phillwballoons: and, yes, the thankyou area has to be moved... as to how prominent you wish to make it?  Well, I'm glad I'm not deciding :)00:06
phillwballoons: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Overview/TheStages and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/phillw/Activities have been edited, I really cannot see a better place to add in 'thank you' but to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/phillw/Activities#Thank-you Feel free to go edit, once you've edited the cadence stuff!01:27
phillwJasonO: of course, one of these days you will actually be on line :)01:29
JasonOHi PhillW :)01:30
phillwJasonO: how's the leg?01:30
* JasonO mobile01:30
JasonOPhillW: It's getting better01:31
phillwgood, I've not had a reply from your name sake as to email accounts etc. They're pretty busy with RL as well.01:31
JasonONo problem, I can wait.01:32
phillwI can add you as an @phillw.net email address... maybe best chat on ##phillw and not the QA channel :)01:33
JasonOAlright :)01:34
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pittiGood morning04:18
pittixnox: partman is no problem, I have that figured out; the problem is grub-install, that fails when you call it on a device which isn't visible by the bios (like /dev/md0)04:18
pittixnox: I haven't found a good workaround for that, as you can't just divert it (it's copied from /rofs and called in the chroot)04:18
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DanChapmanGood Morning all :-)06:19
jibelgood morning07:16
xnoxpitti: it should be possible to preseed skipping grub-install.08:23
xnoxpitti: we already have normal fully automated preseeding of ubiquity, so we do know grub-install works from the installer.08:23
pittixnox: ah, how would I do this? can this be done in an already running live environment, or does this need to be passed on the kernel command line?08:24
xnoxpitti: let me find the option =)08:24
pittixnox: yeah, unless the UI wants to cover that part, but better we cover all the rest than nothing08:24
pittixnox: thanks; I'll give that a try once you tell me the s3kr1t command08:24
DanChapmanxnox, hey can i pester you in a little while about some of the dialog widgets? Am just getting a list together with some examples first08:27
jibelpitti, how did you make partman believe there is a physical device it can use? I didn't failed to find how08:27
pittijibel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5883443/ are my notes08:28
xnoxDanChapman: what about them?08:28
pittijibel: in short, I create a raid-0 md backed by a loop device08:29
pittijibel: that's a block device which you can partition, and which partman accepts08:29
jibelpitti, ah, ok, I missed the second part08:29
pittiand then parted_devices needs to be filtered to only return that one, otherwise it happily scribbles over the mounted(!!) /dev/vda08:29
pitti(if you accept the defaults)08:30
pittijibel: I still have an open WI for this, when I test xnox' grub-install pre-seeding I'll update the spec and put the recipe there08:30
jibelpitti, I didn't find the "echo ... /bin/parted_devices" bits08:30
jibelnice trick08:30
DanChapmanxnox, i have been having autopilot complaining about object has no positional attributes. For both the ubi_question_dialog and the partition_dialog.08:31
jibelpitti, to run ubiquity ap tests, I went the qemu way with a /custom-installation directory into initrd to load the tests on the live imag08:31
xnoxpitti: ubiquity --help says -b, --no-bootloader  Do not install a bootloader.08:32
pittijibel: i. e. you added a second virtio disk?08:32
pittixnox: oh, handy08:32
xnoxpitti:  it _should_ work, but possibly not tested that well =)08:32
pittixnox: let's find out08:32
xnoxpitti: which is equivalent to injecting os.environ['UBIQUITY_NO_BOOTLOADER'] = '1' into the environment variables.08:33
jibelpitti, I create an empty disk with qemu-img, extract the kernel and initrd from the iso and boot from the iso with the custom initrd, kernel and kernel arguments08:33
xnox(can be passed as kernel arg / environment variable)08:33
pittithanks qemu for stealing my focus08:35
jibelDanChapman, Hey, I enabled videos for app tests, that makes the FF failure pretty clear https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/autopilot-ubuntu-applications/17/label=autopilot-ati/artifact/results/autopilot/videos/08:36
DanChapmanxnox, the buttons on the ubi_question_dialog I can only see/select the GtkButtonBox, but not the GtkButtons inside. I tried blindly selecting them by their label value. Are they generated at runtime depending on question?08:39
DanChapmanhence why i can't see them08:39
xnoxDanChapman: they are generated at runtime based on what debconf is asking. To that ubi_question_dialog is  a "template" which gets dynamically populated.08:40
xnoxnot sure how to introspect that....08:40
DanChapmanjibel, hey :-) awesome cheers. I'll go take a look...08:40
pittixnox: oh, and the other problem is that with this md setup I always get straight into the "custom partition" dialog, it doesn't offer me auto-partitioning; do you know why that is?08:40
pittiI guess DanChapman's test cover the automatic partitioning modes08:41
DanChapmanpitti i'm just trying to finish off custom part test at the moment08:41
pittiright, but we should have both; right now, with the /dev/md device it's not how ubiquity usually behaves08:42
pittiso we need to fix that08:42
xnoxpitti: right, so if partman-auto falls on it's face and doesn't offer any autopartitioning options, partman goes straight to the "custom partitioning dialog" instead of offering "choose how to partition your device", in ubiquity this translates into "drop me to the custom partition page"08:47
xnoxpitti: the solution here is to troubleshoot why partman-auto didn't fancy any of the offered drives.08:47
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xnoxpitti: how can I run your setup to reproduce and debug it?08:48
pittixnox: right; I guess it makes some tests on the devices and weeds out the md ones08:48
pittixnox: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5883488/08:48
pittixnox: this is the script that I'm running before calling ubiquity -b08:48
pittixnox: I create a 10 GB partition with qemu-img create -f qcow2 test.img 10G08:49
pittiand run the whole thing in08:49
pittikvm -m 1600 -vga vmware -drive if=virtio,index=0,file=test.img -cdrom ~/download/ubuntu/saucy-desktop-amd64.iso08:49
* pitti does a test run with manual partitioning for now08:49
DanChapmanxnox, ok I might have to keep keyboard nav on that one.08:51
xnoxpitti: ok thanks. let me play with that.08:52
pittixnox: (in case it wasn't clear already, that script gets run as root inside the VM)08:52
xnoxpitti: once on manual partitioning page, verify that "install grub on to device...." drop down is either (a) not there at all or (b) "do not install grub" or something like that.08:54
xnoxthat's the behaviour "-b" should make.08:55
pittixnox: (I think) I didn't see it, so it seems to work08:55
pittixnox: nice, it finished successfully now, modulo the manual partitioning08:58
pittixnox: so -b works08:58
xnox\o/ good =) means we didn't break installer too much this cycle yet.08:59
xnoxpitti: i transitioned ubiquity to use pkexec and now it can't drop priviliges back to user "ubuntu" and talk to dbus =( should I be spawning my own session dbus as root then?09:00
xnoxpitti: ideally i'd like to still be able to talk to the "ubuntu" user dbus.....09:01
pittixnox: why can't it drop privs?09:01
pittibecause you are missing the original $DBUS_SESSION_ADDRESS env var?09:01
xnoxpkexec conveniently clears the environment for me, so once i'm back to being "ubuntu" user, I no longer have any of the session's environment vars.09:01
xnoxpitti: should I insercurily write it into a predictable name file & read it off there? or do i need to have yet another wrapper for this.....09:02
pittixnox: "pkexec env USER_BUS=$DBUS_SESSION_ADDRESS ubiquity", and when you drop privs, set DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=$USER_BUS ?09:02
xnoxpitti: nice =) let me try that.09:03
pittixnox: how did you do that with sudo? sudo -E ?09:03
xnoxyeah, we had all three: gksudo, kdesudo, sudo all with extra hacks to keep the whole env.09:03
pittixnox: you wrote a .policy for passing through DISPLAY? (<annotate key="org.freedesktop.policykit.exec.allow_gui">TRUE</annotate>)09:03
xnoxpitti: yeah, I have policy to keep the display, that was the first thing =)09:04
pittixnox: otherwise sudo isn't going anywhere anytime soon09:04
xnoxpitti: also ev was asking how to write a policy file that does this "let through, without asking, if the $user is in admin group. deny everyone else, do not offer any authentication" can policykit express this?09:05
pittixnox, DanChapman, jibel: FYI, I uploaded my current script and adjusted the whiteboard in https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-s-upstream-test-development to point out what it is and where it lives09:07
pittixnox: not in a .policy file, but you can write a .pkla to do that09:07
pittixnox: check /var/lib/polkit-1/localauthority/10-vendor.d/com.ubuntu.desktop.pkla in the policykit-desktop-privileges for examples, which does exactly this09:07
xnoxParkout Los Angeles? =)09:08
xnoxok, thanks. let's look.09:08
pittixnox: e. g. it allows admins on the foreground session to mount internal partitions or set the system clock09:08
xnoxpitti: so that's what I need to change to make usb-creator stop asking questions again!09:09
pittixnox: please not; having any firefox plugin be able to format your internal hard drives or changing the boot sector is evil09:10
xnoxpitti: well, usb-creator is a dbus service and only deals with removable media by default..... but ok, I see your point.09:11
pittixnox: it doesn't enforce the "removable" on the d-bus level, though? if it does, we can certainly silence it09:19
xnoxpitti: right good point. i should finally merge and debug udisks2 branch, then we have higher granulality of removable disks, I don't see a problem iff it's limited to stickly current active user's usb-disks / sd-cards.09:22
xnoxthere is an option to run usb-creator against all devices, but i guess that should request admin escalation straight away.09:22
gemacking: amd64 for the power tests is enabled09:42
gemacking: andy is working on getting i386 enabled as well09:42
gema(andy: doanac)09:42
ckinggema, many thanks, I've been looking at those today and I'm now investigating the  power regressions I observe in these latest test09:43
gemacking: ack09:43
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DanChapmanxnox, for custom partitioning what partition layout/s would you say it should test as there is quite a few options to choose from. Is it worth it for you guys testing all the different ways?11:01
xnoxDanChapman: i'm not sure, how/what should be tested on the custom partitioning page as it heavily depends on the environment the test is run under.11:03
xnoxDanChapman: a much higher priority engineering wise, for us to integrate pitti's proposed way of running the tests and fake/provision a pre-installed disk and test "automatic resize" page. As automatic dual-boot partition is used very often, and is known to regress in the past.11:04
DanChapmanxnox, ok cool. Well i will leave it as a standard / with swap for now. It won't take much to expand it to others if needed.11:07
DanChapmanxnox, I can make a start on a test for dual-boot I have a spare box i run these tests on anyways so will make a start on it.11:08
* DanChapman is sure that will be the last of FF fails11:49
slickymastergood morning11:49
DanChapmanslickymaster, morning11:50
slickymasterelfy, are you there?11:50
slickymasterDanChapman: I was going to assign myself to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual-tests/+bug/1198452 when I noticed that Jack Fromm had already assign himself to it. Thing is he did not marked the bug status as In Progress, don't you think it should be changed?11:52
ubot5Launchpad bug 1198452 in Ubuntu Manual Tests "Test Needed : thunar-volman-settings" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:52
slickymasterDanChapman: reason is that if you filter the bugs in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual-tests/+bugs?field.tag=xubuntu&orderby=status&start=0 by status it's misleading11:54
DanChapmantwo secs just looking11:55
DanChapmanslickymaster, I would contact Jack to confirm he has made a start which if he has then it can be changed to in progress.11:59
slickymasterDanChapman: ok, I'll mail him, asking it. Thanks12:00
DanChapmanslickymaster, if you look at his bugs list https://bugs.launchpad.net/~jjfrv8-gmail he probably marks as in progress as he works his way through12:00
slickymasterDanChapman: just saw it. You're probably right12:01
slickymasterDanChapman: it's just a issue of different approaches on the work progress12:02
slickymasterDanChapman: anyway, thanks12:03
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elopioping balloons. Can you approve branches on the calendar?15:04
balloonselopio, indeed I can15:06
elopioballoons: two quickies, please:15:06
balloonselfy, sure thing!15:08
* DanChapman notices balloons got name wrong ;-P15:09
elopio:) elfy, we will have to fight with knives to see who keeps the nickname.15:10
* balloons notes elfy has a secondary name already15:10
DanChapmanballoons, finally got to the bottom of the firefox problem. I think i tagged you for a review anyways15:13
balloonsDanChapman, ohh.. I'll add it to the list of reviews.. today is review day :-)15:13
DanChapmanballoons, everyones keeping you busy if you have to dedicate a day to reviews :-)15:14
balloonsDanChapman, shouldn't take all day, lol :-p But it has happened before15:15
balloonsI consider it quite a wonderful thing when it does happen15:15
elopiothanks for the reviews balloons. fginther, can you add the static checks to ubuntu-calendar-app, please?15:24
elopioon tests/autopilot folder.15:24
fgintherelopio, will do15:26
balloonsfginther, speaking of which ?I have a list of apps for you to turn on if you haven't15:27
balloonsI went through them all again this morning15:27
balloonsfginther, stock ticker, sudoku, calculator, calendar, clock, file manager, terminal, weather15:28
elfyelopio: we'll need to decide using age - I'm 4.7billion years old15:49
elopioelfy: no, fight to dead!15:50
fgintherballoons, ack. Do you want me to make sure the autopilot tests pass first?16:02
balloonsfginther, sure give them a trial run, but in theory they all work16:03
fgintherballoons, got it16:03
DanChapmanballoons, did you get hold of Vasudevan the other day?16:07
balloonsDanChapman, I sent him back a mail and it seems his crazy setup woes have passed. I haven't heard back on the testing front though16:08
DanChapmanballoons, ok cool :-) hopefully hear something soon if he is back up and running16:09
dkesselgood evening.16:20
dkesselballoons, i need some help finishing the first music app test16:20
balloonsdkessel, hello sir!16:20
dkesselhow do i query for a property value of the MainView object?16:21
dkesselfor example this does not work: currentArtist = self.main_window.currentArtist16:22
balloonsdkessel, there is a getProperty function16:23
dkesselaah :)16:23
balloonswell  get_properties() :-)16:23
balloonsbut I'm not sure that answers your question or not actually :-)16:24
balloonshave you got a branch on lp? that makes it much easier16:24
balloonsdkessel, ^^16:29
dkesselballoons, I'd like to commit my branch, but I messed up my local branch with a merge - just trying to fix it now... branch: lp:~d-kessel/music-app/test_read_music_from_home16:34
balloonsdkessel, kk16:35
dkesselballoons, ok I did it :) check the branch...16:37
* balloons grabs16:42
balloonsdkessel, ok so hmm16:48
balloonsdkessel, ok so looking at the mainview object, it has the properties you want16:50
balloonsthe object name is set in the qml already16:50
balloonsobjectName: "music"16:50
balloonsso grab that object using  a select, then you should be able to nab the properties16:50
balloonsat the moment, your using the mainWindow object which isn't what you want :-)16:51
balloonsdkessel, does that make sense?16:51
balloonsdkessel, also, in the debian/control file add the example-content package so the tests will run in the jenkins enviroment :-)16:52
balloonsyou can put it in the depends for Package: music-app-autopilot16:52
dkesselballoons, hmmmm self.app.select_single('music') returns None :/ also, a bit to get in my head, that mainview and mainView are different objects...17:10
balloonsdkessel, let me help a bit17:13
balloonsdkessel, your not grabbing the MainView object17:13
* dkessel launches autopilot vis again17:15
dkesselballoons, is this.app the QQuickView?17:16
balloons        main = self.app.select_single("MainView", objectName = "music")17:16
balloons        props = main.get_properties()17:16
balloonsdkessel, this doesn't work but it's what I was trying to get across:17:19
balloonsmain = self.app.select_single("MainView", objectName = "music")17:19
balloonstitle = lambda: main.get_properties().currentTracktitle17:19
balloonsself.assertThat(title, Eventually(Equals("Swansong")))17:19
balloonshowever, removing the getProperties nonsense lets it work properly :-p17:20
balloonsdkessel, I'll avoid spamming the chat any further, but this paste works17:21
dkesselballoons, ready to merge (i hope) ;)17:24
balloonsdkessel, :-)17:24
balloonsdoes what I did make sense to you?17:24
dkesseltbh, I still have a hard time getting what the app object is exactly17:27
balloonsthe self.app?17:27
balloonsthat's the autopilot library17:28
balloonscheck out __init__.py17:28
balloonsself.app = self.launch_test_application(17:28
dkesselmh ok. more grepping next time =) now i get it... i still have a hard time finding declarations and stuff in python programs in general. maybe i should get away from gedit...17:32
balloonsdkessel, I can happily recommend geany17:32
balloonsit's all the lightweight goodness of gedit with the sanity of tabs and a useful sidebar. Not to mention block editing, and a real find and replace, along with some macro support17:33
dkesselballoons, I am going to give it a try then. Well, that's might be all I can do this week as far as autopilot test writing goes...17:37
balloonsdkessel, :-) no worries, a bug closed and a test written brings us one step closer. You going to make a merge request?17:37
dkesselballoons, i don't think this closes any open bug (?)17:38
balloonsdkessel, hmm.. we should have a bug for reading the music directory and loading a library17:39
ubot5Launchpad bug 1202323 in Ubuntu Music App " Autopilot Testcase Needed: Test loading your library" [Undecided,New]17:41
dkesselballoons, thx :) now the branch is linked and the merge proposal is out17:44
balloonsI should add stuff for the playlist features too :-)17:44
balloonsdkessel, so I'm looking at the diff for this.. I think perhaps your changing more than you intended?17:47
balloonsis your branch based off of trunk, or an older branch?17:47
dkesselit was based on trunk... a few days ago ;)17:48
* dkessel searches "bzr for dummies"... now how did i get that branch so messed up... and how do i get it right again....17:56
dkesselyeah, vthompson already commented on that too17:56
dkesselballoons, ^ :/17:57
balloonsdkessel, :-)17:57
balloonsyes, well to fix it you can rebase to trunk17:57
balloonsit shouldn't have any issues to do so as you've not touched anything in the core codebase17:58
balloonsthat said dkessel , bzr merge lp:music-app isn't doing what I hoped18:01
dkesseli used 'bzr revert' because after a 'bzr update' if said i had changed all those files... which i hadn't... and now those files are back in some old revision i think....mh18:02
dkesselif -> it18:02
balloonsdkessel, well worst case scenario you re-pull trunk, copy/paste the test directory in and propose it since you only touched those files :-)18:03
balloonsI'm a little confused as to how to solve, but I'd like to figure it out :-)18:04
dkesselballoons, did I mention we still use CVS at work? =)18:04
balloonsdkessel, lol18:04
balloonswhy still cvs?18:04
balloonsdkessel, http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/bzr.1.0/en/quick-reference/quick-start-summary.svg18:04
dkesselballoons, management... i guess i should not discuss this in a public irc channel :)18:05
knomedkessel, no, definitely not. swearing is against the guidelines.18:05
balloonsrofl knome! such timing!18:05
knomedkessel, referring to the three letter abbreviation starting with c...18:05
dkesselknome, lol18:05
balloonsdkessel, right, you doing a bzr update should pull everything down that changed18:06
dkesselballoons, it did. now it does not anymore...18:06
dkesselballoons, after me 'bzr revert'ing everything. oops18:06
balloonsdkessel, can you do a bzr merge lp:music-app?18:07
balloonsI'm stuck because your branch is the parent branch for me :-)18:07
dkessel"Nichts zu tun." / "nothing to do"18:07
dkesselballoons, too bad. i really have to leave. i don't like to leave things this way...18:10
dkesselanyway. bye18:10
balloonsdkessel, you have time to do the copy/paste method?18:10
balloonsif not, well.. dkessel cheers and good night!18:10
balloonsxeranas, hello!18:18
xeranasballoons: just for learning purpose I made branch with some changes of one test18:23
xeranasI'm not propose yet, because I'm not sure if it good idea to check it and how it do better.18:24
balloonsxeranas, what branch?18:27
xeranasballoons: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~xeranas/sudoku-app/UPDATE_FOR_NEW_GAME_BUTTON_TEST/revision/8518:28
balloonsxeranas, k, let me have a look18:34
balloonsso looks like you wanted to check the button text as well and issue an assert about it?18:35
xeranasyea, but I do not have better idea to check if sudoku table was re-generated with new numbers18:35
xeranasalso, there are chance that table will be generated same all depends from 'random' factor. So it is question if we need check this re-generation behavior at all18:37
fgintherballoons, I finished rerunning the autopilot suites in jenkis18:45
balloonsxeranas, sure.. well, it's an interesting idea18:46
balloonsLetozaf_, hello18:53
Letozaf_balloons, Hello :)18:54
balloonsfginther, ok so these all look like dependency issues?18:54
balloonswell, many of them I guess.. I should be able to help out on dependency issues18:54
fgintherballoons, terminal and weather appear to be18:54
Letozaf_balloons, I saw the sudoku app merge  problem, is there something I can do, or you guys are gonna fix this ?18:55
balloonsLetozaf_, if you can fix on your end it would be good18:55
balloonsI broke your merge so you can blame me :-)18:55
balloonsjust do a bzr update and comit18:56
balloonsshould be fine18:56
balloonsxeranas, so does the test pass still with your changes?18:56
balloonsI like the idea, but your right, there is a potential to get the same exact board twice in a row.. it's *possible * lol18:57
xeranasballoons: test wich was edited yes, but fails on hint test18:57
balloonsxeranas, Letozaf_ has a merge to fix the hint test.. we'll get it merged very shortly :-)18:57
Letozaf_balloons, good! thanks18:58
Letozaf_balloons,  I will do a bzr update and commit just now18:59
balloonsxeranas, do you have a g+ account btw?19:00
xeranasok, I probably discard branch, because comparing those big list probably bad performing anyway19:01
xeranasballoons: yes19:01
xeranasbut lately not very active on g+19:03
balloonsxeranas, thanks :-) I can refer to you more easily now :-)19:06
balloonsLetozaf_, I think you left an extra line in there on your merge19:23
balloonsin  tests/autopilot/sudoku_app/tests/test_sudoku.py19:24
Letozaf_balloons, yes I had started working on another test, so probably cancelling the part I added I left something bacl19:24
Letozaf_balloons, let me check19:24
balloonsLetozaf_, it has the merge-source and tree lines in it19:26
Letozaf_balloons, I think I made a mistake when  I launched bzr update19:27
Letozaf_balloons, argh!19:27
balloonsLetozaf_, :-( I'm sorry to cause you trouble19:27
Letozaf_balloons, no problem, just let me see if I can fix it19:28
Letozaf_balloons, the test is working fine on my box without the last test I was working on, i will push it in the branch again, will this be ok ?19:35
Letozaf_balloons, not sure I remember exactly all the lines I put it19:35
Letozaf_sorry put in19:35
balloonsLetozaf_, commit and push ;-)19:36
Letozaf_balloons, ok lets see what happens19:36
Letozaf_balloons, pushed19:38
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Letozaf_balloons_, :( I saw it failed again19:51
balloons_Letozaf_, bah, it still has that conflict19:51
balloons_the conflict was/is in tests/autopilot/sudoku_app/tests/test_sudoku.py19:52
balloons_what does bzr status say?19:52
balloons_the version I pulled down works.. it's odd19:52
balloons_fginther, bah, am I missing something here: https://code.launchpad.net/~carla-sella/sudoku-app/hint_button_test/+merge/175112?19:53
Letozaf_balloons_, :( I have already pasted the other test in it :(19:54
Letozaf_balloons_, should have made a copy first19:55
balloons_Letozaf_, ohh.. I do see one remaining file that can be could19:55
balloons_there's a ubuntusdk.py.moved file19:55
balloons_look in the emulators folder19:55
Letozaf_balloons_, ubuntusdk.py.moved ? let me see19:55
Letozaf_balloons_, I do not see it in my emulators directory19:56
Letozaf_balloons_, not even in the branch19:56
Letozaf_balloons_, where do you find it ?19:56
Letozaf_balloons_, I mean how is it that I have not got it19:57
balloons_Letozaf_, lol19:57
balloons_Letozaf_, ahh.. it's a local file19:57
balloons_sorry I jumped the gun19:58
Letozaf_balloons_, fiew, lol19:58
balloons_Letozaf_, keep on whatever your doing, your branch looks fine, I don't know why it's not merging, but it should. I'll play with it19:59
Letozaf_balloons_, ok  thanks :-)19:59
fgintherballoons_, there is a merge conflict (which you mentioned in the comments), but no new version of the proposal.20:15
fgintherballoons_, oops, looks like I'm behind20:16
balloons_fginther, yes it has conflicts, but the base branch has resolved it, so I'm confused why lp still thinks it's there20:16
fgintherballoons_, hmm20:17
balloons_I guess it's a problem on that side and not autopilot perhaps.. because I see the conflict mentioned at the top20:17
fgintherballoons_, yes, it's not ap specific, it's just a merge issue20:17
balloons_let's see if a resubmit fixes it20:18
balloons_and lp still sees a conflict, but it's just not there20:18
balloons_argh, I'll just submit it myself20:18
Letozaf_balloons_, :(20:36
balloons_Letozaf_, I got it, no worries :-)20:37
Letozaf_balloons_, :)20:38
Noskcajballoons_, What still needs to happen with https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Testdrive/Hackfest21:20
balloons_hey Noskcaj21:23
balloons_the page is pretty nicely done21:23
balloons_I was going to respond to everything, but I would recommend picking a specific time, despite the timezone issues21:23
balloons_if you make it 24 hours long, it will be hard to coordinate21:23
Noskcajok. Maybe i start it at 1100UTC with the hangout, then use the other as a wrap up?21:24
balloons_so you need a specific goal, which you have. you have tasks for people to do as well, also good.21:24
balloons_pick a time that you can commit say 1 hour too.. perhaps pick one that is in your morning, and then again in your evening to make it easier for folks to participate21:25
NoskcajI've changed it to 1100UTC to 2200UTC, which still gives everyone plenty of time21:25
balloons_Noskcaj, are you able to be around that long?21:27
NoskcajI'll be online 1100-1200 and 2000-220021:27
NoskcajI need sleep21:27
balloons_Noskcaj, :-) So I would suggest limiting to just those times21:33
Noskcajballoons_, I'd rather have it run all that time so more people get to attend. Howard would be online for a few more hours than me.21:49
balloons_Noskcaj, well that's my recommendation as if your not around they might be alone and won't know how to start21:50
knomeballoons_, you're21:50
Noskcajreally knome?21:50
balloons_knome, ty21:50
balloons_Noskcaj, I have a nasty habit of your = you'rw21:50
balloons_*you're.. see I can't even type it21:50
balloons_too hard21:51
knomeNoskcaj, just fixing his spelling :P21:51
slickymastergood night, eveybody21:51
knomenight slickymaster21:51
Noskcajballoons_, ok. I'll see if someone is willing to run the in-between parts, if not, i'll cut down the size21:51
Noskcajnight slickymaster21:51
slickymasterknome Noskcaj :)21:51
knomei would also concentrate on a shorter event where you can be around at all times21:51
balloons_Noskcaj, that'd be my recommendation21:52
slickymasterNoskcaj, about the Testdrive Hackfest on August, I noticed that one of the needs is related with translations. I'm a member of  the Ubuntu Portuguese Translators team so if you want I can work on that21:53
Noskcajslickymaster, That would be great. Howard was sending an email to all the translators today because it's hard to do add translations to hackfests21:54
slickymasterNoskcaj, yes, I saw it21:54
slickymasterNoskcaj, so where do I start?21:55
Noskcajslickymaster, translations.launchpad.net/testdrive21:55
slickymasterNoskcaj, :) that I know, I'm asking if it's supposed to be translated directly in Launchpad (Translations in Rosetta) or using Bazaar?21:57
slickymasterNoskcaj, I'll start on the Portuguese translation, asap21:58
slickymaster* :)21:59
=== salem_ is now known as _salem

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