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Hyuristylemy Lubuntu 12.10 and Ubuntu 12.10 freezes frequently, any suggestions?19:31
Hyuristylefreezes completely19:34
Hyuristylemouse, keyboard, audio19:34
penguin42Hyuristyle: Can you loginto it remotely when that happens?19:35
Hyuristylenever tried19:37
Hyuristylebut i don't have another computer19:37
penguin42ok, if you get the chance it's a good to test to see if the machine is really going but it's just the GUI that's died19:38
penguin42the other things you can try are ctrl-alt-f1 to get a text console sometimes works, also see if there is anything in the logs19:38
Hyuristyleno tty's too19:39
Hyuristylethe sound starts freaking and get mute after 2 seconds19:39
penguin42Hyuristyle: I think I'd try booting it without going into the GUI and see if it's stable just working at the command line for a while19:39
Hyuristylegenerally, happens when i am watching a video or using blender19:40
penguin42so most likely graphics driver or possibly heat19:41
Hyuristylei think this processor is overclocked, Pentium 4 @ 3Ghz19:42
penguin42Hyuristyle: Other thing to check, does capslock still work when it hangs?  Just tells you something is alive19:42
Hyuristylenumlock stays as it was19:42
penguin42yeh this stuff is hard to debug with just one machine because you've got nothing else to prod it with19:42
penguin42Hyuristyle: Check logs when it's rebooted to see if you can see anything, and check CPU temperatures before it dies19:43
penguin42which graphics card?19:43
HyuristyleATI 960019:43
penguin42hmm old and simple19:44
penguin42is it ATI?19:44
penguin42I had a machine that used to hate it's 9600, there were some where you had to drop the AGP bus speed for them19:45
penguin42that was some years ago however19:47
Hyuristylei don't know, i will check19:47
penguin42also when it reboots see if you can see /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old for any errors19:48
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penguin42but depending on how it dies then it might not have a chance to write the logs19:49
Hyuristyleyeah, seems to be AGP20:20
penguin42I seem to remember there are some flags you can set in the X server to downgrade the AGP speed, can;t remember the details20:56
Hyuristylehum, good20:57
Hyuristylei will search20:58
caravenaother user with bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ntfs-3g/+bug/120202121:16
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1202021 in ntfs-3g (Ubuntu) "[Saucy-Development] Not write folders and files in partition NTFS (problem after restart)" [Undecided,New]21:16
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