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Cantidehi everyone~16:35
Cantidedoes anyone have a link to last nights hangout?16:36
Cantidei missed 90% of it -.-16:36
k1ldoenst the page show the youtube video?16:39
Cantidei think it still has the old on about juju16:41
Cantidei think i found it though http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTLkMf361r4&feature=c4-overview&list=UUm7OifwnZoMCChidCJZQruQ16:41
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Cantidethe old one *16:51
UbuPhillupCantide: http://youtube.com/UbuntuOnAir17:16
Cantideyeah, i am there, thanks17:17
UbuPhillupCantide: okey17:17
RandomRangerThis is cool, I'm here early. Normally I don't hear about these things (live shows/ Q&A) until it's over.17:59
ForTheKremlinYeah, same here17:59
ForTheKremlinI guess checking twitter helps ;)18:00
Cantidewhat's going on? 'o'18:00
RandomRangerI also figured I would break the virtual ice.18:00
AlgotG+ had the announcement, too.18:00
RandomRangerI got the G+ announcement18:00
ahayzeni can see u jono!18:00
rm3I just got the facebook announcement!18:01
nshiellhi all18:01
micah2nice shirt!18:01
ureloadedyeeeah, there's jono the super dude that plays guitar and works for ubuntu18:01
Richie442I also like to live dangerously... Jono..18:01
RandomRangerThats not a shirt, it's his name tag. He just didn't want to put it back on everyday.18:02
jjakovwhat is the best way to start getting along with linux and bash scripts?18:02
BigC-workthis is a pretty cool web irc client18:02
ForTheKremlinWearing a lazy shirt and working as a programmer... :P18:02
ureloadedplz make a contest in order to win 1 of your guitars =P18:02
speaker1234arrgh chrome - flash doesn't do this video18:02
RandomRangerWow, thats a mirror, it makes the room look much larger.18:03
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retatWhen does ubunut touch come for galaxy s4?18:03
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jjakovQUESTION:what is the best way to start getting along with linux and bash scripts?18:04
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micah2QUESTION: Is your galaxy nexus GSM or CDMA. It looks like CDMA doesn't work yet according to the devices wiki.18:04
ForTheKremlinQUESTION: How will Ubuntu Touch interact with phone HDMI outputs? What does the SDK offer for that sort of hardware?18:05
ureloadedQUESTION: I'm having some issues with an exchangeable graphics laptop; using 12.04 and it tends to freeze from time to time...it's an AMD card so onlu privative soft and drivers; plz work on that in the future18:05
AbdulCQUESTION: Ubuntu on tablets ....WHEN?18:05
nshiellQUESTION: what would you say to a CTO that wants me to develop a UI in ActiveX as opposed to using the Symfony2 project I have been working on?18:05
RandomRangerQUESTION: Will Ubuntu touch have the ability for whole desktop when put onto a monitor?18:05
Allu2QUESTION: What is the state of Ubuntu for Tablets, Is it usable on daily basics? Does it still include the "fake contacts"?18:06
ForTheKremlinQUESTION: Does Ubuntu Touch have settings for WiFi proxy configuration? (SOCKS/HTTP proxy address, authentication, etc.)18:06
iamkdevHow to import svn project into eclipse which is in Dropbox and my path to Home/Dropbox/SVNDEV2.018:06
iamkdevI have done to this...18:06
iamkdevExpand the SVN folder -> Checkout Projects from SVN18:06
iamkdevNow Problem in the path18:06
iamkdevit show error18:06
iamkdevHow to import svn project into eclipse which is in Dropbox and my path to Home/Dropbox/SVNDEV2.018:06
iamkdevI have done to this...18:06
iamkdevHow to import svn project into eclipse which is in Dropbox and my path to Home/Dropbox/SVNDEV2.018:06
iamkdevI have done to this...18:06
iamkdevHow to import svn project into eclipse which is in Dropbox and my path to Home/Dropbox/SVNDEV2.018:06
iamkdevI have done to this...18:06
mhall119Allu2: I use it on my Nexus 7 every day18:06
Richie442QUESTION: Did you buy something from Steam, during the summer getaway sale?18:07
BillynkidQUESTION: We see more and more carriers joining. Any Handset manufacturers ready to throw their hat into the ring officially?18:07
jjakovQUESTION:What is a good delivery framework for community managment?18:07
RandomRangerHe's using ubuntu! what a surprise!18:07
jdrabQUESTION:where did you get that awesome wallpaper :O18:07
benb3342QUESTION - We're looking at moving from Windows/RDS environment to Ubuntu Desktop Remix,  Is there a similar product to RDS that we can use, accessing via thin clients?18:07
mhall119nik90 rocks!18:08
RandomRangerCool clock design18:08
Allu2Not sure i like it, too used to long clock hands :P18:08
ureloadedbeautiful indeed, good work18:08
ForTheKremlinQUESTION: Will Ubuntu Touch have an interface for adjusting sound levels? (Something like a mixer)18:08
uniapQUESTION. Hi Jono, The change from Xorg to MIR is important for end users? Greetings from Argentina18:09
iamkdevpath to Home/Dropbox/SVNDEV2.018:09
iamkdevI have done to this...18:09
iamkdevExpand the SVN folder -> Checkout Projects from SVN18:09
iamkdevNow Problem in the path18:09
iamkdevpath to Home/Dropbox/SVNDEV2.0 So checkout Project -> what or how to five the file://path18:09
nshiellWhy use SVN with dropbox?18:09
nshielljust use SVN?18:09
mhall119iamkdev: please stop pasting the same thing over and over18:09
RandomRangerQUESTION: Wht language is ubuntu written in/ if I wanted to start developing for ubuntu, what language should I learn/ know18:09
RandomRangerand ubuntu touch^18:10
mhall119RandomRanger: C, C++, Qt/QML/Javascript18:10
mhall119RandomRanger: http://unity.ubuntu.com/getinvolved/development/unity8/ has instructions to get started18:10
mhall119unity 8 is the Ubuntu Touch interface18:10
jimmyjamesQUESTION: have you guys got any further with nvidia or ati proprietary drivers for 13.10 ?18:10
OneArmedNoodlerQUESTION: If writing code to address a need one of the strengths of FOSS.. Why all the uproar over Mir? Has Canonical not released the source code?18:10
iamkdevsorry mhall119 ... where i m is slow internet so U don't know when send or not18:11
mhall119OneArmedNoodler: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mir-team/mir/trunk/files18:11
nshiellQUESTION: ubuntu phone dual screen?18:11
CynagenQUESTION: What's the progress on the Ubuntu for mobile coming along? I find the fact that I have a quad-core in each of my pockets now is actually being wasted seeing as I can't use them for a more fleshed out desktop experience yet. How is that coming along?18:12
Cantidenice cat..18:12
jazzg4question :  will ubuntu phone   have  desktop  ubuntu when  docking ?18:12
jjakovQUESTION: is it gonna be possible to use lxde with ubuntu touch?18:12
RandomRangerMy cat at my headphones last night :(18:12
mhall119jjakov: that'll be up to LXDE to make it work on touch devices18:13
emijawdoQUESTION: Will Ubuntu 13.10 Support Hybrid graphic cards ? this has been a serious issue now for quite a long time !18:13
UbuPhillupQUESTION: why is this https://launchpad.net/~canonical-product-strategy a private team?18:14
ureloaded@mijawdo +1 to your question18:14
emijawdoQUESTION: Will Ubuntu 13.10 Support Hybrid graphic cards ? this has been a serious issue now for quite a long time !18:14
RandomRangerWhats a hybrid graphics card18:14
CantideQUESTION: How light is Unity 8 compared to previous versions of Unity ?18:14
iamkdevubuntu 13.04 with gnome18:14
mhall119Cantide: well it doesn't use Compiz, that should tell you something :)18:14
* iamkdev slaps ChanServ around a bit with a large trout18:15
Cantidemhall119, yeah :) Compiz keeps crashing on me - can't wait to be rid of it :)18:15
Space3_993QUESTION: What about Ubuntu touch (Ubuntu for Android)...any release date ?18:15
speaker1234QUESTION: as a disabled user (hands repetitive stress injury), accessibility is almost completely absent. Any chance of some support for a hybrid solution using Windows-based speech recognition and Ubuntu user environment? FYI, free speech recognition solutions have been promised for the 20 years I've been disabled and given the current level of fu18:15
speaker1234nding, it's at least another 10 years away.18:15
jazzg4QUESTION   what is time like to have MIR done for the Desktop18:15
Cantidemhall119, so it's optimized for phones - i.e. very very light? Which means when it lands on the desktop we can expect the desktop to be optimized for phones? (in terms of speed)18:15
* iamkdev slaps YoBoY around a bit with a large trout18:16
mhall119Cantide: in terms of performance yes, we saw the start of that in 13.04 in fact, and will get more in 13.1018:16
Cantidegreat - thanks :)18:16
ForTheKremlinQUESTION: With larger gaming companies expanding to Linux, what does Ubuntu have to offer for performance optimization?18:16
Cantidethe website is really lagging for me, so i can't hear Jono all the time - thanks for answering my questions here18:17
RandomRangerNOTE: to developers, if people have trouble precision touching the screen, tilt might make a handy accessibilty feature/ option.18:17
mhall119Cantide: happy to help, you can always use #ubuntu-touch to ask questions when Jono isn't on-air :)18:17
BillynkidGo on!18:17
iamkdevcan i install ubuntu mobile into my xperia U18:17
jjakovQUESTION:What is a good strategy for community managment for a small community?18:17
RandomRangerI believe the only officialy supported devices are the nexus devices, but I could be wrong.18:18
benb3342Thanks Jono18:18
mhall119RandomRanger: those are the ones supported by Canonical, other devices are supported by community folks18:18
* iamkdev slaps Cantide around a bit with a large trout18:18
* iamkdev slaps Cantide around a bit with a large trout18:18
* iamkdev slaps Cantide around a bit with a large trout18:18
Allu2QUESTION: Will the introduction of Mir as default display server (Ubuntu 14.04?) mean that unless graphics card manufactorers start serving drivers with support for Mir we are forced to use only opensource drivers and give up on performance gains of binary drivers?18:19
hippyjakeQUESTION: Have Valve commented on Mir?18:19
nshiellThanks Jono18:19
* iamkdev slaps mhall119 around a bit with a large trout18:19
RandomRangerI'm seeing Mir alot, whats Mir?18:20
mhall119RandomRanger: its a new display server18:20
mhall119RandomRanger: basically it's the bit that takes Unity 8's content and pushes it to the graphics card18:20
mhall119RandomRanger: It's a replacement for X11, if you're familiar with that18:21
RandomRangerI'm not. But ok.18:22
mhall119RandomRanger: that's okay, it's not something most people need to know or care about anymore18:22
nshiellIt's exciting that Canonical is talking to other distros about MIR18:22
bashrcThe drama is just part of the fun18:23
ForTheKremlinQUESTION: What is the difference between Unity, MIr, X, and all those other names that I hear all the time?18:23
nshiellSome people complain when my superstore moves the frozen peas around, change happens, I like people different directions18:23
RandomRangerOne is clearly better than the other.18:23
iassiac67QUESTION: will apps like Spotify and Google Chrome ever make their appearance in the Ubuntu Software Centre?18:27
RandomRangerQUESTION: How is ubuntu funded, as I remember a time where there was no donate option before downloading.18:27
nshiell"Chromium" is avaliable in the software centre18:27
jazzg4thank you18:29
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BillynkidQUESTION: As a soon to be new Dad any Tips?18:31
nshiellQUESTION: When you spoke about community a few mins ago do u think it also applies to corporate enviroments  too?18:31
nshiellQUESTION: Can I view this onair later youtube etc?18:32
ForTheKremlinQUESTION: (Somewhat more personal but I feel the answer will apply to multiple people) I have an HTC Evo 4G and I don't see it on the list of devices for Ubuntu. Will Ubuntu Touch ever be accessible to all phones? Or will some phones just be forever excluded from the awesomeness that is Ubuntu?18:32
theblackdogQUESTION: As far as I know ubuntu touch for phones will be ARM. Which Applicatinos will run on the high-end version in Desktop mode?18:33
RandomRangerFor theKremlin: I don't know the answer to that question, but in general, things like that are just a matter of time.18:33
ForTheKremlinDad tip: Don't raise them on Mac.18:33
jazzg4will there be  a  Redesign of  software center  since  ubuntu touch  will need a  software store?18:33
RandomRangerPro tip: Don't use a Mac.18:33
Guest3236Dad tip- gets LOTS of sleep while you can18:33
ForTheKremlinWhat's mac? ;)18:33
jazzg4QUESTION :   will there be  a  Redesign of  software center  since  ubuntu touch  will need a  software store?18:33
nshiellget in your sandbox jono hahaha18:34
rstreeterQUESTION: What are a few ways to contribute to Ubuntu without having any coding experience?18:34
Guest3236ooops- minus my last tip18:34
xcer11You should flip your guitars the other side you bend the neck more having the weight and the pressure from the strings pulling :)18:35
jdrabI have 2month old daughter ..18:35
mhall119my kids listened to soft jazz all night18:35
theconorbonewhats the best use of sudo ?18:37
mhall119theconorbone: sudo !!18:37
mhall119^^ runs the previously entered command with sudo18:38
youtookmyjobCan java run nativly in the next release or have a way to make the installation human friendly please?18:38
theconorbonethats usefull18:38
CantideQUESTION: What exactly are click packages?18:38
RandomRangerQUESTION: What youtookmyjob said.18:38
mhall119youtookmyjob: as long as your java app depends on the openjdk-jre, it should install it and make everything "just work"18:38
youtookmyjobMore for games like minecraft because its a pain in a butt18:39
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Guest3236I arrived late so this may have been covered, but what exactly are the CAG advising ubuntu touch on?18:40
jdrabQUESTION: coffee or tea? :]18:41
RandomRangerWhen asking a question, type QUESTION: before your question18:41
mhall119Guest3236: say it again with QUESTION at the start18:41
Guest3236QUESTION: I arrived late so this may have been covered, but what exactly are the CAG advising ubuntu touch on?18:41
youtookmyjobQUESTION: can Sun Java be native or a easy installer on the store please?18:42
bashrcI developed a system called packagemonkey to help with packaging.  Doesn't include click packages yet.18:42
krwlngQUESTION: Are you thinking of preparing an emulator for mobile Ubuntu?18:43
benihimeQUESTION: how is working environment at Canonical?18:43
RandomRangerQUESTION: I wouldn't imagine your working on it now, but are there any plans for x86 emulation?18:43
theconorboneQUESTION: how is working environment at Canonical?18:43
RandomRangerin ubuntu touch18:43
rstreeterQUESTION: Will click packages replace Debian Packages altogether ?18:43
mhall119youtookmyjob: you mean Oracle Java :)18:43
youtookmyjobYeah, I'm sorry18:44
RandomRangerQUESTION: Java was my first language, so I love it. But I have from people that it is a terrible language. Is this a common opinion?18:45
mhall119RandomRanger: yes, but it's also just opinion18:45
mhall119every language has it's haters18:45
RandomRangerWhy is it so hated?18:46
BlackPumaAbout Unity, why not give the option to install or not?18:46
mhall119RandomRanger: depends on the hater, some people don't like the syntax, some people don't like the JVM18:46
skeritQUESTION: Are these click packages also meant to be used for bigger/desktop applications, or should they always go via the regular deb route?18:46
RandomRangerI don't think anyone likes syntax period. (But I know what you meant)18:47
youtookmyjobQUESTION: Its a pain to run minecraft and people have useless tutorials and im terrible with terminal and installing packages in terminal. Maybe drag and drop terminal installation?18:47
CantideQUESTION: A lot of people seem concerned that carriers will load bloatware on Ubuntu Touch and this will filter to the desktop; as I see it, that "bloatware" will only exist on the handsets offered by those carriers - leaving the desktop distributed by Canonical as vanilla. Am I correct, or will carriers influence Ubuntu Touch as a whole?18:47
mhall119RandomRanger: I actually like it, Java's syntax is almost always predictable18:48
xcer11well said cheers18:49
RandomRangerAs far as syntax goes, I like Java's syntax too.18:49
nshiellI wanna write software in XULRunner18:49
youtookmyjobOnce installing windows software becomes easy I will run Ubuntu on my main system18:49
ForTheKremlinEvery language also has specific strengths. There's no need to use a super high-end language for some basic procedural code. People say that languages like Lua have no real-world application, but it's a very versatile procedural language that has its uses.18:50
youtookmyjobQUESTION: will a Ubuntu rom be released for the Samsung Galaxy S318:50
BlackPumaQUESTION: About Unity, why not give the option to install or not?18:50
ForTheKremlinQUESTION: What is the difference between Mir, Unity, and all those other names that I hear all too often?18:51
Guest3236Question- on bloatware, can you just format and reinstall a vanilla version18:51
victorgmQUESTION: why stallman say ubuntu isnt free software?18:51
TaekUbuntu is freeware. http://www.ubuntu.com/ Download and install :D18:51
mhall119victorgm: because we allow binary firmware and drivers to enable hardware18:51
RandomRangerQUESTION: Do you do this every week?18:52
RandomRangerI believe that it said weekly18:52
nshiellx is a headache18:52
rstreeterQUESTION: Will Mate Desktop Environment ever make it to the official repository?18:53
xcer11Yes please GO MIR18:53
mhall119rstreeter: if somebody submits it, sure18:53
jdrabQUESTION: if mir is GPLv3 and Wayland is "MIT", shouldn't be Richard Stallman happier with mir?18:54
skeritQUESTION: How will Twitter & Facebook's "token rate limit per application" (instead of per user) affect functionality in Ubuntu Touch? (All 3rd party twitter clients face this problem now)18:54
jazzg4QUESTION :  would you  be guest on  Podcast Like:  Linux action show and talk about  ubuntu touch?18:55
BlackPumaBefore you leave, just let me say this: it's my first time watching your live stream and I really enjoyed it. Cheers mate ;)18:56
rstreeterQUESTION: What ever happened to the "Linux for human beings" on the Ubuntu web site?18:56
RandomRangerSame here BlackPuma18:56
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GusGouveathis Unity discussion is hot, and I have seen many articles talking about that. I find very sad that I have moved to LinuxMint just because of Unity. Is there some discussion between devs about this remote possibility of giving users another option?18:57
RM3Good Video Jono. Awesome video! Thanks :)18:57
BlackPumaAgree with GusGouvea ;)18:57
nshiellQUESTION: What most excites you about the future open source regarding community?18:57
UbuPhillupGusGouvea: start with QUESTION:18:57
BillynkidQUESTION: Any cool announcements for UDS?18:57
mhall119GusGouvea: there are lots of options, using Mint is one of them18:57
GusGouveaI agree mhalll19, but. I used to like Ubuntu18:58
BillynkidPlus as we know the Internet is really run by cats18:58
mhall119GusGouvea: you kind of still use it :)18:59
BlackPumame also, but with a much lighter window manager ;)18:59
CantideQUESTION: what version of Unity will ship with 13.10 ?18:59
Guest21272question:what would be your advise to start learning Ubuntu?the cert studies that you have are very expensive18:59
Geribil31QUESTION: Ever thinking for a full supported gaming platform ? It will be a huge plus for Ubuntu and open-source community.18:59
mhall119Guest21272: just start using it19:00
BillynkidGeribil31 something wrong with Steam?19:00
Guest3236QUESTION: what is your take on all this patent trolling happening in the software industry, and why is this allowed to continue?19:00
Guest21272mhall118 im using it.i meant professionally19:00
Geribil31Nope just something beside.19:00
CantideGusGouvea, you can still use Ubuntu - just install a different UI if you can't get used to Unity. Personally I didn't like unity at first, but after hiding the launcher and using keyboard shortcuts Unity actually became very powerful and awesome :)19:00
Guest38056it depends of what you need the Ubuntu19:00
BillynkidLeadwerks just got funded on Kickstarter19:01
adfad666question: are there any plans to support devices with Intel Atom z24xx, such as Intel based phones?19:01
rstreeterQUESTION: How can we get cell service providers to be a part of the Ubuntu touch advisory group19:01
Guest38056question: in latin america could we have the Ubuntu Phone?19:02
rm_QUESTION: Is there a lot of disappointment amongst devs when their contributions get discarded in future versions of Ubuntu?19:02
CantideThanks Jono!19:03
BillynkidCheers Jono19:03
jonothanks all!19:03
ForTheKremlinThanks for answering these questions! I'm super excited about the future of Ubuntu, and now I'm more informed as well :D19:03
krwlngThanks for meeting Mr. Bacon19:03
RandomRangerQUESTION: Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you want/ need to use Windows/ OS X or any other Operation System?19:03
Geribil31Thanks Jono !19:03
GusGouveasee ya guys19:03
RM3Thanks jono!19:04
UbuPhillupthanks jono19:04
Guest3236video closes and I get a pic of a half naked russian lying on a bear carpet19:04
RandomRangerThought you were joking, nope.19:05
Guest3236sexy time19:06
UbuPhilluphi dev__19:20
dev__is this show live?19:21
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thiebaudeQUESTION: If install Ubuntu 13.10 now, will I get Mir?20:21
TokioQUESTION: why the name Ubuntu?20:29
deepwhat is the best paint software for ubuntu except gimp20:45
Cris__Will Mir work with Nvidia cards?21:14
joseCris__: we're not online right now :)21:44
mamdohow can I block web site22:55

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