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Roeyhey all01:08
Roeywhat's this weird issue with Fx 22.0 removing 2 tabs at once when I hit ctrl-w ???01:08
Roeyand why is this behavior apparent only on my laptop and not on my desktop?01:08
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FuzaiHi i'm new to kde, but been around linux forever.  I just installed ms office into wine and everything is working good, but how do change the defaults in dolphins create new ( right click ) from open office to the ms office equivlants ?02:05
SonikkuAmericaFuzai: You'd have to set the default application to "wine /path/to/MS/whichever/program/it/is.exe"02:08
FuzaiI looked into default applications and didn't see it, is that a specifc thing in dolphin somewhere?02:09
SonikkuAmericaFuzai: This should give you a general idea of how to do it using the terminal: http://askubuntu.com/questions/115795/can-microsoft-office-programs-be-opened-by-default-instead-of-libre-office02:12
FuzaiThank you02:12
FuzaiI :)02:12
Fuzaitypo, crappy keyboard :)02:14
SonikkuAmericaOh. lol02:14
SonikkuAmericaEnjoy KDE, by the way - it's stylish and attractive.02:15
FuzaiHonestly, i've been using Xfce alot because I can't handle unity and gnome anymore.  I put kubuntu on my grandmothers pc because it seemed like the closest thing to what shes familiar with02:18
FuzaiI really like what kde is looking like these days and just started migrating my main desktop to it last night02:18
FuzaiVery fluid02:19
FuzaiQuassel is alot better then xchat, and k3b has been kicking butt for me for a while02:20
FuzaiI hate to sound like such a newb, but I'm really not getting this.  I'm trying to modify the create new right click context menu in dolphin ( kubuntu 13.04 ), could someone point me to the exact file I need to edit, I can probably get it from there03:01
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BuddyLuvveHey... I've got a little problem... I've got a little Dell system with onboard video hooked up to an Acer 27 inch touch screen -- everything works fine with normal kubuntu, but when I try to use kubuntu-active, my video looks like this: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/64170531/IMG_20130711_182416.jpg -- Plymouth, the plasma active splash screen, and the unlock dialog display correctly, but I can't figure out how to make05:30
BuddyLuvvethe xsession not be all scrambled... Anyone got any ideas???05:30
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axel__#dev /09:11
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ubottupaolo: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».10:15
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BluesKaj_Hiyas all11:53
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dnivraHello. I'm running Kubuntu 12.04.2 I recently got a new computer and the replaced the hard disk of the new one with the hard disk from the old machine. Now KWin keeps crashing and I've to restart kdm to fix it. I also find that when I restart KDM, the composting type gets set to xrender and most of the times, I am able to set it back to OpenGL. Is there anyway I can figure out why KWin crashes?13:13
dnivra(there are occasional times when I can't change it to OpenGL).13:14
dnivralspci says my VGA graphics adapter is "Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)".13:15
dnivraOkay now is a time when I can't change to OpenGL - it gets automatically reset to xrender.13:15
BluesKajdnivra, one can't just replace a HDD with an OS installed on it to run in a different computer ...the hardware is different , drivers etc are different13:17
dnivraAh okay. I wanted to avoid a full reinstall and so replaced the HDD. Guess I can't evade a full reinstall :(.13:18
BluesKajthere's no way around it13:18
dnivraGood to know. Thanks BluesKaj!13:19
BluesKajbesides , your performance will be much better with a proper clean install13:19
dnivraOh! Why's that?13:19
BluesKajdnivra, the OS will install the right drivers for your hardware on the new pc13:20
BluesKajand use the RAM etc to mit's full capabilities13:20
dnivraAh okay - I thought there must be an additional reason :).13:20
BluesKajdnivra,, many other factors as well, too numerous to mention13:21
BluesKajwhat was the original OS on thje pc W7  or W8 ?13:22
dnivrayes - Win 7.13:22
dnivraOh wait you meant before replacing. That was Windows server 2008 I think.13:23
BluesKajok , just wondering if it uses uefi instead of the bios13:23
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI13:23
dnivraI suppose I should be able to check from the Setup screen of the machine?13:24
BluesKajdnivra, so the pc is "new" to you , not new from a pc store13:25
dnivraAh yes. I should have been clearer. Sorry about that.13:25
BluesKajdnivra, yes exactly , but if the pc is made in 2010 or previous then you have a regular bios13:26
BluesKajwhich is more kubuntu friendly13:26
BluesKajin terms of instalkling'13:26
dnivraAh okay. Judging by the looks of the machine, it's probably made before 2010.13:29
dnivraPlus, since the machine boots the OS from this hard disk, I'm guessing it's a regular bios.13:30
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BluesKajdo you ger the bios screen at bootup with F key option to open the bios?13:31
dnivraI'm not sure. I'lll reboot, check and be back.13:32
dnivraAny particular signs which will confirm it is UEFI? Will the function key options be disabled?13:32
BluesKajno , you should have a normal bios , uefi should show up on the screen , I think ...never relly seen one13:34
BluesKajit's just that we're having some issues with uefi on new pcs with W8 installed13:34
dnivraI just checked - UEFI boot is disabled. So I guess there won't be any issues.13:36
BluesKajcool , now you can proceed with a proper install ...if the original HDD is worth reinstalling , but that's your decision13:38
dnivraYeah I think I will - rather than be stuck with good hardware but not being able to use it fully because of non-optimal settings is bad :). Just that upgrade will take some time - no choice I suppose.13:40
dnivraThanks a lot for all your help BluesKaj!13:41
BluesKajdnivra, np , c'mon back when you're done the install and let us know how it went ]\13:42
dnivraSure thing :)13:43
lordievaderGood afternoon.13:58
jorgelortizsoy de puerto rico14:25
jorgelortizhayhalguna persona de puerto rico ademas de mi persona14:26
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nick87720zHi there. Are there any russians, using backintime-kde?15:04
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olivier_1Hi all. I just installed kubuntu on a brand nez computer. It told me that install was ok at the end but I'm not able to boot on the hard drive. I can boot on my external usb drive.15:19
olivier_1I have no idea of what has been wrong except maybe because my hard drive use GPT instead of MBR15:20
BluesKajolivier_1, did the pc come with W8 installed?15:20
olivier_1No I bought separated parts ..15:21
olivier_1I assembled the computer myself15:21
BluesKajdoes it have regular bios ?15:22
olivier_1I wasn't aware of GPT 10 minutes ago so ...15:22
BluesKajor uefi ?15:22
olivier_1BluesKaj: How to know that ?15:22
olivier_1(I've been out of the world for two years and I need a serious update :) )15:23
BluesKajwhat kind of bios screen and options at bootup15:23
olivier_1Well I haven't noticed anything unusual. This is a ASUS motherboard and I went into the BIOS to configured some little things. It is a new version for me but I didn't noticed something special. What should I look for in the bios ?15:26
olivier_1Its supposed to be written somewhere : uefi15:26
olivier_1Or can I just check for the model on the internet ?15:27
olivier_1yep it is an uefi bios15:28
olivier_1according to asus website15:28
olivier_1I should read some doc about that I don't know what is it ...15:28
BluesKajok good , then you can hold the left shiftkey down right after the bios screen to bring up grub menu15:29
BluesKajyou may need to use the nomodeset option in grub if the grub menu doesn't appear15:29
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter15:30
olivier_1ok I'll start my laptop to connect to irc while I'm restarting this computer15:30
olivier_1ubottu: I have no graphic card just the intel graphic 400015:31
ubottuolivier_1: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:31
BluesKajwell it means your gpu15:32
olivier_1I reconnect ...15:32
dnivraSo I just finished installing but I didn't format the root partition(I'm upgrading now). OpenGL is working fine for now but I noticed that z shell is responding rather slowly between each command execution. Any possible reason for this behaviour?15:36
olivier_1Well if the external usb drive is not connected it goes directly to the bios ...15:37
olivier_1Even when I press left shift15:37
nonzjhello, i made a mistake and uninstalled/disabled some services which were enabling me to Sleep/Hibernate, now i don't have these buttons anymore; instead i sleep my computer by using the command: "dbus-send --system --print-reply     --dest="org.freedesktop.UPower"     /org/freedesktop/UPower     org.freedesktop.UPower.Suspend", but when i come back the screen is not locked; so, how can i restore the sleep/hibernate button, or how can15:38
olivier_1The hard drive is detected by the bios and is present in the boot list after the blue ray ...15:38
BluesKajolivier_1, did format the HDD using the usb media ?15:41
olivier_1BluesKaj: Yes15:41
olivier_1I'm reading a ubuntu tuto about uefi currently. Apprently I should repair the boot :)15:42
olivier_1I should run boot repair15:43
olivier_1ANd deactivate the fast boot setting in the bios15:43
BluesKajuhm yeah15:44
BluesKajothen you do sudo grub-install /dev/sdX from the usb drive15:44
BluesKajsdX being the dev assigned letter , prbly sda15:45
olivier_1BluesKaj: Thats the first thing I did but I had an error about /boot/grub ...15:46
BluesKajguess my knowledge of uefi is too little to help with that15:48
olivier_1BluesKaj: thanks anyway to indicate me the way :) Now that I know that it's probably uefi that is causing the problem it's just a matter of time15:51
BluesKajolivier_1, theppl at #ubuntu are quite knowledgable about uefi , altho you probly get the uefi factoid from ubottu at first , expalin your situation and I'm sure you'll receive aid15:54
BluesKajdnivra, did you try the konsole rather than z-shell for comparison , also make sure you update and upgrade to bring the install up to date15:58
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DoomBoomI've got a mysterious problem: Whatever time zone I use as primary time zone, the time keeps getting set to the current time at UTC. So I can set my time zone to Amsterdam or to Moscow time, but either way it says it's 17:40 right now17:41
DoomBoomand if I set my current time zone to UTC and let my desktop clock display the time in a different time zone, the different time zone /does/ display correctly17:42
DoomBoommaybe I should just reinstall linux17:46
BluesKajDoomBoom, I gave up on auto time servers , so i don't enable it , but setting your timezone in the clock settings should default to your original time setting at install as long as they are the same17:47
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DoomBoomwhat do you mean, BluesKaj? I can change my time zone in the Date & Time module but whatever I set it to, the system time will be set to 17:53, same as UTC17:53
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BluesKajuncheck UTC in the time settings , I don't know what else to say, use your time zone there17:59
DoomBoombut thanks, BluesKaj. I feel kinda stupid now18:06
BluesKajDoomBoom, don't feel that way , we all make mistakes now and then. :)18:20
lorddeltaDoomBoom; its not your fault, there's a bug on this18:26
lorddeltaI and a couple others are having trouble with the time18:26
lorddeltain 12.04/13.0418:26
lorddeltaI'm pulling down updates as we speak, but It doesn't look like anything's been updated that might fix the issue18:27
DoomBoomI wonder what causes it18:28
ubottuKDE bug 320456 in kcm_clock "Selecting "set date & time automatically" sets time to GMT, ignoring time zone setting." [Normal,Unconfirmed]18:28
lorddeltaThere has been weirdness with the time for a while, as BluesKaj said the automatic time stuff doesn't work well so there may be several independent bugs at work.18:29
lorddeltaI have the impossible situation at the moment of having two times show up for a single timezone at the moment, so there is soemthing very broken.18:30
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lorddeltaAlthough I hope it gets fixed soon, UTC is quite far away so I made the embarassing mistake of thinking it was an entirely different time than it actually was today.18:32
DoomBoomwait a secs, that didn't fix it18:33
DoomBoomthe date command still gives UTC time instead of local18:33
lorddeltaDoomBoom; as I said, its not your fault, this is a bug that hasn't been fixed yet.18:33
DoomBoomyeah, I hope they fix it soon too18:34
lorddeltaIt would help if you could comment on the bug and vote on it, to help get it confirmed/a fix out.18:34
DoomBoomI can do that, but I guess I have to make an account first18:35
lorddeltaSpeaking of fixes, ton of security fixes in OpenJDK18:35
lorddeltaBut that's a good thing I guess.18:37
BluesKajbtw Im talking about the panel digital clock settings , DoomBoom, lorddelta18:41
DoomBoomyeah I know I put UTC off there18:41
DoomBoomstill if I put my main time to anything but UTC in my Date & Time settings it's set to UTC regardless. So now my desktop clock has the correct time but my system time is still 2 hours behind18:43
BluesKajyou could also run the command ,  sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata18:43
BluesKajI should have suggested that first18:44
DoomBoomhm, I'll try that18:44
lorddeltaBluesKaj: someone was in here a day or so ago; that worked until the panel settings screwed it up for them again18:44
lorddeltaand then that fix stopped working18:44
lorddeltaAnd yes the issue is everything on the kde/plasma end of time18:45
lorddeltaThe actual ntp daemon works just fine18:45
DoomBoomhm, date is correct now18:45
BluesKajlorddelta, i don't know how to fix it then , I haven't had a problem since I decided to uncheck the auto time server option18:46
lorddeltaI thought it could have been a permissions issue? Because I had to sync my time using the daemon, which required sudo rights, and I think there may be some broken auth? Because I have to sign into my keychain every time I log on18:46
lorddeltaBluesKaj: yeah if you set everything manually yourself it works ;)18:46
lorddeltaI'm not saying the clock is incapable of displaying numbers.18:46
lorddeltaBut I'm talking about my clock panel; it shouldn't be showing two seperate times for a single time zone.18:47
DoomBoomin what way does it do that?18:47
lorddeltaWhether or not the automatic time servers are being used or not.18:47
BluesKajwell auto doesn't mean it works correctly , sometimes manual works better18:47
lorddeltaI actually had an ssl problem because of the off-kilter timezone (although afaik I think it was just a failure to verify a certificate) because of the clock issue, so the issue is more serious than people give it credit it for.18:48
lorddeltaAuto just means afaik that the computer will check the time on boot up, it doesn't poll the time every 5 minutes I don't think18:49
lorddeltaLike I said the actual underyling 'automatic' ntp stuff works fine, its the kde stuff that's broken18:49
lorddeltaBut maybe I should spend more time finding the problem than ranting about it ;)18:50
BluesKajntp wasn't working so well on W7 a while back either , altho it seems ok now18:53
lorddeltahaha, yeah Windows in general sucks with its time19:00
lorddeltaIts very funny to see what it does to it sometimes19:00
lorddeltaIts fine as long as you keep the system online but you end up being days or weeks off sometimes19:01
lorddeltaYou learn how to jank with it if you've used it for long enough, but that's all it is, glorified jank19:01
lorddeltaAt least we have a trusty low level utility here on linux that just works.19:02
lorddeltaEven if KDE breaks.19:02
lorddeltaActually that is one of the things I really miss about my GNOME days, I don't care for gnome3, but the clock in gnome2 was absolutely stelar, the clock panel in kde is still catching up in terms of graphical ease of use and general functionality.19:03
lorddeltaMultiple time zones coupled with daylight graphs which took the curvature of the earth into account :)19:04
lorddelta(not that hard actually but it looked damn impressive - you half expected to be able to tell the time on Mars as well)19:05
lorddeltaAnd I'm pretty sure it came enabled by default too.19:06
lorddeltaI wonder - does anyone know of any public solar clock sources?19:07
lorddeltaI kinda want to build out the kde clock now19:08
lorddeltaI've had some issues with the bcd clock for a while now19:08
lorddeltaand the general time system is so buggy so its perhaps worth looking into19:08
BluesKajyeah lorddelta the Canadain Railway System began using the timezone concept back in the 1880s Sir Sandford Fleming, a Canadian railway planner and engineer, outlined a plan for worldwide standard time in the late 1870s19:09
BluesKajhttp://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/info/time-zones-history.htm , if you're interested19:10
BluesKajit's very important in this vast country of ours19:11
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lorddeltaI'm talking not about UTC (I'm familiar with the concept)19:17
lorddeltaI mean IPN - interplanetary time19:17
lorddeltaIdeally something that can take redshift into account.19:17
lorddeltaAlso aren't timezones pretty political?19:20
DoomBoomwell, sometimes countries use timezones that don't really fit their area in order to sync up with a nearby economy19:21
BluesKajonly in the pacific islands where the international dateleibe affects commerce of the smaller island nations trade with larger ones like Australia etc19:21
DoomBoomlike France, Belgium, Spain and the Netherlands who sync up with Germany19:22
lorddeltaI think this is what I'm referring to. I know I've seen it before, I'm just not sure this is it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ephemeris_time19:23
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BluesKajguess that was before the atomic clock19:25
lorddelta*nod* yeah I know thats how they sync stuff19:25
lorddeltaBut UTC has the fundamental flaw of  not really accurately expressing actual time thanks to those economic/political decisions. It'd be nice to have a universal number that you can use to derive UTC, rather the other way around19:26
lorddeltaIf you're gonna write a better kde panel clock that is19:27
lorddeltaOne that can tell the time on Mars/the Sun/the Moon19:27
lorddeltas/actual time/actual redshift/19:28
lorddeltaGPS systems do this already, why not our standard digital clocks?19:29
benklophey, got a new kubuntu installation, upgraded and what not with a 3.9 kernel so I can use DisplayLink adapters properly. haven't really made any other changes aside from installing Bumblebee for Optimus support.19:29
benklopfor some reason Libreoffice won't start up19:30
benklopat the terminal, no messages are displayed, I just get the libreoffice banner for a second or two, then nothing19:30
lorddeltaVersion / Kubuntu 12.04.2 working just fine here benklop: i'd check your package number and ask in libreoffice19:33
lorddeltaAnd before that I had 3.5 running on here fine for quite a while19:35
SonikkuAmericaAnother thing: Why is the Kickstarter not available in KDE? (Plasma Widget maybe?)19:35
benklophmm. this is version - did you get from the repos?19:36
lorddeltaKickstarter? You mean Kickoff?19:36
lorddeltabenklop: let me check19:36
SonikkuAmericalorddelta: The LibreOffice Kickstarter19:36
lorddeltabenklop: http://ppa.launchpad.net/libreoffice/libreoffice-4-0/ubuntu/ precise/main amd6419:38
benkloplorddelta: thanks19:38
lorddeltaSonikkuAmerica: I don't know what you are referring to, sorry19:40
lorddeltabenklop: np19:40
lorddeltaI'm afraid I try to stay away from fancy document processing in libreoffice, apart from perhaps excel spreadsheets19:41
SonikkuAmericalorddelta: The little tray icon for LibreOffice (in Tools > Options > Memory) there's no checkbox for it, is it particularly for GTK+?19:41
lorddeltaSonikkuAmerica: never heard of it till now. And it is called Quickstarter, Kickstarter is to my knowledge an online funding website19:42
lorddeltaI don't see anything in my systray either so I believe you when you say it doesn't work.19:43
SonikkuAmericalorddelta: Dumbo me *facepalm* In my world Qu == K. lol That's what I meant, the Quickstarter.19:43
lorddeltaWhat does it do exactly?19:44
SonikkuAmericalorddelta: It just sits in the system tray and loads up the "New" screen when you click on it. Here it is in Xubuntu (look for the LibreOffice icon up in the top right): http://imagebin.org/26485119:45
lorddeltayou can just start whichever application (calc, writer, draw) by running a quick search in the Kickoff launcher...if that's what you're trying to achieve19:45
SonikkuAmericalorddelta: Well, yeah, there is that I guess...19:46
lorddeltaProbably why I haven't noticed it till now.19:47
lorddeltaits so useful and ambidextrous between it and the command line there's not much use for arbitrary sys tray applets any more19:47
lorddeltaBut I suppose you can't create a "new calc document"19:50
lorddeltaHang on I'm gonna run a trace to see if I can catch anything19:52
lorddeltaI don't see anything particularly interesting19:58
lorddeltaSonikkuAmerica: I'd ask around #libreoffice, follow their topic forwarding, you need to find the responsible component, then maybe you can let me know or ask in #kde when it comes to getting the applet to show up19:59
lorddeltaThe systray component19:59
vadraoHi all, does anybody know if Kubuntu installs fine with UEFI and GPT enabled hardware? For me Ubuntu installs fine. But, Kubuntu installer crashes20:00
lorddeltavadrao: I don't know, but I installed ubuntu originally and switched to kubuntu manually20:01
vadraolorddelta: You mean that you installed Kubuntu-desktop on top of Ubuntu ?20:01
lorddeltaWhy don't you be a bit more specific about what is crashing?20:01
lorddeltaThey share (Ub and Kub) the same core20:02
lorddeltaIts the desktop that's different, so you can just download it all and run the installer using apt-get if you're comfortable with that20:02
lorddeltaAnd remove the Unity desktop too if you want while you are at it20:02
lorddeltaI had XFCE, Unity, KDE, Gnome 3 all installed simultaneously on here at one time.20:03
vadraolorddelta: The installer crashes when it is trying to install Grub. It says "Sorry the installer crashed while trying to install grub"20:03
lorddeltaIf Ubuntu works then I'd wager its fine; BluesKaj; any thoughts? Its probably just a bad CD, if grub works generally the desktop doesn't touch that20:04
vadraolorddelta: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/117829420:04
ubottuUbuntu bug 1178294 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Install fails with Kubuntu 13.04 on UEFI system" [Undecided,Confirmed]20:04
lorddeltaGrub is system level so if the Ubuntu core install works, then I see no reason you can't install the kubuntu desktop on top of the ubuntu one.20:05
yossarianukvadrao: do you already have ubuntu installed?20:05
lorddeltaIts more work, but fixing the CD is probably even more work than you are ready for.20:05
lorddeltavadrao: is this the first CD you've tried? I've had it happen to me that a physical media burn is corrupt.20:06
yossarianukif you do then the UEFI bootloader will be the same for ubunut + kubuntu - they both use the entry 'ubuntu' in uefi20:06
yossarianukyou need to do 2 things20:06
lorddeltaIt can happen (although more rarely) to the usb sticks.20:06
vadraoyossarianuk: I was testing with Ubuntu until now. But, I am a KDE guy and has been using Kubuntu since the past 6 years and would like to continue with that. So tried it and failed20:06
yossarianuk1) copy /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu to /boot/efi/EFI/kubuntu20:07
vadraolorddelta: I am using USB stick20:07
yossarianuk2) change the GRUB_DISTRIBUTOR=` line in /etc/default/grub20:07
yossarianukto kubuntu20:07
lorddeltavadrao: great, follow yosarianuk's instructions, and if that doesn't work, install kubuntu using apt-get like I suggested :)20:08
yossarianukthen 'update-grub'20:08
yossarianukI would just install refind thhough20:08
yossarianukits easier20:08
vadraoyossarianuk: refind?20:08
yossarianukget it from 'http://sourceforge.net/projects/refind/files/0.7.1/refind_0.7.1-1_amd64.deb/download'20:09
lorddelta1) apt-get install kubuntu-desktop <-- single step, log out, log in (select the kubuntu desktop)20:09
yossarianukvadrao: it means you don;t need a uefi entry / grub for each distri20:09
vadraolorddelta: Yes, I know that method. But I dont want unnecessary packages from Ubuntu20:09
vadraolorddelta: That would be my last resort20:10
lorddeltasudo apt-get remove unity-desktop20:10
lorddeltaor the like20:10
vadraolorddelta: Would it remove unity-desktop cleanly20:10
lorddeltanot sure what that command is, I like having at least two desktops in case on of them breaks20:10
lorddeltayou can always sudo apt-get purge unity-desktop20:10
yossarianukfor me when i update bios I loose all uefi entrys20:10
lorddeltasudo apt-get purge unity-desktop && sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop20:10
lorddeltarun it from vt120:11
yossarianukthe easiet way to access all distros on my disk (all uefi) is refind20:11
yossarianukjust instal the deb - reboot - you can access all distros...20:11
yossarianuk(and its graphical also)20:11
vadraoyossarianuk: Thanks for that tip. I will give refind a try and update here20:11
yossarianukworth a go20:11
lorddeltaGraphical methods are nice but single liners are as well. Not sure what problem people have with copy paste...20:12
yossarianukperhaps if you already had ubunutu installed in uefi this is messing with kubuntu's boot loader instal20:13
yossarianukyou could try remobving it with efibootmgr20:13
lorddeltaI guess to do is safely 1) 'echo -e "#!/bin/bash \n sudo apt-get purge unity-desktop && sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop" | tee > switch-deskop.sh && chmod +x switch-desktop.sh' 2) switch to vt1 3) run ./switch-desktop.sh20:14
vadraolorddelta: What does the first command do?20:16
lorddeltaechoes a script, makes it executable20:16
lorddeltathe -e parameter lets you evaluate characters like bells and newline returns20:17
vadraolorddelta: Thanks. now I get it20:17
benklopSonikkuAmerica: you could try running libreoffice --quickstart20:17
vadraoI am not afraid of command line. I could use straight forward commands :)20:17
benklopSonikkuAmerica: that should run the quickstarter20:17
lorddeltaAlthough that is a little verbose and there is the danger of me making a mistake or not copying the entire command or something20:18
lorddeltaI'm also not sure that unit-desktop is in unity-desktop but that's the general format20:18
lorddeltaWhich is where guis come in handy :)20:19
vadraolorddelta: Thanks. I will try your option and the option suggested by yossarianuk20:20
lorddeltavadrao: heads up if you try my methods just go ahead and stick this script http://paste.ubuntu.com/5885476/ a script called ./switch-desktop.sh, chmod +x it, and execute that20:28
lorddeltathe command I gave earlier won't work because it won't echo the sha-bang20:28
SonikkuAmericabenklop: OK20:31
vadraoyossarianuk: In the instructions you have given above, where should I run update-grub command?20:31
yossarianukafter altering /etc/default/grub20:31
vadraoyossarianuk: When I am altering /etc/default/grub, I am on the host machine, making changes on the USB stick of Kubuntu install right20:32
vadraolorddelta: Thanks a lot. I will do that20:32
vadraoyossarianuk: In that case how would update-grub effect the Kubuntu install?20:34
lorddeltahttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5885494/ <-- use this one, I double checked and its ubuntu-desktop, and updated to also do stuff like remove unity(2d) and extra un-needed packages before it installs kubuntu20:36
SonikkuAmerica!purekde | lorddelta20:37
ubottulorddelta: If you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekde »20:37
lorddeltaSonikkuAmerica: not a good idea, there is some stuff you may want to keep which uses gtk20:38
lorddeltalike firefox?20:38
SonikkuAmericaI didn't know Firefox was built solely on GTK+, and Kubuntu has an installer (included inside the kubuntu-desktop pointer package)20:39
SonikkuAmerica(for Firefox)20:39
BluesKajSonikkuAmerica, FF uses some gtk libs20:40
lorddeltagtk isn't a bad library, I just don't like what their desktop team has done20:40
SonikkuAmericaBluesKaj: Doesn't Kubuntu have them pulled in anyway if the Firefox installer is run? (I use Chromium)20:40
lorddeltaWow they still use gtk220:42
lorddeltaGuess it must be to support the Mate guys.20:43
lorddeltaAnd older windows computers.20:43
BluesKajSonikkuAmerica, no , chromium uses gtk as well afiak20:43
SonikkuAmericaBluesKaj: I didn't have to pull in much, I think it only needed the glibs20:44
lorddeltaAnd anyways I don't think you need to worry about purging gnome anyways, I have the unity desktop installed as well but I'm being told that gnome isn't installed, except gnome-terminal.20:45
SonikkuAmericaBluesKaj: I know it can incorporate the GTK+ theme anyway, so it needs glibs for that20:45
lorddeltaAnd the GTK theme can incorporate the KDE theme, so its good all around.20:46
BluesKajone can always go the purekde route but it's not advisable , limits one 's themes and fonts20:46
BluesKajand other stuff I'm sure20:47
vadraoHow do I change the language of this column in my Konsole. http://i.imgur.com/aYv1bnU.png21:07
vadraoMy default language is English21:07
vadraoI live in Finland and that language is Finnish. I would like to change it to English21:08
vadraoanybody can help me ?21:10
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BluesKajvadrao, al+F2 , type kdesudo systemsettings  , this puts you root permission mode , then choose Locale, then choose the language21:16
vadraoBluesKaj: My locale is American English21:17
BluesKajyes , choose it agin and click apply21:18
vadraoOnly one coloumn in Konsole is in Finnish. The rest is in English21:18
BluesKajcolumn ?21:19
tsimpsonit'ts all in Finnish, it's just that that's the only translatable part21:19
vadraoBluesKaj: In the above, I have a screenshot21:20
vadraotsimpson: I did not get you. My system language is English by default. Every thing is in English. Just my country settings are Finland.21:22
tsimpsonvadrao: the ouput of ls only has one translatable part, the month name21:22
tsimpsonthe entire thing is in Finnish, it's just that that's the only part that is language specific21:23
tsimpsonif you "echo $LANG" it should should show a Finnish locale21:23
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vadraotsimpson: the output of that command is "en_US.UTF-8"21:24
tsimpsoncheck the output of "locale"21:25
tsimpsonevery value it prints should have the same value (except LC_ALL)21:25
thelionroarsThe privileges on my desktop have been messed up for a while - I can use sudo from the command line but I can't get sudo privileges when using a graphical application such as the updater widget. Does anyone know which group I need to add myself to?21:26
vadraotsimpson: This is the output of locale21:26
jalcinethelionroars: the 'sudo' group21:27
BluesKajthelionroars, use kdesudo for graphical / GUIs21:29
thelionroarsI knew that21:29
thelionroarsI would like to be able to use the standard way of  authenticating with applications such as the updater widget though - it will open a dialogue asking me to authenticate21:30
thelionroarsI can't authenticate with this dialog at present21:31
thelionroarsthanks jalcine, worked like a charm21:32
vadraotsimpson: So, I would I change the entire thing back to English.21:33
tsimpsonvadrao: I'm not sure, you need to somehow set the LC_TIME environment variable to en_US.UTF-8 if you want to make the dates be in English21:34
tsimpsonI don't know how to do that from the GUI, I've never had to change it before21:34
vadraotsimpson: Thanks a lot. I will check that out21:35
tsimpsonyou could put "export LC_TIME=en_US.UTF-8" in your ~/.profile for example, I'm not sure if that's the right way to go though21:36
vadraotsimpson: Thanks for that lead. I will give that a try now21:37
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vadraotsimpson: Perfect. It works in the Konsole. As you have said putting it in .profile would make it permanent. But I will now look for a systemwide setting which can take that into account21:38
lorddeltavadrao: install successfull then I take it? :)21:39
vadraoI went with your suggested way21:40
lorddeltaGlad to be of help21:40
vadraoThankyou very much once again21:40
lorddeltaYou're welcome.21:44
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