rick_hmorning huwshimi 01:29
hatchhi all01:31
hatchlong time no see01:31
hatchda da da da da dun afro circus 01:37
huwshimirick_h: Hey01:39
rick_hhaving fun huwshimi ?01:40
huwshimirick_h: Doing IE stuff... so... fun?01:41
rick_hsorry :(01:41
hatchthe whole app doesn't look as nice in IE01:43
hatchit's just something about how it renders01:43
rick_harosales: heh, trying to keep up with you guys. 01:44
rick_hhuwshimi: if you get a sec, what do you think of https://codereview.appspot.com/11406043 to help with the config reading. Small font weight change. 01:51
hatchhey bcsaller 02:26
hatchI submitted that branch after some minor cleanup02:27
bcsallerahh, nice 02:27
hatchbut I I took a couple stabs at the test fix but didn't get that enter() being called02:27
bcsallerahh, maybe I can look at it, I might go try to find some food though, I spent the whole time going to/from fam and then visiting with them and didn't get dinner02:28
hatchahh jeesh yeah go get some grub02:29
hatchwe can work on it in the a,02:29
hatchI can't seem to send any emails :/02:30
bcsallerif anything is still open I can eat at, going to go check02:30
hatchgreat, fixed email02:32
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huwshimirick_h: I imagine it would be quite a nice change, but I'm afraid I don't think I really have any authority over what it should look like :)03:07
arosalesapologies for the dup bug 1202002 (1202002 is the original)04:36
_mup_Bug #1202002: Charm Browser Hooks tab parsing all charm content, not just hooks <juju-gui:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1202002>04:36
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sinzuirick_h, https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/authors-charm-store.html12:58
rick_hsinzui: https://code.launchpad.net/~rharding/charmworld/revno-related-api-1202030/+merge/175272 please12:58
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rick_hgary_poster: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/precise-ec2-charm-glance/lastBuild/api/json13:05
Makyohatch, lp:~makyo/juju-gui/unit-view13:16
gary_posterantdillon, hey.  ping me when you want to call.13:41
gary_posterfrankban, teknico hey.  same for you. :-)13:41
antdillongary_poster, Ready now, g+?13:41
gary_posterantdillon, cool.  http://tinyurl.com/guichat13:41
Makyorick_h, https://codereview.appspot.com/1142204413:45
jcsackettjujugui: can i get two reviews on https://codereview.appspot.com/1144304313:54
rick_hluca: in the wireframes for the charm details off the inspector the summary tab is gone. Is that correct? That's missing the summary/description/changelog data on the summary tab currently.14:06
lucarick_h: we can put any tabs in that, I don't mind. I think there was some request at some point to remove summary. gary_poster maybe has a better understanding of what content should live in that pull out.14:20
rick_hluca: do you have time for a quick call?14:21
lucarick_h: yeah, give me a sec14:21
rick_hWe've got a question on some data we're losing from the browser version and we want to give it a home14:21
rick_hluca: nvm, we're happy now after gary_poster talked to us14:22
lucarick_h: right hehe14:22
lucarick_h: if you have any questions you can shoot me an email or anything, I don't mind. Gary's been kept up to date with almost everything I'm doing too :)14:23
antdillonHi guys, is the best place so editing inspector styles /lib/views/stylesheet.less?14:23
antdillonto edit*14:24
hatchthere is a juju-inspector.less file14:25
hatchalso if you type 'juju gui' (without the space) it will ding everyone in the channel :)14:26
hatch^ antdillon 14:26
antdillonhatch, Awesome thank you14:26
hatchno problems14:28
rick_hhelloDudeHowAre 14:31
jcsackettrick_h: damn you!14:32
* rick_h is a trouble maker of the first order!14:32
rick_hI'm afraid to say nothing!!!!!14:32
rick_hyet I have nothing to say14:32
rick_hhatch: wants to know what I think...he really does14:32
bacding hatch14:32
rick_hhatch punch14:33
rick_hding hatch hatch 14:33
rick_hhatch: I love trains14:41
jcsacketthe's not going to survive the week.14:42
rick_hno...no he's not14:42
rick_hthen again it might make a good excuse to bite the bullet and buy a new laptop14:42
hatchjujugui ping for awesome train sounds14:42
teknicowhy is everyone pinging jujugui? ;-)14:43
jcsackettteknico: jeff didn't have alerts set up on his irc client. he has fixed it and wanted it tested.14:43
jcsackettteknico: he has also selected a truly annoying sound for it. :-P14:44
bacteknico: if you're annoyed, it is ten times worse here in person.14:44
gary_posterunless you *really* like steam trains14:44
teknicojcsackett: annoying for whom? ;-)14:44
teknicooh, for all of you, I see :-)14:44
gary_postereveryone who is not Jeff :-)14:44
teknicothen... jujugui! :-D14:45
gary_posterhey luca, per logout/alert note: (1) thank you.  (2) I suspect this happened as a side effect of Huw fixing some of Jamie's feedback. (3) The alerts have been visible at 0 all along.  For now, it is convenient for introducing/documenting the GUI because you can show people where notifications are.  We've taken advantage of this in a video for marketing/sales. (4) I don't think I have time to address the alert tweaks for OSCON.  i14:47
gary_posters this a showstopper for you?14:47
rick_hjujugui reviews please, ignore hte updated json for the related data. It's due to the changes to the api upstream. https://codereview.appspot.com/11447043/14:51
rick_hthis is blocked on a deploy on the charmworld side still though, you can QA against staging.jujucharms.com if desired14:51
lucagary_poster: Thats fine, it's not a show stopper :)14:52
lucagary_poster: just wanted to note it14:52
gary_postercool, luca, thank you.  I will file and pass to Huw.  also, can we not have the web call this week?  my only topic is that we still want antdillon to reply to huwshimi's email about sass mixins...and then I need to work on prepping the release14:53
lucagary_poster: however, the copy for the on-boarding graphic on the canvas and the message at the top of browse needs to be tweaked. I'm sitting down with the copywriter to get it changed right now and will send it over to you, it would be really good if it can be changed before tomorrow launch.14:53
lucagary_poster: I mentioned to the guys here that it was cancelled because your sprinting, I'll remove it from the calendar14:53
gary_posterluca meeting canceled: cool thank you.  on-boarding graphic copy: ok if you get it to me be your EoD (within two hours) that will work14:54
lucagary_poster: brilliant, David the copywriter is working on it now.15:06
gary_postercool thank you15:06
antdillongary_poster, Sorry, were happy to have the sass separated. I'll send a reply today15:07
gary_postercool thanks antdillon :-)15:07
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jcsackettjujugui: can i get one more review on https://codereview.appspot.com/11443043/ ?16:13
rick_hjujugui review request please kthx https://codereview.appspot.com/11447043/16:20
frankbangary_poster: we are refining the gui server, we hope to be able to propose it later or tomorrow morning at the latest. 16:21
gary_posterfrankban, awesome :-)16:21
teknicogary_poster: and it includes both tests and setup.py :-)16:22
gary_posterteknico, more awesome.16:22
teknicooh, and docs :-)16:22
gary_posterteknico, and docs? ;-)16:22
gary_posteryeah ok :-)16:22
antdillongary_poster, Hi, have some style updates for the inspector which is ready to upload before I head off. Its not complete but do you think its worth merging?16:26
gary_posterantdillon, if it doesn't make it worse then +1 :-)16:26
gary_posterluca, ping?16:28
gary_posterboo hoo not here16:28
rick_hgary_poster:  rm build-shared/juju-ui/templates.js && make build-shared/juju-ui/templates.js16:31
antdillongary_poster, My branch is lp:~ya-bo-ng/juju-gui/inspector-styling16:32
lucagary_poster: Hey16:32
antdillongary_poster, Luca has asked if you could email him, he has to shot off16:34
gary_posterantdillon, np, all handled thank you :-)16:35
antdillongary_poster, Awesome thanks16:35
gary_posterjujugui inspector people let's land lp:~ya-bo-ng/juju-gui/inspector-styling16:36
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benjisinzui: we're ready for you to review our rename branch: https://code.launchpad.net/~benji/charmworld/bundles-to-piles-rename/+merge/17535217:54
hatchrick_h, https://codereview.appspot.com/11444044/17:55
gary_posterjujugui, rick_h two reviews please?  https://codereview.appspot.com/11462043  (about to review rick_h's branch :-) )18:40
Makyorick_h, lp:~makyo/juju-gui/charm-details-inspector18:53
jcsackettjujugui: need two reviews on https://codereview.appspot.com/11469043. revert's ant's css changes, since they break charm panel right now.19:33
bacjcsackett: ok19:33
bacjcsackett: you're just reverting the version, right?19:36
jcsackettbac: yeah.19:36
Makyojujugui https://codereview.appspot.com/11465044/ Quick two reviews, fixes inspector switching viewlets.19:36
bacjcsackett: done19:37
jcastrosinzui: hey let's line up for queue/audit charm stuff post-OSCON19:37
jcastrothere's a bunch of review items we need to pile into the queue19:38
bacjcsackett: i reviewed but i'm not sure the message is showing up.  do you see it?19:38
gary_posterjcsackett, https://codereview.appspot.com/1147304320:01
gary_posterjuju-gui one more review please? ^^^20:01
jcsackettbac: the message was received.20:01
hatchjuju-gui lf a review https://codereview.appspot.com/11474043/ 20:13
abentleysinzui: Could you please review https://code.launchpad.net/~benji/charmworld/support-bundles-1/+merge/17540120:52
gary_posterjujugui try this http://ec2-54-226-168-208.compute-1.amazonaws.com/21:49
gary_poster http://ec2-54-226-168-208.compute-1.amazonaws.com/21:50
arosalesrick_h, added a comment to 120230622:19
arosalesbug 120230622:19
_mup_Bug #1202306: We need an "all" category <juju-gui:Incomplete> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1202306>22:19
* arosales hope that helps clearify the use case.22:20
benjigood morning huwshimi 22:59
huwshimibenji: Hey :)22:59
ahasenackvery nice new gui23:03

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