ubottuIn #ubuntu, neo2 said: ubottu, gordonjcp, my experience is things get frozen until many programs get evaporated and the desktop is flushed as well..06:56
k1l_stein got too much sparetime, i think11:01
ikoniahe's sending me sad abuse in pm11:01
ikoniaI'm a retarded fucking faggot etc etc11:01
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from nommer)16:02
Pici!info libselinux116:10
ubottulibselinux1 (source: libselinux): SELinux runtime shared libraries. In component main, is required. Version 2.1.9-5ubuntu1 (raring), package size 60 kB, installed size 189 kB16:10
Picilibselinux is required, even though selinux itself is not.16:16
Picitroll anyway16:17
IdleOnewhat uses libselinux?16:17
Pici/etc/pam.d/login mentions it.16:17
ikoniaPici: just about to check this in a bit more detail16:17
PiciIt looks like its just there to probe whether selinux is enabled though.16:17
k1lits just there because other programs are prepared for using selinux16:18
k1land they error if the files are missing16:18
k1lso that doesnt mean its installed or activate16:18
k1lbut when people going mad when they read its from the nsa they are not listening to facts anymore16:19
ikonialooks like it's simple enough to disable the check for selinux16:29
ikoniaas long as it's disabled via pam it works16:29
ikoniajust testing it now16:30
Picithat would make sense16:30
k1lsome month ago it was: "wth does ubuntu not use selinux?" now its "wth does ubuntu have a file which name contains selinux?"  :/16:32
Picinow its all "help help I'm being observed"16:32
ikoniathis is such utter nonsense16:32
ikoniaselinux is excellent, and anoyne thinkig it's spyware needs to get a grip16:33
ikoniaok - it works if you disable in pam16:33
ikoniait's not as simple as I'd hoped to disable it16:33
ikoniabut it does work if you do it properly16:33
k1lyes, i dont think selinux is bad just because its from nsa , too16:33
ikoniaI'm not going to put it on the wiki as I see paranoid fools rushing to make a mess of it16:34
ikoniaalso has to be disabled in ssh checks too16:34
ikonia(assuming you wanted to purge it totally)16:34
PiciIf it does have a backdoor, then all the smart people who have looked at the source haven't found one yet.16:35
ikoniabottom line - banks use it, it's ok16:36
ikoniathe mail guy ?16:51
Picisemper again16:51
chadthedude!ops - elky is abusing17:53
ubottuIn #ubuntu-ops, chadthedude said: !ops - elky is abusing17:53
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  Tm_T, tritium, elky, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, imbrandon, PriceChild, Madpilot, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, tsimpson, gnomefreak, jussi, topyli, or nhandler!17:53
ubottuchadthedude called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()17:53
chadthedudeSOMEBODY HELP17:53
Coreychadthedude: WHAT?17:53
chadthedudeCOREY, ARE YOU HERE17:53
chadthedudeANY OP HERE?17:54
Coreychadthedude: That's about enough.17:54
chadthedudecorey, there is problem17:54
chadthedudewith nickserv17:54
Coreychadthedude: How is this a #ubuntu-ops issue?17:54
chadthedudecause this room is full of ops17:55
CoreyChannel ops, yes.17:55
CoreyNetwork issues in #freenode, please.17:55
Coreychadthedude: If there's nothing else, please /part17:55
chadthedudei got banned17:55
chadthedudein #ubuntu17:55
chadthedudefor abusing an user.17:55
Corey10:54:36 -!- Irssi: There does not appear to be anything preventing chadthedude from joining/talking in #ubuntu17:56
=== chadthedude is now known as stein
steinI am stein17:56
steink1l banned me17:56
steinoh i can go there17:56
steinhe banned my ip17:56
steini got dynamic ip, so17:56
steinban-evading is easy17:57
Coreystein: That's ill advised.17:57
steinbut can you tell k1l top stop banning.17:57
k1land yet you ban evaid again17:57
steink1l banned me, corey.17:57
steink1l banned me again, omg.17:57
steincorey, how can i solve this?17:57
IdleOnefirst, stop evading bans17:57
k1lstein: what about you stick to the rules first?17:58
k1lstein: ban evading will not make us remove a ban17:58
k1l!guidelines | stein17:58
ubottustein: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines17:58
steini'll ban-evade anyway17:58
steinwith some other name17:58
steinand other proxy17:58
steinyour ban are useless17:58
IdleOnenice of you for telling us and staff17:58
k1lstein: it could be so easy for all of us, if you were not playing the little haxx0r kiddie18:00
steinI am not pretending to be a little haxx0r skiddie, you lil fuckfaggot.18:00
steinlearn to speak english.18:00
steinI can easily evade your silly bans.18:00
steinI can change my alias18:00
steinand I got thousands & thousands of18:00
steinproxies, ssh-tunnelling servers18:00
k1lbut as long as you show that behaviour and will not stick to the guidelines i see no point in letting you back into the channel18:00
steink1l, who cares about the fucking guidelines18:01
steini can evade18:01
steinyou'll never know who I am18:01
steinwhy isn't swearing allowed?18:01
CoreyThen I'm afraid the ban won't be lifted any time soon.18:01
steinhow old are you, guys. exactly? 12?18:01
steincorey, I can lift the fucking bans myself18:02
k1lstein: that behaviour you just showed is not welcome in the channel. so please stay out. if you want to discuss your ban you are free to join here18:02
steinyour bans suck18:02
steink1l, how about you suck my cock18:02
steini can evade the ban18:02
stein1. ill change my alias18:02
stein2. ill get a proxy18:02
CoreySo unconstructive.18:08
* Corey pokes at xnox 18:08
ubottuIn #ubuntu, quadHelix said: ubottu - i know what it is... what I dont know is why my phpinfo has no references to mysql18:24
ubottuIn ubottu, meowlulzcat said: who is your programmer19:55
k1lwho is your daddy? :)19:57
Piciand what does he do20:00
IdleOneYou know who he is. He gave you goats.20:00
ubottuwilee-nilee called the ops in #ubuntu (LucidDreamZzZ)20:00
ubottuIn ubottu, guntbert said: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.20:04
guntbertsorry that edit request was completely bogus20:05
k1lah, that mighty "i dont have a ubuntu but it works now" effect21:41
xnoxCorey: hi22:51
ikoniaxnox: can anyone else help you ?22:54
ikoniaahh Corey is here22:54
CoreyUsually. :-)22:54
Coreyxnox: Just wondering why you're idling here. :-)22:54
xnoxCorey: i idle on all channels I join, that's a default for my irc proxy =)22:55
ikoniaI think the question is why have you joined #ubuntu-ops22:55
Coreyxnox: Ah. See /topic :-)22:55
* xnox is ubuntu-core-dev and ubuntu-developer and thus i have a long list of #ubuntu-* channels i idle on.22:55
ikoniayes, but why #ubuntu-ops22:55
xnoxikonia: something like 3 weeks ago there was a spammer i requested to be looked at.... but yeah. no active reason to be here.22:56
ikoniayou joined to report a problem and it's auto-rejoined22:56
xnoxikonia: why is the policy to remove idlers from here?22:57
xnoxthe channel is logged anyway....?!22:57
LjLwell that's mostly why the channel is logged, so people who ask "why can't i look at what you do" can be pointed at the logs :P22:57
IdleOnexnox: trolls travel in packs.22:58
xnox=))) and people with duplicate nicks here are clearly on active duty =)))22:58
* xnox was quietly minding my own business until Corey poked me =)22:59
IdleOnethose people are meant to be here. it isn't a question of how many clients you have. I am fine with you idling here but the policy is that only people who need to be here are in here23:00

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