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mfischWhen a sync request is processed, do the Ubuntu builders do a build or is the binary package copied?03:13
mfischlooks like source from the wikipage, " This will ask Launchpad to copy the source package publication entry from its import of Debian."03:15
mfischso we trust that the binaries that were pushed to debian can be properly rebuilt in Ubuntu, or we fix it when it doesn't03:16
ScottKmfisch: Only the source is copied.03:57
ScottKIt's then rebuilt and then if it doesn't build someone should fix it.03:57
ScottKUbuntu makes no claim and has never attempted strict binary compatibility with Debian.03:58
mfischScottK: thanks03:59
ScottKYou're welcome.03:59
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dholbachgood morning! :)07:09
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Noskcaj10infinity, Can you merge xscreensaver. It will take you 0.1 seconds to fix the conflict09:09
infinityNoskcaj10: Sure can.09:09
Noskcaj10When i use "quilt push" and get a hunk error, why does the patch still take place?10:06
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mfischDo we have documented when and how a package moves out of -proposed? Is it strictly time based?16:04
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ScottKmfisch: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2012-October/000989.html17:23
ScottKIt's not time based at all.17:23
mfischScottK: Thanks, I'll read through that18:22
mfischScottK: are the test results viewable for the packages?18:53
ScottKmfisch: The relevant places to start are http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html and http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_output.txt when trying to figure out why something didn't migrate.18:55
mfischAnd once it passes these tests, it lands in saucy, with no delay? No time for people on -proposed to try it?18:56
ScottKNo.  People should not be running proposed.18:56
ScottKIt's for robots only.18:56
mfischAh yes, that other discussion18:56
mfischWhen I started using Ubuntu I had an issue with Unity and was recommended to enable proposed, this was in the Oneiric timeframe18:57
ScottKThis is a recent change.18:57
mfischScottK: but proposed can be used by people testing SRUs, IIRC18:57
ScottKYes.  This is only for the development series.18:58
mfischfor the SRU I did they waited for user feedback on the bug18:58
ScottKYes.  That's required.18:58
mfischThanks ScottK I'm going to check again to see if this is covered in the wiki and if not, perhaps find a place for it18:58
ScottKEvery SRU is tested in proposed before it's released to updates.18:58
TheLordOfTimeis saucy part of the libgd2 transition that's going on in Debian?20:32
TheLordOfTimeI know there's ongoing Debian testing with the libgd2, and the nginx packages are now using libgd2-dev|libgd2-noxpm-dev as part of the transitioning, but is that transitioning in Saucy as well?20:34
TheLordOfTimeor do i not have to worry about this?20:34
iulianTheLordOfTime: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/transitions/libgd2.html20:46
TheLordOfTimethat... doesn't answer my question20:47
TheLordOfTimemy question is which release(s) are going to be affected by the transition, saucy and onwards?20:47
TheLordOfTimeiulian:  ^20:47
iulianThe link I've given you lists all the transitions that are happening in Saucy right now.20:49
TheLordOfTimebut that ***wasn't my question***20:53
iulianI don't understand your question then, sorry.20:53
TheLordOfTimemy question is "Which release is the transition happening in" but i guess saucy since the link's there20:55
iulianI did say that, didn't I?20:55
TheLordOfTimeiulian:  i'm a little frazzled, i might be misreading20:56
TheLordOfTime(happens from time to time)20:56
TheLordOfTimeguess i'll have to fix this FTBFS then >.>20:56
TheLordOfTimebefore i can fix the PPA for nginx20:56
TheLordOfTime(since apparently nginx returns as "good")20:56
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