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xnoxkirkland: did you mean to upload +byobu (5.46) released; urgency=low into raring? that's like even ahead of saucy =)00:51
cjwatsonxnox: drizzle's latest build failure looks like it could be improved by a merge from Debian - do you think you could do the honours as TIL?00:57
xnoxcjwatson: looking.00:58
sergiusenscjwatson: hey, any idea how to solve this? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5882703/01:25
sergiusensthat's during lb01:26
cjwatsonsergiusens: looks like the .click file is somewhere not readable by the clickpkg user01:26
cjwatsonlike a mode 700 directory owned by some other user or something01:27
sergiusenscjwatson: a good, let me check, thanks01:27
cjwatsonBTW I think you should lose the -app suffix there01:28
cjwatsonMakes sense for the .deb packaging, not so much for click01:28
* cjwatson -> bed, again01:28
sergiusenscjwatson: ok, I'm just grabbing whatever was in debian/control ... I'll strip it01:28
xnoxcjwatson:  pushed the merge to lp:~xnox/ubuntu/saucy/drizzle/merge, will sleep and upload tomorrow.01:51
* xnox Zzzzzzz01:52
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Snow-Manargghh..  why are the ipv6 addresses busted again? :(02:33
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pittiGood morning04:15
pittibarry: did you happen to request syncing of codespeak-lib?04:28
pittithe sync dropped our dep-8 tests, but I cannot  figure out from https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/codespeak-lib/1.4.15-1 who requested the sync, and there is no bug report for the sycn either04:29
* pitti removes the package from -proposed again, as that's our only delta04:29
ScottKpitti: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/saucy/+source/codespeak-lib/1.4.15-1 does make me think it was barry.04:35
pittiScottK: aah, thanks04:35
ScottKI think it's an LP bug that you only get that from the series specific page, but it's not like it'll ever get fixed ...04:36
pittidobey: ubuntuone-client's autopkgtest needs its stderr suppressed or redirected to stdout or a file04:53
pittidobey: are you on this already? want me to upload this? in the latter case, is there any hidden bzr branch I should use, or just apt-get source/dput?04:53
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pittiev: I think the noninteractive UI needs some more thought05:42
pittiev: I don't think we should set this in /etc/default/apport, as (1) that's always difficult to change, but more importantly (2) don't we want the UI for "apport-bug", i. e. for bug reports? I thought the intention for this was to send crash reports silently?05:43
evpitti: difficult to change in what sense? We do want the crash reports to send silently, yes. Is that not the case here?06:57
pittiev: it's a conffile which people often change; we need to add the new option to the conffile, and it's difficult to have different values of it for desktop and phone builds06:58
pittiev: I meant that if you file a bug report (apport-bug package) you might actually want the UI06:59
pittiev: and that update-notifier or whatever sends the crashes on the phone should perhaps directly call apport-noui instead of apport-bug06:59
evpitti: right, but we're leaving it up to them to change. I can't see why we would ever change the value for it? Or am I misunderstanding conffiles?07:00
pittiev: we used to change the value of enabled regularly, and peopel still do it manually07:01
evI have no problem with directly calling apport-noui on the phone. Happy to create an upstart job for that which cargo cults the one bdmurray made for update-notifier07:01
pittiev: but anyway, aside from the conffile issue I think the different default for it in desktop and phone builds makes this impractical07:01
evah, very good point07:02
pittiev: e. g. update-notifier directly calls /usr/share/apport/apport-gtk07:02
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pittiev: so that option wouldn't work there07:02
pittiev: and conversely calling apport-bug manually ought to give some UI, even on a server (-cli)07:02
evwell it now calls apport-collect in saucy07:02
evbut yeah07:02
pittiev: oh? I just did apt-get source update-notifier, and it still calls apport-gtk07:02
pittiev: nothing is ever supposed to call apport-collect automatically07:03
evupdate-notifier 0.14007:03
evwhy? It's just a "pick the right UI" layer07:03
pittiev: you mean -bug, not -collect?07:04
pittiev: ah, so bdmurray didn't remove all the bits in ./src/update-notifier.h and src/crashh.c, and we instead just use the upstart job?07:05
pitti(nice to have a job for this now!)07:05
evpitti: is there a difference? -collect is a symlink07:05
pittiev: oh yes, it checks argv[0] for what to do07:06
pitti-collect -> update an existing bug, needs launchpadlib, python2, and LP credentials07:07
pittiotherwise, "report a new bug"07:07
evah, I missed that entirely07:07
evso not collect then07:07
pittiev: perhaps we can make apport-bug check $APPORT_UI instead? then update-notifier would set "gtk", or not set it at all, and our phone job would set "noui"?07:08
evokay, so to summarise: fix update-notifier to call apport-bug. Call apport-noui directly from an upstart job on the phone. Store the configuration for automatic reporting somewhere else?07:08
evworks for me07:08
pittior call -ui directly, sure07:08
evany preference on where the configuration option should live?07:09
pittiev: u-n was already fixed, it's calling apport-bug07:09
evah right07:09
dholbachgood morning! :)07:09
pittiev: do we need one at all?07:09
evpitti: so we could just use the apport enabled= toggle07:10
pittiev: phone upstart job would set $APPORT_UI, and otherwise calling apport-bug should DTRT?07:10
evwe need to point this at something: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ErrorTracker#Privacy_settings07:10
evdo keep in mind that we'll want to provide UI on the desktop for automatic reporting as well07:11
pittiev: the "collect app crashes and errors"? that sounds like "enable"?07:11
evthe developer "I know what these are, just send them"07:11
evit's definitely enable/disable07:11
pittiah, for that07:11
evbut the tricky bit is the developer on the desktop07:11
pittiev: that's a per-user setting, right?07:12
pittior does the admin set it globally?07:12
evI think it makes more sense as an admin setting, and we definitely want it that way on the phone07:12
evI think :)07:13
pittiev: then I don't mind adding that to /e/d/apport, as we don't change that file regularly any more07:14
pittiev: except if you want this at automatic=1 at phone builds, which we can't do07:14
pittias it's a conffile07:14
evoh hm07:14
evI do want that :)07:14
pittiif the phone cronjob will take care of it, and automatic=0 is fine there, the we can do it07:14
pittiev: how about a non-conffile /etc/apport/automatic flag file?07:15
evworks for me07:15
pittiphone builds/images can then create this, and no conffile conflicts07:15
evsounds good07:15
pittiev: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5883292/ ?07:19
evyup, perfect07:20
pittiev: still feels a bit strange for apport-bug (non-crash bug reports), but let's use this for now07:21
pittiev: ok, committed07:24
pittiev: I'll do a new upstream release now and upload, unless you have something else?07:24
evthank you muchly07:24
evnope, please proceed07:24
pittiev: FYI, new feature, bumping to 2.11 (for your next NEWS entry)07:25
* ev nods07:25
pittiev: thanks for the discussion07:27
evthank you for discovering the problems with this07:28
pittistart on (file FILE=/var/crash/*.crash EVENT=create)07:34
pittiOMG that's so great; I've waited for this since 2005 or so :)07:34
pittijodh: ^ thanks!07:34
jodhpitti: errm, np.07:42
* jodh waits for irclogs.u.c to update to see what he's done... :)07:42
pittijodh: adding support for start on (file FILE=/var/crash/*.crash EVENT=create)07:46
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pittiwith that we should be able to eventually drop update-notifier07:46
jodhpitti: ah - team effort: bdmurray actually wrote the job :)07:47
xnoxpitti: ev: if update-notifier declares a variable for "APPORT_UI" then on the phone, we can add "echo APPORT_UI=apport-no-gui > /etc/init/update-notifier.override" to set the default there. There are many things that are "tweaked" for the phone like this at the moment.08:38
evxnox: the problem comes with this not just being an option for phone08:39
evit's going to be an option on the desktop as well08:39
evso apw and infinity can say "just send the damn things. stop bugging me!"08:39
apwoh please yes08:40
apwev, was it a deliberate decision that teh default for that dialog is cancel btw ?08:41
evwhat dialog?08:41
xnoxev: i'd put my faith apw/infinity would manage to copy&paste one line of upstart override for that =) I mean the productivity boost and incentives are there =))))))08:41
apwev, your 'do you want to send this error to ubuntu' thingy08:41
pittiapw: yes, in case it steals your focus or you don't read it all before (accidentally) pressing Enter08:41
xnoxapw: gtk+ deficiency, as by design there shouldn't be a default action, yet gtk+ forces one.08:41
evxnox: I never want to utter the words, "it's easy. Just open up a terminal and"08:42
apwpitti, that is not a solution the solution is to _not_ steal my focus ever08:42
xnoxev: upstart has dbus API.....08:42
evxnox: because DBus is easy08:42
evxnox: next you'll tell me that problems like these can be quickly solved in lisp08:42
pittiapw: let's hope that unity8 fixes that :) it seems compiz doesn't08:43
evall you need are a few parenthesis. Simples.08:43
apwpitti, fingers crossed ... though there is a simple solution i suspect, make the dialog a box with OK only and have it have a radio box on it, 'discard', 'send to ubuntu', 'thinking' and default that to thinking, and make the box just come back if you have 'thinking' set08:44
evyeah, the specification mentions the default action stuff: "The Esc and Enter keys should not do anything in an error alert, because you may have been just about to press one of those in the program that has the problem."08:44
evbut I take it GTK+ doesn't let us do that?08:44
apwpitti, obviosuly you can think of better words :)08:44
apwpitti, then if you hit enter it just reappears08:45
evlifeless: good evening. Not sure if your new adventures involve a lot of big data, but if you still find that sort of thing interesting, I've really been enjoying the talks from Cassandra Summit '13 and Cassandra NYC '13: http://www.youtube.com/user/PlanetCassandra/videos?sort=dd&view=1&shelf_index=208:47
evquite a bit of distributed systems stuff in there too08:47
evAdrian Cockcroft's talk on Netflix OSS in particular08:47
lifelessev: My new adventures are all to do with deploying clouds @ at scale.08:48
lifelessev: so big data enabling rather than big data doing; but I am definitely still interested!08:48
lifelessev: thank you for the link!08:48
evexcellent :)08:48
xnoxev: since you are not on #ubuntu-quality, replaying here: to allow admins with foreground session, execute actions without prompts, you can do so via pkla as shown here: /var/lib/polkit-1/localauthority/10-vendor.d/com.ubuntu.desktop.pkla09:10
evxnox: perfect, that's exactly what I'm already doing locally09:10
evI'd give you a pastebin, but I'm on a different computer09:11
pittihowever, caution applies09:11
pittixnox: please not; having any firefox plugin be able to format your internal hard drives or changing the boot sector is evil09:11
pittiev: ^ my response to "so that's what I need to change to make usb-creator stop asking questions again"09:11
xnoxpitti: would above be at all suitable for like - to stop apport asking for my password 16 times in a row?09:12
pittixnox: that'd be a badly written apport hook09:12
* xnox would have thought apport would at least cache the password, unless it's killed and spawned for each error.....09:12
evpitti: yes, this is something I'd only want set on the phone09:12
pittixnox: apport can't cache it as it doesn't know it, but it has an API to run several root commands in one go (and thus with one password)09:12
evI think the password prompt still makes sense for changing anything under com.ubuntu.WhoopsiePreferences on the desktop09:12
xnoxpitti: on the phone, with readonly rootfs, only "blessed" hooks are in....09:13
pittixnox: we need to disable one of (1) send bug reports noninteractively, (2) ask for password for root commands, or (3) be able to point to an arbitrary hook dir, otherwise we have a "full root access" hole for any user09:14
pittixnox: as the apport API is essentially a "run anything as root", it probably needs to stay password protected09:14
pittibut we wouldn't see these on the phone as ev just disabled all these prompts in apport with the noninteractive UI :)09:15
xnoxpitti: plus, i'm not sure I understand the "badly written apport hook" argument, since at the moment i'm not protected against it and I don't buy "we asked you for a password, without telling you which hooks we will run, so it's your fault if it was a rotten hook, Haha kthnxbye"09:15
evjust doing my part to make apport webscale09:15
pittixnox: I meant that it calls the "root_command_output()" function 16 times instead of using attach_root_command_outputs()09:16
lifelessev: does that involve throwing away 90% of errors?09:17
pittixnox: well, I never said I was particularly fond of these, as they don't tell you what they do -- but I bowed to several people demanding it09:17
pitti(X.org or kernel bug reports, etc.)09:17
xnoxyeah =/09:17
pittiof course these will just break again with the non-interactive UI09:17
evlifeless: I have not yet made the leap to deleting to increase all sorts of performance areas09:18
evmostly because we're still learning, still going back and building indexes out of the entire data set09:18
pittibut ev and I discussed some "need more information" flag on errors.u.c. for bug reports where we really need those, so we can refine that eventually09:18
evif I was really confident in our data model, then yes :-P09:18
tvoss_pitti, ping09:26
pittitvoss_: pong09:31
ricotzpitti, hi :), if you have time please take a look at http://paste.debian.net/plain/1650509:31
pittiricotz: oh, I thought make install forgot to install them09:32
ricotzpitti, not really ;)09:32
pittiricotz: thanks, uploading09:32
ricotzpitti, yw09:33
cjwatsonrbasak: Looks like I just need to fix dacs, and then everything not dependent on your php5 merge is probably safe to temporarily remove09:35
* cjwatson demotes/removes some packages for that transiiton09:42
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rbasakcjwatson: OK, thanks. I just noticed that merges.u.c is using php5 5.4.15-1 as the base. It seems blind to saucy-proposed. Is this a bug?09:50
rbasakI can work around it easily enough.09:50
* xnox ponders about using cjwatson's net-retriever deduplicator for transition-tracker & merges.u.c =))))))09:51
xnox... decides against it.09:52
cjwatsonxnox: There's a perfectly good (fast) one in the transition tracker, and merges shouldn't need it09:56
cjwatsonrbasak: Will check09:57
cjwatsonOh, indeed, I think I never got round to making merges look at -proposed09:58
cjwatsonrbasak: Could you file a bug on merge-o-matic about this?  I'm not going to have time to sort it out just now09:59
rbasakcjwatson: sure.10:02
cjwatsonxnox: (What I mean is that merges already has code to pick the newest source of several, ever since Debian started having multiple versions in Sources; all it should need is to concatenate saucy and saucy-proposed10:02
* rbasak has filed bug 120214210:06
ubottubug 1202142 in Merge-o-Matic "Blind to new development release -proposed pocket" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120214210:06
xnoxcjwatson: yet on people.canonical.com i see deduplicate-packages python script, which i don't have locally. So out of the box our "junk" branch doesn't do that =(10:07
cjwatsonxnox: Yeah, I think Laney wrote that and didn't commit, originally ...10:08
LaneySeems possible10:08
Laneyfeel free to do it10:08
xnoxLaney: is there way to run saucy & saucy-proposed locally without fiddling, as upstream?10:08
xnoxLaney: ah =) ok, patches welcomed ;-)10:08
LaneyThe multiple suites thing is all local10:09
Laneyit skips the 'downloading' part of ben10:09
LaneySo that's why I didn't commit it10:09
xnoxLaney: i guess one day we will upgrade to newer ben?! =)10:09
LaneyI don't know if newer ben even handles this10:10
Laneybut yes - some time ago I started writing a charm to get it off lillypilly10:11
LaneyThen we don't need to block on IS and chroots and stuff10:11
cjwatsonHaving it not tied into the archive-reports infrastructure would be problematic10:11
cjwatsonBut we're getting a new machine to offload the archive jobs from lillypilly10:12
Laneybecause of lag?10:12
cjwatsonJust because all the stuff on there is too much for one machine10:12
Laneyto the former10:12
* xnox thinks drizzle is amd64 only software....10:12
cjwatsonRight, it needs to be guaranteed up-to-date with the archive and update as quickly as possible10:12
cjwatsonI specifically put a fair amount of work into making it update as fast as it can, so that you can go round multiple layers more efficiently10:13
LaneyAh, I was assuming that *stack had access to ftpmaster so it'd be the same10:16
LaneyAnyway, I think that precise is new enough for new ben so this new machine might be OK10:16
Laneynot that there's a huge need to move forward anyway10:16
cjwatsonDirect access to ftpmaster is heavily restricted10:18
cjwatsonAnd if it were on some other machine we'd need to figure out a way to trigger it from archive-reports10:18
cjwatsonAlso, lillypilly is on precise10:19
Laneythe chroot is lucid though10:19
cjwatsonIt's not so much the version of the host, as that IS were uncomfortable with installing -dev packages in the root10:19
Laneybut I'm sure that could be updated separately10:19
cjwatsonIt might be worth seeing if fakechroot is good enough10:19
cjwatsonIt certainly good10:19
cjwatsoner, could10:19
LaneyYeah, seems I can ping ftpmaster but not rsync the dists tree10:20
Laneyoh well10:20
cjwatsonWouldn't surprise me if fakechroot were good enough.  I don't think I tried that10:21
LaneyWould be useful to be able to self manage it10:23
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xnoxLaney: ftpmaster seems to be http only even from lillypilly. no rsync there.10:31
cjwatsonxnox: Untrue10:33
cjwatsonxnox: We have special arrangements10:33
cjwatsonxnox: There are ubuntu-dists and ubuntu-germinate modules which lillypilly can access; it doesn't have blanket access, that's all10:35
cjwatsonxnox: See (internal) RT#47981 and RT#4941410:36
xnoxcjwatson: is ubuntu-dists module publicly accessible? (prefferable merged tree), at the moment I do rsync ubuntu's module dists directory, and then ubuntu-ports dists directory on top, without deletes....10:36
cjwatsonxnox: No.10:37
cjwatsonxnox: We're not going to open public rsync direct from ftpmaster.10:37
cjwatsonThis is a very special-purpose deal.10:38
LaneyAh, so I investigated.10:42
Laneydose-distcheck has a --latest option - if ben migrates to this then we can stop deduping10:44
LaneyI still don't think it has multiple suite support though10:44
infinitycjwatson: "we're getting a new machine to offload the archive jobs" -- Is that on again?  Is there an RT I can subscribe to?10:45
cjwatsoninfinity: RT#6312210:46
infinitycjwatson: \o/10:50
infinitycjwatson: A mod_proxy or mod_rewrite passthrough of some sort is probably saner than shuffling things around via rsync every few minutes.10:50
infinityI suppose I should tell the ticket this.10:50
LaneyI'll make some time to see if fakechroot works for ben10:51
LaneyIf we're shuffling it anyway, might as well move then10:51
cjwatsoninfinity: Yeah, particularly for the things with lots of inodes (germinate output et al)10:53
cjwatsonLaney: Cool10:53
infinitycjwatson: rsync-over-ssh isn't particularly CPU friendly, apache proxies are a lot less angry, and the goal here is to make lillypilly happy, so yeah.10:54
tvoss_ogra_, ping10:54
infinitycjwatson: Commented on the ticket, anyway.  Up to IS if they want rewrite/proxy rules they have to manage.10:54
cjwatsoninfinity: The alternative would be exposing newmachine's http port directly and then having a redirect rule10:55
infinitycjwatson: Yeah, which is even more CPU friendly, but client hostile.10:55
infinitycjwatson: But worth noting as a third option.10:56
cjwatsonWill do10:56
ogra_tvoss_, yo10:56
infinityOh, FFS, I can't add myself as a CC to a ticket?10:57
tvoss_ogra_, do you happen to know if we have a perf build for the touch image?10:57
ogra_tvoss_, i think we do, for deatils ask #ubuntu-kernel though, i never used it10:57
Laneyinfinity: I think you have to ask for that, yeah :/10:57
dokoyolanda, when you touch graphviz for the lua update, could you have a look at building with ruby1.9 as well?11:17
yolandadoko, just focused on rrdtool now, but we could add ruby to the list11:18
dokoohh, rrdtool too11:19
yolandadoko i'm finding that liblua isn't copying the libraries anyway... do you know about it?11:19
dokono, I just did see that we were pulling 5.2 in main, without discarding 5.111:19
cjwatsonyolanda: Could you leave graphviz until Apache 2.4 has landed in saucy, please?11:20
yolandacjwatson, yes, not touched graphviz still11:20
cjwatsonyolanda: You can see from http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_output.txt that it's a fiendishly complex transition already, and I don't want to complicate it further :)11:21
yolandai think that there is some problem with liblua, no libraries copied anywhere11:21
xnoxyolanda: recently with python3.3 transition in debian, multiple packages were spotted to compile and link bindings against libpython3.3*so yet not install or copy them anywhere.....11:23
xnoxcould be similar, where upstream builds them, yet packaging didn't actually install them properly.11:23
yolandai'll take a look now11:24
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yolandaxnox, i found that libraries are copied into /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu, instead of /usr/lib/lua11:28
yolandapath should be /usr/lib/lua/5.2/, right?11:28
xnoxnot sure. depends how lua operates, and whether it started using multi arched or not.11:29
cjwatsonCould also be an accident from higher debhelper compat levels.11:29
xnoxdoko: ^ maybe you know correct paths for lua?11:29
dokoxnox, didn't look. lua itself is multiarch, didn't look at the layout for the modules and extensions11:33
yolandadoko, xnox, it's multi arched, but something is wrong, just copying the files to /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/liblua5.2.so11:41
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infinityyolanda: Certainly sounds like that should be in a lower-level plugin directory like /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/lua/something, yeah.11:59
infinityyolanda: But you'd have to look at what pre-multiarch lua did, and then logically twiddle that.12:00
rbasakHaving more issues with php5 including a build failure with my new merge. I'm working on it.12:00
dokoinfinity, please could you merge eglibc?12:08
infinitydoko: Yes.  Is there a specific fix you're urgently waiting on, or do you just hate outdated version numbers? :)12:09
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infinitydoko: (The merge is sitting here on my laptop, I'll get it up after another test or three)12:10
dokoinfinity, I need a stable cross chroot, and would like to avoid to have it rebuilt soonish again12:11
dholbachcan somebody please reject https://code.launchpad.net/~logan/ubuntu/saucy/json-c/0.11-2ubuntu1/+merge/174910?12:11
dokoinfinity, and yes, the reverted error code change causing some issues with python modules would be good to have too12:12
cjwatsondholbach: done12:12
infinitydoko: Oh, the getaddrinfo() fix?  Yeah, fair enough.  I'll finish up testing.12:14
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caribousmoser: I have a request for help from the Pilot12:44
caribousmoser: I have a pending SRU and apparently I forgot to subscribe ubuntu-sru so it doesn't seem to appear in the queue12:44
caribousmoser: LP: #100590112:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1005901 in duplicity (Ubuntu Precise) "cannot change temp dir" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100590112:45
barrypitti: yes, i was going to restore the dep 8 tests once the sync cleared proposed, and i filed a pull request for the debian package to add the tests12:46
caribouhmm this sponsor-patch script seems interesting...12:47
pittibarry: ah, ok; well, the only delta was the dropping of the test, so I removed the sync from -proposed (it wouldn't propagate anyway)12:48
barrypitti: in that case, i won't do anything until the debian bug gets closed.  once that's got the tests, i'll resync12:49
dobeypitti: why does it need the redirection?13:00
pittidobey: stderr output counts as failure; useful to guard against unexpected warnings/criticals/etc., but of course rather useless if you do expect all that spewage on stderr13:02
pittiso in that case a 2>&1 is the usual fix13:02
dobeypitti: that sounds like a bug in autopkgtest if it's counting stderr output as failure13:04
pittiit's the currently defined behaviour13:04
pittii. e. it doesn't happen accidentaly13:04
smoser@pilot out13:04
=== udevbot changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Ubuntu 13.04 released | Archive: open | Devel of Ubuntu (not support or app devel) | build failures -> http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs/ | #ubuntu for support and discussion of lucid -> raring | #ubuntu-app-devel for app development on Ubuntu http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://bit.ly/lv8soi | Patch Pilots:
infinityThis has been argued in the past as a misfeature, yes, but it's the way it is.13:04
smosercaribou, i'm not pilot, but i'll take a quick look and see if i cna't help13:05
caribousmoser: the topic did say you were, sorry 'bout the noise13:06
caribousmoser: it's a small backport that's already in quantal. sponsor-patch doesn't report anything I could see13:06
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smoseryeah, not your fault :)13:07
smosercaribou, did you figure it out ?13:08
rbasakI filed bug 1197005 about it13:08
ubottubug 1197005 in autopkgtest (Ubuntu) "Printing to stderr should not be considered a test failure" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119700513:08
rbasakIt's a pain when developing tests, since eg. "set -x" writes to stderr.13:08
dobeypitti: i think autopkgtest either needs to be fixed to not count stderr output as a failure, or to have a feature flag one can put in d/tests/control to redirect/ignore stderr13:08
caribousmoser: I was able to figure out how to reproduce it & did test the fix from Quantal13:08
pittidobey: we generally want stderr failure; the feature flag is a nice idea13:09
rbasakdobey: +1. I'd even go further. A test that needs stderr to be treated as a failure should flag it as such in debian/tests/control.13:09
rbasakpitti: I disagree, for server packages at least. The way I've been writing tests, I explicitly check for the expected behaviour only right at the end of a long setup.13:10
smosercaribou, so you want htat debdiff sponsored. is that it?13:10
caribousmoser: yes, indeed13:10
barrypitti: i'm a little perplexed at the lack of automatic notification for the package not clearing proposed, or getting dropped from it.  not saying *you* should have done the notification, but that the system should have.  or maybe it did and i missed it?13:10
rbasakThe long setup will fail due to "set -e", and even if a command doesn't correctly return exit status, then the behaviour check at the end of the test will notice and flag it.13:10
dobeypitti: the problem of course is, if a completely unrelated thing dumps something to stderr, such as a gtk+ theme, it counts as a failure13:10
rbasakOTOH, the stderr causing a test failure has severely harmed my test development velocity.13:10
pittibarry: I don't think LP notifies you, that's why I pinged you explicitly13:10
infinitybarry: There's no notification when packages are removed.  It would be a lot of noise for routine removals.13:11
pittidobey: right, that's what we want it for -- new CRITICALs, for example13:11
barrypitti: yeah, for which... thanks! :)13:11
dobeypitti: yes, but i shouldn't get a failure in ubuntuone because the theme broke :)13:11
barryinfinity: would it be a lot of noise for proposed migration "failures"?13:12
dobeyor because twisted is using deprecated API13:12
infinitybarry: What failure was there?  pitti removed a package, that's not a failure, it's an explicit action.13:12
pittiinfinity: codespeak-lib's autopkgtest failed because the autopkgtest was dropped from the sync13:13
pittiinfinity: now, if the removal was legitimate we'd just remove the job, but we actually want it, so I removed the sync from -proposed again13:13
barryinfinity: what i mean by "failures" is any disruption in the normal migration pattern13:14
infinitybarry: I suspect uploaders being told every time something is stuck in proposed (on every britney run, how often do you want to get told?) would be an insane amount of noise.13:14
infinityThis particular case seemse to be a bit of a special case.13:15
infinityAnd a direct ping seemed appropriate, since one would also want to expand on "why did you remove that?"13:15
dobeyinfinity: well, getting a single notification that the autopkgtests failed in my upload, would be nice.13:16
infinitydobey: That's meant to be happening (or maybe has already happened?)13:16
infinityjibel: ^13:17
barryinfinity: maybe.  i'm not saying anything *needs* to be done, i'm just wondering out loud whether some notification, or possibly even status on a launchpad page wouldn't be better.13:17
kirklandxnox: no...  sorry, let me see what went wront with my release script...13:17
cjwatsondobey: I get e-mail notifications when my uploads' autopkgtests fail, and have done for a couple of weeks now.13:18
infinitybarry: I suspect push notifications of continued failure to migrate would be a non-starter.  A nicer pull mechanism than "learn to read excuses/output" might be pleasant.13:18
cjwatson(Along with notifications when they go back to passing.)13:18
jibeldobey, barry you should have received a notification on 1rst failure, then when the test pass again. If you didn't that's a bug I must fix.13:18
infinityI wonder how painful it would be to mangle packages.qa.d.o to work for Ubuntu.13:19
cjwatsonjibel: Perhaps this is a case where the test has always failed ...13:19
dobeyjibel: i haven't seen any e-mail13:19
cjwatsonAlthough https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Saucy/view/AutoPkgTest/job/saucy-adt-ubuntuone-client/ was apparently only introduced recently13:19
infinitydobey: Oh, is this on an upload YOU are doing, or something autolanded by a bot that bins email?13:19
jibelcjwatson, no it was codespeak-lib that used to pass13:19
barryjibel: i did not get anything13:19
dobeyinfinity: uploads i made13:20
jibelanyway, I'll have look13:20
LaneyThe software-center pyflakes failure amuses me13:20
cjwatsonpackages.qa.d.o is very useful.  It has a lot of parts though13:20
kirklandxnox: doh.  I see what went wrong.  thanks.  I'm fixing it up now13:20
LaneyIt's picking up bad syntax in .pc/13:20
dobeyLaney: oh, fun13:21
Laneydobey: There's also ones which try to access the internets and fail13:21
infinitycjwatson: Yeah, I'm not convinced it would be easy to "port" to launchpad, but we really don't have a better "package portal" than +source/<source> right now, which lacks a lot of useful info.13:21
infinitycjwatson: Well, it lacks anything we don't do directly in launchpad.  So, proposed-migration, adt, pending merges, etc.  A p.qa.d.o-style portal could be handy.13:22
dobeyLaney: from pyflakes?13:22
Laneyno, other tests13:22
cjwatsonLaney: I'm sure I remember fixing something like that in some other package recently-ish13:22
cjwatson(pyflakes vs. .pc)13:22
dobeyLaney: i knew i should have just done rm -rf debian/tests :)13:22
cjwatsonEasy enough to do anyway13:23
cjwatsoninfinity: Yep13:23
cjwatsoninfinity: I think it mostly takes a load of data sources scraped from elsewhere, so it's just a matter of coming up with a bazillion scrapers13:23
infinitycjwatson: Indeed. It might actually prove to not be much effort at all.  Upload history is easy, bug scraping should be simple enough, etc.13:23
infinity(In fact, doesn't it cheat on upload history by just being subscribed to -changes, rather than scraping anything there?)13:24
infinityAnyhow.  Food for thought for a less busy day.13:24
infinitySo, 2017.13:24
barryinfinity: i find this page interesting: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Saucy/view/AutoPkgTest/job/saucy-adt-codespeak-lib/10/ARCH=amd64,label=adt/13:27
barryinfinity: the big red dot seems to tell me there's a problem, but the (no failures) and other data there doesn't seem to tell me why i got a big red dot13:27
Laneydobey: I'll leave it with you now ;-)13:28
infinitybarry: You're not alone in finding jenkins output unnavigable.13:33
cjwatsonI'm not sure that's unnavigable Jenkins; I think perhaps that's something getting confused with a package going from (has tests) to (has no tests)13:37
pittiyes, if you look at the console output or full "log" file you'll see the problem13:37
cjwatsonpitti: In this case the log basically just says no tests were run13:39
pittiright, as they got dropped13:40
cjwatson2013-07-16 16:33:33: Failure: adt-run exited with status 8.13:40
cjwatsonWhich is the documented "no tests" exit code13:40
pittiyes, but we don't want this to silently pass13:40
cjwatsonSo perhaps that's a bug in adt-britney or similar for running them in the first place13:40
pittiit's actually quite deliberate13:41
pittiI look at all failures (in case it's test machinery)13:41
cjwatsonFrom adt-run's point of view it's obviously correct13:41
pitticjwatson: if that was a deliberate removal, I had just removed the jenkins job13:41
cjwatsonFrom adt-britney's point of view, I disagree (if indeed that's what ran the job here)13:41
pittis/had/would have/13:41
pittibut like that we can spot if a new upload damages debian/tests/; with counting 8 as success we wouldn't catch that13:42
cjwatsonThere are a bazillion other ways for a developer to disable or neuter tests if they want to; there's no point in making this one difficult by having it require manual intervention13:42
cjwatsonLike I say, I'm not saying that the infrastructure shouldn't have failed on exit code 813:42
cjwatsonI'm saying that this job shouldn't have been run in the first place - unless the package still had XS-Testsuite: autopkgtest?13:43
pitticjwatson: right, I think that gets picked up because it takes all packages in release and proposed which have XS-Testsuite:13:43
pitticjwatson: and as the saucy version still had it, it ran the codespeak-lib test in -proposed13:43
pittiso, it's certainly arguable if this is a bug13:44
pittibut the only effect is that jibel or me will confirm that the removal is legit and remove the job manually13:44
pittithat shouldn't happen very often (in fact it never did so far), so I'm happy to take that extra review13:44
barrypitti: exit code 8 was because the saucy version had autopkgtests but the proposed version did not?13:48
barry(sorry, i got bumped off of irc for a bit)13:48
pittibarry: right13:48
cjwatsonpitti: mm.  I'm concerned that our whole system is coming near to hitting cognitive overload for me, and I wrote a chunk of it, so I'm hoping to find things that are easier to simplify for developers13:49
pittibarry: while this is a kind of success for adt-run, we don't count it as such in jenkins (quite deliberately, see above)13:49
barrypitti: right, it seems reasonable to fail.  i think it's just a bug that the failure did not lead to a notification13:49
pittibarry: it did, it sent out an email (that's why I looked into it, after all)13:50
pittibarry: but it wasn't sent to you because it was a sync; I think that's a bug that we need to fix13:50
pitti(I think.. I already deleted the email)13:50
barrypitti: ah.  so archive admins got the email?13:50
pittibarry: jibel and me get all adt failure emails, plus archive@u.c. (i. e. whoever appears as the uploader)13:51
pittibut sending it to archive@u.c. is quite bogus13:51
pittiit's not that easy to find out the actual requestor, but certainly possible13:51
cjwatsonarchive@u.c doesn't actually go to anyone13:51
barrypitti: and that happened because it was a sync.  okay, i think i got it now. :)  agreed that the sync requester should get notified.13:51
cjwatsonpitti: it's "creator" on the SPPH13:52
cjwatsonarchive@u.c> at least as far as I know13:52
pittiyes, confusingly the requestor isn't mentioned on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/codespeak-lib/1.4.15-1 (where I usually look)13:52
pittibut it is on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/saucy/+source/codespeak-lib/1.4.15-113:52
pittiso somewhere in LP's and lplib's guts it's stored13:53
cjwatsonRight, like I say, it's SourcePackagePublishingHistory.creator13:53
cjwatson>>> lp.distributions["ubuntu"].main_archive.getPublishedSources(source_name="codespeak-lib", version="1.4.15-1", exact_match=True)[0].creator13:54
cjwatson<person at https://api.launchpad.net/1.0/~barry>13:54
pitticjwatson: thanks; added to bug 120220813:56
ubottubug 1202208 in Auto Package Testing "Wrong test failure notification for syncs" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120220813:56
pittijibel: ^ FYI13:56
barrypitti, jibel, cjwatson thanks!13:57
jibelbarry, 2013-07-16 16:30:18,110 WARNING No public email address for barry. Falling back to changelog13:58
jibel2013-07-16 16:30:18,566 WARNING No changes files URL!13:58
jibelbarry, no public address, no notifications13:59
pittijibel: oh, so you already do look at this13:59
barryjibel: nice13:59
pittijibel: (closed the bug)14:02
jibelpitti, but there is a bug still, dobey should have receive a notification for ubuntuone-client14:02
dobeyjibel: checked all possible spam folders and didn't see a mail there either14:08
dobeynor a notification for software-center14:09
rbasakI've got a dpkg-gensymbols error in php5 because I'm dropping symbols that are defined in packages in universe: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5884368/. Do I: 1) patch debian/libphp5-embed.symbols to drop symbols that won't be available in the Ubuntu build; 2) Bump the warning/error level so that missing symbols won't result in a dpkg-gensymbols error; or 3) something else?14:14
infinityrbasak: The qdbm stuff?14:16
rbasakinfinity: yes, and onig too14:17
infinityrbasak: Well, the Onig is going the other direction.  Those are added, not dropped.14:17
infinityrbasak: Bug in the Debian packaging, or have you done something odd in the merge?14:17
rbasakI don't think I've done anything odd.14:17
rbasakdpkg-gensymbols(1) says that by default disappearing symbols is treated as an error14:18
infinityAnd rightly so.14:18
rbasakAh yes. So I think the qdbm stuff is causing the problem, not onig.14:18
infinityrbasak: That's easier to deal with, but the Onig thing is more curious.  Where is that coming from?14:19
rbasakDebian packaging defines qdbm symbols. We drop qdbm-dev, so those symbols are defined and appear to be missing.14:19
infinityrbasak: A Debian build log doesn't show those popping up.14:19
jibeldobey, don't waste your time the system didn't find your preferred email address14:20
rbasakMy full build log is http://paste.ubuntu.com/5884355/, but warning: it's big.14:20
jibeldespite there is one on LP14:20
dobeyjibel: why wouldn't it use the address in the debian changelog though?14:20
dobeyjibel: it should be using the changelog address for everyone, i think14:21
infinityrbasak: Oh, Debian build logs don't show it because I'm looking at the next version that removes the symbols file again. :P14:21
infinityrbasak: You might want to just merge -14 and forget the question for now.14:22
rbasakLooks like -14 appeared in the last few hours :-/14:23
infinityShould be a trivial delta to slap on top of your current work.14:23
sergiusenscjwatson: got this for the first time ever (for the first package installed on a vanilla system) http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5884435/14:35
sergiusensI can try and reproduce that later14:35
cjwatsonOh, duh14:35
cjwatsonsergiusens: Apply http://paste.ubuntu.com/5884438/14:35
dobeyLaney: hrmm, if s-c tests failed, how did it end up in release?14:36
cjwatsonIt was probably forced since it's never worked14:37
dobeyah ok14:37
dobeygah. and branch import for s-c broke again14:49
dobeywhy does it keep breaking :(14:49
cjwatsonsergiusens: just uploaded click 0.1.5 to fix that14:52
hallynall right i seemt o have confused myself again.  if i need to run a setfacl in $package.postinst, does the acl package need to be in $package's pre-depends, or only in depends?15:01
yolandahi, anyone can guide me on ac_cv_search command? i'm trying to debug why a call isn't found on a library, in a configure script, but i'd like to debug that manually15:02
rbasak-14 hasn't hit packages.qa.debian.org or packages.debian.org yet. Any idea where I can get the source package, or should I just wait?15:02
yolandais there any way that i can use it from shell?15:02
rbasakhallyn: IIRC, the postinst is fine, unless you have a circular dependency.15:02
hallynrbasak: you mean in Depends: is fine right?15:03
rbasak"all postinst scripts are run with their dependencies properly configured if this is possible." - http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-relationships.html15:03
cjwatsonyolanda: config.log usually has details.  No, you can't run it separately.  ac_cv_search is likely to be a variable not a command, in any case - perhaps you're thinking of AC_SEARCH_LIBS15:03
rbasakhallyn: sorry, yes.15:03
hallynrbasak: that's the page i'm waiting to finish loading :)15:03
rbasakhallyn: how are you connected? Carrier pigeon? :)15:04
cjwatsonrbasak: incoming.debian.org and check the uploader's sig by hand15:04
hallynrbasak: not ont he first hop, but not sure what's going on downstraem15:04
rbasakcjwatson: brilliant. Thanks!15:05
infinityrbasak: incoming.debian.org15:06
cjwatsonToo slow, old man15:06
infinitycjwatson: Oh.15:06
infinityrbasak: I wouldn't bother with checking the sig if the diff it auditably small, mind you. :P15:06
infinitycjwatson: Say, feel like vomiting today?15:06
cjwatsonyolanda: You can also generally run the configure script under 'sh -x', for ginormous amounts of output.  Looking at config.log first is usually wise. :)15:07
infinitycjwatson: I don't think I can sink lower than this for the week: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5884525/15:07
rbasakdget ran dscverify (says the manpage), which appears happy. Is that sufficient?15:07
cjwatsoninfinity: But next week you'll be ready to go lower, right?15:07
cjwatsonrbasak: Yep15:07
yolandacjwatson, looked at the log, it isn't finding a "lua_call" function, that should be contained in lua libraries15:07
infinityrbasak: Sure, but like i said, you'll be applying the -13 -> -14 delta by hand anyway, so you get to verify the change regardless.  Who uploaded it is then less relevant.15:07
rbasakinfinity: yeah, I'll end up looking at the delta anyway15:07
rbasakThanks all15:07
infinitycjwatson: I can never predict just how awful my hacks will get in my old age.15:07
hallynrbasak: thanks15:08
cjwatsoninfinity: Fixing su might be a better plan. :)15:08
infinitycjwatson: I'm slowly becoming lamont.15:08
yolandacjwatson, lua library is installed on that path: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/liblua5.2.so15:08
infinitycjwatson: The su fix would still lead to that 2-minute build spinning buildds until the sbuild timeout.15:08
cjwatsonyolanda: It might then be worth using sh -x to find the exact sequence of commands that it's running to determine that15:08
lamontinfinity: meh15:08
cjwatsonyolanda: It's probably missing a dependent library or something15:08
infinitylamont: Feh.15:09
lamontinfinity: I acknowledge that you are becoming more awesome.15:09
infinitylamont: You may be the only person who sees it that way, but I can't help but acknowledge your suprerior point of view on the matter.15:10
cjwatsoninfinity: I think I'd have build-depended on procps and used pgrep, not that that improves the concept much. :)15:10
cjwatsonIf only because the output is less nasty.15:11
infinitycjwatson: pgrep effectively does the same thing, no?  "Find processes that match pattern, but exlude myelf, cause that's lolz"?15:11
cjwatsonYeah, but less pain with awk.15:11
yolandamm, nm shows that the method is called now "lua_callk", not "lua_call"15:11
yolandasome patch should be needed15:11
cjwatsonyolanda: lua_call is a macro now15:12
yolandacjwatson, the point is that configure script for rrdtools is trying to detect lua_call for building lua bindings15:12
yolandait doesn't find lua_call function and fails15:12
cjwatsonyolanda: That would normally still work even for a macro, I think, but it depends.  What's the configure.ac line in question?15:13
yolandai patched the configure.ac file, updated the call for lua_callk and works15:13
cjwatsonUsually autoconf tries to actually compile and link, rather than poking at the library with nm.15:13
cjwatsonSure, but I'm not sure that's the right fix ...15:13
yolandai know...15:13
cjwatsonWhat's the configure.ac line in question?15:13
yolandalet me pastebin my file15:13
cjwatsonI just need one line :)15:13
lamontcjwatson: I don't think infinity finds any pain with awk... but that's how he is, maybe?15:14
yolandalook at line 748, i patched that15:14
yolandanow that bit works, but it fails on luaL_register, luaL_module and luaL_openlib15:15
cjwatsonI think that's missing the point.15:15
cjwatsonThe problem may be that the macro requires certain arguments which autoconf's default macro expansion doesn't provide15:16
cjwatson(But I'm in a meeting.  Give me half an hour)15:16
yolandacjwatson, i grabbed that patch from a fedora fix, just for guide: http://pkgs.fedoraproject.org/cgit/rrdtool.git/tree/rrdtool-1.4.7-lua-5.2.patch15:16
yolandalet's talk later15:16
cjwatsonSure, I understand the fix perfectly well, I'm just fairly sure it's possible to do better15:17
cjwatsonFedora aren't always right :)15:17
dobeywhat was the command to pull arbitrary dpkg source off launchpad?15:18
xnoxstokachu: bdmurray: commented on https://code.launchpad.net/~hopem/ubuntu/raring/python-eventlet/lp1199037/+merge/17510715:30
stokachuxnox: thanks ill work with dosaboy to get that updated15:30
xnoxthe patch itself looks straight forward, so a sponsor could rewrite a changelog entry to fit SRU (version, bug ref, a sentence description) but it would be best for original submitter do a quick fix up of the version and LP: # as a learning excercise.15:31
xnoxstokachu: cool thanks.15:31
stokachuxnox: definately, also do you guys have any automated tools for checking for a "bug closes" and version scheme?15:32
xnoxstokachu: oh, and the bug description impact / test case / bug description all look very good.15:32
stokachui'd like to be able to do a quick verification on an sru before bringing it up in the meeting15:32
stokachuas a lot of the bugs come to me last minute15:32
xnoxstokachu: not really, especially since the checks must go against .changes file (check that here is LP closes bugs header and the bug is sensible, e.g. has sru task)15:33
xnoxstokachu: and similarly there is no way to offline check the correct version, it needs to be compared against what's in the other suites.15:34
stokachuxnox: ok so this portion is still a manual process15:34
infinityNote that there'd be nothing wrong with the original proposed version string in that upload.15:34
infinityGiven that it was never used, and it's << saucy.15:34
xnoxinfinity: hm. ok. =)15:35
infinityHowever, the bug ref is an absolute must for every SRU.15:35
infinityVersion rules are a bit more fluid. :P15:35
xnoxstokachu: but it's not a by-default recommended one as per https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/UpdatePreparation#Update_the_packaging15:35
stokachuxnox: yea thats the one i go by15:35
infinityDo we link that from the SRU process wiki page?  Probably should.15:37
cjwatsonBelieve so15:37
infinityStill, I'm not anal about versions conforming to a perfect table of perfection, just that they are sensibly correct and not nutty.15:38
rbasakI think it's easier for newcomers when there's a strict set of rules to follow and everyone follows them. Less variation makes it easier to learn by example.15:39
xnoxinfinity: cjwatson: we do. I wonder if it should be magically included as a snippet in both though.15:39
xnoxcause adding a ready to copy&paste template for bug report improved the bug descriptions as lot!15:40
infinityrbasak: Absolutely, hence the table.15:40
cjwatsonrbasak: The other side is that it's better not to force extra round-trips for things that don't really matter.15:40
cjwatsonSo I'm all for prescriptive documentation, but also all for SRU admins having discretion.15:40
rbasakcjwatson: absolutely agree. I more meant for experienced devs to lead with a consistent example, not for sponsors to create round trips for newcomers.15:41
rbasakSo I would still like uploaders to tweak uploads as necessary to conform to a perfect table of perfection :)15:43
infinityrbasak: I break that table's rules with my own packages on a near-regular basis.  But there are some special packages in play here.15:47
infinityrbasak: Anyhow, I think we're in violent agreement.  Pointing people to the table is good.15:48
rbasakYeah, exceptions are always exceptional :)15:49
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brendandis python coverage restricted to running things that end with .py?16:05
brendandnever mind...16:07
cjwatsonyolanda: So, maybe this isn't any better (it's rather longer but I think more accurate); I ended up with http://paste.ubuntu.com/5884705/16:13
cjwatsonyolanda: But luaL_register is a case where the API has genuinely changed in Lua 5.2.  If I were you I would be strongly inclined to punt this to upstream and let them sort it out :-)16:13
cjwatsonSee e.g. http://lua-users.org/lists/lua-l/2013-05/msg00209.html16:14
cjwatsonOr compare https://github.com/keplerproject/luafilesystem/pull/1716:15
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yolandacjwatson, let me check16:18
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mdeslaur@pilot in17:34
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bdmurraypitti: still about?17:36
rbasakcjwatson: apache2 isn't in the server packageset too. Do you think this is also appropriate for an exception?18:05
rbasakThis is for bug 1199318.18:09
ubottubug 1199318 in apache2 (Ubuntu Saucy) "package apache2-utils 2.2.22-6ubuntu5 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/share/apport/package-hooks/apache2.py', which is also in package apache2.2-common 2.2.22-6ubuntu5" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119931818:09
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cjwatsonrbasak: I do, yes.  Done.20:17
hallynlifeless: hey - i've had a vm under virt-manager in raring running for most of today, no hint of memory leak yet.  Anything more I should do, like reload something a bunch of times?  Can you paste the .xml for th evms you had running to the bug?20:19
lifelesshallyn: I can20:19
lifelessmine is at  2601 root      20   0  934m  18m 7696 S   0.0  0.1   0:22.04 libvirtd20:20
lifelessah, virt-manager wasn't connected, reconnecting it. [it d/c'd when libvirtd hit that high ram...]20:21
lifelesshallyn: configs uploaded20:23
mdeslaur@pilot out20:23
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hallynlifeless: thanks20:24
lifelesshallyn:  2601 root      20   0  934m  21m 8352 S   8.6  0.1   0:50.80 libvirtd20:29
lifelesshallyn: 3MB in 8 minutes; 1MB was immediate when I connected virt-manager.20:29
lifeless 2601 root      20   0  934m  22m 8352 S   7.7  0.1   0:53.51 libvirtd20:29
lifelessand another MB20:30
hallynwhat on eatth20:32
lifeless 2601 root      20   0  934m  24m 8352 S   4.6  0.2   1:03.86 libvirtd20:32
lifelesshallyn: well yeah, this is why I filed a bug :)20:32
hallynbut why am i not seeing it20:32
lifelesshallyn: what columns are you showing per VM ?20:32
lifelesshallyn: I have VM, CPU usage and "Host CPU usage' all shown.20:33
lifelesshallyn: just wondering if turning on the host cpu usage column might be triggering a different codepath in the daemon20:33
hallyntrying that20:34
hallynnothing yet, will keep it running for awhile20:37
cjwatsondoko: Could you steer clear of apache2 and its stack, just until I ram it all into -proposed?20:38
cjwatsonI really hope adding lua5.2 hasn't attached some other transition to it20:39
lifelessslangasek: "the aikido is strong in this one"20:40
lifelesshallyn:  2601 root      20   0  934m  32m 8352 S   8.9  0.2   1:34.10 libvirtd20:40
slangaseklifeless: reading d-devel? :)20:40
lifelessslangasek: how *did* you guess?20:40
hallyni had to work so hard not to jump in at the repsonse about fedora.vs.ubuntu obPA20:42
hallyn"it's ubuntu's fault they bought our line last time.  so it only makes sense you should believe us this time"20:43
hallynlifeless: what exactly is that the output of20:43
hallynps i assume, what options?  (I'm jst grepping for RSS in /proc/$$/status)20:44
hallynI'm up by 200k after a few minutes.  may or may not be onto something...20:44
hallynit's no 3M/s though20:44
lifelesshallyn: top20:50
hallynoh, ok - libvirt isn't on the first page on my top :)20:51
lifelesshallyn: press M :)20:51
hallynok :)20:51
hallynthanks - wasn't thinking.  wel lit's not going up.  i'll have to try a few more things tonight20:52
lifelesshallyn: clearly I can reproduce it at the moment :)20:52
lifeless 2601 root      20   0  934m  43m 8352 S   6.3  0.3   2:27.94 libvirtd20:52
hallynlifeless: i notice you have two nics, that might be related20:53
hallynbut, i'll look back through changelog and compare to your setup20:53
lifelesspleia2 is running basically the same setup as I20:55
lifelesswe're dev/testing OpenStack stuff20:55
hallynsay are you using openvswitch bridges for your vms?20:57
dokocjwatson, I checked that before the upload, that it doesn't interfer with it21:00
lifelesshallyn: https://github.com/tripleo/incubator/blob/master/devtest.md covers the workflow we're working through/automating/polishing.21:01
lifelesshallyn: I don't expect the content of the vm's to matter, so you can ignore all the diskimage-builder stuff etc, just climb through the setup-network, boot-seed-vm and create-nodes code.21:01
lifelesshallyn: also its a bit inconsistent in growth rate:  2601 root      20   0  934m 119m 8356 S   0.0  0.7   8:11.20 libvirtd22:14
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