dpmgood morning all06:39
elfymorning dpm06:40
dpmhey elfy :)06:40
dholbachgood morning! :)07:09
elfyit is that :)07:10
dholbachlunch time, brb10:21
dpmman balloons, you've just created the QA G+ community and you've already got nearly 70 members!12:33
popeyi though there already was a QA community until I was invited to it today :D12:38
popeyfirst thing I did before getting out of bed was to join the community12:38
popeyI am _THAT_ committed!12:38
jussiAlan "Mr Commitment" Pope :D12:41
dpmballoons, folks seem to be joining the QA community even in their sleep! ^^12:42
jonodholbach, jcastro, balloons, mhall119, dpm gonna be a few mins late15:00
jonomhall119, call?15:05
dholbachheading out! have a great rest of your day! :)16:01
jonomhall119, ready for the app showdown call?17:03
jonojcastro, dude, did you screw up the size of the ubuntuonair video again?17:29
jonoit was small, and I just changed the embed code17:30
jcastroI change everything in the <iframe>17:30
jcastroI thought we were supposed to replace the entire line?17:30
jonojcastro, don't change it!17:30
jonoonly change the embed code17:30
jonootherwise jose comes and shouts at us17:31
jcastroI was doing that before and I thought that was wrong?17:31
jonoremember, we discussed this a few weeks ago17:31
jonono what you were doing wrong was not just changing the embed code17:31
jcastrowell, I used to just change the embed code and then he told me that was wrong17:31
jcastrook so just the youtube URL basically?17:31
jonojcastro, no you didn't, you changed the entire iframe which changed the size, and then jose would shout at me :-)17:31
jonohence why we asked to just change the embed code :-)17:32
jonoanyway, I fixed it17:32
jcastroack, I'll do it that way from now on17:32
jonothanks jcastro17:32
jcastroI remember arguing about this, I was like why are we even changing the iframe part17:32
jcastrowhen we could just change the URL17:32
jcastroI'll just change the youtube url from now on17:32
josejono: thanks for fixing!18:27
=== Guest99716 is now known as balloons_
jcastrolight-themes all 13.04+13.10.20130716-0ubuntu119:52
jcastrodebian packaging, I will never understand you19:52
jcastroindicator-datetime amd64 12.10.3+13.10.20130716-0ubuntu1 <--- seriously.19:52
AskUbuntuUbuntu Brainstorm site down/dead? | http://askubuntu.com/q/32128922:04
bkerensajono: http://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/1ihstg/how_the_hell_is_this_legal/22:38
jonobkerensa, I saw it22:39
bkerensajono: :)22:39
bkerensawe have duck hunt!22:39
jcastrohey bkerensa22:58
jcastrocheck out that IP address22:58
jcastrothat's right son.22:58
jcastrolocal provider.22:58
bkerensajcastro: so it works now?22:59
jcastroit landed, but not in the PPA yet22:59
jcastroshould be sorted over the next few days22:59
popeylocal address as in one from my lan or local only locally-routed address?23:09
popeyi.e. can I go to my home server and juju deploy wordpress and it be accessible on the lan?23:09
bkerensapopey: you fly here soon?23:17
bkerensapopey: You will have to go to Voodoo... and some other nice places :)23:18
popeybkerensa: leave sunday, get there monday23:21
popeybkerensa: what's voodoo?23:23
pleia2tastey doughnuts23:25
popeyI'm in!23:25
bkerensapopey: I sent you pm with a link23:25
bkerensaof a special kind of donut23:25
bkerensathey make many others though23:25
bkerensaBacon and Peanut Butter23:25
popeyI do not care what shape a doughnut is. I will eat it23:25
bkerensaCaptain Crunch you name it23:26
popeyoh, that sounds odd23:26
bkerensapopey: also we have more breweries per capita then any other U.S. city23:26
popeyI look forward to sampling your American culture! :D23:26
bkerensaits different then SF for sure23:26
bkerensapleia2: I saw this lady riding a bike taller than a bus the other day... it was nuts23:27
popeyTexas is the only bit of the middle of the US I've sampled23:27
bkerensashe had to climb up the side to begin riding it23:27
popeyother than that it's been all round the edges23:27
pleia2we're too fancy here in sf, not many doughnuts23:27
pleia2popey: I live here and me too23:27
bkerensapleia2: but you do have Taqueria Cancun23:27
pleia2popey: we don't really go to the middle23:27
pleia2except sometimes texas23:27
bkerensapopey: if you like Waterfalls we have the third largest in North America23:30

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