on the device?15:28
cyphermox_Saviq: not working properly for the UI stuff15:28
ogra_Saviq, we dont have proper session mgmt15:28
ogra_so we dont properly register with logind until Mir/lightdm are there15:29
ogra_which in turn causes polkit issues15:29
Saviqogra_, yeah, but did something change between last week and now?15:30
ogra_well we got the new indicators :)15:30
ogra_so creating new connections doesnt work15:30
ogra_phablet-network-setup does seemingly15:30
jibelI noticed that the overlayfs kernel module exists on grouper but not on mako or maguro, will all the devices have support for overlayfs or only grouper unless it is a configuration error on grouper15:31
ogra_(so if no UI is involved it works fine)15:31
sergiusenspopey: want to do a hangout or just irc?15:31
rsalvetiSaviq: yeah, only the indicator work15:31
popeysergiusens: hangout is cool15:31
rsalvetinothing at the core level15:31
asaccyphermox_: rick mentioned someting about wifi being broken since friday?15:31
asaccyphermox_: do you know if thats on desktop or phone>?15:31
asaccyphermox_: or both?15:31
ogra_jibel, i think it is a mistake that it is on grouper15:31
Saviqrsalveti, ogra_ we'll get right on it15:32
ogra_jibel, we dont use it anywhere and dont plan to15:32
rsalvetiasac: that's the issue we're discussing15:32
rsalvetiasac: check backlog :-)15:32
cyphermox_asac: I'm looking at it15:32
jibelogra_, okay, so better not to rely on it for any kind of testing. thanks!15:32
cyphermox_asac: It's specifically on the phone15:33
asacrsalveti: cyphermox_: so we would like to have a good wifi test for lab15:33
ogra_asac, you are to slow15:33
asacif you don't discuss that then ensure you also do that after fixing it15:33
rsalvetiwe even replied rick already15:33
ogra_all in flux already :)15:33
cyphermox_asac: we a few nice autopkgtest tests in NM for wifi15:33
ogra_cyphermox_, but do they involve usage of the indicators ?15:34
asacmaybe you phonedations folks can CC me on any rick escalation you follow up on :)15:34
rsalvetiwe should probably have an autopilot for it as well15:34
rsalvetilike to use the indicator15:34
cyphermox_ogra_: not really, though there are indicator tests15:34
rsalvetias this issue seems to be related with the indicator and not NM itself15:34
sergiusenspopey: ack one sec15:34
cyphermox_ogra_: the big issue is how we still don't have a working polkit because the UI doesn't get matched properly as a local session15:35
ogra_cyphermox_, i know ... we need Mir first :(15:35
rsalvetimir and lightdm15:35
ogra_lightdm is a feebie :)15:35
cyphermox_I can still spend time to look more at polkit in the current state, but there are more pressing issues :)15:35
ogra_Mir is the blocker15:35
ogra_cyphermox_, well, probably asac to decide15:36
ogra_i assume it wont be a quick hack15:36
ogra_but take its time15:36
cyphermox_well, it could be, but I don't know logind well enough to make it that quick15:36
slangasekdidrocks: so do you happen to have an ETA for getting the rest of the unity stack uploaded to saucy?15:36
=== Guest4246 is now known as bobweaver
cyphermox_ogra_: and well, it did look like it was doing mostly the right thing too15:36
didrocksslangasek: I think sil2100 would know more, there has been some build and then tests issues, ^15:37
cyphermox_renato: around?15:37
didrocksslangasek: we had to remerge your changes in, and it seems the upstream merger isn't capable of it15:37
didrocksslangasek: why?15:37
slangasekdidrocks, sil2100: but the "can't coexist in the archive" issues have all been sorted out?15:37
rsalvetijezz, why grouper is so slow to flash15:37
didrocksslangasek: unity-common, you mean?15:37
slangasekdidrocks: well, precisely because my changes broke the touch build, since the touch build had a dependency on unity-common that was invisible while I was preparing the upload15:37
slangasekand the way to fix this once and for all is to get rid of the ppa15:38
didrocksslangasek: we had demo-assets failing the image to build AFAIK, but this is sorted15:38
asaccyphermox_: we want to have everything in archive by end of this month latest. given the painful experience caused by stuff out of archive in past few days (preventing image production). i am in the position of saying, whatever it takes to get us there is OK15:38
didrocksslangasek: well, don't tell me about the ppa…15:38
slangasekdidrocks: yes, the present issue is sorted15:38
ogra_didrocks, the point is slangasek would have sorted it himself if he had known15:38
ogra_didrocks, but there was no way for him to know15:39
rsalvetiasac: the issue with polkit is not related with the ppa15:39
didrocksogra_: right, but why talking to me about it? this isn't under daily release…15:39
slangasekdidrocks: I know, I'm preaching to the choir - I'm not blaming you, just asking when we think the ppa can go away15:39
asaci am sure slangasek is willing to discuss pragmatic options for stuff that we will not be able to merge cleanly into the mainline package15:39
didrocksslangasek: I have no idea, this isn't on daily release, this isn't a ppa I'm maintaining :)15:39
ogra_didrocks, so lets me rephrase slangasek .... when can we get unity8 into daily :)15:39
asacslangasek: end of month is deadline15:39
sil2100didrocks: do I have permission to directly merge-in the merge with the directly-pushed changes?15:39
didrocksthe only ppa I'm maintaining is "next", which is used for unity815:39
didrockssil2100: please do15:39
cyphermox_asac: but that's not the problem; it would make me very happy if mir could land, that would fix that issue15:39
didrocksas unity8 needs more time before entering distro apparently15:40
ogra_rsalveti, well, it kind of is ...15:40
ogra_rsalveti, Mir is in a PPA too :)15:40
rsalvetiogra_: haha, right15:40
Saviqcyphermox_, rsalveti, ogra_, thing is the code for network agents has just been copied as-is from lp:indicators-client :/15:41
Saviqnot to mention it should all happen in the backend :P15:41
asaccyphermox_: is your issue about a MIR preview image?15:41
asacfirst step for me is to establish zero ppa policy for our main images15:41
asacthen next step is to look at "preview and topic images"15:41
Saviqand I've completely no idea what/how to debug there, it's all G :|15:41
ogra_asac, cyphermox_'s issue is about us not having proper session mgmt until Mir and lightdm are in the image15:41
didrocksasac: there is no Mir in any image AFAIK15:41
asacogra_: what was the problem preventing us from producing image today? which package was broken?15:42
ogra_asac, our session cant properly register with logind as is, we need lightdm15:42
slangasekasac: Mir needs to land in the touch image, not just in a preview desktop image; so Mir needs to get into the archive15:42
asacogra_: so we were able to produce an image todayu? its just borken?15:42
ogra_asac, today it was demo-assets ... due to a change in the archives unity7 package15:42
rsalvetiproblem with the broken image was unity815:42
cyphermox_Saviq: where is that code?15:42
rsalvetiand demo-assets15:42
rsalveticyphermox_: lp:unity815:42
slangasekgiven how long the ppa question has dragged out, I think we should not put Mir into the touch images until it's in the archive15:42
cyphermox_rsalveti: ok15:42
asacslangasek: sure. MIR is scheduled to land in two weeks or so. with zero-tolerance for PPA on real images that will be covered15:43
slangasekotherwise there'll always be "one more thing" in the ppa15:43
ogra_asac, i could trigger a build right now, but wanted to wait what comes out wrt the wlan breakage15:43
olli_Saviq, ping15:43
Saviqcyphermox_, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity8/trunk/files/head:/plugins/Unity/Indicators/Network/15:43
Saviqolli_, pong15:43
TioBorrachoagain :D15:43
TioBorrachotrying to do something with my ubuntu phablet15:43
TioBorrachoHere at work I jhave only PEAP secured wifi15:43
olli_Saviq, on the u8 from archive thread - can we or can't we pull Unity8 from archive into the build?15:43
rsalvetiSaviq: but the backend didn't change15:43
asacogra_: ok... demo-assets is in a ppa, but could go into archvie?15:44
TioBorrachois there a way to connect, at least editin manuyally the networkmanager files?15:44
asace.g. in this way slangasek would have noticed that the upload broke it i guess?15:44
ogra_asac, i guess it could technicallz ...15:44
ogra_asac, definitely15:44
Saviqrsalveti, yeah, nothing on our side from there changed, either (/me does some checks with the indicators merge reverted)15:44
ogra_britney would have blocked15:44
slangasekasac: yes - in fact, proposed-migration would've prevented the image from being broken at all15:44
asacok let me get on my mission then :)15:44
ogra_asac, demo-assets is bfiller land ....15:45
Saviqolli_, there is no unity8 in the archive, it's only built into the PPA to not cause people to try it and be disappointed because it doesn't really do anything outside of surfaceflinger15:45
ogra_he can decide if it can go i i think15:45
Saviqolli_, that's the only reason why it's kept back15:45
Saviqolli_, and there's no unity8 on Mir ready for consumption yet15:45
ogra_Saviq, we could just do an armhf build for now15:45
ogra_and drop all other arches15:45
Fabian2309is it possible to install the ubuntu on my asus tablet?15:46
Saviqdidrocks, you're not going to like that ↑15:46
popeySweet! Thanks sergiusens15:46
ogra_that would still break if you install on arm without SF in place ...15:46
ogra_but the occurence might be more rare15:46
ogra_Fabian2309, see the devices page if there is a port for your device15:46
ogra_!devices| Fabian230915:47
didrocksSaviq: yeah, I think the rationale makes sense TBH, we need to build on Mir15:47
ubot5Fabian2309: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices15:47
asacok so it was agreed to get our unit8 w/o MIR into archive now :)15:47
asacdidrocks: will you do that?15:47
Fabian2309Thanks guys15:47
asacdidrocks: or do you need slangasek to help?15:47
didrocksasac: I'm still waiting for the latest blocker to get fixed (it's under review) to get Mir into the distro15:47
Saviqdidrocks, we need lp:unity-api in, too15:47
didrocksasac: then, as there is no integration tests, we are going to run on xmir the unity integration tests15:47
didrocksSaviq: unity-api-action or unity-api?15:47
Saviqolli_, unity-api15:48
didrocksSaviq: IIRC, this is is already dealt and daily release15:48
Saviqdidrocks, only into next AFAIK15:48
asacdidrocks: i am talking about unity8 without MIR15:48
asace.g. what we have on our images now15:48
asaccan we get that in now?15:48
didrocksSaviq: yeah, part of the same stack, it will transition as the same time15:48
Saviqdidrocks, yup15:48
didrocksasac: see Saviq's answer15:48
asaci dont see a clear yes or impossible  :)15:48
Saviqasac, possible - yes, wanted - not my call15:49
didrocksasac: it's a no from what he told15:49
asacso i take it as a yes, it will be in by tomorrow15:49
cyphermox_Saviq: if the code was moved, is it normal that there would still be a /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/chewie/chewie-network-menu-server15:49
olli_Saviq, distracted, otp, 1 sec15:49
Saviqcyphermox_, that's the "server" part15:49
asacSaviq: its agreed15:49
asacolli and pat agreed.15:49
Saviqcyphermox_, which is https://code.launchpad.net/indicator-server still15:49
didrocksagreed on what?15:50
cyphermox_it doesn't seem to me like your client part of whatever in unity8 is actually registering as an agent with NM15:50
Saviqcyphermox_, indicator-server is a temporary indicator-sound and -network provider for phablet15:50
ogra_asac, unity8 without Mir wont solve much except the porposed/britney issue though, dont expect many things to be fixed due to it15:50
Saviqcyphermox_, it's going to go away after the "real" indicator-sound and -network get up to par15:51
ogra_asac, the main issue with the session mgmt is caused by Mir/lightdm missing15:51
didrocksapart from bad press as "unity8 sucks, it has no window management, nor any app can run"15:51
asaci dont care15:51
asacright now its about establishing zero-ppa policy15:51
asacon everything that goes into image15:51
didrocksasac: you don't care about bad press?15:51
didrocksand no integration tests running?15:51
asacso we will always have an image15:51
ogra_didrocks, bad press from whom ?15:52
didrocksogra_: people trying unity8 on desktop15:52
asacdidrocks: we alreayd have unity8 on our phone image15:52
asacso this will not change a thing15:52
ogra_didrocks, if you only build armhf nobody will install it15:52
didrocksasac: it won't react the same on the destkop15:52
asacdidrocks: disable it for x86 then15:52
rachelliuit always displays no devices in List of devices15:52
ogra_didrocks, if that isnt enough introduce a temp. dep on one of the container packages15:52
didrocksasac: can I get someone from on your team helping on that? it needs patches on daily release and the package then15:52
asaci think unity8 on desktop should not be avilable until we have mir and thats the next step15:52
didrocksasac: I have too many request until Thursday right now, can't add that15:53
didrocksespecially as it wasn't planned15:53
rsalveticyphermox_: it's still using the server from chewie, so the only thing that was migrated was the UI part of the indicator15:53
asacdidrocks: who would be able to help you? ogra?15:53
ogra_i could surely drop arches from control, yeah15:53
cyphermox_rsalveti: well, if everything was copied and adjusted then we should be seeing everything working as before15:54
didrocksogra_: drop for control lp:cupstream2distro, we need a way with tests to bypass for unity8 the "required archs", but still monitoring arch:all15:54
cyphermox_so obviously, something's missing15:54
asaci think ogra has highest interest to get this sorted\15:54
ogra_and add a dep on i.e. lxc-android-config for extra safety15:54
didrocksso 2 things to do15:54
rsalvetiSaviq: is there an easy way to use the indicator client from chewie to test the network issue?15:56
Saviqrsalveti, yeah, it's indicator-client15:56
Saviqthe package15:56
Saviqrsalveti, it's built out of unity8 now15:56
didrocksogra_: maybe the patch on i386 won't be needed, but you need to special case to not monitor amd64 for the unity8 stack15:56
rsalvetiSaviq: sure, but do we have an easy way to use that one instead of the one in unity8?15:56
rsalvetijust to check if it'd still work15:56
ogra_didrocks, i'll take a look later15:57
Saviqrsalveti, ah you mean the one from lp:indicators-client you mean?15:57
didrocksogra_: thanks :)15:57
rsalvetiso we know the server side is working as expected15:57
Saviqrsalveti, yeah, I'm checking it now15:57
olli_asac, Saviq, didrocks, so I am back now15:57
olli_large backlog15:57
rsalvetiSaviq: ok, cool15:57
cyphermox_it's just missing a call to nm_secret_agent_register() in the initializer15:57
didrocksasac: not sure how you want to do with the 0 ppa policy starting feature freeze btw15:57
didrocksasac: as I doubt we'll have a clearance for packages like the indicators used by unity7 as well15:58
asaci am thinking about that :)15:58
olli_asac, I don't think it would be good to push U8 into archive if it's not working on anything but the phone15:58
rsalveticyphermox_: indeed, there's only nm_secret_agent_unregister15:58
ogra_olli_, as long as it isnt installable on anything but the phone ...15:58
olli_asac, I'd rather do what ogra_ suggested and do an arm only build15:58
olli_ogra_, ;)15:58
sergiusensogra_: has demo-assets been decided to land? Our end images shouldn't even add that package15:58
asacolli_: sure. thats what i suggested when i said lets do it for "phone only"15:59
sergiusensogra_: I would completely remove it so it's not a _demo_ anymore and more of a product15:59
rachelliuhi, can someone help. I'm having trouble detecting the device after unlocking it and not sure why: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5877870/15:59
ogra_sergiusens, well, they are in the image and i wonder how we would test i.e. video playback without them15:59
olli_asac, stupid q: why can't you just fix your test setup to not worry about whether a component is coming from a PPA or archive16:00
ogra_sergiusens, beyond that, yeah i would drop them too, but i think they are needed for some tests16:00
sergiusensogra_: ok, but once the real video lens is in use this will be a pain...16:00
ogra_olli_, the -proposed migration tool can only check against official packages from the archive16:00
asacolli_: thats part of mid/long term.16:01
olli_such is getting u8 into archive ;)16:01
ogra_olli_, we had several occurences where the images broke and it took several manhours to find the cause16:01
cyphermox_how long is it likely to take if I try to compile unity8 on my maguro? :)16:01
sergiusensogra_: let me change the packaging to make a demo-assets-videos and demo-assets-video-lens then16:01
olli_go fix your tool ;)16:01
sergiusenscyphermox_: 10' iirc16:01
ogra_olli_, whereas the existing tests would have prevented the breakage if no PPAs would have been involved16:01
rsalveticyphermox_: a bit, I can build it with my mako16:01
rsalveticyphermox_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5877880/, right?16:02
ogra_olli_, point is that PPAs were never intended to build official images from ... thats a completely new requirement ... there is no easy and fast way to solve that16:02
olli_Saviq, didrocks, what issues do we have in pushing u8/SF into archive, have it work on the phone only and then enable it later for other archs when Mir support lands16:02
cyphermox_rsalveti: I guess16:03
cyphermox_rsalveti: I would have put it in the secretagent code in unity8 dirclty16:03
olli_ogra_, tongue in cheek statement of mine16:03
cyphermox_since you can also have a auto-register property16:03
Saviqolli_, it was only a "bad press" decision16:03
sergiusensrachelliu: can you run 'adb kill-server' then run 'sudo adb devices' ... if that works please tell me16:03
ogra_olli_, on the u8 side it should be a one line change to debian/control ... the test and CI setup will need more16:03
Saviqolli_, so that people don't find it in the archive since it's not ready yet16:03
Saviqcyphermox_, can I test?16:03
rsalveticyphermox_: right16:03
cyphermox_rsalveti: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5877885/16:03
didrocksSaviq: olli_: I'm thinking about one issue: once we want to reenable i386/amd64, we have to do it in one shot16:03
didrocksand hope from packages, every works, with tests :p16:04
rsalveticyphermox_: will test yours16:04
ogra_didrocks, well, it gets test runs today ...16:04
ogra_so that shouldnt change16:04
ogra_(and passes them)16:04
didrocksogra_: won't on i386 and amd6416:04
didrocksas we're going to blacklist them ;)16:04
ogra_if they dont pass after the swithc they will have to be fixed indeed16:04
olli_didrocks, your concern is a potential regression in test results between archs?16:05
sil2100didrocks, cyphermox_: https://code.launchpad.net/~sil2100/cupstream2distro-config/reenable_tests_for_phone/+merge/174807 <- could anyone of you check this? I already tested it manually on the AP job, the tests are failing but the config is ok ;p16:05
olli_i.e. even though tests pass on arm, they might fail on 32/6416:05
didrocksolli_: yeah, that, and no more way to enable them back until "flipping the switch back on", so in distro16:05
didrocksolli_: hoping the first landing will be the right one16:05
didrockspeople won't be able to bzr bd and have a package to test on i386 and amd6416:05
olli_didrocks, not sure I understand (hoping the first landing...)16:06
olli_Saviq, ^16:06
ogra_they would have to revert the one line change16:06
olli_ah, I see16:06
didrockssil2100: thanks! approving then, can you check with bfiller on the tests?16:06
sil2100didrocks: poked renato already, I'll poke Bill as well16:07
Saviqolli_, yeah, I'm reading, but I don't know all the archive stuff didrocks knows, although we *are* running all our tests on i386 now16:07
didrockssil2100: doing the new preNEW review now16:07
Saviqdidrocks, ah but if we only built for armhf, we couldn't any more16:07
didrocksthat's what I'm hilighting16:07
ogra_ught, we dont test on armhf at all atm ?16:07
olli_Saviq, I think the question is: if we push U8 in archive for arm only, you won't be able to build i386/AMD64 packages locally anymore16:07
Saviqolli_, ogra_, yeah, if we only build for armhf, we don't get CI outside of devices any more16:08
ogra_even thought thats our released arch16:08
olli_asac, ^16:08
Saviqogra_, only build tests, not UI nor autopilot16:08
olli_so that is a blocker to me imho16:08
ogra_but also a release blocker altogether16:08
Saviqso that's the thing, we need to push it all or nothing16:09
olli_I have to go prep for a meeting16:09
olli_Saviq, where is U8 at today... you said it would only work on SF16:09
Saviqolli_, it does *real* stuff only on SF16:10
Saviqolli_, on X11 it fakes app management16:10
Saviqogra_, depending on something that's only armhf is effectively the same thing - you can't install on !armhf, so no autopilot testing, right?16:10
Saviq[...] that happens on i386 atm16:10
olli_Saviq, so if we push to all 3 archs we would get our testing covered but would have non-functional packages16:10
Saviqolli_, yeah, they would only include fake apps (images)16:11
olli_well, less functional packages on i386/AMD6416:11
ogra_Saviq, i was under the impression that all tests of the touch image happen on touch HW16:11
Saviqolli_, i.e. what you get now if you install from ppa:ubuntu-unity/next16:11
ogra_(by QA that is ... )16:11
Saviqogra_, only smoke testing16:11
olli_asac, I guess we need to weight the pros/cons16:11
olli_asac, are you still in the US?16:11
olli_I am in meetings for 2h16:11
asacbut we can talk talk16:11
asaclet me set an alarm :)16:11
asac(on my android phone)16:12
rsalveticyphermox_: don't you need to wrap 'self' with NM_SECRET_AGENT?16:12
Saviqrsalveti, `apt-get install indicators-client-plugin-network; chewie-client`16:12
ogra_asac, well, we have the choice ... dropping all testing and building for armhf or keeping the testing but getting bad press :P16:12
ogra_asac, beyond the point that we do not test at all on our release architecture indeed16:12
asacogra_: getting bad press because you can just run apt-get install... or we migrate all saucy users to unity8 automatically?16:12
asaccan we land it and not auto migrate folks (just to know whats possible)16:13
ogra_asac, apt-get16:13
ogra_we dont auto migrate anyone to unity816:13
asacok so once it lands people can apt-get install unity8 on desktop, but they won't get it by default.16:13
ogra_but it will break badly if you install it without surfaceflinger running16:13
ogra_which you dont have on desktop16:13
Saviqogra_, where "break badly" == "fake stuff"16:14
asacogra_: but how does daily-release then test stuff on desktop? Is that for MIR?16:14
asacabove folks said we won't get daily-release testing on desktop anymore ... so just wonder16:14
ogra_asac, i have no idea16:14
Saviqasac, ogra_, we're testing against fake backend16:14
ogra_asac, apparently the testing only happens on x86 at all16:14
didrockssil2100: ok, the package looks good, just a small cleanup: https://code.launchpad.net/~didrocks/address-book-app/small-fixes/+merge/17481216:14
Saviqasac, ogra_, and there isn't really much integration testing there yet, either16:14
Saviqit's being improved now16:15
asacso is unity8 installabale for archive stuff at all? or would folks jsut get "dependencies can not be fulfilled"?16:15
pete-woodsmterry: thanks for the review! :)16:15
asacSaviq: ?16:15
ogra_it has to be installable for the x86 testing i assume16:16
Saviqasac, it's installable16:16
asacogra_: well. could be it gest a fakebackend from the ppa16:16
Saviqasac, but with a fake app/window management backend == images16:16
asacthat we could not put in archive... hence folks would still not be able to install16:16
asacon x86 without the ppa16:16
asacSaviq: that backend is shipped as part of the unity8 package?16:16
Saviqasac, unity8-fake-env16:16
Saviqasac, could probably be built out relatively easily16:17
asacwell. let me have a call with olli16:17
asacin 2 hours or so16:17
didrocksbfiller: oSoMoN: we really need to discuss where we standardize putting the assets and qml files. Some are putting under libexec and others under usr/share. Who would be the best guys for this meeting?16:17
asacgoing through all reasons etc. guess we have enough info and options :)16:17
asacdidrocks: pmcgowan is currently checking whether we can kill demo-assets or whether we put it in the archive16:18
ogra_sergiusens, ^^^16:18
didrocksasac: demo-assets is not the only one, there are quite a bunch of stuff in the phablet-ppa16:19
Saviqasac, demo-assets is all the stuff that's in the video and music scopes, if we get rid of those we'd be empty bunny16:19
didrocksasac: last time I tried to put demo-assets to distro, people got back to me telling "no no no" :p16:19
bfillerdidrocks: probably me and oSoMoN, if you have recommendations where they should go let me know and I will help to make it happen16:19
Saviqasac, but I agree with didrocks here ↑16:19
didrocksbfiller: we need qml/Qt5 tech people :)16:19
bfillerdidrocks: then get Kaleo to come for sure16:19
didrocksbfiller: right, I think I'll invoke Saviq as well :p16:20
didrocksthat should be enough16:20
* didrocks writes a note to schedule a meeting16:20
ogra_didrocks, there is a lot of stuff in the phablet PPA that is just old cruft16:20
ogra_we dont use the majority of packages from there ... it just hasnt been cleaned up for a while16:20
asacdidrocks: right. lets see. we have to pragmatic and change our dogma about what is suitable for archive and what not if we want to go serious about not having ppas for producign our official daily images16:20
didrocksogra_: looking at the phablet config, it seems to continue pushing some stuff, not sure what's active, do you have the list from building the iso?16:20
sergiusensSaviq: ogra_ from an upstream merger perspective the medium tests could run on maguros16:20
didrocksasac: TBH, I'm more pragmatic that you imagine, if we follow the acceptance criterias, we would have almost nothing16:21
asacdidrocks: i know, i know :)16:21
asacdidrocks: just telling you that i am on your side16:21
didrocksasac: good ;) I tried to find the right balance16:21
ogra_didrocks, nope, but it should be less than 10 packages i think, we just discussed in our standup to clean up the old cruft16:21
didrocksasac: the unity8 stuff is more for not deceiving people wanting to "let's check the latest unity on my desktop"16:21
Saviqsergiusens, they're not runnable on maguros yet, thomi and veebers are fixing them for us now (should be done by Wed)16:21
didrocksand having an omgubuntu article within the hour :p16:22
asacogra_: can you send me a summary from what came out of that?16:22
didrocksogra_: ah better than I thought, I would love having the summary as well :)16:22
ogra_asac, from what exactly ?16:22
didrocksof those packages16:22
Saviqsergiusens, but anyway they'd take huge amounts of time - not feasible to be ran on every CI16:22
ogra_didrocks, asac np, sure16:22
asacogra_: thought you said you reviewed the stuff that phablet team has in their ppa still16:22
asacand decided what to do16:22
oSoMoNdidrocks: I’d invite Kaleo to this discussion, too16:22
ogra_asac, no, i said we discussed doing it in our standup today16:22
asacah :)16:23
asacok... then i just wait16:23
ogra_asac, which ended like 30min ago16:23
asac... and ask tomorrow again :P16:23
sergiusensSaviq: I'm betting running on device would be faster than running in that VM16:23
ogra_yeah, i'll have the list of whats actually used by then16:23
Saviqsergiusens, right...16:24
sergiusensasac: there is one unhandled dep, indicator-messages, it needs to be addressed in the archives so the phone-app can land as well16:24
sergiusensSaviq: in December I ran all the tests after an image build and it didn't take more that 10' and it was a lazy attempt16:25
Saviqrsalveti, chewie-client errors out on me, trying with unity8 built pre-indicators-merge16:25
Saviqsergiusens, yeah, there's actually less tests to run there, too (only one res == scenario)16:26
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|lunch
asacsergiusens: isnt indicator now in unity?16:27
asacor was that something else people said above?16:27
Saviqasac, indicator-messages is backend16:27
Saviqasac, indicator UI is in unity8 now16:27
ogra_they are trying to track down the bug16:27
asacSaviq: ok that makes sense16:27
sergiusensasac: not the same16:28
sil2100didrocks: see it now! Reviewing ;)16:28
asacdidrocks: whats the reason indicator-messages not doing daily-release to archive?16:28
Saviqrsalveti, cyphermox_, ok so the "old" plugins indeed still work16:28
asacdidrocks: guess would break unity7? :)16:28
Saviqcyphermox_, you said you have a probable fix?16:28
didrocksasac: the old one is16:29
cyphermox_trying now16:29
sergiusensasac: it is doing daily release, but the integration with phone-app is missing16:29
didrocksasac: the new one would break unity716:29
didrocksasac: that's one of the last part of the convergence indicators/hud/bamf jungle we had16:29
didrocksasac: and lucky you, it's almost over :)16:29
didrocksit's merged in unity8 AFAIK now16:29
didrocksSaviq: isn't it? ^ (indicator-messages part used by the phone?)16:30
Saviqdidrocks, it's not, yet16:30
ogra_messages isnt yet afaik16:30
ogra_the others are16:30
didrocksSaviq: but planned soon?16:30
Saviqdidrocks, messages on phone is provided by lp:indicator-server16:30
Saviqdidrocks, scratch that16:30
Saviqdidrocks, yes it is used, sorry16:30
didrocksah ;)16:30
* Saviq is getting confused with all the indicators16:30
didrocksSaviq: *indicat*16:30
Saviqwhat's an indie cat?16:31
ogra_indie cat .... ?16:31
Saviqaren't they all?16:31
SaviqI have two, they're very indie if you ask me16:31
Saviqif you ask them, then you'd see!16:31
asaci want a hardcore cat :)16:32
cyphermox_rsalveti: do you still have a backtrace for the Empty! issue ?16:32
rsalveticyphermox_: ** (process:829): WARNING **: Registration successful.16:32
cyphermox_I can't find one of the bugs16:32
rsalvetibut still can't connect16:32
didrocksSaviq: asac: happy to see that you are in a relatively as sane state as I am right now :)16:32
cyphermox_then watch what goes on in syslog on NM's side as you try to connect to a *new* network16:32
rsalveticyphermox_: bug 119578716:33
ubot5bug 1195787 in touch-preview-images "Network indicator shows empty list after associating" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119578716:33
rsalveticyphermox_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5877968/16:33
cyphermox_isn't it a dupe of bug 1191822 ?16:33
ubot5bug 1191822 in Unity 8 "After a wireless network is selected the list of networks says "Empty!"" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119182216:34
Saviqcyphermox_, rsalveti that's fixed in unity816:34
cyphermox_rsalveti: I'm concerned that because you already created the connection, if you didn't delete it first, NM will ask the agent for the password but it will not be able to give it16:34
rsalveticyphermox_: kind of, this was used later on to track the new indicator work, when it got merged in unity816:34
rsalvetiSaviq: not the real issue16:35
rsalvetithe crash is still happening16:35
rsalvetiit's just that the shell is restarting the indicator successfully now16:35
didrockssergiusens: fginther: just a kind reminder, please try to sort the projects in ascii order :)16:35
cyphermox_Saviq: if something is fixed in unity8, please mark the bug as fixed, if it's indeed a different issue than the nm_object crash16:35
rsalveticyphermox_: so we had 2 issues16:35
didrockssergiusens: fginther: in the stack config, that will help :)16:35
Saviqcyphermox_, isn't it marked fixed there?16:35
rsalvetithe nm_object crash and the indicator ui not handling the server restart16:35
didrockssil2100: https://code.launchpad.net/~didrocks/cupstream2distro-config/unity-action-api-daily/+merge/17481616:35
rsalvetithe crash is the one that still needs fixing16:36
cyphermox_Saviq: ah, sure, my bad, sorry16:36
Saviqcyphermox_, there's one that isn't, though16:36
Saviqdednick, bug #1195787 - should be fixed after the merge into unity8, right?16:36
ubot5bug 1195787 in touch-preview-images "Network indicator shows empty list after associating" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119578716:36
Saviqcyphermox_, I tried your patch16:36
Saviqcyphermox_, didn't help, and syslog is quiet :/16:37
cyphermox_you'll need to enable debug logging16:37
Saviqcyphermox_, right, lemme16:38
dednickSaviq: yeah, I believe it is a 2 fold problem. There was an issue with the model not repopulating when the network indicator crashed.16:38
cyphermox_python /usr/lib/NetworkManager/debug-helper.py --nm debug --domains=core,agents16:38
dednickSaviq: not sure why it's still happening. if the server restarts, it should repop. maybe another issue in model.16:38
Saviqdednick, does it still happen?16:39
Saviqdednick, that's the question, actually :)16:39
dednickSaviq: somebody was seing it on friday. rsalveti ^16:40
rsalvetidednick: the crash is still happening, the only change that got in is that the indicator is now repopulating the aps correctly after the crash16:41
rsalvetiJul 15 16:40:12 ubuntu-phablet NetworkManager[3794]: <debug> [1373906412.493473] [nm-agent-manager.c:1124] save_done_cb(): (:1.30/com.canonical.settings.network.nm-agent/32011) agent failed save secrets request 0x1bdf9c8/(null): (4) Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.16:41
rsalveticyphermox_: ^16:41
dednickrsalveti: so it's re-populating correctly? you just see it flashing no results then they come back?16:41
rsalvetidednick: yeah, that's working fine16:42
dednickrsalveti: ah. ok. thnks16:42
rsalvetibut the indicator server is still crashing16:42
rsalvetithat's why I removed the dup for 119578716:42
dednickrsalveti: ya. is there another bug for that?16:42
rsalvetibug  119578716:42
ubot5bug 1195787 in touch-preview-images "Network indicator shows empty list after associating" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119578716:42
dednickrsalveti: not doing that anymore ;) . Can we update the bug title/description?16:44
rsalvetidednick: sure, doing as we speak16:44
dednickrsalveti: ok thanks.16:44
Saviqcyphermox_, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5878007/16:45
Saviqdoesn't look debugg-y :/16:45
* Saviq tries again16:45
cyphermox_no, if you restart NM you need to reset the debug levels16:45
dednickSaviq: you know how to make the device forget network passwords?16:46
Saviqdednick, remove /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/*16:46
dednickSaviq: ta16:46
rsalveticyphermox_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5877993/16:46
cyphermox_that said, I don't understand why you even bother to register a secret agent if there is no keyring; you could just as well have NM write the connections straight to file since it's a phone16:46
Saviqnow we're talking16:47
Saviqcyphermox_, don't ask me, the whole thing was overcomplicated, and we're just hoping that indicator-network is going to take over ASAP16:47
annerajbHas the Porting guide be updated for the flipped image?16:48
rsalvetiannerajb: not yet, we hope to finish it this week16:48
rsalvetiand announce at the m-l16:48
Saviqcyphermox_, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5878018/16:50
rsalvetiyeah, same as mine16:53
Saviqah jeez16:53
Saviqdednick, I think here's the issue http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5878032/16:55
Saviqdednick, that's the diff between ours and lp:indicators-client's code16:55
Saviqdednick, can it be?16:56
* Saviq tries16:56
Saviqwell, no :/ they're just unused props16:57
dednickSaviq: considering they're the same :)16:57
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pinqvinanyone here for help?16:58
pinqvinI want to know does phone calls and messages work on current ubuntu-phone version?16:58
pmcgowanbfiller, are you in on the demo-assets discussion16:58
dednickSaviq: new indicator-settings recently. might try old version.16:58
Saviqdednick, I reverted unity8 to pre-merge and it worked16:59
pmcgowanpinqvin, calls and messages work fine on the supported phones16:59
pinqvinnice what about battery life?16:59
Saviqdednick, no idea TBH, it's the same freakin' code16:59
dednickSaviq: i c. pre-merge only uniy8? or pre-merge image?16:59
Saviqdednick, just unity817:00
dednickSaviq: :/17:00
Saviqdednick, current, unity8 minus the indicators merge == working17:00
pinqvinso in samsung nexus all works fine?17:00
dednickSaviq: dont suppose you know how to connect to wifi through command line? :)17:01
Saviqdednick, phablet-network-setup from host17:01
dednickSaviq: ahha. easy peasy17:02
pmcgowanpinqvin, yes17:02
pmcgowanpinqvin, its basic functions of course17:02
pmcgowanand changing daily17:03
pinqvinok thanks but will ubuntu use more battery than android on nexus?17:03
pmcgowanshould be about the same depending on what you are doing, we have  not yet optimized app management for example17:03
dpmfginther, could you join us on #ubuntu-app-devel for a question on jenkins & core apps?17:06
fgintherdpm, one moment17:06
dpmsure, no rush17:06
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ogra_didrocks, asac http://paste.ubuntu.com/5878062/ ... thats the list of packages installed from the phablet PPA currently (actually more than 10, i lied ... due to deps that also are in the PPA)17:08
om26erwhich package is to report bug for chewie-network-menu-server ?17:08
didrocksogra_: gir1.2-networkmanager-1.0: that's a source?17:09
asacogra_: can you put a team/manager name next to them?17:09
didrocksI thought ofono was merged in distro17:09
asace.g. bfiller, saviq, chicken, etc. ?17:09
asacso i know whoe to bounce them to?17:09
ogra_asac, a random one ?17:09
asacwell, the right one :)17:09
rsalvetididrocks: ofono is a major rework we're currently doing17:10
asaci guess i can guess on my own17:10
asacfor not for all out of my head17:10
rsalvetiphone-app needs indicator-messages, which I'm not sure yet what would be needed there17:10
ogra_didrocks, oops, thats a false positive, yeah, ignore that one17:10
rsalveti4 packages are from nm17:11
rsalvetithe indicators, which is expected since we're still using the custom indicator server17:11
didrocksrsalveti: isn't that ofono2 that you pushed?17:11
rsalvetihopefully to be replaced by the desktop ones soon17:11
didrocksI'm lost :)17:11
rsalvetididrocks: no, that's telepathy17:11
didrocksah, telepathy-ofono, but ofono wasn't updated17:11
didrocksbut we can build telepathy-ofono with the old one17:12
rsalvetididrocks: why can't we include the demo-assets into the daily CI?17:12
rsalvetiand maliit, which is the one sergiusens is working on17:12
sil2100didrocks: ubuntu-geoip doesn't have integration tests, but I guess that at this stage it's ok - it has unit tests that run on make17:12
didrocksrsalveti: I asked at the time on the list, and it was "no, we don't need it"17:12
sil2100didrocks: so I guess I would add it17:13
didrocksrsalveti: but I'm happy to include it, shouldn't be a breaking-ground package :p17:13
didrockssil2100: ok17:13
rsalvetididrocks: right17:13
rsalvetididrocks: guess it'd make sense, as we're still using them in the image17:13
didrockssil2100: do you mind adding demo-assets to the list? shouldn't be a big one ^17:13
didrockssil2100: and maybe webapps-demo? ^17:13
didrocksrsalveti: thoughts? ^17:13
rsalvetibfiller: sergiusens: ^17:13
rsalvetidon't see why not, but bfiller should know better17:14
rsalvetipmcgowan as well ^17:14
sil2100didrocks: to the list of NEW packages?17:14
didrockssil2100: yep ;)17:14
rsalvetitime for lunch17:14
pmcgowanrsalveti, whats the question?17:14
rsalvetipmcgowan: if we can include demo-assets* and webapps-demo in the archive17:15
pmcgowanrsalveti, right or get rid of them, not sure yet17:15
rsalvetiand make them part of the daily CI17:15
didrocksmaybe it was pat telling no, I don't remember who ;)17:15
ogra_asac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5878078/ thats all i know, no idea who owns the indicatoirs or the webapps-demo (the rest is just deps)17:15
didrocksasac: FYI ^ just pick a decision with pmcgowan, I don't care, I just want one we stick with :)17:15
sil2100didrocks: I'm also thinking of adding indicator-location, since it's related, but it has no tests17:16
sil2100So maybe for some other time...17:16
didrockssil2100: check with lars, tedg and so on please :)17:17
didrockssil2100: maybe they have convergence plan with something else17:17
sil2100didrocks: ok, will do that tomorrow then17:17
didrockssil2100: and please refresh the list, I think we had little progress on those, I'm afraid we are still way behind what we should17:17
didrockssil2100: to be at daily_release: False == 017:17
sergiusensdidrocks: ofono2 was probaly telepathy-ofono217:17
didrocks(or move them to the "online" release that we should renamed to "no-daily")17:18
rsalvetisergiusens: yup17:18
didrockssergiusens: yeah, sorry for the confusion17:18
sergiusensrsalveti: maliit doesn't need daily ci, does it? we are not upstream17:18
sil2100didrocks: true true, but some of the branches are ready, so all that needs to be done is an ACK and the config changed17:18
rsalvetisergiusens: no, we just need to push them17:18
didrockssil2100: maybe preNEW as well?17:18
didrockssil2100: mind prepping a list for me?17:18
pmcgowanrsalveti, sergiusens we are upstream for the keyboard plugin now17:19
rsalvetiright, that would need ci indeed17:19
Saviqcyphermox_, I think I found the issue17:19
rsalvetijust the framework that needs to be manually pushed17:19
Saviqdednick, the token passed to authenticate() is invalid17:19
sil2100didrocks: aye! I'll just poke Robert to give me updates on his parts of branches17:19
didrockssil2100: perfect, thanks!17:20
dednickSaviq: hm.17:20
sergiusenspmcgowan: for what is to be maliit-plugins-ubuntu17:20
pmcgowansergiusens, yes17:20
cyphermox_Saviq: well, there's also the fact that save_secrets isn't implemented17:20
sergiusenspmcgowan: but not for maliit-plugins nor maliit-framework... I do have packaging branches for those two, tmoenicke is still working on the split up so there's no source yet17:21
cyphermox_we don't have a keyring do we?17:21
Saviqcyphermox_, it's saving to /etc/17:21
cyphermox_not so much17:21
cyphermox_Saviq: save_secrets gets called and does nothing17:21
Saviqcyphermox_, I mean NM is17:21
Saviqcyphermox_, not that we're doing it17:21
=== Namidairo is now known as Namidairo`bnc
cyphermox_IIRC NM doesn't automatically just write settings to /etc, you need to tell it to create the connections as system-wide rather than agent-owned17:22
Saviqcyphermox_, it was working, wasn't it! ;)17:22
Saviqcyphermox_, I mean that I see the issue in our code, but the *agents haven't changed one bit17:22
Saviqdednick, NetworkIndicatorPage.qml:5217:23
dednickSaviq: tbh, i have no idea where token is coming from17:23
Saviqdednick, token: token - first of all that's circular17:23
Saviqdednick, it's passed in onSecretRequested17:24
ogra_asac, and updated ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/5878111/17:25
dednickSaviq: ah17:25
dednickSaviq: _network.push(passwordPageComponent, {"token": token} ); - should do it i think.17:27
Saviqdednick, checking17:27
dednickninja first build -- boring....17:28
ogra_asac, and completed http://paste.ubuntu.com/5878124/17:28
Saviqdednick, cyphermox_ works!17:28
dednick[89/340] ... grumble...17:30
pinqvinis samsung Nexus S (GT-I9023)  supported phone ?17:32
Saviqcyphermox_, rsalveti, dednick https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/unity8/fix-network-page/+merge/17482817:32
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
=== gustavold1 is now known as gustavold
Saviqrsalveti, cyphermox_ was there a bug about this?17:42
* ogra_ doesnt think so 17:42
ogra_Saviq, there was a rickspencer3 coming into the channel asking to have it fixed :)17:42
rickspencer3ogra_, fwiw, I'm having problems with my dishwasher as well17:42
ogra_rickspencer3, we'll snd you a team17:43
Saviqrickspencer3, you and your travelling, who needs new networks anyway...17:45
Saviqdednick, will you review? this needs to land asap17:46
dednickSaviq: doing now.17:47
ogra_Saviq, ricmm needs to re-locate frequently to places with working dish washers apparently17:47
dednickSaviq:  +117:50
ogra_popey, i respun todays image to check the archive integrity, there is a 15.2 image now, but still with the broken wlan ... i'll do another re-spin for that once it landed17:52
Saviqok, bug #1201529 then17:53
ubot5bug 1201529 in Unity 8 "Unable to associate with a new password-protected network" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120152917:53
=== dandrader_ is now known as dandrader
cyphermox_Saviq: so does that fully solve the issue?18:01
Saviqcyphermox_, yes, AFAICT18:01
Saviqcyphermox_, and the pword does get saved to /etc18:02
mterryricmm, can you force a rebuild of https://code.launchpad.net/~ricmm/+recipe/unity8-mir-daily ?   The current build is requiring an out-of-date mirserver18:03
cyphermox_Saviq: so I'll test on my side too18:04
Saviqcyphermox_, there should be a fixed unity8 package coming soon18:04
Saviqcyphermox_, in the MR, I mean18:04
Saviqwell, still probably like 15mins away18:06
ricmmmterry: yea, was trying to fix it deeper somewher eelse18:07
ricmmgive me a few minutes for the launchpad timeouts to disappear ;)18:07
mterryricmm, yeah, those are all over the place for me18:08
ricmmeven the build request dialog timesout18:08
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annerajbrsalveti: Meanwhile is there any informal post, notes or anything like that that I can use.18:27
=== dandrader|afk is now known as dandrader
rsalvetiSaviq: cool, seems the mr is already approved18:42
rsalvetiwe just need to trigger the CI once it's merged18:42
rsalvetiogra_: are you waiting this to land before triggering a new build?18:43
ogra_rsalveti, right18:45
ogra_rsalveti, i did a 15.2 already but will re-spin for the fix18:46
rsalvetiogra_: ok18:46
rsalvetiapproved 56 minutes ago, guess we need to wait a few still18:46
rsalvetilet me find the job at jenkins18:46
rsalvetiestimated remaining time ~20min18:47
ogra_yeah, no hurry... i'm busy doing a barbecue aside :)18:48
flo__are there any plans for a new unflipped image? I've manually added the unity-next PPA to my sources which fixed the strange dependency problems, but I guess a new image could be useful18:53
=== _salem is now known as salem_
ogra_flo__, you can install the pending one with phablet-flash --pending ... but there will be a re-spin soon18:53
flo__oh, I've never used that flash tool, and I guess most users just download zips from XDA and the preinstalled zip from cdimage.ubuntu.com via their browser18:55
flo__so it's good to know there will be a new image soon :) thanks18:55
* kenvandine hugs phablet-flash18:56
flo__I'd probably use it if that phone had a little more flash memory. 1g is just not enough for the standard image ;(18:57
flo__on data, that is18:57
=== rtg-afk is now known as rtg
=== nik90 is now known as nik90|Dinner
bfillerpmcgowan: confirming webapps-demo just contains desktop files and icons for the webapps19:56
bfillerpmcgowan: should rename to webapps-touch? other suggestions?19:56
pmcgowanbfiller, that sounds good to me20:14
=== elopio_ is now known as elopioo
=== elopioo is now known as elopio
rsalvetiSaviq: lol, seems to be almost impossible to land a mr against unity820:45
rsalveti/usr/include/c++/4.8/type_traits:98: confused by earlier errors, bailing out20:46
rsalvetiThe bug is not reproducible, so it is likely a hardware or OS problem.20:46
kenvandine"confused by earlier errors"20:47
rsalvetiamazing haha20:47
ricmmthats when you know you have to take a break20:50
ricmmeven the compiler bailed out20:51
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
Saviqricmm, rsalveti yeah, that was a bad one21:08
asacdoanac: mako security didnt really run (0 of 0 result)21:15
asacgema retriggered a similar one last week, so guess that can be done too21:16
doanacasac: looks like mako-security failed because of network flakiness21:28
asacdoanac: can you retry that part?21:35
doanaci think so.21:35
asacdoanac: so on second though ... if I see:21:42
asacadb -s 0149BD7E0A019003 forward tcp:32995 tcp:2221:42
asacand then21:42
asacssh -o UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no -p32995 phablet@localhost rm -rf /home/phablet/workspace21:42
asacssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host21:42
asaci wonder if that means that not even lo is up21:43
asacgues thats the case21:43
doanacasac: i think it was a network glitch. its re-running and looking better21:43
asacso that doesnt really feel like a wifi prob21:43
asacwell. i am just saying that its not a wifi glitch21:43
asacor we shou8ld just run ifconfig lo up21:43
asacin case lo only gets brought up if wifi succeeds21:43
asacsee what i mean?21:44
doanaci think its a mute point. We shouldn't even be requiring a working ssh connection to do testing21:44
asacso this makes me wonder21:44
asac+ adb -s 0149BD7E0A019003 forward tcp:32995 tcp:2221:44
asacwhat if there are two jobs running?21:44
asacaren't then both tryuing to open 3299521:44
asacand then it fails?21:44
doanacwe don't allow two jobs to run21:44
asacisnt https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/saucy-touch-maguro-smoke-default/47/console21:45
asacon the centralized jenkins?21:45
doanacyes, but like i said, we shouldn't be requiring SSH. that's the real issue21:45
asacalso true21:45
asacstill it coudl be that we dont even see a network issue here21:45
asacdoanac: have you seen that we run network-setup twice?21:46
asacfirst it succeeds21:46
asac22 KB/s (266 bytes in 0.011s)21:47
asacNetwork setup complete21:47
asacthen we run it with -i21:47
doanacthat installs the ssh server21:47
asacand it times out21:47
=== MrDHat is now known as MrDHat|afk
doanacso it could be apt failing or something21:47
doanaci just want to throw away this whole failure vector21:48
asacdo you know what is echoing this "network not ready" stuff?21:48
asacah ok21:48
asacits the tools21:48
asacanyone can run "nmcli -t -f devices con status" on their device connected device and paste?21:53
asacso my phone doesnt turn on21:55
asacbut i can adb shell into it21:55
asacwhile the battery charging thing is going21:55
asacanyone else ended up in such state?21:55
rsalvetiSaviq: failed again22:06
rsalvetinow it was because of jenkins22:06
rsalvetiCaused by: java.io.IOException22:06
Saviqrsalveti, that's just crap22:07
Saviqjenkins this time...22:08
cyphermox_still fighting bluetooth --- going to get dinner and then I'll get back on it22:10
shoerainphablet-flash is a nice self-contained tool, kudos!22:14
annerajbcan anybody lend me a quick help to get ubuntu touch compiling everytime i run 'brunch epicmtd' i get a no rule to make target/device/samsung/epicmtd/ubuntu-boot.img22:19
asacdoanac: https://code.launchpad.net/~asac/phablet-tools/check-device-ip-state-after-sleep/+merge/17487922:20
asacdoanac: https://code.launchpad.net/~asac/phablet-tools/improve-network-bringup-console-output/+merge/17488022:20
asacdoanac: also have you seen the odd | tr -d '\r' :)22:20
asacthat feels like someone rather wanted "| head -n1" or something22:21
asaccyphermox_: what does nmcli c status return?22:22
asacalways exactly one line?22:22
asacor could it hyave more than one if you have two connnections active?22:22
asacerr always 0 or 1 line i meant to ask22:22
asacdoanac: ok cool. so maguro has now results22:23
asacbut some are not good and some are missing22:23
asacnot sure22:24
asaccheck for default, phone app for sure22:24
asacand thne probably a few others22:24
mbybeeHi all22:24
mbybeeGot a (hopefully) quick question about developing for Ubuntu Touch22:24
mbybeeI installed qt per the Ubuntu Touch getting started guide, connected my Ubuntu touch mobile, set it for development, etc22:25
mbybeeBut how on earth do I set up my little test project to run there?22:25
mbybeeI can't find anything under kits that allows Ubuntu Touch22:25
zzarrUbuntu touch will not boot on my Motorola Droid 422:26
mbybeeI'm sure it's just a simple setting or something, just not seeing what to set it to22:27
zzarrjust a black screen22:27
asaczzarr: how did you get the bits you installed?22:28
asac(just curious... most likely won't be able to help)22:28
zzarrI've installed saucy-preinstalled-phablet-armhf.zip + phablet-20130412-cm_maserati.zip via safestrap 3.1122:28
asaczzarr: where did you find phablet-20130412-cm_maserati.zip ? also in docs22:29
zzarrxda-developers / hashofcodes have it22:30
annerajbany idea how to fix my build issue.22:30
zzarrI've tried to build Ubuntu touch from scratch too, but failed22:30
ogra_rsalveti, Saviq, just upload it to the archive and be done :P22:31
asac00:06 < rsalveti> now it was because of jenkins22:31
asac00:06 < rsalveti> Caused by: java.io.IOException22:31
ogra_asac, yeah22:31
asacoh didrocks is gone22:31
asacwanted to post it for him22:32
asacas we talked about it the other day22:32
ogra_he is usually gone at 6pm22:32
asacdoanac: so what do you think of jenkins :-P22:32
ogra_(or between 6-8 some time)22:32
zzarrmaybe I should try to solve the build issue22:33
asaczzarr: we switched the way we produce images fundamentally... we couldn't update the porting guide yet22:33
asacmight be touch to figure that...22:33
ogra_building for ports didnt change22:33
annerajbzzarr so trunk is broken?22:34
asacogra_: but folks mentioned that the porting guide needs updated now that ocntainer flipped22:34
mbybeeOh - nm, I found it. It was launching, I just couldn't find the app :)22:34
zzarrcould you guide me?22:34
ogra_just make sure your device specific zip gets regulary rebuilt (every time a change to platform-api or hybris happens it needs to be re-rolled)22:34
zzarror is it too much problem?22:34
ogra_asac, ports arent flipped yet22:34
asacogra_: is it the "we still supporet the preview image" thing that allows him to do that?22:34
asacah yeah22:34
asacwell, but we have zero clue if that still works, right?22:34
ogra_it didnt chage22:35
asacor are you still running preview images daily :)?22:35
asacso we dont pull new stuff?22:35
ogra_no, but it didnt change22:35
asacthen we might want to check if the very last image worked22:35
zzarrannerajb don't know22:35
asacif we are sure22:35
asacthen yeah >)22:35
ogra_well, whats important is that you have your device specific zip regulary rebuilt (preferably daily)22:35
ogra_if the hybris version doesnt match the one in the armhf zip it is likely to not work22:36
ogra_but that hasnt changed either :)22:36
asacogra_: i was in this odd mode... i couldnt boot device, even battery out for 20 seconds made just the "load icon" appear... but i could use adb shell etc.22:36
asacnow reboot fixed it22:36
ogra_the unflipped armhf.zip should still work for ports that have recent HW zips22:36
ogra_asac, battery and cable removed ?22:37
ogra_just pulling the battery with that cable plugged in wont help22:37
asacok now that its up it seems the battery was fully discharged22:37
asacmaybe that was a force thing22:37
asacso ... nevermind22:37
asacright. but it was all gone while i went to the fridge and came back :)22:37
ogra_zzarr, a build from 20130412  is very unlikely to work with a saucy userspace22:38
doanacasac: https://code.launchpad.net/~asac/phablet-tools/check-device-ip-state-after-sleep/+merge/174879 that has no changes in the branch.22:38
doanaci think you pushed both changes into the 2nd MP you made22:38
ogra_zzarr, try an older userspace (something from april)22:38
annerajbzzarr: make: *** No rule to make target `/home/annerabj/android/out/target/product/epicmtd/ubuntu-boot.img', needed by `/home/annerabj/android/out/target/product/epicmtd/obj/PACKAGING/target_files_intermediates/cm_epicmtd-target_files-eng.annerabj.zip'.  Stop.22:39
ogra_zzarr, or ask the porter to rebuild phablet-20130412-cm_maserati.zip22:39
ogra_rsalveti, ^^^22:39
asacdoanac: strange... well. its the first commit of the other branch :)22:39
asaci repushed22:39
ogra_rsalveti, i have seen that more often now, i thought that code wasnt merged yet22:39
=== LarrySteeze is now known as LarrySteeze|Away
zzarrI tried to follow the guide on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting but I couldn't find extract-files.sh under Retrieving the proprietary...22:40
rsalvetiogra_: that was in theory fixed last friday22:40
rsalvetizzarr: need a bit more of your output22:40
zzarrI've tried that, but I don't think hashofcodes are active22:40
doanacasac: i have no authority on that branch, so you'll have to get someone else's approval for that22:40
asacdoanac: sure22:40
ogra_rsalveti, annerajb was the one having the issue22:40
asacjust wanted to show22:40
doanacbut seems sensible22:41
rsalvetizzarr: extract-files.sh is part of the device repo22:41
asacdoanac: if you have other wishes :)22:41
Hashcodezzarr: it's been a while since we tested extract-files.sh22:41
Hashcodezzarr: feel free to use this repo for vendor files instead:22:41
rsalvetiogra_: right, there was a race which we fixed last friday22:41
Hashcodezzarr: actually which device?22:41
asacdoanac: so one thing is that if there is ever two devices connected, it would never get an IP i am sure22:41
ogra_annerajb, so did you repo sync since friday ?22:41
ogra_to get that fix22:42
zzarrI'm not able to find it under device/motorola/maserati22:42
doanacasac: why can't 2 devices connect?22:42
asacdoanac: but waiting for cyper to confirm if nmcli c status can have a list length > 122:42
asacdoanac: well if you check how it remembers iface22:42
Hashcodezzarr: yeah someone else mentioned it was missing over the weekend.  I'll have to see what happened.22:42
doanacah - 2 connections on the phone22:42
asacdoanac: and then how it waits for IP ...22:42
asacthen it would never succeed on IP22:42
Hashcodezzarr: Droid 4?22:42
asacdoanac: right... like ifconfig |grep wlan0eth022:42
zzarrDroid 4 is correct22:42
Hashcodeuse this as vendor/motorola/maserati: git@github.com:STS-Dev-Team/android_vendor_motorola_maserati.git22:43
asacdoanac: but wouldn't explain flakyness... at least we can see now if it fails during IP or during device bringup :)22:43
asacwhich can be helpfull.. and get a dump of all connections22:43
Hashcodeand this as vendor/motorola/omap4-common: git@github.com:STS-Dev-Team/android_vendor_motorola_common.git22:43
Hashcodezzarr: and let me know if that works22:43
zzarrwhat is the exact line I should write in my terminal?22:44
Hashcodesorry, you'll need to add that to a file in .repo.local_manifests22:44
Hashcodeer .repo/local_manifests22:44
HashcodeLemme get you a pastebin22:44
zzarrokey, thanks22:44
HashcodeI should say this tho22:45
Hashcodethe motorola omap4 builds are broken atm22:45
annerajbogra_: i did all this checkouts last night so it should have but let me run it again.22:45
Hashcodersalveti: the ubuntu first swap is now live in the builds right?22:45
asacawe_: so ifconfig -a on maguro is quite busy22:45
asacawe_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5879047/22:45
asacawe_: any clue what all that stuff is?22:46
awe_radio stuff22:46
Hashcodezzarr: i need to do some catchup on the Moto's.  We can't support the Ubuntu first build style in safestrap yet. :/22:46
ogra_good stuff :)22:46
rsalvetiHashcode: I'm also rebasing our code to match CM 10.1.222:46
asacawe_: do you know if nmcli c status can never return more than one device?22:47
asacerr connection?22:47
rsalvetithat might help getting the remaining stuff that is needed to be more compatible with some other devices22:47
Hashcodersalveti: that will help, but I still need to patch the boot menu stuff22:47
zzarrhow long before a fix do you think?22:47
awe_asac, not sure what you're asking?22:47
Hashcodezzarr: probably about a week.  We just got the Moto QCOM's up and running.22:47
HashcodeBut those are unlocked, so it was easier22:47
zzarra week :D, that's nothing22:48
awe_asac, AFAIK nmcli dev will show a connection for mobile  /ril_0, and a connection for wifi ( wlan0 )22:48
HashcodeDon't hate me if it doesn't happen right away :)  Might need a new version of Safestrap to make it work.22:48
asacawe_: can 'nmcli -t -f devices c status | wc -l' ever be > 1 ?22:48
asacawe_: yeah... this code uses "con" and not "dev"22:48
zzarrdo you think I'll be able to run a full ubuntu desktop on my lapdock?22:48
Hashcodezzarr: not until we finish the HDMI fixes.22:49
asacawe_: so i assume it could be that it goes and has two connections with status?22:49
asacawe_: do you have a device that is connected to 3g and wifi at hand?22:49
asacwhat do you get?22:49
asacnmcli -t -f devices c status22:49
ogra_asac, what do you want to achieve ?22:49
awe_asac, no..booting it now22:49
* awe_ was busily writing code & unit tests22:49
zzarrwhere will I be able to find the fix? (once it's done)22:50
asacogra_: well, we have a central script in our infrastructure that uses something that would fail to detect that network is up22:50
asacif there was ever more than one line coming back22:50
asace.g. one entry for wlan0 and one for ril022:50
Hashcodezzarr: oh you'll see it fixed in CM22:50
Hashcodezzarr: and I can't gaurantee it'll work via lapdock22:50
ogra_asac, route -n|grep ^0 ... then split off the last item22:50
Hashcodezzarr: the idea was to support the native HDMI output tho22:50
awe_asac, for what purpose, is this a test suite?22:51
asacwhat is done is:22:51
asaciface=`nmcli -t -f devices c status`22:51
zzarrso HDMI don't work in cm?22:51
asacto get the iface22:51
asacand then22:51
awe_asac, for what purpose???22:51
asacto figure whether a device has a connection :()22:51
* ogra_ is wonderig that too 22:51
Hashcodezzarr: that's right.  We're still demangling the HDMI driver in the kernel from Motorola's code.22:51
asacawe_: whether its online22:51
asacthats in phablet-network-setup :)22:51
ogra_asac, so just sheck if it has a route22:52
awe_ah... OK22:52
ogra_instead of all that nmcli stuff22:52
asaclp is broken22:52
awe_phablet-network-setup should go away as soon as we get working indicators22:52
awe_cough, hack...22:52
zzarrdo you think it's possible for you to notify me when it's fixed?22:52
asacawe_: do you see the code? struggling to use bzr on lp :)22:52
asacawe_: so i feel that code mighyt fail miserably to figure that there is an IP :)22:53
Hashcodezzarr: I really can't make "notification" lists :/  I have too many different devices for that. :(22:53
asacif it runs into ril0 and wlan0 up22:53
asacawe_: can you confirm?22:53
asaclook at the tr -d '\r'22:53
asacwhats that? crack?22:53
Hashcodezzarr: I'd watch the CM 10.1 build threads and you'll see the shouts of joy once we fix HDMI22:53
Hashcodezzarr: are you running a custom ROM22:54
Hashcodezzarr: ?22:54
ogra_asac, ask the author ?22:54
aloisiojrhi all, after the flipped image, how can i use setprop/getprop inside the android-chroot?22:54
zzarrthe stock rom with custom apps22:54
annerajbogra_: i ran it. it didnt work.22:54
ogra_aloisiojr, you can use it from ubuntu, not in the chroot22:54
annerajbmake: *** No rule to make target `/home/annerabj/android/out/target/product/epicmtd/ubuntu-boot.img', needed by `/home/annerabj/android/out/target/product/epicmtd/obj/PACKAGING/target_files_intermediates/cm_epicmtd-target_files-eng.annerabj.zip'.  Stop.22:54
zzarrI live in Sweden and there for have a version with fixed GSM22:55
asacogra_: well, i just wanted the answer if nmcli c status can give me more than one result :) but guess only cypher knows it22:55
rsalvetiannerajb: after repo sync?22:55
annerajbogra_: yup22:55
Hashcodezzarr: yeah the CM build doesn't support GSM very well on the Droid 4.22:55
rsalvetiannerajb: if so, mind pasting your entire log?22:55
awe_asac, to answer your question posed above, yes the count can be greater than 122:55
asacawe_: how about just using:22:55
annerajbrsalveti: how can i do a make clean with brunch?22:55
asacawe_: nm-tool | grep State:.*connected.*global22:55
asacis there a shorthand to nm-tool to just output the status?22:56
ogra_asac, well, i wouldnt use all that toplevel stuff anyway in scripts22:56
rsalvetiannerajb: I usually just call 'make clean'22:56
asacogra_: well. thats you :)22:56
ogra_there are more elegant ways :)22:56
rsalvetiit removes the stuff from out/22:56
aloisiojrogra_: i see, is there any way to run a native android app making use of the properties?22:56
awe_how 'bout getting rid of the tool, and making indicator work22:56
asacogra_: elegant is a matter of taste :)22:56
annerajbrsalveti:i do too thought wasnt sure since i thought brunch was some sort of replacement to make22:56
rsalvetiasac: "as always; this code is there for inspiration and haven't tested it."22:56
asacawe_: well. we need to check if device is online during provisioning in lab22:56
asacso that doesnt help22:56
rsalvetiwho do you want to inspire?22:56
aloisiojri noticed that set the properties outside the android chroot does not make any effect inside it22:57
asacrsalveti: because i didnt have a working device at all22:57
asacuntil i solved it :)22:57
rsalvetiannerajb: it calls make later on22:57
asaci think it should be made better this way22:57
asacbut i have no idea how to effectively work :) ... i guess thats what i mean22:57
rsalvetialoisiojr: should make22:57
ogra_aloisiojr, how do you know ?22:57
annerajbrsalveti: running it again while saving the output22:57
rsalvetialoisiojr: they are sharing the same property system22:58
rsalvetiwhich is the android init22:58
zzarrokey, but people are working on a solution, I havn't seen any activity for a while and thought maybe my phone wasn't "interesting" any more22:58
rsalvetiso if you run 'sudo setprop foobar barfoo', you'll see that var inside android as well22:58
ogra_aloisiojr, note that android-chroot doesnt get you into the running environment, it only chroots into the container22:58
aloisiojrrsalveti: fact 1: getprop <no params> returns nothing22:58
zzarrsorry for poor english, it's not native22:58
rsalvetiright, might be the issue with android-chroot22:58
aloisiojrogra_: i know22:58
rsalvetiI'd recommend you setting up adb to start inside the android container22:58
rsalvetiand then use it from there22:58
ogra_rsalveti, well, its an issue with lxc shielding the container22:59
rsalvetieither via usb or tcp22:59
ogra_we dont really have a way to enter it22:59
rsalvetialoisiojr: do you have wifi working in there?22:59
aloisiojrrsalveti: fact 2: the property I've set is not making any effect22:59
ogra_right, switching adb over is one of the options22:59
rsalvetiif so, it's easier to use adb over usb, running it inside android22:59
aloisiojrrsalveti: no, it's not working22:59
Hashcodezzarr: you're doing just fine w/ English.  I've heard much worse from native speakers.22:59
aloisiojrrsalveti: weird question :P22:59
rsalvetialoisiojr: inside the device :P23:00
Hashcodezzarr: Mainly, it's my dev time that's been limited lately.  Too many devices.23:00
aloisiojrrsalveti: yes, i understood that, no, the wifi inside the device is not working23:00
ogra_Hashcode, send some over ... if that frees up your time i'll happily take some new devices23:00
zzarrI would realy like to help, so once HDMI is fixed and saftstrap can install ubuntu I'll install and tell what I think of it23:00
rsalvetialoisiojr: right, then you can still use adb over tcp, let me get you the commands23:01
aloisiojrrsalveti: nice23:01
Hashcodeogra_ Lol, I hope you can take over about 10.23:01
asacso the jenkins bot was attached to my merge request23:01
HashcodeThat would leave me a nice 4-5 to support.23:01
asacdoes that mean someone looked at it and tries it now?23:01
Hashcodezzarr: I'd also look around, I had heard it was possible to get GSM working on CM10.1 but I don't use it on a GSM network so I can't confirm.23:02
ogra_asac, yeah, a virtual butler ...23:02
asacogra_: how does it decide that i am a trustworthy contributor?23:02
ogra_asac, PS Jenkins is just running automatically ... has no humans attached23:02
zzarrhashcode, is there any thing I can do?23:02
zzarr(to help)23:02
Hashcodezzarr: not really :/23:03
ogra_it just checks if you i.e. have a commit message set and if it can be built23:03
asaci got booted from all ubuntu teams recently, so i would define myself as a not trustworthy guy by the powers of policy :)23:03
Hashcodethanks tho23:03
* asac grumbles23:03
ogra_asac, iirc the canonical team has some specialities23:03
ogra_and that one you cant leave :)23:04
ogra_(unless you resign)23:04
asacis there no button? :)23:04
* asac needs to try for the sake of checking our infrastructure23:04
ogra_it is fully moderated23:04
asacso even leaving i can't without approval?23:04
asacthat would be odd23:04
rsalvetialoisiojr: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5879086/23:04
asacogra_: i have a "leave the teawm" button :)23:05
ogra_asac, i never had the urge to try :)23:05
asaci guess thats the way you express if you cant to quit23:05
asacguess if i quit i will use that way :)23:05
asacno mail, nothing23:05
asacjust leave team23:05
zzarrMay I wounder what's the problem with the HDMI driver? (is it impossible to use the stock one?)23:05
rsalvetialoisiojr: but if getprop, when running from the ubuntu side, is not working properly, then you might be missing some changes in android23:05
rsalvetialoisiojr: http://phablet.ubuntu.com/gitweb?p=CyanogenMod/android_system_core.git;a=commit;h=b721b9ca28de2f69810cd98ff676c4265cc39a4923:06
rsalvetithe communication goes all via /dev/socket/property_service (which is a socket created by the android init service)23:07
aloisiojrrsalveti: getprop is working from the ubuntu side23:07
ogra_well, setprop should too :)23:07
rsalvetialoisiojr: and setprop?23:07
rsalvetiroot@ubuntu-phablet:/# setprop foo bar23:07
rsalvetiroot@ubuntu-phablet:/# getprop foo23:07
ogra_unless you dont have the right permissions for the socket23:07
aloisiojrogra_: rsalveti: both are working23:07
aloisiojronly from the ubuntu side23:08
rsalvetithen you should be able to follow what is in http://paste.ubuntu.com/5879086/23:08
aloisiojrrsalveti: i'll try23:08
* rsalveti bbl23:09
rsalvetialoisiojr: let me know if it didn't work23:09
rsalvetitime for some dinner23:09
ogra_heh, dinner23:09
aloisiojrrsalveti: so, I won't tell you anything, it did work :P23:10
* rsalveti kicks ogra_ 23:10
ogra_better kick unity823:10
rsalvetilate for you already23:10
ogra_nah, early again :)23:10
rsalvetiyeah, that's hopeless23:10
ogra_1am here23:10
rsalvetialoisiojr: great23:10
ogra_not later than for asac23:10
rsalvetibut asac is still in the wrong timezone23:11
aloisiojrrsalveti: ogra_: tks23:11
* ogra_ is always in a mid atlantic TZ ... 23:11
zzarrhashcode, when the fix is out, will you upload a new  phablet-yyyymmdd-cm_maserati.zip?23:15
annerajbogra_: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM warning: /bin/bash: line 1:  5898 Killed                  javac -J-Xmx512M -target 1.5 -Xmaxerrs 9999999 -encoding UTF-8 -extdirs ""23:30
annerajbogra_: java vm out of memory?23:30
asacrsalveti: no i am here :)23:30
asacin EU23:30
asacnot saying my body is though :)23:31
asacbut its 1:3023:31
ogra_annerajb, what do you do with java ?23:31
annerajbogra_: me nothing make this: host Java: bouncycastle-host (/home/annerabj/android/out/host/common/obj/JAVA_LIBRARIES/bouncycastle-host_intermediates/classes)23:31
ogra_annerajb, i think you dont want that ... sergiusens and rsalveti are better at this though :)23:32
annerajbrsalveti: sergiusens any idea why this is building when i run make?23:33
ogra_afaik java is only used to sign the zip at the very end of the build .... if there are other java invocations they are most likely wrong23:33
ogra_(i.e. you should disable building this bit)23:33
sergiusensogra_: not used to sign the zip anymore, I removed that part23:33
ogra_ah, so we dont need it at all23:33
ogra_so it is *definitely* wrong then :)23:33
sergiusensannerajb: what requires bouncycastle?23:33
sergiusensmight be something device specific23:34
annerajbogra_: then why it's on my make? i did repo sync like and hour ago23:34
ogra_annerajb, and what arte you building for ?23:34
annerajbepicmtd device.23:34
sergiusensannerajb: run mka showcommands23:34
ogra_annerajb, if you are porting for a device it pulled that stuff in from your device repo ... thats the actual porting work you have to do :)23:35
ogra_drop that bit from your devices build setup23:35
annerajbogra_: that makes sense.23:35
sergiusensannerajb: do you have the device repo at hand?23:35
* sergiusens is cooking right now and warns people to expect delays23:35
mterryrsalveti, in your mir branch of session-manager-touch, I think maybe you forgot to bzr add the lxc override files?23:35
annerajbsergiusens: no idea where is that file? .repo/manifest.xml?23:36
sergiusensannerajb: first run 'mka showcommands' it will give you a better idea of why it fails23:37
annerajbsergiusens: it failed again let me get the output.23:38
ogra_mterry, lxc override files should come from lxc-android-config (unless there is something strange with the Mir branch)23:40
mterryogra_, ::shrug:: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/session-manager-touch/with-mir/view/head:/debian/ubuntu-touch-session.install23:42
ogra_mterry, oh, weird23:43
* ogra_ wonders why thats needed23:43
asaclast for now: https://code.launchpad.net/~asac/phablet-tools/wait-for-online-with-nm-tool/+merge/17489323:44
ogra_it isnt upstart job overrides ... it is in-container-overrides23:44
ogra_mterry, ignore me :)23:44
asacsergiusens: https://code.launchpad.net/~asac/phablet-tools/wait-for-online-with-nm-tool/+merge/17489323:45
asacnot sure if you are the reviwer/owner of this stuff23:45
asacnote it includes two other commits in separate merges23:45
asacerr wait23:46
asacthat was dump :)23:46
popeyogra_: should phablet-flash grab a new file today?23:48
popeyogra_: sorry, just got in23:48
asacsergiusens: https://code.launchpad.net/~asac/phablet-tools/wait-for-online-with-nm-tool/+merge/17489423:48
asacthat one is the better one23:49
ogra_popey, there is one in pending, but it has the wlan issue still23:49
asacogra_: the new image doesnt fix it?23:49
popeyhmm, phablet-flash isn't finding it23:49
ogra_asac, unity8 doesnt build23:49
ogra_popey, well, there is 15.223:50
ogra_it should find it23:50
asacogra_: so you said we still dont have a build with the wifi fixed?23:50
popeyDownload directory set to /home/alan/Downloads/phablet-flash/ubuntu-touch/2013071423:50
asacogra_: and the reason is again that unity8 in ppa failed?23:50
asacafter we uploaded the wifi fix?23:50
popeythats me running phablet-flash -d mako23:50
asacor was the wifi fix the stuff that triggerted build failure?23:50
ogra_asac, Saviq and rsalveti were working on it ...  but the first attempt the compiler fell over for unknown reasons, the second attempt jenkins  had a java error23:51
ogra_dunno if they tried a third time yet23:51
asacso the fixed by unity8 mp?23:52
popey  Installed: 0.15+13.10.20130712-0ubuntu123:52
ogra_we wait for a 2013071523:53
ogra_ogra@nusakan:~$ ls -l /srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com/www/full/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/|grep pending23:53
ogra_lrwxrwxrwx 1 cdimage cdimage   10 Jul 15 17:44 pending -> 20130715.223:53
ogra_popey, ^^^23:53
ogra_must be phablet-flash23:54
popeydont understand why it's not grabbing pending23:54
sergiusensogra_: let me check23:54
* popey pokes sergiusens 23:54
sergiusensshould of been fixed23:54
ogra_ah, just a lazy popey then :)23:54
ogra_upgrade !23:54
popey00:52:08 < popey>   Installed: 0.15+13.10.20130712-0ubuntu123:54
sergiusenspopey: do you want pending or current? current works fine here23:55
ogra_(/me was kidding)23:55
ogra_sergiusens, pending23:55
asacogra_: so that kind of sucks, right?23:55
sergiusenspopey: Saving to: ‘/home/sergiusens/Downloads/phablet-flash/ubuntu-touch/20130715.2/saucy-preinstalled-touch-armhf.zip’23:55
ogra_and that used to work ...23:55
sergiusensstill works23:55
asace.g. that unity8 is always failing23:55
ogra_asac, well, i slowly get used to it :P23:55
asacthis ppa has like 26/223:55
asacfail/success ratio23:56
ogra_heh, yeah23:56
popeysergiusens: what command you running?23:56
sergiusensogra_: popey I'm guessing proxy23:56
asacit never works :/23:56
sergiusenspopey: phablet-flash -D -d maguro --pending23:56
asaci hope this ppa gest wiped and re-setup regularly :)23:56
sergiusensasac: the next ppa will most likely never dissappear23:56
sergiusensunless theres a big push for it23:57
ogra_sergiusens, well, it would help if things in it could actually build :)23:57
asacthat was my point23:57
sergiusenspopey: let me plug my device23:57
ogra_asac, honestly i think that were rather builder issues than PPA related23:58
sergiusenswhen we were opening up we had to use daily release for some reason23:58
sergiusensogra_: yeah, the builders are very sensitive23:58
ogra_it would have failed in daily too ...23:58
asacis daily release devirtualized?23:58
asacor why is that better?23:59
ogra_the compiler fell over first ... then jenkins had a java error23:59
* ogra_ doesnt know if it is virtualized or not ... but the erros are more in the infra. around than in the PPA itself23:59
asacogra_: i dont even see the build failure23:59

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