mlischkeHi, I have a bzr repository on a server without working tree and when I run "bzr status" (or "bzr merge.." what is my original intent) I get the error "bzr: ERROR: No WorkingTree exists for..".07:51
mlischkeShouldn't that work also for tree-less branches?07:51
lifelessstatus reports on the tree status07:52
lifelessit has no meaning for tree-less branches07:52
lifelessbzr info will work07:52
mlischkehmm, forget bzr status then, it was just a test, actually I want to merge another branch into this one07:53
mlischke(bzr info works as expected)07:53
lifelesswell you'll need a tree :)07:53
mlischkesounds a bit … weird, I can create a branch without working tree, shoudn't I be able to merge from the parent tree to the copy also without a tree?07:58
lifelessno, because merge's job is to prepare an updated tree.07:59
lifelesswhen you commit the merge you can push the commit to a treeless branch07:59
mlischkeOk, so what can I do to to make the copy take all changes from another branch? Create a tree in the copy, merge, remove tree?08:02
lifelessmlischke: either do the merge elsewhere and push the result of the merge to the branch, or checkout the branch and do the merge in the checkout.08:04
mlischkehmm, actually, this was my first approach, I have a checkout of both branches, but that gives me a criss-cross08:05
lifelessmlischke: for instance; if you want to do this directly on the server; bzr checkout --lightweight $(branchpath) /tmp/foo; cd /tmp/foo; bzr merge $(otherbranch); bzr commit -m "Merged otherbranch";cd ..; rm -rf foo.08:05
mlischkeok, let me try this on the server...08:06
mlischkePreviously I only tried locally08:06
lifelessmlischke: criss-cross merges are a result of having an ambiguous history, not of the trees08:06
lifelessyou'll get that everywhere until it's resolved.08:07
mlischkehmm, so it wouldn't help to merge on the server?08:07
mlischkeI always have to resolve criss-cross issues?08:07
mlischkeMy hope was it would be simpler to solve when doing it on the server, but if that wouldn't help I can as well go through the hassle and clean it up locally08:08
mlischkelifeless: thanks, I see the same criss-cross merge problem on the server...08:14
lifelessmlischke: http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/bzr.dev/en/user-reference/criss-cross-help.html08:14
mlischkeyes, thanks, have read this already08:15
mlischkeand use weave, but got +50 conflicts, so I was looking for an easier approach08:15
lifelessso yes, you will see it everywhere until its been resolved (by merging into one or the other side)08:15
mlischkeseems I have to bite the bullet08:15
lifelesssorry yeah08:15
lifelessthis tends to happen if you merge branch A to branch B and B to A without picking up the prior merge of A to B08:16
mlischkeIt was a chain like this: A -> B, A -> C, now C -> B (as preparation for a later merge back to C)08:17
lifelessthat can do it08:18
lifelessone way you might be able to fix it08:18
mlischkeC -> B is rather C merge to B, not a branch08:18
lifelessmerge C->B with -r - and choose the revision of C right before the merge of A->C08:18
lifelesscommit that08:18
lifelessthen merge C->B without -r08:19
mlischkethanks, will try that08:21
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icebrainHi! I'm thinking of setting up a readonly bzr server. Is it safe to give access using bzr_ssh_path_limiter?11:34
icebrainsafe enough to, say, publish the access information publicly?11:35
mgzshould be, you can just expose over http, which is reasonable performance for smaller repos12:25
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wedgwoodanyone know of good examples of how to do the bzrlib equivalents of status (minimally checking for changes), revert, and clean-tree?17:03
beunowedgwood, I can help after lunch17:11
wedgwoodbeuno: much appreciated17:11
wedgwoodI was just about to grab the bazaar source, but I'm nearly certain there's a more concise way17:12
beunowedgwood, have you seen this?  http://wiki.bazaar.canonical.com/Integrating_with_Bazaar17:12
beunoit won't have exactly what you're looking for, but it may tp you in the right direction17:12
beunoIIRC, what you want to operate on is the working tree17:12
wedgwoodno, I hadn't seen that. It does cover the status/diff bits. I'll see if I can find the rest.17:14
* beuno goes eat17:14
wedgwoodI see WorkingTree.revert (undocumented). Looks promising.17:15
wedgwoodbeuno: I found everything I need. thanks for the pointer18:01
beunowedgwood, w00t, np18:19
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