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wgrantychaouche: Only the owner of a branch can write to it, so if you want shared access you need it to be owned by a team.01:00
ychaouchewgrant: ok thanks01:01
ychaouchebut people can still propose merges, right ?01:01
FourDollarsHi, when I try to access https://api.launchpad.net/1.0/people/+me by my own program, it always returns 'This nonce has been used already.', is it normal?05:19
wgrantFourDollars: You're reusing an OAuth nonce value.05:19
wgrantThat's not permitted.05:19
FourDollarswgrant: My nonce value comes from 'Math.floor(Math.random() * +new Date);' in JavaScript.05:21
FourDollarswgrant: It should not be reused.05:21
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wgrantFourDollars: Well, it clearly is reused :)05:24
wgrantFourDollars: Oh, does it only happen for /people/+me?05:25
FourDollarswgrant: You got it.05:25
wgrantThat will redirect. If you're following the redirect without resigning the request with a new nonce, it will do that05:25
FourDollarswgrant: Yes, you are right. It is 303.05:32
FourDollarswgrant: Thank you. :)05:32
lifelesswgrant: could you please rename https://launchpad.net/os-config-applier to os-apply-config ?06:15
wgrantlifeless: With alias?06:15
lifelesswgrant: it would be nice06:16
wgrantlifeless: Done06:16
FourDollarsI have a question about 'Using the credentials' of https://help.launchpad.net/API/SigningRequests .08:28
FourDollarsIf I want to use POST method, where should I put those keys?08:28
FourDollarsNow I only get '401 Unauthorized' from POST method. :(08:31
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wgrantFourDollars: The Authorization header, as described in that section08:38
FourDollarswgrant: Thanks.08:38
FourDollarsI get '401 Unauthorized' from a private PPA, but 'Archive must be private.' from a public PPA. Err...08:41
FourDollarsBy using getArchiveSubscriptionURL of https://api.launchpad.net/1.0/~<name> .08:42
wgrantFourDollars: Is your token authorized to access private objects?08:43
FourDollarswgrant: I can access https://api.launchpad.net/1.0/<distribution>/+archive/<archive.name> .08:44
FourDollarswgrant: I can access https://api.launchpad.net/1.0/<distribution>/+archive/<archive.name>?ws.op=getPublishedBinaries .08:45
FourDollarsI can use GET method to getPublishedBinaries from a private PPA but can not use POST method to getArchiveSubscriptionURL of it?08:49
wgrantFourDollars: What is the body of the 401 Unauthorized response?08:51
FourDollarswgrant: Empty.08:51
wgrantFourDollars: Can you post to getPublishedBinaries?08:53
FourDollarswgrant: I don't see the usage on https://launchpad.net/+apidoc/1.0.html .08:54
wgrantFourDollars: It's not documented, but a POST to a read operation should still work, or at least give an invalid method error after authorization08:55
wgrantI suspect you're not signing POST requests properly; this will test that.08:55
FourDollarsI see.08:55
FourDollarsLet me try it.08:56
FourDollarswgrant: it returns 'No such operation: getPublishedBinaries'.08:59
wgrantFourDollars: Can you show me the getPublishedBinaries and getArchiveSubscriptionURL request headers, omitting the oauth token and signature?09:00
FourDollarsOK. Wait a minute.09:01
FourDollarswgrant: The headers of GET /1.0/~oem-archive/+archive/somerville?ws.op=getPublishedBinaries HTTP/1.1\r\nAccept: application/json\r\nAuthorization: OAuth realm="https://api.launchpad.net/",oauth_consumer_key="09:25
FourDollars74052977.539",oauth_nonce="1270871078501",oauth_version="1.0"\r\nhost: api.launchpad.net\r\nConnection: keep-alive\r\n\r\n09:25
FourDollarsI can revoke it. :)09:26
FourDollarswgrant: 'POST /1.0/~oem-archive HTTP/1.1\r\nAccept: application/json\r\nAuthorization: OAuth realm="https://api.launchpad.net/",oauth_consumer_key="just+testing",oauth_token="C0WQmN1jP1cb489Zwb209:28
FourDollars_version="1.0"\r\nhost: api.launchpad.net\r\ncontent-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=utf-8\r\ncontent-length: 118\r\nConnection: keep-alive\r\n\r\n'09:28
FourDollarswgrant: Well formatted version http://paste.ubuntu.com/5883638/09:45
wgrantFourDollars: Are you sure the response body is empty?09:52
FourDollarswgrant: Yes, but let me check again.09:53
wgrantFourDollars: I don't think it's an OAuth problem09:54
wgrantFourDollars: I think you're requesting the subscription URL for someone that isn't you09:55
FourDollarswgrant: https://api.launchpad.net/1.0/~<name> is a private team, but I only have some read and download perssions.09:56
wgrantFourDollars: You can only request your own subscription URL to a PPA, not someone else's.09:56
FourDollarswgrant: Yes! You are right!09:58
FourDollarswgrant: I use it in wrong way. Orz...09:58
FourDollarswgrant: Thank you very much.09:59
wgrantGlad it's working10:00
FourDollarswgrant: Do you have any idea that I often get '503 Service Unavailable' with http://paste.ubuntu.com/5883756/ when using GET /1.0/~oem-archive/+archive/somerville?ws.op=getPublishedBinaries?10:40
wgrantFourDollars: That's a timeout. You probably want to add some filtering so you're not retrieving the whole history.10:42
FourDollarswgrant: I see.10:43
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jonathashi, i have a question about launchpad and RSA/GPG keys, someone can answer?13:46
dobeyjust ask your question. if anyone can answer, they will13:48
jonathasok, i think that is easy..13:49
jonathasi create a account and generate my RSA and GPG keys, but i had to format my computer and lost my keys..13:50
jonathashave i generate again? or has someway to recovery this keys?13:51
cjwatsonLaunchpad doesn't have a copy of your private keys (it would be very bad if it did).  There's no way to recover them if you don't have a copy.  You'll have to generate new ones and attach them to your account.13:51
jonathasfine, is a good way save my private keys in somewhere?13:52
cjwatsonYou should make backups, but keep them tightly under your control as they can be used to impersonate you.13:52
cjwatsonFor example, a USB storage drive on your keyring.13:53
jonathasi understand.. thanks cjwatson13:54
jonathasubuntu one is a good idea?13:54
cjwatsonThe brand of the drive doesn't matter13:54
cjwatsonEr, I mean, "yes, buy our merchandise" :-)13:55
wgrantBut don't store them on Ubuntu One13:55
wgrantYou want your private keys under your control13:55
wgrantNot on some server that you someone else can access.13:55
cjwatsonOh, I read that as "an Ubuntu one", not as "Ubuntu One"13:55
cjwatsonIndeed, storing your private keys on Ubuntu One is not a good idea13:55
jonathasits not secure?13:56
wgrantIt's as secure as anything else13:56
cjwatsonIt doesn't matter how secure it is; you should never let your private keys out of your sole control13:56
cjwatsonOn a remote server somewhere in a cloud isn't in your sole control, even if you trust the hoster13:57
wgrantBut an online service is probably easier to compromise, particularly without you noticing, than your pocket.13:57
beunojonathas, https://one.ubuntu.com/help/faq/are-my-files-stored-on-the-server-encrypted/13:58
jonathascjwatson, wgrant: you have a backup of the keys?13:58
wgrantI'm not sure it'd be awfully wise to have the keys in the cloud even if they were encrypted :)13:58
cjwatsonjonathas: I have a backup of my keys, but not of yours. :-)13:59
cjwatsonwgrant: That would just move the problem to "where do you back up your decryption key", anyway13:59
jonathascjwatson, hasuhasua.. good..14:00
jonathasok, i just need to know if the keys is more or less disposable..14:01
jonathasi mean, if a lost, "thats ok, i generate other"..14:02
jonathasbut you dont think this way.. right?14:02
jonathasbueno, thanks by the link14:04
saiarcot895jonathas: Ideally, you shouldn't lose your private keys14:04
jonathasbeuno, thanks by the link14:04
jonathassaiarcot895, yes, thats it!14:11
jonathasi needed that..14:11
jonathasthanks guys..14:12
hannieI twice tried the dput command, first according to my personal page: dput ppa:lafeber-dumoleyn/ubuntuhandleiding <source.changes>14:54
hannieSecond try from this example: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/Uploading $  dput my-ppa P_V_source.changes14:54
hannieI created the .dput.cf file14:54
hannieFirst time rejected: Could not find distribution 'ppa'.14:56
hannieSecond time rejected: Could not find a PPA named 'ppa' for 'lmy_name'.14:57
hanniein Launchpad, for most users creating their first PPA the PPA name will be literally just the string ppa.14:57
hannieCould anyone here tell me exactly how the dput command should be?14:59
cjwatsonIt looks like you tried to use ppa:lafeber-dumoleyn/ubuntuhandleiding/ppa rather than ppa:lafeber-dumoleyn/ubuntuhandleiding ...15:00
hannieah, let me see....15:00
cjwatsonYou don't need a special .dput.cf for this - the stock /etc/dput.cf should do it15:00
hannieok, I will delete .deput.cf first15:01
hannie* dput15:02
hannieI'll try again15:03
hannieI'll do dput ppa:lafeber-dumoleyn/ubuntuhandleiding ubuntumanualnl_12.04ubuntu1_source.changes15:04
cjwatsonThat should be fine15:05
hannieMay I ask one more question (it is the first time I am packaging ): )15:18
hannieRejected: ubuntumanualnl_12.04ubuntu1.dsc: Unknown section 'unknown'15:18
hannieI do not know what section expects me to use15:19
hannieI did notice it in the control file I think15:19
hannieIndeed. In control I see: Section: unknown15:21
cjwatson"Section: doc" sounds appropriate for a manual15:26
hannieI uses "Books & Magazines" which is a category in USC15:26
cjwatsonNot a valid archive section15:27
hannieok, I'll change it to doc15:27
cjwatsonhttp://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-archive.html#s-subsections lists the allowed ones (for Debian, but they're either in sync or only very slightly different)15:27
hanniethanks for the link15:27
hannieI have changed my control file Section: doc Architecture all. Is it necessary to do debuild -S -sa again?15:43
hanniethanks I'll do it right away :)15:46
hanniecjwatson, thank you for your help so far. I got to go. Hope everything works now15:50
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wedgwoodis this a good place to ask questions about bzrlib?16:54
dobeywedgwood: #bzr might be better17:01
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Dougie187What does this mean, as a rejection message? "already exists in Primary Archive for Ubuntu"17:22
Dougie187And, how do I find out the name of it in the primary archive?17:25
maxbIt's difficult to say more than 'it means exactly what it says' unless you give us more context17:25
Dougie187Specifically: "File modules_3.2.10.orig.tar.gz already exists in Primary Archive for Ubuntu"...17:26
Dougie187I'm trying to package this http://modules.sourceforge.net/17:26
Dougie187And when I uploaded the .changes, it gave me that error.17:26
maxbhttp://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/m/modules/modules_3.2.10.orig.tar.gz  <--- already exists17:27
Dougie187Oh cool. It's called environment-modules.17:28
maxbThe message, combined with your confusion, suggests that you are trying to upload to a PPA but are actually sending the upload to the actual real Ubuntu distribution archive itself17:28
Dougie187dput ppa:douglasjacobsen/mpas-test *.changes17:29
Dougie187That's what I used.17:29
Dougie187It's weird that even in precise it's rejected. Though the package isn't backported for precise yet.17:36
saiarcot895Dougie187: did you previously upload the file to your PPA?17:41
Dougie187No, this is the first time.17:41
saiarcot895Dougie187: in debian/changelog, what is the first line?17:42
Dougie187modules (3.2.10-1ubuntu1ppa1~raring1) raring; urgency=low17:43
Dougie187and s/raring/precise/g17:43
dobeyyou do want a ~ between 1ubuntu1 and ppa1 though17:43
Dougie187Oh ok. So I want it to be 3.2.10-1ubuntu1~ppa1~precise1?17:44
Dougie187Thanks. I'll give that a shot.17:47
saiarcot895Dougie187: If this try doesn't work, instead of specifying the ppa in the command line, can you try editing .dput.cf to add you ppa's entry and then use that?17:47
saiarcot895Dougie187: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/Uploading17:47
dobeythe ~ won't fix the upload problem17:48
dobeyi was just pointing out that it kind of needs to be at that spot :)17:49
Dougie187I don't really understand what the difference between the ~ and - are. but it's not a big deal.17:49
saiarcot895Dougie187: it's in the sorting/ordering17:50
saiarcot895Dougie187: if you were to sort all allowed characters A-Z style, ~ would be the first character, while - would appear somewhere later (is it after the letters?)17:51
Dougie187Oh ok17:51
Dougie187I think - would be after the letters and numbers.17:51
Dougie187but I could be wrong.17:51
Dougie187I thought all symbols were after the numbers.17:51
saiarcot895Dougie187: ~ is an exception specifically made by dpkg17:52
saiarcot895Dougie187: I saw a perl script somewhere online that allowed you to plug in two versions, and it would tell you which one was greater (and therefore be considered more recent)17:53
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Dougie187That's pretty cool17:53
dobey- separates the upstream version and the debian version17:54
dobeythere should only ever be ONE - character in a version string in the changelog.17:55
dobey~ tells dpkg that what follows it should be sorted lower than what preceeds it.17:55
Dougie187Ok, I setup the version name properly, and the .dput.cf and re-uploaded.17:55
Dougie187let's see what happens.17:56
dobeysaiarcot895: dpkg --compare-versions17:56
saiarcot895dobey: ooh, nice17:56
Dougie187ok, well I have to run to a meeting. but I'll let you guys know how it works out.17:57
Dougie187Just so you guys know, they were rejected again18:39
Dougie187Same error message too18:40
AmpelbeinYou can build a changes file that only includes the debian diff. debuild -S -sd is your friend. The ppa builder will pull the orig.tar.gz from the main archive.18:44
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Dougie187That was rejected too18:50
dobeyit really sounds like you're trying to upload into the ubuntu archive, and not your ppa18:51
AmpelbeinDougie187: What is the topmost entry of debian/changelog of your package? (Post to paste.ubuntu.com)18:52
saiarcot895Dougie187: can you re-post the command you used to upload the changes file?18:52
Dougie187saiarcot895: dput mpas-test-ppa modules*precise*.changes18:52
saiarcot895Dougie187: and you set up the .dput.cf file, right?18:53
Dougie187Yeah, one sec. I'll put my changelog (top line) and my .dput.cf in a pastebine18:53
AmpelbeinDougie187: And can you pastebin the .upload file?18:53
Dougie187that has all of them in it18:55
Dougie187I have to run to another meeting now, but let me know if I should try anything and I'll do it when I get back18:57
AmpelbeinCan you post the reject message when you do an upload without the orig.tar.gz?18:58
Dougie187Ampelbein: it's the same19:34
Dougie187Ampelbein: "File modules_3.2.10.orig.tar.gz already exists in Primary Archive for Ubuntu," ...19:34
AmpelbeinDougie187: Can you upload after building with debuild -S -sd and show the .upload and the .changes file please?19:37
AmpelbeinBecause that sounds like you aren't actually uploading without orig.tar.gz19:37
Dougie187The upload file is the one I pastebinned earlier (for debuild -S -sd). Let me paste the .changes.19:37
Dougie187That's the changes file.19:39
AmpelbeinHmm, ok. I'm at a loss then.19:39
Dougie187me too. :/19:40
AmpelbeinDougie187: Could you put your packaging somewhere to investigate? A bzr branch maybe?19:44
Dougie187You just want the debian folder?19:44
Dougie187Ampelbein: https://github.com/douglasjacobsen/modules-packaging (I don't know bzr :/)19:47
AmpelbeinIt's ok, I can work with that19:47
AmpelbeinDougie187: http://paste.debian.net/16626/ - works here.19:57
Ampelbeindebuild -S -sd ; dput ppa:amoog modules*.changes19:58
Dougie187It doesn't get rejected?20:00
AmpelbeinDougie187: https://launchpad.net/~amoog/+archive/ppa/+packages There it is, in all it's glory, waiting to be build.20:01
Dougie187That's weird.20:01
Dougie187I wonder what's different.20:01
AmpelbeinJust an idea: Did you already earlier upload the same orig.tar.gz to your ppa and then deleted the package?20:05
Dougie187No, this is the first time I've tried this package.20:08
Dougie187So, what did you do to get it to work? Just clone my git repo, and then debuild -S -sd?20:10
AmpelbeinDougie187: Yes, cloned the repo, got the orig.tar.gz from the archive, debuild -S -sd, dput.20:14
cjwatsondobey: No, I checked the logs, Dougie187 is definitely uploading to a PPA20:22
cjwatsonLooks like archiveuploader looks up the file by name20:22
cjwatsonSeems a bit tenuous to me for PPAs20:23
dobeyright, but i never get such errors when backporting packages from the archive to a ppa20:23
dobeyeven when using -sa20:23
cjwatsonNo doubt you have a matching orig20:24
cjwatsonThe workaround is just to make the orig be an exact match20:24
Dougie187Oh ok20:24
Dougie187so, my problem is my modules*.orig.tar.gz is different.20:24
dobeyoh. someone is trying to upload an invalid tarball20:24
cjwatsonDougie187: Right20:24
cjwatsondobey: different != invalid20:24
Dougie187I made my tarball, because at the time I didn't realize I was backporting something that existed.20:24
cjwatsonRight, a repack would have that effect.20:25
dobeya repack shouldn't. it would only have that effect if it was actually a different version of the contents, or produced in a different way which resulted in different contents20:25
cjwatsonRepacks almost invariably wind up being not bitwise-identical.20:26
cjwatsonNot least because gzip has a timestamp field unless you take care to suppress it.20:26
cjwatsonI do think this is a bug that you should file against Launchpad itself.  Arguably it shouldn't throw that error at all; but at the very least the message is very confusing.20:27
Dougie187So, how do I get the orig from the archive? Do I just manually download it? or is there a command to do it?20:27
cjwatsonJust wget it - maxb gave you the URL earlier.20:27
Dougie187I just wasn't sure if I should use some apt-src or something command.20:28
cjwatsonOr pull-lp-source will download it along with the rest of the source package20:28
cjwatsonYou probably want the -d option so that it doesn't unpack it over your working tree20:28
Dougie187eh. I can always just make a new dir for it.20:28
cjwatsonNo need though20:28
cjwatsonYou just need the .orig.tar.gz, you don't need it unpacked20:29
Dougie187Thanks for your help btw.20:33
Dougie187And everyone else. :P20:33
Dougie187I submitted a bug report too.20:35
Dougie187And that upload worked fine.20:35
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