skellatWhose Line Is It Anyway is starting up on The CW with Aisha Tyler hosting...00:00
MarkDudeYay for being dumb- Deb channels were OFTC- yay people in channel :D00:16
Unit193Sorry, you didn't know Debian was an OFTC kid?00:40
paultag19:39  * MarkDude is saving a shirt we make for Paul, Im sure he will wear it.00:42
paultagMarkDude: I would wear it :D00:42
* MarkDude did know this but apprently forgot00:52
MarkDudeThe channel being invite only thru me off.00:53
MarkDudeThen again, Im already on Mozilla, Freenode, and Undernet- its been a while since I have done oftc- I added one more network. Next I redo this all with ZNC server00:54
Unit193Do what I do, have several Irssi running on different servers. :P00:56
Unit193I have Coldfront and Freenode networks in this one, OFTC and conformal in another, Freenode and Mozilla in another. :P00:57
paultagirssi can connect to a few networks00:58
paultagmine does :>00:58
MarkDudeYes I have been meaning to set up irssi for 2+ years00:59
Unit193Mine does too, I just like to spread them out. :D00:59
MarkDudeI have half of ZNC set up already00:59
Unit193srandby: Hello!02:24
srandbyUnit193: Hello.02:24
srandbyI plan to be at the meeting on Thursday.02:24
Unit193Great!  Going to OLF?02:25
srandbyHow does one enter this room from a non-browser client?02:27
Unit193What client?  Just open it up, connect to Freenode, and /join #ubuntu-us-oh02:28
srandbyEvery time I try, I get that the room is by invitation only. Using Pidgin.02:28
Unit193#ubuntu-us-oh, or #ubuntu-us-ohio?02:29
srandbyI'll check.02:29
Unit193There isn't anything that'd block it from joining here, but -ohio isn't used.02:30
srandbyI had #ubuntu-us-ohio for some unknown reason.02:31
srandbyI'm going to leave the room, change my Pidgin settings, and reconnect.02:32
srandbyHello again.02:34
Unit193Howdy, you made it!02:35
skellatHello Scott Randby02:35
srandbyskellat: Hello02:35
srandbyI looked at the agenda for Thursday. What UbuCon is the agenda referring to? OLF?02:37
skellatsrandby: Yep02:37
skellatWe have space02:37
skellatI wrangled a commitment out of Moose02:37
skellatI need to get commitments from presenters02:37
skellatOr at least leads for presenters02:38
srandbyWhat sort of presentations?02:38
skellatThat's pretty open02:38
skellatAnd discussed at the last meeting02:38
skellatLemme dig that up02:38
skellatNot in the last meeting notes02:39
srandbyI looked at those awhile ago but didn't see it mentioned. However, I'm willing to submit an idea or two on Thursday.02:40
skellatAh, the list of initial ideas is here: http://ohio.ubuntu-us.org/node/15502:40
jenni[ Burning Circle Episode 121 | Ubuntu Ohio ] - https://j.mp/15EqB6P02:40
skellatThere's a transcript to that where I have a bulleted list02:40
skellatGamingServer usage -- Flavor Highlights -- Highlights about finishing up Saucy Salamander for release -- Thoughts looking forward to the next Long Term Support release -- Reflections on the changes wrought by the virtual Ubuntu Developer Summit paradigm -- Ways we need to work within the cultures found in Ohio to expand Ubuntu deployment02:41
Unit193srandby: You use Mainbuntu, right?02:42
srandbyUnit193: I use Xubuntu.02:42
srandbyOkay, I'm pretty new to IRC. What does \o/ mean?02:43
skellatMy hands are raised and if this were in person I'd be jumping up and down cheering02:43
Unit193\ is an arm, o is the head, and / is another arm, so it's a happy person.02:44
srandbyOkay. I've been using Xubuntu for 2 or 3 years.02:44
srandbyUnity drove me crazy.02:45
skellatI lack hardware that Unity supports02:46
Unit193That, and I never really used it, I was never a fan of Gnome.02:46
Unit193(I did have 6.10 or .04 installed, but that was the last one.)02:47
srandbyThe only thing that took me awhile to get used to was the lack of tabs in Xfce.02:47
Unit193Tabs in Xfce?02:48
Unit193Thunar?  It has it now, and I use thunar and pcmanfm.02:48
srandbySorry, Thunar.02:48
skellatthunar & pcmanfm have both grown quite a bit over the past few releases02:49
srandbyI'm still using Xubuntu 12.04.02:49
srandbyI haven't had time to update.02:50
srandbyI need full disk encryption.02:50
skellatNothing wrong with that.  There is a documentation backport project underway to get some great offline documentation into 12.04.02:50
Unit193Ah, I stick to current, while it may not be a good idea with my hardware, I can't stand stale applications.02:50
skellatI don't get into dealing with the sharp, pointy end of the development spearhead until we get closer to testing time02:51
* skellat is using Xubuntu 13.04 at the moment02:52
srandbyI'd like to update to 13.04.02:54
Unit193You'd have to go with 12.10, then 13.04.02:55
skellatThe Kubuntu folks talk about a single dist-upgrade jump method but Xubuntu doesn't support that02:55
Unit193My system isn't really on the "supported" side of things anymore.02:56
srandbyI'd rather do a fresh install.02:56
Unit193Ah, cool.  Makes sense, depending on the person.02:57
srandbyBut I have to study how full disk encryption works now.02:57
srandbyUnit193: Old hardware isn't supported?02:57
skellatThere was a colloquy about that in #xubuntu-devel earlier today02:58
Unit193srandby: Heh, sure as heck doesn't seem like it, but I'm talking about held packages from precise/quantal, kernel from a non-Ubuntu source, and extra repos (own and all.)02:58
Unit193That is, own repos and a couple others.  (PPA and real repo.)02:59
srandbyI'm not sure I understand, but I'm not a programmer or system admin. I'm just a user.03:00
Unit193Hrm, I'm sometimes not good at being clear too.03:02
srandbyskellat: Colloquy about full disk encryption?03:02
skellatNope.  Old hardware.03:02
skellatIt seems like Mir/XMir is a push by Mainbuntu to make a lot of things obsolete.03:02
Unit193(Really shouldn't get into a Mir argument here, though. :P )03:03
srandbyIt all has to fit on a smartphone.03:03
Unit193Pretty sure wayland does, or is intended on doing that.03:04
srandbyAnd no Emacs (or vi)03:04
skellatBut in many cases hardware is being made obsolete.  I just had to move my BeagleBoard-xM to upstream Debian since desktop armhf support is being spun down.03:04
srandbyThis makes me wonder about the fate of Xubuntu.03:06
skellatXubuntu is strong03:06
Unit193Well, Xubuntu isn't geared towards "old" hardware, but Xfce isn't planning on Mir right now, no.03:06
srandbyGood. It is hard for semi-technical people like me to change.03:07
Unit193Same here.03:07
Unit193My backup plan involves Debian, though.03:08
srandbyI've thought about Debian too.03:08
Unit193(Not sure pure Debian, or a handy setup like Siduction.)03:08
Unit193You could see if XMir works on your system, of if it falls back to Xorg right now too if you'd like. :P03:10
srandbyI have a Lenovo ThinkPad X230. What do you think?03:11
srandbyJust added Siduction to my distro list.03:12
Unit193Generally speaking, if it's intel graphics it has a shot in the dark.03:12
Unit193AntiX is a nice lightweight one too.03:12
skellatIf you have a spare USB key, Unit193 has an ISO you can write to it to take a shot with03:13
Unit193skellat: Or, if you know how to install software, you can use grml-rescueboot.03:13
srandbyI don't have time to experiment right now.03:14
skellatIt's okay03:14
Unit193Oh, sure.03:15
skellatARGH: http://starbeacon.com/local/x316296897/Motorized-wheelchairs-on-streets-draw-council-s-eye04:55
jenni[ Motorized wheelchairs on streets draw council’s eye » Local News » The Star Beacon; Ashtabula, Ohio ] - https://j.mp/15kHRy504:55
VisigothGood morning.11:30
dzhothafreak: not any more, but I acknowledge and appreciate the sentiment16:41

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