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AskUbuntuWindows SDK on Ubuntu | http://askubuntu.com/q/32093505:00
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dpmgood morning all06:39
dpmmorning dholbach :)07:10
dholbachdpm, so the weather app is not showing the weather I'd like to have for the weekend - can we fix that somehow? :-P07:11
dpmdholbach, sure, we can always hardcode it so that it always shows sunshine :)07:11
dpmI'll approve the merge proposal straight away ;)07:12
dholbachthat's more like it - I guess we should maintain a list of cities where people just want good weather and if only just for the weekends :)07:12
dholbachluckily other weather services chose to do my bidding, so I guess I'm fine :)07:12
dinkometalacdpm, why not rain all weekend?07:15
dpmdinkometalac, I guess everyone has got a different type of favourite weather, as I say, patches welcome ;)07:16
dinkometalacdpm, it wouldn't get merged anyway :P07:16
dinkometalacso, no need hahaha07:16
dpmdinkometalac, btw, really nice to see how Sudoku is evolving, nice work!07:17
dinkometalacdpm, thanks07:18
dinkometalacas soon as HUD lands into sdk07:18
dinkometalacit will be much better07:18
dinkometalacimagine playing your game with voice07:18
dpmoh yeah07:19
dholbachdinkometalac, if it rains after the festival I'd be perfectly happy with that :)07:19
dinkometalacdholbach, what festival?07:21
dinkometalacrain festival in Bergen, Norway :-D07:21
dholbachdinkometalac, http://pyonen.de/about.html (just outside Berlin)07:21
dinkometalacdholbach, ah germans, techno :-D07:24
dinkometalacanyway, have a good time :-)07:24
dholbachdinkometalac, it's not like that's exactly my cup of tea, but as all my friends are going to be there, it's going to be good fun :)07:25
dinkometalacdholbach, you can always get high :-p07:25
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy International Criminal Justice Day! :-D08:32
nik90good morning all :)08:33
matanyapopey: topic change?08:41
dpmmorning nik90, awesome clock release yesterday :)08:49
=== popey changed the topic of #ubuntu-app-devel to: http://developer.ubuntu.com | App development on Ubuntu: how to do it & how to make it better | HackDays! http://bit.ly/12Ux0vM | Wed 17th July is Sudoku App HackDay! http://bit.ly/1aOKij2 | Sudoku App Bugs: http://bit.ly/13ukqz5 | Sudoku App Blueprint: http://bit.ly/17ktriJ
popeyBoom! 2 mins before the start!08:58
dpmpopey, there's a guy who was trying to install core apps on 12.04 via the  touch-coreapps package, but got this error about dropping-letters not being installable: http://www.jonobacon.org/2013/07/05/dogfoodable-core-apps/#comment-96495331009:11
dpmany ideas what it could be?09:11
dpmDropping Letters seems to be available here: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-touch-coreapps-drivers/+archive/daily?field.series_filter=precise09:12
popeydpm: yeah, someone pinged me on G+ this morning about it, am taking a look09:19
Mihir__Hey any one who is working on Calculator core app there ?09:19
dpmcool, thanks!09:19
dpmMihir__, I'm not sure we've got any of the core devs here, but others might be able to answer your questions on Calculator, so feel free to just ask :)09:20
Mihir__Actually i have just started looking into Ubuntu Touch and made an interest to start contributing my self09:22
Mihir__So need guidance how can I start..09:22
Mihir__I have setup the projects with source code and all09:22
Mihir__So need some guidance for further steps.09:25
dpmMihir__, so the next step is just to pick an app you'd like to contribute to, and then we can take it from there. Today we're running the Sudoku hackfest, so that'd be a good start09:29
dpmOtherwise, Music is also a good option09:30
dpmMihir__, so let me know which app you'd like to pick up and we can take it from there09:30
Mihir__I have looked into Calculator source code09:31
Mihir__and understood lil bit of I am having knowledge of Javascipt and starting with understanding of QML properly09:32
dpmcool, also a good choice09:32
dpmMihir__, have you got Qt Creator set up to look at the code and be able to start the app from there?09:33
Mihir__Yup , i got latest source code form bzr.09:33
Mihir__I am using Kubuntu 13.0409:33
Mihir__I ran calculator from QT creator09:34
dpmMihir__, so the easiest way to start is to actually try the app and see if you notice any usability or functionality issues, which you can report as a bug at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calculator-app (using the "Report a bug" link)09:38
dpmMihir__, next, you might want to go through the list of bugs in that same page, to see if there is any one that you might be interested to fix09:39
dpmthat will get you deep into the code09:39
Mihir__Okay got it09:39
Mihir__and what if I start working on any bug because I have seen the bug list yesterday and there was discussion going on09:40
Mihir__so how do they assign the bugs ?09:40
dpmMihir__, you can pick any bug you like. If you want to start working on a bug, feel free to assign yourself to the bug and mark it as In Progress, so that others know you're working on it. However, please do that when you actually start working on it, otherwise we've had the experience that some people "reserved" bugs to work on, got busy with other stuff, never worked on them and blocked others to work on them09:42
Mihir__Ohhkie got it :)09:42
dpmgreat :)09:42
Mihir__and what is the suduko hackthon you were talking about..?09:42
Mihir__and is there any simulator to test...because it just run as stand alone application is that fine ?09:43
dpmlet me answer the simulator question first, as it's quicker :)09:43
dpmwe don't yet have a simulator for the SDK. However, all of our developers develop the apps from the desktop, and 99% of the functionality of these apps can be tested by running on the desktop :)09:44
UberVexerWhat is the current recommended development hardware? Or is it just whatever you can get your hands on?09:45
Mihir__okay..so whatever works on desktop will work on mobile so no need of simulator09:46
dpmUberVexer, to develop on the desktop, any computer able to run Ubuntu 12.04 or later should do. To test on mobile devices, there are 4 that are recommended (2 phones and 2 tablets) -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install#Supported_devices_and_codenames09:47
UberVexerdpm: ty09:47
dpmyou're welcome ;)09:48
dpmMihir__, essentially, yes09:48
dpmMihir__, regarding the Hack Days, you'll find everything about them here: http://developer.ubuntu.com/2013/07/announcing-the-ubuntu-core-apps-hack-days/09:48
Mihir__and yeah what we discuss on #ubuntu-touch channel ?09:49
dpmwe're running a hackfest every day for 3 weeks, today it's Sudoku :)09:49
dpmMihir__, I'm not sure I understand the question about #ubuntu-touch09:49
Mihir__I mean what kind of discussion goes on on #ubuntu-touch IRC channel09:51
dpmah, I see. All kind of discussion related to developing the Ubuntu Touch platform. We chose to use this channel (#ubuntu-app-devel) for the hackfests as it is less noisy09:52
seb128hey to    Component.onCompleted: { displayName(backendInfo.listSounds("/usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo")); print("ok") }09:55
Mihir__So apart of development discussion we do it on #ubuntu-touch channel09:55
seb128ups, sorry for the accidental paste there ;-)09:56
dpmMihir__, yeah, this channel is specific for application development09:56
dpmMihir__, you're saying you have got experience with JavaScript, so this might be a good start with another activity: review. Someone filed a bug, someone else sent a fix, and now this fix is waiting for review (see the linked branch) https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calculator-app/+bug/119965709:56
seb128hey toolkit guys09:56
dpmYou might want to add a comment to the review.09:56
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1199657 in Ubuntu Calculator App "Sum, wrong decimal result" [Undecided,New]09:56
Mihir__@dpm and Stock Ticker is just at initial stage ? I can't see any requirements and wireframes on that page09:57
seb128I've a cpp backend returning a QStringList and I want to give that list to a transformation function and use it as a values: for a ValueSelector09:58
seb128does anyone has an hint how to do that?09:58
seb128does using Component.onCompleted: sound like a correct approach?09:58
dpmMihir__, stock ticker is actually in a more advanced state than most of the apps. The reason you don't see any wireframes is because it wasn't developed from scratch as a core app. A community developer created it, we thought it would be a good fit for the core apps project and we asked him if he'd be interested for his app to join the project. So we "adopted" it :)09:59
diploHi guys, about to start having a play and wanted to write something to use http://www.goodreads.com/api and was just wondering if there are any apps using oauth yet that I can take a look at ?09:59
dpmsame for the Sudoku app09:59
diploMy google foo is failing me09:59
dpmdiplo, you should be using the Online Accounts API to do OAuth for you09:59
dpmhowever, I don't recall it having a goodreads backend09:59
dpmso you might need to create that backend first10:00
diploOK, is there any documentation on doing that or code I should look at ?10:00
diploFirst try so having a look at someone elses code would be probably a good start for me10:00
Mihir__Okay...so he will provide all the details of project & we'll start working on that afterwards :)10:00
dpmMihir__, the project is already part of the core apps, you can  find the details here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/StockTicker - there are no wireframes as the app was developed without them, so there's not much point in creating the wireframes afterwards, unless we plan a UI redesign10:02
dpmdiplo, let me see if I can find something for you10:02
diploLooking at that atm10:03
Mihir__Okay :)10:04
dpmdiplo, there is some info here, but I believe it's a bit outdated:10:06
dpm- http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/technologies/online-accounts/10:06
dpm- http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/technologies/online-accounts/for-service-developers/10:06
diploHadn't found that page yet10:06
dpmyeah, it might be useful to learn about the terms used in online accounts, but I'm pretty sure the code examples are outdated10:07
dpmdiplo, the best person to ask is mardy on #ubuntu-touch, but he seems to be away at the moment10:07
diploOK thanks, I'll take a look and understand first. thanks for your help dpm10:08
dpmnp :)10:08
dpmtimp, bzoltan, could any of you answer this question? -> http://askubuntu.com/questions/319355/how-can-textfield-input-be-validated-for-long-integers10:13
popeydpm: uhm, we never made the collection available for precise/quantal10:14
popeyonly ever for raring/saucy10:14
dpmoh time to flick the switch, then :)10:15
popeyit's not a switch10:15
popeywell, i suspect we could do package copy, would need some testing10:15
* popey scripts it10:15
* popey hugs cjwatson who made the copy-package python script10:15
dpmargh yeah, you're right, we need to do it for each package10:16
popeystill, that aside, coreapps fail to install too10:16
* popey debugs in a precise vm10:16
bzoltanpopey: have you seen the download stats?10:17
popeywhat stats?10:17
popeyso. "no" ☻10:17
dpmpopey, thanks for testing. Quick question, what's the Canonical auth package? Which app needs them?10:17
popeyapt-get rdepends may help you there ☻10:18
popeybzoltan: just catching up with mail, thanks10:20
bzoltanpopey: It is intersting...there are people on Precise using the Ubuntu SDK :)10:21
dpmhm, nothing seems to depend on it10:22
bzoltanSo we may want to be nice with them :) I have read in a book, that the secret of a successful business is not the mess around with the customer :)10:23
dpmpopey, the artists tab is now functional in the music app \o/10:23
timpdpm: done10:24
timpdpm: reading the docs helped for me :)10:24
dpmthanks timp!10:24
popeydpm: SWEET!10:25
popeyi see why dropping letters fails to install10:29
* popey pokes some things10:29
Mihir__@dpm i can see that still the bug is not in progress ...so you meant to say I need to review the solution of the javascript library ?10:34
popeydpm: have asked fg to build the missing dep, but will try a copy-package to see if that works10:34
dpmI've just seen it, thanks popey!10:36
popeydpm: ever used copy-package?10:37
popeyit's unbelieveably awesome10:37
popeycheck this out http://paste.ubuntu.com/5883752/10:37
popeyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5883757/ the full monty10:39
dpmMihir__, yeah, the guy working on it didn't assign it to himself, so I've just done it for him :) He has linked a bzr branch with the fix, which he's attached to the bug. The way development works in core apps is that everyone can check out the code, work on it, and when the fix or feature is ready, they can send a merge proposal to include their code to the main branch. Before a merge proposal is accepted, it needs to be reviewed to make sure it wo10:40
dpmrks and it makes sense. That's the stage that bug is in, and it'd be helpful to have some review from experienced JS developers10:40
dpmthe nice thing about it is that anyone can do a review. You can click on the "Ready for review" link, which will take you to the merge proposal10:41
dpmthere you can add a comment (or more) and mark it as "Needs Fixing" if you think the code needs improvements or "Approve" if you think it's ok10:41
Mihir__Ohhkie got it I was wondering for that..i can see NEW tag only10:41
dpmwhere can you see this NEW tag?10:43
Mihir__Nope it has been changed now !!10:43
dpmhi WebbyIT, how are you today? :)10:43
WebbyIThi dpm :) I'm fine, thanks... In a couple of hours I'll try to do some MR for sudoku ;)10:44
dpmawesome! :)10:44
* popey hugs WebbyIT 10:46
timpWould any of the apps benefit from having "form-factor and orientation detection" in the SDK?10:47
timpI think that the apps can do all that is needed by checking the width and height of the view, but perhaps there are some uses that I didn't think of10:48
dpmpopey, just looked at the pastebin, cool :)10:50
* dpm loves automation10:50
dpmtimp, I think it would help, as right now we don't have any guidance on how to find out the form factor. I don't think all developers know that all that's needed is to check the width and height of the view. I for one didn't know it: http://askubuntu.com/q/306056/978110:53
Mihir__@dpm I did try to review that merge request ,10:54
Mihir__The solution looks fine , but what I feel10:54
Mihir__can we use minified version of JS instead of the full version to reduce the space ?10:55
timpdpm: I still think you don't need anything besides width and height. If you have a use case to prove me wrong, please tell me10:55
dpmMihir__, space does not matter on a native app, and having a minified version would make it impossible to debug10:55
timpdpm: "not having guidance" seems like a documentation+examples issue, not a form-factor-detection-module in sdk10:56
Mihir__Okay Got it :) so just need the confirmation for that too :)10:56
dpmtimp, I don't actually have a use case, and I think you're right, my thought was rather to make life easier to app developers10:56
timpdpm: ok, examples+docs are part of the sdk also :)10:56
timpdpm: I think when we start working on apps that automatically scale on different devices we should write some guidelines to help the developers10:57
dpmMihir__, my hunch was that it was a bit overkill to use that big external library, but I'm not a JavaScript expert, that's why having your input is very valuable10:57
dpmFeel free to add the comments on the merge proposal if you like, that'd be helpful for the review10:58
Mihir__yes i understood that too10:58
Mihir__But in calculator doing manual precision would be painful but let me understand it properly.10:59
dpmcool, thanks!10:59
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andrea_Hi guys I'm trying to learn how to use bazaar. SUmmary: https://code.launchpad.net/~vanpivix/sudoku-app/sudoku-app/+merge/175170. I'm following David's  message step by step:11:33
andrea_I downloaded the branch11:33
andrea_I fix the file I have to fix11:33
andrea_I use bzr pull :parent11:33
andrea_bzr push lp:~vanpivix/sudoku-app/sudoku-app/bug-17517011:33
andrea_I get this error11:34
andrea_bzr: ERROR: Permission denied: "Cannot create 'bug-175170'. Only Bazaar branches are allowed."11:34
popeyyou probably want bzr push lp:~vanpivix/sudoku-app/bug-17517011:34
andrea_pepey: THANKS I was going crazy...11:36
andrea_Now I fix the other things..11:36
andrea_I think now all is ok..11:43
Laneyxnox: Did you ever find out the answers to your question about ListItem.ValueSelector?11:49
xnoxLaney: w.r.t. flickable of it? i was told they are designing a new / proper option selector widget.11:52
Laneyxnox: Both actually11:52
LaneyI'd like to have one backed by a model11:53
xnoxLaney: http://design.ubuntu.com/apps/building-blocks/option-selector11:53
xnoxLaney: oh, and i don't think either are backed by models.11:53
Laneyalternatively can I convert it to a list of strings?11:53
xnoxLaney: you can have it's currently selected index, and choose the default index.11:56
dpmthanks andrea_ for your contribution!11:57
seb128Laney, xnox: join https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/1201872 ?11:57
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1201872 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "ListItems.ValueSelector doesn't work well with dynamic options" [Undecided,New]11:57
Laneymaybe I can subscript it11:57
Laneyseb128: I'm trying to hack your MP :P11:57
seb128Laney, good luck ;-)11:57
LaneyI think you can get rid of the C++ bit11:57
seb128Laney, list files from qml? how? I though you couldn't access the local disk from js/qml11:58
Laneythere's a FolderListModel11:58
seb128Laney, btw on the valueselector topic:11:58
seb128<Saviq> seb128, problem is ValueSelector doesn't support delegates yet11:58
seb128 seb128, but AFAIK they're making it so that it does11:58
Laneyassuming we are allowed to use it11:58
seb128<Saviq> seb128, at which point you'd just use their delegate and extend it to format your things11:58
xnoxseb128: qml has native xml / qml models support....11:58
Laneyyeah, ... ValueSelector :|11:59
seb128xnox, right, I've been using those11:59
seb128xnox, still that doesn't give me the content of /etc files or /usr directories11:59
* xnox is stuck with android when i should be joining in on the qml fun!11:59
Mihir__@dmp hey, I am unable to see keyboard while running project from QT SDK12:02
Mihir__any Idea?12:02
timpseb128: I guess the valueselector delegates that you refer to is what is asked in this bug report? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ux/+bug/120187212:04
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1201872 in Ubuntu UX "ListItems.ValueSelector doesn't work well with dynamic options" [Undecided,New]12:04
timpseb128: I don't think someone is currently working on it12:04
seb128timp, yes12:04
seb128timp, hum, ok, I worked around it so it's not blocking me, but the widget is pretty limited atm imho12:05
seb128well, you can't fix everything in a day ;-)12:05
timpthat is very true :)12:05
seb128seems like the widget UI is being reworked though?12:05
andrea_dpm: thank you for the help :D12:06
seb128or that a OptionSelector  one is coming?12:06
timpseb128: what do you mean with widget ui?12:07
timpseb128: yeah design calls it OptionSelector now, so eventually there will be an OptionSelector with proper designs and behavior12:07
timp(and a deprecated valueselector that is a subclass of optionselector I assume, but not just yet. Currently we have the ValueSelector to be used)12:08
Laneyhrm, I don't know how to do it12:08
Laneytimp: Do you know of a trick to turn a model into a list of strings?12:08
seb128timp, well, we are using ValueSelector in system settings but it's not looking great, mpt said to not worry and to wait for OptionSelector to be available and that's going to look better12:08
LaneyI'm trying to populate a ValueSelector with a FolderListModel12:08
timpseb128: mpt gave you good advice :)12:09
seb128timp, good to hear ;-)12:09
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timpLaney: does it need to be expandable? Otherwise you can consider having a ListItem.Header, by a list of standard list items that is populated by the folderlistmode12:09
seb128Laney, you can probably hack around like I did in https://code.launchpad.net/~seb128/ubuntu-system-settings/sound-display-names/+merge/17525012:10
LaneyIt's permenantly expanded12:10
seb128Laney, e.g have a function that populate the list from the model12:10
timpseb128: there are new designs that look pretty sleek http://design.ubuntu.com/apps/building-blocks/option-selector but we don't have it implemented yet12:10
seb128timp, Laney: the issue with the "list of standard list items" is that you need to reimplement the "select one value" behaviour12:11
seb128timp, do you know when the new option selector should be there?12:11
timpseb128: no, I think we need to discuss its priority. It is not in the current list of scheduled components but perhaps it should be12:13
timpseb128, Laney I created a bug for this (I couldn't find an existing one; if there is please let me know) https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/120217012:13
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1202170 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Implement OptionSelector" [Undecided,New]12:13
LaneyOK I'll just leave it getting a QStringList from C++ for now12:14
timpseb128, Laney please comment there with your use case(s) and let us know whether it is important for you.12:14
Laneytimp: thanks12:14
timpkalikiana: ^ see bug12:15
timpI just discovered that we do have the optionselector scheduled :)12:15
timpwith priority 2 (1 is the highest).12:16
seb128timp, great, that confirms what the design guys said then ;-)12:16
timpkalikiana: ^ you are assigned to the OptionSelector in the spreadsheet; what's the current plan for that?12:16
seb128we need it12:16
seb128quite some of the system settings UI look weird using the current valueselector12:16
timpkalikiana: hey, you wanna trade your OptionSelector for my "medium font weight" and grid view? :)12:18
kalikianatimp, I barely had time to look at OptionSelector so I'm not emotionally attached so to speak12:21
kalikianaif you want I don't mind trading12:21
timpok, cool12:21
timpI made the ugly ValueSelector so am a bit emotionally attached ;)12:21
timpkalikiana: ok, so I'll swap them in https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Av4_up3vZmkvdGNHdW1mWGtwSndPWkRJQkdwNFgtM3c#gid=012:24
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mardydpm: hi! You were looking for me before :-)12:45
dpmhi mardy, thanks for coming back to me :)12:46
dpmmardy, earlier on diplo was looking for some info on how to add a new provider to Online Accounts for Ubuntu Touch (to be able to access goodreads), and I couldn't find any up-to-date documentation to do it. Do you  have any pointers or links to any docs?12:47
timpnic-doffay: ^ I hear you are working on the OptionSelector12:48
mardydpm, diplo: http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/technologies/online-accounts/for-service-developers/12:48
mardydpm, diplo: the part about the account plugin does not apply to Ubuntu Touch12:48
mardydpm, diplo: in fact, writing plugins for Ubuntu Touch is easier, it's just a matter of writing a QML file. See for example http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~online-accounts/account-plugins/trunk/files/head:/qml/12:50
nic-doffaytimp, that's right.12:52
timpnic-doffay: ok, cool. I assigned this bug to you then: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/120217012:53
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1202170 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Implement OptionSelector" [Undecided,New]12:53
nic-doffaytimp, cool12:54
dpmmardy, thanks!12:54
timpnic-doffay: could you link your branch to that bug?12:59
Mihir__@dpm you there?12:59
dpmMihir__, yes13:00
Mihir__I am unable to see keyboard while running project from QT SDK  any Idea?13:02
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dpmMihir__, you won't get the On-screen keyboard popping out if you're running your apps on the desktop, the idea is that you can use your regular hardware keyboard in there13:03
Mihir__Yeah that I know but was looking into this issue https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calculator-app/+bug/119884213:03
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1198842 in Ubuntu UX "[Calculator app] Keyboard partly overlaps keypad instead of covering it" [Low,Triaged]13:03
Mihir__it seems required to test so was wondering how can I re-produce this issue13:04
nic-doffaytimp, sure13:08
dpmMihir__, ah, yeah, I'd suggest looking at another bug perhaps, as this one requires design input too13:11
Mihir__Okay & yeah I have reviewed that bug13:11
Mihir__I guess it has been committed13:11
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dpmhi SDK people, could someone help this app developer with their question? http://askubuntu.com/q/320292/978114:35
dpmKaleo, I think you're the color master in the team, so this one might be for you ;) ^14:35
Kaleodpm: yes14:43
Kaleodpm: done14:45
dpmthanks Kaleo!14:45
Kaleom-b-o: hey, you are going to merge https://code.launchpad.net/~martin-borho/ubuntu-weather-app/Bug1201094 ?15:36
m-b-okaleo: not anymore :)15:37
Kaleom-b-o: some other fix you made? :)15:37
m-b-orequirements have changed aliite bit and will make a new try, when15:37
Kaleom-b-o: ah ok :)15:37
Kaleokenvandine: are we all good with the friends app header issue?15:37
Kaleom-b-o: I don't know what the new requirements are but I think this branch ought to land since it will fix not only the bug but also a lot of performance related issues15:38
m-b-okaleo: seems like we don't need a PageStack anymore in the weather app,15:38
m-b-okaleo: yes15:38
Kaleom-b-o: cool15:39
m-b-obut I screwed the MP in the meantime ;)15:39
m-b-okaleo: but all Tab content will move into Page, as you suggested15:40
Kaleom-b-o: cool15:43
seb128Kaleo, help! ;-)16:17
seb128Kaleo, can you tell me what I'm doing wrong there: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5884692/ ? ;-)16:17
seb128^ anyone else who can help with a flickable issue?16:22
Kaleoseb128: let me see16:24
Kaleoseb128: what's the issue?16:25
seb128Kaleo, I want to scroll through the list of values16:25
seb128which goes over the screen16:25
seb128but that doesn't work, there is no scrolling16:25
seb128like the flickable was not working16:26
Kaleoseb128: you are setting the height of the flickable to be the height of the selector16:28
Kaleoseb128: that breaks it16:28
seb128Kaleo, what should I set it to? I tried random fixed value and it was not scrolling either :/16:29
Kaleoseb128: you set it to whatever you want16:30
Kaleoseb128: the important thing is contentHeight16:30
Kaleoseb128: anyway you seem to be trying to achieve some design that i did not know about, who is asking for that?16:31
seb128Kaleo, mpt16:31
seb128Kaleo, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Sound#Phone16:32
Kaleoseb128: why is it not following the standard pattern?.16:32
seb128Kaleo, "Apart from that, the “Ringtone” screen should consist of a non-scrolling “Stop Playing” button whenever you are not in Silent Mode, followed by..."16:32
seb128Kaleo, which are? are you speaking about the list or the scrolling?16:32
seb128or both?16:32
Kaleoseb128: let me see16:32
jononik90, hey16:33
jononik90, awesome work on the clock!16:34
jonothe suru gradient looks incredible16:34
Kaleoseb128: so that looks like a pretty common use case16:34
Kaleoseb128: that should be added to the standard patterns (& toolkit)16:34
Kaleoseb128: so, IIUC there are 2 issues:16:35
seb128Kaleo, the scrolling or the list?16:35
Kaleoseb128: the scrolling is just you not using the Flickable correctly16:35
Kaleoseb128: let's call it issue 1) :)))16:35
mptKaleo, it's the only time I've needed it in dozens of screens, so I wouldn't be so sure it's a pattern.16:36
Kaleoseb128: you should have the Flickable as parent of the Column16:36
Kaleoseb128: (since it should flick everything)16:36
seb128Kaleo, but that would make the button scroll off screen no?16:36
seb128well the listitem in my example16:36
Kaleoseb128: it's not part of the design16:36
Kaleoseb128: but yes it would16:37
Kaleoseb128: so anyway your root issue is contentHeight not being set adequately16:37
seb128Kaleo, the design states "the “Ringtone” screen should consist of a non-scrolling “Stop Playing” button..."16:37
seb128Kaleo, right, thanks, that works now16:37
Kaleompt: you mean having a submenu where you select a value?16:37
Kaleoseb128: ah it's not on the wireframe (the button)16:38
seb128Kaleo, right, mpt forgot it in the drawing and didn't redo one16:38
Kaleompt: ok16:38
jonompt, hey16:38
jonomaybe you can help with this16:38
seb128Kaleo, the "submenu when you get a value" is supposed to be provided by "OptionSelector"16:38
seb128Kaleo, which was discussed earlier today16:39
Kaleoseb128: was it?16:39
jonoI remember seeing some visual design guidelines for the calendar - do you know when they will be finished and ready for the calendar team to use?16:39
seb128Kaleo, you discussed assignment with the sdk guys16:39
Kaleoseb128: so you are missing the option to keep it always expanded?16:39
seb128Kaleo, no?16:39
Kaleoseb128: yes, but not your case16:39
seb128Kaleo, well, calum/mpt said that this usecase will be fullfilled by the optionselector when we get it16:39
Kaleoseb128: well, good then16:40
Kaleoseb128: however you are still missing that option right?16:41
Kaleoseb128: to keep it always expanded16:41
Kaleonic-doffay: you around?16:41
seb128Kaleo, I've no idea what the OptionSelector will look like :/16:41
seb128Kaleo, well the design has it16:41
Kaleoseb128: where do you see that design?16:41
seb128Kaleo, see http://design.ubuntu.com/apps/building-blocks/option-selector16:41
seb128Kaleo, the "expended"16:41
nic-doffayKaleo, what's up?16:41
Kaleoseb128: right, it's me not knowing then16:42
Kaleonic-doffay: just wanted to make sure that you have a property in both OptionSelectors to keep them expanded16:42
nic-doffayKaleo, yeah.16:42
Kaleonic-doffay: cool16:42
Kaleoseb128: so, it will come :)16:42
nic-doffayIn the branch there's examples of both in the gallery.16:42
seb128Kaleo, great! ;-)16:42
obounaim_Hello everybody16:42
nic-doffayHey there16:43
kenvandineKaleo, yes16:43
kenvandineKaleo, except for the bug that breaks the header if i set the range thing16:43
kenvandinebut i commented that out for now16:43
Kaleokenvandine: ok16:43
Laneyseb128: btw, it works with a ListView16:46
Laneyah, you got it already16:47
=== wendar_ is now known as wendar
ahayzenpopey, ping16:56
popeyahayzen: yo16:57
popeyi am going afk shortly.. make it a quickie ☻16:57
ahayzenpopey, dpm said for me to sign canonical contributors license....who do i put as 'Please add the Canonical Project Manager or contact'?16:57
ahayzenpopey, for the Ubuntu Touch Music App16:57
popeyAlan Pope / alan.pope@canonical.com16:58
ahayzenur name and email...?16:58
ahayzenor just one16:58
ahayzenpopey, i'll put ur name and the email with a slash like u have...thx :)16:59
popeyi haven't actually seen the form17:00
ahayzenpopey, sent! thanks .. ur free to go now :)17:00
popeybut the person the form goes to, will recognise the name :D17:00
popeyThank you! :D17:00
ahayzenpopey, go and cool down those cats they must be hot ;)17:00
popeythey are!17:01
popeymoping about17:01
danielholmhi guys, why can't I get my toolbar to show in a page that uses a page stack inside a tab17:08
danielholmcode: https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~danielholm/music-app/show-tracks-in-playlists/view/head:/MusicPlaylists.qml17:10
danielholmoh, wie, ahazyen: welcome!17:11
danielholmahayzen: I hoped you would be invited since your code proposals kick ass ;)17:12
ahayzendanielholm, ....invited?...17:12
danielholmahayzen: I thought you were joining the music app team?17:12
ahayzendanielholm, i am :)17:12
ahayzendanielholm, just had to sign the agreement..now gotta tell dpm and he'll add me :)17:13
danielholmahayzen: well, there you go! welcome :)17:13
ahayzendanielholm, thx :)17:13
ahayzendanielholm, do u think i should add tht comment from tht merge last night to the bug?17:13
danielholmahayzen: very nice to have you17:13
danielholmahayzen: which bug?17:14
ahayzendanielholm, this comment .. https://code.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/music-app/library-load-rework/+merge/175113/comments/39271717:14
ahayzendanielholm, to bug 120036817:15
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1200368 in Ubuntu Music App "UI blocks when scanning in music" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120036817:15
ahayzendanielholm, obviously tweak it slightly for the bug so it is context..but move the info over so it isn't lost (as it is relevant to the bug)?17:15
danielholmahayzen: there's been sooo many mails the last few days, I seem to have some problems remembering them all.17:15
ahayzendanielholm, no worries17:16
danielholmahayzen: do what's most convenient for you. :)17:16
ahayzendanielholm, i'll move it over in a bit :)17:16
ahayzendanielholm, so ur toolbar isn't appearing?17:16
danielholmahayzen: exactly. it bothers me, since I don't know why?17:17
danielholmahayzen: might you know?17:17
ahayzendanielholm, well MusicTracks uses pagestack doesn't it so whts different?17:18
danielholmahayzen: the same goes for the artist tab as well as the playlist tab17:18
ahayzendanielholm, are they all doing it or just the playlist?17:18
danielholmahayzen: Does it? no? really? I'll have to look17:19
ahayzendanielholm, i was asking u...17:19
danielholmahayzen: you are correct. I missed that17:20
ahayzendanielholm, in ur branch the toolbar *sometimes* works in the Music tab for me :S17:20
danielholmahayzen: so yeah, why doesn't it work in the playlist, or artist, tab17:21
ahayzendanielholm, it works in the tracks tab first time... then go back and its not working!?17:21
danielholmahayzen: yeah, we should really check that out. I have the same issues. Or had, really, since it's been working a lot better now.17:21
ahayzendanielholm, albums appears to *always* work so whts different17:22
danielholmahayzen: yeah.... I believe its due that we want toolbars with different actions in them for each tab17:23
ahayzendanielholm, yh17:23
ahayzendanielholm, can we not have a massive toolbar and then hide/show the toolitems relevant to the page or is it better to have many toolbars?17:24
zerotracki dont know why, but the icon of sudoku app is the same of Music App and the title on top of screen is "Music". Should I report a bug?17:24
danielholmahayzen: if that's possible, that would be better.17:24
ahayzenzerotrack, my Music app was apparently sudoku yesterday (it was displaying the sudoku icon)17:24
ahayzendanielholm, i'm just throwing ideas out there ;)17:25
danielholmahayzen: becoSE IU much rather have ONE general toolbar.17:25
danielholmbecause *17:25
danielholmahayzen: haha, mine is displaying the xkcd icon on desktop17:25
ahayzendanielholm, yh would be better...then we could have a handler which switches them on/off when u switch pages...u reckon tht would work17:25
danielholmzerotrack: I think its a bug with the SDK17:26
ahayzendanielholm, zerotrack, after updating the PPAs today it seems to be correct (yn)17:26
danielholmwell, great then17:26
danielholmahayzen: now let's see. Toolbar api17:26
zerotrackdanielholm, ahayzen i will update.. thanks..17:27
ahayzenyh the icons are ok now :) just confirmed17:27
ahayzendanielholm, do u think we could split up tht main music-app.qml a bit more, as it is getting hard to find things. Or is there a better way in QtCreator of jumping to elements than scrolling up/down?17:28
ahayzendanielholm, like the file scanner i can never find lol17:29
danielholmahayzen: I think we should keep things that are consistent and used by more then one file in music-app.qml and have the other parts in seperate files17:29
danielholmahayzen: or central things. I think they should stay in that file, and have that as the center17:30
ahayzendanielholm, ok tht makes sense17:30
ahayzendanielholm, is there an actual tasklist i can look at, or is randomly hacking the best thing to do lol?17:31
danielholmahayzen: blueprint: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-commons/+spec/initial-music-development ; things needed to be done this week to get Music into image: https://bugs.launchpad.net/music-app/+bugs?field.tag=touch-image-inclusion17:33
ahayzendanielholm, thx...just got the playlist toolbar working!17:33
danielholmdid YOU="!!!_D17:33
ahayzendanielholm, comment out pageStack.push(playlistspage)17:33
danielholmpush :)17:33
ahayzendanielholm, do the same for artists etc17:34
danielholmahayzen: but does the pagestack work then?17:34
ahayzendanielholm, wht should happen? ...17:34
danielholmahayzen: if you remove that, you aren't able to se tracks for artists or tracks in playlists, right?17:34
ahayzendanielholm, and music albums doesn't have this push (hence why i removed it)17:34
ahayzendanielholm, correct...i think17:35
danielholmahayzen: albums haven't got updated yet17:35
ahayzendanielholm, ah17:35
danielholmdanielholm: then we have to find another way17:35
ahayzendanielholm, well thts wht causing the issue17:35
ahayzendanielholm, god we need our own channel otherwise we will take over #ubuntu-app-devel ;)17:36
ahayzendanielholm, so it works on the Tracks until u move to another page...suggesting if u started on Playlists tht would work until u moved?17:37
danielholmahayzen: haha, well it's pretty quite here anyways.17:37
danielholmahayzen: I just found that you could use "visible: true/false/ for toolbar actions17:38
ahayzendanielholm, interesting17:38
ahayzendanielholm, do u think we should discuss the idea of a global toolbar with the SDK team first?17:38
danielholmahayzen: so I think that we should remove each toolbar, except one genereal, and use toolbarid.visible =17:38
danielholmahayzen: I think that we need to get the toolbar working first of all. we could always change it later, since the UI will be completely revamped later17:39
ahayzendanielholm, yes probably best17:40
ahayzendanielholm, if u go to the artists tab...it the toolbar doesn't work...but then click on an artist...bring up the toolbar click back..then it works?!17:41
ahayzenis tht a whut i don't understand wht ur saying ... or a whut i don't believe wht it is doing?17:42
danielholmahayzen: same thing in playlists...17:42
ahayzendanielholm, magic!17:43
danielholmahayzen: "whut I dont get why is that magic" ;)'17:43
danielholmahayzen: crazy magic17:43
ahayzendanielholm, and then they continue working! even while u move tabs17:43
danielholmit has to be a bug, right? I mean, that cant be intentional?17:44
ahayzendanielholm, idk ... how does tht secondary toolbar work (the one with the back)? /me looks in code17:44
danielholmahayzen: that's pagestack magic17:45
ahayzendanielholm, ah17:45
danielholmahayzen: that's hwo the pagestack works. when you push a new page, you get a back button the the one before the puush17:45
ahayzendanielholm, yep probably a bug or our implementation is not wht they expected17:45
ahayzendanielholm, ooh i understand now17:45
danielholmahayzen: we should probably report it. popey, mhall119, bacon have you seen this?17:46
ahayzendanielholm, bacon?17:47
danielholmJOno Bacon17:47
ahayzendanielholm, yh :) his nick is jono isn't it?17:47
danielholmBut Bacon is much mure fun, isn't it? haha, no that was ju my bad17:47
ahayzendanielholm, it is :)17:48
danielholmahayzen: I'm hungry :)17:48
ahayzendanielholm, same nearly din dins time :)17:48
danielholmahayzen: never heard of; whts that?17:49
ahayzendanielholm, dinner?17:49
danielholmahayzen: You'll have to excuse we. I'm Swedish and we drink beer and eat meatballs ;)17:49
ahayzendanielholm, no worries...sounds pretty similar to wht happens over here lol17:50
danielholmahayzen: ah, of course. Made a quick search and it said Cats and Dogs, and I didn't get it17:50
danielholmahayzen: actually I'm late to a party so I think I'll leave when we aren't in the middle of sometthing17:50
ahayzendanielholm, one thing before u go...17:51
danielholmahayzen: I just got stuck. So my girlfriend left me here - with the beer. bad move ;)17:51
ahayzendanielholm, the docs have Component.onCompleted: push(page0) on the PageStack element y don't we?17:51
ahayzenoh its in the actual page load17:51
danielholmwe got that too17:51
ahayzendanielholm, its too hot brain got confused :P17:52
danielholmrow 62: https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~danielholm/music-app/show-tracks-in-playlists/view/head:/MusicPlaylists.qml17:52
ahayzendanielholm, they have it in the PageStack element we have it in the Page element17:52
ahayzendanielholm, so i miss read it ;)17:52
mhall119danielholm: ahayzen: what bug?17:52
danielholmbut we got in in the Page. We should perhaps move it to PageStack17:52
ahayzenmhall119, toolbars not working17:53
ahayzenmhall119, but then magically working after select an item and then pressing the back button17:54
danielholmahayzen: didn'r change the behaviour of the toolbar.17:54
ahayzenmhall119, they work until u change tab then stop working17:54
mhall119ahayzen: odd, should definitely file a bug about that17:54
ahayzenmhall119, danielholm may be able to explain better17:54
danielholmahayzen: not at all.  ;)17:55
danielholmmhall119: but we started to use a pagestack in a tab, and the toolbar won't work untill you pushed a new page and then to back17:55
mhall119oh, because Tabs and PageStack both provide toolbars probably, Kaleo can you comment on that?17:56
danielholmSorry guys, I have to go17:57
danielholmbut if it is a bug, report it and I'll take a look17:58
ahayzendanielholm, no worries ..speak soon17:58
danielholmtake care and well keep in touch! :DS17:58
=== gatox_ultra is now known as gatox
kenvandineKaleo, using the profiler on friends-app i see that onContentYChanged: internal.checkOnScreen() in AnimatedItem.qml gets called 11189 times in 9 seconds!19:36
kenvandinethat is with scrolling the listview up and down for a few seconds19:37
kenvandineso i expect contentY to change a lot...19:37
kenvandinebut that's 19% of the 9 seconds i ran it19:38
=== Guest99716 is now known as balloons_
oSoMoNWebbyIT: hey, I just submitted a one-liner MR against the calendar-app to fix a critical bug, would you mind reviewing it?20:38
oSoMoNthat’s https://code.launchpad.net/~osomon/ubuntu-calendar-app/all-dates-local/+merge/17539820:39
oSoMoN(and the associated bug is bug #1202366)20:39
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1202366 in Ubuntu Calendar App "[regression] first day of the month is broken for some months" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120236620:39
WebbyIToSoMoN: sure, I'm going to read it ;)20:42
oSoMoNawesome, thanks!20:42
Kaleokenvandine: that's really bad :)20:44
Kaleokenvandine: can you file a bug?20:44
WebbyIToSoMoN: yeah, good point, when I did revision 66 I saw it, but stupidly I have not investigated it20:46
oSoMoNWebbyIT: at some point when we have some spare time we should really document those functions, and unit test them20:47
WebbyIToSoMoN: yes, definitely, it is necessary20:51
jonodanielholm, ahayzen, mhall119 just tested music app in the daily image20:52
jonoit works great20:52
jonoalso, music plays while I use other apps too20:52
ahayzenjono, awesome :)20:52
mhall119jono: it'll keep playing the one track20:54
mhall119I think Qt's multimedia stuff does that20:54
mhall119but when teh track ends, it can't start the next20:54
jonomhall119, ahhh let me test that20:55
mhall119I made popey try earlier in the week20:55
ahayzenmhall119, tht sounds like it will be an interesting one to fix20:57
mhall119ahayzen: it's not broken, necessarily20:58
mhall119it's just that the music app doesn't run when it doesn't have focus20:58
mhall119there's already plans to provide a media server that will keep stuff playing when the app isn't focused20:59
jonomhall119, ahhh yes20:59
jonoI see that too21:00
mhall119jono: still, we were shocked that it kept playing even that one song, we expected it to stop immediately21:01
ahayzenmhall119, dpm was talking about a media scanner service...do we have an eta or access to test this?21:06
mhall119ahayzen: there was some evaluation of a 3rd party media scanner,  but last I heard they (thostr_) was having trouble getting it compiled and running21:07
mhall119note, the media *scanner* service is different from the media *player* service21:07
mhall119the player is planned to be written by jhodapp starting next week or so21:08
ahayzenmhall119, Ok, yh this is something which may solve the UI locking while scanning (yn)21:08
mhall119ahayzen: yeah, once we have a scanner service the music app won't need to scan anymore, it can drop it's use of the folderlistmodel plugin, and just query the service's database for songs21:08
ahayzenyey :)21:09
ahayzenmhall119, and this service will also be available on the desktop?21:10
mhall119ahayzen: eventually I would imagine it would, yes21:10
ahayzenbrilliant :D21:10
mhall119the one that is being evaluated would use the Grilo API to access it's data21:10
mhall119which would work well for desktop apps too21:10
ahayzenso would third party apps be able to use this service?21:11
mhall119it uses DBus to communicate, so we'd need to make a Qt/QML wrapper for it21:11
mhall119but then any app could access it21:11
ahayzentht will be useful for Python3 apps as mutagen for Python3 still doesn't officially exist21:12
kenvandineKaleo, sure!21:13
kenvandineKaleo, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/120239321:16
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1202393 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "AnimatedItem calls checkOnScreen too often" [Undecided,New]21:16
boikotimp: hi, what would be the easiest way to get the old style tabs in an app?21:32
ahayzenvthompson, o/22:54
vthompsonahayzen, hello!22:58
ahayzenvthompson, i've got a branch which horizontally aligns the items on the now playing view (as on the desktop when u go fullscreen they get split) i couldn't see tht u've done this in ur design branch, but i can abandon tht branch if u have offline?...23:01
vthompsonI was hoping in my head the items would be centered with the title, track, album and progress bar being left justified such that the longest of them is left justified23:04
vthompsonIf that makes sense.23:04
ahayzenvthompson, tht sounds like wht i've done23:05
ahayzenvthompson, also the pre/play/next should they be bound to the item above rather than parent.bottom?23:05
vthompsonahayzen, I'll pull your code, I see it now.23:05
ahayzenvthompson, :)23:06
vthompsonahayzen, I bouneded them to the bottom of app so they are closer to the users thumbs.23:06
ahayzenvthompson, ok but wht about desktop? cause they are sortof in the middle when maximised....also they (on a phone size ish) appear directly under the item above at the moment as the margin to the bottom pushes them up23:08
vthompsonahayzen, I like your changes my friend.23:08
ahayzenvthompson, :)23:08
vthompsonahayzen, also, I don't see them as being in the middle when maximized on the desktop. They appear to be just an inch or so from the bottom.23:09
vthompsonahayzen, I intend to fix it so that it is even closer to the bottom.23:09
ahayzenvthompson, i feel either the margin of the pre/play/next should be reduced a bit or they should be bound the item above...but then i'm not a designer23:09
ahayzenvthompson, ok sounds gd :)23:09
vthompsonahayzen, I agree on reducing the margin. I think I have it set as units.gu(3) or so in my adding-more-design-work branch -- which was just to play with.23:10
vthompsonahayzen, feel free to reduce the margin so that there is just a bit of a buffer from the bottom.23:11
=== kc8qvp_ is now known as kc8qvp
ahayzenvthompson, 'anchors.bottomMargin: units.gu(10)'23:11
vthompsonahayzen, Yep, and in the branch I just mentioned I changed 10 to 3. It looks nice23:12
ahayzenvthompson, shall i reduce it in my branch or leave it to urs?23:12
vthompsonahayzen, you can do it. You've already investigated. You might as well bring it forward with your Now Playing changes23:12
ahayzenvthompson, ok :) anything else tht needs tweaking on tht page while i'm there?23:13
vthompsonahayzen, I had thought that we could use more spacing between back, play/pause, and forward. Maybe double the current spacing?23:14
ahayzenvthompson, ok i'll add tht23:14
vthompsonahayzen, If you think that'd look good feel free to make the change.23:14
ahayzenvthompson, i'm not sure if thts too much now ...23:16
ahayzenvthompson, its strange makes it look like the pre/next buttons are higher than the play (unless they actually are)...23:17
vthompsonahayzen, I see, you can leave it be. It was just a passing idea as I stare at the screen now23:18
ahayzenvthompson, okies hehe23:18
ahayzenvthompson, should the position/duration be closer to the progress bar?23:19
ahayzenvthompson, hmm its only 2gu i'll leave it at tht23:19
vthompsonahayzen, now that you mention it the pos/duration looks odd now because it's kind of close to the back button23:21
vthompsonahayzen, even with the controls closer to the bottom it looks a little odd.  It almost looks like the pos/duration could be right justified?23:22
ahayzenvthompson, ok i'll try it on the right... it is current 2 units down from the progress bar but then cause the actual bar of the progress is smaller it appears ~2.5 units23:23
vthompsonahayzen, you could make it closer if you think it looks nicer. We really havent done any nitpicky design to the pixel level yet. If folks for the community want to make small tweaks such as the ones you're looking into, they are def welcome23:25
vthompsonahayzen, just don't be disappointed if they change, say, next week. :)23:26
ahayzenvthompson, ok :) ... how would i right justify a label?23:27
vthompsonahayzen, you should be able to anchor it to the right.23:28
ahayzenvthompson, it is the full width (40 units) at the moment, i'll change it so its smaller but even then it won't be perfect?23:30
ahayzenvthompson, oh no tht won't work...cause it is 40 units with horizontal centre so it remains there even when maximised23:31
vthompsonahayzen, I see, I don't know how to justify just the text off the top of my head23:31
ahayzenvthompson, got it... horizontalAlignment: Text.AlignRight23:33
vthompsonahayzen, cool23:33
ahayzenvthompson, i'll push tht up and shall i propose it?23:33
vthompsonahayzen, sure. Just state that you made some small tweaks to the Now Playing page layout... nothing functional.23:35
ahayzenvthompson, done :) anyway sleepy time thanks for your help23:40
vthompsonahayzen, no problem. Thanks for your hard work!23:44
ahayzenvthompson, thanks! bye23:44

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