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herophuong_I need some help on using juju on local machine06:45
herophuong_I've followed the get started page on juju.ubuntu.com06:45
herophuong_but the agent-state of mysql/wordpress keeps on 'pending'06:46
herophuong_when I manually start the container06:46
herophuong_it says 'Permission denied - Failed to make / rslave'06:46
herophuong_what should I do now?06:47
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bloodearnestheya, using pyjuju and lxc, is there anyway to disable using apt-cacher-ng?09:52
bloodearnestis the incoming lxc support for gojuju using it too?09:52
bloodearnestFWIW, adding "Acquire::HTTP::Proxy::private-ppa.launchpad.net "DIRECT";' into /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/97disable-proxy-ppa did what I needed10:36
marcoceppibloodearnest: I don't think it will, the LXC support is being re-written (and re-architected) but I can't say for sure either way12:23
bloodearnestmarcoceppi, ok thanks. Looking forward to trying it out12:25
marcoceppibloodearnest: it's been a long wait, but I hear it's landing really soon12:25
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marcoceppiIs there anything I need to do in order to get websockets to work in juju-core?14:06
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stokachuusing the apache2 charm how would i install files to that instance after deployment?14:25
marcoceppistokachu: if there isn't a configuration option for like a files repo, then juju scp would be your next bet14:31
stokachumarcoceppi: ok thanks ill look at that14:32
noodles775Any charmhelpers reviewers able to look at these two MPs?14:32
jcastroevilnickveitch: both local and azure are landing in 1.11.314:36
jcastrowe should probably sync with thumper or mramm as far as updating the docs, etc.14:36
mrammwell azure is sort of not really there yet14:37
mrammI think14:37
evilnickveitchjcastro, yeah, I saw that. I will have to go back and put in all those references to LXC i took out :)14:37
jcastrooh, I saw it in the release notes draft14:37
evilnickveitchit is in the release notes14:37
mrammit will bootstrap14:37
jcastrooh, we should be explicit about that then14:37
mrammbut it will not deploy services or something like that14:37
evilnickveitchokay, we should mention it as experimental14:38
mrammI will check in and make sure the notes get updated14:38
jcastroI mean we could just mark it tech preview or something14:39
jcastroevilnickveitch: can you mail cheney and try to coordinate landing the docs at about the same day he releases? We should do a nice announcement, etc.14:42
evilnickveitchjcastro, ack#14:42
marcoceppimramm: what's the version schema, shouldn't a new provider bump to 1.12.0 ?14:43
mrammx.odd are development releases14:44
mrammx.even are stable releases14:44
mrammmajor version upgrades have some some sort of backwards incompatibility in API14:45
marcoceppimramm: awesome, thanks!14:46
ehghi guys, what should happen when i assign an elastic IP to an ec2 instance? should goju pick it up?14:57
marcoceppiehg: unit-get public-address will work, but it might not properly appear in the status output, I believe the public address is cached in that output14:59
marcoceppibasically, everything will work. Only juju status might not reflect the change14:59
ehgmarcoceppi: ah ok. i'm asking because we rebooted an instance and it lost its elastic ip, just wondering if that's juju doing it, or something we're doing wrong15:02
marcoceppiehg: no, that's actually something that EC2 does15:02
ehgah - thanks :)15:02
* ehg <-- ec2 n00b15:03
ehgis there any way to clear the juju cache?15:03
marcoceppiehg: what do you mean by juju cache?15:03
marcoceppiFor the juju status output?15:03
ehgand juju ssh15:03
marcoceppiAh, I believe if you just use juju ssh <machine-number> instead of the service/unit denomination it'll use the correct address15:04
marcoceppiOtherwise, not that I know of15:04
ehgi seem to remember juju picking up the elastic public address, i can't remember what i did to get it to do that, maybe restarting some jujud15:05
marcoceppiehg: it's possible, I've not really bothered too much with that though. I know the machines output will have the correct address, just the unit's public-address isn't updated (this was also several versions of juju ago that I came across it, haven't dug much in to it since)15:06
ehgmarcoceppi: fair enough. i'll search for/open a bug - thanks :)15:07
jcastrohey evilnickveitch15:28
jcastroany thoughts on the developer.u.c resyndication?15:28
jcastrofor the docs etc?15:28
evilnickveitchjcastro, tbh i haven't looked at it yet, busy rewriting the author docs15:30
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jcastrocharmers sync up on G+ in 10 minutes!15:49
jcastroI'll be updating ubuntuonair.com too for people who want to follow along15:49
paveljcastro, hello, can you give me a link?15:50
jcastroI am firing it up now15:50
jcastroI'll paste it in here in a minute15:50
paveljcastro, ok thanks15:51
arosalesjcastro, any way developer.u.c can just pull from the docs bzr branch?15:52
jcastroyeah probably15:52
jcastroI think I might just selectively pull15:52
arosalesthat we it is just happens with out us having to maintain another location.15:52
jcastrodon't worry, I'll make sure we don't do that15:53
jcastroanything I figure out will be based on one canonical location of the docs15:53
arosalesjcastro, much appreciated15:53
jcastro 15:54
arosalesevilnickveitch, fyi for Azure it probably won't need any changes to the docs yet. I"ll confirm with the red squad, but I don't think it is ready for the docs just yet.15:54
jcastrofor anyone wanting to participate today ^^^^15:54
jcastroin about 5 minutes15:54
jcastroeveryone else if you just want to listen  in on the charm meeting you'll just go to ubuntuonair.com15:55
kirklandfyi, 404: https://juju.ubuntu.com/Interfaces/mount16:31
kirklandI'm trying to use nfs and the mount interface16:32
kirklandthere's a number of pages that link to that address16:32
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bbcmicrocomputermarcoceppi: thanks for reviewing the liferay charm :)17:05
marcoceppibbcmicrocomputer: no problem!17:05
jcastroevilnickveitch: where do people file bugs on the maas docs?17:07
evilnickveitchjcastro, the MAAS docs are included in the source, so they just file them on the project page17:08
evilnickveitchjcastro, why? do you have a bug?17:10
jcastrosomeone pinged me17:10
jcastroHe's filing a bug17:10
_mup_Bug #1202314: discrepancy between docs and behavior <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1202314>17:17
jcastroevilnickveitch: ^17:18
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jcastro\o/ and they're using Juju!17:54
marcoceppijcastro: Awesome!17:56
arosalesgo ScraperWiki !18:22
arosalesjcastro, thanks for the link18:22
* marcoceppi compiles latest juju, looks forward to local!18:25
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stokachumarcoceppi: local w/lxc?18:34
marcoceppistokachu: local lxc and juju-core!18:40
stokachumarcoceppi: nice! let us know how it goes i may try it out18:41
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jcastromarcoceppi: LXC report please!18:59
jcastroalso, liferay18:59
jcastrohey marcoceppi19:22
marcoceppijcastro: yo19:22
jcastrokirkland wants to do shared NFS storage like we do for wordpress for his charm19:22
kirklandmarcoceppi: howdy19:22
marcoceppikirkland: o/19:23
kirklandmarcoceppi: yeah, I need a basic charm, that uses NFS, for read/write shared filesystem storage across all units19:23
marcoceppikirkland: WordPress implements the "mount" interface http://jujucharms.com/interfaces/mount which is provided by the nfs charm (and a few others not in the store yet)19:24
marcoceppikirkland: did you just need an example, or did you have a question in particular?19:24
kirklandmarcoceppi: I'd like a charm to clone, as a template19:25
kirklandmarcoceppi: and then modify to my needs19:25
kirklandmarcoceppi: how do I branch the wordpress charm?19:25
marcoceppikirkland: if you have charm-tools installed you can use `charm get wordpress` otherwise you can use bazaar with `bzr branch lp:charms/wordpress`19:26
marcoceppiThe WordPress charm is mildly confusing in it's setup. It's the result of pushing bash to it's limits as a language19:26
kirklandmarcoceppi: is there a simpler charm that uses nfs for me to start from, then?19:28
marcoceppiOwnCloud might be a better example of a more wholistic view on how to handle the mount interface http://jujucharms.com/charms/precise/owncloud though it doesn't do a very good job of data preservation (ie, if the mount relation is broken there's really no data recovery and the mount point isnt removed)19:28
marcoceppikirkland: owncloud is the only other charm that's actually in the store that uses the mount interface, so it's your next bet19:29
jcastronfs shared storage seems like something we would do as a "cookbook snippet" kind of thing for charm authors19:30
melmothactually, there are others http://jujucharms.com/interfaces/mount19:30
marcoceppimelmoth: those aren't actually reviewed though, so not "officially" in the charm store19:31
marcoceppiDefinitely exist as examples, but take them as you would a grain of salt19:32
kirklandjcastro: yeah, I would think nfs and mysql should be the two brain dead simple integration points19:35
jcastrothere's ceph in there too if you want to totally use a naval cannon on a nail.19:36
AskUbuntuIs it possible to use Juju without having sudo access on local machine? | http://askubuntu.com/q/32125219:38
jcastroheh, timely question19:39
marcoceppijcastro: got juju-core compiled, about to give local access a go19:39
jcastromarcoceppi: save your history so we can use that as the docs for local19:40
marcoceppijcastro: ack19:40
jcastromarcoceppi: toss it in an etherpad when you're done, I'd like to try it too19:42
marcoceppijcastro et all, here's the compile instructions: http://pad.ubuntu.com/rzudQRvsmw19:43
jcastroon it now!19:47
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marcoceppijcastro: havent' gotten it to work for me yet19:53
marcoceppibut those are the compile instructions19:53
jcastroI am still downloading19:53
kirklandmarcoceppi: okay, I've written my charm;  it's in a directory locally;  what's the current syntax for deploying from my local directory?20:06
kirklanderror: Environments configuration error: /home/kirkland/.juju/environments.yaml: environments.openstack.default-image-id: required value not found20:06
kirklandmeanwhile, juju also told me that that was deprecated20:07
marcoceppikirkland: what version of juju are you using, what provider are you using?20:07
marcoceppi`juju version` (or `juju --version`)20:07
kirklandmarcoceppi: ii  juju-core                                 1.11.2-3~1414~raring1                amd64        Juju is devops distilled20:07
kirklandkirkland@x230:~/src/charms$ which juju20:08
kirklandkirkland@x230:~/src/charms$ what-provides juju20:08
kirklandjuju-core: /usr/bin/juju20:08
kirklandkirkland@x230:~/src/charms$ juju --version20:08
kirklandjuju 0.720:08
marcoceppikirkland: that explains that20:08
marcoceppiand jcastro says update-alternatives aren't important20:08
kirklandmarcoceppi: shouldn't those two conflict?20:08
roaksoaxi think jamespage is handling the packaging20:09
kirklandjamespage: !20:09
kirklandmarcoceppi: okay, I'm purging juju and juju-0.720:10
marcoceppikirkland: no, you'll want to do this: `sudo update-alternatives --config juju`20:10
marcoceppijust select the proper juju version, 0.7 and 1.X can live side by side20:11
kirklandmarcoceppi: shouldn't I be able to just purge it?20:11
marcoceppikirkland: technically, maybe. I'm not sure how the packaing works entirely20:11
kirklandkirkland@x230:~/src/charms$ sudo update-alternatives --config juju20:11
kirklandupdate-alternatives: error: no alternatives for juju20:11
marcoceppikirkland: heh20:11
kirklandmarcoceppi: I'm reinstalling20:11
roaksoaxpurging it should work20:11
marcoceppikirkland: ack20:11
kirklandokay, I'm going now20:11
marcoceppiupdate-alternatives worked at one point20:11
kirklandmarcoceppi: okay -- now, I'm ready to deploy my charm from my local directory20:13
kirklandmarcoceppi: and i'm on: kirkland@x230:~/src/charms$ juju version20:14
marcoceppikirkland: can you just give me the output of pwd from inside your charm's source directory?20:14
kirklandmarcoceppi: /home/kirkland/src/charms/john20:14
marcoceppikirkland: so, if your charm is named "john", you'll need to add a series directory between charms and john, /home/kirkland/src/charms/precise/john20:15
marcoceppias this'll be a local repository now20:15
marcoceppiaftera a successful bootstrap, you'll need to run the following:20:16
kirklandmarcoceppi: k20:16
marcoceppi`juju deploy --repository /home/kirkland/src/charms local:john` which will default to the LTS series (precise) and look for the john charm in the "local" repository defined as /home/kirkland/src/charms20:17
marcoceppijcastro: there's a patch needed to get bootstrap working20:18
* marcoceppi ducks20:18
kirklandmarcoceppi: okay, good, deployed20:24
kirklandmarcoceppi: and I deployed nfs20:24
kirklandmarcoceppi: now I need to add the relation?20:24
marcoceppikirkland: now you should just need to `juju add-relation nfs john`20:24
marcoceppiYou can inspect the deployments by shelling directly in to them with juju ssh john/0 or juju ssh nfs/0 (<service>/<unit num>)20:25
marcoceppithere's a log in /var/log/juju/unit*.log that shows you the hook output if you need to debug things20:25
kirklandmarcoceppi: okay, nice, I have john and nfs up, related, and john has mounted the nfs volume20:27
marcoceppikirkland: nice!20:27
marcoceppikirkland: what you can do now is `juju add-unit john` you'll get another john unit (john/1) and when it spins up it'll be mounted to the same NFS point20:28
kirklandmarcoceppi: right20:28
marcoceppieach subsequent unit will get the same relation stuff, etc20:28
kirklandmarcoceppi: that's the idea ;-)20:28
marcoceppikirkland: sweet, let us know if you have any other questions!20:28
marcoceppijcastro: http://i.imgur.com/RfhvxBv.png20:41
thumperjcastro: morning20:56
thumperjcastro: there are a few rough edges with the local provider20:56
jcastrothumper: wanna hop on G+ and sync up?20:56
thumperjcastro: in particular addressing, but also the containers don't restart with the machine yet20:57
thumperjcastro: you start one?20:57
jcastroyeah one sec20:57
jcastromarcoceppi: ^^^20:58
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