skellatMore about XMir: http://blog.cooperteam.net/2013/07/xmir-performance.html01:16
knomeuhoh, i probaly can't make the thursday meeting13:46
knomeprobably too13:47
elfyknome: neither will I be14:49
Unit193knome: You see my pingies?18:11
JCDQuestion: Ho can I tel which packages wont be supported in Xubuntu 12.04 LTS after April 2015 anymore? I there a query I could do in ashell?18:49
Unit193*Some* packages tell you with apt-cache show $packagename, but most won't.18:53
JCDSo how can one find out which wans require manual upgrades and may pose a thred to system security?19:00
JCDUmm... threat. Sry19:00
Unit193It'd just not be supported, at that point you should upgrade.19:01
JCD:-( But the base OS users Canonical repositories so I suggest you take your packages aout of the repos or something. Do you wanna let them sit there or what is the plan?19:02
Unit193It's the same repos, so things just don't get updated as it's the end of life for the application in that version.  It's still a bit off though.19:03
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades19:03
knomeUnit193, which ones?19:59
Unit193LP code/diff.20:02
knomeyeah, i looked at them20:03
knomeiirc i thought "ok"20:03
Unit193Good enough to merge request or want changes?  (Again, not sure on translations.)20:04
knomeyou know you could push to non-+junk?20:04
knomere: translations, i've no idea if that's done right either20:05
knomeif you looked for an example, i'd say going with that is fine20:05
knomeif it doesn't work, let's fix it,20:05
Unit193Then I have to come up with another name, xubuntu-default-settings/pooky may not be nice. :P   And, I generally put everything in +junk (or not on LP)20:05
knomeis a good name20:06
Unit193Soooo, you can't merge anything in junk?  What a load of it...20:12
Unit193knome: Should I add a reviewer? :P20:14
ochosiyeah, you can20:14
ochosie.g. mr_pouit 20:14
ochosi(he can merge things to xubuntu-default-settings, i can't)20:14
knomei suppose that's because the branches are ~xubuntu-dev/20:17
knomenot because you have stuff in +junk20:17
knomeand i think you need to upload to non-+junk to be able to do merge requests properly, but i might be wrong20:17
Unit193Done, but I'm scared of him. ;P20:18
Unit193https://code.launchpad.net/~unit193/xubuntu-default-settings/xubuntu-default-settings/+merge/174852 turns out you can move branches.20:18
knomewoot, i don't remember being able to do so20:18
knomegood for you/us20:18
knomeUnit193, approved that with type "xpl", so he knows he's ok to go ahead :P20:20
Unit193Heh, thanks.  Now I should find something else to break. :D20:20
ochosiUnit193: so with your first merge-request in Xubuntu that means you won't be allowed to "shut up" anymore ;)20:23
elfyI'll witness that20:24
knomeand this is a logged channel20:24
Unit193ochosi: Hrm, let me remove that merge request then...20:24
knomeUnit193, see, this was our plan from the beginning? 20:25
Unit193knome: Docs don't count as merges? ;)20:25
knomeUnit193, not in the same scale :P20:25
jjfrv8knome, speaking of merges, I have a question on the precise docs.20:26
knomejjfrv8, great!20:26
knomejjfrv8, if it's about your first one, it's pending on me investigating something related to that20:26
Unit193Now, the problem with this is that it's easy to remove software-properties-gtk, and the launcher will still exist...20:27
jjfrv8Yeah, that was it.20:27
jjfrv8So if I want to work on chapter 3, I should either revert my commit or pull another copy rev 56?20:27
jjfrv8* or rev 5620:27
knomejjfrv8, if you will, please keep the merge proposal as it is and get a new copy20:28
NoskcajAlso speaking f the docs, why do we only translate them to 4 languages?20:28
knomejjfrv8, that way i don't need to review the stuff on that one again20:29
knomeNoskcaj, because that's how many languages people are translating them into20:29
knomejjfrv8, you can delete your local copy if you wish, as long as you keep the launchpad one intact20:29
jjfrv8Ok.  What if I have to change the same entities again for chapter 3. Will that be a problem?20:30
knomeumm, in *that* case i would say it's better to do a new pull/merge proposal20:31
knomei suppose that will collectively keep our efforts at minimum20:31
jjfrv8Well a new pull won't have the entity changes I made for Chapter 2.20:31
knomei mean20:31
knomeyou can go ahead and cancel the merge proposal20:32
knomeand keep on working with the same branch20:32
jjfrv8Alright. I'll do that.20:32
knomeand just do a new merge proposal later20:32
knomei'll just re-review that, because otherwise i would have to do conflict resolving and use my brain :P20:33
jjfrv8Yeah, I have to conserve the brain power too.20:33
knomei'll try to get the answer for the other docs question as soon as possible so we can actually get on with the merges20:34
knometbe, the problem is that i don't know for certain how i should handle the changelog, if you're wondering20:34
jjfrv8I had a question on that too but I think I'll hold off on that for now20:34
knomejjfrv8, answer: add things you want to mention in the changelog in your commit messages20:35
knomejjfrv8, another answer: after that is done, run 'dch -a' before committing and pushin to update the changelog yourself20:36
jjfrv8Ok.  It was the dch thing that had me confused.  I'll just put it in the commit message, then.20:36
knomeyeah, that's what the question is...20:36
knomei don't know if our SRU version needs to be "13.10-really12.04" or "12.04"20:37
Unit193Version 11.10.0 (precise)  so it just needs to be higher than that.20:38
knomeUnit193, how certain you are?20:38
knomeUnit193, (we can always fix it later if you're pretty certain...)20:38
Unit193dpkg-wise pretty, Ubuntu-wise not as much.20:38
knomei'm also considering what would be the correct place to check20:39
knome#ubuntu-devel ?20:39
knomeif that's it, i can do it tonight...20:39
knomeor maybe micahg, mr_pouit or xnox could confirm20:40
pleia2GridCube: the only deviantart invite I have is expired22:49
pleia2GridCube: can you invite again?22:50
GridCubethe only one who hasnt responded yet its reklan, but we do have enough people now in the group to start working whenever you feel like it22:51
pleia2yeah, go for it22:53
pleia2don't wait for me :) I am useless with art and stuff22:53
ochosiGridCube: have you received any submissions yet or does "start working" mean start advertising it?22:54
pleia2ochosi: latter22:54
GridCubei recieved a few submissions yes, but i meant for the advertisement22:54
pleia2ah, we haven't even told anyone yet! :)22:55
GridCubeP: exactly22:55
ochosiah i see :)22:55
knomemagazine contributors: be in touch with me or pleia2 to get your free magazine delivered.23:22
pleia2I'm going to email all23:22
pleia2collect them and send to sonny23:22
knomei just sent simons address ;)23:23
pleia2Noskcaj told me a couple of times that he was sending in the form, not sure what happened23:26
pleia2your turn to nag :)23:26
knomecan't nag, he's not here.23:26
micahgknome: Unit193: new docs for 12.04?  can be 12.04.x or if it's a straight backport from 13.04, 13.04.X~ubuntu12.04.123:27
Unit193micahg: It's more of an updated 11.x23:27
knomemicahg, we don't even have 12.04...23:27
pleia2Unit193: no, backported of 12.1023:28
knomeno, backported from 13.100423:28
knomethe backspace key doesn't work23:28
pleia211.x docs are so ancient we never want to see them again :)23:28
knomebut no, it's not a straight backport23:28
Unit193pleia2: Ah, I thought it was updated stuff, alrighty.23:28
knomeUnit193, we want the new art goodies as well as the better written docs.23:29
GridCubeknome, you got the icon for showcase?23:30
knomeGridCube, i do but it's not at hand. please go ahead without it and i'll get it to you before friday23:31
GridCube:) no problem23:32
micahgI'd suggest for the docs prepare a new 12.04.x release, assuming there are major changes23:32
knomemicahg, there is no 12.04. there is 11.10 released in precise.23:32
knomemicahg, but re: packaging/changelog, would that release just go between the older and newer ones?23:33
micahgknome: ok, maybe I can chat more about this tomorrow23:33
micahgdon't worry about the version for now, we'll figure it out23:33
knomebut sure, we can call it say, 12.04.323:33
micahgare the docs ready otherwise?23:33
knomemicahg, would like to get started with the changelog because otherwise we need to track it manually23:33
knomemicahg, nope, they are being worked on.23:34
micahgknome: no, you can add changes, just don't worry about the version, just bump the .X at the end and mark it UNRELEASED and we'll figure out the final version before upload23:34
* micahg has to disappear again23:34
knomemicahg, umm, but that has a different set of changes than the saucy release23:35
knomemicahg, or do you mean create 12.04 and track changes under that? because that would make sense23:35
knomeokay, great23:36
knomei'll do that then23:36
knomethanks for confirming :)23:36
micahgI meant if you're staring with the version in precise, just bump the version23:36
knomeyeah, the version in precise is 11.10.. :D23:36
micahgso, start with 11.10.1 and we'll decide the final "version" before upload23:36
knomeoki oki ;)23:37
pleia2knome: so, this next month or so is kind of crazy for me work+travel-wise23:52
pleia2trying to prioritize tasks some, I want to get the stickers blog post out, and we'll be announcing GridCube's wallpaper thing23:53
pleia2also want to get xubuntu-website bugs triaged23:53
knomecan i help with those?23:53
pleia2so you started on this one https://bugs.launchpad.net/xubuntu-website/+bug/119188723:53
ubottuUbuntu bug 1191887 in Xubuntu Website "Xubuntu download page has misleading 32/64 bit information" [High,Confirmed]23:53
pleia2and I said "cannot do right now" do you remmeber where you left off?23:53
knomehmph, not really23:54
pleia2https://bugs.launchpad.net/xubuntu-website/+bug/1200467 should be easy23:54
ubottuUbuntu bug 1200467 in Xubuntu Website "Need to modernize language to remove reference to alternate installer" [High,Confirmed]23:54
pleia2and I think we just need to bug someone on list to fire up a VM and help us update the screenshots for https://bugs.launchpad.net/xubuntu-website/+bug/117089023:55
ubottuUbuntu bug 1170890 in Xubuntu Website "http://xubuntu.org/upgrading/ is four releases old" [Medium,Confirmed]23:55
knomethat looks like two separate issues23:55
pleia2yeah, they're all unrelated23:55
knomebut 12.04 still has alterante.23:55
knome*alternate too23:55
knomeso that's a future bug.23:56
knomeor future item more exactly23:56
knomere: memory requirements...23:56
knomei don't know.23:56
knomeis it important for somebody to know they can *try* xubunty with 256MB?23:57
knomeeg. if they're considering a new machine or so23:57
* pleia2 updates 120046723:57
knomeor have an extra one that's not doing anything and they want to try xubuntu before installing it on their main computer?23:57
knomeyes, i know it's really rare that anybody has less than 512.23:58
knomethe alternate-part also needs to be removed from the system requirements (says alternate only needs 2gb disk)23:58

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