kidxI wanna install alpha and help ind issues would this be iwse also i am a a gamer and running steam would it be wise to find errors with steam? also are you guys gona support steam and other gaming title just like ubuntu?02:11
kidxis your goal the same as ubuntu or just wondering casue i love gaming and love Gnome?02:12
roastedI'm not a developer, so I can't directly comment, but I can't imagine Ubuntu GNOME would be wildly different than Ubuntu in terms of gaming.02:13
roastedUbuntu GNOME is built on the Ubuntu base.02:13
roastedAnd even if it wasn't, Steam is running on countless other Linux distros. Fedora, openSUSE, etc.02:13
kidxso whast the idea here02:13
roastedUbuntu is based on Unity02:14
roastedUbuntu GNOME is based on Gnome02:14
roastedIt's the front end, the desktop environment which is different.02:14
kidxthe ubuntu gnome main site said its easy to install true or false?02:14
roastedUbuntu GNOME intends to be built on the Ubuntu base while being as pure Gnome as possible.02:14
roastedOh yes.02:14
kidxso pretty much same as ubunut base with gnome so every thing is compatible correct?02:15
roastedI've never had an issue installing any sort of Linux distro, for the most part. Some are different but most are easy.02:15
roastedIf it's compatible with Ubuntu, it's compatible with Ubuntu GNOME.02:15
kidxthast what i wanna hear02:15
roastedThe only time that might not be true is if you're trying to install a Unity-specific feature (like a new lens or something) into Ubuntu GNOME.02:15
kidxi am installing alpha now to look for bugs02:15
roastedBut that would be due to, well, not having Unity, since Ubuntu is Unity and Ubuntu GNOME is Gnome. :P02:15
roastedNice. I'm running the alpha on my end too.02:15
roastedI had some issues with system hardlocks on the 3.8 kernel, which is what 13.04 is based on. The 13.10 alpha comes with kernel 3.10, and I've had *no* issues with it.02:16
roastedApport comes up now and then saying it found an issue, but I've never had any actual stability issues to report.02:16
roastedFor being in alpha, it seems pretty solid. I've never ran an alpha OS before. I'm a believer in LTS releases.02:16
kidx12.10 was bad02:16
kidxi skipped it02:17
roastedBut since Ubuntu GNOME is young yet, it missed the 12.04 LTS mark, so... here I am.02:17
roastedYea I ran 12.10 for all but two days before I went back to 12.04.02:17
roastedOn Unity, that is.02:17
roastedI didn't use Ubuntu GNOME in 12.10 days when it was the remix.02:17
roastedI was still trying to tolerate Unity.02:17
kidxunity is ok minux amazon02:17
kidxi hope none of that goes in here02:17
roastedThe amazon thing ENRAGES me.02:18
roastedoh my gosh I doubt it ever would.02:18
roastedGnome would never allow it, and Ubuntu GNOME aims to be directly in line with Gnome as much as possible.02:18
kidxi love this version just needs testers02:18
kidxill be testing teh hell out of this02:18
roastedgood deal!02:18
kidx24/7 gaming and every thing02:18
roastedLots of good guys in here.02:18
roastedI've had conversations with a few of the devs. They're great.02:18
roastedVolunteering their time and energy to make this distro spin amazing while listening to end users like me. Gotta love it.02:18
kidxnever met teh gnome devs here02:19
roastedYeah, there's a handful of them here. Great guys.02:19
kidxi need help installiong graphic drivers for my ati02:19
kidxthats all02:19
kidxand i am off to the races02:19
roastedIt wouldn't be any different in Ubuntu GNOME than what it was in Ubuntu.02:19
roastedJust need to enable it in your additional drivers tab of the software sources menu.02:20
kidxjust burning now and gona install oh does teh fan club driver installer work here02:20
roastedAlso, good luck. AMD/ATI hasn't been the best with Linux support.02:20
kidxwith gnome it has for me02:20
roastedHopefully that card, being relatively new and all (if I recall), would yield better results.02:20
roastedI personally stick to Intel and Nvidia GPUs and Intel or Atheros wifi chips.02:20
kidxintel could not run a game more than 60fps maxed out lol02:21
kidxand they are a cpu dev not graphics02:21
roastedyeah, Intel GPUs aren't largely used for gaming.02:21
kidxnvidia i say yea02:21
roastedI prefer them for laptops, though, since gaming on laptops is kind of LOL.02:21
kidxbut i had issue with nvidia in the past02:21
roastedThey work great for HTPC setups though.02:21
roastedNvidia used to be meh a few years ago.02:21
roastedEver since Linus Torvalds flipped them the bird they've been bringing a lot of updates to the Linux side - which is great.02:22
kidxdo you know the the ubuntu amd installer by fan club works02:22
roastedno idea02:22
kidxill test it02:22
roastedI avoid AMD like the plague, to be entirely honest with you. :P02:22
roastedI haven't used AMD on Linux since... probably 200802:23
kidxamd is not bad02:23
roastedAMD is not 'bad', but their lack of Linux support writes them off in my book.02:23
kidxits the linux xserver02:23
roastedNvidia does a better job, so I support them by choice.02:23
roastedNo - it's their drivers.02:23
roastedI understand AMD only has 1 guy working on drivers, and his work has been somewhat questionable over the years.02:23
kidxthe x server needs to be fixed02:23
roastedIf you say so, man. ;)02:24
kidxthats why we get screen tear on all cards02:24
roastedThere's no denying that the xserver needs an overhaul. That's where Wayland and Mir are coming from.02:24
kidxwindows on the other hand dont have that02:24
roastedBut it doesn't excuse why AMD has significantly worse driver quality than Nvidia as of right now, today.02:24
roastedBut if it works for you, then that's great. That's all that matters.02:24
kidxbut they copyrighted there patteren02:24
kidxwhat u mean driver quality02:25
kidxif you mean physicx02:25
roastedFGLRX is a royal headache.02:25
kidxnvidia cant rollback02:25
roastedI've gotten kernel updates that broke FGLRX entirely, requiring me to resort to a terminal to fix the issue.02:25
roastedMeanwhile Nvidia rolls from one kernel to another without issue.02:25
kidxso they both have there issues02:26
roastedI have, literally, never had an issue with Nvidia GPUs02:26
kidxthey are a headach in my eyes fans always going02:26
kidxthe gpu chp is all that is good02:26
roastedThey do. In some ways, it's like picking your poison. I'm just saying, if I have to pick a poison, I'd rather pick a teaspoon of arsenic than 10 gallons of it.02:26
kidxif you say so02:27
roastedIn fact, some people were predicting 2013 would be the year AMD would have to sell out. That of course is kind of a stretch, but it made me laugh seeing that.02:27
roastedIt doesn't affect me - I just buy different gear that I know works for my needs.02:27
kidxI rather coolr runnign better price range than what nvidia has to offer but to eeach their own man02:27
roastedIf yours works, then great.02:27
roastedBut I will say this.02:28
roastedThere's a reason Intel/Nvidia chips are in System76 (Ubuntu preinstalled laptop vendor) units and not AMD...02:28
roastedjust my 2c. ;)02:28
kidxthats 1 lol only 102:28
roastedHa - okay, we're going no where.02:29
roastedIf AMD works for you, use it.02:29
kidxi am using it02:29
roastedBut I avoid them for several reasons, and I don't see that changing unless AMD ups their Linux support substantially.02:29
kidxbeen great for years02:29
kidxhow we suspose that02:29
kidxwhat we do02:29
roastedwhat do we do for.. what02:30
kidxi am not buying a expensive card unless my pc i get comes with it02:30
roastedI don't buy overly expensive cards for my systems.02:30
roastedI just buy what I need and move on with life. :P02:30
kidxi am a gamer all i wanna do is game with a budget price02:30
roastedWell, have at it.02:31
roastedI'd rather pay a few bucks more to know I'm getting good support than the reverse.02:31
kidxhow much more 30002:31
roastedHard to say without having a need on the table for a new system and a budget to spend on gear.02:31
roastedI haven't built a system that is gaming worthy for about 2 years, so I'd need to look around and read up.02:32
kidxi can double Intell for half teh price or less02:32
kidx8 core cpu 20902:32
roastedThat's fine.02:32
kidxprice intel02:32
roastedBut like I said, it doesn't matter if the most amazing AMD GPU is 10 bucks.02:33
roastedIf it has crap support, it has crap support.02:33
roastedIn Linux, people avoid AMD GPU's for a reason.02:33
kidxevery one keeps saying this02:33
roastedI can't comment on AMD processors though. That's kind of a different beast since CPUs ar ea bit different.02:33
roastedCPUs don't need specific proprietary drivers to run as GPUs do02:34
darkxstmy theory is that AMD don't really have the man power to maintain both a proprietry blob and the OSS drivre02:34
kidxyou would think open source drivers would solve stuff02:34
roastedOpen source drivers could solve stuff... but as long as AMD keeps code closed off, it's a difficult task to undertake.02:34
kidxi heard  they were gona open source it02:35
kidxbut i guess thats a myth02:35
roastedI hope they do.02:35
roastedSo far I haven't heard anything.02:35
kidxme neither02:35
kidxi just hear talks in the works02:35
kidxand stuff from other communitys02:36
darkxstthey have a team working on radeon driver, however most of the code in fglrx will never be able to be open sourced02:36
roastedIf they do, I'll be a number 1 supporter of AMD.02:36
roastedBut I don't see them doing that.02:36
roasteddarkxst: by choice, or by design?02:36
darkxstthey have landed dynamic power management in 3.1102:36
kidxthey once were the best cards to have02:36
roastedvery nice02:36
darkxstby protecting IP i guess02:37
roasteddarkxst: do you think 13.10 will be married to 3.10? Or do you think 13.10 has room to adopt newer kernels as the release date gets closer?02:37
kidxbrb guys nice talking with you02:37
darkxstI don't think the kernel team has made the final call yet, so will depend on how things progress leading up to kernel freeze02:37
roastedis there a date set for that?02:38
roastedthe kernel freeze?02:38
roastedgood deal02:45
tich_Hey. I have been working on an essay and just noticed that my spell check isn't activated in libreoffice but it appears from the settings that it should be. any suggestions to get it working?02:53
darkxsttich_, you probably need to make sure you have dictionaries installed02:55
darkxstand/or hunspell for some languages I think02:56
tich_darkxst, i am pretty sure i have myspell installed. i will check for hunspell02:57
darkxsttich_, check the wiki https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibreOffice02:58
kidxhello guys i am on 13.10 but hen i installed it the os said 13.0402:59
kidxis that right02:59
tich_darkxst, yeah. i didn't have the right one installed but it is fixed now thanks03:03
darkxstLook what happened to the blinds ! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/115870/Saucy%20-%203.9%20%40%202013-07-17%2017%3A54%3A11.png07:57
anoneeBrokenThumb hi, I'm trying to add a bookmark using the Bookmarks menu or by pressing Ctrl+D but to no avail... (nautilus 3.4.2 in GNOME 3.4 fallback mode) can you please help me? P.S. no need to type the spaces, I understand :D and get well.09:08
anoneemaybe jbicha got the answer?09:09
darkxstanonee, that works fine here09:49
anoneedarkxst adding a local folder right?09:50
anoneenot working for me :(09:50
darkxstwhat version of nautilus?09:51
anoneenautilus 3.4.2 in GNOME 3.4 fallback mode09:51
darkxstoh, I don't even have a VM with 3.4 anymore!09:52
anoneebecause 3.4 was the last version that offers GNOME Classic as far as I know09:53
darkxst3.8 has classic mode, but still requires openGL for best performance09:54
anoneei have openGL09:55
anoneeit's a physical machine09:55
anoneeI'm afraid you09:55
anoneeI'm afraid u make me upgrade now lol09:56
anoneehow to?09:56
anoneedo I have to purge 3.4 first?09:56
anoneebtw I'm using compiz and emerald.09:57
anoneeand conky09:57
darkxstyou would lose compiz09:57
darkxstbut conky should still work09:57
anoneeyou mean it won't work on 3.8?09:58
darkxst(its basically gnome-shell with a bunch of extensions to make it more like the old layout)09:58
darkxstyeh compiz won't work on 3.809:58
anoneethen no thank you, the jelly windows make me feel better lol09:58
anoneecompiz is essential, it brings some fun to the serious times09:59
anoneedarkxst I can live without the bookmarks!09:59
anoneebut u know what I'm gonna run in terminal and see!10:00
anoneehow did i forget that10:00
darkxstyou might have troubling running gnome-shell in a terminal ;)10:01
anoneewait a min I should select the folder, and then Ctrl+D or click Add bookmark. right?10:02
darkxston 3.8 you enter the folder and then ctrl+D to bookmark it10:03
darkxstI really don't remember how it worked in 3.410:03
anoneeI just felt stupid, but thank you, it's working :P10:03
anoneeand I was thinking there should be something wrong10:04
kidxHello did any one notice when installing 13.10 it says 13.04 or no?13:13
ashish_i m using ubuntu12.04. can i use gnome 3.8 on it. currently my gnome is 3.4. i tried but not able to install after adding ppa14:01
ashish_anybody will ans?14:08
jbichagnome flashback with compiz still works in 13.10 but there are issues like bug 971051 and bug 119617714:28
ubot5bug 971051 in compiz (Ubuntu Precise) "No Alt+Tab in gnome classic session (switcher plugin not loaded)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/97105114:29
ubot5bug 1196177 in ubuntu-themes (Ubuntu) "Gnome-Panel White Square (Gnome-Fallback-Session/Flashback)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119617714:29
jbichathere effectively aren't developers working on flashback which is bad when gnome evolves so much from release to release14:29
jbichathere's also some bugs where apps assume that it is "GNOME" even though underneath it's probably more like Unity14:31

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