ebelsorry I wasn't at the loco meeting yesterday10:12
ebelI was at riverdance with some relatives who were over10:13
zmoylanriverdance? you've suffered enough :-)10:36
slashbelhis relatives loved it10:37
slashbelbut to me it sounds like paying €40 for a couple of hours of suffering10:38
zmoylanit does seem to keep going10:38
zmoylani liked the original eurovision intermission thingy but i doubt i could bear a whole show of the same.10:38
slashbelaye, the interval act now has its own interval act10:39
slashbelat the weekend we were taken around the tourist hotspots of templebar… where the only irish people in the bars were either the staff and musicians10:42
zmoylanirish staff? are things so bad economically?10:43
slashbelsometimes the bar manager10:44
slashbeli have to wonder if the visitors realise they're in an artificle tourist zone10:45
slashbelor is that what they come to see, ireland's version of disneyland10:45
zmoylanstill, not as bad as disneyland.  not a bunch of complete control freaks10:46
slashbeli've never been to disneyland, only heard about it10:48
zmoylanit's all their silliness of breaking copyright to protect mickey mouse that put me off them for life10:50
slashbelaye, tis crazy stuff10:58

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