kaushalI have likewise-open application which is an authentication system for Windows AD and I am trying to configure ringswitcher. Does likewise-open support it?04:08
alepothelp /cs04:43
MooDoomorning all07:08
diplo_Morning all07:17
=== diplo_ is now known as diplo
ryiteranyone ?07:26
lubotu3Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:26
ryiteris it possible to do su - user -p  password in online?07:26
ryiterin one line07:27
ryiteranyone there ?07:29
MartijnVdSryiter: I don't know what you mean?07:30
lubotu3The XY problem is when you need to do X, and you think you can use Y to do X, so you ask about how to do Y, when what you really should do is state what your X problem is. There may be a Z solution that is even better than Y, but nobody can suggest it if X is never mentioned.07:30
MooDooMartijnVdS: he just wants to run su as a specific user and it ask for the password.07:30
ryiteri simply would like to change to an other user07:30
MartijnVdSMooDoo: but online?07:30
ryiternot online07:31
MooDooin one line.07:31
ryiterin one line07:31
MooDooMartijnVdS: :p07:31
ryitermeans i would like to su  to an other user07:31
MartijnVdSryiter: su - user07:31
ryiterwithout using password07:31
MartijnVdSit'll ask for the password07:31
MartijnVdSotherwise you're going to have to use sudo07:31
ryiterwell i don't want that it ask me for password07:31
MartijnVdSyou can configure sudo to allow that07:31
ryiterthat's why i said i would like to put the password like that su - user -p  password07:32
MartijnVdSyou could probably do it with su and PAM configuration, but that's going to be hard & a lot of work & break every other upgrade07:32
MartijnVdSryiter: su doesn't allow the password on the command line, because of security issues (other users could see it using 'ps')07:32
ryiteri m looking for a command in one line07:32
MartijnVdSryiter: "sudo -u user -s -H" or "sudo -u user -i", probably07:33
MartijnVdSryiter: and some editing of /etc/sudoers (please use visudo, it'll warn you if the file is not correct instead of making it impossible to use sudo)07:33
MartijnVdSryiter: The manual page for sudoers ("man sudoers") should have examples to do that07:34
ryiteryou still don't understand my question07:34
ryiteri simply looking for one line command07:34
MartijnVdSryiter: yes: sudo -u user -i07:35
MartijnVdSryiter: but, you have to configure the system first.07:35
MartijnVdSthere is no other way, because of security07:36
ryiteri still can't understand where is the security issue ?07:36
MartijnVdSryiter: if you supply the password on the command line, another user could do "ps ax" and know the password07:37
MartijnVdSryiter: that is why "su" does not have an option to specify the password on the command line07:37
TheOpenSourcererIt will also live in your .bash_history in plaintext too I guess for sometime at least.07:37
ryiterdon't care i simply would like to check07:37
MartijnVdSTheOpenSourcerer: that, too07:37
TheOpenSourcererMartijnVdS: Still not tested the free beer yet ;-)07:38
TheOpenSourcererWill try and collect it today07:38
MartijnVdSryiter: what's the end goal? checking the password? doing things as the other user?07:38
MartijnVdSTheOpenSourcerer: yay :)07:38
ryiterend of the goal is just for try07:38
MartijnVdStry what?07:39
MartijnVdStry to see if the password is correct?07:39
ryiterthat will simplify lots of thing07:40
ryiteri found something on the net07:40
ryiterecho <password> | sud -  user07:40
MartijnVdSryiter: can you explain the problem you're solving, instead of just the one solution you've already thought of?07:41
ryiterbut not working07:41
ryiteri simply would like to create an alias07:41
ryiterwith that07:41
ryiterthat's all07:41
MartijnVdSryiter: that doesn't answer my question07:41
MartijnVdSwhat problem are you solving that requires you to do this?07:41
MartijnVdSbecause really what you seem to want is a proper "sudo" configuration so you can "be" (run programs as) the other user for a while07:42
ryiterthe problem is i got a list of users on :my system i don't want to search for the password each time07:42
MartijnVdSryiter: so you configure sudo (through /etc/sudoers) to let you use your own password (or no password) instead07:43
MartijnVdSryiter: problem solved07:43
ryiteras i don't have access on /etc/sudoers07:43
ryiteri simply looking to create an alias07:43
ryiterdo you get ?07:43
MartijnVdSryiter: in /etc/sudoers, put a line:07:44
ryiteri know that07:44
ryiterbut don't have access on /etc/sudoers  permission denied07:44
MartijnVdSryiter: sudo visudo07:44
ryiterbut don't have access on /etc/sudoers  permission denied07:45
MartijnVdSit will open an editor to edit sudoers for you07:45
ryiterbut don't have access on /etc/sudoers  permission denied07:45
MartijnVdSryiter: I saw your line the first time07:45
ryiterso i can't visudo anything07:46
TheOpenSourcererThen you are probably not in the sudo group07:46
MartijnVdSryiter: sudo visudo doesn't work either?07:46
ryiteryes of course07:46
ryiteri will never work07:46
TheOpenSourcererYou do not have the authourity.07:46
ryiterone solution for my problem07:46
ryiteris simply to create an alias with putting the passsword in clair07:46
ryiterthat's all07:47
MartijnVdSthat's impossible07:47
MartijnVdSbecause none of the programs that allow you to log in accept a password on the commandline or on stdin07:47
TheOpenSourcererYou will need to boot your machine from a CD and mount / so you can edit /etc/group.07:47
ryiterof course it should be possible07:47
ryiterimpossible not french07:47
MartijnVdSryiter: except it's not, because that would create security issues07:47
TheOpenSourcererThen you will be able to edit /etc/group and /etc/sudoers07:47
TheOpenSourcererIf the administrator did not give you sudo access then maybe they do not want you to do these things...07:48
ryiterthere is also an other solution maybe i m not sure07:49
neuro'ning all07:49
ryiteris it possible to generate a local key  and switch all user without password07:49
TheOpenSourcererLinux is intended to be a *secure* system...07:50
neuroryiter: what problem are you trying to solve here?07:50
MartijnVdS!xy | ryiter07:50
lubotu3ryiter: The XY problem is when you need to do X, and you think you can use Y to do X, so you ask about how to do Y, when what you really should do is state what your X problem is. There may be a Z solution that is even better than Y, but nobody can suggest it if X is never mentioned.07:50
neuroi don't understand "switch all user"07:50
brobostigongood morning everyone,07:51
neurohey brobo07:51
TheOpenSourcererYou brobostigon sanity at last!07:51
MartijnVdSoh hi TheOpenSourcerer 8-)07:52
MartijnVdSand good morning brobostigon07:52
brobostigonmorning neuro, TheOpenSourcerer and MartijnVdS07:52
MartijnVdSneuro: NAO!07:52
brobostigonme sane, if only.07:52
neuroYOU! MARTIJN! YAR!07:52
=== alan_g|EOD is now known as alan_g
ryiteri allready mentied X Y Z07:52
* TheOpenSourcerer needs moar coffee.07:53
* brobostigon shares some of his special coffee.07:53
MartijnVdSTheOpenSourcerer: Dark Roast?07:53
ryiteri would like to authentificate to an user in one line07:53
MartijnVdSryiter: sudo -u user07:53
ryiteri m looking something like this : su - userboss --password mypersopassword07:54
neurodoesn't work like that07:54
neuroand leaving passwords lying around in shell history is kinda stupid07:54
ryiterwhen i copy and paste this line : su - userboss --password mypersopassword07:54
MartijnVdSryiter: like we told you: su can't do that, sudo CAN be configured to do something like that07:54
ryiteri simply would like to switch to user userboss07:54
ryiterwithout asking me for passsword07:55
neuroonly way i can think of is ssh key07:55
neurossh blah@localhost07:55
ryiteryou are correct07:55
neurowith a passwordless key07:55
ryiterbut can we ssh key in local07:55
neuroof course07:55
ryiteronce you are in the terminal07:55
ryitercan you remember what are the command i have to generate for that ?07:56
neurowhat's the big deal about typing in a password, really?07:56
neurogoogle for generate ssh key07:56
ryiteri got a list of user on my system07:56
ryiteri don't want to look for the password each time07:57
MartijnVdSryiter: "sudo -i -u userboss" + in /etc/sudoers: "user ALL = (userboss) ALL" (I think)07:57
neuroon *your* system07:57
ryiterkill me lots of time07:57
neurowhy do you care about the passwords if it's *your* system07:57
neurodon't you have root?07:57
ryiterit 's not my own system07:57
ryiterit is an shared system07:57
TheOpenSourcererneuro: He is not in the sudo group by the sounds of things.07:57
* TheOpenSourcerer runs away.07:58
neuroryiter: so basically you're just wanting to hack into other accounts on a shared host07:58
ryiterthere is no hack07:58
MartijnVdSneuro: these are not the droids you're looking for07:58
neuroif you do not have any form of superuser credentials, why would you need access to other people's accounts?07:58
MartijnVdSyeah, you could email the sysadmin and ASK him for the sudoers access07:59
MartijnVdSit's a people problem :P07:59
ryiteri  m looking something technically07:59
neuroit sounds like you're looking something hacky07:59
ryiteri m know how to troubleshoot in otherwaysq07:59
ryiterfor now i simply looking the exact answer for my question08:00
MartijnVdSso it's for a class?08:00
neuroi can't think of a valid reason for a non-sysadmin to require access to other user's accounts and their passwords08:00
neuroif anything, i think this is a vindication for, you know, passwords08:00
ryiterdon't try to do politics please08:01
neuroi do not think that word means what you think it means08:01
neuroif you explain the "why"08:01
neurowe can probably explain the "how"08:01
neuroit's called two-way trust08:02
neuroyou first08:02
ryiteri explain here everything08:02
neurono, you really haven't08:02
ryiteri m not good for doing politics08:02
neuroyou're on a shared system and you want to log in as other users without having to type their password08:03
neuroand you already have a list of passwords08:03
neurocontext is everything08:03
ryiterwell i m leaving i I have exhausted all my energy08:03
neurocrazy french hacker types08:04
MartijnVdSTheOpenSourcerer: no, "Dorque"08:07
neurofrench dork apparently connecting from an environmental services company in Saint-Maurice08:07
neurosorry, dorqué08:07
neurohe sounded like either the world's worst hacker, or the world's worst junior sysadmin08:09
TheOpenSourcererA sysadmin without sudo... hmm.08:09
neurowith a list of passwords08:10
TheOpenSourcererlol: http://foaas.herokuapp.com/ <<< NSFW08:11
hd5770:( i need a job08:14
MartijnVdShd5770: what kind?08:14
TheOpenSourcererhd5770: What are your skills?08:14
neurohuh ... http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sp%C3%A9cial:Contributions/
neuro(wiki fr edit history from ryiter's IP ...)08:15
neurohd5770: i believe a variety of fast food outlets are always hiring ...08:17
* neuro runs08:17
Monotokotoday is going to fun... our ol' Windows 2000 cluster died :(08:20
MartijnVdSMonotoko: good luck :)08:21
=== msm is now known as Guest23932
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy International Criminal Justice Day! :-D08:31
MartijnVdSJamesTait: For great justice!08:32
JamesTaitMartijnVdS, YES!08:32
neurohurrah, vigilantes ahoy!08:32
MartijnVdSneuro: like ryiter you mean?08:32
* JamesTait chuckles.08:32
neuronah, he was just an awkward french poorly-skilled hacker08:33
JamesTaitThat made a very interesting read first thing in the morning.08:33
neuroactually, s/hacker/idiot/08:33
MartijnVdSneuro: nah, just misguided08:33
* TheOpenSourcerer has free beer!08:34
MartijnVdSTheOpenSourcerer: with coffee in it08:34
MartijnVdSTheOpenSourcerer: really.. Dark Roast is made with coffee08:35
TheOpenSourcererWill need to take it home and refrigerate it before tasting.08:35
MartijnVdSTheOpenSourcerer: is the weather still sunny & hot?08:37
TheOpenSourcerervery MartijnVdS08:37
MartijnVdSthen I suggest you try "Broeders" first, once it's cooled :)08:38
brobostigon28c this afternoon, humid, huge UV levels, huge pollen levels,08:38
TheOpenSourcererNext Wed the BBC are predicting 35'08:38
MartijnVdSyeah we have similar predictions08:39
MartijnVdSbut we have the nice cooling influence of the North Sea08:39
MartijnVdSso it's only going to be 3108:39
brobostigoni am falling apart already in this heat, never mind another 10c ontop of it.08:40
neuro19ºC up here \o/08:41
neuromy house is measurably cooler today, thank god08:41
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B008CNQEWA08:41
brobostigon£649, ouch.08:42
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: but probably way overkill too08:42
MartijnVdS10000 BTU/hr ~= 3KW08:43
neuroThere are fields, Neo, endless fields, where humans are no longer born, they are grown.08:44
MattJFor some reason I feel cooler today, but the thermometer says it's the same temperature as yesterday...08:51
MattJhumidity 1% down08:51
MartijnVdSMattJ: that's because you ARE cooler!08:51
MartijnVdSMattJ: but not hotter08:51
MartijnVdSit's xor08:51
=== christel_ is now known as christel
* MattJ tries to decide what to do for a NAS08:55
dwatkinsI decided to give up messing around with software and got a Synology DS413j08:56
* MooDoo uses a netgear nas duo but is also looking at a synology box08:57
MattJEncryption an option with either?08:58
=== JohnRobe1t is now known as JohnRobert
MartijnVdSI'm on my second Synology, it's great08:58
MartijnVdSMattJ: higher-end Synologies can encrypt08:58
neuroi have two readynas NV+ here (1x v1, 1x v2), but getting a ds413j for esxi storage in a couple of weeks08:58
dwatkinsI assume you'll just use gigabit to connect to it, neuro,08:58
* popey hugs his HP Microserver with 12x2TB08:59
* popey also hugs btrfs08:59
neurowait, what?08:59
popey4 internal, 8 in an extrnal array08:59
neurohow did you fit 12 disks in a 4 disk cha... oh ok08:59
MattJpopey, you had a drobo once, didn't you?08:59
popeyI did08:59
popeynever again08:59
MattJOk :)08:59
popeyUnless I switched completely to OSX08:59
popeyThen I may consider it.08:59
MattJThat the only issue? They have ethernet models, don't they?09:00
MattJwhich I would hope use some standard protocol09:00
dwatkinsTime Machine is very slow over a network.09:00
MattJ(standard protocols \o/)09:00
neurodwatkins: it's not that bad09:00
popeythe main issues... the on-disk format is proprietary.09:00
popey(as with most raid controllers)09:00
MattJI just want something simple :( (but encrypted, oops)09:01
popeyso if your drobo dies, you have to get another one to access the data09:01
MartijnVdSthe Synology uses standard dm-raid09:01
MartijnVdSor md-raid09:01
MartijnVdSwhatever is the software raid in the linux kernel09:01
MartijnVdS+ lvm09:01
dwatkinsneuro: I suspect there's something for which I need to reinstall, as I've seen loads of threads about Time Machine getting slow after upgrading, when using wifi or ethernet09:01
popeythats very nice!09:01
neurodwatkins: this laptop is doing a time machine backup right now09:01
neuropushing 8-10MB/s over 802.11n09:01
popeyi do time machine from macbook pro over wifi to my hp microserver09:01
neuroto a USB2 RAID1 array on a mac mini connected to gigabit09:02
MartijnVdSneuro: meanwhile you're also using it to boil some water for tea? :)09:02
dwatkinsyeah, I think my Macbook Pro needs fixing, as I get 2 MB/s backing up via wifi.09:02
popeymy microserver went nuts the other day, disks went read-only09:02
popeyrebooted and it's all fine, no data loss09:02
neurodwatkins: or maybe better wifi ap?09:02
* popey hugs btrfs09:02
neuropopey: you can keep your experimental file system, ta :)09:02
neurofor now, anyway09:02
dwatkinsneuro: perhaps, but I get 10 MB/s just copyhing files with it09:02
MartijnVdSpopey: I've found btrfs on spinning rust to be excruciatingly slow09:03
MartijnVdSpopey: looong access times09:03
neurodwatkins: lots of small files?  lots of tiny files + hard links + higher latency = hmmmmm09:03
dwatkinsneuro: perhaps, yes09:03
neurothat's why i stopped doing rsnapshot to an nfs mount09:03
popeyi do rsnapshot but over ssh09:04
neuroplugged in 2 1TB USB disks, did some md raid1 magic and pointed rsnapshot there instead09:04
neuropopey: you mean you pull backup data over ssh to a local disk target?09:04
neuroyeah, that's what i do09:04
neurobut before that it was an nfs mounted target09:04
neuroand the hard links were causing mayhem09:05
neuroesp for the initial cp -al and the deletes later09:05
neuromaildirs + nfs = ew09:05
popeyyeah, my rsnapshot takes 1.5 hours to do the rm and the cp -al09:05
popeymaybe longer09:05
neuroare you doing the lazy delete?09:06
popey[01/Jul/2013:18:00:01] /bin/rm -rf /srv/rsnapshot/hourly.5/09:06
popey[01/Jul/2013:19:15:23] mv /srv/rsnapshot/hourly.4/ /srv/rsnapshot/hourly.5/09:06
hd5770supa duppa skills09:06
=== GingeryDog is now known as GingerDog
popeycp -al takes 40 mins09:06
neuropopey: use_lazy_deletes09:06
* popey googles09:06
neuroit'll move the oldest directory to [interval_name].delete09:07
neuroand when the copying and rsyncing is finished, it removes the pid file, *then* does the delete09:07
popeyoh that sounds fun09:07
popeywill try that now. i haven't re-enabled rsnapshot cron jobs after the disk fun the other day, will do now09:07
neuroso if another rsnapshot process comes along, it won't get blocked due to a pid hanging around09:07
popeythanks muchly09:07
neurohandy if your jobs are running up against your intervals09:08
popeyyeah, i get that a lot09:08
popeybecause the jobs always overrun09:08
popeybut I dont necessarily want to let them stomp on eachother do I?09:08
neurowell they won't09:08
neurothe directory to be deleted gets uniquely named09:08
popeybut on a slow system could you end up with a load of to be deleted pid'ed directories?09:08
neuroso it'll move daily.5 to delete.15819 or something09:09
neurobut at least your backup jobs will still be running09:09
hd5770MartijnVdS one that gives me money09:09
popeyk, will give that a punt, thanks!09:09
hd5770TheOpenSourcerer basic admin i guess09:09
neuropopey: np09:09
neurohd5770: whereabouts are you based?09:10
neuroah well :)09:10
hd5770i got a car09:10
neuro$work is probably hiring soon09:10
hd5770i can drug run for some one09:10
hd5770$work ?09:11
neurobut $work is in oxfordshire (note that I am not!)09:11
neuroas in $employer09:11
popeyhah, excellent TheOpenSourcerer09:12
neuroprobably gonna hire a senior php dev, and a junior dev/sysadmin09:12
neuroslash office it bod09:12
neuroslash coffee monkey09:12
* BigRedS cringes at "dev/sysadmin"09:13
BigRedSuh, despite being one09:13
neuroi know i know09:13
neuroit's the worst kind of devops09:13
BigRedSbut really by "dev" is just having time dedicated to sysadmin scripts09:13
neuroget a junior in to do some minor coding and some sysadmin/local IT09:13
TheOpenSourcererpopey: All this hot weather keeps making think of a long lunch with beer in the sun... AlanBell? czajkowski?09:13
neuroTheOpenSourcerer: damn you guys for being close to each other in meatspace!09:14
TheOpenSourcererYou are not allowed chris09:14
neurothis is the only really annoying thing about working from home, long lunches with beers in the sun make me look like a creep sitting along in the beer garden :)09:14
christelsee, you're such a hater :(09:15
TheOpenSourcerer^--^ Hope you are feeling better today?09:15
diploTheOpenSourcerer: Hope my sone gets to do stuff like that at school09:15
christeli never get invited to ANYTHING ANYMORE :P09:15
christelTheOpenSourcerer: yah, feeling good :)09:15
TheOpenSourcererDrop the sprog and you can come out again ;-)09:15
dwatkinschristel: neither do I, but that might be due to living 450 miles north of London ;)09:15
neuroi'm actually thinking IT Dogsbody would be a better role description :D09:15
neurodwatkins: what, due north? are you in the north sea? :)09:16
dwatkinsneuro: :-p09:16
* neuro giggles09:16
* dwatkins lives in Edinburgh and neuro knows it09:16
neuroya embra jakie :)09:16
dwatkinsalso, we have a castle, so ner ;)09:17
neuroyeah but it's rubbish and full of americans09:17
dwatkinswell there's plenty of other awesome hills and nice scenery09:17
popeyTheOpenSourcerer: tricky this week, and next week I'm out of the country09:17
neuro"Other hills and scenery are also available"09:17
dwatkinsa friend of mine who lives in London comes up once a year because she misses how awesome Edinburgh is09:17
dwatkinsplease book early to avoid disappointment09:18
neuroi'm tempted to go out in a wee run in the car at the w/e09:18
TheOpenSourcererHey ho popey nm. It'll probably be raining by the time you get back.09:18
neuromaybe head out fife way09:18
neurost andrews beachiness09:19
TheOpenSourcererI've just booked my first evah hovercraft trip. Going to the Isle of Wight Chilli festival next weekend.09:19
neurothe wat?09:19
neurochilli people are weird09:19
TheOpenSourcererneuro: http://isleofwightchillifiesta.co.uk/09:20
dwatkinsRed Hot Chilli People09:20
neurooh it's a "fiesta", is it?09:20
dwatkinsI might cycle up into the Pendlands, I really like it up there.09:20
neuroevery time someone says that word, i don't think arrrrrriba!, i think Mk.1 ford fiesta09:20
MooDooooo bhut jolokia is my fae chilli09:20
TheOpenSourcererThen two weeks after that it's West Dean: http://www.westdean.org.uk/Events/Outdoorevents/ChilliFiesta.aspx09:20
neurothe pentlands?09:21
neuromere pimples on the landscape!09:21
TheOpenSourcererMooDoo: I agree. They have a fantastic flavour.09:21
MooDooTheOpenSourcerer: yup, nice on bacon cobs :D09:21
TheOpenSourcererYesterday I had 2 Trinidad Scorpion "Butch Ts" on my curry. ;-)09:22
TheOpenSourcererFresh from my greenhouse.09:22
MooDoonow you're just showing off09:22
TheOpenSourcererBUt unfortunately they were rather small. ~1cm09:22
TheOpenSourcererFrom an overwintered plant.09:22
* christel makes note to visit TheOpenSourcerer to sample all the chilli if this baby doesn't arrive soon09:24
MartijnVdSpopey: so it's more like you're *fleeing* the country then09:24
czajkowskiTheOpenSourcerer: would love to but I've a day of phone meetings :(09:24
czajkowskichristel: you've ages left no ?09:24
TheOpenSourcererhah christel that will shift it!09:24
MooDoomy wife tried chilli did nothing lol09:24
czajkowskichristel: irc session restarted can you dm me that email address again please...09:24
TheOpenSourcererczajkowski: Wasn't thinking of today...09:25
czajkowskiTheOpenSourcerer: ah ok :) in the future yes09:25
christelczajkowski: term this week, just over two weeks until due date (half a week to go until the point at which david arrived!) :)09:25
christelso not quite "ages" :)09:25
czajkowskihas it turned yet?09:26
christelbut i am convinced she'll be late09:26
christelno idea :)09:26
brobostigonmy brother and his other half are due a little one next month.09:27
christeli hope she has turned!09:27
christel(presentation scan at the end of the week, hopefully she's turned -- if she hasnt then they will cut me open on august 1st, which i dont much fancy) :)09:28
brobostigoni found the perfect baby grow a few weeks ago, prison orange and stripes, and says in black lattering on the front, "i have been inside 9 months!!" made me laugh.09:29
neurosweeeeeeet: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-2332670909:29
Seeker`a mini christel running around sounds dangerous09:29
neuropotentially 10 new HD freeview channels next year09:30
MartijnVdS\o/ freeview09:30
neuroincluding 5 HD simulcast channels from bbc09:30
MartijnVdSneuro: Not just versions of BBC One and Two09:30
neuroMartijnVdS: bbc one and two are already in HD09:30
directhexneuro, great news for those not on reduced-capacity repeater transmitters09:30
MartijnVdSneuro: yeah but the regional versions aren't09:30
directhexi.e. most of us09:30
neuroMartijnVdS: that's a bbc trust issue09:31
Seeker`it'll be BBC 3, BBC 4, CBBC09:31
neuroand cbeebies and bbc news09:31
neurowhat am i saying09:31
neurobbc one hd IS regional09:31
neurojust bbc two isn't yet09:31
MartijnVdSneuro: after the news, I get the red screen with "Programmes for your area are not available on this channel. Please switch to channel 101" or something similar09:32
directhexbbc one hd isn't regional is it? doesn't it tell you to bog off back to SD for regional news?09:32
popeyneuro: not on virgin it isnt09:32
neuroMartijnVdS: but you're not in the UK09:32
neuropopey: tis on freeview09:32
christelSeeker`: oh i already have one, he's 3 and a half :)09:32
popeyduring regional programmes they punt you back to SD BBC109:32
MartijnVdSneuro: I'm not, but I do get freesat :)09:32
neurooh, i know what the problem is09:33
neuroit's not "regional"09:33
neurobut Scotland and Wales are in HD09:33
MartijnVdSBBC One NI has a HD version09:33
neuroand NI yeah09:33
popeylike after the 10pm news, the regional news isn't on09:33
neurotis up here :)09:33
popeyyou get a nice picture of helicopters and lighthouses09:33
MartijnVdSWales as well09:33
MartijnVdSpopey: or swimming hippos09:34
neurobut yeah, bbc 3 and 4 hd would be nice09:34
neurosince they replaced BBC HD with 2 HD09:34
MartijnVdSthat would be great09:34
neuroso everything on 3 and 4 is in bloomin' SD for the first time in years09:35
MartijnVdSneuro: the Dutch public broadcaster's channels are all in HD, but most programmes are still made in SD09:37
neurowell that's just stupid :)09:37
MartijnVdSso we get upscaled stuff everywhere09:37
diplopopey: Do you know if there are any examples of apps in touch using oauth yet ?09:44
diplohttp://www.goodreads.com/api - Want to try over next couple of weeks writing a touch app to use this09:44
popeydiplo: not sure, ask in #ubuntu-app-devel ☻09:54
davmor2Morning all09:55
diploThat was my next Q, joined there but wasn't sure if it should be touch or devel :)09:58
MattJOk, now I'm hot10:17
MooDooaircon ftw10:17
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BigRedSdo any mail clients default to hiding the PGP signature block and suchlike, and instead just show you the mail?10:44
directhexBigRedS, yes, thunderbird with enigmail installed, and evolution10:47
Monotokois there a way to get a formatted list of outgoing mail between two times from the mail.log10:47
BigRedSMonotoko: I've a Perl script for doing that on Qmail somewhere10:48
directhexMonotoko, mail.log isn't standardized, it depends on which mail daemon you're using10:48
BigRedSdirecthex: ah, ta10:48
SuperMattalso, the mail log doesn't contain mail contents10:48
BigRedSMonotoko: depending on what you mean by "list of outgoing mail"10:48
mungbeanSurface RT (32GB) - £133 + VAT10:58
MartijnVdSmungbean: because nobody wants it?10:59
brobostigonand i would wipe windows, and put something better on it.10:59
penguin42brobostigon: Except you can't11:01
BigRedSI'd like a surface11:01
BigRedSif it's as good as the hype, and were it possible to stick Linux on it11:01
brobostigonpenguin42: oh dear,11:02
penguin42brobostigon: The ARM WIndows tablets are signed firmware where they don't let you load a different key11:02
davmor2BigRedS: you have one it's next to your sink in the kitchen :P11:02
brobostigonpenguin42: again, oh dear.11:02
BigRedSdavmor2: I'd like a surface *that's not covered in dirty crockery* :)11:02
davmor2BigRedS: Think outside the box, hire a clean end of dirty crocks, and a nice clean surface for you :)11:03
neuroat that price, i'd buy a surface rt just to mess around in, but given that I already have an iPad 2, BlackBerry Playbook, Kindle Fire HD and a Nexus 7, I'd say I'm tableted out :)11:15
neuroalso, Windows RT11:15
neurothe touchy slidy boxy bit of Windows 8 is the bit I like least11:15
popeyipad, chinese android thing, two nexus 7.. enough tablets in this house11:15
popeysophie is saving up for an ipod touch11:16
neuroat some point i'll upgrade the ipad, but until then, no moar tablets11:16
neuroi'm actually more tempted to get a "regular" kindle again, the kindle fire is just too much of a pain in the backside11:16
popeyoh, and a nook11:17
neurohmmm, paperwhite, worth it?11:19
AlanBellI looked at a paperwhite next to a regular kindle, didn't seem worth it to me11:20
AlanBellyou can't get the fonts to go any smaller than a regular kindle11:20
AlanBellfonts are a touch smoother, background is a fraction whiter, backlight is a good thing, but overall I wasn't tempted after I saw it11:21
popey30 quid jobbie11:25
neurosounds expensive for a poop11:29
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davmor2popey: man who'd of thunk it, you and me have a high compatibility on last.fm11:32
MartijnVdSnot HIGH compatibility?11:38
popeyi never actually use last.fm11:45
popeyi just scrobble from spotify11:45
MartijnVdSI scrobble from spotify at home and rb at home11:46
popeyamazed I've only scrobbled ~5.8K tracks over the years11:53
BigRedSI left RB playing a bloodhoung gang album at work when I went on holiday a few years ago and it's permanently skewed my 'tastes'11:59
MartijnVdShahaha :)12:00
NET||abusehi folks12:08
NET||abusei have a unordered list of team members, the li's are dipslay:inline;float:left; and they contain text and images. So the list will wrap based on screen width, on my laptop I get 5 teanm members per row, if i want to have a full width exptended info show up when i click the team member, can i position a div below the current element and have that div push the suceeding rows down?12:10
NET||abuseor is that just imposible?12:10
SuperMatthmmm, I have a pair of servers to name, should I got with crick and watson, or babbage and lovelace?12:12
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: statler and waldorf12:13
SuperMattnope nope12:13
=== knightwi1e is now known as Knightwise
SuperMattscientists is our theme12:13
SuperMattthough I know that lovelace and babbage were really mathamaticians12:14
BigRedSwhat do the servers do?12:15
SuperMattthey'll be nameservers12:15
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: Curie and Curie (Marie and Pierre)12:15
SuperMattI'll save curie for later12:16
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: Haber & Bosch (from the Haber Bosch process)12:16
NET||abusehmm, mendeleev and... who?12:16
BigRedSI'd name them after scientists who had something to do with classification or naming or somethiong12:17
MartijnVdSConstantin Fahlberg, inventor of saccharin, the first artificial sweetener12:17
popeyour offices are named after scientists I think12:18
SuperMattwatson and crick were my bosses favoured names :(12:20
SuperMattI sure wanted lovelace and babbage12:21
SuperMattbecause we need more female representation all up in here12:21
SuperMattI'll make sure I have a Curie at some point12:21
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: there's the #3 discoverer of DNA12:21
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: who was a woman, but who is often ignored12:21
SuperMattthat's good, she'll become the third namesever if we need one12:21
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosalind_Franklin12:22
SuperMattwasn't there a woman who was strongly involved in relativity?12:22
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: yeah.. thinking of name now12:23
MartijnVdSLise Meitner?12:24
MartijnVdSEmmy Noether?12:24
SuperMattone set, fact checking12:24
SuperMattworked with eddington12:24
SuperMattI don't know :/12:25
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: Meitner calculated things for nuclear fission12:26
SuperMattthat's the one!12:26
MartijnVdSNoether did work that made quantum mechanics possible12:26
SuperMattIt was Meitner I was looking for, thanks :)12:27
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: never hurts to have too many future server names lined up :P12:27
SuperMattwow, so easily the male names come to mind, yet we struggle to think of the women in science12:27
directhexwe spent hundreds of years keeping women out of science12:29
NET||abuseSuperMatt: did you decide, I'm suggesting Mendeleev and Newlands as they created the periodic table between them12:29
NET||abuseso that's analogous to DNS12:29
directhexalthough somehow Maria the Jewess managed to innovate in things still used today12:29
SuperMattit's watson and crick, I'm afraid12:30
MartijnVdSDNS not DNA12:30
NET||abusebut DNA would be more analougous to code, like a git repositoruy12:31
dwatkinsSuperMatt: Calvin and Hobbes, naturally ;)12:32
dwatkinsif you need shorter names, Luke & Leia (but be prepared for people to mis-spell Leia all the time)12:32
dwatkinsIn a previous existence, I looked after servers named after constellations, no-one could spell Sagittarius, and it was the mail server, annoyingly.12:33
NET||abusethat's a god argument12:33
MartijnVdSat a previous employer, we used Star Trek characters12:33
NET||abuseuse simpler terms, like the names of Gould's from 'tar gat'12:33
dwatkinsNET||abuse: what is? it's just a star constellation as far as I'm concerned :)12:34
MartijnVdSbut in the end we had to go with even the most minor ones12:34
dwatkinsNET||abuse: I like the idea of Stargate references :)12:34
dwatkins"Where's the file, is it on Ba'al or Teal'c?"12:34
NET||abusedwatkins: good  argument, not god argument,, that the complex spellings of some constellations would be tricky to remember for all users12:34
dwatkinsReally confuse your users by implementing server names with the apostrophes in... if that's even possible12:35
NET||abusehaha, i dont think dns supports it for the most part12:35
dwatkinsNET||abuse: yeah, it got silly; thankfully no-one ever setup a server named after cancer.12:35
NET||abusedwatkins: we were using stargate gods for our sprint names, then we switched to star wars planets12:35
NET||abusewe ran out of gods12:35
MartijnVdSNET||abuse: doesn't Star Wars only have 5 planets?12:36
dwatkinsI guess whatever you choose you'll run out eventually, unless you start with AAAAA, AAAAB etc. - then you'll have a lot of work to do before exhausting the namespace.12:36
dwatkinsI bet the extended Star Wars universe has hundreds.12:36
MartijnVdSdwatkins: but the extended universe isn't canon!12:36
NET||abuseMartijnVdS: no, we used them in alphabetical order, 1 every 2 weeks, untill we run up to z. then we choose a new theme12:36
NET||abuseso we used up 24 starwards planets12:36
dwatkinsMartijnVdS: that's a hotly debated subject, I discovered recently.12:37
dwatkinsHow about the names of stars we can actually see? ;)12:37
dwatkinsBetelgeuse is difficult to spell - I bet I got it wrong...12:37
NET||abusex-men,, that's one idea for the new theme12:38
MartijnVdSdwatkins: CPD−57°1001512:38
MartijnVdSdwatkins: CD−45°184112:38
NET||abusedwatkins: haha, ouch, that would suck12:38
NET||abuseMartijnVdS: I meant you12:38
dwatkinsOur meeting rooms at work are named after whiskeys12:38
NET||abuseAre you in facebook?12:38
MartijnVdSdwatkins: do you also stock them in those rooms? :)12:39
diploI've stopped giving servers names from anything else other than informative, so what/where they are now12:39
diploSo much easier12:39
MartijnVdSNET||abuse: who me?12:39
dwatkinsMartijnVdS: sadly not, just with water12:39
MartijnVdSdwatkins: :(12:39
dwatkinsdiplo: yeah, that's the most sensible conclustion - I have "ubuntu-pc" and such like at home.12:39
NET||abuseMartijnVdS: I thought dwatkins might be as I thought I remembered they used whiskey names for something12:39
NET||abuseYeh, for my own pc i juse use my initials and the model, so lab_Dell634012:40
diploLast job I moved to something like dns-r1 but more detailed for dns server in rack112:40
NET||abuseor such like htat.12:40
diploOh yeah and model of server12:40
NET||abusegets tricky when you've a huge array of VM's or blades12:41
dwatkinsat work I use my login name and the same scheme.12:41
dwatkinsdwatkins-win7 etc.12:41
NET||abuseyup, sometimes i've thrown ubuntu into the name also12:42
NET||abusei've not run a windows machine for 6 years now i don't think.12:42
NET||abuseThough my missus has a win8 laptop now.. urgh12:42
NET||abuseso there is one in the apartment12:42
dwatkinsdwatkins-ubuntu is too long, isn't it? I think the limit's 15 characters for NetBIOS.12:42
diploNET||abuse: On my vms I had function and which vmserver12:42
NET||abusediplo: yeh, I stopped caring bout which vm server and such when the engineer tok over phsysical maintenance.12:43
NET||abusethen i made his life hard by just using purpose or project name12:43
dwatkinsaha, DNS is more forgiving: (63 letters).(63 letters).(63 letters).(62 letters)12:43
NET||abusehmm, that's decent length actually, as opposed to a NETBios name being 15 characters12:44
dwatkinsno, I'm wrong, it's that minus one character, 25312:44
dwatkinsso for safety, assume each part of the name (four maximum) should be 62 chars or less, I guess.12:45
dwatkinsif you have a five-part hostname, you're special ;)12:45
NET||abuseooh, never thought of a sub sub sub domain12:45
dwatkinsmany people don't12:45
dwatkinsI've seen applications fail because someone in the US didn't consider companyname.co.uk, they only considered companyname.com or similar12:46
NET||abusethe total fqdn just is limited to 255 right? so at 5 you can just limit it to 51 characers12:46
dwatkinsNET||abuse: 253, I think, as it's limited to 254 but a dot gets added ot the end12:46
NET||abuseahh, right,,12:46
dwatkinslike with IP addresses, I always assume a bit of contingency12:46
NET||abusethat said, i dont' think i've ever seen, even a hash based name over 24 characters12:47
NET||abusein a segments12:47
NET||abusebloody welsh12:47
* dwatkins bows deeply12:47
dwatkinsyou're welcome :D12:47
dwatkinsor "eich bod yn croesawu" as apparently they say, I'm just descended from them.12:48
penguin42wow, that only just fits12:48
dwatkinspure genius in their tourist board, clearly.12:49
AzelphurTried out Ubuntu phone last night, looks really cool, can you get X applications running on it?12:49
dwatkins"oi Dave, let's rename the village to encourage tourism, shall we?" ... "ok Owen, but make sure it's not too long so we can make a domain name of it when the internet gets invented"12:49
popeyAzelphur: no currently12:51
popeyit doesnt have x12:51
dwatkinsThere appear to be about 9 of me on Facebook.12:58
penguin42dwatkins: Disconcerting isn't it13:00
Azelphurpopey: fun, is it gonna have xmir at some point?13:01
mungbeanthere's always a gay topless one too13:02
mungbeanits a rule of the internet. every has a topless facebook twin13:02
popeyAzelphur: ask in #ubuntu-touch ☻13:02
Azelphuraww :p13:02
popeythe developers hang out theree13:03
diploHmm ok, we have a customer who has a system that doesn't use passwords to login to our app13:36
diploWe're developing a new app, same thing but web based where we have a tab with a terminal inside the browser to keep working with stuff we haven't developed yet13:37
diploIssue is, when clicking on that tab it logs them in because they have no password prompt13:37
diploWith out adding a password, is there anyway that anyone knows of, to make them have the prompt with ssh connecting but can hit enter through the password ?13:38
bigcalmGood afternoon peeps :)13:38
mungbeanwondering about astroturfinh my garden13:38
diploYes we are trying to tell them to use a password, but they are quite adament they don't want one13:38
diploOh and the reason we don't want it to auto login is licenses, each login uses one :)13:41
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penguin42diplo: Well I guess you can do anything with pam13:43
diploJust reading into pam now13:43
penguin42diplo: Are you saying the act of logging in on the target uses a license or is it something post login?13:44
diploWe use any non system users are 1 license, so if they have multiple sessions keep logging in the use a license ( we're not strict about it though )13:45
diploMore the problem is going to be with a lot of dead sessions13:45
penguin42license stuff is always a good way to make life harder13:46
penguin42diplo: Do they get a shell?  I'm thinking of something like an authorized_keys file where the key only allows them to run a specific command and that waits for the return or something13:46
diplothere .profile basically auto logs them into our app13:47
diplopenguin42: thats an idea13:47
diploIf I can't find another way, that defo sounds doable13:48
penguin42diplo: Oh well before that in the .profile just put a    read DUMMY13:48
diployeah but they are logged in by the time it's read the profile which = license, and yes totally agree with licensing it sucks!13:49
diploHmm requiredAuthentications password, keyboard-interactive13:50
* diplo googles latter13:50
diploAdded "read -sn 1 -p "Press any key to continue.. " .. works but sucks!14:04
penguin42where's the any key?!14:11
mungbeanhttp://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/mesa-dev/2013-July/041900.html Direct3D 9 Support Released For Linux14:14
SuperMatthow exactly does this work? If I run something in wine it'll work? Or does someone need to create a linux binary, but not bother to rewrite direct-x code for opengl?14:16
=== msm is now known as Guest36064
mungbeanthey seemed to have success with certain problematic games under wine14:19
SuperMattI see14:19
SuperMattso they're still running under wine?14:20
penguin42yeh but made the Direct3D 9 part of Wine work14:21
SuperMattwell that's pretty snazzy14:21
mungbeanlots of comments i don't have time to read14:21
mungbean"Wine has a Direct3D to OpenGL translator that has significant performance overhead and spotty compatibility. This makes most open-source 3d drivers speak Direct3D natively, on par with OpenGL, so Wine doesn't need the translator any more"14:22
mungbeansums it up14:22
SuperMattwould be nice to see it mashed together with the next wine release14:22
mungbeanDownsides are that this fundamentally can't work with any of the closed-source drivers or the current Intel open-source drivers, so Wine can't throw away the wined3d translation layer yet.14:22
* penguin42 wonders what other interface there is than OpenGL that X provides14:23
popeynice for people playing "older" D3D 9 games on Intel though?14:26
SuperMattI assume that because dx9 is backwards compatible with older versions, that it should give a boost to other games?14:29
=== Hornet- is now known as Hornet
mungbeanseems to be lots of difference of opinion on that thread14:30
mungbeandont know what to believe14:30
popeythere is no spoon14:31
mungbeanonly cake14:31
bigcalmIf there is no spoon or cake, what am I eating?14:33
bigcalmOh, a banana14:33
mungbeaneating a plum than was deceptively soft on the outside14:34
mungbeanand taste like potato inside14:34
davmor2mungbean: I think you'll find that is a purple potato ;)14:36
mungbeanstill ate it14:41
BigRedSOh wow maplin has some wonderful air conditioning going on14:43
BigRedSI was so grateful I bought a switch14:43
dwatkins...and thus the cost of their electricity bill for today is justified14:45
BigRedSit was a £6 switch14:45
penguin42BigRedS: Is it a big red switch?14:45
BigRedShaha, no, I didn't think of that14:45
dwatkinsthat's either a cheap switch, or a button with far too much functionality14:45
popeyBigRedS: GbE?14:46
popeyfor 6 quid i expect it's 10baseT14:46
BigRedSpopey: nah, 12V IP67 toggle switch14:46
mungbeani added up the memory shown by top, ps etc, and it comes not even close to the memory in use by my system :S14:46
mungbeanand i uunderstand cache,free,buffers, etc14:46
popey"in use"?14:47
mungbeanMem:       4021136    3816856     204280          0      42452     20632814:48
mungbean-/+ buffers/cache:    3568076     45306014:48
mungbeanSwap:      4095996    1450104    264589214:48
dwatkinsI didn't think top showed all processes14:48
dwatkinsI imagine there's a switch for 'ps' that will, though, and their memory usage.14:48
mungbean4 S root      1080     1  0  80   0 - 523459 poll_s Jun27 ?       00:00:02 /usr/sbin/console-kit-daemon --no-daemon14:49
mungbeanwhat's that?14:49
mungbeanseems to be taking loads of SZ14:49
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|tea
popeyapt-cache show $(dpkg -S /usr/sbin/console-kit-daemon)14:52
mungbeanwhat's the size on other ppls systems?14:53
popeyroot     11946  0.0  0.0 2093964 1504 ?        Sl   13:29   0:00 /usr/sbin/console-kit-daemon --no-daemon14:53
BigRedSroot      2141  0.0  0.0 2091756 3948 ?        Sl   08:48   0:00 /usr/sbin/console-kit-daemon --no-daemon14:54
BigRedSpopey starts work late...14:54
davmor2right here, right now, right here, right now, right here, right now, check it out now funk soul brother..  bet you can't guess what I'm listening too :)14:54
popeyyour own mortality?14:54
popeypopey updates his machine and reboots it in the mornings ☻14:55
davmor2popey:  wow your computer does time travel14:56
BigRedS13:29 isn't morning!14:56
mungbeantop -b -n 1 | grep cons 1080 root      20   0 2044m 1520 1384 S    0  0.0   0:02.35 console-kit-dae14:56
mungbeanhuge virtual mem, low res, shr14:56
popeyits lying14:57
popeyalan@deep-thought:~$ uptime 15:57:29 up  6:02,  4 users,  load average: 0.65, 0.87, 0.9414:57
davmor2popey: Your computer lies I think you'll find, It created the blue prints for a computer that would get the answer correct :P14:58
=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
TheOpenSourcererthanks for the lovely cold ice cream AlanBell :-D15:03
* penguin42 is still waiting for his chocolate sorbet to finish freezing15:04
christelso unfair! AlanBell never gives me any ice cream :(15:04
AlanBell^ ice cream cone for christel15:05
BigRedSif you hold it like that the ice cream will fall out15:05
TheOpenSourcererAnd I have "free beer" in the fridge for later ;-)15:06
penguin42AlanBell: It'd be better with a Flake   <Q15:06
christelAlanBell: \o/15:06
^2fClo all :]15:06
^2fCCan anyone help me?15:06
christeldepends, do you bring ice cream?15:07
* christel hides15:07
lubotu3Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:07
^2fCI am tryin to get Quake 3 to be ported, I have opened them on my Router and given them a IP (game servers IP) and it doesnt seem to show on Internet its on Local Hos :/15:07
^2fChhaha christel :p15:08
^2fCsure :D15:08
^2fCI have also made a static IP to.15:09
^2fCon the Server!15:10
BigRedS^2fC: so you've forwarded the (correct) ports on your router, and have a quake server running elsewhere, but cannot connect to it?15:10
nimeshdoes anyone know of any screen and voice recorders for ubuntu that does not take a lot of cpu or ram15:19
^2fCBigRedS: ok here goes: My Room = Router/Switch/Powerline (Static IP on Gaming PC) then in the basement I have: Powerline>Server from Switch in my Room! the server has a static IP and all ports are correctly configured properly with the correct IPs.15:21
popeynimesh: i use kazam15:21
mungbean+1 for kazam15:21
^2fCWhen I go on my Gaming PC in my Room I can't see it on the Internet List of Quake 4 server Browser.. also if I try and connect with the IP/Port it does not connect I have to use 192.168.x.xxx15:21
mungbeanthey should purge all the crappy non working ones from teh repos15:21
^2fCquake 3*15:22
directhexis the quake 3 master server still operating?15:23
popeymungbean: i had xvidcap purged15:24
mungbeanthere's one called istanbul i think15:25
mungbeanand some other ouseless crap15:25
popeyproblem is it's like text editors, some work better for others15:26
directhexno, looks like master3.idsoftware.com went down years ago15:26
mungbeancheck the reviews for istanbul15:27
mungbean64 reviews15:27
mungbean1 star every time15:27
popeyfile a bug to get it removed from saucy15:27
mungbean"I am loathe to criticize apps that people have freely given of their time and skills to create, but Istanbul has NEVER worked for me in ANY Ubuntu respin - not just Ubuntu 12.04.  Perhaps it should be euthanized - either that or recieve a massive dose of new blood from new developers...."15:27
mungbeanetc etc15:27
popeybug 91598215:27
lubotu3bug 915982 in xvidcap (Ubuntu) "xvidcap unmaintained, should be removed" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91598215:27
popeylike that15:27
mungbeani will15:28
penguin42there are a lot of universe packages that haven't worked for years because Ubuntu's fortify builds find glaring bugs in them that have been there for decades15:29
mungbeanallegedly has a maintainer and makes releases15:29
mungbeanmaybe works on debian andnot ubuntu15:30
penguin42some are easy enough to fix when you find them - e.g. I got xpilot fixed a few months back15:30
mungbeanmaybe its just a fail on unity15:31
popeynot tried it for years15:31
popeyyes, it fails on saucy, i see no indicator15:34
mungbeanbut possibly works on gnome15:34
mungbeanhence worth having in repos but description should state it clearly15:34
popeybug 73855115:34
lubotu3bug 738551 in istanbul (Ubuntu) "istanbul doesn't show panel icon under unity" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73855115:34
penguin42anyone understand X protocols enough to know what the error in the title of bug 469953 is about - I've just duped another to it, but I've seen that on lots of programs15:37
lubotu3bug 469953 in istanbul (Ubuntu) "[record 3d was on] istanbul assert failure: python: ../../src/xcb_io.c:176: process_responses: Assertion `!(req && current_request && !(((long) (req->sequence) - (long) (current_request)) <= 0))' failed." [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46995315:37
daftykinshas anyone encountered systems that just go to a black screen immediately when trying to boot in UEFI mode? 'nomodeset' doesn't help in such a case15:39
penguin42I've heard of it, not got any UEFI myself15:40
directhexdaftykins, i've heard of it on systems with a 32-bit UEFI implementation15:40
directhexdaftykins, which is some Atom boards, and ancient macs15:40
daftykinsit's an Asus U36SD and U36SG semi-ultrabook with nvidia optimus tech15:41
penguin42oh god, Optimus15:41
penguin42daftykins: Does it light up the external monitor or is it dead on everything15:41
daftykinsi didn't happen to try an external display as it goes15:42
directhexthere are multiple ways for optimus to be wired. some don't work.15:42
daftykinsin fact i should add that this was 12.04.2 also15:42
directhexcan you disable nvidia entirely from the uefi setup?15:42
penguin42and is it grub-efi ?15:42
daftykinswhat i did in the end was left windows 7 installed in UEFI, then i installed ubuntu legacy :D both can boot via a BIOS toggle / boot override :D15:42
daftykinsit was a friend who was over for the weekend to have an SSD fitted15:43
daftykinsso i was against the clock15:43
daftykinsi was at a motorcycle club organised music festival on the south west coast cliffs of Guernsey this weekend15:47
daftykinshere's the view of the sunset with the Hanois lighthouse over the campsite :) http://i.imgur.com/VHk0ZHE.jpg15:47
davmor2daftykins: I can tell you what it is if that helps :)  It tries to load the nvidia chipset the nvidia chipset fails back to the intel chipset but the screen is set to minimum brightness.  In saucy it will be better once the nvidia-persistenced driver lands as the optimus gets support15:47
daftykinswhy doesn't it start up fine like legacy mode does though?15:48
davmor2daftykins: nvidia-319 + nvidia-prime + nvidia-persistenced should rock on optimus15:49
daftykinslegacy mode boot of 12.04.2 gets in fine, intel only i expect15:49
daftykinsUEFI boot - nada15:49
MartijnVdSdaftykins: uefi boot doesn't work from USB sticks made with unetbootin15:50
davmor2daftykins: because legacy tries only the intel whereas uefi knows there is an nvidia card there too and that it needs to switch between the two15:50
MartijnVdSit does work from gtk-usb-creator-made sticks and CDs15:50
penguin42but you don't need unetbootin any more15:50
daftykinsMartijnVdS: i started with unetbootin, but switched to Universal USB creator from pendrivelinux.com on my second attempt - not sure if that's busted too?15:51
MartijnVdSdaftykins: I think that doesn't do efi either15:51
daftykinsthis was making a drive from Windows15:51
MartijnVdSthe CD always works15:51
daftykinsi see the black UEFI boot menu though15:51
daftykinsis that not enough?15:51
daftykinsdavmor2: ah ok, is that true of 12.10 and 13.04 too?15:51
MartijnVdShmm.. it should be15:51
davmor2daftykins: Yeap it only will work correctly from saucy on.  You can just turn the brightness up to see the login screen it's not great but it works15:52
MartijnVdSyay nvidia15:53
daftykinsi don't think you can throw that one on nvidia15:53
daftykinsroll on the day when as default, it'll boot intel only and be able to power down the nvidia chip on optimus. that'd be an acceptable default15:53
davmor2daftykins: oh it is,  they never bothered to support optimus on Linux which is the cause15:53
daftykinsoh i know that15:54
directhextypically it's an error in the ACPI implementation15:54
daftykinsbut surely Canonical should work around that15:54
directhexwhich is the fault of the people building the shipping firmware15:54
daftykinswell, Linux in general but for the case of Ubuntu specifically they should find a workaround imo15:54
directhexregardless of nvidia or not15:54
daftykinswhich firmware in that case? the system BIOS?15:54
directhexdaftykins, problem arises when the brightness value is misreported by the firmware. e.g. wife's netbook never seemed to recover from suspend, as closing lid would issue a lid close event, and opening lid would issue a lid closed event, so display never started again15:55
davmor2daftykins: what work around.   You need the latest x stack and the latest optimus supported nvidia driver and nvidia prime nothing else wil do it15:56
daftykinsdavmor2: so to verify that, booting as i do, the system should be network reachable (when on wired, naturally) when still being blank?15:56
daftykinsso it's still booted up15:56
daftykinsi get the feeling that's not what i was seeing but i could try it ^_^15:56
davmor2daftykins: just turn the brightness up15:57
daftykinsdavmor2: the workaround to use intel only15:57
daftykinspretty sure it's not brightness in this laptops case15:57
davmor2daftykins: that's set via the gfx to intel only in the uefi that would be the work around15:57
davmor2daftykins: if it's just the nvidia issue then 1 the brightness up will fix it and if it isn't then you should still be able to ssh in if you setup ssh15:59
daftykinsi don't think it even boots15:59
penguin42daftykins: If brave enough it's worth trying to make sure you're on latest firmware; a lot of UEFI bioses are very broken, a lot of NVIDIA bioses are very broken, but they're getting better15:59
daftykinsi just tried it then, it stays as a blank screen but i see the backlight on15:59
daftykinspenguin42: yeah, my step #1 with UEFI issues is always update. i'm current on this one :)15:59
daftykinsso i go into BIOS, move to boot override and select UEFI: flash drive16:00
daftykinsblack boot menu comes up, i select 'try...'16:00
penguin42we've got a batch of laptops at work and each one of us has a different BIOS version and different misbehaviour under X16:00
daftykinsblack screen with backlight on, no response from brightness controls, no lights to show it's alive16:00
daftykinshaha - doh16:00
penguin42but one guy was brave enough to update and it's a lot better for him, so give it a go16:01
daftykinsno bravery is required ;D16:04
popeyi tried to bios update my x220 last night, failed16:08
popeyit locks up at the "flash the bios" stage ☹16:08
penguin42popey: I bet that set the pulse racing a bit16:09
daftykinswhat update method was it? boot image, program inside the BIOS to read a flash drive...?16:09
daftykinsok there was actually a tiny update from 205 to 206, but it made no change16:15
daftykins(for my laptops BIOS)16:15
daftykinsah well, no biggy, i'm not after running Ubuntu on it :D16:15
popeyits one where you burn the iso to cd16:19
popeyso i put the iso image in /grub/images and booted via grub16:19
daftykinsi tend to steal the binaries from images and paste them onto a win98 booting flash drive :D16:21
daftykinsthen DOS it up16:21
daftykinsperhaps it detects something resident and gives up 0o16:22
^2fC-desktopmmm can anyone help?16:29
^2fC-desktopHow do I ping my PC in the basement ?16:29
^2fC-desktopI just done 192.168.x.xxx and it Timed out...16:29
TheOpenSourcerer^2fC-desktop: Is it an Ubuntu machine16:30
^2fC-desktopno windows :(16:30
TheOpenSourcererSorry - no idea then. Ubuntu you could do ping local.hostname16:30
TheOpenSourcereror is ti hostname.local16:30
daftykinsdouble check the IP of it16:30
daftykinsclick start, type 'cmd' and enter, 'ipconfig' in the command prompt window16:30
TheOpenSourcereranyway you get the idea16:30
^2fC-desktopok thanks lol16:31
^2fC-desktopdaftykins, ermm I have :)16:31
AlanBellhow do you think your computer in the basement is connected to your other computer?16:31
TheOpenSourcererCan you disable icmp in windows?16:31
^2fC-desktopdaftykins, its static :)16:31
penguin42mungbean: Istanbul seems to basically work under KDE on Saucy, it's not capturing everything though and seems to hit problems on longer records16:31
daftykins^2fC-desktop: ok just checking. running a 3rd party internet security/firewall package that's blocking ping? perhaps it's in 'public' instead of home/work profile mode?16:31
^2fC-desktopAlanBell: via a Router/Switch/Power :)16:32
directhexyeah, sounds like the network is set to public, which applies a lot of firewalling, instead of private16:32
^2fC-desktopdaftykins, its on home/work mode and there is no 3rd party stuff on here :)16:32
daftykinseither you typo'd or your connections not working then :)16:33
daftykinsare both on wired?16:33
AlanBellcan both of them ping the router?16:33
TheOpenSourcererOr it isn't echoing16:33
directhexyeah, good step to try, AlanBell16:33
daftykinsoh powerline, funsies16:33
daftykinsare you sure they're on the same circuit? test closer together first16:33
daftykinssockets in the same room preferably16:33
daftykinsassuming it's the first time you're trying the powerline gear16:33
^2fC-desktopyeah first time :)16:34
^2fC-desktopit works fine mate I get max speed16:34
^2fC-desktopI will fix it!16:34
^2fC-desktopI can ping my Router ok..16:34
daftykinspresumably your system is correctly receiving an IP via DHCP?16:34
^2fC-desktopyeah its all been set was pinging it before :/16:35
daftykinsso there's only two powerline adapters yeah? router is by the windows PC?16:35
^2fC-desktopyeah 216:35
daftykinshow rude16:35
daftykinsping or SSH the other way work?16:36
^2fCtrying to ping from basement here now :)16:36
^2fCnope wont ping pc in my room either mmm odd16:37
* penguin42 should worry when G+ starts adding #Chocolate tags for me16:38
daftykinspenguin42: it knows your addiction16:38
penguin42it's right16:39
HoT|2fC^mmm random drop :/16:39
daftykinsmaybe the powerline adapters have some kind of blocking function? i'd doubt it normally but that seems weird16:39
daftykinsdid you say it worked fine recently but today it's decided no pings for you?16:40
HoT|2fC^yeah no they dont go sleep or anything :) or block any packets data etc..16:40
HoT|2fC^there good ones16:40
HoT|2fC^I set the static ip on basement and this PC16:41
daftykinscould always packet sniff and see if the ping request comes in16:41
HoT|2fC^how do I do that :D16:41
daftykinsinstall wireshark on one of them16:41
daftykinsrun wireshark and set it to capture on the LAN interface, then ping it from the one without wireshark16:42
daftykinsideally with as few programs running as possible to make the packets easier to read + slower moving16:42
daftykinsi'm assuming you caught some of the above16:44
HoT|2fC^thanks daftykins got it all :)16:44
daftykinsvewy gewd16:44
HoT|2fC^:) got alot of updates then so letting them do its work.16:46
HoT|2fC^that might fix it lol..16:46
penguin42http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/07/17/google_glass_qr_exploit/  is funny16:50
daftykinshmm, you'd have to be pretty crazy to not notice a wifi network hop16:54
penguin42I don't know how it's represented on glass to know16:55
HoT|2fC^daftykins, Do I need to tell my Router aswell about the other PC?16:57
HoT|2fC^or shoudnt that matter?16:57
HoT|2fC^I did a ping and it timed out and wireshare came up with Echoping etc..16:57
daftykinsso you pinged PC2 from PC1, wireshark on PC2 showed the ping request come in and the response go out?16:58
HoT|2fC^it sent 4 packets16:59
HoT|2fC^and didnt receive16:59
HoT|2fC^I did this from PC1 yes.16:59
daftykinsso wireshark is running on the one that's the target?16:59
HoT|2fC^both :/17:00
daftykinscan you up a screen of wireshark showing the capture at the time?17:00
daftykinsjust be sure it's being run as admin / root17:01
daftykinswhen capturing17:01
HoT|2fC^mmm cant seem to now as the PC is slowing down very bad due to updates I will wait untill there done firsrt :o17:03
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
^2fC-desktopdaftykins: I got it to ping now :)18:02
^2fC-desktopI had to setup ICMP :\18:02
daftykins'setup' ?18:02
^2fC-desktopTick the box off "Allow incoming ehco request"18:03
^2fC-desktopin ICMP > Settings of Windows Firewall.cpl18:03
daftykinsoh right, it was firewall config then18:04
daftykinsaaah - maybe it only enables that auto when file sharing which i always do18:04
^2fC-desktopWhats annoying me now is Quake 3 wont show on the Internet list :(18:04
^2fC-desktopMy Gameserver..18:04
^2fC-desktopdaftykins yeah thats the one.18:04
daftykinsreally does sound like private profile woes that :D18:04
daftykinsah well, glad you found it18:04
^2fC-desktopI have doom 3 servers on this PC but the basement one I just wanted to host 1 quake 3 server and it doesnt seem to want to show on the Internet just Local Host :(18:05
^2fC-desktopI have tried all port forwarding18:05
davmor2There a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold..........18:08
neuroNO STAIRWAY!18:09
MartijnVdSneuro: but.. the lift is out18:09
daftykinsneuro: hehe18:10
neuroMartijnVdS: how dare you be a geek who doesn't get or capitalise on a Wayne's World reference.18:10
directhex^2fC-desktop, which master server are you trying to publish to? the id software quake 3 master server no longer exists, so there'll be no internet servers listed by it at all18:10
neurowhy are we doing Windows support in here? ;)18:11
MartijnVdSneuro: because WW sucks18:11
neuroMartijnVdS: you're dead to me18:11
^2fC-desktopdirecthex, so how are there servers online \o/18:12
MartijnVdSneuro: I think I was too young to "get it"18:13
neurothat's no excuse18:13
MartijnVdSdear openwrt compile, you have all my 8 cores to use. HURRY UP18:13
neurodear MartijnVdS, no.18:14
neurosaid the compiler18:14
MartijnVdSneuro: well, it could compile packages in parallel18:14
brobostigonsome software deoesnt seem to multithread properly over multiple cores/cpus in my experience.18:14
MartijnVdSI did make -j918:15
neuroyeah but does the cross compiler you're using support it?18:15
MartijnVdSneuro: it's using several CPUs but not all the time18:15
neuroi'm assuming you're not compiling for x86 or x86_6418:15
neuromaybe it's distracted18:15
MartijnVdSnah. mips18:15
neuroi miss mips18:16
MartijnVdSneuro: but it's HASWELL18:16
MartijnVdSneuro: buy a TP-Link router and use OpenWRT. Instant mips18:16
neuroerm, no18:16
neuroi do have an Indy kicking around in here somewhere18:16
MartijnVdSneuro: cobalt qube?18:16
neurono, an Indy18:17
MartijnVdSthe qubes were qute though18:17
neurothey were evil little things18:17
neuroas were raqs18:17
MartijnVdSneuro: not when you put Debian on them ;)18:17
neurothat just made them worse18:18
MartijnVdSwe used one as a CVS server back in '99 or '0018:18
neurowe used one to host bits of evolt.org years and years ago18:18
neurocan't believe SGI are still going18:23
neuroselling storage and Xeon-powered servers now :(18:23
neuroalthough they do have a product called the SGI ICE Cube18:23
neurodatacentre in a shipping container18:24
neuro1920U of space, 46K cores, or 29.8PB of storage per container18:24
neuroi could put up with a shipping container in my garden if i had 30PB of storage in it18:25
neuronot sure the neighbours would be too happy though18:25
penguin42neuro: Well their remains got bought out, mostly for their experience and their interconnect18:32
neuroi know18:33
neurojust didn't think they were still going18:33
penguin42neuro: Their Xeon powered servers are the largest single image machines you can buy - so that's not too bad; they're not just relabelling standard boxes18:34
neurodidn't think they were :)18:34
penguin42neuro: I mean you're not going to be able to find another single image with that many cores18:34
penguin42neuro: I don't think there is any other system you can buy that will do 2048cores/16TB of ram18:35
neuroif I sellotape 512 macbook airs together, i might18:35
penguin42neuro: Your challenge is to build the coherent interconnect over thunderbolt18:36
MartijnVdSit has the bandwidth..18:36
penguin42MartijnVdS: Not really18:37
neurocompared to, well, every high performance interconnect, ever? no18:37
penguin42(Oracle's M5 can do 32T of RAM in a single system but it's a lot less cores)18:38
MartijnVdSpenguin42: It has the most you can get out of the macbook18:38
* neuro logs into yet another windows server18:42
* neuro despairs18:42
hcfdneuro: masochist18:42
neurowork :(18:42
hcfdneuro: wear gloves!18:43
neuroit's remote desktop, i'm not actually touching anything that's actively running windows18:44
MartijnVdSneuro: still, can't hurt18:44
neuroalthough the number of machines running windows has been increasing at an alarming rate in here18:44
hcfdWell, TCP sockets *are* end-to-end ;p18:44
neurodell vostro in 2011, dell xps desktop last year, windows VMs on my macbook pros ...18:45
MartijnVdSneuro: time for a new job? ;)18:45
neurohell no18:45
neuro(nearly wrote a different word there)18:45
neurothe windows stuff in the house is mine18:45
hcfdNew job? [yes]18:45
hcfd<CR> <CR> <CR>18:46
neurothe vostro was so i had a windows machine to learn win7 stuff properly, and to manage my ESXi servers18:46
neurothe xps was so i could play bf3 and dcs a-10c18:46
neurothe windows VMs are in Just In Case18:46
neurohcfd: New job to replace existing job that I'm getting a bonus from in my wages next week? [no]18:46
neurohe's a great guy is justin18:46
neuronah, the only windows stuff that gives me a headache is work stuff18:47
neurolike the mail server that died on its arse and had me working at half five yesterday morning18:47
penguin42neuro: Servers know when it's a bad time to fail18:48
neuromy (deceased) predecessor thought it would be a good idea to set up a win2k3 instance on AWS with instance based storage and set to terminate on stop18:48
MartijnVdSneuro: job security18:48
penguin42neuro: hmm what did you do to him?18:48
neuropenguin42: he had a heart attack18:48
penguin42neuro: Not while wired into a commando socket?18:49
neuroa mate of mine got tapped to help out with db issues after he passed away, and my mate tapped me for help cos he was completely stuck (he's a webdev)18:49
neuroand i ended up getting offered the job on the back of that18:49
neuroit was actually the best job interview i've ever been on18:49
neuro2.5 days over a weekend and a monday morning resurrecting some mysql infra18:49
neuroand i got paid for it18:50
neurobut yeah, windows servers18:51
neuropenguin42: i don't like to make jokes about it18:52
neurohe sounded like a nice guy18:52
neurocan't wait for this weather to bugger off, my NASes are hating it18:54
penguin42Not Appreciating Summer18:56
neuroactually, my readynas nv+ v2 isn't too bad18:58
neurofan idling at ~ 1500 rpm18:58
neurobut my nv+ v1's fans are at 320018:58
MattJFurther to my questions this morning, I decided to disregard everyone's advice and build my own NAS...18:59
MattJbased on bits I have around18:59
neuroha, good luck with that18:59
MattJIt's going to be great!18:59
MartijnVdSMattJ: masochist18:59
MattJJust don't ask me next week18:59
neurowhen it's on fire18:59
penguin42MattJ: Remember to use really really good rubber bands18:59
neuroand holy water18:59
MattJneuro, I'm already planning to handle that with an Arduino and a few fans19:00
MartijnVdSthe holy water?19:00
MattJthe fire19:00
MattJActually a smoke sensor would be good19:00
MartijnVdSI mean.. Arduinos are Italian, but do they bless water?19:00
neuroyou're putting an arduino in your nas?19:00
MartijnVdSneuro: the arduino IS the nas19:00
MattJMy NAS is probbly a bit bigger than your NAS, so yes19:00
neuroMattJ: let's not play the thing sizing game :)19:01
MattJWhen I said "bits I have lying around"...19:01
MattJI'm going to shove them into a wooden cabinet I have19:01
neurooh dear19:01
penguin42MattJ: Varnish it?19:01
MattJYes, if I get that far19:02
neurosideboard nas19:02
* neuro despairs19:02
neurojust save your pennies and buy the real thing ;)19:02
MartijnVdSdon't forget to take it to Antiques Roadshow19:02
neuro"ah, lovely edwardian panelling, beautiful teak, dual gigabit ethernet and an eSATA port, very nice"19:02
MattJneuro, I came so close to buying one today (off ebay even)... but adding everything up... meh19:03
MartijnVdSneuro: hahaha :)19:03
neuroit's worth it19:03
MattJPlus it would be good to be able to do more custom stuff19:03
penguin42there are some nice pics of 1960s modems in lovely varnished cases with a DB25 on the side19:03
neuroi haven't had a log entry on my nv+ v1 since april19:03
neuroit just ticks over being awesome19:03
MartijnVdSso.. steampunk NAS?19:03
MattJMartijnVdS, I can't say I haven't considered it19:03
neurohad to replace a failing drive last november, it dealt with it without missing a beat19:04
MattJI have my eye on a nice old-fashioned gauge for disk usage19:04
MartijnVdSMattJ: but how are you going to store several TB of ring-core memory?19:04
MattJmercury delay tubes19:04
neuroi still believe that storage should not be mixed with homebrew self build hacking tomfoolery19:04
neuroi've lost too much data in the past to leave it to myself19:05
MattJneuro, I believe that too, but I'm temporarily choosing to forget that I believe that19:05
MattJI'll send you the "I told you so" t-shirt in advance19:05
neurowell, don't come crying to us when it's, you know, on fire19:05
neurothis isn't right19:06
neuroLoad Cycle Count: 122092519:07
MartijnVdSyay automatic sleep mode19:07
neurohope not19:07
neurodisk spin down is disabled19:07
neuropower cycle count is 24, which sounds right19:08
MartijnVdSDesktop disks, which brand?19:08
neurowd greens19:08
MartijnVdSWestern Digital Green = shite19:08
neurodon't swear19:08
neuroand you're wrong19:08
MartijnVdSthey're poo then19:08
neuroyou're still wrong19:09
MartijnVdSneuro: I had to run some kind of Windows utility on it to disable sleep mode19:09
MattJOpinions on Seagate?19:09
MartijnVdSneuro: because it has a hidden sleep mode19:09
neuroi haven't observed that19:09
neuroi reckon it's just smart being unsmart19:09
MartijnVdSneuro: it's still clicking all the time19:09
MattJI've always had a negative opinion of them, and saw someone today claim how famed they are for reliability19:09
neuroseagate = poo19:09
neurono clicks here19:09
* penguin42 has heard of issues with the WDs before - I'd stay clear of them19:09
MattJI've always used Samsung drives given the choice19:09
neuroi've had so many seagates crap out on me i've lost count19:09
SuperMattI've never had any real issues with any hd manufacturer19:10
MartijnVdSMattJ: I have a Seagate 3TB disk (7200rpm) for /home19:10
neuroi've lost 2 wd drives in 15 years19:10
neuroi swear by them19:10
MartijnVdSI swear at them ;)19:10
neuroi have a wd 320gb usb2 doohicky that i've kicked the crap out of so many times being shoved into and taken out of my laptop bag19:10
neurostill works perfick19:10
SuperMattI just live by the mantra that if you're relying on a single disk for everything, you're going to have a bad tinme19:11
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: true19:11
neuroi had a seagate 1tb usb2 thing that started showing sector errors and clicks of death after about 3 months19:11
neuroand it hardly moved19:11
neuroi have wd greens, elements, mac passports and a couple of AV-GPs that are all rocking along19:12
neuromost of them have been on for years19:12
neurothe synology i'm getting next week will have a couple of 2tb reds in it19:13
SuperMattmay I take this time to say I have 10TB of space19:14
neuroin total?19:14
* MartijnVdS can hear neuro "Mine's bigger"19:14
neurowould take me a while to count all my storage up19:14
neuroprobably about 25-30TB in the house total19:15
neuronot including boot drives19:15
SuperMattnice work19:15
SuperMattwell, I have 10TB in just this one machine19:15
SuperMattwhich is nice19:15
neuromainly concentrated in the two NV+s, 5.5TB usable each (4x2TB each)19:15
neuroanother 2TB+1TB usable in my backups server19:16
neuro1TB + 250GB across the ESXi servers19:16
neuro5TB on my TV mac mini19:16
SuperMattgood work19:16
neuro2TB firewire plugged into my main MBP19:16
SuperMattI don't think you need to go any further ;)19:16
neurogod knows what else is kicking about19:16
SuperMattthough I'd be interested to know what you use it for19:17
neuroand a couple of spare 2TB wd greens in case anything in the nas goes pop19:17
neuroum, porn, mainly porn19:17
neuroI KID19:17
MartijnVdSalso some terrorist plans19:18
neuronas0 is mainly video, nas1 is homedirs, scratch space, etc, backups server backs up all my servers, mac mini *cough* obtains things, and does time machine for itself and my 13" MBP, 2TB in my 15" MBP does local time machine, downloads, scratch space, central iTunes library (~ 150GB)19:19
SuperMattspeaking of porn19:19
SuperMattI should organise my folders19:19
neurooh, plus 2TB out in france doing *cough* obtainage19:19
neuroand 2TB in montreal being all web servery19:19
neuroi still have my original server sitting behind me19:21
neurowith it's epic 2.5GB of disk19:21
neurohuckled into a pizza box chassis just a bit smaller than a Mac LC19:22
SuperMattman, I might actually need more space. The last 2 months of comics com to 47G19:23
SuperMattoh well19:23
neuroi'm really only getting this nas so i have a bit of esxi reliability19:23
neuroand so i can shut down my pentium "oh, i claim to be 64-bit but i'm not really ha ha" D esxi box19:24
neurowhich means i'll drop off irc at some point, as the vm that runs irssi proxy is on there ;)19:25
penguin42popey: On the welcome screen picture what's the highlighted pip represent?19:28
SuperMattneuro: but if you come off irc you will cease to exist!19:29
penguin42neuro: Don't you just migrate your vm to somewhere else while you handle it?19:30
neuroit's esxi19:30
penguin42can't it do that?19:30
neurono vmotion etc19:30
neuroyeah, it can, if you pay money19:30
popeypenguin42: number of tweets or something19:31
popeyphotos, miles run, personal stuff19:31
popeypenguin42: proportional sized circles19:31
penguin42popey: oh hmm19:31
davmor2penguin42: the idea is it becomes a graphical representation of you, to welcome you to your phone19:51
penguin42with beard?19:52
davmor2penguin42: http://www.engadget.com/2013/02/15/touch-based-ubuntu-preview-coming-february-21st/ first phone image19:53
penguin42so what are the sizes of the blobs supposed to represent (as opposed to the number) - time since reception?19:57
davmor2penguin42: if you had 10 tweet yesterday and 20 today, todays blob would be bigger and yesterdays etc20:01
davmor2penguin42: not entirely sure how that will work for talk time20:01
penguin42ok, fair enough, so decaying blob size20:01
penguin42it would be interesting to see during a heavy conversation or something20:02
penguin42isn't that supposed to be       yes,no,maybe ?20:11
popeyso the dots are days of the month20:17
popeyand yeah, the blobs are proportional to the data that day20:17
AlanBellso there is an API for apps to push data to the blobs?20:23
popeyi guess so ☻20:24
AlanBellso it could be more interesting humany things, like calories, or units of alcohol20:24
AlanBellor books read20:24
AlanBellpages of books read, from an e-reader app20:25
AlanBellsteps from a pedometer app reading the orientation sensors . . .20:25
ali1234whats wrong with just having current time and date, last three events, next three appointments?20:26
ali1234why does everything have to be an experience these days?20:27
AlanBelldaily manufacturing productivity figures published from your ERP application20:28
penguin42I'm surprised it's just revealing one variable - I'd have let you specify the r/g/b individually and the texture etc so you could see those manufacturing figures together with sales, temperature and stock price21:06
ali1234but if you could specify r/g/b then you could make it not use the ubuntu colours21:30
popeyyou can show multiple things21:54
popeywhen you tap it, it redraws21:54
popeyso you could rotate round a number of stats21:54

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