lawnchairim trying to install ubuntu (12 or 13) and the installer crashes the same way for both versions: "console-setup-linux breaks console-setup" - has anyone ever seen this before?10:04
cjwatson12 and 13 aren't versions of Ubuntu - your choices are 12.04, 12.10, 13.04, 13.1010:06
cjwatsonExactly which image (URL, preferably) are you installing?  Could I see the full log of the failure?10:06
lawnchairubuntu-12.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso ubuntu-13.04-desktop-amd64.iso10:11
lawnchairi find it odd they both crash the same way10:11
lawnchairi dont have the full log of the failure but i submitted a crash report10:11
lawnchairi thought it might be a common failure, i guess not10:11
lawnchairill go through the installer again and let it crash... then ill grab the log10:13
cjwatsonconsole-setup-linux is a Debian thing; we've never merged it into Ubuntu10:16
cjwatson(It's in the queue, just a fair amount of effort and not high-priority)10:16
cjwatsonSo it's perplexing that you would be seeing it even mentioned at all in an Ubuntu installation10:16
cjwatsonAre you doing anything at all unusual with the installer?10:16
cjwatsonFor example, writing the image to a USB stick using some special tool?10:17
lawnchairi'm writing it to a usb stick w/ unetbootin10:18
lawnchairso yeah, that's def. a common factor10:19
lawnchairmakes sense for that to be the issue10:19
cjwatsonRight.  I blame unetbootin.  You can just write Ubuntu images to USB sticks with dd10:20
lawnchairok cool. i'll do that.10:20
cjwatsonIt doesn't need a special tool unless you want extra persistent storage on the USB stick, or a pretty UI10:20
lawnchairnope, i don't need anything crazy10:20
lawnchaircool, thanks for the direction10:20
lawnchairmuch appreciated10:21
cjwatsonThe amount of odd stuff unetbootin apparently does is depressing, though :(10:21
cjwatsonI wish we had more time to fix up usb-creator so that people wouldn't feel they needed it ...10:21
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jkitchenquestion: I need to create a system user during preseed prior to installing a package (to prevent the package from just willy-nilly adding its user with whatever uid it decides). is this possible?23:48
jkitchenseems the d-i passwd/user-uid thing might be the way to go, but that's only one user, what if I need to make, say more than one?23:49
jkitchenthe puppet package installs a user. I need that user to *always* be the same uid, period. my preseed script installs puppet. therefore I need to have that uid exist during my preseed23:50
cjwatsonI would be inclined to write a preseed/early_command script that writes out an executable script in /usr/lib/post-base-installer.d/; that script can then call "in-target adduser --system --uid FIXED USERNAME" or whatever it would be23:52
cjwatsonI am not aware of any specific facility for this (and passwd/user-uid isn't it, even for one system user), but the general facilities should work23:53
jkitchenI actually just came up with a really horrible way to do it which should just work: create a package which does nothing but create the required user.23:54
jkitchenand install that prior to installing puppet23:54
cjwatsonYou can do that.  I would prefer the post-base-installer approach myself.23:55
jkitchencan I have more than one preseed/early_command?23:55
cjwatsonOr, indeed, if you're installing puppet in preseed/late_command rather than pkgsel/include or whatever then you can just create the user first.23:56
jkitchenalso, since I can't seem to find the thing, where are the docs specifically for ubuntu installer? (the preseed file itself specifically would be great)23:56
jkitchenI've been referring to d-i.alioth.debian.org, but I imagine there are some differences23:56
jkitchenand "ubuntu installer" on google gives me all sorts of completely irrelevant pages heh23:56
cjwatsonNo.  Think of preseeding as setting keys in a database, not as a script.  But of course preseed/early_command can contain more than one command.23:56
jkitchencjwatson: <323:57
jkitchenI've been looking for that page for days.23:57
jkitchenand yea, I figured not with regard to multiple early_commands, but had to check (in case there was like a preseed/early_command/0, 1, 2, etc)23:58
cjwatsonNope.  But you can wget a script, chmod +x it, and execute it, if that's easier to manage23:58
jkitchennot a bad idea. we shall see :)23:59
jkitchendoes that page you linked me to cover the available hooks (like the post-base-installer.d dir you mentioned) as well?23:59

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