peteycan anyone help me reset a mysql password that doesnt want to reset?01:44
peteyrunning any series of commands online doesnt seem to be working01:44
jmarkmurphanyone home?02:09
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ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:13
Mark_____my apache server does not auto-start when I reboot my ubuntu server, can anyone help?02:22
adam_gjamespage, roaksoax ive pushed cinder python rewrite + swift-storage working branch to ~openstack-charmers repos, named $charm/pyrewrite-redux. figured we can work around branches there like we did for $charm/ha-support  last cycle, and merge when ready04:27
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ryiteris it possible to do su - user -p  password in online?07:19
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ryiteranyone there ?07:24
ryuyoihello anyone ?09:09
Monotokohi ryuyoi09:10
ryuyoii need your help09:10
ryuyoii try to deploy the ssh key09:10
ryuyoion my remote host09:10
ryuyoi  but don't work09:10
Monotokoalright, how're you deploying it?09:11
ryuyoiand this is what i have done : http://paste.ubuntu.com/5883537/09:11
ryuyoiafter that if i try to ssh user@remotehost09:12
Monotokoryuyoi, you could just use ssh-copy-id ?09:12
ryuyoiit is still asking for password as usual09:12
Monotokossh-copy-id <username>@<host>09:12
ryuyoiwhy what i have done not correct ?09:13
Monotokoryuyoi, I'm not sure - it looks okay to me... which is why I'm suggesting another way to see if it does the same09:14
Monotokothen you know if it's the key or your method09:14
ryuyoiunfortunately ssh-copy-id not present in all of my machine09:16
ryuyoithat's why i used this method09:16
ryuyoiwhat is the next step after that http://paste.ubuntu.com/5883537/ ?09:16
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wiherekI have redmine installed on ubuntu 11.04 server and the catalogu /var/run/redmine gets deleted every once in a while10:19
wiherekI listed all cron tasks but can't find nothing related10:19
wiherekwhat can be the reason for that? Is there some definition of what should be in /var/run? because it seeems like it's revoking the 'original' state...10:20
chris|wiherek, /var/run is not suitable for storing persistent data: http://www.pathname.com/fhs/pub/fhs-2.3.html#VARRUNRUNTIMEVARIABLEDATA10:22
wiherekthanks, I just found that too10:23
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zuljamespage:  hey can you have a look again https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/neutron/rename/+merge/17483212:11
kyenteiHiya all. I've recently re-installed our samba server and configured it equal to our previous configuration. However, one of my co-workers has issues when loading directories on the samba share using is mac. Does anyone know where I can start debugging this? Logs show nothing thus far.12:25
jamespagezul, yes12:26
zuljamespage:  thanks12:27
* smb knows what zul has *not* been doing yesterday... ;-P12:28
zulsmb: first thing this morning :P12:28
smbzul, I'll believe it when I see it. :)12:29
zulsmb:  no *.orig.tar.gz12:30
zulsmb: actually a debdiff would be easier12:30
smbYep because it uses the same one12:30
smbzul, that can be changed...12:31
zulsmb: thanks12:31
excalibrIn simple word what is juju and what it does actually?12:31
smbzul, look again12:32
melmothexcalibr, https://juju.ubuntu.com/ there s a nice little vide. The shortest summary possible is: apt-get for the cloud.12:33
jamespagezul, does the mlnx plugin/agent need to be structured like the other ones? i.e. a split between the plugin and the agent12:43
jamespageplugin is installed on server as well as computenodes12:44
zuljamespage:  i dont think so12:44
zulsmb: done12:50
smbzul, cheers, another bit off the list. :)12:51
zulsmb: now to deal with the 60 other things12:51
smbzul, sounds awesome... not12:52
zulsmb:  it isnt12:52
jamespagezul, OK - it looks like it should be a single package - please can you change the name to neutron-plugin-mlnx-agent12:55
jamespageas its still a plugin rather than a core agent if that makes sense12:56
zuljamespage:  sure12:56
zuljamespage:  done13:01
swaT30is anyone else having verification issues with the Ubuntu Cloud Archive (grizzly)'s GPG key?13:02
jamespageswaT30, did you install the key? apt-get install ubuntu-cloud-keyring13:06
swaT30jamespage: yea, I've had it installed for a while. Just started acting up today. Have tried reinstalling13:06
jamespageodd - lemme check13:07
jamespageswaT30, can you pastebin the error you are getting please13:08
swaT30during apt-get update: http://pastebin.com/AfzYHhfU13:08
SonikkuAmericaswaT30: Start with [ sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get update ]13:10
swaT30SonikkuAmerica: same thing13:10
swaT30this is happening on multiple boxes13:11
swaT30as well as my laptop, have the repo here for the CLI tools13:11
SonikkuAmericaswaT30: Have you run the commands listed in http://paste.ubuntu.com/5884186/13:12
zuljamespage/roaksoax: https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/python-cinderclient/requests-dep/+merge/175277 (fixes issues with nova)13:12
swaT30SonikkuAmerica: just getting http://pastebin.com/1GJRLvsi now13:13
jamespageswaT30, I see the same issue13:14
jamespagelet me go kick someone13:14
swaT30jamespage: kick away ;)13:14
SonikkuAmericaswaT30: Then run [ sudo  apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver http://keyserver.ubuntu.com 5EDB1B62EC4926EA ]13:15
SonikkuAmericaswaT30: (You don't need the http:// before the URI)13:17
jamespageswaT30, should be fixed up now13:31
swaT30jamespage: thanks!13:49
disposablehow do i make 12.04.2 bootable on a uefi server? i've created a 10MB partition as the first on disk (gpt pattition table), type ef00. i've formatted it as fat32. now what? grub-install /dev/sda or /dev/sda1 or what? do i need to mount the partition first?13:50
disposablehow do i make 12.04.2 bootable on a uefi server? i've created a 10MB partition as the first on disk (gpt pattition table), type ef00. i've formatted it as fat32. now what? grub-install /dev/sda or /dev/sda1 or what? do i need to mount the partition first?13:51
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/13:51
jamespagezul: re Breaks/Replaces -  ( << 1:2013.2~b1-0ubuntu2~ )13:59
jamespagenot quite right - the version needs to be the one we will upload on thursday13:59
jamespageI guess at least13:59
zulok ill fix it up13:59
zuljamespage:  fixed14:04
zuljamespage:  anything else14:08
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atpa8ateach me some cloud plz14:13
atpa8acan i use MAAS for one server with KVM?14:13
rbasakatpa8a: there has been some work in that direction. Google "virtual maas" and take a look at http://javacruft.wordpress.com/2013/06/25/virtme/. I'm not sure about the current status of it all, though.14:16
wiherekok I have a problem with thin (ruby/rails server)14:17
wiherekit uses the wrong bin file14:17
wiherekin /etc/init.d/thin1.8 it was set to /usr/local/bin/thin14:18
wiherekso I changed that to ~/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.0.0-p247/bin/thin14:20
wiherekbuuut it still runs the old version.14:20
wiherekhow can I solve that?14:20
zuljamespage:  http://people.canonical.com/~chucks/ca/14:21
atpa8ais MAAS even the right direction for me?14:23
atpa8ai'd like something that'd simplify the KVM management for me14:24
atpa8aopenstack seemed like a good idea and following the docs i installed MAAS but then i don't even see how i can add VMs and whatnot14:24
rbasakatpa8a: on a single machine? Perhaps you'd prefer to use libvirt directly?14:35
atpa8arbasak: that's what i'm using right now14:36
atpa8athought  a nice UI would be useful14:36
rbasakTry virt-manager.14:36
atpa8ausing that as well :) any web solutions?14:37
rbasakNot that I'm aware of.14:38
atpa8anot very happy with virt-manager14:38
atpa8abtw... any idea if PCI/USB passthrough was fixed/improved in 13.04?14:38
rbasakNo idea, sorry.14:39
atpa8athanks anyway!14:40
jamespagezul, << turned into <= during that last change14:50
jamespagezul, ignore moe14:50
jamespageI'm still looking at th previous code14:50
* zul goes back to keystone14:51
jamespagezul, two other minor comments15:12
zuljamespage:  saw them15:12
jamespagezul, what is the recommendation for migration? I was trying to figure out how we could automate it15:12
zuljamespage:  i havent found any recommendations yet15:12
jamespagefor configuration files that have not changed then it should all be OK15:13
jamespagebut for files that have15:13
jamespageits a bit guessing in the dark15:13
zulit is...we will need to upate the charms and the documentation we have as well15:13
zuljamespage:  im just going to moves places and get some airconditioning15:14
hxmI want to treat a directory like a samba trough http, NAS storage servers does that with a web interface15:20
hxmare these web interfaces source code?15:20
hxmi mean open source15:20
rbasakhxm: you want a NAS-like web management interface? Somebody asked this yesterday I think. I pointed to freenas, which is a BSD-based distribution.15:30
roaksoaxMadkiss: around"?15:30
Madkissroaksoax: ya.15:37
roaksoaxMadkiss: so I'm starting to look into syncing the HA pakcages from debian, and was wondering if you have any plans to update pacemaker soonish?15:39
Madkissroaksoax: to which version?15:43
roaksoaxor i think 1.1.11 is going to be released soon?15:44
Madkissis it?15:44
roaksoaxor was it 1.1.10.. can't remember P:)15:44
Madkissttbomk, we haven't 1.1.10 yet.15:44
Madkissexperimental has 1.1.9, from which upadting to 1.1.10 should be really easy anyway.15:45
roaksoaxok cool15:45
roaksoaxMadkiss: yeah I'15:45
roaksoaxi'm getting that one now15:46
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jsonperlPatrickdk: I was able to simulate the conditions!15:56
jsonperlNothin interesting really in strace though… it looks networking related somehow15:57
jsonperlrxpck/s and txpck/s drop BIGTIME during the affected period15:57
jsonperlwhich makes sense i guess if stuff aint running well15:58
roaksoaxMadkiss: has pcs been rejected? I can't find it on the debian new queue nor on the package list15:58
Madkissroaksoax: yes15:59
roaksoaxMadkiss: ok :) thanks for the info15:59
Madkissand actually, my motivation to touch it again is, well. 0. i can give you the stuff I had though if you want to pick it up from here.16:00
roaksoaxMadkiss: sure, I can take a look at it later this week. Just put it in the github repo i think16:00
roaksoaxerr or ha-maintainers git repo i mean16:00
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zuljamespage:  its suppose to be README.News?16:18
jamespagezul: just NEWS16:18
jamespagesee dch16:18
zuljamespage:  done16:23
Grey_LokiI'm having real difficulty in making certain that my US SSH session is spitting out everything in UTF-8, can anyone help?16:35
zuljamespage:  so sould be good now16:45
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zuladam_g: ping around?17:00
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rbasakzul: around? Looking at bug 1199318. I'm not sure apache2-utils is the best place to put the apport hook anyway. Since it's only suggested by apache2, I think many users reporting bugs won't have it installed anyway. What do you think about moving it to apache2-bin?17:06
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1199318 in apache2 "package apache2-utils 2.2.22-6ubuntu5 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/share/apport/package-hooks/apache2.py', which is also in package apache2.2-common 2.2.22-6ubuntu5" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119931817:06
zulrbasak:  im cool with it17:06
rbasakAnd apache2-bin already Conflicts/Replaces apache2.2-common, so this will also fix the bug.17:06
rbasakzul: OK. Do you want to upload or shall I?17:07
zulrbasak:  be my guest17:07
adam_gzul, ya17:11
zuladam_g: https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/keystone/keystone-refresh-jl17/+merge/17533917:11
samba35how do i access ubuntu  server from another ubuntu server over Internet with gui17:13
patdk-wksamba35, no idea, ubuntu server has no gui17:14
samba35sorry ,but i am using it with ubuntu-desktop @home17:15
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wxlsamba35: might want to restate your question. sure don't make much sense to me.17:30
samba35i have two ubuntu server 1 is at office and 1 is @ home i want i should able to access any server from any point17:31
samba35i have network configure /nat /firewall17:31
samba35vpn also17:31
wxland what's this about a gui?17:32
samba35because i have only 1 system  at home and want to use as a desktop as well as a server17:33
wxlso you want to connect with the desktop or you want to connect to the desktop?17:33
wxlthat was an either/or question17:38
adam_gzul, http://people.canonical.com/~agandelman/ca/havana/python-anyjson-0.3.3-1~cloud0/17:49
adam_gzul, i hope that will fix the kombu build17:49
zuladam_g:  +117:49
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bitbytehey guys18:33
bitbyteI'm trying to display my current dirves but can't figure out how on the server via terminal18:33
bitbyteim using frisk and can't for life of me remember how to print the drive table18:33
bitbytenot the part ion table18:33
melmothbitbyte, cat /proc/partitions , you ll see all block devices (and partition as well)18:37
bitbyteah thanks much appreciated18:38
bitbytesetting up samba and ftp18:38
bitbyteand my old configs not working I'm assuming the drive names have changed18:38
zuladam_g: https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/ceilometer/update-deps/+merge/17536918:38
bitbyteso while I'm setting up samba18:42
bitbytecan i ask18:42
bitbyteI've saved old cnf as backup18:43
bitbyteso can i bin it all and add just what i need18:43
bitbyteor are their some settings which should stay18:43
bitbytei.e. right now all i need is http://pastebin.com/AptzJens   but are there some items in the default config which i should keep ?18:44
bitbyteany helps much appreciated18:44
zuladam_g:  http://people.canonical.com/~chucks/ca/oslo.config/18:47
adam_gzul, +1 on oslo. that  ceilometermerge needs some work18:48
zuladam_g: k18:50
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bitbytemmmm do you guys know if sudo apt-get upgrade has been removed18:50
adam_gzul, i pushed 3 proposals to bump kombu requirement in nova, cinder, neutron18:50
bitbyteI'm trying it and dosnt recognise the command18:50
zuladam_g: lemme check18:51
zuladam_g:  aproved18:52
bitbytereally silly question on vsftpd do you guys know how to define the passwords for users19:30
bitbyteor the users taken from the ubuntu username list19:31
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sabanubuntu server 12.04 using 3.5gb memory all the time? http://pastebin.com/SD4LFnx021:33
ikoniasaban: that's fine21:34
sabanok. but why does it use 3.5 gb? :P21:35
sabanand where lol21:35
ikoniaif you need the ram it will release it21:36
sabanok. thank you21:38
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