snap-ljrwren_: http://alfamatrix.bandcamp.com/album/moments-1 http://alfamatrix.bandcamp.com/album/moments-bonus-tracks-version01:03
rick_hhah, this is interesting http://www.fannation.com/truth_and_rumors/view/395839-rams-using-google-glass-technology-in-practice?eref=sihp01:56
rick_hwonder if they can get the gps specific enough to have it walk you through where you're supposed to be on your plays01:57
snap-lHow exactly did they get enough Google Glass for the team11:27
snap-lor is it just for the quarterback?11:27
snap-land how soon until the NFL gets uppity about this. :)11:28
snap-lderekv: Did you want me to bring those keyboard washers?11:29
rick_hthat good eh?12:25
brousch1Installing new Win7 computers for everyone and my users forgot how to think12:25
brousch1Hand-holding all day yesterday12:26
snap-lbrousch1: Stop moving their cheese12:27
brousch1I left it in the same place for 7 years because it's so painful12:27
snap-lThis is a fish market, and we are dreaming of sushi12:27
snap-linsert business book pithy quote here.12:28
snap-lToday is a Metallica day.14:27
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greg-gso, Chrome ingonito mode brings in some of your cookies from your main session into the incognito session, it doesn't write back out, but that means your cookies can still be tracked17:09
* greg-g learned this as we're testing a SUL thing in Chrome right now17:09
ColonelPanic001any idea if Firefox does the same, for us open-source-lovers?17:12
greg-g:) dunno17:13
greg-gFx 23 is being more strict in our testing of the SUL than chrome, at least17:13
greg-g(ie: doesn't work as reliably)17:13
greg-gColonelPanic001: to keep my cred, I actually use Chromium, I just didn't think jcastro would know what I was talking about if I said that17:14
ColonelPanic001that is interesting, either way17:15
ColonelPanic001I'd like to point out that if I show up in your testing at all with my history there, that we're all only human17:15
ColonelPanic001I have needs17:16
jcastrogreg-g: what is SUL?17:17
greg-gSingle User Login, login to en.wikipedia.org and when you visit commons.wikimedia.org you're already logged in automagically17:19
greg-gjcastro: pretty tough now a days with the change of thirdparty cookie acceptance (or, non-acceptance) of the major browsers17:19

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