w30tigrang, Cool! You "r" da man *smile*00:06
w30tigrang, Now show it to a Windows 8 user  so they know what they don't have.00:08
w30tigrang, hehheh00:08
tigrangOne more issue, sorry :P00:48
tigrangI have compositing enable and have checked shadows under panels, but I don't see any shadows00:48
tigrangnvm I read read dock windows as panel00:49
Doomticklehello everyone.  I'm an ultimate noob, and am having problems with nvidia drivers.  I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX750M card in my laptop.  Am I able to install the 319.32 drivers? I keep getting API mismatch errors when I try01:02
Doomticklethe only drivers that seem to work is 310 experimental01:03
Doomtickleor are there open source alternatives that I can use?01:03
w30Doomtickle, you can install the opensource nv driver but you won't like it. It won't take the stress of 3d graphics.01:06
Doomtickleok, thanks.  this has been driving me crazy for a day or so.  guess i'll just stick with 310 version.  it seems ok, i'm just getting horizontal tearing during video playback01:08
w30Doomtickle, My GeForce GT520 uses the 313 driver and nothing higher01:10
Doomtickleok, i'll try that one.  thank you!01:11
w30Doomtickle, try playing with the sync to VBlank settings in the /usr/bin/nvidia-settings app01:13
w30Doomtickle, or image settings high Quality etc.01:14
Doomticklew30, i have and still no luck. been trying to figure this out since yesterday.01:14
w30Doomtickle, nvidia-settings has a reset to default so you can undo what you play with01:16
Doomticklew30, great, thanks!01:17
_aidenwhen booting from the 32bit live cd on an asus eee pc, i get a grub prompt instead of the normal booting of the live cd. what could be the problem?03:33
[0gb_us]Since formatting my flash drive as ext4, I've been having file permission-related issues when using the drive on different user accounts. However, I need case sensitivity for some of my files. Is there a file system format that is case sensitive but lacks file ownership?04:03
pleia2[0gb_us]: is this a thumb drive?04:07
[0gb_us]Something similar, yes.04:07
pleia2it's more likely that it's just getting corrupted, permission problems are very common when that happens, and most thumb drives aren't really built for running an OS04:07
[0gb_us]It doesn't run the OS. It holds files for transfering to other computers.04:08
[0gb_us]The OS is on the hard drive.04:08
pleia2ah, probably want to do a filesystem check of the disk04:08
pleia2my guess is still corruption04:09
[0gb_us]The file system works perfectly, as long as it is accessed from the same user account that created the files.04:09
[0gb_us]Other accounts can't edit the files though.04:09
[0gb_us]And if you chech the owner of the file, it belongs to the account that created it.04:10
Unit193Same owner and all, would make sense I'd think.  You can check which ones have the needed (or don't have) on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_file_systems#Metadata though it may not be 100% right.  I don't know if F2FS does or not.04:10
Unit193(Still using normal fat here, compatibility and all that.)04:10
pleia2oh I see, I think you'll want to add write permissions to everyone (not just the owner)04:11
[0gb_us]I can't use FAT. FAT makes it impossible to transfer any directory where case sensitivity is vital.04:11
pleia2this can be done in thunar by changing the permissions on the files by the user that creating them04:11
[0gb_us]That requires changing the permissions EVERY time I add a file though, right?04:12
Unit193chmod +w too.  I was using that as a reason why I don't know much about different types on a flash drive. :P04:12
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Sysi[0gb_us]: ntfs?06:35
[0gb_us]NTFS has file ownership.06:35
Sysibut it can be mounted to be owned by current user, should work on usb stick06:35
[0gb_us]So the current user would own all the files, not just the root directory of the drive?06:36
Sysishould work so, I haven't used it but I know some people do06:37
SysiI'm using exfat on my external drive (because osx can't write to ntfs) but it requires PPA for fuse-exfat06:37
[0gb_us]Okay, I'll try that then.06:38
deckard_is it safe to remove Rhythmbox if i dont use it?07:27
ochosideckard_: certainly07:27
deckard_braserio and xfburn to?07:28
elfyyou can remove those - removing xfburn will remove xubuntu-desktop I expect - nothing to worry about though07:29
cidaHey guys... I'm having issues with my computer dropping me from the network. And it's only doing this to THIS laptop.08:03
[0gb_us]I had that issue with Debian. It might be a wireless card driver issue.08:04
cidaSo do you think I just need to go find another driver?08:07
cfhowlettcida, try reinstalling first08:09
cidaIf just had the 20 foot ethernet cord this wouldn't even bother me lol.08:10
cidacfhowlett, okay... But I honestly don't remember what driver I downloaded or where I got it.08:11
cfhowlettcida, you mean you did NOT use the default ubuntu driver?08:15
cidaIt hasn't always been doing this. I think it may be an issue with our newer router...but it seems to "pick on" my laptop the most where I'll drop for a minute or two, then I'll get back on. But every so often, the router just quits for fifteen minutes, and restarting it doesn't help. But we also got the router weeks ago and this issue has only started like a few days ago.08:15
cfhowlettcida, funky router is quite likely to give funky results ...08:16
cidaOH, and out of the box, the ubuntu driver didn't work. I had to install newer broadcom drivers08:17
cfhowlettcida, and we have a winner... broadcom!  that said, if properly installed the broadcom drivers seem to be pretty bulletproof.08:18
cfhowlettcida, does wifi work at other locations?  if yes, it's not the laptop, it's your router ...08:19
cidaLast I checked, it did. But we've had this router  a while, and it didn't do anything like this until a few days ago. So I'm not sure if it wouldn't constantly drop me if I were to, for example, go to my friend's house and get on their router.08:20
cfhowlettcida, EZ test: use a different router and see what happens.08:21
cfhowlettcida, routers DO fail and/or get configured wrong.08:21
cidaI really hope it's just the driver...because that doesn't cost money to replace.08:22
cidaI'll be right back.08:23
cfhowlettcida, takes only a few minutes to reinstall the bcm driver ...08:23
cidaOkay, I'm back. And can I get the link to the driver's list?08:26
cfhowlettcida, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx08:26
cfhowlettcida, for what it's worth, I used the STA no internet access method; 2 minutes in the terminal and had live wifi ... didn't even need a reboot08:27
cidacfhowlett, thanks. I'll probably be back tomorrow if the problem persists.08:28
cfhowlettcida, best of luk08:28
xubuntu571hello how to mount open a cd dvd in xubutu ??10:05
xubuntu571loda ghanta h koi ya maar gaye sb bahan chodo10:05
cfhowlettxubuntu571  errr, in english?  or what is your preferred language?10:07
xubuntu182hi! I have a problem for install Divine Divinity 3Cds a game. It uses the platform Wicrosoft windows. How can i install it on xubuntu?10:23
cfhowlettxubuntu048, wine perhaps10:23
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu10:23
xubuntu182I have used wine but it install only one cd and not the other two cds10:26
cfhowlettxubuntu182, see winehq for assistance.  as it's a MICROSOFT program, you should not expect it to run in linux natively 100% ... at least not without some help10:27
knomexubuntu182, have you looked in the wine appdb to check how well the game is supposed to work on wine, or if it needs some fixes or tweaks to get it installed?10:29
xubuntu182okok thank you very much to all for your answers10:30
cfhowlettxubuntu182, best of luck10:31
jactaHi all :) - Is there a default samba share gui in 12.04?11:11
bgardnerjacta: Yes?11:49
jactaHi all :) - Is there a default samba share gui in 12.04?11:52
jactaI want to share a folder on my network, cant find a good gui tool?11:52
bgardnerjacta: Looking, one moment.11:53
jactabgardner: thanks a bunch!11:53
bgardnerjacta: I don't have experience with it, but you might try system-config-samba11:56
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onrit seems my notification box is crashed12:31
onrit's at top left corner, with no style other than bg/fg color12:33
onrhave you seen this before? how to fix it?12:33
ToZonr, have you tried restarting xfce4-notifyd?12:36
onrToZ: it's in case for several weeks12:42
onrToZ: just tried reinstalling xfce4-notifyd, nothing changed12:42
ToZonr, is xfce4-notifyd running? "ps -ef | grep xfce4-notifyd"12:44
onrToZ: no..12:45
ToZonr, try restarting it. Are you running 32 or 64 bit?12:46
onrToZ: 64-bit. how to restart it?12:46
ToZonr, try: "/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/xfce4/notifyd/xfce4-notifyd &"12:47
onrToZ: it says another notify daemon is running, which is xndaemon12:53
ToZonr, do you recall ever installing xndaemon?12:55
onrToZ: nope12:58
onrbtw, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-notifyd/+bug/102463012:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1024630 in xfce4-notifyd (Ubuntu) "12.04 using xfce + lxdm, rapid login will lose xfce4-notifyd pid" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:58
ToZonr, are notify-osd or notification-daemon installed?13:00
ToZonr, what does "ps -ef | grep notif" say?13:01
onrToZ: nothing13:01
onrToZ: no they are not installed13:03
ToZonr, what does "ps -ef | grep notif" say? Does it identify another notification daemon?13:06
onrToZ: http://sprunge.us/EcIR13:09
ToZonr, did you try changing settings in "Settings Manager -> Notifications"?13:09
onrToZ: yes, also in xfce4-notifyd-config13:11
ToZonr, there must be another notification daemon running. dunst?13:19
onrToZ: dunst13:29
onrToZ: i have no idea where did it come from13:29
ToZonr, "ps -ef | grep dunst"13:30
ToZonr, if exists, "killall dunst"13:30
onrToZ: yup, purged it. now everything works fine13:31
ToZonr, cool13:31
onrToZ: thank you very much13:31
JCDHello! Your website says Xubuntu 12.04 will be supported three years per the Xubuntu LTS plan.16:07
JCDIs that correct?16:07
[0gb_us]So it has two years left.16:08
JCDWhy is it not until April 2017?16:08
elfybecasue that would be 5 years16:08
JCDI mean why is it different from Ubuntu?16:08
[0gb_us]I wondered that myself ....16:08
[0gb_us]It's the same packages ...16:08
SonikkuAmericaelfy: lol "becasue that would be 5 years"16:09
holstein[0gb_us]: the xubuntu specifics will be officially supported as per the xubuntu terms16:09
JCDYes most of them are the same. Guess it yould be great to see some statement yout the changes.16:09
elfyJCD [0gb_us] - just trying to find16:09
SonikkuAmerica[0gb_us]: Remember, no flavor is required to support its LTS (if it has one) for the same amount of time as another.16:09
JCDThats true but for me this would be great because some people and I want to use it for work.16:10
[0gb_us]Right. Lubuntu has no LTS version at all, proving that an LTS version isn't even required.16:10
SonikkuAmerica[0gb_us]: I think Lubuntu 14.04 will only last 3 years too16:10
[0gb_us]Lubuntu has no LTS>16:10
[0gb_us]OH! 14.04. My bad.16:10
SonikkuAmerica[0gb_us]: 14.04 will be Lubuntu's 1st LTS, as per the project lead. And Ubuntu GNOME won't have one, I understand.16:11
SonikkuAmericaAt least for the time being16:11
JCDAnyways upgrades cost time and may break environments, settings, etc. So I politely ask the Xubuntu team to extend the LTS to 5 years.16:11
[0gb_us]I see.16:11
holsteinJCD: you can always use ubuntu, and add xfce16:12
[0gb_us]Why not just upgrade every two years?16:12
[0gb_us]Yeah, or use Ubuntu/Xfce and extend that to four. Your system will be less up to date that way though.16:12
JCDToo late, holstein. I installed it already on 19 computers of postgraduates here in the lab.16:12
holsteinJCD: i would just think about what is being updated.. what "support" means16:13
holsteinJCD: it wouldnt bother me at all to be using lubuntu 12.04, or a xubntu version that is not "officially" supported, but the repos are hot and security updates are coming in for the kernel and the core16:13
JCDYes, I also came up with this question ("<JCD> Yes most of them are the same. Guess it yould be great to see some statement yout the changes.").16:14
JCDSo is there a list?16:14
holsteinJCD: where it will be an issue, potentially, is, you have an issue, and ask a question, or file a bug that is specific to xubuntu16:14
JCDHm... you mean aplication specific questions or bugs for backports. Yeah I did that when hardy went eol. May work out or may not, but it's an approach -- you're right.16:15
JCDBut basicly ho can I see with apt-cache, dpkg-query or something else whether a package in the repos is "unsupported"?16:16
JCDHow can I see whether Abiword or some Xubuntu specific application receives no updates anymore so that I can remove or upgrade them manually?16:17
holsteinJCD: no.. it will be more like this.. something specific happens to your xubuntu session.. you come here, and someone would say "its EOL"16:17
holsteinJCD: abiword, generally in the repos, for example, would be getting no verions updates anyway.. just security patches16:18
JCDHm... ok then the other way round is there a delta of "dpkg-query -l" of a fresh Xubuntu and a fresh Ubuntu (+depends optionaly)?16:18
holsteinJCD: not that im aware of.. if your quesiton is, "i want to know what is not supported", then, at the end of the official xubuntu support cylce, the xubuntu specific things will not be supported16:19
holsteinJCD: what does that mean? maybe you have an xfce bug that you havent noticed, or one that somehow a kernel upgrade introduces an issue.. maybe no one will address that16:20
holsteinJCD: that would be pretty unlikely, and i if i were you, i would either choose an OS that meets your needs, with an official 5 year support cylce, or just wait til you have an issue, which you likely wont16:21
[0gb_us]True. THis isn't WIndows, so issues are less likely.16:22
JCDI agree, holstein. Hoever in an organization or corporate environment things are a bit different. I'd like to know when an application does not receive continous bugfixes and support anymore.16:37
JCDIs there at least a list of packages that are Xubuntu specific? I mean how do the developers keep track on what softeware they have in their distribution?16:38
holsteinJCD: its documented.. no xubuntu specific bug fixes or support at the end of the support term.. the repos will be up, and the core packages will get support..16:38
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »16:38
holsteinJCD: ^^ you can do that if you prefer.16:39
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cr3how can I have a keyboard layout icon in the top menu or specify a key binding to alternate between the layouts?17:39
cr3note that I haven't tried to re-login nor reboot after adding a layout, so that might be the "problem"17:40
* holstein wonders if http://goodies.xfce.org/projects/panel-plugins/xfce4-xkb-plugin is still around for that cr3 17:40
cr3holstein: xfce4-xkb-plugin is already the newest version.17:41
holsteincr3: and you added it to the panel?17:42
cr3holstein: is there some magical incantation to enable it in the panel?17:42
holsteincr3: right click and add it to the panel17:42
cr3holstein: worked like a charm, thanks@!17:43
holsteincr3: cheers17:43
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XubuntuLiveUserHello, I just tried to reinstall Xubuntu 13.04 using the GRML Rescue System. After I did, it spit out the common error message that "you will have to manually reinstall some programs after rebooting," Ubiquity dies and the cursor changes to busy. After rebooting, I can't move the mouse using any method other than my Wacom tablet and the network config doesn't accept Wi-Fi (it does for Ethernet). Big rpoblem!18:03
xubuntu321_LeonCan anybody tell me how to manually edit xfce main menu items? I created a custom launcher using Settings-->Main Menu-->Create launcher, and now the entry doesn't appear in the app list, so I can't remove it.18:34
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xubuntu321_LeonFound it @.local/share/applications/alacarte-made-*.desktop18:52
hitsugaya97315who is french?19:23
boguis anyone here20:03
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.20:03
bogusmy bad20:04
bogui'm a real newbie20:04
knomebogu, no problem20:05
bogui'm trying to boot xubuntu on a virtual machine20:05
bogubut my processor doesn't seem to support pae and it's unable to boot20:05
boguis there any way to work around this20:05
knomethe virtual machine processor?20:07
bogui'm not sure20:07
knomethere is no non-pae support after 12.0420:08
knomeso you might want to go with that20:08
knomeyou are able to upgrade with non-pae kernels when starting with that release to certain extent20:08
boguoh man, i seemed to not have been checked "Enable PAE" under the settings of my VM20:09
bogunevermind, I think it should be okay now20:09
knomei was thinking there's an option for that as well20:10
knomegood luck/enjoy!20:10
boguthanks man20:15
WeberEIncHello - looking for suggestions on how to try to troubleshoot Xubuntu simply freezing up and intermittent times... I have loaded 13.04 on an old eMachine that has 1.5 GB memory, an AMD Sempron CPU, and an integrated S3 Unichrome video adapter.20:54
WeberEIncAnyone have a suggestion for a graphics card that will definitely work with Xubuntu?21:05
Poisoned_Dragonanything not VIA S321:09
Poisoned_DragonIf intel made a card, that would still be better. lol21:09
holsteinyeah, intel is the way to go, but the user will never know :/21:09
Sysinew amd ones might require some effort and nvidia might too, old intels have problems with newer kernels21:10
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user76547When installing xubuntu, if i choose to make different partitions for /tmp /home etc... Does xubuntu installer sets good settings to thease partitions or i need to configure thease later...23:01
GridCubewhat do you mean by "good settings"?23:02
user76547sorry, text cutted23:02
user76547when i installing xubuntu, i can choose which partitioning scheme to use...23:02
user76547so if i choose using /tmp /home etc.. in separate partitions23:03
user76547does installer make all work, or i need to configure them latter23:03
user76547i mean permisions and so on...23:03
GridCubeyes... ofcourse it makes all work23:04
GridCubewhy wouldnt it...23:04
user76547then good :)23:05
user76547but why then using whole partion for all these folders is for "new users". If installer does all work, then user dont need to worry anyway...23:06
user76547its something different using system ?23:06
knomemost users have no need for a separate /tmp.23:07
GridCubeyou dont actually need them to be in any other partition, thats just for people who needs it23:08
GridCubeif you feel you need that then you are perfectly free to do so23:08
user76547i read that this improve security...23:09
David-Auser76547: where do you read that?23:10
GridCubenever heard of that, but again, if you feel like it will make you safer please do use a different partition.23:10
user76547maybe i missunderstood something, i read in OpenBSD book, that they use "per-partition security and privileges" ...23:15
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user76547ok, anyway, going to install system :023:16

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