dejelloHey all, I don't suppose there's any update to the porting process?00:40
annerajbI have a question what should be the output of the flipped image build? should there be a zip file on the out/target/samsung/epicmtd or w/e?00:40
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annerajbdejello: i havent heard anything except probably by the end of this week a updated guide. been waiting the whole week to finish this port thought i am still on the building phase.00:45
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dejelloThanks, I've been waiting as well and trying to see if I could get a build working :)00:53
annerajbdejello: what device you porting too?00:58
dejelloNook Tablet (acclaim) and Nook HD+ (ovation) and after I get ovation again will be the HD (hummingbird).  I've had acclaim for a bit, just had ovation a day before they added the ubuntu-boot.img stuff.  Admittedly I haven't worked too terribly much as I have been exhausted from work and such...01:06
dejelloI am learning all this as I go as well, new to building and porting so it's an experience01:07
dejelloreading, reading and more reading01:07
asacrsalveti: you think .2 is good? :)01:11
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asacdoanac: maybe do some love to the QA jobs in case they are stalled :)01:11
asacmako/maguro .201:11
asaci guess01:11
rsalvetiasac: needs testing still01:13
asacrsalveti: yeah. lets hope :)01:15
sergiusensrsalveti: is it ok if live-build hooks are in python?01:17
rsalvetisergiusens: don't know, something to try, only used it with shell scripts01:18
sergiusensrsalveti: ok, I'm guessing yes because of the shebang, either that or I need to install curl or similar, hmmm, or cat > < EOF a python script :-P01:19
rsalvetisergiusens: why do you need to run python in there?01:20
sergiusensrsalveti: because I get urllib out of the box01:20
sergiusensrsalveti: to download click packages01:21
rsalvetioh, right =\01:21
sergiusensrsalveti: right now I just hacked in curl to the install list, seems I have a different problem to solve first :-P http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5882703/01:22
rsalvetioh, weird01:25
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sergiusensrsalveti: solved, was a permission issue01:37
rsalvetisergiusens: great01:38
sergiusensrsalveti: so if we have curl added to the ubuntu-touch meta I can get this script in to see if it can work from the builders (++ chances it would)01:39
sergiusens or use a python script, going to give that a go right now01:39
sergiusensto avoid adding unnecesary deps01:39
rsalvetisergiusens: right, as a hack you could just install curl before running your script01:40
rsalvetibut yeah, if python is a go it should probably be a better way to go01:40
sergiusensrsalveti: yeah, and uninstall post, feel dirtier :-P01:40
rsalvetisure, just a temporary hack01:40
annerajbrsalveti: or anyone is this the correct output of a working build? http://pastebin.com/mdHB7s0C or should there be a zip file somewhere in there?01:57
rsalvetiannerajb: most files are correct, but in the end you should also get a zip file called cm-10.1-<date>-UNOFFICIAL-<device>.zip02:00
rsalvetiI'd probably guess that the build failed at some point02:00
rsalvetithis is how it looks here after successfully finishing up a build02:01
annerajbrsalvetti: yeah it failed but every time i ran make again it worked and got me to this point so i thought running make again was fixing it. apparently is making it skip the failed target.02:02
annerajbrsalveti: ill run again a make clean and log the places that it's failling02:02
rsalvetiright, might be easy to track, just need the failed output02:02
rsalvetiusually a broken dependency somewhere02:03
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sergiusensrsalveti: can you check https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/livecd-rootfs/click/+merge/175178 ?03:08
rsalvetisergiusens: sounds fine, just "scares" me that we're pulling stuff from your people.canonical (in the official images), but other then that it looks fine03:11
rsalvetisergiusens: you might want to ping cjwatson to review it03:11
sergiusensrsalveti: ack, although he was the one with the original idea to copy them to my people/~03:12
rsalvetiyeah, just to get this reviewed by someone that knows more about the image policies than me03:12
sergiusensrsalveti: would be good to get a final ack from him03:12
sergiusensrsalveti: or ogra_ when he wakes up03:13
rsalvetiyeah :-)03:13
sergiusensrsalveti: well if you can add a comment so the MR doesn't feel so lonely that would be nice :-)03:14
DaveSpexanybody can tell me, how can i install apps and where to find it?, and any google hangout alternatives?03:15
rsalvetisergiusens: sure03:17
annerajbrsalveti: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5882904/ It didnt require me to do make multiple times. i just typed make clean and make and it compiled on the first pass. or at least it didnt stopped building.03:18
* rsalveti trying to open paste.u.c03:20
rsalvetisergiusens: just added a comment there03:20
rsalvetiannerajb: interesting, might be because the image uses the yaffs2 format03:21
rsalvetinot sure if you'd get a zip file because of that03:22
rsalvetiwhich phone is this?03:22
sergiusensannerajb: what command did you run?03:24
sergiusensannerajb: mka bacon?03:24
annerajbsergiusens: . build/envsetup.sh;repo sync; brunch epicmtd; make;03:25
sergiusensannerajb: brunch or breakfast? as brunch would do the build and not need to run make after03:26
sergiusensannerajb: do a 'make bacon' now03:26
rsalvetihm, but cyanogenmod produces a zip, something might be missing in our env03:26
rsalvetisergiusens: there's the entire build log in http://paste.ubuntu.com/5882904/03:26
annerajbi ran mka showcommands and it didnt show the commands, but let me run make bacon now.03:26
sergiusensrsalveti: yeah I'm seeing it03:27
rsalvetimake otapackage might be useful as well03:27
sergiusensrsalveti: make has droid as the default target03:28
annerajbsergiusens: this is the last lines of the mka bacon03:28
annerajbi thought that was fixed on a commit done friday03:28
sergiusensrsalveti: you need bacon for the zip03:28
rsalvetisergiusens: right, bacon calls otapackage first03:28
sergiusensbacon is also the target when doing brunch03:28
annerajbsergiusens: also found this after the last lines make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....No command 'arget' found, did you mean:03:29
annerajbthis is a fresh install so there may be missing dependencys dpkgs03:29
rsalvetiyeah, you should get 'Running custom releasetool' or 'Running releasetool' printed at least03:30
annerajblet me save the output of mka bacon03:30
rsalvetibuild/core/Makefile, check the INTERNAL_OTA_PACKAGE_TARGET rules03:30
annerajbsergiusens: this is the output http://pastebin.com/wAi6EpQ703:31
annerajbrsalveti: ack03:31
sergiusensah, if that's disabled it may be why no zip03:31
sergiusensannerajb: isn't that trimmed?03:32
rsalvetishould have more03:32
rsalvetimaybe it just stopped03:32
rsalvetiwhile it's downloading the initrd03:32
annerajbsergiusens: doubt it (thought it's not a make clean); i ran mka bacon > output.log03:32
annerajbrsalveti: i see what you mean.03:32
annerajbrsalveti: sergiusens i confirmed if i run mka bacon it ends at http://pastebin.com/Ky5SA5h903:34
rsalvetinow need to debug why the ota rules are not being used03:35
rsalvetimight be disabled by your device config files03:35
annerajbrsalveti: where is that file?03:36
annerajbrsalveti: this is the output of mka otapackgage http://pastebin.com/36pb3W4103:37
rsalveticheck if it's setting TARGET_RELEASETOOL_OTA_FROM_TARGET_SCRIPT for example03:38
rsalvetibut that would still echo something03:38
rsalvetiwould need some not so fun makefile debugging03:38
annerajbrsalveti: grep -RiI 'TARGET_RELEASETOOL_OTA_FROM_TARGET_SCRIPT' BoardConfig.mk:TARGET_RELEASETOOL_OTA_FROM_TARGET_SCRIPT := ./device/samsung/epicmtd/releasetools/epicmtd_ota_from_target_files03:39
sergiusensmka showcommands otapackage03:39
rsalvetithat's new to me03:41
sergiusensrsalveti: it unhides all the hides03:41
rsalvetiquite verbose indeed03:42
sergiusensfginther: https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/cupstream2distro-config/messaging_and_dialer/+merge/17518403:42
rsalvetithat should help03:42
annerajbsergiusens: http://pastebin.com/MS2ExEkq03:42
sergiusensfginther: some will fail to build, but we can't land in PPAs anymore03:42
sergiusensake: *** No rule to make target `/home/annerabj/android/out/target/product/epicmtd/ubuntu-boot.img', needed by03:43
sergiusensannerajb: rsalveti seems a zip is possible03:43
rsalvetiyeah, this is the issue03:43
sergiusensI say repo sync if you haven't in the past 6 days03:43
rsalvetiand then run mka showcommands bacon03:45
rsalvetithat will show if it was able to download the package successfully03:45
annerajbsergiusens: i repo sync quite a few times in the past few days since i installed this vm yesterday. but ill do it again03:48
sergiusensoh, vm03:48
sergiusensannerajb: make sure it has networking and that you can reach launchpad03:48
annerajbsergiusens: it has network because repo sync donwnloaded stuff which launchpad url should it reach the http one?03:49
sergiusensannerajb: if when you do a . build/envsetup.sh you get a hybris download, you are ok03:53
* sergiusens is off to bed03:53
sergiusensway past bed time03:53
annerajbsame here thanks for the help03:53
rsalvetiannerajb: after repo sync, paste the output of 'mka showcommands bacon'03:55
rsalvetithat should help finding the issue as well03:55
annerajbrsalveti: this is the output of mka showcommands bacon after the repo sync http://pastebin.com/TS9Ebi5a03:57
* annerajb be back in 15 minutes03:58
rsalvetiyeah, it's trying to use ubuntu-boot.img before downloading the file03:59
annerajb_rsalveti: this is the latest message i got from you since i DC [23:59] <rsalveti> yeah, it's trying to use ubuntu-boot.img before downloading the file04:00
rsalvetiwhich was in theory fixed with http://phablet.ubuntu.com/gitweb?p=CyanogenMod/android_build.git;a=commitdiff;h=93a7af46f77e0f05187b9aabefa6c72b37a49511;hp=38f399e8bd0292024cdae7cabbdab5aa04fa141b04:00
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annerajb__rsalveti: back04:17
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rsalvetiannerajb: which was in theory fixed with http://phablet.ubuntu.com/gitweb?p=CyanogenMod/android_build.git;a=commitdiff;h=93a7af46f77e0f05187b9aabefa6c72b37a49511;hp=38f399e8bd0292024cdae7cabbdab5aa04fa141b04:18
rsalvetican you check if you have such commit as part of your 'build' repository?04:18
annerajbi saw that on the mailing list and i think it was there when i checked two hours ago04:20
annerajbrsalveti: your change is on my working copy04:21
rsalvetiright, your board declares BOARD_CUSTOM_BOOTIMG_MK04:23
rsalvetiprobably because it's creating the fs as yaffs204:23
annerajbi assume that should be removed for ubuntu so it can create a zip right?04:24
rsalvetino, guess that's just a corner case I'm not yet handling properly, let me investigate that more04:24
annerajbrsalveti: all right04:25
rsalvetiannerajb: just to check if this is indeed the issue, remove line 1217 from build/core/Makefile04:26
rsalvetiannerajb: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5883021/04:27
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annerajbrsalveti: and run what?mka bacon? or mka showcommands bacon04:27
rsalveticould be the showcommands04:27
annerajbrsalveti: that fixed it04:28
annerajbPackage complete: /home/annerabj/android/out/target/product/epicmtd/cm-10.1-20130717-UNOFFICIAL-epicmtd.zip md5: 6010ed46fff7db28d07b7830297b00af04:28
rsalvetiannerajb: that's why: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5883028/04:29
rsalvetiyour device defines BOARD_CUSTOM_BOOTIMG_MK, which is basically then using a custom tool to build the image04:29
rsalvetithat's from device/samsung/epicmtd/shbootimg.mk04:29
annerajbhmm i see. so is that zipe file and flashing recovery all i need?04:30
rsalvetiannerajb: are you trying with flipped or unflipped?04:30
annerajbrsalveti: no idea dont know how to know which one i am using04:31
rsalvetiyou should probably try unflipped first, which would mean you now need to install the produced zip via your recovery04:32
rsalvetiand then install the ubuntu zip, which you can get from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch-preview/raring/monthly-06/raring-preinstalled-phablet-armhf.zip04:32
rsalvetiyour case is a bit special, as the file system is yaffs2 (mtd)04:33
annerajball right so to try the unflipped image i use regular clockwork recovery (not the recovery on the out folder)04:33
annerajbafter that install the zip i just built04:34
annerajband then raring-preinstalled-phablet-armhf.zip04:34
rsalvetiyeah, then the ubuntu zip04:34
rsalvetilet me also reply the mailing list04:34
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mattywWhen I try to follow the instructions on number 1 here: http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/ I get an error Depends: Dropping letters, anyone else seen this?07:18
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AskUbuntuDepends dropping-letters error when trying to get the ubuntu-touch sdk preview | http://askubuntu.com/q/32098907:50
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JamesTaitGood morning all, happy International Criminal Justice Day! :-D08:32
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jcolladoToday I'm not seeing any /etc/device-services file in a nexus4 device. Is this because of a change in the image?08:37
jcolladoogra_: Maybe you know this? ^08:38
ogra_jcollado, we switched to upstart user sessions (actually on monday iirc)08:43
jcolladoogra_: I'm not sure of what do you mean, but phablet-test-run still relies on those files to enable/disable the shell.I guess I'm missing something.08:44
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ogra_jcollado, do you know if you use phablet-flash -b for provisioning the devices for the dashboard tests ? (i.e. if home gets wiped)08:47
* ogra_ was kind of assuming that, but the test failures for the last image indicate otherwise08:47
ogra_asac, so it looks like  $HOME isnt cleared for the dashboard tests , which means there is an old .bashrc sourcing dbus info from the wrong place, i just uploaded a fix for that case (but it might not make the new build since that runs already it seems, i'll trigger a new one immediately after)08:50
ogra_jcollado_afk, right, to disable the shelll you need to use upstart commands now08:51
ogra_yay, my new S4 arrived08:54
kalikianaI guess "When working on flipped images, detection does not work and would require -d" is an outdated error message at this point?08:57
kalikianagot it just now because the phone preferred to stay charging and phablet-flash doesn't like it08:57
ogra_yes, it should work now08:57
popeyogra_: do we have a new image from last night?08:58
kalikianaa more appropriate message might be "If the phone is charging, shut it down and try again"08:58
kalikianafwiw "adb reboot" is what I do to resolve the situation08:59
ogra_popey, yes, but it has dbus issues still, and i wasnt fast enough with the fix to get it into the running build either i fear08:59
timpwhen are builds created? from when (what time+timezone) is 20130716 ?09:00
popeyogra_: ok09:02
ogra_timp, the default cronjob starts at  08:32 UTC and runs ~50min-1h09:02
timpogra_: ok, thanks. so 20130716 is more than a day old09:03
ogra_timp, note that there is job queuing though, which means that if a former build runs longer we start delayed09:03
ogra_there were 16.1 and 16.2 builds09:04
timpok, thanks. then probably the image that I need is building right now09:04
asacjcollado_afk: ogra_: so can we do the cleaning in the test suite?09:04
asacor in some infra script09:04
asacsounds easy enough i fthats the case09:04
asacbut... did you reproduce?09:04
timpogra_: that is odd, phablet-flash downloads 20130716 for me, not .209:04
ubot5Launchpad bug 1202126 in Phablet Tools "Outdated flipped image error when flashing while charging" [Undecided,New]09:05
ogra_timp, because phablet-flash by default downloads the blessed image from /current ... 16.2 wasnt tested, so it wasnt blessed ... running phablet-flash --pending would give you .209:06
asacogra_: rsalveti: so guys  can you take a device, learn how to reproduce what is runon infra09:06
asacand do that?09:07
timpogra_: ok. I need something that went into ui toolkit yesterday late, so I'll wait for 17 :09:07
asacand in the meantime stopp the presses09:07
asacnothing more going int09:07
asacall stopped09:07
ogra_asac, well, whatever autopilot does atm to stop the shell (why is that needed and not being fixed btw) needs to be switchedd to initctl/upstart09:07
timpbut I guess I'll need --pending for that09:07
xnoxogra_: "blessed" gives me shiver flashbacks of trying to boot apple's crippled EFI, with partitions required to be "blessed"09:07
asacogra_: well, stop the presses09:07
asacdidrocks: ^^09:07
ogra_asac, ?09:07
asacwe have to stop daily-release or something i guess09:07
ogra_what ???09:07
asacogra_: nothing more goes in until we have fixed the dashboard09:07
asacwe seem to still not know whats going on09:08
asacmore stuff flows in09:08
asacwe haven't backed out09:08
ogra_asac, without the upload i just did the dashboard wont be fixable09:08
didrocksasac: sorry, can you give context?09:08
ogra_so please let me go on building09:08
ogra_asac, we dont need to release the builds09:08
asacdidrocks: dashboard is read. autopolit doesnt run. folks broke it with a dbus related upload09:08
asacthey have been digging around09:08
asacno success09:08
asacwe had no green on dashboard since last week09:08
didrocksasac: here, some tests are passing09:09
asacdidrocks: that doesnt matter09:09
didrocksasac: well, I think ogra_ just don't rebuild any image09:09
didrocksor publish them09:09
asacsometghing might run somewhere.... what matters is that what we run doesnt work09:09
ogra_asac, the dbus issues are clear, what wasnt clear was that autopilot doesnt run on freshly provisioned devices09:09
asacdidrocks: no09:09
asacno more packages09:09
asaconly packages related to fix this problem09:09
didrocksasac: well, you are telling we have "false red"09:09
didrocksnot "false green"09:09
asacdidrocks: depends09:10
ogra_asac, so there is old config cruft in ~/ which the new upload works around09:10
asacso lets wait till that stuff is in09:10
asacand we hit green09:10
ogra_when i uploaded the new daily build was already running09:10
ogra_(and we cant stop live builders)09:10
asacin the meantime we cannot accept other stuff.09:10
ogra_so the next iage is needed09:10
* didrocks is finding the discussion puzzling09:11
didrocksor confusing at best09:11
ogra_asac, just calm down, its all known and being handled, just takes a bit09:11
asacogra_: well, every day all was known and handled, but then something new happened before we hit green09:11
ogra_give the fixes a chance :)09:12
asacso if now mr. Y uploads something else09:12
asacand it busts you09:12
asacthe story continues09:12
ogra_how are we supposed to debug if not with having the dashboard tests run09:12
ogra_i dont upload something else09:12
ogra_i react to a flaw in the test setup09:13
asacogra_: you are not doing that09:13
asacbut others09:13
asacare uploading still09:13
asacso right now didrocks might just have uploaded the next bomb09:13
asacor someone else09:13
ogra_thats fine as long as they dont add additional breakage09:13
ogra_the issues are in one specific area nothing else touches09:13
didrocksif everything in the sdk is passing tests and that's wrong, we should really question our tests09:13
asachow can we get this uynder control after 4 days of constant breakage if not by saying that folks have to stop something?09:13
ogra_and none of the other uploads will touch that area09:13
asacjust looking for answers09:14
didrocksasac: do you mind sending an email to everyone telling that we are not releasing anything anymore?09:14
asacogra_: but they might juyst shoot yoru stuff09:14
ogra_asac, there was definitely a communication issue09:14
didrocksasac: I don't want to be help responsible for that09:14
didrocksas last time I asked for a freeze, everyone got crazy09:14
asacwell, if folks would be willing to back stuff out09:14
didrocksI'm fine putting everyone on manual publication meanwhile09:14
asacthen we could continue uploading and backout everything one by one09:15
didrocksasac: just please warn them so that I don't get a ping every 30s about "why dailies didn't happen for us?"09:15
asacdidrocks: sure... if we do it we warn them..09:15
ogra_asac, i dont know if anybody warned QA about the switch to upstart user sessions, thats the firs issue here .... the other is that a hack was dropped that exports the dbus info into non local logins since there was no knowledge that the tests depend on it09:15
asacogra_: so lets wait for this09:15
Mihir__Hey any one who is working on Calculator core app there ?09:15
didrocksasac: so, ack on putting everything on manual publication?09:16
asacif this doesnt fix it, we do it and start backing out.09:16
ogra_asac, what jcollado_afk mentioned above might have additional impact though ...09:16
ogra_which backing out wont solve09:16
didrocksok, I'll wait for asac's red alert ;)09:16
asacjcollado_afk: can you coome to keyboar?09:16
ogra_autopilot needs to be ported to use upstart session mgmt to kill the shell ....09:17
* didrocks puts his red phone next to his laptop09:17
ogra_seems we cant run it while the shell runs09:17
ogra_and atm they use a hack that rips unity8 out of the session startup09:17
timpMihir__: I think most app-development talk goes on in #ubuntu-app-devel09:17
asacgema: is there anyone else who knows about autopilot and utah who is available right now?09:17
ogra_as i understand09:17
asacwe need to teach ogra and folks how how to use utah and exactly reproduce what we see there09:18
ogra_asac, well, i can read logs09:18
gemaogra_: do you have access to the lab?09:18
ogra_no need to run it for that :)09:18
ogra_gema, i have vpn access09:18
ogra_no magners account though ... in case thats needed09:19
gemaogra_: so whilst jcollado comes back I will show you how to find the right job09:19
gemaand utah command09:19
gemaogra_: then he can tell you how to set up your devices and stuff if it is not clear from the job09:19
sil2100gusch: ping! Hi!09:19
guschsil2100: pong09:20
gemaogra_: give me an autopilot job as an example?09:20
gemawhichever you are trying to figure out09:20
sil2100gusch: since today, one AP test for gallery-app seems to fail09:20
ogra_gema, for what issue exactly ?09:20
sil2100gusch: gallery_app.tests.test_photo_viewer.TestPhotoViewer.test_nav_bar_share_button09:20
gemaogra_: I don't know, I guess you are trying to diagnose something09:20
guschsil2100: and I have no idea why09:20
ogra_gema, not really, diagnosis should be done already :)09:21
sil2100gusch: nothing changed in the UITK by any chance?09:21
gemaogra_: or else why does asac wants it right now09:21
gemawhat is the rush ?09:21
asacogra_: the problem is that you still guess when looking at logs. doanac explained how to run the stuff exactly like in utah yesteday09:21
guschsil2100: and it's not the only one, there have been some other (random) failing ones as well09:21
sil2100'NoneType' object has no attribute 'visible'09:21
asacgema: ogra thinks the current seen problem is now fixed09:21
ogra_gema, one was a dbus issue https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/saucy-touch-maguro-smoke-gallery-app-autopilot/8/console.... for which fixes are in but not in an image yet ... the other is a code issue that running wont solve09:21
asacbut we of course dont know what is next without runnign exactly what utah runs a few times09:22
ogra_s/running/running utah/09:22
asacand reproducig the issue09:22
guschsil2100: well - the sharing component - no idea if that got an update, or the SDK09:22
guschsil2100: works fine locally for me09:22
ogra_asac, we know what is next but i need jcollado_afk to fconfirm, then we can fix utah09:22
asacgema: so that :)09:22
gemaasac: understood09:23
asacwe need someone to land stuff in utah for us. folks have been digging around for days09:23
asacand when we landed a fix another breakage came etc.09:23
gemaasac: who is digging?09:23
ogra_asac, in multiple different issues09:23
asaceveryone here09:23
ogra_asac, dont mix them up :)09:23
asacsure, just saying that if we cannot get it under control09:23
gemaasac: ok, what do you mean land stuff in utah?09:23
asacwe have to set all development to manual09:23
asac mode09:23
asace.e.g nothing goes in until we fix this issue etc.09:23
sil2100gusch: did you try with the most recent SDK and stuff?09:23
ogra_asac, we can and we will09:23
gemaasac: ok, so you want people to be able to reproduce with utah locally09:24
asacgema: they say they cannot see the issue09:24
gemaasac: not necessarily manually, but definitely on their devices09:24
guschsil2100: at least with what's in saucy09:24
asaci forwarded a mail to them telling how to run utah-autopilot not sure if they tried it09:24
gemaok, I can work with andy in creating a video training09:24
gemafor that09:24
gemaasac: us teaching every developer one by one doesn't escale09:24
=== vrruiz_ is now known as rvr
sil2100gusch: it might be a recent change, so maybe try adding ppa:ubuntu-unity/daily-build and use the SDK components from there09:24
sil2100gusch: since I didn't publish SDK yet because I want to make sure all Apps are ok09:25
guschsil2100: "file:///usr/share/gallery-app/rc/qml/MediaViewer/MediaViewer.qml:459: ReferenceError: caller is not defined" that is weired - and weired it's only for the sharing09:25
asacgema: i dont know how you do that.09:26
asacits just that we need to know whats going on right now09:26
gemaasac: we create a hangout and make it public, andy explains exactly how to run those things locally on their devices09:26
asacogra_ and rsalveti upload without having ever reproduced this09:26
gemamaybe we have someone like ogra or rsalveti asking questions09:26
asacso its completely digging in the dark09:26
gemaand then we make it available to everyone for watching09:26
asaci am not swure. i have sent instructions09:26
gemaasac: ok, then let's see if those have any effect09:26
ogra_gema, asac, the current issue is that the exiting dbus fix assumes the tests run on a freshly installed device that has no pre-existing stuff in $HOME09:27
guschsil2100: "ppa:ubuntu-unity/daily-build" will kill my machine - I played that game way too often - sorry09:27
ogra_which doesnt seem to be the case, so it still fails09:27
asacogra_: you got myu mail from last night?09:27
ogra_asac, yes09:27
asacit has the instructions how to run autopilot in utah style09:27
ogra_again i dont need to run utah to know whats wrong09:27
gemaogra_: the tests right now are not reprovisioning09:27
asacogra_: but you can check now if after your upload everything is good09:27
gemaogra_: and that is done on purpose to have a more realistic environment09:28
asacthis would calm me down09:28
ogra_gema, yeah, there is a fix that will handle that on our side09:28
asacand give me believe :)09:28
ogra_gema, just waiting for it to hit an image09:28
gemaogra_: ok, sounds good09:28
asacif folks look at log, upload the symptom they see, they might hit another symptom09:28
gemaasac: all is good, ogra_ and I have an understanding09:28
asacok super09:28
gemathat things are going to be better09:28
gemaand I will track that09:28
ogra_gema, but there is another issue that jcollado_afk pointed out09:28
asacso will we test before upload if our upload fixes stuff?09:28
gemaogra_: yes, I know, the apps crashing sometimes09:29
ogra_gema, no09:29
gemaogra_: not handling options properly09:29
* asac goes off for a bit09:29
gemaogra_: ok, another one?09:29
asacto not make everyone completely zero productive :)09:29
ogra_there is some weird bug in unity8 that forces you to stop the shell to test apps09:29
gemaasac: thanks ;)09:29
asacwhat i need are new dashboard results09:29
asacthats all i need09:29
asacfreseh, well run dashboard results :-P09:29
ogra_due to that bug you guys have a hack in autopilot that stops the shell before running tests09:29
gemaogra_: yes09:29
* asac looks away to not see how that is done09:29
ogra_the code for stoppin the shelll needs to be adjusted to work with upstart sessions09:30
gemaogra_: do you have a bug for that?09:30
ogra_asac, well, the underlying bug needs to be fixed09:30
gemaI can nag thomi and veebers to get this fixed overnight09:30
ogra_gema, no, i didnt have a chance to file one since asac hammers me on IRC since i heard about the issue :P09:30
gemaogra_: no worries he is going to be quiet for a while, make sure you file a bug that is clear and has all the info in it (or the NZ timezone will not allow this to happen quick) and I will make sure it does09:31
ogra_right, i need to look at the code and can probably even come up with a patch09:32
gemaogra_: that'd be even better09:32
ogra_first i want to see if the fiormer fix makes the dbus issues pass though ... it is uploaded and needs a new image (missed the currently building one, so it will take another 90min or so)09:32
gemaogra_: I understand that you and doanac are in touch regarding starting to run tests on --pending?09:34
sil2100gusch: well, if you only enable it for a moment and install UITK from it and then disable it, there's no risk09:34
sil2100gusch: since the UITK and SDK elements in daily-build are now ready for publishing09:35
sil2100So today you'll have the same thing in saucy anyway09:35
guschsil2100: well then - there is no difference in waiting a bit ;)09:37
guschsil2100: I'm in no hurry :p09:38
sil2100gusch: but I don't want to publish the SDK if I have no 100% surness that it doesn't break apps! ;p09:39
guschsil2100: argh - we really need to run app-tests when integrating SDK ...09:39
sil2100gusch: we run, but not all of them09:40
sil2100gusch: the ones that we run did not fail, but hm09:40
guschsil2100: as part of jenkins? really? nice09:40
sil2100Actually I wonder what could be the problem with that test09:40
sil2100gusch: we run them daily, before daily release09:40
timpwould be even better to run apps tests before approving a merge for SDK09:41
ubot5Launchpad bug 1192944 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Run application tests when merging a branch into ubuntu-ui-toolkit trunk" [High,Confirmed]09:41
sil2100gusch: I also poked om26er to help out, so maybe he'll know what could be up09:43
ogra_hmm, whats up with the milaing list ?09:46
ogra_*mailing list09:46
* ogra_ just got a bunch of really old mails 09:46
guschsil2100: there is no newer SDK in the daily build09:46
=== MrDHat|afk is now known as MrDHat
xnoxogra_: somebody cleared unapproved / non-member posts?09:52
ogra_yeah, probably09:52
ogra_do you see it too ?09:52
ogra_else i might have to blame my mailserver09:53
didrocksgusch: there is: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-unity/+archive/daily-build/+packages?field.name_filter=ubuntu-ui-toolkit&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=09:53
xnoxogra_: yeah...09:54
ogra_ah, good09:54
xnoxogra_: well ubuntu-phone mailing list is the one i guess you are referring to.09:55
* ogra_ fires off a 20130717.1 build 09:55
ogra_xnox, yep, thats the one09:55
davmor2Morning all09:55
ogra_moin moin09:55
davmor2how are the images this morning :)09:55
sil2100gusch: you did an update first? Since I remember I was fixing things due to new dependencies in the UI toolkit09:56
ogra_davmor2, ignore 20130717 and wait for 20130717.1 (currently building)09:56
sil2100om26er: could you coordinate with gusch about the AP issues of gallery-app?09:56
davmor2ogra_: good to know thanks :)09:57
om26ersil2100, I am working on fixing that test and for future I think you can ping me for test failures for Apps09:58
guschsil2100 didrocks weired, now it's there ... installing09:58
dpmmardy, are you around and can you join us on #ubuntu-app-devel for a question on Online Accounts?10:00
guschsil2100: even with this latest SDK, it works fine locally10:01
guschom26er: what's the issue with that test?10:01
om26ergusch, the mouse moved to the share button on the toolbar but the click somehow did not register hence the menu did not appear10:02
om26ermostly due to slowness in jenkins10:02
om26ergusch, I think the workaround (fix?) would need to happen in click_item() increase in the delay before clicking will likely fix10:03
om26er"hey go to the share button but wait Xseconds before clicking because our VM is slow"10:04
=== jcollado_afk is now known as jcollado
guschom26er: we should start using "self.pointing_device.click_object()" instead of the click_item()10:06
om26ergusch, I created that method to workaround this issue in jenkins before10:06
guschom26er: no idea if that would help, but it would be the proper function to use10:07
guschom26er: ah - I thought it's a part of autopilot10:07
om26ergusch, click_object() would result in more failures10:07
veebersgema, ogra_: Hi, my ears were burning :-) Are you talking about the code in phablet-test-run that stops the shell etc.?10:11
gemaveebers: I think ogra_ is , yes10:11
om26ersil2100, hey, so all these tests run in a single VM, one after the other? how much ram does the VM have?10:12
veebersgema, ogra_: I believe sergiusens or om26er would be the ones to talk to re: that. I think they're familiar w/ that code10:12
gemaom26er: if you are running tests on a VM on an overloaded jenkins server and the tests do not pass because it is too slow10:12
om26erveebers, gema I am supposed to fix that, once service unity8 start/stop works10:12
gemaom26er: the solution is not to increase the timeout10:13
gemaom26er: we need to talk about that10:13
veebersom26er:  ah cool10:13
gemaom26er: cool10:13
ogra_om26er, should work with the next image10:13
om26erogra_, would it work with dist-upgrade or something android side will be needed? aka reflash10:14
om26ergema, I think its fine for the cases where there is only one app' tests are run. but for the cases where we run autopilot tests for the whole image, we may need to increase the RAM of the VM10:15
ogra_dist upgrade to the latest ubuntu-touch-session (0.59) whould do it10:15
gemaom26er: no, if VMs are too slow for this kind of testing then we test on bare metal10:15
om26erogra_, I reported a bug yesterday where 'service restart ubuntu-touch-session' would break dbus somehow i.e. qdbus says connection refused10:15
gemaom26er: but we don't mess with reasonable timeouts that will then make failed tests pass in hw10:16
gemaom26er: it doesn't matter how much memory you give to the VM if the server that runs them is overloaded, that is an environmental issue that needs to be resolved outside the tests10:17
gemaom26er: unless you think the timeouts are unreasonable even for HW10:17
om26ergema, timeouts are not needed for our desktops as all tests pass. so its indeed an environment issue10:17
gemaom26er: then don't change them, let's figure out where to run those VM tests10:18
om26ergema, i mean if i run tests locally they always pass, but they do have a tendency to fail in jenkins (due to slowness)10:18
om26ergema, ok, great10:18
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|afk
gemaom26er: that is a confusing statement, since jenkins is just a glorified cron10:18
gemaom26er: tests fail on the virtualised environment , rather10:18
gemaom26er: do the tests pass when you run them on a VM at home?10:18
om26ergema, yep, I meant that10:18
gemaom26er: let's try to be precise with these things or else we all end up blaming jenkins or utah or the lab and get confused10:19
om26ergema, never tried in a VM here, always run natively10:19
gemaom26er: try on a VM10:19
om26ergema, will do10:20
gemaom26er: thanks10:20
om26ernp :)10:21
jcolladoasac, ogra_: I'm back.10:21
gemajcollado: I think we don't need you10:22
gemajcollado: ogra_ has everything under control10:22
jcolladogema: Ok. Thanks.10:22
ogra_jcollado, thanks for pointing it out though10:22
* ogra_ wasnt aware you hacked /etc/device-services, i thought you just killled unity810:23
=== alan_g|afk is now known as alan_g
sergiusensasac: gema ogra_ it's still failing because the change that was mentioned yesterday didn't happen here: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~utah/utah/dev/view/head:/examples/run_utah_phablet.py#L14210:33
ogra_sergiusens, ah, yeah, the dbus-session needs to be sourced from the new location ... and it needs to use initctl to stop unity810:36
popeyI spy 20130717.110:48
om26erogra_, hey! I have the latest ubuntu-touch-session now but: 'service unity8 restart' still says "unity8: unrecognized service"10:48
ogra_om26er, are you the phablet user ?10:49
ogra_you need to be in the users session10:49
ogra_(root cant see user sessions)10:49
om26ertried both way. as phablet user with ssh, and over adb as root10:49
ogra_and you used "initctl stop unity8" ?10:49
om26erogra_, THAT, I was using 'service unity8 stop' now it works10:50
ogra_(initctl list should also list all apps in the session)10:50
didrocksom26er: they are not running on VM but on real hardware, beefy machines with 4 to 8G of RAM…10:50
ogra_phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ initctl list|grep unity10:52
ogra_unity7 stop/waiting10:52
ogra_unity-panel-service stop/waiting10:52
ogra_unity8 start/running, process 63210:52
ogra_now thats really intresting10:52
om26erI just noted that10:52
didrocksom26er: most of the thing which induced slowliness is autopilot itself when run with rmd10:52
ogra_where do unity7 and unity-panel-service come from10:52
ogra_its not a biggie since they dont run, but something seems to register them in upstart10:52
om26erdidrocks, I am thinking what's going to be the solution for that. should we just delay the click ?10:53
didrocksom26er: not sure, you can ssh/use kvm on the machine, you should have videos as well10:53
didrockson the jenkins job10:53
om26erdidrocks, I saw the video10:53
didrocksok, maybe this delay is induced by unity710:53
didrocksas we are seeing a lot of stuff running slowly on it10:54
didrocksom26er: does the video seems slow?10:54
om26erdidrocks, the video seems to also show that the environment is loaded quite heavily given the video is slow10:54
om26erdidrocks, yeah10:54
didrocksom26er: the video is 7fps10:54
didrocksom26er: otherwise rmd was getting crazy10:54
om26erdidrocks, i am sure if that suite is run again the same test will pass. it wen't haywire that time only due to environmental issue10:55
didrocksom26er: hum, weird though that one both config, it failed, isn't it?10:55
om26erdidrocks, that's the head scratching part :/10:56
asacsergiusens: ok... don't give up getting that in :)10:56
om26erdidrocks, i do think increase in the delay will fix though10:56
didrocksom26er: so I don't trust a new run will fix those, autopilot doesn't introspect the app to know that something is loading?10:57
asacsergiusens: maybe you can tell gema exactly what was discussed?10:57
asacunkless you already did10:57
* asac out again doing other stuff10:57
om26erdidrocks, we do make sure (in the test) that before moving the mouse make sure the toolbar is fully visible. What we may need to also assert is that the toolbar is not animating before moving the mouse10:58
didrocksom26er: yeah, not sure how feasable it is though10:58
om26erIt could be that the "spread" state of the toolbar becomes true even when the minor part of the toolbar is visible on screen.10:59
didrocksom26er: I would do either way: have a WI to have this done and implemented. If the media apps team needs to get their stuff quickly, timeout as workaround, but noted as such and removed timely :)10:59
didrocksom26er: right, that would make sense10:59
didrockssil2100: so at leat, it confirms we can publish the sdk stack ^11:00
om26erdidrocks, sil2100 can you point me to the sdk change? I want to run this specific test with the latest sdk you guys talking about11:01
didrocksom26er: oh, you didn't try with it? I thought you did11:01
didrocksom26er: ubuntu-unity/daily-build11:01
didrocksgrab latest sdk packages11:01
didrockssil2100: wait then! ^11:01
dinky_Hi everyone, just trying to sort out google contacts sync with syncevolution. Not having muuch luck. The directions here spew errors at me: http://sergiusens.github.io/posts/google-contacts-on-ubuntu-touch.html Anyo11:04
dinky_Anyone sort this on a recent build?11:04
om26erdidrocks, that's actually a regression in the sdk :p11:06
om26eroh the irony11:06
didrocksom26er: ah, so sil2100 was right to refrain it :p11:06
om26erfile:///usr/share/gallery-app/rc/qml/MediaViewer/MediaViewer.qml:459: ReferenceError: caller is not defined11:06
didrocksom26er: stop blaming jenkins/the machines running tests :p11:06
didrocksKaleo: timp ^11:06
didrockssil2100: so, no forced release of the sdk please :)11:07
om26erdidrocks, right ;) it has happened for us in ps-qa jenkins jobs in the past though11:07
didrocksom26er: I wonder why gusch can't reproduce though11:07
didrocksom26er: trust daily-release infra ;)11:07
* greyback hates that nasty click when his nexus seems to get stuck in a reboot loop11:09
* om26er didn't knew there was a UI toolkit update in the context as well.11:09
* ogra_ notes popey answers to mails from feb. 11:13
popeydidnt see the date11:14
popeyhas someone let a load of moderated mail through?11:14
om26erogra_, hey11:15
om26erogra_, can we pass arguments while starting a service? I would like to start unity8 with -testability for example11:16
guschdidrocks: I see that "caller" error only on jenkins (and I do have meanwhile the new SDK)11:16
ogra_om26er, hmm, i think so, i guess through a variable parameter that you need to export when callin initctl... xnox do you happen to know that ?11:16
om26ergusch, I have the same issue here as well.11:16
ogra_popey, looks like, there are really ancient mails among them11:17
popeyi blame callum11:17
xnoxom26er: start unity8 MY_VAR=foobar11:18
xnoxom26er: will make $MY_VAR available in the environment.11:18
ogra_xnox, what would MY_VAR be for a command option11:19
ogra_i.e. if you want unity8 --foople11:19
xnoxom26er: your job file, then should use a variable.11:19
xnoxom26er: alternatively you can use an override file "echo 'exec unity8 --foople' > unity8.override"11:19
ogra_xnox, ah, thanks, i guess we should change the unity8 job then to accept something like $OPTIONS and use it if set11:20
xnoxom26er: you can place override files in any of XDG_CONFIG_DIRS/upstart or XDG_CONFIG_HOME/upstart locations: ~/.config/upstart, /etc/xdg/xdg-ubuntu/upstart, /etc/xdg11:20
om26erxnox, cool, thanks. Will try and let you know11:21
ogra_i guess ~/.config/upstart will do11:21
* popey updates https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ArLs7UPtu-hJdDZDNWliMmV1YUJ3Zk1pQlpDdGp4VFE#gid=011:23
=== popey changed the topic of #ubuntu-touch to: Ubuntu Touch Support & Discussion | Installation https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch | Devices https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices | Release notes https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/ReleaseNotes | Porting guide (advanced) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting | File bugs at https://bugs.launchpad.net/touch-preview-images/+filebug | Under active development! | Nexus Status: http://bit.ly/18kIrhM
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sil2100didrocks: :D11:26
* sil2100 sometimes learns from experience11:26
didrockssil2100: nice call ;)11:27
LaneyPreparing to replace phablet-tools 0.15+13.10.20130712-0ubuntu1 (using .../phablet-tools_0.15+13.10.20130716-0ubuntu1_all.deb) ...11:28
LaneyUnpacking replacement phablet-tools ...11:28
Laneydpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/phablet-tools_0.15+13.10.20130716-0ubuntu1_all.deb (--unpack): trying to overwrite '/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/tests/__init__.py', which is also in package hud-tools 13.10.1+13.10.20130717-0ubuntu111:28
xnoxLaney: bug in both packages, as top level "tests" module should never be shipped.11:32
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
* xnox was pondering to write lintian check for it, as too much automatic setup-tools does that a lot.11:32
ogra_gema, https://code.launchpad.net/~ogra/utah/fix-dbus-location/+merge/175254 ... (not sure who can approve it, but that should solve all dbus issues)11:36
ogra_(it wouold be a lot better if it would just rely on the users environment that explicitly exporting though)11:37
ogra_(but before asac wants to stop everything again, i rather leave the hack in since it is known to work :P )11:38
gemajcollado: ^^11:39
gemajcollado: can you review and approve?11:39
gemaor reject, whichever you feel is better :P11:39
jcolladogema: Yes11:40
gemajcollado: thanks11:40
ogra_the get_phone_shell_cmds()  function needs to go or at least be rewritten from the ground up11:40
ogra_but thats something jcollado knows already :)11:40
ogra_(in shell i would just do something like: "pgrep unity8 >/dev/null 2>&1 && initctl stop unity8"11:42
om26ersergiusens, do we still want to keep compatibility for non-flipped images in phablet-test-run or should I just remove it ?11:43
ogra_just drop it11:44
popeyogra_: 20130717.1 seems good here11:44
ogra_non flipped will be completely dead by end of the week11:44
ogra_(it is currently in a weird zombie state)11:44
ogra_popey, yeah, but i fear we will still see red tests on utah ...11:45
om26erxnox, ogra_ thanks, that worked fine.11:45
ogra_there are teo fixes that need to go in .... (one is the MP above, the other the unity8 initctl stuff above)11:45
jcolladoogra_: Ok, so no more updates to /etc/device-services (which doesn't exist anymore) and just "initctl start/stop unity8" ?11:46
xnoxogra_: is dbus-session hack specific to ubuntu touch?11:46
xnoxogra_: cause i don't have ~/.cache/upstart/dbus-session here =) but wish I had.11:46
xnoxogra_: it's for autopilot ubiquity, in my case.11:47
ogra_jcollado, right, you should be able to test with initctl status unity8 (or pgrep as shown above) if it runs11:47
ogra_xnox, dbus creates it11:47
xnoxogra_: but that location seems odd, shouldn't it be, $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/dbus-session ?11:47
ogra_make sure to have the latest11:47
xnoxogra_: ah, I didn't log out in a while.11:47
ogra_xnox, feek free to improve, but note that utah currently hardcodes the location11:48
ogra_not sure if XDG_RUNTIME_DIR always reliably points to ~/.cache/upstart/11:48
jcolladoogra_: "pgrep unity8" returns a pid, but any initctl command returns "initctl: Unknown job: unity8"11:49
xnoxogra_: no, it points to a logind assigned location in /run/, e.g. /run/user/1000/11:49
ogra_jcollado, how do you call it ?11:50
jcolladoogra_: $ initctl status unity811:50
jcolladoinitctl: Unknown job: unity811:50
ogra_hablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ initctl status unity811:50
ogra_unity8 start/running, process 145911:50
xnoxogra_: as we don't want to keep that file persistent acroos multiple logins.11:50
ogra_jcollado, are you the phablet user ?11:50
ogra_it only works in the users env11:50
xnoxjcollado: you are probably not running as the phablet user. You need to be on the same UPSTART_SESSION.11:50
ogra_not as root11:50
jcolladoogra_: Yes11:50
ogra_phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ env |grep UPSTART11:51
ogra_you shoudl see something similar11:51
xnoxjcollado: initctl list-sessions11:51
xnoxjcollado: and then export UPSTART_SESSION=$whatever is above, e.g. "unix:abstract=/com/ubuntu/...."11:52
jcollado$ env | grep UPSTART11:52
jcolladophablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ initctl list-sessions11:52
jcollado547 unix:abstract=/com/ubuntu/upstart-session/32011/54711:52
jcolladoxnox: Let me try that export11:52
ogra_jcollado, make sure to have ubuntu-touch-session 0.59 or bigger installed11:52
ogra_from there on the var should be in the users env11:52
jcolladoxnox: After the export, seems to work fine.11:53
ogra_hmm, ubuntu-touch-session definitely should do that export11:54
ogra_in all cases11:54
jcolladoogra_: Version 0.5811:54
ogra_ah, phew11:54
ogra_upgrade it then and all should be fine11:54
jcolladoogra_: From what I see in the channel, my understanding was that I needed to "phablet-flash -b", but the flash failed (not sure why). Do I need to re-flash or just upgrade the packages?11:55
ogra_just apt-get update && apt-get install ubuntu-touch-session11:56
ogra_that should give you even 0.6011:57
om26eris there a way to login as user (and not root) with adb on flipped images11:59
jcolladoogra_: Upgraded to 0.60, rebooted to make sure and still I get the "Unknown job: unity8"11:59
ogra_only sudp -u phablet -i11:59
ogra_jcollado, do you see UPSTART_SESSION in your env ?11:59
jcolladoogra_: Nope. Same output as above:12:00
jcollado$ env | grep UPSTART12:00
ogra_ls /etc/profile.d/12:01
ogra_is there an upstart-phablet.sh file ?12:01
popeyhttp://popey.com/~alan/device-2013-07-17-125732.png  made me smile today ☻12:01
popeyI did indeed take 1 photo!12:01
om26erogra_, cool, this did what I wanted: adb shell '$@' sudo -u phablet -i initctl start unity812:02
ogra_popey, well, does it change if you take another one ?12:02
popeyogra_: i haven't dared take another photo :D12:04
popeylove this12:04
jcolladoogra_: Yes12:04
jcollado$ ls /etc/profile.d/12:05
jcolladodbus-source.sh  upstart-phablet.sh12:05
ogra_hmm, then i dont get why it isnt executed for you12:05
ogra_jcollado, it clearly works for om26er12:05
ogra_(and for me)12:05
ogra_jcollado, is that via adb (and then sudp -u phablet -i) or via ssh12:06
jcolladoogra_: adb12:06
om26erflipped ?12:06
ogra_unflipped on nexus is dead and done since weeks12:06
ogra_phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ env|grep XDG12:07
ogra_do you have XDG_RUNTIME_DIR in your env ?12:07
jcolladoogra_: I tried using ssh and that works12:08
ogra_well, adb should too12:08
jussiIs Mirv on holidays?12:08
ogra_jcollado, did you log out and in after installing the new package ? it indeed needs a new login for the changes to take effect12:08
jcolladoogra_: I rebooted12:09
ogra_since we source from /etc/profile.d12:09
ogra_thats really strange12:09
jcollado$ env | grep XDG12:09
jcollado(with adb)12:09
=== jdstrand_ is now known as jdstrand
ogra_ok, thats good12:09
ogra_i dont get why UPSTART_SESSION isnt there though, it is exported from the exact same place that sets XDG_RUNTIME_DIR12:10
ogra_jcollado, /sbin/initctl list-sessions | awk '{ print $NF; quit }'12:12
ogra_does that retunr anything12:12
ogra_unix:abstract=/com/ubuntu/upstart-session/32011/532 is what i get here12:13
ogra_(and thats also what the prifile.d snippet should put into UPSTART_SESSION12:14
jcollado$ /sbin/initctl list-sessions | awk '{ print $NF; quit }12:14
ogra_wow, so weird12:14
ogra_why is it not exported then12:14
ogra_like for everyone else12:14
xnoxogra_: jcollado: we only setup upstart-user session for graphical login, adb / ssh / sudo will not get you an upstart-session.12:16
ogra_xnox, wrong :)12:16
xnoxthus initctl list-sessions hack is needed to fetch the currently running session.12:16
xnoxogra_: what have you done ogra and where?! =)))))12:16
ogra_root@ubuntu-phablet:/# cat /etc/profile.d/upstart-phablet.sh12:17
ogra_# Join the phablet Upstart session12:17
ogra_uid=$(getent passwd "$USER"|cut -d: -f3)12:17
ogra_export XDG_RUNTIME_DIR="/run/user/$uid"12:17
ogra_export UPSTART_SESSION=$(/sbin/initctl list-sessions | awk '{ print $NF; quit }')12:17
xnoxthe best of upstart cookbook =)12:17
ogra_xnox, every login in touch should automatically join the session that way12:18
xnoxogra_: but that assumes that a session is present. if the session leader is topped (e.g. unity8) the session dies.12:18
ogra_the session leader isnt unity8 :)12:18
ogra_its ubuntu-touch-session12:18
ogra_unity8 is just one app in it12:19
ogra_so you can kill the shell and still have the rest of the session up12:19
ogra_(and can restart the shell etc)12:19
* xnox clearly needs to upgrade to latest image and poke around it.12:19
xnoxthis all sounds way too awesome =)12:20
ogra_yeah, we started actually making use of upstart :)12:20
ogra_though that still doesnt tell what jcollado's issue is12:20
ogra_i dont get that12:20
ogra_jcollado, initctl list12:21
ogra_doe that return a list of jobs ?12:21
ogra_(if not, whats the error)12:21
xnoxogra_: initctl --user list12:21
xnoxis better, as that restricts to talking to user-session init only.12:22
ogra_not if i actually am the user and UPSTART_SESSION exists12:22
ogra_the export should properly restrict it already12:22
jcolladoogra_: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5884013/12:23
xnoxogra_: sure the default is to look at environment vars, but if we are troubleshooting a problem with environment..... without vars $ initctl list will default to system init.12:23
ogra_jcollado, that looks like you are not properly sudoed to phablet12:23
xnoxjcollado: yeah, that's system wide init.12:23
ogra_jcollado, how did you become phablet ?12:23
jcolladosu phablet12:23
ogra_ah no12:24
xnox /o\12:24
ogra_sudo -u phablet -i12:24
om26erjcollado, hey12:24
ogra_or su phablet - (but that will likely mess up your path)12:24
xnoxjcollado: don't use su =) ever. it doesn't setup / enherit proper environment. Unless that's your goal to get a clean environemnt, which doesn't correspond to user environment at all.12:25
om26erjcollado, have you recently run autopilot tests on touch ?12:25
jcolladoogra_, xnox: That was indeed the problem. Thanks a lot.12:25
ogra_YAY !!!12:25
* ogra_ dances12:25
xnox \o/ win12:25
om26erI see this http://paste.ubuntu.com/5884025/12:26
xnoxom26er: does DISPLAY=:0 help at all?12:27
* xnox checks12:27
ogra_om26er, oh, wow, why would autopilot fire up dbus at all ? it shoudl just attach to the runnign session bus12:27
jcolladoom26er: I'm kind of desperate with that. phablet-test-run doesn't work for me right now. At first I though it was because of phablet-test-run not being updated to use the upstart commands and ignore the /etc/device-services file. However, even running autopilot from a terminal app in the phone itself return dbus problems.12:27
ogra_where is the autopilot source12:28
xnoxogra_: it does everything over dbus, and it can / should connect to running one. but it depends on how the wrapper is written.12:28
om26erogra_, lp:autopilot12:28
xnoxom26er: i'd like to know where is phablet-test-run is at?12:28
ogra_xnox, yeah, i suspect another hardcoded dbus session address case12:28
om26erxnox, lp:phablet-tools12:29
ogra_xnox, phablet-tools12:29
xnoxom26er: cause you are launching that from host system, instead of the phablet@ user.12:29
sergiusensom26er: where is your MR?12:29
om26ersergiusens, didn't propose yet, its without the MR12:29
ogra_xnox, it should sudo -u phablet during run ...12:30
sergiusensom26er: branch?12:30
xnoxom26er: jcollado: do not use phablet-test-run, it's for unflipped / legacy only....12:30
sergiusensxnox: no, it should work on both12:30
jcolladoxnox, sergiusens: Yes, there's some code to detect if the image is flipped or not.12:31
om26ersergiusens, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~om26er/phablet-tools/adapt_to_latest_changes_in_touch_image/revision/13112:31
sergiusensxnox: there's a chroot check, it will fail wrt to the new dbus/upstart change12:31
om26ertests run fine if logged into the phone, they only fail for phablet-test-run12:33
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
om26erthis error: DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NotSupported: Unable to autolaunch a dbus-daemon without a $DISPLAY for X1112:33
om26erthat error appears when autopilot tests are tried to run as root12:34
ogra_om26er, make phablet-test-run switch to the phablet user first12:35
ogra_at least for all tests that need dbus12:35
sergiusensom26er: that should be the default12:35
sergiusensogra_: ^^12:35
sergiusenslet me see if anyone changed that12:35
ogra_what should be the default ?12:35
xnoxsergiusens: but exec_with_adb is not guarded, and does chrootcmd.12:35
ogra_running as root ?12:35
xnoxogra_: all autopilot tests need dbus12:35
sergiusensogra_: ssh phablet@localhost "autopilot ..."12:35
xnoxwell it's not "just" that.12:36
xnoxssh -o NoHostAuthenticationForLocalhost=yes -t $USER@$TARGET_IP -p $TARGET_SSH_PORT "bash -ic \"$@\""12:36
ogra_yeah, that shoould work unless you then firsse up a subshell with cleared env12:36
popeyogra_: ???????? no permissions12:36
sergiusensxnox: autopilot depends on dbus, the object tree is exported there12:36
popeywhat does that usually indicate?12:36
ogra_popey, no permissions i would guess :)12:36
* xnox ponders if "bash -ic" wrapping is playing up.12:36
om26erpopey, fastboot ?12:36
sergiusenspopey: device keys need to be accepted12:36
popeyFUNNY MAN12:36
popeythats from doing adb devices12:37
popeyon a samsung galaxy12:37
sergiusenspopey: against pure android ?12:37
popeyno, its one i flashed yesterday12:37
popeyremember ☻12:37
ogra_popey, it indicates that the udev rule is not catching ut12:37
popeyer, monday12:37
popeyraring machine with adb tools from ppa12:37
sergiusensalso that12:37
popeyunplug/replug maybe12:37
om26erpopey, sudo adb kill-server;sudo adb start-server (used to fix for me)12:37
popeyyeah ta12:37
ogra_restart adb as root12:37
ogra_right, what om26er said12:38
popeykk thanks chaps12:38
ogra_(you could figure out the right runes and send a patch for adb's udev rule if you feel like12:38
popeyunfortunately the device is remote from me, in london12:39
popeyif I get hold of a device at oscon next week I may12:39
ogra_ah, well, then restarting adb should just do12:39
=== _salem is now known as salem_
popeyogra_: is 20130717.1 safe for me to recommend to design people to flash?12:41
ogra_popey, yes, it will only fail autopilot until we fixed that12:41
sergiusensasac: ogra_ jcollado gema heads up that once the new image upgrader is in, all this may break again12:41
popeygreat, will still need --pending yes?12:41
ogra_popey, meaning by asac definition it wouldnt be safe to release :)12:41
ogra_sergiusens, yeah12:42
popeypfffft, he worries too much12:42
ogra_dont tell me :)12:42
ogra_well, he wants all gree on the dashboard (which is what we are working on atm)12:43
ogra_but a broken testsuite doesnt necessarily mean bad image :)12:43
asacsergiusens: who lands that?12:44
Kaleodidrocks: what?12:44
ogra_asac, foundations12:44
asacsergiusens: whoever lands that should prep with QA so that doesnt happen12:44
asacand coordinate that12:44
ogra_asac, there will likely bee a massive breakage once that happens12:44
asacslangasek: cjwatson: stgraber: ^12:44
ogra_due to the fact that so many parts use hardcoded assumptions all over the place12:45
ogra_(and due to the fact that likely not every single bit is prepared to have the rootfs completely readonly)12:46
cjwatsonasac: I believe that's on stgraber12:46
asacstgraber: can you comment on that?12:47
ogra_sergiusens, so once we have that autopilot stuff back running, i'd like to merge your click package installer ... note that it would be nicer to not use the hooks for new cod but properly integrate it into live-build/auto/config|build ... but we can do that later12:47
asacstgraber: lets chat a bit later... have to run to something for 1.5h12:48
sergiusensogra_: sure, I will fix on cjwatson comments I'm just reading now12:48
ogra_asac, stgraber will likely not be able to do much, the tests will fail and need adjustment etc ... i guess that should be a cross team effort across all teams12:49
om26erjcollado, sorry missed you message, so you have your device running flipped image right ?12:49
ogra_sergiusens, oh, i didnt notice colin had commented12:49
asacogra_: yes, but not in cowboy/firedrill mode inside the archive; prep outside, accept some pain, keep everyone happy12:49
asacgood deal :)12:49
sergiusensricmm: can you send an email to the lists wrt upstart user session changes?12:50
ogra_asac, too many pieces to do it outside of the archive ... we should instead prepare for a day or two with broken image to speed it up ... after we have one rocksolid build (imho)12:50
ogra_asac, but your call in the end :)12:50
asacno ... we have been through that discussion :)12:51
ogra_yes, it will cost us a lot more time to land it then12:51
asaca firedrill is more expensive than anything else12:51
asacpeople bleeding out, working all night etc.12:51
asachaving less energy afterwards12:51
asacso that must never be the plan.12:52
ogra_if it is planned in advance i dont see an issue12:52
ogra_the unplanned breakage harms us12:52
ogra_not the planned one12:52
asacwe cnanot have images broken without a firedrill mode12:52
asacthje costs for that are engineering wide12:52
asacdoing it properly is always more efficient long term12:53
asacproperly meaning without breaking the main integration baseline12:53
ogra_we dont release broken images ... there will just not be an update released for one or two days (i belibve we can even do it in one with poroper planning and reviews in advance)12:53
asacthats not acceptable. we want to get confirm about issues fixed from the images in dashboard each and every day. every day we dont see that we have to get folks do stuff manuallyt etc. eg.g. costs all over the place12:54
asacanyway have to run12:54
=== Gh0sT is now known as mahabal
om26ermzanetti, ping12:57
Saviqom26er, he's away on Qt Contributors' Summit12:59
om26erSaviq, ok, thanks12:59
Saviqom26er, he does pop in sometimes, but not often12:59
Saviqmzanetti, can we help maybe?12:59
Saviqom26er, btw, the unity8 job for upstart is a user-session one, so it's there in /usr/share/upstart/sessions13:00
Saviqom26er, but unfortunately it's not working due to some ways the session is set up13:00
om26erSaviq, that fixed now. I have it working13:01
sergiusensSaviq: should be working today13:01
Saviqom26er, ah cool13:01
Saviqsergiusens, cheers13:01
om26erSaviq, there is a feature request for the unity8 upstart job though. we should be able to give command line parameter13:01
Saviqsergiusens, om26er shouldn't the unity8 upstart job live with unity8 btw?13:03
Saviq!!! infographics are real !!!!13:03
Saviqpete-woods, you ROCK13:03
Saviq"1 photos captured today"13:03
popeySaviq: please confirm bug 1202165 ☻13:03
ubot5bug 1202165 in touch-preview-images "Welcome screen says "1 photos" - should be "1 photo"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120216513:03
AzelphurDoes anyone know if Ubuntu phone plans to have xmir in the future?13:04
om26erAzelphur, the phone will run mir13:04
Azelphurom26er: doesn't it already run mir?13:04
om26erAzelphur, not yet, I hope a few weeks (if not days)13:04
Azelphuro.O, what is it running on now?13:05
sergiusensSaviq: that's an open question, I may think so13:05
om26erAzelphur, SurfaceFlinger currently13:05
sergiusensom26er: I'm going to reconstruct your MR and drop unflipped13:06
AzelphurI see :)13:06
om26ersergiusens, ok13:06
ogra_Azelphur, and i dont think there are plans to installl XMir by default (only Mir) ... but you will be able to do that yourself in developer mode13:06
Azelphurare the apps in the additional downloads section supposed to work? I clicked on most of them and nothing happens13:06
sergiusens14.04 might have it13:07
Azelphurogra_: sweet13:07
ogra_nah, they are just pretty pictures13:07
marcoceppiSo, tethering support on the roadmap at all?13:07
* marcoceppi uses this feature extensively13:07
ogra_click package integration is on its way, then there will be installlable apps in the shell too13:07
om26ersergiusens, also fix exec_with_ssh() :)13:07
sergiusensom26er: I'm on that13:07
Saviqpopey, indeed13:07
* cjwatson is sweating through revising the click hooks design/implementation at the moment13:08
Azelphurogra_: sweet, it's looking cool, might dual boot my phone so I can watch the development13:08
sergiusensom26er: but it's easier without unflipped13:08
kalikianaAzelphur, I think of them as teasers. every cuple days more teasers turn into nice things :-D13:08
cjwatson(literally; heatwave)13:08
ogra_heh, here too13:08
Azelphurkalikiana: yea haha, I noticed how the stuff that is done is really nice, and the stuff that isn't is non-existent :P13:08
ogra_not that hot though ... we're still below 3013:08
kalikianaAzelphur, the settings app is like that. I love the looks but many pieces don't work just yet13:09
ogra_sergiusens, seriously, drop all that unflipped code13:09
ogra_we wont go back :)13:09
Azelphurkalikiana: yea, I went around pressing all the buttons :P13:09
cjwatsononly barely below here; it's 2913:09
sergiusensogra_: I know, I'm dropping :-)13:09
AzelphurIs there a page with documentation for Ubuntu phone app developers?13:09
pete-woodsSaviq: :D13:09
popeyAzelphur: developer.ubuntu.com13:10
kalikianaAzelphur, this one maybe http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/13:10
popeythats the startpoint13:10
Azelphurcool, ty13:10
pete-woodsSaviq: now we just need to get lots more data sources added!13:10
popeyAzelphur: and feel free to ask in here or #ubuntu-app-devel13:10
* Saviq needs to get the freakin' microSIM adapter to start dogfooding... :/13:11
Azelphurcool :)13:11
ogra_i would borrow you mine, but my arm is to short to hand it to you13:12
* ogra_ streches .... see ... 13:12
didrocksKaleo: I think sil2100 already told you, but the sdk stack regressed some media autopilot tests13:16
sil2100didrocks: not yet, but now you did ;) I think I need to add this one test to the list of tests ran on SDK13:17
sil2100Since it slipped through our fingers13:17
didrockssil2100: yep13:17
Kaleodidrocks: so, what's the bug report13:18
sil2100om26er: ^ ?13:18
didrocksKaleo: just the messenger here when people don't transmit the message :p13:19
om26erKaleo, in the gallery-app clicking on the share-button does not show the dialog13:19
om26erKaleo, terminal says: file:///usr/share/gallery-app/rc/qml/MediaViewer/MediaViewer.qml:459: ReferenceError: caller is not defined13:20
sil2100didrocks: https://code.launchpad.net/~sil2100/cupstream2distro-config/media_stack_fix/+merge/175278 <- fix packages list and that one additional test13:20
didrockssil2100: great! approving, feel free to deploy once merged :)13:21
didrockskenvandine: FYI, sil2100 refreshed the list ^13:21
kenvandinesil2100, thanks!13:22
sil2100kenvandine: ah, you're online! Np ;)13:22
sergiusensxnox: ogra_ what am I doing wrong? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5884222/13:26
ogra_sh -c probably ?13:27
jibelwhat is the upstart event on touch to know that wlan is ready to use?13:28
didrockssergiusens: $DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS is interpreted by bash/sh before you executes sudo13:28
didrocks(so it's $DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS from root's env)13:29
sergiusensdidrocks: makes sense!13:29
didrocksyw ;)13:29
sergiusensogra_: didrocks what about now? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5884232/13:31
sergiusensreason autopilot is failing is because the env isn't being exported13:31
didrocksah, this is more interesting :)13:31
ogra_quoting ...13:31
didrocksyep, what ogra says13:32
ogra_root@ubuntu-phablet:/# sudo -u phablet -i sh -c 'env |grep DBUS'13:32
=== ckpringle_ is now known as ckpringle
Kaleodidrocks: the people being sil2100 ?13:34
Kaleosil2100: where is the bug report?13:34
Kaleoor om26er ?13:34
sergiusensogra_: a copy/paste of that returns SUDO_COMMAND=/bin/bash -c sh -c env\ |grep\ DBUS13:35
sil2100Kaleo: well, I don't know the exact problem, but om26er would know more13:35
sergiusenslet me see what's going on with my env13:35
Kaleosil2100: that's not my question :)13:35
sil2100Kaleo: I just found that newer SDK caused an AP failure13:35
Kaleosil2100: didrocks: om26er: when there is a failure, first thing to do is bug report13:35
ogra_sergiusens, well, worst case just read the file direclty and source it13:35
sil2100Kaleo: right ;) om26er should do that, as he probably knows most13:35
Kaleosil2100: good13:36
Kaleoom26er: you there? :)13:36
sil2100Kaleo: I would just submit a bug report like 'AP test fails'13:36
sergiusensogra_: yeah, but I was trying to avoid that13:36
Kaleoom26er: thanks13:36
ogra_sergiusens, from /home/phablet/.cache/upstart/dbus-session13:36
ogra_yeah, thats definitely better indeed13:36
sergiusensogra_: yeah, read it in .bashrc13:36
Kaleosil2100: om26er: so I assume then that nobody has been working on the issue then?13:36
sil2100Kaleo: moooost probably13:36
Kaleosil2100: om26er: when did we notice?13:36
om26erKaleo, an hour ago13:37
Kaleoom26er: ok :)13:37
didrocksKaleo: hum, we did notice 4 hours ago rather, gush tried first to reproduce it but couldn't13:38
didrocksKaleo: then, om26er reproduced it 2h30 ago13:38
Kaleodidrocks: so there is something wrong in the process13:38
didrocksfrom the logs13:38
Kaleodidrocks: first, bug report should be made13:38
sergiusensogra_: if I add what's in .bashrc to .profile it works fine13:38
Kaleodidrocks: then I think since it seems that SDK is marked as culprit, a person from the SDK should work on it right away13:39
Kaleodidrocks: how can we make sure that happens?13:39
om26erdidrocks, Kaleo previously we have been thinking it a general test failure, the dialog not appearing was discovered ~1h ago or a bit longer13:39
didrocksKaleo: you and timp were pinged for that on that channel, not sure if any other communication has been done13:39
didrocks13:06:09      om26er | didrocks, that's actually a regression in the sdk :p13:40
didrocksom26er: it's 15:40 now here13:40
om26erdidrocks, wow time flied or something13:40
didrocksKaleo: I don't know, I hope that sdk will have better regression tests soon to not rely on autopilot tests from apps13:41
ogra_sergiusens, ??13:41
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
ogra_sergiusens, we ship whats in bashrc in /etc/profile.d/ snippets now13:42
Kaleodidrocks: that's unrelated13:42
stgraberogra_, asac, sergiusens: What's QA doing that'll fail with read-only? Read a good chunk of the backlog but I'm still confused :)13:42
Kaleodidrocks: if there is an issue, it needs to be dealt with properly13:42
ogra_sergiusens, are you on the last ubuntu-touch-session package ?13:42
didrocksKaleo: it clearly is seeing the regressions we had lately13:42
sergiusensstgraber: installation of additional things without enabling developer mode13:42
ogra_stgraber, we dont know, thats the point :)13:42
didrocksKaleo: and the workaround we had to put in place in the tests with that13:42
Kaleodidrocks: it's not13:42
ogra_stgraber, we switched to upstart sessions and the whole testing fell over ... now we try to remove all the hardcoded paths etc13:43
Kaleodidrocks: so timp did not see the ping because his internet & irc died13:43
om26erbug 120220113:43
Kaleodidrocks: I did not because I was sleeping13:43
ubot5bug 1202201 in gallery-app "Share dialog does not appear with latest SDK" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120220113:43
ogra_stgraber, i expect that switching to image upgrades will cause similar issues13:43
stgrabersergiusens: ah yeah, that'll definitely fail unless they can get their stuff running from a standalone directory on the data partition (so not installing extra stuff) or run in developer mode (which would be bad as test results will likely differ due to / being rw)13:43
ogra_stgraber, due to the readonly nature, due to different FS structure, due to no apt available etc13:44
om26erKaleo, is it fine for gallery-app or should I add ubuntu-ui-toolkit as well ?13:44
ogra_stgraber, the point is that we need to check in advance13:44
asacstgraber: what you should do is really check with qa how the run the image and which tools13:44
stgraberogra_: fs structure "should" be fine, we've got a bunch of extra stuff but in theory I have at least the same stuff as you currently do, but yeah, they'll have to cope with readonly, I don't think switching to devel mode is the right thing for them to do13:44
asacand give it a try and see13:44
asacif there are issues work with them13:44
asacin that way you can protect from the most issues. there might be more if it hits real infra13:45
ogra_stgraber, right, which means we will likely need changes in the test suites13:45
MacSlowtmoenicke, ping13:45
ogra_stgraber, and we need to identify them13:45
asacbut :)... we caan minimize the risk by prepping13:45
stgraberasac: who's writing those tools/tests?13:45
tmoenickeMacSlow: pong13:46
stgraberogra_: QA is a rather big team ;)13:46
asacstgraber: gema can connect you to someone to assist you... right now we work with doanac and jcollado, but there might be someone better.13:46
asacgema: stgraber would like to check with someone to see how he can see what impacts his big landing has13:46
ogra_stgraber, well, there are plety f areas we are currently fixing just for the upstart switch13:47
ogra_stgraber, (they all use the same hardcoded paths etc)13:47
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|afk
ogra_stgraber, so it really spans across a multitured of code trees13:47
stgraberasac: ok, I'll see if I can find some time to test that QA stuff, though I only have two days of work left before I leave for London and then I'll be on vacation and conferences for 3 weeks after that (well, still working 1-2days a week) and unfortunately I have higher priority bugs and features to get to by then, so I can definitely help someone in QA setup a readonly device and give pointers as to how to fix the tests but I doubt I'll be 13:49
stgraberoh, I have a feeling that one will get cut... let me know where and I'll paste the rest...13:50
asacstgraber: well, we definitely don't want to land stuff that will break our QA infrastructure13:50
seb128Cimi, Saviq: overlay-scrollbar bug fix commited, jfyi13:51
Saviqseb128, cheers13:51
ogra_stgraber, ... give pointers as to how to fix the tests but I doubt I'll be  ...13:53
ogra_thats where it was cut13:53
stgraberogra_: thanks13:53
stgraber"I'll be able to do much more than that"13:53
ogra_stgraber, did you ever try to run the tests that are shipped with phablet-tools ?13:55
ogra_i think getting that to work would be a good start13:55
ogra_if there are changes required they should be easy to port over to utah and other bits13:55
stgraberasac: sure and I'm certainly not for rushing the feature in. On paper we're only supposed to have the thing working end-to-end on all devices by end of August (deadline for landing the UI), until then, I don't really mind having both systems in parallel and switch once the blockers have been resolved (proper testing on all devices, regression free and click packages working by default at least)13:55
ogra_(at least thats the case for the dbus and upsatart changes we fix atm)13:56
ogra_stgraber, oh, please not parallel images again13:56
asacstgraber: i would suggest to check whats going on now13:56
asacand then we can assess looking on the details13:56
ogra_stgraber, also landing it in august will be way to late to shake out bugs13:57
stgraberogra_: well, that's what I'm doing at the moment ;) but yeah, I'd like to avoid having half the users on each13:57
ogra_this is a massive architectural change of the whole image foundation13:57
asacwhat we need to check though if that decision then has good/complete enough data, e.g. did we check what the impact on our QA infrastructure is? are there other areas with impact that we haven't thought about13:57
ogra_there will surely be lots of bugs to shake out we will only get through user testing13:57
ogra_so landing as early as possible is a req. imho13:58
asacit really depends on the impact. hence i would like to know the impact first :)13:59
stgraberasac: yeah, I plan on testing the phablet tests as soon as I can, which likely means late this afternoon (today is my meeting day so I'm stuck until 2:30pm)13:59
asacstgraber: yeah. if you have questions just ping me... happy to talk13:59
ogra_asac, the impact of switching in august only  and thus having bad bugs by release is surely worse than switching asap and having time to shake them out14:00
asacI don't have enough details to make such assessment. but note that you also imply that the only other solution from landing today will be to land it late in august :)14:00
asacor something'14:00
asacthats also not decided14:00
ogra_asac, well, we change the complete underlying architecture of the image to something we never did before14:01
ogra_in the past such a change would have happened across two cycles14:01
=== chihchun is now known as chihchun_afk
ogra_just leaving us 6 week to fix the issues (in case we switch end of august) is extremely risky14:02
ogra_not to mention that this is only the preparation for another heavyweight change that will come after this14:02
ogra_(repartitioning the device and working with partitions instead of images)14:03
ogra_we would only do the second part mid sept. then14:03
sil2100jhodapp: hi! Do you know if I can build/compile qtubuntu-sensors on amd64? Since it's missing some headers it seems14:03
ogra_which well, might give us less then 4 weeks to fix issues14:03
asacso as you say, the risk is very risky, because we cannot even assess the risk yet :)14:03
asace.g. hence, we need to prep better14:03
asaccheck exactly what will be broken14:04
ogra_asac, well, then we should not release by 13.1014:04
asacensure we have a plan and resourcing to really address that. then make a decision where to do that14:04
=== dandrader|afk is now known as dandrader
ogra_these two changes are so massive that they would have deserved a full release cycle for testing them imho14:04
ogra_it looks all good on paper but we have no real world testing yet14:05
ogra_they are as bad as the container flip was ... which we are far from having shaken out completely yet14:06
stgraberogra_, asac: just took a look at phablet-test-run, it indeed won't work at all on readonly images as it relies on being able to do in-place changes to files and install packages with apt and dpkg. I expect this would work perfectly if in developer mode but then we'd be in a pretty different mode from our standard devices so I'm not sure how much value the test results would have14:06
ogra_yeah, that wont test what the enduser gets at all14:06
asacstgraber: right. we need overlayfs or massive rewrite of infrastructure?14:07
asacwe basically need to be able to produce custom images outside and then flash those14:07
ogra_overlayfs is a no no14:07
asacan-overlay-fs ... thats about approach14:07
stgraberit could be changed to do a first prepartion pass where it installs everything in devel mode, then reboot in user mode (readonly) and run the tests which should work for most of the cases, however that means we wouldn't be able to test the upgrader (as the delta images won't work on a device that has been in devel mode)14:07
ogra_it will kill your battery and performance14:08
asachow to ensrure we can reasonably well test our read-only iamges14:08
ogra_asac, by completely reworking the test suite14:08
stgraberasac: overlayfs would effectively mean writable / (even if not persistent) which would still hide most of the bugs we hope in catching through QA14:08
asacstgraber: yeah. better would really move the isntall and prep stuff out so we can run them up front14:08
ogra_we need to test the actual setup the enduser gets14:08
asacbefore flashing the image14:08
ogra_else the tests  are pointless14:08
stgraberasac: so effectively the same thing as running in devel mode except that you also get the overlayfs bugs on top :)14:08
ogra_and you need to have hacked up kernels14:09
ogra_and someone needs to maintain overlayfs for 3.0 kernels ...14:09
asaci think we need an officially vetted way to oproduce customized image derivates14:09
asacthat add tests14:09
asacand also daily-release stuff14:09
ogra_for 14.04 that sounds like a good plan14:09
asacso that the image we test is as close as it can get14:09
asacor we move all tests to click packages14:10
stgraberasac: ideally, QA should rework their tools to be runnable from a standalone directory and not require package installation, that way we can run them on a perfectly clean device and at the end just flush the directory without any impact on the device14:10
ogra_the image we test needs to be the image the enduser gets14:10
ogra_asac, the testsuiote needs to be adjusted14:10
asacyeah. so they would want a testing pack14:10
asacthat we unpack14:10
sergiusensogra_: can you add curl to the touch meta?14:10
ogra_instead of the images14:10
asacthat would include autopilot stuff and libs14:10
asacand stuff14:10
ogra_sergiusens, uh, shudderm, cant we use wget ?14:10
asacand the tests14:10
asacthat thing can then be unpacked to a directory14:10
asacstgraber: ? or what would you imagine?14:10
sergiusensogra_: oh yeah, sorry, let's use wget14:10
ogra_sergiusens, only half the deps and so much saner14:10
ogra_asac, so we should have a test click package14:11
stgraberasac: yeah, that'd work fine. We have writable persistent directories they can use (/userdata/...), so they'd need to rework their setup to be self contained and ship it as a tarball or something that's unpacked there, test runs and then we flush it14:11
stgraberasac: with the advantage that anyone can run that on their device without leaving any trace of the testing tools afterwards14:11
asacstgraber: ok. however14:11
ogra_instead of fiddlign with the image architecture to have something completely non std which makes testing moot14:11
asacthats nowhere shorterm14:11
asacalso we cannot afford to turn off dashboard for amonth :)14:11
asacso compromise MUST be that we start testing with developer mode14:12
asacso gyuess yoiu just need to focus on checking whether dev mode can be enabled well14:12
ogra_but need to move the suite asap14:12
asacand that it works with that14:12
asacand we will pickup the next level after getting this in14:12
ogra_dev mode will be the same as you have today14:12
stgraberasac: right, we can run in developer mode for now, it's just a "touch /userdata/.developer_mode && reboot" away, so that's easy, however this will hide bugs for sure (any bug triggered by the device being in read-only mode)14:12
asacyeah i know i know :)14:12
ogra_(except that yoou have loop mounted imgs instead of the weird setup we use now)14:13
asacstgraber: ok then just check in your testing discussed above that your landing doesnt cause autopilot regressions14:13
annerajbrsalveti, hey i got the bootstrap to install fine this time.14:13
asacotherwise talk to QA folks to address whatever that is14:13
asacdoanac: awake?14:14
stgraberasac: if we have regressions it'll likely be bugs on my side, my goal from the beginning was to be identical to flipped images but read-only, so if they run in read-write, the result should be identical (or we indeed have something to fix)14:14
stgraberasac: anyway, have to go to my meetings now but can help run tests later14:14
asacstgraber: yeah, so lets try to check before landing so we know the impact and then decide later today or tomorrow whats next14:15
asaclets check later14:15
asacogra_: do you know if the infrastructure stuff for the dbus dashboard thing landed?14:15
annerajbrsalveti, unfortunately the ubuntu raring link you told me to install goes on a reboot loop and ends the third time on the recovery14:15
ogra_asac, i submitted an MP ... one sec didnt check if jcollado has landed that14:16
jcolladoogra_, asac: Not yet.14:16
asacjcollado: whats up?14:16
ogra_asac, not yet then :)14:16
jcolladoasac: No, I just want to check with doanac since he knows that code better than me.14:17
asacdoanac: !! :)14:17
ogra_sergiusens, seeded and updating meta now14:17
sergiusensogra_: thanks14:17
jcolladoasac: We have our daily meeting in 12 minutes, so I'll talk to him then.14:18
asacso you waited all these hours?14:18
asaccheck with him quickly and also kick off all those jobs again once it landed14:20
annerajbsergiusens :how can i debug a reboot loop since this phones have no serial?14:20
ogra_well, at least these 15 tests that ran were all successful :)14:21
ogra_I: Checking Release signature14:22
ogra_gpgv: Signature made Mi 17 Jul 2013 16:06:44 CEST using DSA key ID 437D05B514:22
ogra_gpgv: BAD signature from "Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>"14:22
ogra_E: Invalid Release signature (key id 40976EAF437D05B5)14:22
asacnetwork issue14:22
* ogra_ glares at his scree14:22
asacmost likely14:22
asacor not?14:22
ogra_well, you can still see me14:22
ogra_or not ?14:22
ogra_same machine :)14:22
asacthought you saw that on the phones in lab14:22
diwicDevice detected as /bin/bash: getprop: command not found14:22
* ogra_ tries again 14:22
asacjust run update one more time14:22
ogra_yeah, it is the new PPA14:23
ogra_we had that during image build too last night14:23
ogra_silly coreapps PPA ... has to go .... we need click !14:25
sergiusensit's very common with ppas14:25
sergiusensogra_: comming14:25
diwicany idea where I can find the "getprop" command?14:25
ogra_sergiusens, i lierally saw that the first time last night ... in 8 years that i work with our infrastructure14:25
diwicokay, using -d14:28
sergiusensogra_: 20% perhaps of the jenkins build failures come from that14:28
ogra_i'm lucky we never used PPAs in images before then i guess14:29
ogra_bah, i clashed with Laney14:29
* ogra_ fixes his liecd-rootfs branch 14:30
mattywanyone else encountered this? http://askubuntu.com/questions/320989/depends-dropping-letters-error-when-trying-to-get-the-ubuntu-touch-sdk-preview14:33
popeyworking to fix it14:33
* popey leaves same as a comment ☻14:34
mattywpopey, ok cool, thanks, no need to be sorry :)14:36
mhall119popey: what's the issue with it?14:36
popeymhall119: read your email ☻14:37
popeymorning btw14:37
mhall119popey: that's just precise though right?14:39
cjwatsonSilly question: does PolicyKit work at all on ubuntu-touch?14:39
cjwatsonNot as in can you actually get prompted, but does it know that the phablet user is active?14:39
popeyyes mhall119 and quantal14:40
mhall119ah,I didn't notice that tha AU question specified 12.0414:40
asacjcollado: did doanac show up?14:47
asaccan we land and try if that helps?14:47
ogra_no need to "try" we know it does :P14:48
Kaleodidrocks: gusch: om26er: this bug (https://bugs.launchpad.net/gallery-app/+bug/1202201) I have seen for weeks on the device; nothing new there14:48
ubot5Launchpad bug 1202201 in gallery-app "Share dialog does not appear with latest SDK" [Undecided,New]14:48
asacogra_: well, then it should just land14:48
sergiusenscjwatson: it doesn't work14:49
asacand someone should still ensure that the jobs finish successfully14:49
annerajbhow important is this?? on the ubuntu bootloader i get E: Cant' open /cache/recovery/ubuntu_command sergiusens ?14:49
Kaleogusch: om26er: is that the issue you are working on for a few hours now?14:49
sergiusensannerajb: not important14:49
om26erKaleo, it was working for me today, till I updated the sdk14:49
ogra_asac, my MP is only half of it, i think jcollado was working on the other bit (stopping the shell to be able to run the tests)14:49
Kaleoom26er: it was not on my phone for weeks really14:49
didrocksKaleo: yeah, om26er did before/after comparison14:49
* annerajb wonder why it dosnt boot raring then...14:49
Kaleoom26er: you testing on the nexus S?14:50
ogra_asac, i dont know the status of that second part (though i know jcollado had the right fix)14:50
sergiusensogra_: I updated the MR/MP btw for click14:50
sergiusensannerajb: you need to use saucy14:50
ogra_sergiusens, will merge after meeting14:50
annerajbsergiusens, oh that's what rsalveti gave me yesterday14:50
asacogra_: ok. well i would at least like a status update14:50
sergiusensannerajb: my guess is missmatch of hybris and platform api14:50
om26erKaleo, desktop14:50
guschdidrocks Kaleo om26er working on that one (Action.onTriggered does not have the caller)14:50
ogra_asac, you need a secretary ... :)14:50
Kaleoom26er: not good :)14:50
annerajbsergiusens, wait i am using raring14:51
Kaleoom26er: I actually have yesterday's image on my phone14:51
Kaleoom26er: and it's broken too14:51
pmcgowanKaleo, I agree its been broken last 5 images14:51
Kaleopmcgowan: more I think :)14:51
om26erKaleo, so what you are seeing on the phone is a dialog that depends on having a sharing service setup14:51
Kaleogusch: so is it an issue in the gallery or the toolkit according to you? do you need help?14:51
om26erKaleo, that's why you see a transparent black thingy on the phone14:51
guschKaleo: btw. ToolbarButton can't be disabled14:51
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|tea
Kaleogusch: it can be I guess: enabled: false14:52
guschKaleo: well - no Idea if Actions should pass the caller or not14:52
Kaleogusch: (do you mean it does not *look* disabled?)14:52
sergiusensannerajb: I'm 99% sure it's because of a missmatch in libs or missing hw drivers for graphics14:52
guschKaleo: it grays out, but onTriggered is still fired14:52
Kaleogusch: ok, bug report14:52
annerajbsergiusens, how can i debug this since this is not a desktop i can attach a serial too :(14:52
doanacasac: i'm on. in a meeting, but am going to fix things today14:52
guschKaleo: where are your bugs?14:52
sergiusensannerajb: adb logcat?14:53
Kaleoom26er: so that means that the whole feature has been broken for a long time14:53
Kaleogusch: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit14:53
asacdoanac: today might be not before my end of day14:53
guschKaleo: thx (just discovered 5 minutes ago)14:53
ogra_well, the fixes are well known14:53
Kaleogusch: so, do you need help?14:53
ogra_shouldnt take long to merge them14:53
asaci want to see it go green and get the results14:53
om26erKaleo, well the share menu on the desktop is just a dummy icon. on the device however its W.I.P.14:53
asacright. hence we should merge them14:53
guschKaleo: I can sort it out14:53
Kaleogusch: ok14:53
Kaleogusch: I'll leave you to it then14:54
annerajbsergiusens, i am at the bootloader right now and it says exec line 1 logcat not found.and when the phone is restarting i cannot connect to it thru adb since it's restarting14:54
guschKaleo: but is the Action{ onTriggered()} supposed to pass the caller, or not?14:54
guschKaleo: the ToolBarButton{ onTriggered()} does, but for Actions it might not be the case - no idea about the design there14:54
guschKaleo: but for consistency it should be the same I'd say14:55
Kaleogusch: I don't understand what you mean14:55
annerajbsergiusens, every time i reboot i endup on the ubuntu logo cwm based recovery menu14:55
Kaleogusch: you are taking about http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/devel/ubuntu-13.10/qml/ui-toolkit/qml-ubuntu-components0-actionitem.html#triggered-signal ?14:55
Kaleogusch: it gives you the caller when fired, yes14:55
guschKaleo: ah - ok - so it should14:55
sergiusensannerajb: flipped or unflipped?14:55
Kaleogusch: same for http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/devel/ubuntu-13.10/qml/ui-toolkit/qml-ubuntu-components0-action.html#triggered-signal14:56
guschKaleo: but no - does not anymore since yesterdays SDK14:56
annerajbsergiusens, rsalveti told me yesterday to try unflipped first if i recall correctly how can i be sure which one i have?14:56
asacdoanac: ok thats good... once the stuff land, please repoke the jobs of todays image etc.14:56
asacand get everything "greenish" :)14:56
guschKaleo: and that's why this bug showed up: https://bugs.launchpad.net/gallery-app/+bug/120220114:56
ogra_annerajb, do you end up an an android root with adb shell ?14:56
ubot5Launchpad bug 1202201 in gallery-app "Share dialog does not appear with latest SDK" [Undecided,New]14:56
ogra_annerajb, that would be unflipped14:56
Kaleogusch: I think I understand14:57
apwogra_, the 4 devices which of those did we have problems with the kernel command ling just not being changable ... when we wanted to turn off apparmour we just couldn't do it from the kernel command line cause it had no effect one of the devices14:57
Kaleotimp: still around? :)14:57
annerajbogra_, when i type adb shell i endup at ~ #14:57
guschKaleo: so according to the documentation, that's another bug14:57
ogra_apw, manta iirc14:57
Kaleogusch: so solving this would solve the gallery issue right?14:57
Kaleogusch: so it's definitely a toolkit bug; can you add that info to the bug report?14:57
guschKaleo: yep - from my POV it's a regression14:57
guschKaleo: yep14:58
* ogra_ relocates for meeting14:58
apwogra_, ok thanks ... and for any of the others are we seeing the bootload always slamming on any other parameters ?14:58
guschKaleo: I could move that bug to the SDK14:58
annerajbsergiusens, when i type adb shell i endup at ~ # is this a flipped image??14:59
ogra_apw, not sure, i think rsalveti saw them having no effect with mako recently14:59
apwthese bootloaders SUCK15:00
=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
ogra_apw, ++15:01
popeyannerajb: root@ubuntu-phablet:/#15:04
popeythats what a flipped image shows for me15:04
annerajbthen i guess i have a unflipped image. since i dont see that. thought i am not at the OS since the OS dosnt boot i think i am at the bootloader/recovery adb shell15:05
guschKaleo: but anyway I will add my workaround, as I knowh who's calling (and I like it more to use the id directly)15:08
stgraberrsalveti, ogra_, sergiusens: so I have some work planned to add a image bootstrap option to phablet-flash so that people can use that to retrieve the latest recovery partition image, flash it, push the latest full image and get a working image based system. Is phablet-flash the right place to add that or would you prefer a standalone tool?15:09
sergiusensstgraber: everyone will want to use that, although there is a lot of legacy stuff in there15:10
sergiusensstgraber: if you outline the process I can get it going if you want15:10
stgrabersergiusens: that'd be great, I can give you a bit of python code that does what I want when passed the model name, then if you can add that as a --bootstrap-image option (or similar), that'd save me quite a bit of time15:12
sergiusensstgraber: sounds good to me15:12
Kaleogusch: thanks for all the work, we'll take it from there15:12
ogra_stgraber, any reason for that ?15:12
ogra_stgraber, i thought we will have the new recovery in all builds anyway15:13
sergiusensogra_: we do, that's why I want the outline ;-)15:13
ogra_so a normal phablet-flash -b would get you what you need15:13
ogra_sergiusens, oh sorry, didnt read all of it15:13
guschKaleo: thank sil2100 didrocks and om26er15:14
didrocksgusch: no worry, thanks you!15:14
guschdidrocks: I would have kept blaming jenkins ;)15:15
stgraberogra_: yeah, I expect we already have code to grab the recovery image, the bits I'll need to add is basic parsing of system-image.ubuntu.com and initial flash of those files. It's going to be a bootstrap-only option as once that's done, you should update from the device with system-image-cli instead of phablet-flash on your machine15:15
ogra_stgraber, yeah15:16
stgraberogra_: I'll also make that option flush any existing data on the device and put it behind a pretty scary warning to avoid most people using it until we make it the default15:16
didrocksgusch: ahah, trust it ;)15:16
ogra_stgraber, uuh, evil15:16
ogra_stgraber, that means people that want to keep their data wont test it15:16
stgraber(I mostly want it there so I can get QA and other very advanced testers to use it instead of having to manually push stuff to their device with fastboot and adb)15:16
stgraberogra_: that's kind of the point at the moment ;)15:16
ogra_also note that QA actually seems to require to keep stuff in the homedir15:17
ogra_so you would break that15:17
stgraberogra_: right, initial flash will flush their data, but upgrades done after that (from the device) won't15:17
stgraberogra_: so I guess that'll be fine for QA. For the other testers, once we're confident enough that the image setup works, we can drop the "format data" call to the upgrader and add some data transition code15:18
annerajbhow do i know if my bootloader is installed correctly if the recovery menu has the ubuntu logo at the background??15:18
jhodappsil2100, I don't know about qtubuntu-sensors on amd64, although I'm not sure what the point is in building it for amd6415:18
ogra_stgraber, right, but as i understand the data needs to be on the phone before flashing15:18
ogra_stgraber, we wouldnt have had so many issues today if we culd just have wiped /home/phablet/15:19
stgraberogra_: hmm, ok, I guess I'll see what I can do once I understand how their stuff works... I'd have expected they run the --bootstrap-image which wipes the device clean, then boot it, push stuff to /home/phablet, install all their tools and then from there on, it's going to be persistant (unless they call --boostrap-image again instead of using system-image-cli for the updates)15:22
sil2100jhodapp: I built it already, but there seem to be some problems with headers - but that's a different story15:22
stgraberogra_: I mean, it's simple enough not to wipe /data clean, but then we have to figure out exactly what to move where which is much trickier, so as a first implementation, having bootstrap wipe everything is much easier ;)15:23
Chocantomhall119: Hey ! :) So I tried the Argument api by the SDK team. It work nice ! But I will have to ask them an I/O Api to manipulate files :) So I can't really implement the arguments api for now15:23
ogra_stgraber, no, i was told they want "real world tests" which means they only flash but dont bootstrap (which preserves all of /home plus the network connections)15:23
jhodappsil2100, np15:23
stgraberogra_: ok, then on the image based devices, they'll just call "adb shell system-image-cli" which will update the device but won't flush the data15:24
ogra_stgraber, i guess its fine if home is preserved over all subsequent upgrades15:24
ogra_so they have to bootstrap once15:24
stgraberogra_: with the image based setup they should really only use phablet-flash for the very first flash, not after that15:24
ogra_just need to make sure thats the case indeed15:24
stgraberright, good, so we agree15:24
=== rachelliu_ is now known as rachelliu
annerajbhttp://pastebin.com/yhwdivmp this is theoutput i get when i type adb shell on what I think is the boot loader does it look correct?15:36
ogra_annerajb, thats clearly an android environment15:37
sil2100bfiller: hi!15:39
bfillersil2100: hey15:39
sil2100bfiller: since Ugo seems to be away, could I poke you about something? Since there is the ubuntu-ui-extras project, which lp:ubuntu-ui-extras is an empty branch, but there are some sub-branches in it15:40
sil2100bfiller: I would like to know what is the status, and if any of the sub-branches should be pushed and made as lp:ubuntu-ui-extras ? What about daily-releasing this?15:40
bfillersil2100: going to have to look into this after I finish the call I'm on. will get back to you soon15:41
sil2100bfiller: ok, thanks15:41
ogra_sergiusens, wget is seeded and meta uploaded, so only  your MP is missing (and an image rebuild)15:42
sergiusensogra_: and colin's latest click upload (if it's not in yet)15:43
sergiusensthere was a tiny bug15:43
ogra_ah, k15:45
annerajbogra_, that means that my image is unflipped right?15:46
ogra_annerajb, do you have a google logo on screen while adb'ed in ?15:46
ogra_or is it just black15:46
annerajbogra_, on the backgroudn of the cellphone i have the ubuntu circle logo and it says at the top cwm-based recovery v6.0.2.815:47
ogra_annerajb, well, thats recovery, what do you get in a normal boot15:48
annerajbogra_, i dont think i get a normal boot. this is the only thing it boots too no matter how many restarst i do. it always ends up here15:50
ogra_annerajb, what devie was that ?15:51
ogra_and you are porting it yourself ?15:51
annerajbogra_, yeah15:51
ogra_so did you produ.ce a zip for the device already ?15:52
annerajbogra_, yes yesterday with the help of sergiusens and rsalveti i got the makefiles to produce cm-10.1-20130717-UNOFFICIAL-epicmtd.zip15:54
ogra_and did you flash it already too ?15:54
sil2100gusch: hello!15:55
sil2100gusch: can I poke you about one more thing? This time related to qtubuntu-cameraplugin-fake15:55
guschsil2100: shoot15:55
sil2100gusch: would you mind if I got rid of the cameraplugin-fake-tests package? Since it only installs unit tests, and I don't think we need a package that installs unit tests15:56
sil2100Those should be only ran during build, right?15:56
WebVisitor-0Does anyone know what is needed for providing multitouch support under Debian 6.0?15:57
WebVisitor-0Currently it's only supporting single touch operation.15:57
WebVisitor-0Using kernel 3.10.115:57
annerajbogra_, yes yesterday and after i flashed it it changed the backgroudn logo from the cyanogen mod one to the ubuntu one.15:57
popeyWebVisitor-0: kinda offtopic here ☻15:57
ogra_WebVisitor-0, linkely nobody in thei channel ...15:57
guschsil2100: get rid of them - truth is - they are only there, becauso I didn't manage to get rid of them ;)15:57
sil2100gusch: ACK ;)15:58
popeyWebVisitor-0: maybe ask in #debian on oftc ?15:58
ogra_annerajb, right, but recovery is different from the normal boot ... so if you boot, do you see thr google logo for a while, then it reboots and goes into recovery ?15:58
WebVisitor-0Already asked in Debian foruns. But no response in there.15:58
ogra_WebVisitor-0, well, this channel is rather for the ubuntu phone OS15:59
ogra_(and tablet OS) ....15:59
annerajbogra_, i see the samsung logo and after that the galaxy s and cyanogen mod animation and then it ends up on recovery.15:59
WebVisitor-0I got this link from the bottom page of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Multitouch16:00
WebVisitor-0Thats why I asked here :-(16:00
popeyahh, we stole the channel from that project16:00
ogra_annerajb, ok, try the following from your pc: adb shell cat /proc/last_kmsg >logfile.txt16:00
ogra_annerajb, then dump the content of that file to a pastebin16:01
popeyhttp://popey.com/~alan/device-2013-07-17-170108.png <- note "Carrier" is "Aubergine". My carrier is Orange in the UK. Has someone done a global s/Orange/Aubergine/g or something?16:01
WebVisitor-0popey do you know where can I get more info on MultiTouch then?16:02
annerajbogra_, been asking for that the whole morning let me go ahead and get the paste bin last line says attempting watch dog reset.16:02
ogra_popey, that would be awe_ then :)16:02
WebVisitor-0Is there some dedicated channel for that?16:02
popeyWebVisitor-0: no16:02
ogra_annerajb, yeah, the last line doesnt help much :)16:02
annerajbogra_, also a bunch of messages about permission denied http://pastebin.com/XqxGp3Bv16:03
WebVisitor-0OK guys16:05
WebVisitor-0I will keep looking16:05
ogra_annerajb, so by the stuff it tries to start this looks like you are actually not building the userspace for your device (looks like it tries to start some services a maguro device would use)16:06
ogra_init: cannot execve('/system/vendor/bin/pvrsrvinit'): Permission denied16:07
ogra_this is the first error i see16:07
popeyawe_: a possibly amusing bug for you https://bugs.launchpad.net/touch-preview-images/+bug/120227916:08
ubot5Launchpad bug 1202279 in touch-preview-images "Carrier is "Aubergine" should be "Orange"" [Undecided,New]16:08
ogra_annerajb, pvrsrvinit is a tool used by OMAP chips , you rarely find them in samsung phones ...16:09
ogra_annerajb, i think while you already build the right kernel, your userspace does not use the right repo yet16:09
annerajbhmm thats weird because i only did breakfast epicmtd so i should have anything thats from another device unless my device makefiles are wrong16:09
annerajbogra_, is the user space the raring-preinstalled zip?16:09
ogra_thats the ubuntu userspace16:10
ogra_what i'm talking about is the minimal android rootfs you need16:10
ogra_which is in your cm-10.1-20130717-UNOFFICIAL-epicmtd.zip16:10
annerajbwhich is the one produced by brunch epicmtd16:10
ogra_something is wrong there16:10
annerajbogra_, so i should start looking into why my userspace is using omap tools like pvrsrvinit16:11
awe_popey, looks like a bug for seb12816:11
awe_popey, no i18n translations in the ofono layer16:11
ogra_you seem to use the maguro build in userspace while using the epicmtd kernel16:11
ogra_awe_, oh, so a french aubergine is an english orange ... now that finally makes sense :)16:12
seb128awe_, popey: the backend of that screen is simply not implemented16:12
popeyah okay16:12
seb128awe_, how do we can the carrier name btw? ;-)16:12
annerajbogra_, which makefile specifies that maguro is what it should build?16:12
seb128popey, nothing on that screen actually do anything (maybe we should try to communicate that)16:12
awe_seb128, pretty sure it comes thru as a latin-1 string from the operator16:13
ogra_annerajb, i think you simply miss some CM branch for your device in the manifest.xml16:13
ogra_i guess the build just falls back to maguro16:13
seb128awe_, what I mean is "does ofono provide a dbus api I can call to get the info" ;-)16:13
ogra_because that bit is missing16:13
annerajbogra_, i used the automatic tools i never touched the manifest.xml myself let me open it up16:13
ogra_annerajb, you didnt follow the porting guide ?16:14
awe_seb128, yes... you should.  Looks like that's already being used though...16:14
awe_seb128, I think the issue is that settings gets the operator name from ofono, and it's "Orange". and it16:14
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|lunch
awe_it gets translated to Aubergine?16:14
annerajbogra_, i did so if the porting guide tool (i think it was brunch) didnt got the right file itś the tools fault :P16:14
seb128awe_, no, "Aubergine" is a placeholder label, we just did the UI in the panel16:15
ogra_WOW !16:15
seb128awe_, if you tell me what I can call I can replace that by actual datas16:15
seb128awe_, which is why I'm asking if you have a dbus method or something I can call :p16:15
xnoxdoanac: jcollado: not so long ago ^^^^^ very far in the morning here we were discussing how to make autopilot tests work and properly source dbus-session var from the new location and properly stop unity8 inside the user session init.16:15
* ogra_ just accidentially hit enter when typing porting into chromiums url bar (instead of navigating to the right line)16:15
awe_seb128, one sec...16:15
ogra_guess what the second hit on google for "porting" is16:16
doanacxnox: i'm try to test people's patches right now16:16
annerajbogra_, phablet-dev-bootstrap i think was the command that i ran16:16
ogra_right after wikipedias description of the word16:16
cyphermox_rsalveti: https://code.launchpad.net/~mathieu-tl/phablet-tools/exclude-tests/+merge/17532816:16
annerajbogasawara, after that i typed breakfast epicmtd16:16
ogra_annerajb, well, you need to tell the tree that it should build for yur device somehow16:16
awe_seb, you need to query org.ofono.NetworkRegistration properties for the current operator details16:16
cyphermox_^ I ran into a file conflict with hud-tools as I upgraded.16:16
rsalvetisergiusens: ^^^16:16
annerajbogra_, :i passed my device name to both of those commands16:17
awe_seb128, if you haven't, install 'ofono-scripts', and run ./list-modems on a phone with a valid SIM16:17
ogra_annerajb, well, cross check against https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting#Manual_.28deprecated.2916:17
awe_or 'get-operators'16:17
annerajbogra_, already on it16:17
ogra_annerajb, if the automatic way doesnt work, follow the manual one to check what the automatic one did wrong :)16:18
awe_seb128, I'll assign the bug to you.  You can close it out if we have a work-item for the task already16:18
seb128awe_, ok, thanks for the info16:18
seb128awe_, yeah, assign the bug to me16:18
awe_seb128, done16:20
* awe_ really goes for lunch now16:20
seb128awe_, thanks16:20
seb128awe_, enjoy ;-)16:20
=== brion_ is now known as brion
annerajbogra_, this is how my .repo looked before doing it by hand http://paste.ubuntu.com/5884766/16:32
sil2100tvoss_: piiing!16:36
sil2100tvoss_: hello ;)16:36
sil2100tvoss_: we're having some problems with using the platform-api headers16:37
asacdoanac: jcollado: any status update? i saw a few results coming in, but not sure if that was luck :)16:37
asacwill drop off soon (so dont worry:))16:37
sil2100ricmm: ping16:38
sil2100ricmm: maybe you would be able to help, as libplatform-api-headers on amd64 installs the headers to /usr/include/ubuntu-1, but all headers inside use ubuntu/blabla.h16:39
doanacasac: i'm trying to get my phone set up to test16:39
doanacits running now16:39
jonopopey, hey16:40
jonopopey, are you QAing the phone images?16:40
ogra_popey, hide !16:40
* jono puts hand in front of ogra_ :-)16:40
tvoss_sil2100, how come? about to jump onto a hangout. Mind pinging ricmm?16:40
ogra_jono, popey and i currently do manual tests  until the automated ones fullly work16:41
jonoogra_, right16:41
jonoogra_, so phablet-flash only installs the blessed daily?16:41
jonodoes --pending bring in the auto-built daily?16:42
ogra_right, --pending gives you the most recent build16:42
ogra_default installs what is in /current on cdimage instead16:42
sil2100tvoss_, ricmm: libplatform-api-headers installs, for instance, /usr/include/ubuntu-1/status.h16:42
ogra_(which is the blessed one)16:42
sil2100tvoss_, ricmm: while insides have things like: #include <ubuntu-1/status.h>16:42
tvoss_sil2100, ack, what's the issue?16:42
sil2100#include <ubuntu/status.h>16:43
tvoss_sil2100, yeah, there is a symlink created on package installation16:43
sil2100(since I modified by hand to point to ubuntu-116:43
davmor2ogra_: did 17.1 build in the end and does it work?16:43
sil2100tvoss_: could it be that during upgrade the old directory was not removed and now the symlink cannot be installed?16:43
doanacogra, asac: what image do i need? I'm running 20130717.1 and it still uses /home/phablet/.dbus-session16:43
tvoss_sil2100, not sure ... didrocks ^, can you help here?16:44
rsalvetiapw: I only had issues (cmdline) with manta, there others worked fine when changing the kernel cmdline in the abootimg config file16:44
sil2100tvoss_: siiince, I have /usr/include/ubuntu, but it's a directory16:44
rsalvetiapw: so yeah, we can't necessarily trust we'll be able to dynamically change the boot arguments16:44
sil2100didrocks: ^16:44
doanacogra_, asac: n/m16:44
popeydavmor2: see last link in the topic16:44
tvoss_sil2100, weird, then your theory should be correct16:44
apwrsalveti, thanks thats what i wanted to know for what i am being asked to do anyhow, thanks16:44
ogra_doanac, it just doesnt delete it if it exists :)16:44
didrockstvoss_: sil2100: do we need to have ubuntu-1, do we expect installing/supporting multiple version of the -dev API?16:44
rsalvetiannerajb: so does it work after just flashing the cm zip?16:45
rsalvetiI mean, you should at least get a black screen16:45
rsalvetiif so, please paste your logcat output16:45
tvoss_didrocks, you told me that having a versioned include-dir is good style :)16:45
rsalvetionce we know everything in there is working as expected, we can test it with the ubuntu image16:45
annerajbrsalveti, ogra_ has been helping me out and apparently my userspace is different than the kernel16:45
didrockstvoss_: are you sure? I bet you mix people :p16:45
annerajbrsalveti, http://pastebin.com/XqxGp3Bv thatś the log cat16:45
rsalvetiogra_: annerajb's device might be a pain to port to flipped, as it's the 'mtd' type (using yaffs2 instead of ext4)16:45
rsalvetimight have some other specifics as well, we need to check that in detail later on16:46
tvoss_didrocks, you said on the mp your eyes are bleeding less :)16:46
xnoxtvoss_: didrocks: i'm not sure there is any point in having versioned include-dirs. If sonames are different, runtime is co-installable. We can even name libfoo1-dev if we want, and some packages do that. But don't use versioned header paths, in the source tree.16:46
ogra_rsalveti, argh16:46
tvoss_xnox, didrocks otp now, will come back to you later16:47
rsalvetiannerajb: oh, a bunch of permission denied, weird16:47
xnoxtvoss_: didrocks: instead, configury / cmake /pkgconfig can point to -I /usr/include/ubuntu-sdk/1/16:47
didrockstvoss_: interesting, maybe I didn't express myself good enough, but I think we shouldn't16:47
ogra_rsalveti, well, his log shows a lot of maguro stupp (pvrsrvmgr)16:47
ogra_rsalveti, or are there other samsung omap devices ?16:47
didrocksxnox: we need to have a stragegy for those headers, we'll discuss it16:47
xnoxtvoss_: didrocks: but developers in their source code should still simply write #include <ubuntu/magic.h>16:47
rsalvetiogra_: should have, let me find what is the soc used there16:48
rsalvetimight even be omap316:48
tvoss_xnox, +116:48
ogra_rsalveti, ouch ...16:48
xnoxtvoss_: didrocks: throught magic of gcc -isystem they can be anywhere, even in a local dir / repo /checkout / anywhere on filesystem.16:48
ogra_annerajb, so ignore what i said then, seems your usespace might be fine16:48
annerajbrsalveti, Platform:Samsung Exynos 3 < that?16:49
xnoxtvoss_: didrocks: e.g. it's used a lot around android. From gcc point of view all paths are relative, and flags determine the locations of what is "considered systemwide", don't think too much in terms of Debian Policy and typical packaging properties. but instead look at other sdk's.16:49
rsalvetiogra_:  1GHz Samsung-Intrinsity S5PC110, with PowerVR SGX54016:49
xnoxe.g. all of apple's andorid's window's SDKs, simply ship a tarball with "usr/include" in it.16:49
rsalvetiannerajb: yeah16:50
ogra_that explains the pvrsrvmgr stuff then16:50
xnoxand then you just point your compiler: gcc -isystem path/to/my/local/unpakced/../current/(symlink)/usr/include16:50
annerajbogra_, but we still have the permission issue16:50
xnoxthus a package in it self should just installer headers into $prefix/include without any versioned dependenices, those are added later.16:50
sil2100tvoss_, ricmm: can you guys change that in lp:platform-api then? I think that sounds safer than ln -s, as it just prooved to be buggy ;p16:50
rsalvetiannerajb: so first goal is to have a useful android image, which can start surface flinger and such16:51
tvoss_sil2100, yup16:51
tvoss_sil2100, mind filing a bug and assigning it to me?16:52
rsalvetiyou can even use the surface flinger tests we have16:52
rsalvetithen once we know it all works, we can flash the ubuntu one16:52
sil2100tvoss_: working on it!16:52
annerajbrsalveti, all right link to the surface fligner test image?16:52
xnoxsil2100: hardlinks should be acceptable, soft links not so much.16:52
ogra_rsalveti, he cant even boot into android userspace yet16:52
rsalvetiogra_: yeah, that's the first step :-)16:52
rsalvetiannerajb: mmm ubuntu/hybris/compat/surface_flinger/16:53
xnoxsil2100: e.g. andoird's 14 abi/api levels are generated by "adding changes into lowest possible level , and hardlinking into upper ones"16:53
rsalvetithat should give you /system/bin/direct_sf_test16:53
didrocksxnox: maybe you should just do the MP to fix this? It seems it will be the quickest :p16:53
xnoxdidrocks: where is the MP in question? me just jumped into a conversation? =))))16:53
didrocksxnox: there is none, it's something that needs to be fixed16:54
didrocksin lp:platform-api16:54
didrocksso that sil2100 can land https://code.launchpad.net/~sil2100/qtubuntu-sensors/lib_private/+merge/17533116:54
davmor2popey: the last link is wrong I tell you ;)16:54
annerajbrsalveti, my /system/bin/ is empty16:55
rsalvetiwhat? something is very wrong in there16:55
rsalvetimaybe if failed when flashing your zip?16:55
annerajbrsalveti, yay foudn something critical process service manager exited 4 times in 4 minutes rebooting into recovery16:56
rsalvetiannerajb: check if out/target/product/epicmtd/system has everything in there16:56
rsalvetiyou can also extract the zip file to compare16:56
rsalvetiand then understand why it might have failed the flashing via recovery16:56
popeydavmor2: fixed! :D16:57
annerajbrsalveti, you mean the zip i build or the one i downloaded from ubuntu.com?16:57
rsalvetiannerajb: the one you built16:58
rsalvetiyou don't need the ubuntu one yet16:59
xnoxdidrocks: sil2100: right i need to poke that in-depth. I'm EOD and need to run out. Can I just claim bug #1190698 as I don't think rpath is the right answer here.16:59
ubot5bug 1190698 in qtubuntu-sensors "should libqtubuntu_sensors.so.1.0 be a private lib?" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119069816:59
davmor2popey: Nexus Status: Pop :D16:59
annerajbrsalveti, ok so there must have been a issue flashing because the zip/system/bin contains a bunch of binaries16:59
didrocksxnox: sure, add the platform-api bug task then to fix the ubuntu-117:00
didrockstvoss_: FYI ^17:00
xnoxdidrocks: ubuntu-1 is a well typo, and has been removed from proposed fix already.17:00
popeydavmor2: /topic17:01
popeydavmor2: you don't see  "Nexus Status: http://bit.ly/18kIrhM"17:01
cyphermox_renato_: can you please clear this up?? what piece of the stack for the network indicator actually talks to NM to list access points and stuff?17:02
davmor2popey: I see pop http://ubuntuone.com/2BYe6VAgirY0lV2nOwztAz17:03
annerajbrsalveti, what should i clear before trying to flash the recovery?17:03
annerajbrsalveti, wipe cache? data/factory?17:03
popeydavmor2: file a bug in your irc client ☻17:03
rsalvetiannerajb: both17:03
rsalvetiannerajb: which recovery are you using as well?17:03
sil2100tvoss_: https://bugs.launchpad.net/platform-api/+bug/120230917:04
ubot5Launchpad bug 1202309 in platform-api "libplatform-api-headers needs to make its headers accessible through #include <ubuntu/*.h>" [High,New]17:04
davmor2popey: my just be a refresh thing17:04
ogra_rsalveti, he has an ubuntu logo, so that part worked17:04
annerajbrsalveti, yes but it has a ubuntu logo on the background17:04
rsalvetioh, so it's our own recovery17:04
tvoss_sil2100, thx17:04
davmor2popey: hmmm no .17 builds for my phone then and will this auto update each day?17:04
annerajbrsalveti, yes should i be using it? itś the one that was part of the  build i did yesterday17:05
rsalvetiannerajb: in theory, yes :-)17:05
rsalvetiannerajb: I know recovery dumps the log in /cache/recovery17:05
rsalvetiyou can get inside that when booted in recovery, adb shell17:06
rsalvetimaybe you can find more there about what might be happening17:06
annerajbrsalveti, it failed saying something about symlinks failed but the first time it ran fine the second time is when i usually get that message so i think something may not be clearing up correctly17:06
annerajbrsalveti, got it OOM17:07
annerajbrsalveti, http://pastebin.com/8cxgJ9Ba this device has a smaller /system partition so it may be running out of memory because i either failed to apply a patch correctly or i have extra stuff that i didnt delete when i made the bootstrap17:10
MIhirwhat is other channel for development ?17:11
MIhirdiscussion ?17:11
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
rsalvetiannerajb: weird, in theory this zip should be smaller than the original one from CM17:14
rsalvetiannerajb: can you try flashing that with another recovery?17:14
annerajbrsalveti, in that case i may have inputted the wrong numbers on the partition space change i did.17:14
rsalvetiright, could be as well17:15
sil2100bfiller: hmm, would you mind if I remove phone-app from the daily-release config/17:18
sil2100bfiller: since I guess it's still valid that this package gets removed and is deprecated, yes?17:18
bfillersil2100: well we still need it the build until we have a replacement, fine with it staying in the ppa until we have a replacement as it won't go in the archive17:20
annerajbrsalveti, i verified and i have the patch applied that was applied to get quantal to build i am going to try another recovery.17:20
sil2100bfiller: but no new merges will go in related to it, right?17:21
sil2100bfiller: since it's already in the archive right now, so at least it won't disappear17:21
sil2100Wait, no17:22
sil2100I'm wrong17:22
sil2100Scratch that...17:22
bfillersil2100: there might be some merges that still need to happen as bug fixes until we land the newer stuff17:22
sil2100bfiller: right, ok, so let me leave it for now17:23
sil2100bfiller: any news related to ubuntu-ui-extras ?17:24
bfillersil2100: not yet, been in meetings for last hours, will look as soon as off phone17:25
sil2100bfiller: ok, if anything, send me an e-mail about it if you can, since I need to EOD pretty soon17:25
annerajbrsalveti, BTW i have to do a factory stock rom because clock work recovery cannot install because it needs the /system partition also the version i have of clock work recovery is
annerajbrsalveti, if i try to install with that version of CWR it fails because it can´t read the device property from the /system partition17:30
rsalvetioh, quite old17:30
rsalvetimaybe twrp17:30
annerajball right let me update to a later CWR17:30
annerajbthought this one installed fine the quantal build17:31
sergiusenscyphermox_: rsalveti happroved17:32
annerajbrsalveti, i looked at the clock work website and the latest version they have for my device is the one i have maybe the latest recovery uses too much memory making it go oom while installing?17:35
rsalvetiyeah, not sure, you could also try flashing the original cm image (10.1.2) with the latest cwm you have17:36
rsalvetiand see if the error happens there17:36
rsalvetiotherwise it might be something specific to your port17:36
rsalvetialright, time for some lunch now17:36
annerajbrsalveti, original cm image from where?17:36
annerajbrsalveti, bona petit17:37
rsalvetiannerajb: http://www.get.cm/?device=epicmtd17:37
rsalvetias your port is probably based on that code anyway17:37
rsalvetiand the image there might be even bigger17:37
rsalvetithanks :-)17:38
=== Namidairo is now known as Namidairo`bnc
sergiusensom26er: https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/phablet-tools/test_update/+merge/17535518:02
sergiusensogra_: habemus build?18:03
sergiusensogra_: also https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/ubuntu-seeds/locationless/+merge/17532018:05
sergiusensboiko: hey, where are we at?18:08
boikosergiusens: telephony-service packaging MR passed and was approved by tiago18:09
boikosergiusens: for the other two (dialer-app and messaging-app) CI passed, but tiago needs to fix some things in the MR itself18:10
kenvandineSaviq, the gsettings-qt api break has landed, the unity8 branch for background settings should be safe to land now18:11
Saviqkenvandine, cheers18:14
kenvandineSaviq, the latest CI run failed so i triggered a rebuild18:14
kenvandinei'll top approve it when that passes18:14
bfillersergiusens, ogra_ : can one of you review this to add address-book-app to the seed: https://code.launchpad.net/~bfiller/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu-touch.saucy-address-book/+merge/17535918:15
Saviqkenvandine, there's no review from our people yet18:15
Saviqkenvandine, so please let us do our stuff :)18:15
kenvandinesorry... i thought it was :)18:15
kenvandineit's not waiting on anyone else, so likely not in anyone's queue18:16
kenvandinewant me to add a reviewer?18:16
ogra_bfiller, merged18:17
bfillerogra_: thanks18:17
=== gatox_ultra is now known as gatox
sergiusensboiko: ack, thanks18:18
boikosergiusens: thanks for looking into that18:18
ogra_i'll wait with the meta upload since i know that there is another seed merge from ricmm waiting18:18
sergiusensogra_: yeah, this one: https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/ubuntu-seeds/locationless/+merge/17532018:18
ogra_sergiusens, merged too18:19
ogra_sergiusens, why would we have a new build btw ?18:25
pmcgowanogra_,  no 17 today?18:25
sergiusensogra_: I thought we wanted to try the click packages18:25
ogra_sergiusens, as i understood asac he wants to see the dashboard green before i can start a new one18:25
doanacgema, asac: i've got utah tested and working on touch images again. the unity8 fix is in, the dbus session is in, the --pending is in, and now i'm waiting for the PPA to build18:26
doanac0.14.2 will be released shortly and I'll be able to kick off smoke testing again18:26
ogra_(that is, the tests need to work first)18:26
ogra_pmcgowan, not released, you could install it using --pending18:26
pmcgowanogra_, anything wrong with it?18:26
sergiusensdoanac: heads up on the image updates stuff that is comming18:27
ogra_(17 failed dues to a PPA error, 17.1 is fine)18:27
ogra_pmcgowan, nothing except the new rule is that we are not allowed to release them if the dashboard isnt gree18:27
pmcgowanogra_, ok ty18:27
ogra_pmcgowan, http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/saucy/18:27
ogra_pmcgowan, it works  absolutely fine though18:28
ogra_(teh test suite is broken)18:28
ogra_now thats intresting18:29
ogra_Summary of smoke testing for saucy touch image 20130717 ? on maguro18:29
sergiusensogra_: so first step is to get a new build with tests and then add the click hook?18:29
ogra_i wonder why it adds the question mark18:29
ogra_sergiusens, dunno, i thought doanac would be able to re-run them once he finished his loacl tests18:30
ogra_sergiusens, but i can also just roll a new image anyway i guess ... let me do that livecd-rootfs merge :)18:30
ogra_sergiusens, did cjwatson's fix land already ?18:31
sergiusensogra_: let me check, oh, I have a merge conflict I'm just seeing now :-/ ... changelogs have been change! Go figure :-P18:31
ogra_yeah, i would have handled that :)18:32
* ogra_ saw it already 18:32
gemadoanac: sounds good18:36
=== dandrader_ is now known as dandrader
gemadoanac: let me know when it lands in the lab so that we know which images are tested with the --pending change18:36
ogra_gema, seems the system picks them up anyway and several people want a fresh build18:37
doanacgema sure18:37
ogra_gema, so i'll just trigger a build later and utah should just do its job :)18:38
ogra_(that will then be 20130717.2)18:38
doanacogra_: note: the 0.14.2 utah ppa still hasn't finished building. so i still need time before I can deploy to our server18:39
gemaogra_: awesome18:39
ogra_doanac, we still need a merge of sergiusens stuff before i can start a build, that will still take a while, no worries18:39
ogra_i guess you will be done before we are ready18:40
sergiusensogra_: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/saucy/+source/click/0.1.518:40
ogra_sergiusens, ah, still in proposed18:41
ogra_(and waiting for ppc it seems)18:41
sergiusensFix infinite recursion in ClickUser.click_pw.18:41
ogra_yeah :)18:42
ogra_start in 5h18:43
ogra_that doesnt look good18:43
sergiusensogra_: I wonders why powerpc builders build private jobs :-P18:43
sergiusensogra_: https://launchpad.net/builders/18:43
ogra_security stuff18:44
ogra_i guess18:44
annerajbrsalveti, i ran df -h on a loop while insatlling the bootstrap i build yesterday and the system partition ran out of disk space. ill have to look into trimming that image.18:53
ogra_sergiusens, merged, but i'll refrain from releasing livecd-rootfs until click is in18:55
sergiusensogra_: that's good enough18:55
ogra_i dont really want to risk an endless click loop at buildtime :)18:56
jimmy__Hi there18:58
sforsheersalveti, mfisch: another powerd MR: https://code.launchpad.net/~sforshee/powerd/clean-up-cli-output/+merge/17537618:58
mfischsforshee: ah, I forgot to to the last one too18:58
mfischsforshee: I'll do both now18:59
sforsheemfisch: thanks19:00
=== racarr is now known as racarr|lunch
mfischsforshee: commented on the upower on19:05
mfischsforshee: can we delete asac's reviews?19:05
mfischsforshee: I'm +1 on removing the "We get signal" call, but when MMS works, we'll need to retest it all, it might be a different signal19:07
mfischsforshee: approved the CLI review19:09
mfischsergiusens: who is working on/owns the browser app?19:18
sergiusensmfisch: oSoMon19:19
mfischsergiusens: thanks19:19
sforsheemfisch: we don't need the "we get signal" print. If you enable debug the same information will be printed for any unknown signal.19:20
sforsheemfisch: responded to your comments on the upower MR19:20
stgrabersergiusens: here's the bootstrap script for the readonly image based setup: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5885313/19:26
stgrabersergiusens: we plan on sending a call for early testers (for people who have a spare device and don't mind loosing data) on Friday, so it'd be great if we could have that code as a --bootstrap-image option in phablet-flash by then (otherwise I'll just link to that script directly)19:27
mhall119stgraber: will we have a way for those folks to install apps?19:28
stgrabermhall119: not until click packages are fully working (I'll make it very clear in the blog post, that it's read-only with no way of running apt)19:30
mhall119rsalveti: the apps I added to the ubuntu-seeds branch, those are still being installed from .debs not .click packages right?19:30
stgraberwhat I really want to get is feedback on all 4 supported models and making sure that basic functions (telephony, network, ...) work as well as they do on flipped19:30
stgraberthen hopefully soon after that, we'll get click working and we can go with a bigger pool of testers19:30
stgraberand soon after that, just make it the default and be done with it :)19:30
mhall119stgraber: I'll let you know if camera and audio don't work on the N7 :)19:32
sergiusensstgraber: ack19:32
sergiusensstgraber: it's going to happen today :-)19:32
sergiusensstgraber: I'll be testing on two devices and also check what's needed for testing since it's a hot topic ;-)19:32
stgrabersergiusens: cool, thanks!19:34
stgrabersergiusens: I tested on mako and grouper. grouper had a problem (cache partitioning not mounting) which I now fixed, so it'll be good in the next image.19:34
stgrabersergiusens: if you test with grouper, it'll work, however further updates with system-image-cli won't, so you'll need to re-bootstrap with the next daily to get the fix19:35
sergiusensok, no worries, these are not final systems :-)19:35
stgrabermaguro and manta may be affected by the same bug, not sure, in any case, I expect a bootstrap to work and updates to be broken, so as long as you re-bootstrap tomorrow, you'll be fine19:35
stgraberI've got to run for very late lunch and some errands but should be back in an hour or so19:37
annerajbsergiusens, where can i find direct_sf_test in the raring-preinstalled-phablet-armfh*.zip  ??19:38
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mfischsforshee: approved the upower mp19:39
sforsheemfisch: thanks19:39
oSoMoNmzanetti: hey, are you around?19:41
annerajbogra_, now when i boot it seems to be on android since it shows root@android:~#19:41
annerajbogra_, and it has the ubuntu partitions loaded19:42
annerajbogra_, thought i get a black screen where is /var/log/messages??19:43
ogra_black screen is good that means surfaceflinger works :)19:43
ogra_(something else doesnt though)19:43
ogra_use logcat19:43
annerajbi am watching the logcat output dont see anything meaningful let me figure out how to get this into a file19:44
annerajbogra_, http://pastebin.com/Zb8Yy04x i dont see anything apart fromt he time stuff that's error level messages19:47
ogra_annerajb, hmm, i dont see it starting any of the ubuntu-android bits ... like uchroot or ubuntuappmanager19:48
ogra_rsalveti, ^^^19:48
annerajbogra_, where should those binarys be let me take a look if they are there19:49
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annerajbogra_, i found uchroot in /system/bin19:49
ogra_yeah, android in the unflipped images should execute it19:50
annerajbi tried running ubuntu_chroot shell and it said cannot determine your username.19:51
rsalvetimhall119: yes, sergiusens is working on converting them to click packages19:51
annerajband if i run uchroot it hangs and dosnt appear to do anything ogra_19:51
rsalvetiuchroot will only work if you also installed the ubuntu zip19:52
rsalvetibut first let's make sure the android one is working as expected19:52
rsalvetiso it seems the device is now up and running correctly19:52
ogra_SF runs19:52
rsalvetiannerajb: can you run ps to see if you have ubuntuappmanager running?19:52
annerajbrsalveti, it's running19:53
rsalvetithen just flash the ubuntu zip now19:53
=== dandrader|afk is now known as dandrader
annerajbhmm i did lol rsalveti this is running the ubuntu zip19:53
annerajbrsalveti, a whole ps  http://pastebin.com/ZsWanKkF19:54
ogra_which zip did you download ?19:54
rsalvetiannerajb: I mean, did you also flashed the raring zip I pasted you yesterday?19:56
annerajbrsalveti, yes i did19:56
rsalvetiyeah, that's the one19:56
rsalvetithen check if you have the ubuntu rootfs under /data/ubuntu/19:56
annerajbi do rsalveti19:57
rsalvetiannerajb: then just need to check why 'ubuntu_chroot shell' might not be working for you19:58
rsalvetiannerajb: did you enable all the required kernel configs?19:58
rsalvetiotherwise it'll fail when enabling the container19:58
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annerajbrsalveti, i applied some kernel changes but werent from the wiki page was from the last guy that got the image working for quantal i am missing some namespace kconfig variables that have to be enabled20:01
annerajbso ill do all the kernel changes and recompile and see if i can get another build tonight20:02
rsalvetiannerajb: cool20:05
annerajbthanks for the help rsalveti and others20:06
rsalvetigetting close :-)20:06
annerajbrsalveti, how should i build now make clean; make? or make clean; brunch epicmtd?20:08
sergiusensrsalveti: by using the raring image, won't platform-api break since the refactor was after?20:08
rsalvetisergiusens: don't think we had any api/abi changes in there20:08
rsalvetithe refactoring happened mostly in the ubuntu side20:09
annerajbrsalveti, if i would like to have this stuff on git. i assume i shoudnt merge request that into cyanogen mod since it will break the android version so where should i store the android changes make a fork on github and commit the changes there?20:17
rsalvetiannerajb: pushing stuff in your personal github account would be a good start, we can then merge it in phablet.u.c later20:18
cjwatsonsergiusens: Yeah, sorry, we're temporarily one builder short on powerpc - that'll be sorted out later this week20:18
annerajball right. rsalveti also didnt tell you how i fixed the running out of disk issue..20:19
rsalvetiwe hope to have gerrit in place soon, then once merged you'll be able to propose merge requests there20:19
rsalvetiannerajb: what was the problem?20:19
cjwatsonsergiusens: I've scored click/0.1.5/powerpc up insofar as it'll make much difference20:19
annerajbrsalveti, had to delete all the apks in /app and /media/audio /media/bootanimations.zip after that when installing the bootstrap i build yesterday it was left with 300k of disk.20:19
rsalvetiannerajb: right, cool20:20
sergiusenscjwatson: thanks for the update20:20
annerajbrsalveti, are those apks really necesary when installing the bootstrap? i assume there are other phones where there may not be a lot of space ont he system partition.20:21
rsalvetiannerajb: probably not20:21
pmcgowanrsalveti, is the network indicator broken today?20:24
rsalvetipmcgowan: it shouldn't, using which image?20:24
rsalvetiI think we didn't yet publish today's build20:24
pmcgowanI am connected but it says not20:24
rsalvetihm, let me flash that20:24
rsalvetibut I know ogra_ tested it already20:25
pmcgowanbfiller, I dont see thumbnails in history yet20:25
bfillerpmcgowan: checking20:27
ogra_rsalveti, i didnt test todays build since it was clear that asac didnt want it released, popey tested though20:28
rsalvetiright, flashing it now to see20:28
rsalvetiogra_: next one should be all good right?20:28
rsalvetiseems doanac fixed all the issues already20:28
ogra_rsalveti, hopefully20:28
ogra_rsalveti, i would trigger a build but then we cant have sergiusens click work in20:29
ogra_needs this fix https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/saucy/+source/click/0.1.5.... which is stuck waiting for a free powerpc builder20:29
rsalvetioh, wget will now be installed by default20:30
rsalvetithat was so annoying20:30
pmcgowanogra_, cant we disable powerpc builds for things20:31
rsalvetihow long will that take?20:31
ogra_pmcgowan, thats the archive, no we cant20:31
ogra_click n the ppc link ... it should tell you the ETA20:31
rsalvetiyeah, don't trust that20:31
ogra_last time i checked it was 5h20:31
rsalveti2h now20:31
rsalveti18 jobs (2 hours 40 minutes)20:31
ogra_ah, so it moved forwatd 3h within 1h20:32
rsalvetiqueue, so should be done soon indeed20:32
cjwatsonI scored it up20:32
cjwatsonBut I'll just force it into the release pocket20:32
ogra_cjwatson, thanks20:32
ogra_so i can upload livecd-rootf then20:32
ogra_i held that back to not hit an endless loop :)20:32
bfillerpmcgowan: working for me, check your versions of these: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5885486/20:33
pmcgowanbfiller, let me make sure it flashed, probably no space20:34
pmcgowanbfiller, bah nm20:34
annerajbrsalveti, how can i setup a proxy for downloading the ubuntu-ramdisk.img??? i am behind a proxy and it's not downloading it20:34
pmcgowangets me every time20:34
bfillerpmcgowan: although I am seeing some issues I wasn't seeing during testing, some thumbnails are empty20:35
ogra_livecd-rootfs uploaded20:35
rsalvetiannerajb: hm, need to check that20:35
* ogra_ sets an alarm to be notified once it hits the achive and goes afk20:36
rsalvetiit downloads the debs with urllib220:36
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annerajbrsalveti, i setup the http and apt proxys let's see if that fixes it20:40
sergiusensrsalveti: should I also move the upstart job to maliit-framework or should that be a new upload?20:41
sergiusensso we can sync it better20:41
rsalvetisergiusens: let's take that as another upload20:41
rsalvetiannerajb: in theory urllib2 will use the http_proxy env variable20:42
rsalvetijust need to check if it's indeed using http there, instead of https20:44
cjwatsonThere, you'll have click 0.1.5 in saucy after the next publisher run20:44
cjwatsonWhich will start in ~3mins20:45
rsalvetiannerajb: yeah, using https20:46
annerajbrsalveti, all right just setup all the proxys in upper case and lower case and it's been building for a while in retrospective i shold have run make bacon20:48
rsalvetixnox: you said you'd be replacing the pull-lp-bin tool as well, any progress on that?20:53
rsalvetithat might handle proxy better as well20:54
sergiusensrsalveti: he's EOD iirc20:54
rsalvetihahha, he's always on-line20:54
oSoMoNWebbyIT: thanks for the review21:14
oSoMoNI’ll take the liberty of top-approving myself, seeing that it’s trivial enough and has been approved by one person + jenkins already21:15
WebbyIToSoMoN: yeah, I think that you can do it, certainly does not break anything21:18
DJJeffis ummmmm usb tethering possible? http://i.imgur.com/FszXfdO.png21:34
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ogra_rsalveti, sergiusens, build running22:27
popeyogra_: to finish tonight?22:34
ogra_popey, dont worry about testing22:34
ogra_we need to wait for the dashboard anyway22:34
ogra_well, you can if you feel like22:35
vthompsonballoons_, do you have a second for some hand holding with autopilot (trying to get playing a song in music-app to work)?22:35
stgrabersergiusens: so does that look easy to integrate?22:37
sergiusensstgraber: I'm on it, I was just using python2 though, never migrated since I need to work on precise and never check22:37
stgrabersergiusens: should be easy enough, just import urlretriever from urllib instead of urllib2.request22:38
stgraberI believe that's the only py3 specific bit in that code22:38
balloons_vthompson, shoot22:39
vthompsonballoons_, excellent. So I have an UbuntuShape that I want to test that the image.source changes to a different icon when clicked. However, I can't seem to get access t the UbuntuShape's image attribute.22:41
AzelphurIs there any docs for dual booting Ubuntu touch?22:42
vthompsonballoons_, I get the following: AttributeError: Class 'UbuntuShape' has no attribute 'image'.22:42
balloons_what's the qml file show?22:42
popeyAzelphur: i have seen someone dual boot on nexus 722:43
Azelphurpopey: nice22:43
vthompsonballoons_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5885798/22:44
balloons_vthompson, ahh.. add an objectName for the image22:46
vthompsonballoons_, do I have to then reference this by the objectName?22:46
balloons_vthompson, then do the select_single type Image and objectName=yourname22:46
annerajbIs Ubuntu touch gonna have a menu option for rotate lock?22:47
vthompsonballoons_, select_single is one of the functions in your emulator?22:47
balloons_vthompson, http://unity.ubuntu.com/autopilot/api/introspection.html22:47
balloons_vthompson, it's the normal introspection routine22:48
balloons_vthompson, so self.app.select_single('Image', objectName='shapeImage')22:52
vthompsonballoons_, Ok does the UbuntuShape still need an objectName? I get the following error: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'source'22:53
annerajbrsalveti: what's the best way to know if somebody is working on a port so I don't waste effort on a port22:55
annerajbIs there a wiki page?22:55
=== kc8qvp_ is now known as kc8qvp
popeyannerajb: yes https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Ports23:11
popeyannerajb: sorry, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices23:11
annerajbpopey: thx23:13
Chocantopopey: Hey ! How are you ? :) Do you know if the sdk team is working on file I/O ?23:16
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popeyChocanto: hi, how do you mean?23:21
Chocantopopey: I mean if the file I/O api is planned, or if they are working on :)23:29
popeyThe SDK team have lots to do ☻23:31
popeyI don't believe direct file io is something we are doing23:31
stgraberogra_: ah cool, you're already doing a touch build, I was just about to kick one23:35
Chocantopopey: Ok :) It was just to know, because I need it for docviewer ^^23:35
popeyChocanto: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/SdkFeatureStatus see "Content management"23:36
Chocantopopey: to avoid having to use the temporary launcher, and use Arguments and I/O api of sdk team23:36
ChocantoAh thanks, I didn't know the existence of this page ^^23:37
popeysorry about that Chocanto23:42
Chocantonono, that's good :) It was just because mhall asked me to test Arguments in docviewer, but I can't without file I/O. But I'll wait ;)23:43
mhall119Chocanto: I didn't think the docviewer had to do any IO in QML23:48
mhall119or your wrapper23:48
mhall119I thought it just passed file paths to other plugins23:48
Chocantomhall119: That's juste because I need to know the mimetype of the file, and other usefull informations about it.23:50
Chocantomhall119: I can do it with a plugin23:50
mhall119ah, I see23:50
Chocantomhall119: Because arguments work nice and exactly fit with what we need, so I can get the filepath23:51
mhall119so then are you just going to make a plugin to give file meta-data like mimetype?23:52
mhall119there might already be something like that somewhere23:52
Chocantomhall119: I hope, but if not yes I will do.23:53
Chocantomhall119: Did you asked tsdgeos about the poppler package ?23:54

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