f00bar80that's how i created it ln -s  gcc-linaro-4.7-2013.07/INSTALL/index.html /var/www/linaro/index.html , and ls -la shows index.html -> gcc-linaro-4.7-2013.07/INSTALL/index.html , any idea what's wrong ?00:03
SudoAptitudeHi everybody. Is it possible to limit the RAM-Usage of an application, forcing it to use the SWAP-space for exceeding memory needs?00:03
SudoAptitudeIt is a Java-application00:03
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mnemonf00bar80: what webserver?00:04
holstein!swap | SudoAptitude00:05
ubottuSudoAptitude: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info00:05
SudoAptitudeIt looks like swappiness is determined for the whole system. Can I change it for a specific (Java) application?00:06
SudoAptitudeswappiness on my system is set to 6000:06
holsteinSudoAptitude: i did that a long time ago for something audio related, and i cant find that now00:06
holsteinSudoAptitude: AFAIK, you can, but im not sure00:06
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SudoAptitudeThanks :) Now I know there is a solution and I am sure someone posted it on the interwebs somewhere *searching*00:07
f00bar80mnemon, apache200:10
blackshirthow i can place newline for output in init script, log_daemon_msg "Starting the process" "$NAME"00:10
blackshirt  iptables_classiffy()00:10
blackshirtbetween log_daemon_msg printing and some function there aren't newline break00:11
mnemonf00bar80: you need to have the follow symlinks enabled and a directory directive for the actual directory00:11
f00bar80mnemon, how to do so, any guide?00:11
blackshirthello, someone help00:12
mnemonf00bar80: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/current/mod/core.html#directory and http://httpd.apache.org/docs/current/mod/core.html#options ... don't know any tutorials off the top of my head00:13
mnemonblackshirt: \n is newline00:14
elisa87hey do you know why -fopenmp is recognized in .c programs but not in .cpp programs when I use it before -o in my Makefile?cc1plus: error: unrecognized command line option "-fopenmp"00:14
mnemonblackshirt: example: echo -e "\n" (-e needed because otherwise it will disable the \ escaped special characters)00:16
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daneshello, I need help. I cannot mount a harddrive. I get this error: http://pastie.org/814735100:23
mnemonelisa87: tried explicitly installing g++ etc.?00:24
wilee-nileedanes, When was the last time you ran a chkdsk on that partition?00:24
daneswilee-nilee: I have no idea...00:24
wilee-nileedanes, If it is not mountable that would be my first thought.00:25
daneswilee-nilee: can I do anything from linux?00:25
mnemondanes is it a normal ntfs partition?00:26
wilee-nileedanes, Not a chkdsk, and fdsk is not advised in general. This is my approach though, there may be others, I have W8 so can run tests in windows if needed.00:26
adamkdanes: There is an ntfsfix program, but personally I'd scan it in Windows00:27
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superman_what is Whoopsie and it is necessary?00:33
mnemonsuperman_: it's error reporting daemon, afaik not necessary unless you want to report the errors.00:34
Maple__Hai there - I forgot to install updates before upgrading; will this have any consequences?00:34
Maple__it's currently in the middle of it00:34
superman_Maple__, it will probably be fine00:34
Maple__'kay, thanks. Just checking. :P00:35
superman_just update after you upgrade :)00:35
Maple__Also, second question.00:35
mnemonMaple__: do you mean apt-get update & upgrade?00:35
Buxihey salut00:46
user211i need some mailserver that can encrypt mail locally00:47
user211was thinking about getting a very cheap vps running linux for just that00:48
user211but whats important is that mail is encrypted locally00:49
prgCoderhi guys - I have just set up a test server running ubuntu server 13, but can not run the gui, any ideas?00:50
mnemonprgCoder: what is the problem with the gui?00:51
mnemon(error messages etc.)00:51
prgCodergui - Graphical User Interface00:51
mnemonyes ...00:51
prgCoderI tried to start it with "startx00:51
mnemondid you install it first?00:52
prgCoderyes I want the desktop00:52
nevynprgCoder: the package ubuntu-desktop00:52
nevynnot the distribution00:52
nevynthat said.. if you want a gui why did you not just install normal ubuntu00:53
nevynthe only difference for server really is that it doesn't install the gui00:53
prgCodersorry - I want the server version - I want to set up a web server00:53
nevynyou just said you want a gui00:54
mnemonnevyn: i think it installs quite a few additional packages too? ... haven't tried installing ubuntu-desktop on server lately though00:54
prgCoderbut I want to configure the settings thru the gui00:54
nevynmnemon: it installs many many packages.00:54
nevynprgCoder: what software do you imagine configuring in a gui?00:54
nevynrelated to the task of a web server?00:54
mnemonyeah ... but there used to be a difference between normal installation and just installing ubuntu-desktop on top of server installation.00:55
mnemonprgCoder: the only configuring you'll be doing in gui for the webserver is graphical text-editor unless you install some panel software00:56
mnemonso you could just use one locally and the upload the config files to the server00:56
nevynand even panel software is mostly web based.00:56
nevynisn't it?00:56
mnemon(the "GUI" would be web interface)00:56
AxelayHow are you? :)00:57
mnemonslightly drunk, and good :>00:57
AxelayCould I ask some opinions? :D00:57
prgCoderhey thanks guys00:58
holsteinAxelay: i would use the offtopic channel and go for it00:58
mnemon1st rule of irc, don't ask to ask.00:58
prgCodernevyn: thanks00:58
mnemonjust ask.00:58
prgCodermnemon: thanks00:58
AxelayOk, Ubuntu doesnt seem to recognise my webcam00:58
mnemonprgCoder: np00:58
AxelayAnd I need it to work for my program00:58
AxelayThe question is rather ubuntu based, hence why I came here :)00:59
holsteinAxelay: opinions are not, which is why i suggested OT.. if its relevant, go for it00:59
holsteinAxelay: i think the overall consensus is.. ask if you are going to00:59
AxelayWhat I'm trying to get to work is a V4l2 camera, My program uses my webcam and takes images from it01:00
prgCodermy problem was that I am use to another distro providing a desktop interface even though the server version was installed01:00
AxelayThis worked with the LTS ubuntu01:00
AxelayI upgraded twice to the newest ubuntu01:00
holsteinAxelay: the LTS is still supported01:00
AxelayAnd now it doesnt regognize the webcam at all01:01
mnemonprgCoder: if you want a GUI on the server you could just install ubuntu-desktop or one of the variants(xubuntu, kubuntu etc.)01:01
mnemonthen some remote access program(or use X remoting if in lan ...)01:01
AxelayWhat I don't understand is do I have to manually install V4l2 drivers?01:02
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
AxelayI can get cheese to recognize the webcam, but the software doesnt, yet it did on the latest :TS01:02
Axelayon the latest LTS*01:02
prgCodermnemon: thanks again - I will iinvestigate01:03
holsteinAxelay: so the system is seeing it then. what application is not? vlc?01:03
AxelayIts a dissertation project01:03
mnemonprgCoder: np01:04
AxelayI'm using a 3rd party software package called imalib which handles the webcam software, and stuff01:04
AxelayAnd when I ran it on the LTS it recognised my webcam fine01:04
holsteinAxelay: if i works with applications in ubuntu, then the issue is potentially with the other 'stuff"01:04
holsteinAxelay: the LTS is still supported01:04
AxelayRecently I've updated ubuntu to the latest and it cannot detect the webcam01:05
holsteinAxelay: could be the "stuff" you are using supports the LTS, and not 13.0401:05
AxelayThe software i'm using uses the V4l2 interface.01:05
holsteinAxelay: i literally have no idea.. but if you are seeing the cam in cheese, ubuntu is working01:05
mnemonAxelay: i'd look at the paragraph 3.1 & 3.2 in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam01:05
holsteinAxelay: you should ask the maintainers of whatever software you are using01:05
AxelayI supposed that, but I didnt want to annoy him :P01:06
AxelayAnd Wanted to ask if it was my stupidity with ubuntu01:06
AxelayIf its because I need LTS, how hard will it be to downgrade?01:07
mnemonAxelay: you might need to specify which device to use in the software ... somewhat common issue with some hardware + linux.01:07
AxelayThe software uses a config file01:07
AxelayWhich is made during installation01:07
mnemonAxelay: does the config file specify which device is your webcam?01:07
holsteinAxelay: you dont downgrade.. you fresh install.. its quite easy01:08
AxelayNope, it just specificies picasso, v4l2 etc01:08
histo!downgrade | Axelay01:08
ubottuAxelay: Attempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported and may break your system.01:08
mnemonAxelay: which software?01:08
AxelayIt's called imalib. It manipulates images and calculates the euclidean distance and stuff01:09
mnemonalso, do you have /dev/video devices?01:09
histoAxelay: perhaps the software is addressing the camera by a location that is no longer present in a newer version. A symlink would be able to resolve this if you knew what it was looking for.01:10
AxelayI don't know what a symlink is lol01:10
AxelayWhat is odd that it worked fine in the latest LTS01:10
Strywgrhowto install tdom?01:10
Strywgrapt-get install tdom?01:10
histo!info tdom01:10
ubottutdom (source: tdom): A fast XML/DOM/XPath/XSLT extension for Tcl written in C. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.3~20080525-3+nmu2ubuntu1 (raring), package size 231 kB, installed size 584 kB01:10
histoStrywgr: enable the universe repo and install it using the software center or sudo apt-get install tdom01:11
mnemonAxelay: do you have a link to the softwares website or something?01:11
AxelayBut I imagine that I may need to reinstall the latest LTS01:11
AxelayI do, but its private01:12
AxelayIts a university SVN01:12
mnemonah, so it's not a public software?01:12
AxelayNope lol01:12
mnemonkk :)01:12
histoAxelay: File a bug with the author01:12
prgCodercan you ask the developer for help?01:12
AxelayI'm doing that tomorrow lol01:13
mnemoni'd also check the config file for any references to the device01:13
mnemon+ any additional documentation01:13
AxelayBut I thought I'd ask if it was something easy I could do01:13
AxelayDone that mnemon01:13
AxelayIs there any V4l2 drivers available that are not delivered with the new ubuntu versions?01:14
tylerMy webcam in my Dell Inspiron n5010 is not working. Any tips?01:20
=== tyler is now known as Guest91820
Guest91820Doesn't seem to be recognized.01:20
histo!webcam | tyteen4a0301:20
ubottutyteen4a03: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras01:20
histoGuest91820: ^^^^^^01:20
Guest91820I have already looked at that.01:21
Guest91820It is not recognized is lscpi or lsusb01:22
anuvrathi ...01:22
holsteinGuest91820: are you sure its enabled in the bios?01:23
histoGuest91820: what kind of camera is it?01:23
histoanuvrat: hola01:23
anuvratI need some help connecting my usb data card, Tata Photon +. lsusb shows, but network manager isn't able to.01:23
Guest91820holstein: Let me check that.01:23
arowanaHi All01:26
anuvrathisto, https://dpaste.de/m9nuP/ shows huawei card ... neither wvdial nor network manager are able to detect it.01:26
anuvratdetect it as a modem*01:26
arowanaany experience in formatting iPod in Linux?01:28
histoanuvrat: isn't that a cell modem?01:28
james-ubchttp://i.imgur.com/obAG1uN.png is that normal? my HDD is only 25 GB...01:28
SonikkuAmerica!info gtkpod | arowana01:28
ubottuarowana: gtkpod (source: gtkpod): manage songs and playlists on an Apple iPod. In component universe, is extra. Version 2.1.3-3ubuntu1 (raring), package size 351 kB, installed size 962 kB01:28
histoarowana: You format ipods using the ios software right on the device01:28
arowanabut the prblm is, iPod is showing BIG RED CROSS01:29
arowanaand not able to mount it..01:29
anuvrathisto, look at huawei, its a data card.01:29
histoanuvrat: I don't have the card infront of me to look at it01:29
anuvrathisto, HTC is my phone ... I am charging it via usb01:29
anuvrathisto, I meant look at the line saying huawei ... thats the data card.01:30
anuvrathisto, in this file https://dpaste.de/m9nuP/01:30
anuvratfile* url01:30
histoanuvrat: yes it's a cell modem01:31
anuvrathisto, if you say so01:31
tyler_webcam still not working on dell inspiron n5010. No settings in bios for it.01:31
histoanuvrat: What are you trying to do exactly? use the internet from your cellular phone?01:31
histoanuvrat: people on askubuntu suggest that if you can't see it in network manager to configure the connection install modemmanager01:32
histotyler_: does it show up in lsusb or lspci??? also does cheese show any output?01:33
=== zenix`away is now known as zenix`
anuvrathisto, modemmanager is already the newest version01:33
tyler_hitsto: cheese shows nothing, nothing in lsusb or lspci01:33
clientWill the "iconify" tool from Linux Mint work on Xubuntu?01:34
anuvrathisto, does this mean that I can't use my data card? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/modemmanager/+bug/116799401:35
ubottuUbuntu bug 1167994 in modemmanager (Ubuntu) "[12d1:1506] Huawei E398 LTE/UMTS/GSM modem does not work" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:35
peteycan anyone help me with some problems im having resetting mysql password?01:36
anuvrathisto, but I am using it on another system running fedora 16 ...01:36
peteyno matter what i do, i cant get mysqld to start01:36
peteyit says process is already running01:36
clientpetey is this on ubuntu or on a server install?01:36
peteyserver install01:37
clientBy server, I mean something like LAMP01:37
clientIs it LAMP?01:37
clientor Xampp for Linux?01:37
client*Note: the 2 are different.01:37
peteyits lamp01:37
peteytrying "sudo /etc/init.d/mysql stop" says "https://gist.github.com/anonymous/878630fb1b54b575844d"01:38
peteyrunning "sudo service mysql stop" and trying mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables says "mysqld already running"01:39
peteysudo service mysql stop actually says unknown service01:39
clientTry: sudo service mysql stop01:39
peteyit says "stop: unknown instance: "01:39
clientoh damn you already tried that01:39
peteywhy wont this stupid thing stop01:40
peteylol, i have never had so much trouble trying to reset a mysql password!01:40
clientYou should reset the password in PhpMyAdmin01:40
peteyi dont have phpmyadmin01:40
clientaah damn. I was looking at that as your next solution01:41
clientPetey, your next best bet would be to restart your PC01:41
peteyis there anyway to stop mysqld_safe01:41
clientDon't use LAMP, use Xampp for Linux instead. it's easier to use. Or better yet, do all your dev work in a VM or a dev machine.01:41
Rawahello :)01:44
naryfaHello. Can anyone help me? I've got NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT, and the dash slows down in responsiveness each time I invoke it. The first time it takes about a second to popup, the second time two seconds, then next a few seconds more, after about ten times it takes forever to show up. Anyone knows where to dig?01:52
RalliasIs there any way to make virt-manager faster?01:56
fishcookerhello there .. is android apps would be compatible to the ubuntu phone01:57
tgm4883Rallias, faster?01:58
Ralliastgm4883, It takes like 5 minnutes between "create" and "customize your vm"01:58
clientpossibly fishcooker.01:58
tgm4883Rallias, I don't recall it taking that long when I use it at work02:00
Ralliastgm4883, Everything but the VNC console is slow for me.02:01
tgm4883Rallias, odd. 13.04? System specs?02:01
Rallias13.04 on the machine I'm on.02:01
RalliasCentos 6 on the target machine.02:01
RalliasI'm running an i3 with 6gb ram, target machine is dual-l5420 w/8g ram02:02
peteyso i ran "mysql -u debian-sys-maint -p"02:02
tgm4883Rallias, Is it slow even if you create a machine locally?02:02
peteyand got hte server started02:02
peteynow how do i stop it02:02
FloodBot1petey: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:02
Ralliastgm4883, I don't have a local vm host.02:03
tgm4883Rallias, Sorry, I don't recall having any issues with it, even when I used remote hosts02:03
RalliasI mean, I've had problems with my german server in the past, but I assumed that was because of 100ms ping. Right now I'm on a kansas server with about 20ms ping..02:04
Sakuyacipherboy: you there?02:10
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cipherboySakuya, back02:19
cipherboybut I will disappear again in 5.02:20
Sakuyacipherboy: did you find that information on secure boot?02:20
cipherboyYep, sorry, thought I got that to you: http://www.rodsbooks.com/efi-bootloaders/secureboot.html02:20
cipherboyIt goes through a few possible methods, up to you to choose whichever tickles your fancy. I do not have new enough hardware by a long shot to be able to verify any of the information by doing it myself (luckily), but it was linked to in a few places.02:21
Sakuyado you know why the ubuntu boot disk seems to have secure boot working though, but not after install, and what Mint does differently?02:21
noideaHey, I just moved from ubuntu 10.04 lts to 12.04 lts because I managed to screw it up pretty badly. Is it possible to get the upper unity panel to show the active window's menu at all times without having to move your mouse towards the upper panel?02:22
cipherboySakuya, Sadly, not familiar with mint. Likewise, haven't played around installing Ubuntu for a while...been running stable for a while, and even pushing it hasn't required me to reinstall...02:23
cipherboyMint might follow Fedora's path though, not sure.02:23
kellyhi guys , how can i enable usb in virtualbox ?02:24
SakuyaMint is more a customized version of Ubuntu, distro compatible02:24
cipherboySakuya, as I said earlier, I apologize for not having newer hardware... considering some people's horror stories, not sure I want it.02:24
Sakuyaerr, apt sources compatible02:24
cipherboykelly, you tried vbox addons?02:24
kellyyup i tried it but it does not work ? cipherboy02:25
cipherboySakuya, ah, I knew it derived, thanks. Might take a wander through google... hitting a few links.02:25
cipherboykelly, Hm... getting any errors, or what is the problem there? Gimme a sec to get vbox up.02:26
cipherboykelly, what guest os?02:27
kellyi just installed vbox addons then i pluged the externel usb hard disk02:27
kellyelementary os02:27
cipherboykelly, Hmm. whats under usb in the os config?02:28
=== ms|afk is now known as mikestewart
kellyit does not show me anything02:28
wilee-nileekelly, You add the usb in the virtualbox settings?02:29
kellywilee-nilee, : how can i add it ? i just add user to vboxgroup02:29
WACOMaltHey folks. I am about to install a windows VM on my server for a few select things. however the server is headless and I need to download the ISO. I am wondering the easiest way to get a graphical web browser running over VNC, without having to install a full desktop UI02:30
wilee-nileekelly, open the virtualbox setting it says usb02:30
Mark______How can I make apache start on bot (Ubuntu 10.04).  It used to work, but we just installed a bunch of patches, and now we have to start Apache manually.02:31
arowanaHi All02:31
wilee-nileekelly, http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/31726/mount-usb-devices-in-virtualbox-with-ubuntu/02:31
kellywilee-nilee, yes i add it now02:31
kellyok ill try it02:32
wilee-nileekelly, The link is a bit old but the usb stuff I think is correct.02:32
=== jason__ is now known as xiaclo
kellyyes it works thanx wilee-nilee02:34
wilee-nileekelly, Cool, enjoy.02:34
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cipherboySakuya, thoughts on the article coming from a UEFI perspective? I mean, more or less boils down to whether the manufacturer actually followed specification.02:36
noideaHey, I just moved from ubuntu 10.04 lts to 12.04 lts because I managed to screw it up pretty badly. Is it possible to get the upper unity panel to show the active window's menu at all times without having to move your mouse towards the upper panel?02:41
LucidDreamZzZhi installing ubuntu02:42
LucidDreamZzZwoudl some one be so kind to link insr=tructions for pxe setup02:43
LucidDreamZzZit is working but keeps oing to net to fetch packages if i could just fix taht02:44
djapoflash player works with youtube but for websites that use it interactivly like for example online test the colors and shapes are not drawn well and it looks phased02:44
usr13LucidDreamZzZ: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PXEInstallServer02:44
Ph0busriaa hates ubuntu02:44
LucidDreamZzZalright thank you usr1302:45
Sakuyapoking around about the secure boot, I did an update in ubuntu.  First I get the failback X error, and weird nouveau errors, so I install nvidia drivers instead since I was going to anyway, now I just get a blank desktop with wallpaper on sign in02:46
Sakuyacool, nuking the config files worked on that one02:48
zero_coderusb-imagewriter can't be found in my software repo ubuntu02:51
wilee-nileezero_coder, https://launchpad.net/usb-imagewriter  What are you to use it for?02:53
tich_Hey. I have been working on an essay and just noticed that my spell check isn't activated in libreoffice but it appears from the settings that it should be. any suggestions to get it working?02:53
zero_coderwilee-nilee, to write raspbian to sd card02:54
wilee-nileetich_, which release?02:54
tich_wilee-nilee, 13.0402:54
wilee-nileetich_, libreoffice02:55
tich_oh. whichever it came with, let me double check02:55
tich_wilee-nilee, Version
kellyguys how can i set a password for folder sharing on the network from ubuntu to windows 7 , or in another word i need the windows guy access to folder and see it but cant move or copy the files ? how can i do it02:56
wilee-nileetich_, should be an answer somewhere here. http://askubuntu.com/search?q=libreoffice+spell+check02:57
zero_coderwilee-nilee : i installed it02:57
zero_coderi just have to run the install.sh file , right?02:58
maslenkelly: Samba02:58
wilee-nileezero_coder, No idea never used it.02:58
tich_wilee-nilee, thanks i will check that out.02:58
maslenkelly: There are GUI's available as well. You might need to set up the windows machine for it to be compatible02:58
fishcookeris there any channel for ubuntu phone user?02:59
wilee-nileefishcooker, #ubuntu-touch02:59
matheushi, I want to buy a cubieboard to run ubuntu 12.04 server, someone can say thats possible?03:00
saiarcot895tich_: did you install the hunspell dictionaries?03:01
saiarcot895tich_: at least hunspell-en-us?03:01
tich_wilee-nilee, thanks. totally solved. it was so easy but it would have taken forever for me to find the problem03:01
tich_saiarcot895, i found the problem. i don't have the canadian dictionary installed even though it is my default language. i just switched to uk english03:02
HexagoniteHow do you write a bootable .BIN file to a USB?03:08
miandonmenmiandoes anyone know how can i change the resolution of the TTY?03:08
holsteinHexagonite: is that some kind of windows firmware flasher?03:08
holstein!tty | miandonmenmian03:08
ubottumiandonmenmian: To get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution03:08
miandonmenmianit is not supported by my monitor, and it enters saveing power mode03:08
Hexagoniteholstein: It's the Chromium OS .BIN03:09
holsteinHexagonite: will unetbootin do it?03:10
Hexagoniteholstein: does it write .BIN files though?03:10
miandonmenmianthanks holstein03:10
holsteinHexagonite: i would just fire it up and seee03:10
Hexagoniteholstein: does 'dd' work?03:13
WACOMaltAnyone in here familliar with qemu? I am trying to run a win7 install disk but am getting an error saying my CPU doesnt support x6403:14
holsteinHexagonite: i mean, dd with dd copy it.. is the image able to be dd copied and boot.. thats the question.. and only the creator could say03:14
WACOMaltbut it does, is there something I need to set manually to enable 64 bit guests in qemu?03:14
holsteinHexagonite: i would just fire up unetbootin and try it.. shouldnt take a few minutes03:14
Hexagoniteholstein: thanks, I'll try that03:15
WACOMaltwhen I run qemu -cpu ? it is not listing any x64 architectures to use03:18
cipherboyQuestion. When gParted modifies ntfs partition (resize), will it set it to chkdsk on next boot with Windows?  If not, should I be worried if windows (7) wants to check the disk/03:19
zero_coderi want to write raspbian image file to an sd card03:22
Jagst3r15I have a seriours problem03:22
Jagst3r15global menus not working in ANY program03:22
Jagst3r15and im on a nearly fresh install of 12.0403:22
LucidDreamZzZmay i just install my steam?03:22
LucidDreamZzZi dont want to sign up right now ubuntu 1 account03:23
LucidDreamZzZi already own all linux games i think03:24
LucidDreamZzZhow may install steam without 'ubuntu 1?'??03:24
Jagst3r15please anyone03:24
LucidDreamZzZwhatever it is/called03:24
cipherboyLucidDreamZzZ, shouldn't you be able to?03:25
somsipzero_coder: Try this: http://is.gd/GKZ9xI03:25
cipherboyJagst3r15, give me like 15 minutes and I will attempt to help you.03:25
LucidDreamZzZthere is only 'buy' button i zallready own a unch of games03:26
LucidDreamZzZsorry annoying03:26
cipherboyLucidDreamZzZ, how did you install steam?03:28
LucidDreamZzZnevermind i fixed thx03:29
cipherboyJagst3r15, Okay, first things first. Did this happen after a update? Did it work in live cd? any graphics drivers?03:29
Jagst3r15I have installed a few ppas03:29
Jagst3r15maybe that has messed it up03:29
=== 65MAAMQOV is now known as el3ctron
cipherboyJagst3r15, Any packages which might play around with that stuff? Say, theminng or the like?03:30
Jagst3r15no :(03:30
cipherboyHm, it worked on livecd?03:30
cipherboyAre you using "Ubuntu" desktop or "Ubuntu-2d"?03:30
Jagst3r15what package handles global menus03:31
WACOMaltHelp, I cannot get qemu to use qemu-system-x86_64 as my cpu type for my VM03:31
cipherboyRegular depends on system, but should I assume the 3d unity then?03:31
cipherboyJagst3r15, have you tested to see if they work in the 2d version perhaps?03:32
Jagst3r15let me check03:32
otrenavHi all. I installed Ubuntu 13.04 on an iMac (8,1) but I can't boot from CD/USB now. I'm not sure if I overwrote the boot sector (?) or if the problem is that I only have a wireless keyboard that might not be recognized soon enough for me to press C or Option. Is there a way to tell the OS to boot from CD next time? Maybe via a command in the terminal? In Mac OS X there's an option in the Pref Pane for this. Is there anything similar in Ubuntu?03:32
LucidDreamZzZseriously i am making 'Ubuntu 1' account03:32
LucidDreamZzZanother goddam password to remember03:32
cipherboyLucidDreamZzZ, is that really required by Steam for Steam on Linux? O.o?03:32
LucidDreamZzZi dont think so i ran it in slack no prob03:33
cipherboyWhere did you get Steam binaries from?03:33
LucidDreamZzZt5hat why i ask03:33
LucidDreamZzZthe wa=hat?03:33
cipherboy(Steam or a PPA/Ubuntu) ...how did you install Steam, specifically drilling down as to where you got it from?03:34
LucidDreamZzZsorry this kb is 2ft above head03:34
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=== ag_ is now known as Bayangan
bazhang!enter | LucidDreamZzZ03:34
ubottuLucidDreamZzZ: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:34
LucidDreamZzZhmm not sure it on desktop03:34
LucidDreamZzZi missed apt too much ;p03:35
cipherboyLucidDreamZzZ, if you got it from some place other than steam (be it PPA or from regular Ubuntu package tree), I would recommend you try getting it from Steam proper to see if that makes a difference (make sure to fully uninstall the other version first!).03:35
Jagst3r15no luck in 2D03:35
cipherboyJagst3r15, Okay, package is hud.03:35
Jagst3r15how do I install?03:35
cipherboy!info hud | cipherboy, Jagst3r1503:36
ubottucipherboy, Jagst3r15: hud (source: hud): Backend for the Unity HUD. In component main, is optional. Version 13.04.0daily13.04.03-0ubuntu1 (raring), package size 37 kB, installed size 156 kB03:36
cipherboyJagst3r15, iirc, should be installed by default though... Quoting the package info "Unity HUD is a heads-up-display interface for controlling the behavior of03:36
cipherboyapplications as well as Unity via typed-in commands. It provides access to03:36
cipherboyall applications menu via a single central interface, in order to simplify03:36
cipherboyapplication usage and make menus more accessible."03:36
cipherboyJagst3r15, try a reinstall of the package if it is installed, else install it.03:37
Jagst3r15cipherboy i am not sure how to reinstall03:39
cipherboyJagst3r15, if you want graphical open Synaptic (make sure you run with sudo/gksudo, eg, prompts for password) and search for package, then right click and hit re-install.03:39
cipherboy...Assuming Synaptic is installed these days.03:39
cipherboyJagst3r15, Else from terminal: sudo apt-get install --reinstall hud03:40
Jagst3r15sudo apt-get install --reinstall hud03:40
Jagst3r15E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?03:41
cipherboyAh, sorry. Make sure you close other package managers (Synaptic/etc)03:41
Jagst3r15Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done E: Unable to locate package hud03:41
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cipherboyJagst3r15, Odd... `dpkg --list | grep hud`?03:43
Jagst3r15run this: dpkg --list | grep hud ?03:43
cipherboy(no backticks. dpkg --list shows packages, grep allows you to filter, in this case, we want to find the packages which contain hud03:43
cipherboyYep, sorry)03:43
Jagst3r15nothing came up03:43
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macwolf74try apt-get update03:44
cipherboyAh, good idea, but perhaps he needs to upgrade too to pull in the package...simply updating caches won't do much.03:44
Jagst3r15should i just upgrade to 12.10?03:45
cipherboyJagst3r15, the 12.04 LTS is quite fine depending on what you want. It will (supposedly, not on it any more) be the most stable, and supported for quite a while. Personally though, I like to get one thing working before I go and upgrade to the next version. Up to you what you want to do as it is your system; we are just here to give advice on possible routes to solve problems you come to us with.03:46
netlaripAre the LTS versions of Ubuntu much more stable?03:46
Jagst3r15cipherboy i was trying to get libreoffice 4.0 and messed up a few things I think03:47
Jagst3r15maybe that screwed something up03:47
BayanganJagst3r15, just delete lock file and update the repository03:47
wilee-nileeJagst3r15, If from a ppa you can use ppa-purge03:47
cipherboynetlarip, stable == supported longer, and yes, they put more work into fixing existing bugs than pushing new features (supposedly from what I have heard...don't actually track LTS/vs non differences much)03:48
Bayangansorry not Jagst3r15 but cipherboy03:48
Jagst3r15how do I use ppa-purge03:49
=== Nothing_Much_ is now known as Nothing_Much
netlaripI am on 13.04 and I just have these misc things go wrong, just wondered if that was because it is not a LTS version03:49
cipherboyJagst3r15, sorry, not familiar, ask wilee-nilee03:50
netlaripScreen freezes03:50
Ari-YangJagst3r15, sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> e.g. sudo ppa-purge ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa03:51
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html03:51
Ari-Yang^ Jagst3r1503:51
Jagst3r15thanks sir03:51
Ari-Yangyou're welcome03:51
netlaripNot a deal breaker, just wondered03:51
wilee-nileenetlarip, Using ubuntu since 6.04, never found any more stable than another.03:52
WACOMaltwell if anyone else runs into the issue of qemu not recognising x64 ability, run qemu-system-x86_64 as the command, not just qemu, and not qemu-x86_6403:53
netlaripI have read that lightdm has some conflicts , not sure03:53
Jagst3r15I feel like non LTS releases are more or less high quality betas for the next LTS03:53
holsteinnetlarip: that could be the particular kernel and your hardware... could be the drivers for your graphics card03:53
holsteinnetlarip: if 12.04 works "better", i would use it03:53
holsteinnetlarip: the issues can, and most likely are specific to your hardware.. not everyone03:54
netlaripholstein: Yea maybe I am on open source VGA driver03:54
holsteinnetlarip: to answer the question i think you are asking, 13.04 is not freezing on everone's screen. its just you, or your hardware, or your config03:54
netlaripThink the mesa driver is still a work in progress03:55
cipherboySorry guys, have to drop.03:55
Jagst3r15c ya03:55
Jagst3r15anyone else know why my gloabl menus are not working?03:56
cipherboyJagst3r15, if somebody can't help you here, find me online in say, 10 hours or so and I might be able to help then.03:56
Jagst3r15I purged the ppa with libreoffice 4 and no luck03:56
matheushi, I have and Ubuntu desktop and I want to run it as a Server, in other words, I want run the ubuntu in lets say tty1 every time thats possible?03:56
matheushi, I have and Ubuntu desktop and I want to run it as a Server, in other words, I want run the ubuntu in lets say tty1 every time thats possible?03:56
netlaripI have read Mesa 9.1.3 is still being worked on and may still be buggy03:57
cipherboymatheus, remove lightdm perhaps.03:57
matheushi, I have and Ubuntu desktop and I want to run it as a Server, in other words, I want run the ubuntu in lets say tty1 every time thats possible?03:57
matheushi, I have and Ubuntu desktop and I want to run it as a Server, in other words, I want run the ubuntu in lets say tty1 every time thats possibles?03:57
usr13matheus: That's enough.03:57
netlaripholstein: Huh?03:58
matheussorry for the multiples messages, I didn't see them.03:58
holstein!ati | netlarip03:58
ubottunetlarip: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto03:58
holsteinnetlarip: try the propietary ones03:58
matheuscipherboy: only that and I can solve the problem?03:59
netlaripholstein: I heard it is better to use open source drivers03:59
lauratikaif i encrypt a file and upload it to ubuntu one, can i retrive and read the file in another pc, or another system?03:59
usr13matheus: Although you've asked 3 & 1/2 times now, you're still going to have to re-ask but in a different way, (so that we can understand what your question really is).04:00
usr13matheus: Are you wanting to say that you want text only?  (Console mode only?)04:01
matheususr13, yes04:01
holsteinnetlarip: "better" is a matter of opinion, and if your desktop is freezing, and the proprietary one 'works'.. i know what my opinion would be04:01
holsteinnetlarip: if you want to run open drivers, i would try and plan for that at the time of purchase04:02
matheususr13, GUI consome RAM,gpu,etc... So I only need console04:02
usr13matheus: Highly irregular. Haven't seen this question before.  But, probably just need to uninstall ubuntu-desktop.04:02
netlaripholstein: Yea made a mistake on the VGA card purchase04:03
usr13!info ubuntu-desktop | matheus04:03
ubottumatheus: ubuntu-desktop (source: ubuntu-meta): The Ubuntu desktop system. In component main, is optional. Version 1.299 (raring), package size 3 kB, installed size 58 kB04:03
holsteinnetlarip: you can always use the vesa driver.. its open04:03
matheususr13, thats the problem. I'm planning to buy my cubieboard, and it doesn't has ubuntu 12.04 server, only desktop04:03
wilee-nileelauratika, I use truecrypt across OS's.04:04
usr13matheus: Probably other stuff as well, (in order to stip down to just a server system), but that's a start.04:04
netlaripholstein: Not even sure the best VGA card is for linux04:04
matheusubottu, thats the problem. I'm planning to buy my cubieboard, and it doesn't has ubuntu 12.04 server, only desktop04:04
ubottumatheus: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:04
lauratikabut i want to encrypt a file and upload it on ubuntu one, but i wonder if pc dies if i will be able to retrive the file again?04:05
thunder1212hi, how can i  create a windows7 live usb from ubuntu04:05
usr13matheus: I don't know what "cubieboard" is, so maybe someone else can be of assistance.04:05
holsteinnetlarip: "best" is a matter of opinion, and use case. i like intel, since i dont game and the open drivers are usually great04:05
matheususr13, its an ARM based computer04:05
wilee-nileelauratika, You just need a standalone encryption I would think that will read it with your pass.04:05
matheususr13, like raspberry pi04:05
netlaripholstein: Intel VGA cards?04:05
thunder1212will dd work04:06
holsteinnetlarip: there are no intel add on vga cards that im aware of04:06
usr13!arm | matheus04:06
ubottumatheus: ARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.04:06
matheususr13, but with more CPU and RAM04:06
netlaripholstein: Is there a list of compatible VGA cards?04:06
holsteinnetlarip: therefore, you are either using the proprietary ones, which have their own issues, or taking a chance with the open ones. or vesa04:07
holsteinnetlarip: sure.. but it changes04:07
holsteinnetlarip: what do i do? get the *actual* hardware and run the os on it.. and test04:07
lauratikaso i just need to have the key on the other pc?04:07
holsteinnetlarip: save my reciepts.. as you are seeing, 12.04 worked fine for you, and 13.04 not so much04:07
thunder1212can i create windows7 usb from unetbootin04:07
netlaripholstein:  guess that is what I am doing04:07
lauratikawilee-nilee: lets say my HD dies, will i be able to retrive the file.04:07
holsteinthunder1212: if mircosoft allows the creation of a USB for that purpose.. nothing about unetbootin wil prevent that04:08
netlaripholstein: Do I need to reinstall if I try another VGA card?04:08
holsteinthunder1212: i would look at http://www.webupd8.org/2012/01/tool-to-create-windows-usb-install.html04:08
wilee-nileelauratika, From where, you describe a file encrypted that you can upload and open again, failed HD are a whole other issue.04:09
holsteinnetlarip: the drivers are modular.. if you have a proprietary driver installed, i would remove it, and go back to stock, and the new/different card should be pickedup automatically04:09
holsteinnetlarip: what would i do? change the card and boot a live CD to test04:09
thunder1212holstein: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/10/create-bootable-windows-7-usb-drive.html will this work?04:09
holsteinthunder1212: i dont know.. i dont use windows04:09
holsteinthunder1212: but, its worth a try04:10
netlaripholstein: So there is no list for cards that work well with linux?04:10
lauratikai upload to ubuntu one the encrypted file (as i state before) then my HD dies, in another pc i download this file, will i be able in the new or the other pc to read this file?... what i need in order to read the file again.04:10
holsteinnetlarip: sure.. but what do you do if its wrong?04:10
holsteinnetlarip: there are no gurantees04:10
holsteinnetlarip: if i wanted guranteed to work hardware, i would purchase from system76 or similar04:11
netlaripholstein: As you say keep the receipt04:11
holsteinnetlarip: thats what i do04:11
netlaripholstein: I built my own system04:11
holsteinnetlarip: im a audio guy, and i used to read about audio devices working... but, you know, *i* have to be able to make it work.. and i have to be willing to make it work, and each time i want to install04:12
wilee-nileelauratika, If you have a encryption that does allows a app to open it, I could do this with truecrypt on the file I have, not the only app that does this.04:12
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netlaripholstein: Thanks04:12
holsteinnetlarip: and, i read "this work", and it doesnt with a certain kernel.. or whatever.. its not anyones "fault" but the manufacturer. im just saying, dont trust a list explicitly04:12
lauratikaagain what i need in oreder to have an encrypted file uploaded to ubuntu one, this does not include truecrypt, to be able to read it again in another pc?04:13
wilee-nileelauratika, You might check on types of encryption that will fit your needs, but yes the file can be accessed using the right app.04:13
netlaripholstein: But if a card worked in an older kernel version should work in future ones right04:13
holsteinnetlarip: why?04:14
kaushalI have likewise-open application which is an authentication system for Windows AD and I am trying to configure ringswitcher. Does likewise-open support it?04:14
holsteinnetlarip: what if something changes that breaks that? as you are experiening?04:14
netlaripholstein: Just a little frustrating04:14
holsteinnetlarip: i mean, with linux, you *always* get a full money back refund.. but you get no guarantees of support. those should come from the manufacturers04:14
holsteinnetlarip: sure.. thats what i suggested handing that off to a 3rd party, like in windows.. like with system7604:15
ubottuFor information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory04:15
holsteinthey are paid to make sure you have hardware support04:15
holsteinnetlarip: otherwise, its just the community doing what they can with a device that may or may not even be able to be supported04:15
HexChatUserHello by looking at this http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise-backports/ , I found there is no file named "InRelease" , so thats why i failed at update , why are ubuntu changing InRelease to Release04:16
holsteinnetlarip: and, that is getting better all the time, but if you want nvidia or ati, you need to be "flexible" on using closed source rivers04:16
netlaripholstein: Guess I made a mistake making my own system04:16
holsteinnetlarip: yeah?04:16
holsteinnetlarip: AFAIK, you havent tried the proprietary drivers04:16
holsteinnetlarip: you made a mistake assuming an open driver would support a close proprietary device04:17
netlaripholstein: Never had luck with them in the past04:17
holsteinnetlarip: have you tried it?04:17
holsteinnetlarip: i have had bad luck with computers and drivers04:17
netlaripNot with this computer04:17
holsteinnetlarip: some work, some dont.. if you are having issues on an nvidia or ati card, the next step is to try the proprietary drivers04:18
netlaripholstein: Plus I don't want to make my system unusable04:18
holsteinnetlarip: that is what i suggested before, and i still do, and anyone here will agree04:18
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=== Mayzie is now known as Mayazcherquoi
holsteinnetlarip: im suggesting that this will help. you came here with freezing04:18
HexChatUserHello by looking at this http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise-backports/ , I found there is no file named "InRelease" , so thats why i failed at update , why are ubuntu changing InRelease to Release04:18
holsteinnetlarip: its a blob.. you install, and test.. you can remove it04:18
holsteinnetlarip: if 12.04 worked better, its still supported04:19
holsteinim running 12.04 right now04:19
netlaripholstein: I can go back to open source driver?04:19
holsteinnetlarip: you can do whatever you want04:19
kellyguys i make a backup for the whole hard disk i intalled ubuntu on it using clonezill but now when i tried to restore it in virtualbox it stuck at 82% and now it takes about 1 hour ? any idea or is there any good program to make a backup for the whole system04:19
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wilee-nileeHexChatUser, The channels asks for time frame of reposting about 10 min.04:19
holsteinkelly: i use clonezilla04:19
HexChatUserwilee-nilee: is that an answer for my question? if its not im going to ignore that04:20
netlaripholstein: It works for the most part04:20
kellyholstein, could guide me how can i make a backup ?04:20
holsteinnetlarip: then, enjoy it.. otherwise, to address the freezing, instal an appropriate driver04:20
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto04:20
netlaripholstein: Ok and thanks04:20
kellymaybe i did something wrong04:20
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wilee-nileekelly, This a clone from you computer not another vbox?04:21
holsteinkelly: this is not really a clonezilla support venue, but i just followed the prompts04:21
holsteinkelly: it could take a while in VM.. ive never resorted to VM like that04:21
kellyyes i make a backup for my system and save it to an external hard disk04:21
wilee-nileekelly, Try #vbox you can't just insert that into a virtual.04:22
kellyi followed this video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzxL95GmmYk04:22
wilee-nileethere is a process I believe.04:23
holsteinit should restore though, and then throw an error04:23
wilee-nileethat vid is from vm to vm, why they don't just use the vdi in a bigger container is a mystery here.04:25
thunder1212holstein: cant i use dd?04:25
holsteinthunder1212: if microsoft allows that, but its not our iso, friend.. you have to ask microsoft how to boot he product they create04:26
holsteinthunder1212: i would try the tool i linked04:27
wilee-nileethunder1212, I do an extract to a ntfs with a bootflag or the multisystem app at pendrivelinux.04:29
thunder1212wilee-nilee: i am on ubuntu04:30
wilee-nileethunder1212, Me to.04:30
wilee-nileeall done in ubuntu04:31
thunder1212wilee-nilee: ok from ubuntu i have to create bootable usb windows704:31
lolcatthunder1212: Why would anyone want to?04:31
holsteinthunder1212: did the tool work?04:31
thunder1212holstein: unetbootin did not04:31
thunder1212holstein: wilee-nilee http://cloud101.eu/blog/2012/03/24/create-a-windows-7-live-disk-from-ubuntu-linux/ how about this04:32
xmetali hae to say i haven't used ubuntu in a bit (it is on my old laptop though the fact that it cant boot to USB is the only reason i haevn't switched distro's ) though i just tried Mint again04:32
xmetali am very impressed04:32
holsteinthunder1212: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/01/tool-to-create-windows-usb-install.html04:32
wilee-nileethunder1212, And I said how I do it, this is basically offtopic, I can't walk you through, the info I gave is clear.04:32
xmetalPendrivelinux would be the way to go, as it has been said04:32
thunder1212lolcat: not for me!!04:32
holsteinthunder1212: that is the tool i have been asking about, friend.. have you tried it?04:32
xmetalPendrivelinux's app is actually pretty straight forward04:32
HexChatUserHello by looking at this http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise-backports/ , I found there is no file named "InRelease" , so thats why i failed at update , why are ubuntu changing InRelease to Release04:37
wilee-nileethunder1212, I am trying the tool from holstein's link seems to be loading a usb fine.04:37
SuryeI just rebooted my system for the first time in about 6 months after applying the latest updates. Running 10.12, and now it boot cycles immediately after grub. If I pick an older kernel, it sits on a message about the initd image. I can boot to a live usb system and mount the system fine (RAID5). I have no error messages, or logs, or any idea where to go with this. I have run an fsck and everything looks good04:38
holsteinrunning 12.10?04:38
Suryethat's what I meant04:39
holsteinjust one older kernel?04:39
holsteinchoose the very first one04:39
Suryethat's the one that reboots04:39
holsteinSurye: the very last one, then04:39
holsteinthe oldest04:39
Suryeit sits on that error on any other one04:40
holsteinSurye: what error?04:41
Suryenot error04:41
holsteinSurye: what message?04:41
SuryeIt says building initrd image or something, I can check it when I reboot again here04:41
Suryeon the livecd checking out some things04:41
holsteinSurye: im about to leave, but im going to drop *exactly* whatever error you say into search and go from there04:42
holsteinSurye: start by getting that exact message04:42
Suryeokay, thanks04:42
HexChatUserHello by looking at this http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise-backports/ , I found there is no file named "InRelease" , so thats why i failed at update , why are ubuntu changing InRelease to Release04:44
LucidDreamZzZok thank you for the video fixes, excellent Ubuntu04:45
jtreminioEvening all. I want to setup a cron job to rm everything in /tmp every 10 minutes. However, this would require the cron job have root access. Is there a premade program to do this other than cron/04:46
Bumptious@jtreminio there is a root level cron, I think?04:47
HexChatUseryes just add the root04:47
HexChatUser*/10 * * * * root rm -rf /tmp04:48
Bumptiousrun crontab -e as root/sudo, I think that works04:48
HexChatUserHello by looking at this http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise-backports/ , I found there is no file named "InRelease" , so thats why i failed at update , why are ubuntu changing InRelease to Release04:48
jtreminiothanks guys. I didn't know if running cron as root was acceptable or not04:49
HexChatUserjtreminio: i dont know if thats a sarcasm, but ubuntu does have root , just sudo with your primary user password04:49
kboodujtreminio: Just remember you have the "root" user running jobs.  Are you sure you don't want to run it as your user with sudo rm -rf /tmp?04:49
somsipjtreminio: if you really want to do this, create a cronjob for root by 'sudo crontab -e' and make sure the job is rm -rf /tmp/* and not rm -rf /tmp04:51
insGadgeti am wondering if for Ubuntu or Linux, do i need to follow this idea of having to have a firewire port and a video capture card to get hd video onto my laptop? the certain camera have hd video like the go pro hero 2 and 3 where i can take a sd card out of the camera and then put into my card reader slot and tehn have the hd video on my pc for editing purposes that way? can app like Avidemux do this?04:51
jtreminioHexChatUser: no, I was serious. I don't know if running cron as root is something that happens often.04:57
jtreminiokboodu: wouldn't it require password or adding user to sudo files as nopassword?04:57
vnc786what and how should i do ? resize partition ? i have got whole 750GB HDD with ext3 partition04:58
vnc786#/dev/sdb1            2048  1465149167   732573560   83  Linux04:58
kboodujtreminio: Depends on how your system is setup.  You can also add the command directly to the sudoers file (with your username).04:58
kboodujtreminio: Something like this in your sudoers file: tj   pc023 = NOPASSWD: rm -rf /tmp/*04:59
kboodujtreminio: (Replace values as appropriate)05:00
sereinsGadget: the HD comes from the source.. as long as your computer can do the graphics part of it resolution, etc.. there are many programs to edit the videos depending on what you wanna do.. avidemux,handbrake,avconc05:00
vnc786now i am on ubuntu 12.04 64bit i have some data on hard disk05:02
insGadgetsere: so I can take the sd card from the "whatever-camera" in this case a go pro hero 3 which is mp4 , and then it is technically still hd video on my pc? and i can edit it with these programs? I am not sure why this website is saying i need a video capture card to get the video from the "source" to my pc. so my question is , is the sd card or direct usb from this camera the same thing?05:02
HexChatUserHello by looking at this http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise-backports/ , I found there is no file named "InRelease" , so thats why i failed at update , why are ubuntu changing InRelease to Release05:03
kbooduHexChatUser: What are you looking for specifically that you're looking for "InRelease?"05:04
HexChatUserkboodu: https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/998539_381996445256046_1290543620_n.jpg05:05
kbooduHexChatUser: You're not resolving us.archive.ubuntu.com.  So it can't even find InRelease05:06
kbooduHexChatUser: And that shouldn't be "InRelease" I don't think.  I think it's just plain "Release" (as I can see the file)05:08
sereinsGadget: your video files are saved on the SD when you plug use the usb you are copying files from the over to the computer.. when you use the SD you are taking the source video files and mounting them from your computer.. from there you would probably need to demux to to edit or just rencode ..05:08
serefrom the SD05:08
insGadgetsere: all i want to do is, take a video from the camera, transfer that video to my pc, and then edit that video using one of those apps, and then upload that video to my website. is this possible if i have 8gb ram and i7 core then?05:10
sereinsGadget: yup05:12
insGadgetsere: roger that.05:13
bluezonei think i should throw this mac out the window instead of attempting to install ubuntu on it :S05:14
bluezonewireless networks arent even being detected on live cd05:14
wilee-nileebluezone, lspci will tell you graphic info you need.05:19
wilee-nileedoh wireless05:20
netlarTo install the binary video driver, I should do this from Addition Drivers right?  I am on 13.0405:22
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nurowQuestion.. I have an application installed via PlayOnLinux, which is located on my main hard drive. But I want that application to be able to download files to my second hard drive. But if I go to set the download location inside of the application, it can only see its WINE container. What can  I do?05:28
kellyguys i want to make a backup for the whole hard disk in this picture what should i choose the the driver that i want to save a backupt on it or the driver i installed the ubuntu in it ?05:31
lolcatkelly: driver?!05:32
lolcatkelly: Hardrive, ie drive. A driver is a piece of software05:32
lolcatkelly: also that is the one you are storing it on05:33
kellysorry i mean  i want to make a backup for the whole hard disk in this picture what should i choose the the the hard disk that i want to save a backupt on it or the hard disk i installed the ubuntu in it ?05:34
lolcatkelly: You choose the harddrive you wish to store the backup to.05:34
kellythank you so much :) sorry for my english it is not my native language05:35
lolcatNot mine either, but I take care to articulate me in a way that enables others to fully comprehend what I am trying to convey.05:35
kellylocalhost, : should i format the harddrive i wish to store the backup into it ?05:36
lolcatkelly: Uhm, that depends. What is currently on the harddrive you wish to store the backup on?05:36
kellylocalhost, it sasy : partclone fail ,05:39
mayanksumanDoes anybody know the local iit kharagpur repository address?05:48
gribouillewhen using LVM for /, do we have to put /boot on a separate partition?05:53
nurowhmmmmmm, so, I've noticed my new laptop is getting hella slow wifi connectivity (5MBit or less of my 100MBit service). Where would I begin troubleshooting that?05:57
wilee-nileeubuntu support06:01
netlarI do not have a xorg.conf file, I only have a xorg.conf.failsafe file, is that a problem?06:01
netlarJust seems kind of strange to me06:02
ubottuThe X Window system is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart X, type 'sudo /etc/init.d/lightdm' on an ubuntu system. replace with kdm on Kubuntu. To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution . Also see !xorgconf06:03
ubottuThe /etc/X11/xorg.conf file is deprecated, but sometimes may still be needed to pass values to specific drivers. Generic xorg.conf generation: http://ubottu.com/y/xorgconf - ATI/AMD ( fglrx driver ) specific: http://ubottu.com/y/atiamd - NVidia ( nvidia driver )specific: http://ubottu.com/y/nvidia man xorg.conf for file structure and syntax.06:03
subhojit777I am having trouble in setting up virtual host in apache2 fast-cgi php5-fpm. Please help06:04
wilee-nilee!details | subhojit777 for the channel, help means nothing06:04
ubottusubhojit777 for the channel, help means nothing: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."06:04
gxxhost key verification failed, reinstalled the os on the server06:06
gxxhow to I make my laptop remove the old data of the old os on the server?06:06
gxxfound the file I was looking for to delete06:08
gxxdon't know why we need to keep a log of places we ssh into06:09
gxxthis aint no dns server06:09
gxxno point to have06:09
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subhojit777I am trying to set up virtual host in apache2 fastcgi php5-fpm. I can access my local web sites through local host. I have followed the instructions given in this link http://www.howtoforge.com/using-php5-fpm-with-apache2-on-ubuntu-12.04-lts for installing and instructions in this link https://alexcabal.com/installing-apache-mod_fastcgi-php-fpm-on-ubuntu-server-maverick/ for vhost setup. But it is not working for me. I get 430 access denied error w06:09
subhojit777hen I try to access vhost.06:09
FloodBot1subhojit777: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:09
netlarAnyway, wish you guys would help06:10
blazemorenetlar: You don't need xorg.conf but you can put stuff in it if you want06:10
kboodunetlar: What's your problem?06:11
netlarkboodu: I am trying to follow the instructions in installing the fglrx drivers06:11
netlarAnd they talk about backing up the xorg.conf file and then06:12
netlardoing sudo aticonfig --initial06:13
kboodunetlar: If you don't have an xorg.conf file, you can bypass that step.  Most systems auto configure X for you.06:13
netlarkboodu: But I should to that aticonfig step right?06:14
kboodunetlar: The point of backing up the xorg.conf is IF you had special configuration, you would save it if something went wrong.06:14
netlarkboodu: Just concerns me a little since it says that it is creating a fresh xorg.conf file06:15
gribouillewhen using LVM for /, do we have to put /boot on a separate partition?06:15
kboodunetlar: Then you could restore it.06:15
netlarkboodu: I just had a xorg.conf.failsafe file06:15
netlarBut I did back that up06:15
kboodunetlar: It (the aticonfig) SHOULD generate a new xorg.conf so it loads the driver specific that the aticonfig will use.06:15
kboodunetlar: That's ok that you backed it up, but it's unnecessary.06:16
netlarkboodu: But in the steps sound like you need to generate the new xorg.conf file yourself before rebooting06:16
kbooduNothing else should touch the "failsafe" version.  (If nothing else, you can copy xorg.conf.failsafe to xorg.conf and reboot / restart X to get a "good" X configuration (with minimal effects)06:17
kboodunetlar: the aticonfig will generate a xorg.conf file06:17
kboodunetlar: err, SHOULD generate one.  (I don't have that utility).06:17
netlarkboodu: It says to run sudo amdconfig --initial before rebooting06:18
kboodunetlar: You should run the appropriate command in step 6 before rebooting.06:18
kbooduNot sure if you should run aticonfig, amdconfig or which option.  Might require a couple different runs to experiment and get a "good" version.06:19
kboodunetlar: You might have to reboot to a console to "fix" it if your first attempt doesn't work.06:19
netlarkboodu: that is what scares me a little, not sure if something goes wrong how to recover06:19
kboodunetlar: Boot to a console only OR press <CTRL><ALT><F1> to start a console session (you can do that now and switch back with <CTRL><ALT><F7>)06:21
netlarOk, well here I go06:22
kboodunetlar: Good Luck06:22
LucidDreamZzZhey one thing, when i try to start TF2 i am getting exact same error as before and google is no help06:23
kbooduLucidDreamZzZ: What is TF2?06:23
kbooduLucidDreamZzZ: And what error do you get?06:23
LucidDreamZzZFailed to create GL context.  Using the latest ppa drivers on the current LTS with intel hd300006:23
LucidDreamZzZteam fortress 206:24
LucidDreamZzZbut i can play other HL game ok06:24
gxxShould you sudo apt-get update & upgrade daily on an LTS, is it just better to not to any updates to keep your system more stable?06:24
LucidDreamZzZgxx depends i guess06:25
LucidDreamZzZif they are security/network related i would apply them06:25
gxxwell how do you just apply the security/network ones without them all with update/upgrade?06:26
kboodugxx: Tjat06:26
kboodugxx: That's dependent on how update you want/need to be.06:26
LucidDreamZzZsomeone else knows better though im pretty sure you can just keep updating06:26
kbooduLucidDreamZzZ: I'm seeing a message on teh steam community from Jul 11 about this06:26
LucidDreamZzZok imma have a look06:27
kbooduLucidDreamZzZ: I googled TF2 "failed to create gl context"06:27
LucidDreamZzZyeah exactly06:27
gxxmainly on a system, that is a daily desktop, home-use, private network, that needs to be stable and not have problems06:27
LucidDreamZzZok great thank you06:27
kbooduThat was first hit.  There are others.  ;)06:27
kboodugxx: It's all on how comfortable you are.  I do frequent updates on my work laptop, home desktop and home servers (usually daily to a couple times a week).06:28
kbooduSo it's up to you....06:28
LucidDreamZzZyeah.. ok i was hoping for something intel specific but may be a clue it has nothing to do06:28
kbooduLucidDreamZzZ: But they seem to reference LTS 12.04.206:28
* kboodu wonders if some patch is interfering with TF2.06:29
gxxI'm just worried that I'll end up doing an update/updrade one day and just have massive problems, making the system unstable, and requiring to reload the OS06:29
dayagxx: which version are you upgrading06:29
kboodugxx: Hmm.  That would be a pretty rare occurrence.  You'd have had to have done something pretty unique to cause that I think06:29
gxxthe LTS06:29
netlarI think I have a problem , I cannot run the aticonfig06:30
dayagxx: yeah I am doing the same,06:30
kboodugxx: Standard systems are tested pretty carefully to ensure no impact occurs.06:30
LucidDreamZzZhey some guy in that exact post has intel graphics, so this might be help.  kboodu thank you very much06:30
kbooduLucidDreamZzZ: np.06:30
netlarkboodu: It did not create the xorg.conf file06:30
dayagxx: LTS 10.04 to 12.04 with Alternate CD06:30
gxxI've just had problems after problems with 13.04 being unstable, people here said I had a hardware problem06:30
kboodunetlar: Did you create it as root?06:30
netlarI did it as sudo06:30
kbooduand no file was generated?  hmmm.06:31
gxxbut when I switch to linux mint LTS, everything was stable, and then switched to 12.04 ubuntu LTS06:31
dayagxx: whats your upgrade method, do-release-upgrade?06:31
kboodugxx: Are you having a specific problem, or jsut asking the question?06:31
gxxThey sent me to the the hadware channel, saying I might have a had ssd or motherboard issue, and from what I grathered, it wasn't a hardware problem, but 13.04 causing all the problems06:31
netlarkboodu: aticonfig: No supported adapters detected06:31
gxxjust asking question06:32
netlarthat is the message I go06:32
gxxon what will be the most stable06:32
kboodunetlar: Maybe you don't have an ATI card.  Did you try the amdconfig option?06:32
netlarkboodu: Yes both06:32
netlarI have an Radeon HD 775006:32
gxxThings I can do or not do (like updates) to keep my system stable, not asking for help about relating to problems, just giving examples06:32
kboodunetlar: Waht about aticonfig ---adapter=all06:32
netlarkboodu: aticonfig: No supported adapters detected06:33
kboodugxx: Again, it's a matter of prference.  Or you could hold off on installing an update and see if anyone in the community raises an issue.06:33
LucidDreamZzZi dont think this is Ubuntu bug06:34
kboodunetlar...Is your video card supported for the drviers?06:34
LucidDreamZzZprobably Valve06:34
netlarI have no idea kboodu06:34
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kboodunetlar: What version of Ubuntu again?06:35
gxxHow likely, if I do no updates/upgrades from a fresh LTS install, am I really be at risk security wise of 'spryware' or being hacked on a home private network?06:36
dayaI have upgraded 10.04 to 12.04 (LTS), with Alternate CD, but it doesn't upgrade the kernel , is there any option in the cdrom upgrade to upgrade the kernel too.06:36
xmetali have just re-tried Mint 14 (last one i tried was identical to Ubuntu ... about the time of 9.04)06:36
xmetali am very impressed06:36
g0d1esshow code it be?06:36
g0d1esstry sudo apt-get dist-upgrade06:37
g0d1essit should upgrade your kernel06:37
kboodunetlar: What driver did you want to use?  Proprietary?06:37
gxxkboodu: How likely, if I do no updates/upgrades from a fresh LTS install, am I really be at risk security wise of 'spryware' or being hacked on a home private network? Such has a website with spyware or being hacked?06:38
dayag0d1ess: But I am in need for offline upgrade, so seeking the way from the cdrom upgrade itself06:38
netlarkboodu: I want to use the open source, but been having some problems06:38
xmetali would put Mint on my old laptop but i cant get the dang thing to boot anything via USB (the internal cd/dvd drive is bad too)06:38
kboodugxx: That really depends on your usage.06:38
netlarkboodu: screen freezes , not often but it does06:38
kboodunetlar: Screen freezes with Proprietary or Open Source?06:39
netlarkboodu: sometiems I get the low graphics message when I boot too06:39
netlarkboodu: with the open source06:39
dayag0d1ess: any idea?06:39
gxxkboodu: could you give me examples of things I would do that could put me at risk, I mean, are people really wasting their time coding spyware on websites for ubuntu, or a hacker to waste time hacking a linux machine, when most people are using windows and are easier?06:39
dr_willisxmetal:  Mint has its own support channels.06:39
FileAComplaintanyway of getting ubuntu 12.04 to boot and run via external HD?06:39
kboodunetlar: Hmm.  Sounds like it is an issue with that driver.06:40
kboodunetlar: But not 100% positive.  Searches are inconsistent regardign where the issue is.06:40
dr_willisFileAComplaint:  it can work that way.06:40
netlarkboodu: Well I have read that Mesa is still a work in progress for that card06:40
kboodugxx: It depends on the websites you visit.06:40
dr_willisFileAComplaint:  install same as to an internal  hd.06:41
kbooduno system is 100% secure and there are zero day exploits.  You can go a couple of weeks without patching (maybe).  You have to weigh risks06:41
kboodunetlar: PM?06:41
lolcatkboodu: zfs has NEVER had any zero day exploits06:41
gxxbasic websites, no shady stuff really, I just have a hard time believing someone would code spyware for like 0.01% of computers that run linux, vs the 99% of computers running windows06:41
kboodugxx: Agreed06:42
aeon-ltdgxx: also it may work as a surprise attack06:42
g0d1essMSG daya download the newest kernel in www.kernel.org06:42
aeon-ltdgxx: general public used to think macs were really secure now they are less so, let's say steam + maybe a linux steammbox gets released then linux users increase = more potential targets06:43
gordonjcpgxx: what's far more likely is that people write malware that runs in the browser06:43
gxxI think if I have a good firewall then I shouldn't have a problem, why types of firewalls are people running infront of ubuntu/linux computers? Are firewalls worth the effort for the seriuty advantages then just having linx with no firewall?06:43
kboodugxx: OpenWRT.  :)06:44
gordonjcpgxx: in general Linux computers connected directly to the Internet vastly outnumber Windows machines, and there doesn't seem to be a real problem06:44
gordonjcpgxx: you don't need a firewall unless you're doing something deeply odd06:44
gordonjcpgxx: are you running a server?06:45
gxxgordonjcp: yea I know most web servers are running linux/debian but they tend to have professionals that keep it safe06:45
gxxI'm not running a server outside of my lan, I have servers in my lan I play around with, but nothing anyone on the internet can connect to06:45
kboodugxx: Any firewall / router should add a good level of protection for you.  It MAY NOT be necessary.  But YOU have to weigh the risks06:46
gxxI have a few raspberry pies for sandboxes, and  a few other older desktops, but nothing that I'm running on where users can connect06:46
lolcatgxx: You dont need professionals06:46
gordonjcpgxx: so if you're behind a NAT router - like any perfectly ordinary home broadband router - you do not need a firewall06:47
gordonjcpgxx: at that, you don't need one on Windows either06:47
lolcatgordonjcp: That is not true06:47
gordonjcplolcat: what's not true?06:47
lolcata NAT router offers virtually NO protection06:47
gordonjcplolcat: uhm06:47
lolcatConsumer routers are usually full of poorley written outdated software06:47
gordonjcplolcat: you cannot see any device behind it from the Internet06:47
lolcatId strongly urge anyone using NAT to stop, and use proper routing and protectiong06:48
gordonjcplolcat: [citation needed]06:48
lolcatgordonjcp: Security through obscurity06:48
gordonjcpno, security through *not having a path to the target device*06:48
gordonjcpit's pretty simple06:48
gxxI was thinking if its worth the money to build a router, get something with a ivy bridge celeron/ dual nics motherboard computer to run pfsence (whatever its called) as a router/firewall06:48
gordonjcpgxx: overkill06:49
gordonjcpgxx: what have you got lying around06:49
gordonjcpgxx: the only advantage to using a modernish machine for that would be power consumption - get a wee 10W Atom board or something06:49
gxxAnything I have laying around uses too much power to run 24/7, I have two raspbery pis, but they only offer 100mb nic which is slow, plus they only have one nic06:50
lolcatgxx: Ivy bridge on a router, that is SO silly06:50
kboodugxx: A second NIC can be added through USB06:50
gxxwell, its a $80 motherboard, that has a celeron ivy bridge cpu, with dual nics06:50
kboodugxx: But now we're moving OT.06:50
gordonjcp100M ethernet is fine06:51
gxxyea, but the nics are only 100mb, I have a 30mb connection, and pretty sure it won't be able to handle the traffic or speed06:51
dr_willisToo bad the  raspberry pi  don't have better specs.   :)06:51
gordonjcpgxx: how fast is your Internet connection?06:51
gxxWith downloads maxing at about 4.5mbs06:51
gordonjcpgxx: so you don't actually need more than a 100M ethernet port, for the red interface...06:51
gordonjcpthe *real* problem with the Raspberry Pi is that its onboard ethernet is really a USB device, and it's slow as balls06:52
gxxWe have a few users, maxing out our connection with gaming/downloads/etc alot of the time, and I think a raspberry pi will end up slowing down after a few hours of maxing out06:53
neo2What happens in Ubuntu when you start a program which takes more ram than what's available?06:53
kbooduLets stay on topic please06:53
dr_willis! Swap06:53
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info06:53
gordonjcpneo2: eventually you start to use more and more swap space on disk, and things slow down06:55
aeon-ltdgordonjcp: why would they design the rpi like that? did they not think having 3 usb io would cause bottlenecks?06:55
gordonjcpneo2: when you've run out of RAM *and* swap space, something gets chosen to be taken out the back of the farm and shot.06:56
neo2ubottu, gordonjcp, my experience is things get frozen until many programs get evaporated and the desktop is flushed as well..06:56
gordonjcpaeon-ltd: cost, and part count06:56
neo2gordonjcp, how poetic :P06:56
Guerrilla_if i have an i7 processor and 8 gigs ddr3 ram06:57
Guerrilla_is swap file necessary?06:57
Guerrilla_not to mention a pretty beasty ATI radeon GPU06:57
gordonjcpGuerrilla_: it's a good idea to have it06:57
Guerrilla_well i don't did i fail06:57
Guerrilla_just installed06:57
gordonjcpGuerrilla_: you didn't set up a swap space?06:58
neo2Guerrilla_, allocate some 1GB swap...06:58
Guerrilla_is there a way to do that in lubuntu somewhere?06:58
gordonjcpGuerrilla_: it's not trivially easy06:58
gordonjcpGuerrilla_: you need to resize an existing partition to make some room, create a swap partition and add it06:58
gordonjcpGuerrilla_: there's documentation on the wiki on how to do that though06:59
Guerrilla_should i add it to the root folder06:59
Guerrilla_i set my root, where i installed lubuntu to about 10gigs of space06:59
gordonjcpno, it's a seperate partition and hasn't got a filesystem you can mount06:59
Guerrilla_and then i have home folder06:59
Guerrilla_for the remainder06:59
gordonjcpGuerrilla_: hah, you've got pretty near as much RAM as disk06:59
NahiyanDoes ubuntu have curl by default?07:00
gordonjcpGuerrilla_: don't worry about it for now.  If stuff starts acting really weird, consider adding it07:00
Guerrilla_when i open the taks manager im not even using a whole gig of ram07:00
tasos77i installed ubuntu an i have a question07:00
Guerrilla_so far im at 902MB of 7977 MB07:00
kboodutasos77: Ask your question07:00
Guerrilla_im thinking i'll be fine without it tbh07:01
NahiyanI normally use lie 400MB07:01
Nahiyanwithout a browser07:01
gordonjcpGuerrilla_: I've got 4GB, about 0.5GB free and about 300k in swap07:01
Guerrilla_im streaming a two hour long video07:01
tasos77my computer has 2 partitions07:01
Nahiyandammit chromium :P07:01
gordonjcplater, all07:01
Nahiyangordonjcp, bye07:01
tasos77the linux swap07:01
kboodugordonjcp: Later07:01
tasos77and the ext407:01
Nahiyangordonjcp, he means never07:01
Nahiyan(it's a trap)07:02
Guerrilla_i was under the impression that with 8 gigs of ddr3 i'll be fine with no swap file07:02
tasos77i want to resize ext4 to create and one ntfs partition07:02
kbooduGuerrilla_: You may be.  Depends on what you run and how much RAM you're using (not buffers..those will be freed by the OS as needed)07:02
tasos77can i do this?07:03
Nahiyantasos77, you'll have to reboot into a LiveCD like ubuntu's installer07:03
aeon-ltdtasos77: using gparted07:03
Guerrilla_well im waiting for a game called shroud of the avatar07:03
Guerrilla_and something tells me that it wont even max my ram out07:03
wilee-nileeGuerrilla_, No hibernate is all and use.07:03
Guerrilla_when i start playing07:03
kbooduwilee-nilee: +107:03
Guerrilla_yeah i don't hybernate07:03
Guerrilla_i just lock screen07:03
bazhangtasos77, do NOT attempt this on a running system. thus the reason for a LIVE cd07:09
tasos77can i use ubuntu iso disk???07:10
tasos77with the option try ubuntu07:10
bazhangtasos77, yes. the LIVE cd07:10
wilee-nileetasos77, You have to boot it, you can from grub if you have no discs or usb's07:11
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit07:14
libinI can't connet to my PC  with putty...07:15
tasos77bazhand i asked if i can do this with ubuntu disc not the live cd07:16
dr_willislibin:  you do have a ssh server installed?07:17
dr_willistasos77:  the ubuntu desktiop cd is a live cd.07:17
=== dagjomar_ is now known as PRISM
dr_willisgparted also has its own   live cd.  which is smaller then a ubuntu cd.07:17
bazhangtasos77, the ubuntu cd = live cd07:18
tasos77ok asks cause i already have ubuntu disk07:18
=== PRISM is now known as dagjomar2
dr_willisthe ubuntu desktop cd - may or may not include gparted by default.. i dont recall. if not you can easially install it.07:18
bazhangtasos77, yes, we told you that several times now07:18
bazhangit does07:18
dr_willisand you WILL want to be sure the filesystems you are messing with are UNMOUNTED befor trying to use gparted on them07:18
bazhangthe installer removes it upon installation07:19
libinMy operating system is Ubuntu 13.04   ,I can 't connect to it with ssh tools. What should I do?07:19
dr_willislibin:  you did install the ssh server?07:19
tasos77what is ynmounted?07:19
dr_willis!mount | tasos7707:19
ubottutasos77: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount07:19
libin<dr_willis>  yes07:20
dr_willisyou do not resize or 'partion' a filesystem thats in use (mounted)07:20
libinlibin@libin-H61-S3:/etc$ sudo  netstat -nap |grep -i sshd07:20
libintcp        0      0    *               LISTEN      811/sshd07:20
libintcp6       0      0 :::22                   :::*                    LISTEN      811/sshd07:20
dr_willislibin:  can you do a 'ssh locallhost;' on the server?07:20
dr_willisoops no ;07:20
tasos77i want to resize ext4 partition07:21
dr_willistasos77:  so use the Ubuntu live cd,  or the gparted live cd.. and resize it..07:21
libin<dr_willis>   yes,I can connect .'ssh locallhost;' on the server07:22
dr_williswhere is this ext4 normally mounted to tasos77 ?07:22
dr_willislibin:  and the machine using putty is where exactly?07:22
emxhow do i add a directory to nautilus / "places"? CTRL+D doesn't do the trick.07:22
dr_willislocal lan?  internet?07:22
libinlocal lan07:22
vnwildmantasos77: may use resize2fs07:23
emxlocal lan, local local area network...? ;)07:23
libinI want to know  what firewall used by Ubuntu 13.0407:23
dr_willislibin:  and you are giving putty the IP# od the ssh server?07:23
nathanbzcan you order by case ?07:23
dr_willislibin:  none is tiurned on by default07:23
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as Gufw also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo07:24
nathanbzso like case x = y field1 else field2 ?07:24
Slart!firewall | libin07:24
ubottulibin: please see above07:24
nathanbzso sort by field1 if x =y else sort by field2 ?07:24
libinhow to disable the firewall07:24
dr_willislibin:  its NOT enabled by default.. did you enable it?07:25
dr_willislibin:  can the windows machine pintg the ip# of the linux box?07:25
tasos77ok i used ubuntu cd and have opened gparted07:26
libinI'm sorry07:26
libinCan't ping  Ubuntu host...07:26
dr_willislibin:  you did use the ip#? not the hostname?07:27
libinuse ip07:27
dr_williscan the linux box ping the windows pc? can both ping the router  and outside websites?07:27
libinlibin@libin-H61-S3:/etc$ ping
libinPING ( 56(84) bytes of data.07:28
libin64 bytes from icmp_req=1 ttl=128 time=85.0 ms07:28
libin64 bytes from icmp_req=2 ttl=128 time=2.80 ms07:28
FloodBot1libin: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:28
ArashiI have some questions, but I warn that I'm a n00b. I believe I'm running 11.04 and I keep getting stuck on purple screen. Whenever I try recovery mode, my comp freezes after "loading initial ramdisk". And yes, I started with Windows @.@ .07:29
dr_willislinux can ping windows, windows cant ping linux... points to the windows firewall blocking stufff to me...07:29
Arashihmm... I'll try to get into my Windows partition and see if I can fix anything with that07:30
ubottuUbuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) was the fourteenth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on October 28, 2012. See !upgrade, !lts and !eol for more details.07:30
libinBut  my windows  can ping other linux server ...07:30
dr_willisArashi:  i suggest  either upgradeing if you can, or a clean install of a newer release.07:31
dr_willislibin:  can the 2 linux boxs ssh to each other?07:31
libinubuntu can ssh other.07:32
libinCentOS can't ssh Ubuntu07:32
dr_willisdouble check your firewall - be sure it has no rules..    'sudo iptables --list'   ( i recall)07:32
libinproblems occurred in the ubuntu PC ,I guess.07:33
dr_willisand what error does centos give>07:33
dr_willisssh -vvv linuxbox     should give some verbose error info07:33
libinssh: connect to host port 22: No route to host07:33
dr_willishmm. whats the ip of the centos box?07:34
Wh1plashIf you ifconfig it what does it show?07:34
libinThe same network.07:34
Guerrilla_if  i were to go to the ATI radeon website, would it help me setup the dual monitor thingy07:34
dr_willisand the ip of the linux bix IS in fact
Guerrilla_at the moment on a fresh install of lubuntu 64bit, it just mirrors itself07:35
steveccchi all - whats the best way to sync 1 hard disk with a backup one (this is a data disk and not the os partition). I dont want live mirroring but to be able to connect it periodically to sync files07:35
timfrostlibin: all netmask
libinyes,IP addr is OK.07:35
dr_willisGuerrilla_:  There are ati/fglrx drivers in the repos.. better to try those first. befor trying the drivers from teh ati web site07:35
Guerrilla_so do a synaptic package for ati07:35
Wh1plashI came into this late but iptables has been checked and verified that the ssh rules are in place?07:35
Guerrilla_drivers?? dr_willis07:35
libinI guess ubuntu firewall stop it.07:36
dr_willisGuerrilla_:  yes....07:36
Guerrilla_kk thanks man07:36
Wh1plashif you can ssh in the console to localhost then it sounds like a firewall issue07:36
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto07:36
libin<Wh1plash>  yes,Ubuntu use iptables?07:36
dr_willisdouble check your firewall - be sure it has no rules..    'sudo iptables --list'       <---------------- libin   yes.. it can.07:37
dr_willisufw and gufw are a front end to the iptables commands.07:37
Wh1plashlibin: Yep07:37
Wh1plashAs dr_willis said ufw and gufw are useful and make things much easier07:38
libin<dr_willis>  There are no rules07:38
dr_willissudo iptables --flush                  cleans out all rules. :) but  thats about the extent of my firewall-fu-skiolls07:38
Guerrilla_dr_willis, when i go to synaptic package manager there is a few xserver-xorg-video-ati things that are already checked, does that mean i already have them?07:39
Wh1plashif you do a sudo ufw status what do you see?07:39
aeon-ltdiptables commands are a pain to remember though07:39
gurpinderhi!! I accidently deleted my .deb files in  /var/cache/apt/archives/. Is there any way to recover these. Please Help!!!07:40
=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
dr_willisGuerrilla_:  yes. but the FGLRX drivers are repackaged from teh ati site, its whats needed for full use of many ati cards. the  'addational-drivers' tool is normally used to install the fglrx drivers07:40
libinlibin@libin-H61-S3:/etc$ sudo ufw07:40
libinERROR: not enough args07:40
dr_willis'sudo uft status'07:40
aeon-ltdyou forgot status07:40
Guerrilla_dr_willis, should i search for FGLRX drivers07:40
libinlibin@libin-H61-S3:/etc$ sudo ufw status07:40
libinDo you understand Chinese?07:41
dr_willisGuerrilla_:  you shoul be using the 'addational-drivers' tool  like the guides say.    Depending on your  rlease the tool may be in a tab under the 'software-sources' tool. or runable via 'jockey-gtk'07:41
vnwildmanlibin: $ LANG=C sudo ufw status07:42
gurpinderhello.. Please can anyone help me!!  I accidently deleted my .deb files in  /var/cache/apt/archives/. Is there any way to recover these. Please Help!!!07:42
Wh1plashlibin: sudo ufw enable07:42
dr_williscant just rranslate one line to us  :)07:42
Wh1plashsudo ufw allow ssh07:43
timfrostgurpinder: that shouldn't be a problem - that is where apt stores .deb files before installing them.  apt will fetch an y required files again07:43
dr_willisgurpinder:  use apt-get to redownload them basically07:43
libinHas been added.07:44
gurpindertimfrost: actually , I want to copy a  .deb file from there to my USM drive.But its empty!!07:45
dr_willisgurpinder:  use apt-get to redownload the package !!!!!!!07:45
Guerrilla_okay dr_willis, i just changed to Using video driver for the amd graphics accelerators from fglrx (proprietary)07:46
Guerrilla_was that the right decision?07:46
dr_willisif you want touse the fglrx drivers.. yes07:46
Guerrilla_that's what i'll need for dual monitor setup correct?07:46
Guerrilla_thanks again bro07:46
dr_willisI dont use ati.. it may or may not be needed.07:46
Guerrilla_well trial and error is linux07:47
Guerrilla_ill get it working07:47
Guerrilla_thanks for the info boss man07:47
FloodBot1Guerrilla_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:47
gurpinderdr_willis: Thank you . But couldn't get what that means... do you maen apt get * package ??07:47
Guerrilla_how do i check pms from xchat07:48
Guerrilla_sorry bro, i dunno how to see my privates07:50
wilee-nileeGuerrilla_, Should show in panel I believe, I have that off.07:50
Guerrilla_it's weird, i have to click users, in the bottom left hand corner just to see the chatroom list of people07:50
vnwildmangurpinder: try http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/PhotoRec to recovery del file07:50
Guerrilla_it said that somebody pmed me07:51
wilee-nileevnwildman, Your suggesting to run testdisk for a lost deb?07:51
Guerrilla_but it didnt show up on the sidebar underneath #ubuntu07:51
pagios_ello, how can i make a modprobe card=2 when rebooting , the kernel is doing a modprobe card=19 by default would like to overwrite that07:51
gurpindervnwildman:  Thank you, but i think its something different. that software is still there in my system . the thing is that i can't just find my .deb file in that path:- /var/cache/apt/archives/07:54
libin_<dr_willis>   Thank you for your help.07:55
wilee-nileegurpinder, If you know the name and it does not return by running a update, debs are on the web if you know the name quite often.07:55
dr_willisgurpinder:  once you install the .deb  you dont need the   .deb file any more... it will get auto cleaned out after a time07:58
dr_willisapt-get has a download option  if you know the package name07:58
gurpinderOkay, thank you all. but if i wanna copy  .deb file from one system to  another. how can I do that then ??08:00
aeon-ltdgurpinder: cp /path/to/file /path/to/destination08:01
HypothesisFrogHi. I started a transfer across two computers via samba a couple of days ago, using Thunar file manager. I canceled. It still appears to be in the process of cancelling, two days later.08:01
aeon-ltdgurpinder: use to tab to autocomplete and reduce errors08:01
=== phaidros_ is now known as phaidros
dr_willisgurpinder:  on a small lan, you may want to set up an apt-cacher-ng server on  one machine, and let it cache allthe packages/downloads for the rest of the lan08:06
gurpinderaeon-ltd,dr_willis,  I ran a command : dpkg --get-selections.  It says youtube-dl is already installed in your system. But I can't find a complete .deb package anywhere in my system!!08:07
blazemoreCould anyone explain the difference between the nvidia-310 (recommended), nvidia-310-updates and nvidia-313-updates? I'm not used to nVidia (only fglrx) and my instinct is just to go with the latest one08:08
Jordan_Ugurpinder: That's normal.08:12
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KarvenAnyone on line ?08:17
ikoniaKarven: many people08:17
dr_willisits over 9000!  well on the server..08:19
aeon-ltdit seems weird people ask to check08:19
dr_willisthen leave.  ;-)08:21
dr_willistest passed08:23
Wh1plashSolid C08:24
Wh1plashThat too08:24
=== mike is now known as Guest50584
Kartagisanyone worked with aegisub?08:37
Guest50584I need a windows to linux translation, what's the equivalent to Start>run08:37
Guest50584i just want to start vlc without leaving a terminal open.. i'm aware of ctrl z08:38
MagePsychohi guys08:38
MagePsychoecho $PROJECTNAME08:38
MagePsychoecho $PROJECTNAME-$(date +"%Y-%m-%d")08:38
FloodBot1MagePsycho: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:38
MagePsycho2nd one deosn't work why?08:38
Mathisenehm.. Guest50584 runing a command in the terminal08:38
KartagisGuest50584: try alt+f208:38
DJonesGuest50584: You can do Alt & F208:38
Guest50584cool cool thank you08:38
KartagisGuest50584: I thought VLC had a GUI, which you can point and click08:39
=== Guest50584 is now known as irssi-mike
MagePsycho echo $PROJECTNAME-$(date +"%Y-%m-%d") is not printing project name08:40
Znooseyirssi-mike: if you really want to run it from command line you can end the command with &08:40
KarvenHow to change the size of the swap partition?08:41
DJonesMagePsycho: If thats a bash script you may be better asking in #bash (could be ##bash)08:41
KartagisMagePsycho: it does for me. did you maybe forget to export PROJECTNAME?08:41
aeon-ltdKarven: gparted08:42
irssi-mikeZnoosey: that's one i used to know08:42
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
irssi-mikeZnoosey: ty08:43
ActionParsnipMagePsycho: ask in #bash too08:44
KarvenI can't install gparted.08:45
KarvenIt says:Source can't be used.08:46
berryciderspiderguys i've just got a new desktop (Radeon 7750, AMD FX), didn't come with an os so i installed ubuntu, tried to run TF2 and im getting glitched output (semi repeating sound, really laggy graphics. I assume this is due to the graphics card (driver issue)?, although im not certain. The pc came with an amd driver, but it seems to be for windows (exe). What are you thoughts?08:46
shahansome packages are not downloading08:46
keithjasperinteresting hack related question. I have a new install ubuntu 12.04 install, which I know the username and password for (not super user) and I forgot to install SSHd on it, its in my datacenter, can I some how hack it to install SSH?08:47
aeon-ltdkeithjasper: not suspicious at all...08:47
keithjasperaeon-ltd: yea I know :(08:48
keithjasperits 10 miles away from me without remote hands lol08:48
shahanI am using the Main Server08:48
ActionParsnipkeithjasper: you'll need a smarthands request08:48
ActionParsnipkeithjasper: is there any remote access?08:48
keithjasperbugger lol thats what I thought … time for a drive later. I was supposed to install ssh but managed to forget08:49
keithjasperok… lets switch it up a bit, how can i make a custom install script for ubuntu so that it automatically installs certain packages. :) so I don't make the mistake in future :)08:49
tasos77how can i unmount a partition?08:51
ActionParsnipkeithjasper: sure, you can use a bash script08:51
keithjasperamount /mountedfolder08:51
ActionParsniptasos77: sudo umount /mont/point08:51
keithjasperActionParsnip: would I install this script separately, or would it be built in to auto run during installtion08:51
babinlonstonHave 3 ubuntu servers all those ubuntu servers want to be backuped whole system not only filesystem  , and i want to be moved to a centos server were we use it as a file server , Ubuntu server have the IP address,, it want to be backuped in /home/sysadmin/backup, And how can i restore it if there is a server crash08:52
ActionParsnipkeithjasper: just copy it over somehow and run it, or put it on a persistance if you use USB to install08:52
Skullclownhey, I did a dist-upgrade on a headless ubuntu desktop server and now when connecting via xrdp and using Chromium, everything is purple. the colors are distorted and it's purple/pink-ish. this only happens on Chromium and Chrome. on Firefox and Midori, everything works fine - except for Flash. when there's Flash on the page, that flash part is distorted purple/pink as well and the image jumps08:52
Skullclownall over the place, it's broken.08:52
SkullclownI'm not the best at linux but I've obviously already tried reinstalling the browsers + flash plugin, also removing all plugins and using clean browsers08:53
WalexSkullclown: that's a very bizarre situation.08:53
keithjasperActionParsnip: yea it would be on a USB stick so ideally want to build it into installed, something similar to RedHar Kickstart08:53
tasos77not working08:53
SkullclownWalex: it is. I did not expect it and I can't fix it08:53
WalexSkullclown: are you sure it is not just a compression artifact?08:53
tasos77i write sudo umount /dev/sda608:54
WalexSkullclown: the other possibility is some sort of weird OpenGL thing08:54
tasos77and says not found08:54
SkullclownWalex: absolutely sure, it's near impossible08:54
keithjaspertasos77: no   - amount /place/where/dev/sda6/is/mounted08:54
SkullclownWalex: Chrome and Chromium are both entirely bugged, even the UI is purple/pink, but Firefox's UI is fine, only Flash doesn't work on Firefox08:55
WalexSkullclown: it is not a browser issue, it is either a virtual X server issue or a remote protocol access issue08:55
tasos77place where?08:55
WalexSkullclown: the 'dist-upgrade' probably upgraded the virtual X server08:55
SkullclownWalex: but isn't it weird that it only happens on these browsers? in this specific cases?08:55
keithjaspertasos77: if /dev/sda6 is mounted at /tmp you would do - sudo mount /tmp    check you mount command to see where it is mounted08:56
Skullclownthese *08:56
WalexSkullclown: different browsers use different rendering approaches.08:56
berryciderspiderguys i've just got a new desktop (Radeon 7750, AMD FX), didn't come with an os so i installed ubuntu, tried to run TF2 and im getting glitched output (semi repeating sound, really laggy graphics. I assume this is due to the graphics card (driver issue)?, although im not certain. The pc came with an amd driver, but it seems to be for windows (exe). What are you thoughts?08:56
aeon-ltdWalex: even for the UI? nothing is shared?08:56
SkullclownWalex: I do have a list of packages that was upgraded, want me to link them?08:57
keithjasperberryciderspider: ATI website for latest linux drivers?08:57
aeon-ltdberryciderspider: install drivers? try all options08:57
Walexaeon-ltd: yes, even for the UI. It could be the app uses XRENDER/GLX for everything08:57
Walexberryciderspider: almost certaintly your graphics are not being ccelerated.08:57
keithjasperberryciderspider: also are you using WINE to run TF2 or do you have the linux native installed?08:58
tasos77i wrote sudo mount /tmp08:58
Walexberryciderspider: I have a 7850 with the proper AMD/ATi accelerated drivers, and I cannot play TF2 because the drivers don't have some moderately obscure OpenGL feature that the Source engine needs. I can play HL-era games though.08:58
tasos77and did nothing08:58
SkullclownWalex: I had to search through dpkg.log to find the packages because I didn't think of writing down all packages that would be upgraded.. since I thought it would go fine, like always08:58
SkullclownWalex: but here goes http://pastebin.com/JrYH1NXv08:58
tasos77at gparted iwant to delete partition /den/sda608:58
berryciderspiderkeithjasper: how can i accelerate it?08:59
keithjasperberryciderspider: installing the official ATI drivers08:59
Walexberryciderspider: however as <keithjasper> says you might want to try the MS-Windows version of Steam under GNU/Linux using Wine. I use Crossover which is Wine with some nicer packaging and GUI.08:59
tasos77what write in terminal to unmount it?08:59
nomikeI have a local workstation in my office and I'm looking for a way to use it remote. I have access to it via SSH when using another host as jumpstation which serves well for most purposes (I'm a unix sysadmin). But when I need to access internal websites or use our ticketing tool I need to have some kind of remote console.09:00
Walexnomike: thanks for letting us know.09:00
berryciderspiderWalex: ok ill give that a shot09:01
nomikeI enabled Remote-Desktop sharing and at the moment I'm using VNC to connect to it, but as my computer in work has two big screens and at home I only have a 12" Thinkpad this is very uncomfortable.09:01
=== Nothing_Much_ is now known as Nothing_Much
nomikeDo you have any better solution for that?09:01
SkullclownWalex: could you look through the package list to see if you can find anything? At this point, any help is really appreciated.09:01
Walexnomike: sure, just create a new virtual session with the right siz09:01
WalexSkullclown: I looked at the package list and there is no X or Chromium or xrdp upgrade, so it might be a compression artifact09:02
WalexSkullclown: or perhaps you have in a different way enabled some kind of "cute" graphics option09:02
berryciderspiderWalex: just to check, are these the right drivers? http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/linux/Pages/radeon_linux.aspx?type=2.4.1&product=
SkullclownWalex: I didn't change anything aside from dist-upgrade, nothing at all (except for apt-get update right before that).09:03
Walexberryciderspider: depends what you mean by "right". If use the Ubuntu-packaged drivers09:03
=== zipper_ is now known as urbanslug
WalexSkullclown: hard to believe....09:03
WalexSkullclown: also, why are you using 'xrdb' and not VNC on a virtual screen09:04
SkullclownWalex: well, it's true..09:04
NanorHi, I installed a package when I wasn't in a virtualenv, how can I remove it?09:04
Walexberryciderspider: there are very nice pages that explain which drivers to use for Steam/TF2 under GNU/Linux.09:04
Walexberryciderspider: there are very nice pages that explain which drivers to use for Steam/TF2 under Ubuntu specifi cally09:05
nomikeWalex, the problem is that I'm also running VMWare Player with a WIndows 7 VM on my Workstation beacause I need to run some software which is windows only (e.g. ticketing tool)09:05
SkullclownWalex: I don't know? As I said, I'm not the best with Linux so I just installed xrdp following a tutorial. When connecting to xrdp, it's via sesman-Xvnc in the dropdown, default choice09:05
nomikeSo if I open a new session, the Windows VM will still reside on the old one on the local screen09:05
urbanslugAnyone recommend a channel which I can ask about software development in general09:06
abetuskI updated some packages and afterwards it asked me to reboot.  Now it just gives me a dark screen and hangs.  I can boot into recovery mode but anything else just freezes the machine.  I think I have 12.04 installed.  Any suggestions would be welcome09:06
nomikeIsn't there something like Remote Desktop? So when you login remotely you just hijack the current local session and it get's adapted to the rdesktop-viewers window size? Something like M$ is doing in Windows?09:07
Walexberryciderspider: look for the x-swat x-updates repo instructions09:07
Walexnomike: yes, VNC, and you can create virtual X sessions of the size you want09:07
urbanslugAnyone recommend a channel which I can ask about software development09:08
nomikeI know, but how do I transfer a program running on a local X session to a new VNC-X-Session09:08
Walexnomike: you cannot...09:08
nomikeurbanslug, do you have a general question or is it language dependend? In the latter case I would reccomend #c++, #python, #java, etc.09:08
Walexnomike: however, if you use the 'xvnc' session you can share your existing X session, but then it will be full size.09:08
SkullclownWalex: is xrdp not a good option? Or is VNC just that much better? xrdp is easy because it works with remote desktop (windows), does that also work with VNC?09:09
irssi-mikenomike: doesn't have to be linux either, used to use Putty on my windows laptop to control my playstation with x session09:09
urbanslugnomike general09:09
urbanslugnomike are you a dev? Maybe you can help.09:09
Ben64!alis | urbanslug09:09
Walexurbanslug: this is not the right channel.09:09
=== lynks is now known as JC-alex
Walexurbanslug: if you have web-related devel questions try #web09:10
nomikeAll my system's run on linux. My Office workstationnormaly too, but I installed linux and converted the windows to a VM. I hate working with that unergonomic OS...09:10
Ben64is the bot down?09:10
ubottuurbanslug: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*09:10
DJonesurbanslug: If its UBuntu specific maybe ask in #ubuntu-devel09:10
Ben64there we go, much lagged09:10
DJonesBen64: Just a go slow :)09:10
WalexSkullclown: both 'xrdp' and VNC do a nice job, but there are corner cases.09:11
WalexSkullclown:  if one does something strange, try the other.09:11
nomikehow about FreeNX? Is this worth trying?09:11
Walexnomike: it is rather faster but far more complicated09:12
nomikebtw. What's this remote login feature lightdm offers?09:13
Walexnomike: Skullclown: one of the advantages of VNC is that is comes with a native VNC/X server so you can run a virtual X session remotely. of the size you want09:13
Walexnomike: don't know but sounds like XDMCP09:13
anoneehi, I'm trying to add a bookmark using the Bookmarks menu or by pressing Ctrl+D but to no avail... (nautilus 3.4.2 in GNOME 3.4 fallback mode) can you please help me?09:13
nomikeXDMCP would be a preferred option (if it's over SSH it's encrypted and compressed, so that's no problem) but I think it was abandoned some releases ago, wasn't it?09:14
samertmdoes ubuntu detect plugged in microphones automatically?09:14
WalexSkullclown: I am saying corner case/compression/... because Unity etc. under Ubuntu rely critically on accelerated OpenGL/XRENDER/GLX and that can be difficult to provide remotely in a nice way.09:14
nomikesamertm, depends on the hardware but generally yes09:15
anoneeyes it does samertm09:15
samertmkk thx09:15
Walexnomike: XDCMP is not a remote graphics protocol, it is a remote management protocol for X sessions.09:15
anoneehi, I'm trying to add a bookmark using the Bookmarks menu or by pressing Ctrl+D but to no avail... (nautilus 3.4.2 in GNOME 3.4 fallback mode) can you please help me?09:15
Walexnomike: it relies on the X protocol over the  network to do the remote login.09:15
nomikeI know, I've used it in the past. In GDM you could select an option to connect to a remote host, enter a hostname/IP and then you where presented with that host's GDM greeter09:16
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Guerrilla_So i've got the my dual monitor setup to actually not mirror each other finally09:17
Guerrilla_but now i have a watermark in the lower right hand corner that says AMD unsupported hardware09:17
Guerrilla_i have an ati radeon Radeon HD 575009:17
Guerrilla_GPU , any suggestions,09:17
Guerrilla_perhaps i have the wrong driver?09:17
nomikeWhat I'm doing at the moment is to login to my WS using VNC and the first thing I do is open the system settings and enable screen mirroring. Then i'm able to work.09:18
WalexSkullclown: Chromium IIRC also uses OpenGL as mentioned: http://www.h-online.com/open/news/item/Chromium-gets-GPU-acceleration-1069131.html09:18
WalexGuerrilla_: it depends entirely on which version of which AMD/ATi driver you have installed09:18
Guerrilla_ah, well i installed lubuntu the 64 bit version09:19
Walexnomike: sure, in that way your VNC session is the same as your console X session, including the size.09:19
=== jeanaustinr is now known as jeanaustinr|x
Guerrilla_and on the ati website, there is an option for linux 86 / and linux 86 / 6409:19
Guerrilla_any ideas on which would be the proper one09:19
Walexnomike: the other possibility is for you to create a virtual VNC session of the right size.09:19
nomikeVNC however has optimizations built in to only send updates for screen--regions where stuff actually changed (instead of sending the whole screen contents all the time). But when I'm running the Windows VM VNC doesn't know about individual controls inside the VM. It only sees one big bitmap which is constantly refreshed as a whole.09:20
Walexnomike: this would be distinct from the X session you use from your WS console.09:20
=== lynks is now known as Denton
Walexnomike: that must be because the VNC server inside the VM is doing a bad job09:20
=== Denton is now known as JCDenton
ActionParsnip!ati | Guerrilla_09:20
ubottuGuerrilla_: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto09:20
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nomikewait a second, I think I have an idea...let me check something...09:21
ActionParsnipnomike: what is the purpose of the remote connection? VNC may not even be needed as a sleeker solution may exist09:21
Walexnomike: the other possibility is that when you login to your workstation you use an 'xrandr' command to change the size of your console X session to one compatible with your laptop screen09:21
Guerrilla_okay im downloading the correct driver from the website now09:22
Ben64don't get the website version09:22
nomikeActionParsnip: We have a windows-based ticketing tool which runs on a VMWare on my ubuntu workstation. Additionally we have some Intranet Websites which are only available from inside (and sometimes only work in IE, but most of the time FF is enought)09:23
Ben64Guerrilla_: look at the link that ubottu gave you above09:23
Eit8hi, I'm trying to switch from legacy driver solution to open drivers form my ati hd4xxx but I'm getting a black screen at boot, can someone help me pls...I can't understand what's going on with my drivers09:23
Guerrilla_i did man09:23
Guerrilla_but i know the actual GPU make and model09:23
Guerrilla_i just downloaded from the ATI site09:24
Guerrilla_the one for linux09:24
=== Adillian_ is now known as Adillian
MagePsychohow to mv or rm the file which has \r in the name09:24
MagePsychomv secret\r-.tar.gz didn't work09:24
Guerrilla_it gave me a file that says amd-driver-installer-catalyst-13-4-x86.x86_64.run09:25
Ben64Guerrilla_: well good luck, that method of installation is not supported here09:25
Guerrilla_well fudge man09:25
Guerrilla_im just trying to get the right install09:25
DJonesMagePsycho: Have you tried using tab completion to fill in the filename? eg "mv secre" and then press tab09:25
MagePsychoDJones that's not autocompleting09:26
Ben64MagePsycho: might need \\r or \\\r09:26
Ben64and the dashes mess up stuff too...09:26
ActionParsnipnomike: so no web UI you can use etc?09:28
Guerrilla_Please guys help me out here09:28
Guerrilla_i just want to make sure everything is current with my ATI drivers for my Radeon HD 575009:28
Ben64Guerrilla_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI09:29
=== a is now known as Guest42130
nomikeActionParsnip: Well, for the ticketing tool there is a web UI, but it's hardly useable at all and it really only work's well in IE. In Firefox and other browsers there is lot's of stuff which just doesn't work.09:30
Guerrilla_so when i download a driver from the site, per se, how would i go about installing it09:31
Guerrilla_it just gives me a bunch of text, when i try to open it09:31
nomikeHowever I just found out, that VMWare player has a built in VNC-Server. So I could connect directly to my windows VM from outside to do any windows specific tasks. That's at least a bit better.09:31
MathisenGuerrilla_,  sh name.run09:31
Ben64Guerrilla_: remember when i said that method is not supported here? well it still isn't supported here.09:31
Guerrilla_is it a bad idea to do that or something?09:31
Ben64sometimes, yeah09:31
_MagePsycho<MagePsycho> mv secret\\\r-tar.gz ../ -> not working09:32
_MagePsycho<MagePsycho> mv secret\\r-tar.gz ../ -> not working09:32
_MagePsycho<MagePsycho> mv "secret\r-tar.gz" ../  -> not working09:32
Guerrilla_even though it said it was for linux09:32
Guerrilla_its still a bad idea?!?09:32
Ben64you can try it, but you can't come here for help with it09:32
Sling_MagePsycho: what are you trying to do?09:32
Mathisenim using the ati drivers no problem here09:32
Sling_MagePsycho: also, what do you mean with 'not working'09:32
Ben64_MagePsycho: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/delete-remove-files-with-inode-number.html09:32
MathisenGuerrilla_, you will ne the linux headers installed to install the drivers ... >> sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)09:34
Guerrilla_well it just concerns me that i have AMD unsupported hardware water marks, on the lower right hand corner of each of my monitors09:34
Guerrilla_that wasn't there, until i used catalyst control center09:34
Guerrilla_which is pretty odd to me09:34
Ben64Guerrilla_: try something easier first, like sudo apt-get install fglrx-updates09:35
samertmdoes anyone here have experience of /etc/udev/rules.d?09:35
samertmfor hotplugging usb devices09:35
Guerrilla_let me run that09:35
nomikeIs there a way to install IE on linux (like with wine or that wine-based-game installer (have just forgotten it's name)?09:35
Guerrilla_okay its downloading ben09:35
Guerrilla_ben64,  when doing a DL via terminal will it automatically go to my /home partition09:36
=== jfc is now known as jfcjfc
Guerrilla_because when i installed lubuntu, i made one partition of roughly 30mb for the OS it self and the other 500 for home09:36
Ben64Guerrilla_: depends what you're downloading09:36
Guerrilla_aka one small partition for / , the larger portion for /Home09:37
ActionParsnipGuerrilla_: 30Mb, not Gb?09:37
Guerrilla_okay install is complete09:37
=== dan_ is now known as Guest89451
Guerrilla_shoudld i restart?09:37
Guerrilla_one quick question ben6409:38
Guerrilla_when i want to download something to the larger partition09:38
Guerrilla_which is my home partition09:38
Guerrilla_for games, software videos etc.09:38
CoolCoderWhere to get link to download ubuntu? I need to install with windows 7. No wubi.exe please.09:38
Guerrilla_how would i go about doing that09:39
Ben64CoolCoder: ubuntu.com09:39
DJonesCoolCoder: www.ubuntu.com09:39
Ben64Guerrilla_: normally stuff you do as your own user ends up in /home09:39
Guerrilla_ah so i assume system specific things, go into the \ partition09:39
Guerrilla_such as GPU stuff etc. ben6409:40
fraser_CoolCoder: Do you want to install inside windows? or beside windows?09:40
CoolCoderI am always getting a link to download ubuntu desktop and everytyime when I burn ISO it will be wubi. I have a wubi installation. Its taking lots of space and wired. Up on advice, Someone told me the issues was because of wubi and get a new version of standalone ubuntu. I am searching for that link where I can install on windows 7(I ahve a windows OS, I dont want to loose it) fraser_:09:41
=== llutz_ is now known as llutz
Guerrilla_Coolcoder, i have restart real quick, but if you have a flash drive thats large enough, use universal USB iso maker, and put the image on a USB stick... thats the easy way09:42
Guerrilla_sometimes you may have to use GPARTED first to get your ext4 filesystem setup first09:42
DJonesCoolCoder: Just download the ubuntu iso from the website, it may include the wubi.exe file, but as long as you burn it to dvd/usb and boot up with it, it'll let you install alongside windows without using wubi09:42
Guerrilla_and if for whatever reason it just goes straight to win 7 after the install, hold shift after restarting, and it will give you grub window to choose which OS to go to09:42
CoolCoderDJones: Is that only possible to make dual boot  with wubi?09:43
fraser_CoolCoder: You want to go to ubuntu.com and download the .iso file.  You'll need that, regardless.  Then you'll want to download UniversalUsbInstaller to install in onto a usb flash drive.  Boot your computer with the flash drive plugged-in, and follow the instructions.  Ubuntu can install itself beside Windows, and will give you a choice every time to start the computer as to which OS you'd like to use09:43
DJonesCoolCoder: No, I've never used wubi, as far as I know, wubi is included on the install media by default, but it doesn't get used unless you're already running windows and install ubuntu within windows using wubi09:45
Guerrilla_okay Ben64 looks like it worked brother09:45
Guerrilla_watermark is now gone09:45
Guerrilla_and i suppose all drivers are installed as well09:46
DJonesCoolCoder: How are you trying to install Ubuntu?09:46
Guerrilla_so things are good to go now?09:46
CoolCoderfraser_: I have installed earlier the same way ubuntu 11.x version. But I was having so many issues on space like 40GB is always filled. I have raised this issues to many ubuntu forums. Most of them answerd that, the reason is because I am using wubi installation and which is not the right way to install ubuntu. They adviced me to download and install another standard version. Confused now09:46
CoolCoderDJones: I have installed earlier from wubi file09:46
CoolCoderI mean wubi installer09:47
fraser_CoolCoder: If you install the way I mentioned, you'll be installing plain ol' ubuntu.  It should work totally fine!  If you're running out of space, you can shrink the size of your Windows partition to get more space09:48
zipyhey, i have an usb stick which is still still transfairing files (blinking) even if it said dd complete does someone know why it is like this?09:48
nopresnikzipy: lol, to me, flashing lights on USB sticks don't mean shit to me09:49
DJonesCoolCoder: ok, just download the desktop iso from the website and burn it to a dvd or onto a usb stick, then put the dvd in the drive or plug the usb stick in, then reboot the computer, it should then startup the normal Ubuntu installer so that you can install alongside windows (this will need you create disk partitions to install on by either shrinking your windows partition or using free space if you already have it)09:49
llutzzipy: OS writes slower to USB than it read the data, so it's still writing09:49
_MagePsychoany help on how to read file with \r in the name?09:50
verses_I can't login to unity 2D , although I changed to unity 2D on the login scree. any idea?09:50
Ben64_MagePsycho: i already gave you a link for that09:50
zipynopresnik, when i look in multiload, it also says disk write09:51
_MagePsychoBen64 which link can you send once09:51
qiyongwhat's the default tool to configure runlevel services?09:51
Ben64_MagePsycho: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/delete-remove-files-with-inode-number.html09:51
zipyso its still transfairing09:51
zipywith fullspeed09:51
Gilligan94verses_: I didn't think unity 2d was still supported, what version are you on?09:51
llutz_MagePsycho: less "foo\rbar"09:51
verses_Gilligan94, it's a ubuntu 12.0409:51
zipyllutz, ah so the dd status in terminal is the read data status only?09:51
Ben64zipy: no, but the writes are getting cached09:52
_MagePsychorm -i secret\r-.tar.gz is not working09:53
llutz_MagePsycho: rm "foo\rbar"09:53
_MagePsychorm: cannot remove `secretr-.tar.gz': No such file or directory09:53
Ben64_MagePsycho: read the page better09:53
zipyBen64, so when the last read for caching is done it says complete while write is still active. did i understand this correctly?09:54
Ben64zipy: no.. it finished writing everything to cache, so its job is done09:54
zipyhmm how can i find out how big the cache is09:54
Ben64not sure09:54
llutzzipy: issue "sudo sync", when that finished, cached writes should be done (usb shouldn't be blinking anymore)09:55
qiyongwhat's the default tool to configure runlevel services?09:55
zipyye im just thinking of how to figure out when its really done if i have usb devices without leds if in ssh for example09:56
llutzzipy: force a sync and you'll be fine09:56
zipyhow do i do that09:57
llutzzipy: "sudo sync"09:57
llutzrsync hs nothing to do with that09:57
zipyso after dd shows done i simply sudo sync after?09:58
zipyi have to try taht out :D09:58
llutzzipy: if you write on mounted media, mount those with "sync" option (won't do with dd)09:58
llutz*with dd writing on raw devices09:58
lawnchairim trying to install ubuntu (12 or 13) and the installer crashes the same way for both versions: "console-setup-linux breaks console-setup" - has anyone ever seen this before?10:00
qiyongwhat's the default tool to configure runlevel services?10:00
llutz!runlevel | qiyong10:00
ubottuqiyong: In Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.10:00
llutz Info about upstart at http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/10:01
ubottuUnity is the default UI since Ubuntu 11.04.  Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. For a GNOME 2-like experience, see !notunity10:01
qiyongwhat's the default tool to configure runlevel services? like rcconf update-rc.d10:01
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 and higher use the !Unity desktop environment by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown.10:01
qiyongllutz: what about /etc/rc2.d ?10:02
the-newsmani got a VM contain ubuntu (SWEET), its webgoat is a local server that works at port 8080 however my browser cannot connect to this local host, any suggestions ?10:02
llutzqiyong: there is none atm, "sysv-rc-conf" might work (despite the name). you want to read about upstart and how it works, it has a wrapper for the old sysv-scripts10:02
Guerrilla_big thanks to Ben6410:02
Guerrilla_I appreciate ya bud10:02
ddsschow do I add a user to a group?10:02
llutzddssc: sudo adduser user group10:03
qiyongllutz: is rcN.d still used?10:03
llutzqiyong: ... you want to read about upstart and how it works, it has a wrapper for the old sysv-scripts10:03
the-newsmani got a VM contain ubuntu (SWEET), its webgoat is a local server that works at port 8080 however my browser cannot connect to this local host, any suggestions ?10:05
the-newsmanany helper ?10:05
kiwishello anybody help me... how can i fix wifi(showing error device not managed)10:05
ActionParsnipthe-newsman: can you ping the server?10:08
the-newsmanActionParsnip the server and the client r on the same VM10:08
ActionParsnipthe-newsman: is there an access restriction in the server?10:08
the-newsmani dunno. i just downloaded the VM from the web and i followed the isntructions.10:09
llutzkiwis: do you have any "iface wlanX" entries in /etc/network/interfaces?10:09
kiwisllutz: no10:10
the-newsmanActionParsnip here is the website i got this vm from http://williams.comp.ncat.edu/IA_visualization_labs/Case%20Studies/application_security/cross_sitescript.html10:10
AaddeRammerthe-newsman, what is the output of the 'ifconfig' command? (without quotes)10:10
AaddeRammerwhat kind of addresses or interfaces do you see?10:10
AaddeRammeri think you only have a localhost interface, no "real" network interface10:10
AaddeRammersince it a vm10:11
the-newsmanAaddeRammer can i query u ?10:11
AaddeRammerlooking at the website I think they only made it available on localhost on purpose10:12
AaddeRammerbecause it's about hacking / testing security10:13
llutzif srever + client are inside the same VM, there is no need for more than lo10:13
AaddeRammerllutz, exactly10:13
kiwishello anybody help me... how can i fix wifi(showing error device not managed)10:13
llutz(given that "server" listens on ALL ifaces)10:13
the-newsmanAaddeRammer look at that http://pastebin.com/KsRuebrd10:13
llutzthe-newsman: " sudo lsof -i :8080" shows your server listening on that port?10:17
_MagePsychoCan you guys reply at http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/83351/unable-to-move-or-delete-file-with-r-in-the-name10:17
blazemorekiwis: What wireless device do you have, and what Ubuntu version are you using?10:17
the-newsmanllutz it gave nothing at all, i got the promprt back10:17
llutzthe-newsman: theres your answer why the client cannot connect. the server doesn't even run10:18
dayhow do i find a mainboard with proper linux support? T_T googling for the chipnames (mainly sound and network) doesnt give me good results10:20
verses__MagePsycho, why can't you delet with just  -  rm filename?10:20
Sling_MagePsycho: try find . -inum `ls -i filename | awk '{print $1}'` -delete10:21
Slingand just tab-complete the filename10:21
Sling(but foo\\rbar should reference a file named 'foo\rbar')10:21
llutz_MagePsycho: just doublequote the filename10:22
SwedeMike_MagePsycho: use "?" instead, rm secret?-.tar.gz10:22
SwedeMike_MagePsycho: or mv in taht case...10:22
_MagePsychonot working any of them10:23
Sling_MagePsycho: 'not working' is not a good answer10:24
llutz_MagePsycho: what is the filename exactly?10:24
verses_just tell me one thing guys - is it any worth waiting for my unity 2D to work or should I go back? since yesterday , I can't login to untiy 2D10:24
Slingsay what you tried, and what happened exactly10:24
blazemorekiwis: What wireless device do you have, and what Ubuntu version are you using?10:24
ActionParsnipverses_: what happens if you log in to the 2D session10:24
Ben64_MagePsycho: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/delete-remove-files-with-inode-number.html10:24
Ben64_MagePsycho: this is the last time i'm giving you the link, read it, it works10:25
verses_ActionParsnip, I get the same plain unity istead of unity 2D10:25
verses_a day before I had changed to plain unity ( I am not sure what is called ) just to get rid of chrome crashes, but yesterday when I tried to use unity 2D through login screen it logged me in right, but it was all plain unity10:26
mersadkhanafter installing amd fglrx on ubuntu12.04.2 and restart it the amd catalist say that it cant find any amd driver. i have amd4200 and a amd 5000 hybrid !any body van help!10:26
verses__MagePsycho, if none of them is working , time's now to check it's permission10:28
blazemoremersadkhan: How did you install fglrx?10:28
mersadkhanfrom additional driver10:29
mersadkhanfrom terminal10:29
mersadkhaneven from  amd  site10:29
blazemoreWell which?10:29
blazemoremersadkhan: Did it complete sucesfully, or did you get an error message during the installation?10:29
mersadkhanthe non free10:29
mersadkhanall of them have same problem10:29
mersadkhanafter restart i cant access my hardware10:30
blazemoreIs your card supported?10:30
verses_mersadkhan, a humble request my friend , just type it on one line10:30
_MagePsychomv $'secret\r-.tar.gz' ../ is working like a charm10:31
k1l_mersadkhan: can you install the fglrx from the official ubuntu repos and show the whole output from "apt-get install fglrx" on the terminal on a pastebin?10:32
k1l_mersadkhan: also make sure you got the right kernel headers installed10:32
mersadkhani do it before10:32
mersadkhanthe result was same10:32
k1l_mersadkhan: but im not sure if that hybrid cards are supported anyway. im not a fglrx guy10:33
blazemoremersadkhan: Is it a laptop? What model of laptop is it?10:33
blazemoremersadkhan: hp make a lot of laptops...10:33
killergma 3600 chipset , is  i supported yet?10:33
sandGorgonis anybody here using the liquorix kernel ? I'm getting kernel boot panic on 12.0410:33
blazemoremersadkhan: What model laptop is it?10:34
mersadkhan01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI RS880M [Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series]10:34
mersadkhan02:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI Madison [Radeon HD 5000M Series]10:34
mersadkhanits my result of graphics models10:34
k1l_mersadkhan: again: if you pastebin the ouptput from that install people in here could see if errors occur10:35
mersadkhanThere was a problem initializing Catalyst Control Center Linux edition.  It could be caused by the following.10:36
mersadkhanNo AMD graphics driver is installed, or the AMD driver is not functioning properly.10:36
mersadkhanPlease install the AMD driver appropriate for you AMD hardware, or configure using aticonfig.10:36
mersadkhanthis is my amd catalist pm10:36
blazemoremersadkhan: Is this installed from AMD's website?10:37
k1l_!nopaste | mersadkhan10:37
mersadkhanfrom aditional driver10:37
blazemoremersadkhan: where did you install it from?10:37
k1l_mersadkhan: do you even listen to what i told you?10:37
mersadkhanok k1l10:38
k1l_i think i will use my tome for something better if you dont listen to me anyway :/10:38
blazemoremersadkhan: Can you please paste the result of running the command "sudo apt-get install fglrx" (without quotes) on the command-line into http://paste.ubuntu.com - nobody is going to ask you again or help you until you do it10:38
mersadkhani get it10:38
ActionParsnipmersadkhan: what is the output of: cat /etc/iisue10:38
ActionParsnipmersadkhan: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue10:38
blazemoreActionParsnip: mersadkhan: cat /etc/issue10:38
ActionParsnipblazemore: way ahead of you ;)10:38
blazemore1 second ahead of me :P10:38
ActionParsnipmersadkhan: there is a known issue with 2xxx 3xxx and 4xxx ATi GPUs and 12.0410:42
ActionParsnipmersadkhan: https://launchpad.net/~makson96/+archive/fglrx10:42
blazemoreThat can possibly be fixed by updating to 13.04 and using the fglrx legacy driver10:42
mersadkhani use them10:42
blazemoremersadkhan: But if you need to use 12.04 I guess you're using the open source driver10:43
mersadkhanbut after aticofig --initial -f10:43
mersadkhanand restart i just have a black screen10:43
blazemore!nomodeset | mersadkhan10:43
ubottumersadkhan: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter10:43
blazemoremersadkhan: Scroll down to "How to permanently set kernel boot options on an installed OS"10:44
mersadkhanok i will read this guides. thanks.they are new10:47
_MagePsychohow to read xml tag value from xml file using ssh?10:47
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subhojit777I am having trouble in setting up vhost in apache2 fastcgi php5-fpm. I am using Ubuntu 13.04. Details can be seen here http://paste.ubuntu.com/5883788/10:55
ikoniasubhojit777: when have you mixed instructions10:56
ikoniasubhojit777: it should be as simple as installing the package php5-fpm10:57
subhojit777ikonia, I followed the instructions as given in the second link for setting up vhost. I get 403 error10:58
ikoniasubhojit777: 1.) why are you not using the official ubuntu instructions 2.) why are you using instructions not for your version 3.) have you looked at what a 403 error is and then looked in the http logs ?10:59
blazemoreikonia: did you just ban stein for saying "lol" ?11:01
ikoniablazemore: no11:01
k1l_blazemore: no, he banned him because he is ban-evading and dissturbing the channel over and over again11:02
subhojit777ikonia, I did not looked into the official docs.. I will check the official docs. I always thought that installing applications in 13.04 are more or less same as in Ubuntu 12.04 or 12.10. I checked the logs apache logs and php error log but nothing there11:04
macwolf74hi there11:14
DinosaurioHow to close a X session (F7) from a tty?11:14
ezra-skill it11:15
LucidDreamZzZthanks Ubuntu i just wasted about 5 hours playing my favorite game11:15
=== skirge1 is now known as skirge
ezra-sDinosaurio, if you are using default ubuntu "sudo stop lightdm" will close it too11:15
afflictoHello everyone. Has anyone had issues with strange characters showing up when programming? I'm using sublime text and sometimes my PHP code breaks due to these invisible characters "showing up".11:16
Dinosaurioezra-s: and to start again, "start" and go to alt+F7, right?11:16
ezra-sLucidDreamZzZ, playing your favourite game is not a waste of time11:16
ezra-sDinosaurio, to start it back, "sudo start lightdm"11:16
LucidDreamZzZgoing to be tough to do work though now ;p11:16
ezra-sDinosaurio, or "sudo restart lightdm" for both11:17
ezra-sLucidDreamZzZ, I played Don't Starve for over 60 hours already on Ubuntu too :P11:17
LucidDreamZzZhehe i'll have to check it out, was playing hl2dm11:18
ezra-sIt took me much efford to stop playing it, hooks badly11:19
LucidDreamZzZonly 6cents on my account i bought some tf2 stuff11:19
LucidDreamZzZstill cannot play that its Valves fault11:20
ezra-safflicto, have you tried dos2unix?11:20
afflictoezra-s: what's that?11:20
ezra-sLucidDreamZzZ, why not? I can play all valve games without problems11:20
ezra-safflicto, a terminal tool to convert windows carriage returns to unix11:21
ezra-swindows as everything does that different too11:21
LucidDreamZzZi dunno its a glitch in tf2 that i cannot start it it say GL error11:22
ezra-sLucidDreamZzZ, I very much doubt so, then probably is drivers not correctly installed, which gpu do you use?11:22
xormorLinux laptoppi-HP-G62-Notebook-PC 3.8.0-26-generic #38-Ubuntu SMP Mon Jun 17 21:46:08 UTC 2013 i686 athlon i686 GNU/Linux11:22
xormoris this a good system?11:22
afflictoezra-s: I created and wrote the file on linux tho?11:23
joshu_I'm looking for someone to help me build a custom ubuntu for a laptop thin client solution with a few requirements.11:23
LucidDreamZzZi can play other hl2 based game like hl2dm11:23
LucidDreamZzZintel hd300011:23
ezra-safflicto, then it could be an encoding problem11:23
LucidDreamZzZget over 200 fps11:23
afflictoezra-s: I'm saving it as UTF-8.11:23
ezra-safflicto, which is your native language?11:23
macwolf74xormor ? what exactly do you need help with11:23
ezra-sor the locale specified in your ubuntu?11:23
ezra-smaybe it has something to do with it11:24
afflictoezra-s: I have a norwegian keyboard layout. But ubuntu is displaying English UK.11:24
DinosaurioHi, Unity doesn't work, when I open my session it just shows the wallpaper11:24
Dinosaurioany idea of how to force it to open?11:24
macwolf74ctrl+alt+t and try type in unity11:24
ezra-safflicto, could it be norwegian characters that show like you described?11:24
ezra-sDinosaurio, you broke something, which Ubuntu version are you using?11:25
Dinosaurioezra-s: 12.0411:25
joshu_I'm thinking about using Ubuntu mini and lightdm if anyone has time to chat11:25
afflictoezra-s: I don't think so. It's similar to the norwegian "Å" but the character showing up is "Â". Dno if you can see it. (I can't see it in the source code)11:25
LucidDreamZzZValve likes to break stuff they eventually might hopefully fix, but as long as hl2dm works11:26
Dinosauriowow, I also don't have "close" and those buttons11:26
Dinosaurioit seems that compiz doesn't work11:26
ezra-sI see A circle on top11:27
ezra-sA ^ on top11:27
xormormacwolf74: should I dist-upgrade?11:27
Dinosaurioabt udea of how to open compiz?11:27
Dinosaurioany idea*11:27
macwolf74xormor, what edition? and for what?11:27
ezra-sDinosaurio, there is a program called unsettings, that could revert unity to defaults, but I'm not sure if it works for ubuntu 12.0411:27
ezra-sother than that and you don't have anything to lose I would go to my ~/ dir and start removing all config files related to unity11:28
ezra-s~/.config/whatever... etc11:28
afflictoezra-s: I checked the character on wikipedia and no it's not used in nowegian.11:28
xormormacwolf74: xubuntu 13.04 raring ringtail. I use irssi, Facebook and YouTube. And I program small mathematical programs in C++.11:28
ezra-safflicto, then I don't know what could it be other than that :(11:28
inad922How can I change the session that starts on login?11:29
macwolf74you're already on the latest version11:29
Dinosaurioezra-s: will it work ?11:29
inad922on 13.0411:29
xormormacwolf74: ok, thanks.11:29
afflictoezra-s: hm ok. It's incredibly annoying as I keep re-writing entire lines all the time. :\11:29
macwolf74inad922, go to the login screen, and click the ubuntu logo on the top right of your username, select a session11:29
inad922macwolf74, thx11:30
ezra-safflicto, have you tried another editor just to check?11:30
afflictoezra-s: no but I could.11:31
inad922macwolf74, I probably phrased it wrong. I wanted to change the window manager11:32
ezra-safflicto, doesn't hurt to check something else ;)11:32
afflictoezra-s: but it happens seemingly at random tho so I dno.11:32
inad922I've already added to xsessions and stuff...11:32
ezra-safflicto, you type and suddenly those chars appear out of nowhere?11:32
macwolf74inad922, what desktop environment?11:32
Dinosaurioezra-s: ok I did what you said, but using a command "unity --reset". It works perfectly now. Thank you very much! :-)11:32
inad922macwolf74, awesome11:33
afflictoezra-s: yes. And I can't see them in the source code. they show up in PHP's error messages tho.11:34
ezra-sDinosaurio, ohh, didn't know about that one.. so easy.. lol, thanks for letting me know11:34
ezra-safflicto, so if they are no there as you type and just show in php error messages it could be the lang settings inside the php code itself11:35
ezra-sI'm guessing though11:35
ezra-strying to think of the parts involved from where you code to where you see those messages11:35
ezra-sI guess those are when you access the website, etc..11:35
codephobicI'm looking to upgrade my AMD/ATI Radeon HD 3000 on-board graphics to a Radeon HD6670. I was wondering if anybody to confirm that this card is fully supported by the latest Xorg and Ubuntu.11:37
codephobicIs there a "HCL" that I can refer to before making any purchases?11:37
afflictoezra-s: I think it's probably me pressing keys which does nothing on windows but has a function on ubuntu. Since I type quite quickly, I sometimes hold down certain keys while pressing others which usually doesn't create any extra character. Soemthing like that. I dno.11:37
ezra-safflicto, a sensible editor should show them up11:39
=== Evpok_ is now known as Evpok
=== tbn is now known as Guest35071
iceroot!hcl | codephobic11:43
ubottucodephobic: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection11:43
codephobicthanks iceroot11:43
fu3LI am looking to get a vps for setting up a shell acount for irc(eggdrop,psybnc) should i get openvz or kvm? And what os should i go for debian/ubuntu/centos?11:46
codephobiciceroot, unfortunately the HCL is out of date (and discontinued).11:46
AaddeRammerfu3L, doesn't really matter which distro. It needs to be one you are most familiar with11:48
AaddeRammerpersonally no experience with openvz, only kvm or xen11:48
AaddeRammerbut any virtual solution is good enough for your needs I think11:49
fu3Loh ok if i go for kvm its double the price of the openvz11:49
=== crondd is now known as crond
andybrineafternoon everyone11:51
ActionParsnipandybrine: howdy11:52
andybrinedoes anyone know of any good transcription software for ubuntu?11:52
BluesKaj_Hiyas all11:53
AaddeRammerhola BlueEagl111:53
BluesKaj_hi AaddeRammer , too many of us blues nicks11:55
MonkeyDustthe bluezzzz11:55
AaddeRammerhehe, indeed11:55
andybrineis blueshark the name of some software/11:57
superman_alt sysrq commands don't seem to work on Lubuntu, how do i make it work?11:57
DJones!info blueshark11:58
ubottuPackage blueshark does not exist in raring11:58
MonkeyDustandybrine  you mean wireshark?11:58
inad922If I have an  email address a@b.com and the server's name is c.com and a user name "user" how do I configure thunderbird not try to log in as user@c.com but just as user?11:58
andybrineim not sure, im just looking for a program to transcribe speech to tech11:58
greenieuhm, hello?12:00
compdocgreenie, youre only allowed one question, so thanks12:00
greeniewell crap12:01
greenieguess i blew that one already12:01
compdocjk :)12:01
greenieokay so, i apparently destroyed my apt somehow when i tried installing some updates through the update manager12:02
greenieall i get now when i try to install anything is Setting up apt (0.8.16~exp12ubuntu10.11) ... ERROR: Can't find the archive-keyring Is the ubuntu-keyring package installed?12:03
greeniehalp? D:12:03
greenieoh, and i'm using 12.0412:03
ezra-sgreenie, go to terminal and type "sudo apt-get -f install" paste the output in a pastebin website12:04
greeniehttp://pastebin.com/Ps1mijPU there ya go :)12:06
ActionParsnipgreenie: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue12:06
ActionParsnip!info ubuntu-keyring12:07
ubottuubuntu-keyring (source: ubuntu-keyring): GnuPG keys of the Ubuntu archive. In component main, is important. Version 2012.05.19 (raring), package size 16 kB, installed size 46 kB12:07
ezra-sgreenie, did you manually touch anything under /etc/apt?12:07
greeniei'm way too incompetent to actually try and manually do anything, so no :D12:08
greenieand the output of cat /etc/issue is: Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS \n \l12:09
ezra-sgreenie, go here http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/all/ubuntu-keyring/download select a mirror and download the .deb file12:09
ezra-safter that12:09
ActionParsnipgreenie: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-keyring12:09
ezra-ssudo dpkg -i ubuntu-keyring......12:09
ezra-sI assumed apt-get would not work12:09
ezra-sbut still12:09
fishcookeri've 50-1000 costumized ubuntu client... i have one master server that will give update to the client if they want to12:10
fishcookerhow to make it happen?12:10
Slingfishcooker: what kind of update?12:10
greenieokay, i'll try that and report back then ezra12:10
fishcookersorry *50-100 client12:11
MonkeyDustfishcooker  ask in #ubuntu-server12:11
AaddeRammerfishcooker, run a local ubuntu mirror12:11
fishcookercopy and extract the new apps on the server to the client, Sling12:11
AaddeRammeror something like puppet12:11
fishcookerevery change on the server will be clone to the client if they want to update12:12
fishcookerjust like on demand update12:12
ezra-sstrange that I don't see apt......---10.11 version in packages.ubuntu.com for precise.. maybe not updated?12:12
greenieezra: thank you so much! it worked :D12:12
AaddeRammerfishcooker, do you also want to install extra packages centrally?12:12
ezra-sgreenie, I'm glad12:12
Slingfishcooker: puppet is probably best for distributing packages/configurations like that12:13
Slingjust make a manifest that says 'expect package foo'12:13
fishcookerwhat kind of extra package AaddeRammer?12:13
Sling(ask in #puppet for details)12:13
AaddeRammerfishcooker, running a local ubuntu mirror will give you the control to push updated packages to your clients. You need to set your clients to run automatic updates so they fetch it every day / week / etc12:14
=== marco is now known as Guest67290
fishcookerSling: AaddeRammer i've seen this kind of update on openwrt box12:15
fishcookeri just want to implement the mechanism on ubuntu12:15
fishcookeris it possible to do that on bashscript12:15
fishcookeror should i take it on other programming language?12:16
ezra-sbash can do almost anything but pointers hehe12:16
ezra-swell, not so much12:16
=== JotaK2 is now known as JotaK
ezra-sbut with the help of other unix programs...12:17
fishcookerphpcli? ezra-s12:17
fishcookeror perl :-D12:17
ezra-sfishcooker, depends on taste.. I am not a developer just a "tryer" but I use bash for many tasks at work, very helpful12:18
fishcookerthat's good ezra-s :-)12:20
ezra-sand it saves lots of time, LOTS12:21
ezra-sbash helps me being here helping so to speak hehehe12:21
greeniewhich is greatly appreciated ;-)12:22
ddsscwhy does xinput change my goddam device number every time I restart my computa?12:23
fishcookerbtw thankyou for quick response Sling, ezra-s, AaddeRammer and the others12:26
greenieso while i am here anyway: which distro would you guys recommend for an old atom netbook with 1 GB ram?12:30
DJonesgreenie: I'd try lubuntu/xubuntu on that12:32
usr13greenie: The one you like the best.12:32
BluesKaj_gee ubuntu should run ok with 1G12:32
fl_smitty88Xubuntun or lubuntu the latter of which i run on a inspiron w1750 with 8gb of ram no issues BlueEagl112:32
fl_smitty88Xubuntun or lubuntu the latter of which i run on a inspiron w1750 with 8gb of ram no issues Blueskey12:33
bgardnergreenie: I run Xubuntu on an atom netbook with 2Gb, runs well.12:33
greeniewhat about flash videos?12:33
ecosteDota2 doesn't start, Amnesia crashes on load.12:33
ecosteThanks Ubuntu.12:33
usr13greenie: What about them?12:33
=== lynks is now known as JC-lynks
ecosteWhat's the difference between Ubuntu and Xubuntu?12:34
BluesKaj_greenie, including flash video , 1G should suffice12:34
fl_smitty88greenie, apt-get -y install flashplugin-nonfree12:34
greeniewell, they're slow to begin with in xp for an atom netbook, and they take a lot more resources under linux12:34
usr13!xubuntu-desktop | ecoste12:34
ubottuecoste: k/ed/x/l/ubuntu-desktop is a metapackage. It depends upon other packages and brings them in; you can safely remove it, but it is recommended that you re-install it when upgrading.12:34
greenieat least that was my impression12:34
fl_smitty88fluxbox might be a good alternate to the other  des i recommended12:35
usr13ecoste: xubuntu runs xfce4 for it's desktop environment, ubuntu uses unity.12:35
usr13!xubuntu | ecoste12:35
ubottuecoste: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce as the desktop environment. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels12:35
=== BluesKaj_ is now known as BluesKaj
greeniebut hey, as long as it boots fast, runs libreoffice fast and handles the whole power management shenanigans as well as xp does i'm happy12:36
ecosteubottu: thx12:36
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)12:36
bgardnergreenie: My experience with flash video on my xubuntu netbook has been very good.12:36
fl_smitty88what kind of hard driver capacity are we talking her BlueKey?12:37
greeniewell i tried that last time with an amd gpu about 2 years ago. might be it wasn't just that optimized at the time12:37
BluesKajfl_smitty88,  I'm not the guy with the question12:38
fl_smitty88Sorry Blueskaj12:39
=== stub` is now known as stub
BluesKajfl_smitty88, np12:40
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo12:40
usr13ecoste: see   ^^^^^12:40
ecosteFirst time using IRC, have no idea how bots work ):12:40
usr13ecoste: You did it correctly but ubottu does not repeat herself.12:41
ecosteHow do you determine the gender of the bot?12:42
usr13ecoste: Try /msg ubottu !ubuntu   #Or what ever, for private message.12:42
ubottuyes, I can confirm I am a female bot :)12:42
usr13!ubottu > ecoste12:43
ubottuecoste, please see my private message12:43
MonkeyDustecoste  the bot is always right, hence female12:46
usr13Needless to say, ubottu is very intelligent.  She is our best friends here on #ubuntu.12:47
lapacheBonjour, je ne suis pas mauvais en linux mais je ne vois pas comment je peux installer ubuntu vers un disque sata depuis ma debian ... Pouvez vous m'aiguiller ?12:47
DJones!fr | lapache12:47
ubottulapache: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.12:48
lapacheSorry guys12:48
DJoneslapache: No worries12:48
usr13lapache: doesn't matter if it's sata or ide12:50
fl_smitty88Hey guys is there a ubuntu advocacy channel12:50
usr13fl_smitty88: #ubuntu-offtopic   I think12:50
kostkonfl_smitty88, #ubuntu-marketing12:52
BluesKajnever thought someone would create a factoid for ubottu even having a gender ...bots are clones , they can replicate themselves hence they are both male and female ...so the maintainers should remove that gender bias factoid :)12:52
lapacheyeah but i want to do this using ubuntu iso, i know i can use debootstrap but my debian dont have this package up-to-date enough for having the "precise" ou "quantal" choice12:52
DJonesfl_smitty88: There is #ubuntu-community-team That may be a channel that has what you want, or can point you to the right channel12:53
usr13BluesKaj: I suppose they may do that if she ever admits she's wrong about something.  ;)12:54
=== Gh0sT is now known as mahabal
usr13lapache: What version do you have installed now?12:55
MonkeyDustlapache  what's the output of    cat /etc/issue12:57
lapacheMonkeyDust, Debian 6.012:58
MonkeyDustlapache  better ask advice in the debian channel on how to create a chroot, i guess13:01
usr13Debian 6.0.0 was initially released on February 6th, 2011 and has been superseded by Debian 7.013:01
=== andrea is now known as Guest2863
thunder1212holstein: hi13:02
thunder1212holstein: i was successful in creating the usb bootable windows with copying the files.. any way i can do something similar for ubuntu?13:02
thunder1212holstein: or any linux distro?13:03
ActionParsnipthunder1212: unetbootin13:03
k1l_thunder1212: easiest way is to dd the iso onto a usb-stick13:03
MonkeyDustthunder1212  multisystem13:04
thunder1212MonkeyDust: what is multisystem?13:04
usr13thunder1212: Why not just install to a USB drive and configure as you see fit.13:04
usr13thunder1212: But I suppose you could use something like clonezilla13:06
thunder1212ActionParsnip: but can i copy the files from iso (after mounting ) to the usb and make the usb bootable ?13:06
=== tlyu_ is now known as tlyu
verses_k1l_, does that make USB stick bootable?13:07
k1l_verses_: yep13:08
SonikkuAmericathunder1212: Nope. You would need to create a bootsector, which a dd or usb-creator-{gtk,kde} can do.13:08
olivier_bKsomebody her use daemontool for application ?13:09
usr13thunder1212: See:  http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-ubuntu  or http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/install-ubuntu-with-windows13:09
thunder1212SonikkuAmerica: but i created a windows 7 usb from ubuntu today13:10
SonikkuAmericathunder1212: Using Unetbootin, I presume?13:10
thunder1212SonikkuAmerica: no by just copying the files13:10
SonikkuAmericathunder1212: And it didn't boot, I would assume?13:11
usr13thunder1212: Why don't you just install to USB?13:11
ranticgood morning13:11
thunder1212SonikkuAmerica: i installed w7 using that usb on a laptop..13:12
ranticthunder1212: What's your problem? I'm late to the party13:12
thunder1212rantic: there is no problem just disscussion13:12
k1l_thunder1212: what is wrong with using dd or using the usb-creator?13:13
LucidDreamZzZhey anyone have any luck running hammer editor?13:15
LucidDreamZzZfor hl213:16
ranticLucidDreamZzZ: I did :D13:17
LucidDreamZzZrantic, under Linux?13:17
LucidDreamZzZii have some mapping to do and i havent even try yet13:18
=== maxx is now known as Guest23072
ranticLucidDreamZzZ: It's been awhile but yes, under Ubnutu13:18
LucidDreamZzZwell, that's encouraging13:18
LucidDreamZzZreally ok13:18
LucidDreamZzZhmm i try tomorrow then, going sleep thanks13:19
ranticLucidDreamZzZ: Dream lucidly.13:20
fishcookeri have ubuntu netbook how to switch to server edition without clean install13:29
fishcookeris it possible13:29
fishcookerbecause the netbook 10.04 is not stable here13:29
jjavaholicI still have a problem with a datetime indicator that isn't working how can I debug the problem?13:40
Raziel2pI want to prevent apache from booting at startup but still need the init.d script - what do I do?13:41
ikoniaRaziel2p: it doesn't use the init.d script13:42
ikoniaRaziel2p: the jobs been moved to upstart13:42
jonathashi, i have a question about launchpad, someone can answer?13:44
Raziel2pikonia: I see - which loads the conf files in /etc/init ?13:44
ActionParsnipfishcooker: add the boot option:  text13:44
ikoniaRaziel2p: depends on the job, but yes13:44
ActionParsnipjonathas: ask in #launchpad13:44
peshhi every1...13:44
Slingevery1 is not in atm, can we help? :)13:45
Raziel2pikonia: okay - I can't seem to find a conf file in /etc/init related to apache2 though13:45
peshsure..programming..u in?13:46
Slingpesh: this is not a recruitment channel13:46
=== gbyers[Away] is now known as g_byers
JalexmI'm having issues installing Ubuntu 13.04 along side Windows 813:49
xeberdeeI'm running 12.04 LTS. SSH connection is very slow over LAN. So I followed this guide http://www.techpage3.com/2012/04/fix-for-slow-ssh-connection.html. It didn't work, so I set the two parameters back. Now I get connection refused - ssh is running, I deleted the entire contents of both users .ssh directories. Connection refused?13:51
ActionParsnipxeberdee: try connecting with compression enabled13:51
ActionParsnipxeberdee: do you connect to SSH using keys?13:52
blazemorexeberdee: Have you tried "ssh -vvv server" to see more verbose output?13:52
xeberdeeActionParsnip: I have one server I connect to with a key13:53
ashishgnome 3.8 willl not work in ubuntu12.04? i m not able to install in ubuntu12.0413:53
=== ashish is now known as Guest26575
xeberdeeActionParsnip: compression something to add to sshd_config?13:54
xeberdeeblazemore: not yet I'll try13:54
blazemorexeberdee: If you can't understand the output and it's still failing, put the output on http://paste.ubuntu.com13:55
=== sari is now known as Guest76837
saiarcot895Guest26575: I'm guessing it won't work, since (I believe) 12.04 has gnome 3.413:57
saiarcot895Guest26575: if you do manage to install it, there is likely to be portions that won't work/will be broken13:57
Guest26575ya i m using 3.4 but was interested to use latest gnome13:57
Guest26575ok thanks :)13:57
saiarcot895Guest26575: you might want to ask over at #ubuntu-gnome13:58
xeberdeeblazemore: nothing special - just port 22 connection refused. netstat says it's listening. 5 mins ago it was working - maybe UseDNS no has had some static effect...13:58
Guest26575i m new here may i know how to open that channel?13:58
Captain_Protonanyone know if in 13.04 you can make empathy popup ims? there use to be something you uncheck but I do not see it anymore13:58
saiarcot895Guest26575: try /join #ubuntu-gnome13:59
blazemorexeberdee: can you do "telnet hostname 22" ?14:00
seriously_randomhow to participate here: https://friendly.ubuntu.com/participate/ if I have Xubuntu, what package do I need to install?14:00
xeberdeeblazemore: looks like port 22 - telnet: unable to connect to remote host14:01
blazemoreOK so nothing is listening on port 22 there, xeberdee14:01
blazemorexeberdee: On the machine you're trying to connect *to*, can you do "ssh localhost" ?14:02
xeberdeetcp        0      0 *:ssh                   *:*                     LISTEN14:02
blazemoreThat doesn't look right14:02
blazemoreI am not hugely familiar with netstat but I think there should be a 22 in there if it's ssh14:02
blazemorexeberdee: On the machine you're trying to connect *to*, can you do "ssh localhost" ?14:02
xeberdeeblazemore: can connect by locahost14:03
saiarcot895seriously_random: I think only ubuntu is supported14:03
saiarcot895seriously_random: have you checked to see if you have System Testing or Ubuntu Friendly?14:03
blazemorexeberdee: OK so that means SSH daemon (server) is running, but a firewall or something is blocking access to it from another computer14:03
blazemorexeberdee: Can you ping the target machine OK? "ping target" from your source machine14:03
seriously_randomsaiarcot895, what package is it part of? No I don't see it anywhere in default Xubuntu installation14:04
xeberdeeblazemore: that's wierd. I only changed PAM and sshd_config settings.14:04
blazemorexeberdee: If you can't ping the target, it's a networking issue14:05
Jagst3r15On a fresh install of ubuntu my brightness keys ar enot working14:05
xeberdeeblazemore: shutting down the client machine :)14:05
blazemorexeberdee: If you can ping it, but can't reach port 22 with telnet, it's a firewall issue14:05
Jagst3r15Dell XPS l501x14:05
OerHeksseriously_random, i don't think Xubuntu has that testing routine > http://xubuntu.org/contribute/qa/14:06
saiarcot895seriously_random: checkbox and checkbox-qt14:06
xeberdeeblazemore: I can ping it14:07
xeberdeeblazemore: and I had a samba share mounted too14:07
Captain_Protonanyone know if in 13.04 you can make empathy popup ims? there use to be something you uncheck but I do not see it anymore14:08
zipycan i mount imaages within 2 partitions in it?14:08
Captain_Protonxeberdee, stupid ? but did you install ssh?14:09
xeberdeeCaptain_Proton: not stupid - but yes14:10
seriously_randomsaiarcot895, thanks14:10
Captain_Protonxeberdee, ok did you install failtoban or ssh monitor14:10
blazemoreJagst3r15: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1636959&p=10196162#post1019616214:11
Jagst3r15blazemore that safe to add ppa?14:12
xeberdeeCaptain_Proton: neither - I'm nopt sure what those packages are14:12
Captain_Protonxeberdee, fail2ban will ban IPs there fail auth more then 3 times14:13
Captain_Protonfro server and machine that are on the internet14:13
blazemoreIs it OK to format your entire drive (eg. mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdb) rather than make a partition table?14:14
blazemoreI mean for a data drive not for an installation target obviously14:15
xeberdeeCaptain_Proton: don't have either14:15
Frogging|workWhere does stderr go?14:15
Captain_Protonxeberdee, you said you change the pam and ssh_config. what di you change in there?14:16
blazemoreFrogging|work: To the terminal by default14:16
Frogging|workblazemore: Even in 13.0414:16
blazemoreFrogging|work: Yes, when you run a command in the terminal, you'll see both stdout and stderr unless you redirect them14:16
xeberdeeCaptain_Proton: SSH was very slow to connect - I tried a guide which suggested that it was due to reverse DNS and system info. Changes in sshd_config = UseDNS no + comment out session optional pam_motd.so in pam.d/sshd14:18
hrezaeiHi people!14:18
SemperAnyone know how to get a display of the CPU core temps for all cores? (AMD K10)14:18
hrezaeihow can I install synaptic package manager on 13.0414:19
SemperI don't need the canned lm-sensors install FAQ as I have checked.14:19
Captain_Protonxeberdee, di you reboot or restart openssh14:19
blazemoreSemper: just type "sensors"14:19
Semperhrezaei, http://desktoplinuxreviews.com/linux-tips/ubuntu/install-synaptic-package-manager-in-ubuntu-13-04/14:19
rantic_hrezaei: sudo apt-get install synaptic14:19
Semperblazemore, that does not work. Not only does it display only one K10 reading. That reading is wrong.14:20
xeberdeeCaptain_Proton: restarted both machines client and server with change. No luck - could not log into ssh at all. Set params back and rebooted both.14:20
blazemoreSemper: Have you installed lm-sensors and run sensors-detect ?14:20
SemperThat is a performance and cooling adjusted temperature according to the kernal module. i.e. that is not a physical temperature.14:20
SemperYes and yes,14:20
Semperit is still wrong.14:20
Captain_Protonxeberdee, and still no luck?14:21
blazemoreSemper: Does a module for your CPU's thermal sensor exist?14:21
=== rantic_ is now known as rantic
blazemoreSemper: Does it have documentation?14:21
xeberdeeCaptain_Proton: nope14:21
SemperUnder ubuntu I would have to recheck.14:21
=== Rez is now known as Lo
SemperIt is a FX 8120 octacore.14:22
=== Lo is now known as LoRez
Captain_Protonxeberdee, If it were me id sudo apt-get remove --purge ssh < check make sure /etc/ssh is empty then sudo apt-get install shh14:22
SemperI need to know and monitor all core temperatures as I suspect it is getting overheat on one core and causing cut outs.14:22
ArchanautHey guys im a windows 8 user looking to possibly go to Ubuntu. Can anyone point me towards an article or website that can explain to me which version I should use? I can't decide on whether to go with 12.04 or 13.0414:23
xeberdeeCaptain_Proton: I'm thinking along the same lines - but then again it looks like there is some static info somewhere for PAM14:23
blazemoreArchanaut: IMO, use 13.04 if you're in doubt. it has better hardware support14:23
ActionParsnip!sensors | Semper14:23
ubottuSemper: To access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.14:23
Semperubottu, I have already done this.14:24
ubottuSemper: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:24
SemperActionParsnip, even.14:24
ActionParsnipArchanaut: get 12.04, it is LTS and supported til April 2017, 13.04 is only supported til Jan 201414:24
ActionParsnipArchanaut: 12.04 is also designed with stability in mind ;)14:24
Semperlm sensors is installed and displays one K10 temperature which I know for a fact is not a physical temperature.14:24
Semperit is a performance metric14:24
ActionParsnipSemper: thats all I know, maybe others can advise14:24
blazemoreSemper: Can you please pastebin the output of "cat /etc/modules /etc/sensors*.conf14:25
Semperand it ain't lisiting every core.14:25
xeberdeeCaptain_Proton: I don't know why MOTD has really anything to do with PAM14:25
Semperone minute blazemore14:25
Captain_Protonxeberdee, maybe bt if PAM is broke that would not stop the ssh demon from running14:25
xeberdeeCaptain_Proton: yes - I'm not keen on messing with PAM14:26
hrezaeirantic_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5884408/14:26
WACOMaltHey folks, how can I open a port on a Virtual Machine (a windows 7 VM in qemu) to the outside network? Need port 5009 to direct in to the VM14:26
WACOMaltI am on Ubuntu server14:26
Semperblazemore, http://pastebin.com/cEXNy33z14:27
SemperCheers for the help.14:27
xeberdeeCaptain_Proton: I reckon ssh is fine and PAM is broke for some reason14:27
Semperfyi that is a ubuntu server on 12.0414:28
blazemoreSemper: I don't see anything likely-looking in /etc/modules... try this14:28
xeberdeeCaptain_Proton: ssh runs on local machine, but I am refused acces to 22 and I'm running no firewall.14:28
Captain_Protonxeberdee, Here is my pam.d/sshd    -  http://pastebin.com/x8Bj4aQ414:28
blazemoreSemper: echo coretemp | sudo tee -a /etc/sensors14:28
blazemoreSemper: sudo modprobe coretemp14:28
Sempercoretemp is not present14:28
Semperor at least I had tried that already14:29
Captain_Protonxeberdee, back up ours and paste mine in reboot see if it works14:29
SemperYup: "FATAL: Error inserting coretemp (/lib/modules/3.2.0-49-generic/kernel/drivers/hwmon/coretemp.ko): No such device14:29
swordsmanzis there a way to apt-get every available package in repo's ?14:29
blazemoreswordsmanz: You can't do that, nor do you want to14:29
blazemoreswordsmanz: some packages can't be installed alongside others14:29
swordsmanzwhat about just most of them ?14:30
Sempernot to mention the download would take about 50 days14:30
Semperswordsmanz, you cannot simply install everything :P14:30
blazemoreSemper: And you've *definitely* installed the package "lm-sensors" ?14:30
greeniehttp://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTQwNTY *jumps around like little girl*14:30
swordsmanzI'm sure there used to be a way to install everything with debian :P14:30
WACOMaltAnyone here familiar with opening ports to a qemu VM?14:30
blazemoreswordsmanz: No, it is not possible14:31
blazemoreswordsmanz: some packages can't be installed alongside others14:31
Semperblazemore, with certainty http://pastebin.com/P4Ccc6nW14:31
SemperWACOMalt, that would be using UFW I think14:32
xeberdeeCaptain_Proton: I don't have this line: session    optional     pam_motd.so  motd=/run/motd.dynamic noupdate14:32
swordsmanzhmm so what would one do if one wanted ALL the software ?14:32
SemperWACOMalt, as far as I could tell with my last install,  pretty sure the install added default rules to UFW14:32
compdocWACOMalt, did you use a bridge for the VM? all ports are open14:32
Captain_Protonxeberdee, Ok is it working now?14:33
xeberdeeCaptain_Proton: maybe I did CTRL+K and deleted it..14:33
Captain_Protonxeberdee, :)14:34
=== nottura is now known as barfod
xeberdeeCaptain_Proton: sec14:34
WACOMaltcompdoc, not sure. I didnt change anything from qemu's default14:35
WACOMaltbut it certainly doesnt seem that way, I set up an ftp server listening on 5009 and it isnt accepting connections14:35
compdocWACOMalt, sounds like youre using the kvm virtual network, and that your guests use a different ip address range than the host. thats going to be difficult to work with14:36
WACOMaltthe ip address on the VM appears to be in the 10.0.2.XX range14:36
WACOMaltwell, Id prefer to set it up this way as I dont want the whole VM open to the network, only specific ports14:36
seanzGood day, humans. Can someone help me understand how to get a newer version of a package in Ubuntu?14:37
WACOMaltI just found that qemu can forward ports on it's own, "qemu -m 384 -redir tcp:3389::3389 windows.img"14:37
WACOMaltbut I'm not sure if that has to be in the launch command for the VM or if that is run after launch14:37
ranticseanz: Hi seanz, what were you interested in gettnig?14:37
seanzThe repositories that are set on the distro include a slightly older version than I need.14:37
seanzgit 1.10.14:38
seanzrantic: ^ ^ ^14:38
compdocok, then sounds like you have it set up that way. You'll need to research opening ports on the host to the guest to allow traffic. sorry, but I'm not much help with that. I use bridges, and a seperate nic for the guests14:38
rose_TP-Link TL-WN8200ND14:39
Jagst3r15Why is there language fragmentation in Ubuntu?14:40
ranticseanz: You're presumably at version 1.8.x right?14:40
sanmanseanz: typically if the version of a packe you are looking for isn't in the official repos you have two options, look for a third party repo with updated packages, or build from source14:40
seanzrantic: Sorry, I misspoke. I'm at 1.7.9, but I need 1.8,.14:40
greeniei don't verstehen was tu talking about14:40
seanzrantic: Oh duh - I could just build from source.14:40
seanzrantic: I think I wanted to avoid that.14:41
greenieseriously though, what do you mean by language fragmentation14:41
rose_TP-Link TL-WN8200ND14:41
rose_ubuntu 13.0414:41
seanzrantic: However, if I find a third party repo, I may end up needing to upgrade a bunch of other packages, wouldn't I?14:41
ranticseanz: Yeah more than likely ... hm14:41
ranticseanz: Ubuntu repositories should haveversion 1.814:41
seanzrantic: I'm on 12.04 LTS.14:42
seanzrantic: I don't know if that makes a difference.14:42
sanmanseanz: that could very well be why you have the older version14:42
=== rose_ is now known as rose_76
sanmanseanz: if version 1.8 is pretty new you more than likely won't find it in 12.0414:43
seanzsanman: That's what my experience has shown so far.14:43
ranticseanz: Yeah it pushed version on 13.0414:44
sanmanseanz: sometimes in cases like this I make a chroot'ed install of a newer version of ubuntu and get the package I want in there14:44
seanzsanman: That sounds like a lot of work. Is it?14:44
sanmanseanz: it's a bit complicated to go through if you've never done it though14:44
seanzDoes it work with the system at large?14:45
sanmanI usually script something out to use the version from the chroot14:45
ranticseanz: https://launchpad.net/~git-core/+archive/ppa14:45
ranticseanz: That PPA is an option14:45
seanzrantic: Wow, thanks. You and sanman have been hugely helpful. I'll try the ppa as my first option - see how tough that is to work with.14:46
ranticseanz: It should be as easy as adding it, updating your repository list and issuing an upgrade.14:46
seanzrantic: That would be the ideal solution. I've done similar things before and have gotten myself in trouble with related package upgrades, though.14:47
sanmanseanz: if you ever want to look at building a chroot ubuntu actually has instructions here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebootstrapChroot14:47
basiclas-Hi all, I broke my software index. repairs fail and give me this(3 different errors separated by /// ): http://pastebin.com/zYaQtKw014:47
seanzsanman: Thanks. I'll keep that link, because I may want to at some point.14:47
Entvexhello is sftp per default for Ubuntu 10.04 ?14:50
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
Entvexhello is sftp not allowed per default for Ubuntu 10.04 ?14:50
seanzrantic: Very nice! I've added that PPA, and now git shows an upgrade to 1.8.3!14:51
=== rantic_ is now known as rantic
ranticseanz: Awesome.14:51
seanzrantic: They were being held at their current state, but I override that, so I'm hoping the upgrade goes smoothly.14:52
Jagst3r15Where is skype in 12.04?14:52
Jagst3r15Its not in the USC anymore?14:52
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga14:52
seanzrantic: Looks like the upgrade went smoothly.14:52
seanzrantic: Thanks again to you and sanman.14:52
seanzProblem solved.14:52
holsteinJagst3r15: i grab the deb from the skype site14:52
Jagst3r15yes but why not in uSC14:53
ranticseanz: No problem. You'll usually only run into issues with PPA's if they rely on a large amount of dependencies, but something like GIT should be painless.14:53
seanzIn this case it was definitely painless.14:53
seanzI just need to be sure and note it in our install docs.14:53
farbodaddle: you are always online?14:54
k1lJagst3r15: its in the partner repo. due to the licences14:54
Jagst3r15how to enable that?14:54
WACOMaltfor anyone in the same boat as me, in qemu, to open ports or remap, simply add -redir tcp:INPORT::OUTPORT to your qemu line14:55
ActionParsnipWACOMalt: post it on a qemu wiki if you can find one :)14:55
k1lJagst3r15: did you even read the advises given to you?14:56
WACOMaltlol, yeah if I can find one14:56
ActionParsnipWACOMalt: or similar, spread knowledge14:56
k1lJagst3r15: if so, read them again, the solution was altready linked to you14:56
greenieis anyone of you dabbling around with source engine games on an AMD gpu right now? if so, any recommendations for the driver to use?15:00
WACOMaltActionParsnip, that I can do15:00
WACOMaltthanks for the help folks, I'm out!15:00
greeniecatalyst 13.4 has horribad input lag :S15:01
xeberdeeCaptain_Proton: solved...15:01
ranticgreenie: You're running these games natively through steam or wine?15:01
ranticgreenie: I won't lie I didn't have the issues you described15:03
greenieseems it's fixed in the upcoming 13.6 release, but that's still a few weeks away15:03
xeberdeeCaptain_Proton: I was actually using openssh! not ssh. Removed openssh-server, reconfigured the eth interface with a new address. Thanks for your help tho.15:03
greeniewhat gpu do you have rantic?15:04
ranticgreenie: Primarily I use a GTX 460 but my server machine runs a 757015:04
ranticgreenie: I tested half life 2 and cs source around the time steam came out of beta and they ran great15:05
greeniehm... 5670 here. but i googled around a bit and it seems to be a issue for some people when they play source games with 13.x drivers. especially when they use the flashlight15:05
=== jzheng_ is now known as jzheng
Frogging|workWhen I compile something from source and it goes to a place like /opt/program/bin/, how do I allow it to be called globally (like any other command)?15:06
=== jzheng is now known as jzheng_afk
Pearcegreenie: maybe you should get a better card.15:06
greenieyeah if you used the driver that ships with ubuntu atm you were probably using 12.something :D15:06
ranticFrogging|work: You'll need to add it to your path15:06
greeniemaybe i should, but not until star citizen pearce15:07
Frogging|workrantic: Okay15:07
ranticFrogging|work: If you're unfamilair with the process you can throw /opt/program/bin into your bashrc or export PATH=$PATH:/opt/program/bin15:07
PearceLol, I was only kidding.15:07
Frogging|workAight, thanks15:08
Captain_Protonxeberdee, no problem!  :)15:08
greeniejust thought i'd ask around here to save me the whole "trying out the drivers one by one" thing15:08
wasanzywhere can I hv hp beat driver for ubuntu?15:08
Frogging|workrantic: And how do I get the terminal to reload it?15:09
Jagst3r15how do I remove skype .deb15:09
Frogging|work(I added the folder to the path and the programs still don't work"15:09
ranticFrogging|work: can you paste the output of echo $PATH please?15:10
Frogging|workIt's on my other PC, but I did do that command and it is indeed there at the end15:10
ranticJagst3r15: You mean you've installed it or just remove the file from your system?15:10
Jagst3r15rantic I just installed skype from skype.com15:10
Jagst3r15but I cannot see it in the software center15:11
MagePsychoGuys, can anyone reply on this issue: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/83385/parse-xml-to-get-node-value-in-bash-script15:11
Jagst3r15I need to remove it15:11
ranticJagst3r15: It wouldn't be in the software center, do you have synaptic?15:11
HRezaeiHow to resolve dependencies for apt-get install ?15:11
greeniepress ctrl+alt+t and type in skype?15:11
Frogging|workrantic: Nvm, I'll just reopen the terminal15:11
ranticFrogging|work: It should have worked ... you could try logging in/out to reset the session but seems uneccessary15:12
Frogging|workrantic: I reopened the terminal and it's disappeared from my PATH (I did echo $PATH)15:12
wasanzyany beat driver?15:12
Jagst3r15synaptic will show it sir?15:12
basiclas-Hi all, I broke my software index. repairs fail and give me this(3 different errors separated by /// ): http://pastebin.com/zYaQtKw015:12
ranticJagst3r15: It _should_15:13
zipyhey i got an initscript which works well when i manually start running it, but on boot, it shows it is starting but if i check, the daemon istn running15:13
basiclas-how do I repair the index?15:13
greeniehave you tried removing the 3rd party ppas?15:13
tyler_danyone here any good with expect?15:14
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
k1ltyler_d: no one is good with nothing :)   just ask a specific question15:15
basiclas-greenie: ah ok, how would i do that? what is the list file called?15:15
greenieuhm, no idea. i usually manage those via the synaptic package manager :D15:16
ranticbasiclas-: /etc/apt/sources.list15:16
greenierantic to the rescue!15:16
ranticbasiclas-: But you should really do this from the Software & Updates application15:16
k1lbasiclas-: why do you have debian sources included in a ubuntu release at all?15:17
ranticbasiclas-: Are you using Ubuntu or an Ubuntu variant like Kubutnu?15:17
k1lbasiclas-: open the software and updates programm and remove the debian sources from the 3rd party tab15:18
bhekAnybody who uses Guake terminal on Ubuntu 13.04 have a fix for the sides of the terminal not going all the way to the side of the screen?15:19
k1lbasiclas-: and remove that ubun-tor PPA. it diesnt have precise packages so its useless anyway15:19
zipyhey i got an initscript which works well when i manually start running it, but on boot, it shows it is starting but if i check, the daemon istn running15:21
ActionParsnipgreenie: PPAs are added in /etc/apt/sources.list.d in files there. You can remove PPAs by deleting the relevant file(s) there15:22
=== Enviious is now known as zz_Enviious
DigeratiWany of you use CONKY on ubuntu15:22
ActionParsnipzipy: how are you calling it at boot?15:22
ActionParsnipDigeratiW: many do15:22
k1lDigeratiW: some do15:22
greeniei could use # to uncomment them as well though, right?15:22
DigeratiWits like a fancy desktop info widget15:22
DigeratiWhow do I add my ip address to it15:23
ActionParsnipDigeratiW: we know what it is, what is your question15:23
DigeratiWhow do I add my ip address to it15:23
ActionParsnipDigeratiW: which one, WAN or LAN?15:23
zipyActionParsnip, its in init.d and it gives me an echo starting ... ok15:23
zipyat boot15:23
ActionParsnipDigeratiW: http://crunchbang.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=1539415:23
=== thor_ is now known as Szadek
ActionParsnipDigeratiW: http://conky.sourceforge.net/variables.html  fill your boots15:24
DigeratiWthnks I get to reading15:24
ranticoh I fail.15:24
basiclas-k1l: rantic: I'm using a preinstalled linux on a purpose built laptop15:26
basiclas-standard ubuntu as far as I am aware15:26
DigeratiWdone, fixed thanks15:27
k1lbasiclas-: what does "lsb_release -a &&uname -a" give you? (in a pastebin please)15:27
ravenhow to move rss news to imap without postfix/sendmail/...15:29
Vec_This might be a silly question, but is there a way to see if this bug is fixed for ubuntu 13.04 or CUPS 1.6.3? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cups/+bug/103245615:29
ubottuUbuntu bug 1032456 in cups (Ubuntu Precise) "Canon inkjets (and some other printers) print only half of the last page after 20120801 upgrade to v1.5.3-0ubuntu2" [Critical,Fix released]15:29
greeniehalf a test page saves ink though ^^15:29
Vec_herp derp15:29
basiclas-k1l: http://pastebin.com/3ZYv3ibA15:30
Vec_Seemingly i can downgrade, as some "USB backend"-thing was added to CUPS later than 1.5.3. But i'm wondering if it's fixed in newer versions, and more importantly, how can i accuratly figure that out myself?15:30
k1lbasiclas-: please show a "ls -al /et/apt/sources.list.d" in a pastebin too15:31
dustindikesPAGE UP15:31
basiclas-k1l: Im never gonna use that zend server, guess ill remove that too, here you go - http://pastebin.com/VbFm6W7915:35
Frogging|workIs it considered bad practice to simply symlink compiled programs into a place like /usr/local/bin?15:35
sud0manMovie Error:  Bin: [decode],6, A Audio Video Interleave (AVI) demuxer plugin is required to play this stream, but not installed. - Why am I getting this error? Am I missing something?15:35
Frogging|workSo that they're available to all users including sudo15:36
ActionParsnipsud0man: did you install ubuntu-restricted-extras15:36
ActionParsnipFrogging|work: sudo isnt a user15:36
Frogging|workI know15:36
Frogging|workBut I want to be able to use it with the sudo command15:36
ActionParsnipFrogging|work: " all users including sudo "15:36
Frogging|workI should've worded it better :P15:36
sud0manActionParsnip, i am now installing it,.15:37
ActionParsnipFrogging|work: if a user can run it, they can run it with sudo too15:37
rose_76hi all15:37
rose_76TP-Link TL-WN8200ND15:37
rose_76ubuntu 13.0415:37
FloodBot1rose_76: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:37
k1l!ppa-purge | basiclas-15:38
ubottubasiclas-: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html15:38
Frogging|workActionParsnip: No. It's in /opt/owfs/bin, so I had to add that to /etc/environment. But that doesn't work with sudo because sudo resets PATH to secure_path (which is in sudoers which I probably shouldn't mess around with)15:38
ActionParsniprose_76: what wifi chip does it use15:38
ActionParsnipFrogging|work: could always add it (safer not to, as you say)15:39
redtape|renegadeIs popeycam off-access at the moment or some`it ? :: http://popey.com/webcam/ ::15:39
rose_76ActionParsnip, http://www.tp-link.us/products/details/?categoryid=240&model=TL-WN8200ND15:39
Frogging|workActionParsnip: Or should I just symlink the contents of /opt/owfs/bin to somewhere like /usr/local/bin or /usr/bin (or anywhere else that's already part of secure_path15:39
ActionParsnipFrogging|work: I use the symlink method, is it a GUI app?15:39
ActionParsniprose_76: doesnt tell us the chip15:40
tyler_dmy expect script (called from bash) does not pass in the password --> http://pastebin.com/WbCPyEVL15:40
ActionParsniprose_76: if you run:  sudo lshw -C network      do you see the wifi adapter?15:40
rose_76ActionParsnip, ok15:41
jribtyler_d: why are you using expect with ssh?  Why not use password-less ssh keys?15:41
tyler_djrib: I have multiples(over 1000) servers that don't have keys implimented15:41
Frogging|workActionParsnip: Okay, that's what I'll do then. Thanks :)15:41
Frogging|workthe new file manager is such a piece of crap15:41
ranticFrogging|work: :o15:42
jribtyler_d: so implement keys?15:42
ActionParsnipFrogging|work: which one, there are lots15:42
Frogging|workActionParsnip: It's called "Files". It's kind of a stripped-down version of Nautilus15:42
basiclas-ubottu: I would love to install ppa-purge I can't install/remove anything,15:42
ubottubasiclas-: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:42
jribtyler_d: anyway, I don't know about your expect issue, but my advice is that you use keys instead15:42
Frogging|workThe one included by default with Ubuntu 13.0415:43
ActionParsnipFrogging|work: ahh yes, i dont use it these days, too slow15:43
tyler_djrib: I do not have the power to impliment keys as they are not mine...15:43
xeon123the content of the /tmp is deleted when the OS is rebooted?15:43
jribtyler_d: you have the root password15:43
ActionParsnipxeon123: if its in tempfs then yes15:43
rose_76ActionParsnip,  capabilities: pm msi pciexpress msix vpd bus_master cap_list ethernet physical tp mii 10bt 10bt-fd 100bt 100bt-fd 1000bt 1000bt-fd autonegotiation15:43
rose_76       configuration: autonegotiation=on broadcast=yes driver=r8169 driverversion=2.3LK-NAPI duplex=full firmware=rtl8168e-3_0.0.4 03/27/12 ip= latency=0 link=yes multicast=yes port=MII speed=100Mbit/s15:43
rose_76       resources: irq:43 ioport:c000(size=256) memory:f2104000-f2104fff memory:f2100000-f2103fff15:43
ActionParsnipxeon123: you can check by running:  mount15:43
ranticxeon123: Usually.15:43
ActionParsniprose_76: please use a pastebin15:43
basiclas-k1l: did you get the link?15:44
rose_76ActionParsnip, ok15:44
jribtyler_d: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4780893/use-expect-in-bash-script-to-provide-password-to-ssh-command15:44
sud0manI have installed ubuntu-restricted-tools, thanks to ActionParsnip but now it gives me, Missing element: MPEG-1 Layer 3 (MP3) decoder.15:44
sud0manhow can I solve this particular situation? Am I missing something again?15:44
Semperblazemore, did you find anything on grabbing the temp for each core?15:44
k1l!appeals > sud0man15:45
ubottusud0man, please see my private message15:45
rose_76ActionParsnip, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5884636/15:45
rose_76ActionParsnip, HELP15:45
SemperDid sud0man do something?15:46
basiclas-Whenever I try to install anything with apt-get, I see >  skype : Depends: skype-bin but it is not installable15:46
ActionParsniprose_76: you only have a wired connection there, is it USB based?15:46
jribbasiclas-: output of « dpkg --print-foreign-architectures » ?15:46
rose_76ActionParsnip, YES15:46
rose_76ActionParsnip, lan15:46
k1lbasiclas-: yes, remove at least the tor PPA that got no precise packages.15:47
Semperk1l, did I miss something with sud0man?15:47
k1lbasiclas-: and i would remove the debian sources from the /etc/apt/sources.list too15:47
ActionParsniprose_76: what is the output of:  lsusb15:47
rose_76ActionParsnip, ok15:48
basiclas-jrib: http://pastebin.com/q4mXp8qj15:48
k1lSemper: he was abusive and disturbing the last days and is now ban evading just because he needs help15:48
jribbasiclas-: what ubuntu version is this?15:48
SemperFair enough.15:48
SemperAnyone know of anyway to get Ubuntu displaying each individual core temperature?15:48
skrustyhi, just installed ubuntu-desktop and i get the desktop lgin screen fine, but then it locks up, for about 2 minutes and then i get the screen but the graphics are really out, like there's a grid overlay on the screen or something - it's hard to explain15:49
rose_76ActionParsnip, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5884647/15:49
skrustyany ideas? :/15:49
basiclas-jrib: 12.0415:49
Semperskrusty, does it login but leave the login screen on the background?15:49
Semperbut you can use applications?15:49
k1lbasiclas-: can you show a "cat /etc/apt/sources.list" please?15:49
skrustyit looks like it15:49
skrustyit's hard to see15:49
SemperIt might be15:49
Semperdisabled desktop icons15:49
skrustyi can see "remote login" still15:49
jribbasiclas-: do you know anything about that error?  Pastebin /etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg.d/multiarch15:49
Semperthat caused the login screen to stick on mine15:49
Sempermake sure they're enabled15:49
Sempertis a bug that hasn't been dealt with yet15:50
skrustyhow do i do that sorry? config change?15:50
ActionParsniprose_76: 2357:0100   is teh ID of the wifi, use it to find guides online15:50
Semperif it is that15:50
nommerWhy does pulseaudio periodically break when running certain windows applications concurrently with an mp3 file, but only sometimes, defying all logic?15:50
basiclas-k1l: i removed the sole source that had the full string 'debian' in it, do i remove any source beginning with deb or not?15:50
Sempererm one sec15:50
nommerWhy does pulseaudio periodically break when running certain windows applications concurrently with an mp3 file, but only sometimes, defying all logic?15:50
nommerI am forced to stop the mp315:50
nommerand restart the windows app15:50
rose_76ActionParsnip, no :(15:50
k1lbasiclas-: can you show the file?15:50
SemperYou can edit it using the unity tweak tool.15:51
SemperYou still using unity?15:51
nommerDid you guys hear my question15:51
skrustySemper: me?15:51
nommerSemper: thanks for volunteering your time for free, can i ask you a question about UBUNTU?15:51
basiclas-jrib: multiarch just returns 'foreign-architecture i386'15:51
jribbasiclas-: and my first question?15:52
Semperyeah skrusty15:52
hoodoowooI've been setting up a new machine that has not played nice with Ubuntu.  I've booted and installed (via the -server iso as the only working route) to a workable setting, and have finally managed to get the proprietary drivers of nvidia working.  Yay, but by 2.5 days of work.15:52
Sempernommer, go for it15:52
hoodoowooHowever, in the ensuing apt-get remove and apt-get install storm, I seem to have removed unity.  That is, when I login through the unity-greeter interface, I'm presented with a blank desktop.  What package do I install to get it back?15:52
skrustyi wans't using any dekstop manager before15:52
basiclas-jrib: i know nothing about errors15:52
skrustyi just apt-get install ubuntu-desktop15:53
Semperthat will be unity skrusty15:53
jribbasiclas-: delete /etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg.d/multiarch15:53
SemperI think unity tweaker needs to be installed.15:53
SemperSo fire up the app center15:53
nommerWhy does pulseaudio periodically break when running certain windows applications concurrently with an mp3 file, but only sometimes, defying all logic?15:53
skrustySemper: two mins (thanks by the way)15:53
Sempersoftware center that is15:53
nommerWhy does pulseaudio periodically break when running certain windows applications concurrently with an mp3 file, but only sometimes, defying all logic? @ semper15:53
jribbasiclas-: afterwards, pastebin contents of /var/lib/dpkg/arch15:53
nommersometimes it works fine15:53
Semperwhat windows apps?15:53
Semperare you using WINE?15:53
hoodoowooskrusty: you may be interested in this Wikipedia explanation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unity_(user_interface)15:53
nommerIt doesnt matter the apps, its apps that have sound15:53
nommerSometimes the windows apps sound will just break15:53
Semperwindows as in microsoft?15:54
Semperor windows as in desktop applications?15:54
basiclas-k1l: http://pastebin.com/M22Wqay615:54
nommerYes i run some of their softwares on my UBUNTU15:54
nommerBut periodically the sound in their applications will just break15:54
nommerdefying all logic15:54
SemperWell nommer that is a question for WINE gurus I think.15:54
nommerI believe i am being harassed15:54
SemperIt will depend on a lot of things.15:54
basiclas-jrib: that file did not exist15:54
nommeri think it depends on the government not leaving me alone15:54
nonzjhello, (kubuntu) i made a mistake and uninstalled some services which were enabling me to Sleep/Hibernate, now i don't have these buttons anymore; instead i sleep my computer by using the command: "dbus-send --system --print-reply     --dest="org.freedesktop.UPower"     /org/freedesktop/UPower     org.freedesktop.UPower.Suspend", but when i come back the screen is not locked; so, how can i restore the sleep/hibernate button, or how can15:55
nommerdo you think thats possible?15:55
jribbasiclas-: what file?15:55
SemperUnlikely nommer15:55
Sempermore likely that WINE isn't fully compatible with the windows progams and is having some issues.15:55
nommerSemper:  They hover a drone over my house every night, transmit dreams of joining the marine corps, or of them murdering my family, shock my entire body with microwave energy until sometimes i cant breathe, all because i said the wrong thing online15:55
slartibartfast19I'm trying to choose between the new MacBook Air (the 12 hour battery life/Haswell 1.7Ghz i7) and a MacBook Pro with a 2.9Ghz i7; I'll mainly be using Ubuntu under parallels; anybody know if the Air will cause any issues, with the new chip and slower Ghz?15:55
nommerThen harass me via microwave voices about my computer usage15:56
SemperI suggest asking people who know more about running your apps under wine.15:56
nommerSo i think i should ask gov employees15:56
nommerInstead of wine dev15:56
nommerdont u15:56
SemperIn which case nommer, I would suggest seeing a mental health specialist.15:56
k1lbasiclas-: commenting with # is fine. but you can activate that partner repo again15:56
jrib!ot | nommer15:56
ubottunommer: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:56
nommerI have semper, he says im fine15:56
nommerslightly depressed15:56
ikonianommer: enough with this nonsense please15:56
nommersorry about the Nonsense15:56
ikonianommer: we support ubuntu here - keep to that topic please.15:56
SemperWell, unless it is related to Ubuntu stum!15:56
FloodBot1nommer: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:56
nommerOk, is there a ubuntu iso without selinux?15:57
nommerpre installed?15:57
ikonianommer: ubuntu doesn't use selinux by defualt15:57
ikoniadefault even15:57
nommerI know it doesnt use it15:57
nommerBut its on there15:57
ikonianommer: I don't believe it's installed by default15:57
SemperTry visiting  wineHQ and checking your apps for issues.15:57
nommerIts not installed then why are the files present15:57
nommerfor selinux15:57
ikoniait's in the repos but I don't think it's part of the default15:57
ikonianommer: which files ?15:57
ikonia(it maybe installed by default)15:57
nommerI have selinux folders15:57
nommerin my default installs15:57
jribnommer: be specific.15:57
nommerThat is prettys epcific15:58
jribnommer: give a full path...15:58
k1l!enter > nommer15:58
ubottunommer, please see my private message15:58
ikonia!info selinux15:58
Semperwhich ISO, which installer what path.15:58
ubottuselinux (source: selinux): Security-Enhanced Linux runtime support. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:0.11 (raring), package size 10 kB, installed size 82 kB15:58
ikoniait's in universe15:58
ikoniaI doubt that's a default install15:58
nommerit is15:58
Semperikonia, is it part of apparmour?15:58
ikoniaSemper: no15:58
Semperin which case I have no idea how it got on there.15:58
nommerMy defualt install has selinux folders.  One moment plase15:58
nommerit was default in /etc/selinux15:59
=== rose is now known as Guest39051
nommerright therei n /etc/selinux15:59
ikonianommer: what files are there ?15:59
nommerif i looked harder im sure id find the selinux.so files15:59
nommerso whats the deal15:59
nommerwhy is there a selinux folder in /etc/selinux and a semanage.conf file if its default not installed16:00
k1lnommer: could you please tone it dont to a technical and not emotional level?16:01
nommerI'm being highly technical here16:01
ikonianommer: I don't believe it's default, I'm just checking, hold on please.16:01
nommerCould i get an answer16:01
ikonianommer: it's a universe package, so I'd be surprised if it was part of the default instlal16:01
k1lnommer: you are going mad because its from the NSA. thats it.16:01
nommerNo, I'm mad because its present on my hard drive16:01
nommerAnd i was told it wasn't going to be in the install16:01
Johnny_Linuxwe'll considering all the nsa has done, id be concerned too16:01
nommerThank you johnny16:02
jribnommer, k1l, ikonia: passwd seems to depend on libsemanage1.  I'm not familiar with it but it seems to just be able to manage selinux; it's not selinux itself16:02
nommerIf you delete the selinux.so16:02
nommereven though its not present16:02
nommerguess swhat16:02
FloodBot1nommer: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:02
nommeryou cant login16:02
ikonianommer: stop now please.16:02
jribnommer: what on earth are you talking about?  And stop with the enter key please16:02
k1l!enter | nommer16:02
ubottunommer: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!16:02
kunjiOn my MSI gx60 Ubuntu seems to only boot every other time.  The other times it freezes on the purple loading screen (during plymouth?).  Powering off via the power button and back on again lets it boot reliably on the second try.  I haven't noticed anything suspicious in the logs, but I haven't busted out a fine toothed comb or anything yet.  If anyone has a good lead on where I should start looking into this it would be helpful. Could eve16:02
ikoniajrib: yeah, looking at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Security/Features#SELinux16:03
nommerIm saying even though selinux is not installed , you can't log into ubuntu without the files being present, the login script is dependent upon SELINUX16:03
blazemorenommer: I think you're being deliberately confrontational. Do you have an actual question, that has an answer which will satisfy you?16:03
nommerAm i wrong?16:03
nommerThat is my question blazemore16:03
ikonianommer: yes, you are very wrong16:03
nommerOk how?16:03
jribnommer: you're being vague again, saying "the files".16:03
blazemorenommer: Yes you are wrong, that is the answer :)16:03
ikonianommer: what file did you delete16:03
nommerOk i deleted the file selinux.so.116:03
ikonianommer: where is that16:03
nommerWithout se linux being installed16:03
jribnommer: full path.16:03
nommerAnd then16:03
nommeri couldnt log into my hd16:03
blazemore!enter | nommer16:03
ubottunommer: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!16:03
jribnommer: if you don't stop pressing enter, we're just going to remove you from the channel.16:04
jribbasiclas-: what file did not exist?16:04
jriblibselinux1 seems to be installed too but that seems to just provide some sort of api for selinux apps16:04
basiclas-jrib: /var/lib/dpkg/arch16:05
Johnny_Linuxhe probably wanted to know is se linux was installed and or activated16:05
k1liirc ubuntu is preparated to be used with selinux. but its not installed or working. same for debian16:05
ikoniak1l: I'm just checking now, I'll confirm it in a few minutes16:05
jribbasiclas-: « dpkg --version; uname -a; lsb_release -a » on a pastebin please16:05
Johnny_Linuxi feel better on that note, and no, i dont trust nsa, look at what they did to windows.16:06
jribk1l: right, that seems to be the case16:06
basiclas-jrib: http://pastebin.com/JpQyAkai16:06
k1lso other programs maybe need selinux for special actions (like passwd and apparmor or ufw) and that for there are some files to prepare for that case. but you still need to install selinux to make that go active16:06
jribbasiclas-: I told you to delete /etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg.d/multiarch16:07
nommerWHy was i kicked out?16:07
jribnommer: because you didn't stop abusing the enter key16:07
nommerI was asking about why SELINUX is required to log into ubuntu even if its not installed, if you delete the selinux which is not installed supposedly you cannot log in.16:07
nommerWhy is this?16:07
jribnommer: I will no longer comment on your questions until you stop being vague16:08
blazemorenommer: The next thing you say better be the full path of the file you deleted16:08
ikonianommer: as I said, I don't believe that is the case, if you hold on I'll run a test case with you16:08
=== mikestewart is now known as ms|2sb-brb
SteveBell1absolute noob question. don't hit me… when in xbmc it starts in fullscreen. what's the key command to toggle it to window view?16:08
k1lnommer: i kicked you because you didnt stop to flood the channel with your enter16:08
k1l!enter > noom16:08
Johnny_Linuxgotchya k1l , i hope you appreciate the initial concern, we out her like ubuntu for its user ability and general security.16:08
blazemoreSteveBell1: backslash \16:08
k1l!enter > nommer16:08
ubottunommer, please see my private message16:08
basiclas-jrib: ok done16:08
jribbasiclas-: output of « dpkg --print-foreign-architectures » ?16:09
lolcatIs there an easy way to migrate my ubuntu from my ssd to my harddrive that allready contains file?16:09
blazemoreSteveBell1: It took me ages to find that myself, and I found it by accident one day16:09
k1lJohnny_Linux: there is no need to go mad just because the NSA is mentioned anywhere. stick to the facts and give the people some time to exxplain16:09
nommerI'm not going to search for the selinux.so file for you -- it is the file that the login script is dependent upon.  You already know this.16:09
blazemorelolcat: You could just shrink the partition on the hard-drive, and install Ubuntu into the free space16:09
nommerIm asking why its required for the login script16:09
ikonianommer: you deleted the file16:09
ikonianommer: which file did you delete16:09
ikonianommer: I'm about to test it16:09
ikonianommer: where is that file16:09
basiclas-jrib: don't know if you're interested in this but, everytime i try to install/remove/upgrade i get skype : Depends: skype-bin but it is not installable16:10
nommerI don't know.16:10
Johnny_Linuxi wasnt going mad, but, i do know how and what the nsa is about, but, again, thanks for the reply.16:10
jribbasiclas-: yep, that's what we are about to fix16:10
blazemorelolcat: You wouldn't be "migrating" it though16:10
SteveBell1blazemore: backslash sign is on the key next to the number zero at the top row. so shift ctrl that key?!?16:10
lolcatblazemore: Why mess with partitions? Can't I just copy the system files, install grub and then reboot?16:10
blazemoreSteveBell1: oh...16:10
blazemoreSteveBell1: I don't know, on a UK keyboard it's just its own key without any modifiers16:10
jimmyjamcan you guys help me get TF2 running on my new desktop? Getting major image glitches when i try to play, everything freezes, then loads really slowly. HD 7750, FX4100. Thank you16:10
SteveBell1ah man. this is hard stuff :P16:10
cipherboynommer, ikonia, find/grep reports it is in /lib/arch-linux-gnu/libselinux.so.116:11
basiclas-jrib: ok so i ran dpkg --print-foreign-architectures , no output, is that ok?16:11
blazemorelolcat: In my experience, the effort required moving Ubuntu from one hard drive / computer to another is far more than just doing a fresh installation and spending a little bit of time setting it back up16:11
nommeryes cipherboy16:11
nommermy question now is16:11
nommerhow can i log into my ubuntu after deleting it16:11
jribbasiclas-: that's fine.  Now we're going to enable multiarch with i386 for you.  You're on amd64, correct?16:11
cipherboynommer, ikonia, also interesting to note: lsof | grep 'selinux.so.1'...look at how many processes use it16:12
nommerare there alternative login scripts?16:12
ikonianommer: stop16:12
basiclas-jrib: derrrr, how do i check?16:12
ikonianommer: I'm doing the user test now16:12
lolcatblazemore: how is cp -ax * /media/something more work than a reinstall?16:12
nommerIkonia im asking cipherboy a question is that ok with you sir/16:12
ikonianommer: you deleted a file - which file did you delete and from which directory16:12
blazemorelolcat: Wait, what exactly do you want to do?16:12
ikonianommer: no - it's not as you're just repeating the same thing over and over16:12
nommerIm talking to cipherboy16:12
nommerCipherboy -16:12
jribbasiclas-: uname -a actually tells us, so I just checked and you are indeed on amd64.  Now let's tell dpkg to also let you install i386 packages.  Issue the command: « dpkg --add-architecture i386 »16:12
nommerIs there a way to remove selinux.so and replace the login script dependent on it16:12
basiclas-jrib: 64 bit yes, amd or not i dont remember16:12
blazemorelolcat: You currently have a PC with two hard drives: an SSD and a hard drive. Ubuntu is installed on the SSD, and there is one partition on the other drive with data on it?16:13
nommerSo i can use my ubuntu?16:13
jribblazemore: amd64 is just the name of the architecture16:13
lolcatblazemore: Yes, I think the SSD is failing so I want to trim it and run badblocks16:13
blazemorelolcat: You want it to end up such that Ubuntu is installed on the hard drive along with your data, and the SSD is empty16:13
lolcatblazemore: yes16:13
blazemorelolcat: You can do both of those without harming your data, but do a backup first16:13
ikonianommer: I'll tell you once I've done the test16:13
lolcatso I can TRIM the SSD and then run badblocks16:13
basiclas-jrib: ok done16:13
ikonianommer: where are you removing the file from16:13
lolcatblazemore: Do share why I can't16:13
blazemorelolcat: Yes if your SSD supports TRIM. The Arch Wiki is a good resource16:14
k1lnommer: your question was explained while you were kicked because of flooding with your enter key16:14
jribbasiclas-: now run « sudo apt-get update »16:14
blazemoreI said you *can* do both of those, lolcat :)16:14
k1l!irclogs | nommer16:14
ubottunommer: Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too.16:14
nommerim removing the NSA SELINUX.SO.1 file from my hard drive and when i do it then i can't log into ubuntu but ubuntu says its not installed16:14
blazemorenommer: Why are you avoiding the question "Where is selinux.so.1 located?"16:14
ikonianommer: this is the file time I'll ask you before I ban you16:14
basiclas-jrib: ok done16:14
k1lJohnny_Linux: see who is again going mad?16:15
ikonianommer: where is the file you are deleting located16:15
ikoniaSemper: I'm not aksing you16:15
jribbasiclas-: output of « apt-cache policy skype{,-bin} » ?16:15
Johnny_Linuxlol, dont point the finger at me16:15
SemperThat is using a great great deal of processes16:15
blazemoreWhat version of Ubuntu are you using, nommer ?16:15
ikonianommer: where is the file you are deleting located16:15
SteveBell1no one knows how to toggle fullscreen  / window mode?16:15
skrustySemper: removing the stock nvidia drivers and installing nvidia's own seems to have fixed it16:16
nommerikonia : /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libselinux.so.116:16
k1lnommer: its not activated nor installed. but other programs are prepared to work with selinux. so there are some files on your system. but again its not installed and not activated16:16
ikonianommer: and one final question, can you show me the output of "uname -a" please16:16
SemperWeird skrusty.16:16
basiclas-jrib: http://pastebin.com/GL4LBZYM16:16
skrustyyeah :/16:16
SemperNice you got a fix though.16:16
k1lnommer: so stop going mad on reading selinux is from NSA16:16
nommerk1l and ikonia:  That doesnt make sense if i can't log into ubuntu after deleting it16:16
blazemoreSteveBell1: I just googled "XBMC keyboard shortcuts" and clicked this. I'm sorry Google isn't working for you :( but here you go http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Keyboard16:16
ikonianommer: and one final question, can you show me the output of "uname -a" please16:16
nommerIt obviously is installed and rquired16:16
skrustyyeah, just thought i'd let ya know, cheers anyway! :)16:16
nommerNo, I don't trust you now.16:16
ikonianommer: I'm about to test it for you - answer the questions16:16
nommeryou lied to me.16:16
k1lnommer: obviously you are not listening16:16
blazemorelol nommer16:16
SteveBell1blazemore: found https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KeyboardShortcuts but that doesn't mention fullscreen16:17
k1lfor the logs: again: some other programs are prepared for using selinux and need those files.16:17
blazemoreSteveBell1: It's an XBMC keyboard shortcut, not Ubuntu16:17
kunjiWell, I figured it was a longshot, I'm heading out, but if anyone thinks of anything about booting every other time, I'll be checking the logs tonight so just putting it here will be fine even though I'll be gone a while.16:17
jribblazemore: alright, you should be able to get apt-get to install skype-bin now16:17
blazemoreNot me jrib16:17
jribbasiclas-: alright, you should be able to get apt-get to install skype-bin now (sorry blazemore )16:18
SemperWhat is libselinux.so.1 ?16:18
jrib!info libselinux116:18
ubottulibselinux1 (source: libselinux): SELinux runtime shared libraries. In component main, is required. Version 2.1.9-5ubuntu1 (raring), package size 60 kB, installed size 189 kB16:18
SemperSo it is a required package, what does it do?16:18
SemperSince it has its fingers in every process.16:19
PiciSemper: No one said that.16:19
Jagst3r15How do you install ruby on ubuntu16:19
Johnny_LinuxJagst3r15,  synaptics16:19
basiclas-jrib: http://pastebin.com/u4qJNL5i16:19
basiclas-thats the error i recieved16:19
SemperIn component main, is required.16:20
jribbasiclas-: what command caused this and what was the full output?16:20
blazemoreSemper: It's the SeLinux libraries, basically provides an interface to selinux16:20
martianlobsterhow to I open the software center ?16:20
SemperWhat's that mean then Pici16:20
blazemoreSemper: But selinux isn't installed in Ubuntu16:20
k1lSemper: other programs are prepared to work with selinux. they error if that files are deleted. that doesnt mean selinux is installed or activated16:20
SemperJust wondering why is has fingers in many pies is all.16:20
basiclas-jrib: http://pastebin.com/scpKh4rj16:20
PiciSemper: pam is configured to use selinux if it exists, but it uses the shared libraries to determine that. So if you remove them, like nommer did, login will fail.16:21
blazemoremartianlobster: Click the Ubuntu button in the top left corner, search for "software" and you should see the software centre icon come up in the search results16:21
ikoniaSemper: what fingers does it have it's pies in16:21
basiclas-everything's in there :)16:21
martianlobsterblazemore: thanks!16:21
k1lSemper: that is the concept of selinux or other security plans16:21
Semperlsof | grep 'selinux.so.1'16:21
k1lSemper: just think of what a firewall get the fingers on16:21
ikoniaSemper: that's just open files16:21
jribbasiclas-: you have no idea why this comes up?  Did you do anything before to try to fix your skype issues?16:21
blazemoreOff home now, goodbye all, and good luck with your problems16:21
greeniehave a good one16:22
basiclas-jrib: i dont have skype issues per se. It works fine, I just cant install remove or upgrade anything else. Its always that skype error message about skype-bin16:22
jribbasiclas-: in the meantime, pastebin « apt-cache policy libglib2.0-0 »16:22
mreggHi - I'm trying to move from MSAccess to MySQL. Is there a recommended form editor for MySQL (apart from Base)?16:24
basiclas-jrib: http://pastebin.com/MzhXc2Uv16:24
Semperawful lots got that file open then16:25
jribbasiclas-: is this an upgrade from 11.10?16:26
=== ms|2sb-brb is now known as mikestewart
basiclas-jrib: I recieved this computer about 1.5 months ago, it had preinstalled linux 12.04 (it's a zareason)16:27
jribbasiclas-: I see.  It's strange because the multiarch setup changed in 12.04 and that file you had from before was a remnant from pre-12.04 days16:28
basiclas-jrib: it was 'brand new' from them16:28
jribbasiclas-: what's output of « apt-cache policy dpkg ».  Also, here is a relevant bug I haven't finished reading through https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dpkg/+bug/101532916:29
ubottuUbuntu bug 1015329 in dpkg (Ubuntu) "dpkg fails to run after update (error: file triggers record mentions illegal package name `libgtk2.0-0' (for interest in file `/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/immodules'): ambiguous package name 'libgtk2.0-0' with more than one installed instance)" [Critical,Fix released]16:29
basiclas-i saw some dates in a file somewhere dating back from last summer, so i guess it's been in storage for a while :)16:29
jribbasiclas-: what's in /var/lib/dpkg/arch?16:29
Semperikonia, any reason why so many processes have that file open?16:30
ikoniait's checked as part of pam16:30
ikoniathat seems to be the core thing16:30
basiclas-jrib: http://tny.cz/32e9e47316:31
jribbasiclas-: erm, right this dpkg isn't even from precise repositories it seems16:32
basiclas-in /arch, amd6416:32
jribbasiclas-: did you have debian repositories enabled?16:32
Semperits still an se library that shouldnt be there surely?16:32
basiclas-sorry so that was in /arch amd6416:32
basiclas-teh fuck :D they were both in arch, ,16:32
basiclas-jrib: i will check16:33
IdleOnebasiclas-: Please don't swear in here16:33
jribbasiclas-: that dpkg version is exactly what's in debian wheezy currently16:33
basiclas-IdleOne: ok sorry16:34
k1ljrib: he had some debian sid sources active16:34
ironhalikIs there a command line version of nautilus 'Extract here'? I mean, universal extracting command that would take care of bz2, gunzips etc16:34
basiclas-jrib: with regards to checking debian sources, im not sure how to read the source lists16:35
jrib!info unp | ironhalik16:35
ubottuironhalik: unp (source: unp): unpack (almost) everything with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0~pre7+nmu1 (raring), package size 16 kB, installed size 133 kB16:35
jribbasiclas-: if you have random packages (including dpkg) now coming from debian repositories, I would suggest just reinstalling16:36
Vec_I'm having some trouble, my server has apparantly been trying to send mails every minute since some time.. I have nullmailer installed for the sole reason of mailing me logwatch logs, which works.. I'm not sure what my server is trying to send? Please take a look.. http://pastebin.com/gZrUJsL116:36
ironhalikthanks a lot jrib16:36
ironhaliksaved me all those -xvzf's ;>16:36
jribironhalik: you can omit "z" with tar now (it's smart) :D16:36
ironhalikjrib: "smart" ;>16:37
ironhaliknot as smart as unp, it seems ;>16:37
daftykinsVec_: the log suggests the subdomain box.vecbox.com does not exist16:37
ikoniaVec_: I suspect you are being hit with scatter back spam16:37
=== Lajjla is now known as nevzets
ikoniait looks like you've got a messed up mail server config and have configured it to relay so you have a route out and getting scatter back spam16:38
ubottutony98: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:38
Vec_daftykins: Sure, but that means that some program is trying to send mail with that configuration -- im not sure where to start in figuring that out.16:38
daftykinsah ok16:38
Vec_ikonia: As far as me messed up the mailconfig that might be the case. However, logwatch and fail2ban sends me mails with no problem.16:39
ikoniaVec_: errr that means nothing16:39
ikoniaVec_: it looks like it's scatter back spam16:39
basiclas-haha ok16:39
ikoniayour ISP will not welcome them geting blacklisted16:39
=== arg220 is now known as mm12
mm12hi everyone16:40
Vec_ikonia: Im not sure what you mean exactly :x16:40
X-Sleepy-Xmm12: hi16:40
basiclas-i guess so,16:40
basiclas-well thanks for trying :)16:40
ikoniaVec_: I send a mail to fake@yourdomain.com with a reply to address of james@mydomain.com - fake@yourdomain.com doesn't exist, so the mail server bounces it to james@mydomain.com - thus spamming james through your mail server16:41
mm12hi iam trying to set the fan speed for my gigabyte 7970..and its giving me response.16:41
mm12Please run 'aticonfig --initial' first or modify your configuration file manually and run aticonfig again.16:41
ikoniaVec_: I suspect you are running null mailer as root ?16:41
mm12Using /etc/X11/xorg.conf16:41
mm12Saving back-up to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.original-016:41
mm12aticonfig: Writing to '/etc/X11/xorg.conf' failed. Permission denied.16:41
X-Sleepy-Xmm12: perhaps you can run the command with sudo16:42
basiclas-jrib: do you suggest i use the 12.04 disk provided by zareason or just a clean one from ubuntu?16:42
mm12sudo what u mean16:42
=== g_byers is now known as gbyers[Away]
X-Sleepy-Xmm12: put sudo in front of the command16:42
mm12sudo aticonfig --initial16:42
jribbasiclas-: yeah, you can checksum the disc to make sure it's ok and then use it.  Or if you want something more recent (but not LTS), you can use 13.0416:43
Vec_ikonia: Oh. i c. But how is that a likely scenario? I dont really understand. This just seems like i've missconfigured some package on my server to send mails from "root@box.vecbox.com" (which does not exsist) -- vecbox.com however, does.16:43
mm12thanks X-Sleepy-X16:43
ikoniaVec_: what do you mean how is that likely, it's a well known spam tactic16:43
X-Sleepy-Xmm12: yw :)16:43
notturaI got a new Nvidia card. a gtx460. I have the gtx 260 in the machine already. would I reinstall the drivers, or update the configuration files for the new card ?16:45
daftykinsjust turn off, swap, boot16:45
ikoniaVec_:  if you believe it's a process on your machine, check the crontab, clear the mail queue, shutdown processes and find the one sending mail16:45
notturait does work, but i experienced some obvious issues. so i am trying to troubleshoot before i do anything16:45
Vec_ikonia: I've installed nullmailer yes, if it runs as root or not i have no clue. Im pretty new at this.16:45
daftykinsnottura: what happened?16:46
notturahmm, ok. card must be somehow damaged. froze in game at a very high fps a couple times. MB seemed hot. and on a couple of reboots, it sad soft error CPU core 3 not responding16:46
notturai am soret of scared to stick it back in and try to get to the bottom of it16:47
Vec_ikonia: Im pretty certain its a process on my system trying to send a mail.. my root crontab has MAILTO="", my fail2ban works with mail, my logwatch works with mail. I have rsnapshot installed, but i'm not sure if that program wants to send mail by default16:48
notturagtx470 supposedly runs hot. maybe i pushed it to hard16:48
EaglemanIs there a way to setup ubuntu as an "tor" gateway, so if i set my default route to that machine, all data will be "anonimized"16:48
SemperEagleman, socks proxy16:49
ubottupaolo65: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:50
daftykinsEagleman: tor isn't actually that secure16:50
greeniewhat's secure these days..16:50
EaglemanWhat do you suggest then16:50
Semperdaftykins, talking about the fact tor is saturated with NSA nodes?16:50
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
ikoniaVec_: why are you sure it's a program on your machine ?16:51
greeniei would suggest pulling the ethernet cable and go live in the woods with the wolves :)16:51
Vec_ikonia: It just makes sense.. Look at the log; something on my machine tries to send mails with a wrong address which is a default one "root@host.domain.com"16:52
ikoniaVec_: sorry you're not applying logic16:53
daftykinsSemper: no, that endpoints can sniff egressing data16:53
ikoniaVec_: does this happen at regular intervals ?16:53
Vec_ikonia: I've probably derped and not configured it to be root@vecbox.com"16:53
jiffe98is there a good way to do something like an 'apt-get -y upgrade' that would answer yes to the initial question asking if I want to proceed but no the questions such as configuration file changes?16:53
ikoniaVec_: is vecbox.com your domain16:53
Semperdaftykins, ah16:53
Semperwell only if you don't use SSL16:53
Vec_ikonia: :/ Every minute, i just went into /var/spool/nullmailer/queue and deleted the 2 messages that were there (since 9.july) (they were logwatch logs...)16:53
Vec_ikonia: vecbox.com is mine yessir16:53
SemperI thought you were talking about being identified if you acted anonymously16:53
ikoniaVec_: ahhh ok,16:53
Semperi.e. not sending personally identifying material16:54
kusuhow do u dual boot ubuntu with win xp?16:54
ikoniaVec_: what's in the content of the messages, does it giveyou a clue ?16:54
Vec_ikonia: Please bear with me, im so confused with linux and explaining this stuff still that i leave out key information..16:54
Semperkusu, google wubi16:54
Semperit will make it really easy for you to try it16:54
greeniewith wubi you can install linux within windows16:54
jimmyjamcan you guys help me get TF2 running on my new desktop? Getting major image glitches when i try to play, everything freezes, then loads really slowly. HD 7750, FX4100. Thank you16:55
Sempergreenie, not kinda16:55
Semperyou can16:55
Vec_ikonia: tbh, since it was 9july it probably tried sending them before i got the configuration done OR SOMETHING (tm) and then been stuck spamming those mails ever since.. I deleted them from the spool now without reading (it was from logwatch@vecbox.com so its just log summarys)16:55
ikoniaVec_: is there not more mails being created ?16:55
OerHekskusa after installation ubuntu, hold shift @ boot to select win xp or ubuntu16:56
kusudo i select partitions manually to install ubuntu or do i delete win xp partitions if i wanna dual boot ubuntu with win xp?16:56
Vec_ikonia: Checking now, btw whats the "move to bottom of page"-command in less?16:56
greeniekusu: with wubi you can circumvent that16:56
ikoniaVec_: there isn't one that I'm aware of16:56
greenieit just stores all the linux data into sort of an image file16:56
greenieon your ntfs partition16:56
saiarcot895Vec_: besides the end key16:57
OerHekskusa, you get an option to install side by side, and to decrease a partition to make space16:57
Vec_ikonia: Ok. I checked the logs now, and 18:51 was the last error trying to send mail. Ill wait a few more minutes and check again16:57
ikoniaVec_: ok, I'm stepping away from my desk for a few minutes16:57
Jagst3r15how would I run this script sirs? https://gist.github.com/anonymous/571388716:57
Jagst3r15I have the file on my desktop16:58
Vec_saiarcot895: end and home does not work in less (im trying it as we speak)16:58
jimmyjamanyone know how to install drivers for my HD 7750?16:58
Jagst3r15sh compass-app-shortcut-creator.sh does not work16:58
shahanI have upgrade with "sudo apt-get upgrade" from the Main Server as source. but it cannt fetch 864KB of data and for this all those of 233MB data are not installing. what can I do now? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5884852/16:59
shahanits ubuntu 12.04 32bit17:00
shahanI have upgrade with "sudo apt-get upgrade" from the Main Server as source. but it cannt fetch 864KB of data and for this all those of 233MB data are not installing. what can I do now? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5884852/17:00
wiredmindJagst3r15: tried chmod +x compass-app-shourtcut-creator.sh && ./compass-app-shortcut-creator.sh17:00
greenieshahan: did you run apt-get update?17:00
euxneksshahan, try switching mirrors17:00
shahanya I treid17:01
greeniethen what eux said17:01
shahantried euxneks17:01
Jagst3r15wiredmind it says no such file or directory17:01
wiredmindwhat does pwd say?17:01
kusudo i select partitions manually to dual boot ubuntu with win xp?17:02
Jagst3r15you spelled shortcut wrong it works now ;)17:02
wiredmindJagst3r15: good17:02
shahanany idea to install all those downlooaded stuff?17:02
saiarcot895shahan: switch to the main Ubuntu mirror, run "sudo apt-get update", and then try installing it17:03
euxneksshahan, you can install local packages with dpkg install but try the ubuntu mirror: http://askubuntu.com/questions/104695/how-do-i-change-mirrors-in-ubuntu-server-from-regional-to-main17:03
jimmyjamanyone know how to install drivers for my HD 7750?17:03
Jagst3r15it works :)17:03
euxneksshahan, what saiarcot895 said17:03
shahaneuxneks: I tried all those staff.17:03
saiarcot895!ati | jimmyjam17:03
ubottujimmyjam: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto17:03
SirRockCan someone help me out installing a program?17:03
basiclas-jrib: what was the last version before the amazon ads integration?17:04
SirRockI just switched to Ubuntu and I don't know exactly how to work the terminal17:04
k1lSirRock: just describe your issue17:05
shahanSirRock: which version of ubuntu you are using now?17:05
SirRockI installed a program called  "protege" and the installer ran, but now I can't find the program.17:05
SirRockI see the folder and a bunch of files for it, but i click on the script and it doesn't work17:06
SirRockI think17:06
shahanSirRock: go to terminal and type protege17:06
SirRocksays command not found17:06
saiarcot895SirRock: how did you install it?17:07
SirRockI went to linux instructions and typed in sh ./install_protege_4.0.2.bin17:07
shahanSirRock: have you install it by Ubuntu Software Center?17:07
SirRockNah, I'll go see if its in there17:08
saiarcot895SirRock: it's not in the Software Center17:08
k1lSirRock: did you load anything from the webpage or did you use the programs that ubuntu ships?17:08
saiarcot895SirRock: did you follow the instructions on the page?17:08
euxneksshahan, have you tried sudo apt-get clean17:09
SirRockI followed the instructions on the page. I installed some program that lets me open the terminal in that folder with a right click, but besdies that nothing else17:09
Vec_ikonia: The trying to send mail outward with wrong sender address seized now that i removed 2 mails from the nullmailer's spool. It was hammering every minute, and now its been quiet for a good 10 minutes so i assume its all well now.17:09
OerHeksSirRock, that is an old version see > http://protege.stanford.edu/download/protege/4.3/installanywhere/Web_Installers/17:09
shahaneuxneks: no17:09
euxneksshahan, that might help?17:09
shahaneuxneks: okey. let me chk17:10
euxneksif that doesn't work then maybe try sudo apt-get update --fix-missing17:10
euxneksshahan, though I think you've probably already tried that eh? :)17:10
saiarcot895SirRock: at any rate, after you download it, in the terminal, type in "sh ./install_protege_4.3.bin" (without the quotes)17:10
SirRockI'm downloading that now. but I see the scripts for protege, but every time i click on them it just opens up a text editor17:11
shahaneuxneks: no. I didnt tried it before.17:11
shahaneuxneks: what will it do my systme?17:11
saiarcot895SirRock: try opening up the Dash (start menu key or the Ubuntu icon at the top left corner) and typing in Protege17:11
euxneksshahan, it might fix it, I doubt it would cause any problems17:11
SirRockI tried that and only the folder and file named protege pop up17:12
samba35how do i access ubuntu  server from another ubuntu server over Internet with gui17:13
OerHeksSirRock, if you installed correct, http://localhost:8080/webprotege/ >>>  http://protegewiki.stanford.edu/wiki/WebProtegeAdminGuide17:13
jaeniei dont think I'm running a firewall, but i cannot connect to the mysql server on my desktop.  I started up ufw and allowed 3306/tcp but i still cannot make a simple connection (like $ telnet host 3306)17:13
jaenieis there some default firewall running?17:13
jrib!vnc | samba3517:13
ubottusamba35: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX17:13
SirRockLIke, I found the file. It says it's a shell script "(application/x-shellscript)" but it won't run, is there a program i'm supposed to open it with?17:14
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SemperAnyone got any idea how to monitor the temperature of individual CPU cores?17:15
kellyhi guys17:15
saiarcot895!sensors | Semper17:15
ubottuSemper: To access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.17:15
SemperFor the last time17:15
kellyi want to use clonezilla ,17:15
kellyif i want to make a backup for linux , should i format the external harddrive as the same file system i use in linux like ext4 ? the external harddrive i have now with ntfs file system17:15
SemperI know and have installed lm-sensors17:15
Semperit does not detect cores17:15
Semperacpi -t also does not work17:15
saiarcot895Semper: the reading itself is dependent on your hardware17:16
k1lSemper: which mainboard-cpu is it? or laptop?17:16
SemperFX 812017:16
SemperAMD Octacore17:16
SirRockIs there a way I can post screenshots or share my screen to show what I'm doing?17:16
Semperit does have the sensors as far as I know17:16
greenieyou can use pastebin and/or an image hoster17:17
SemperThe AMD kernel module is not reporting the physical temperatures according to documentation.17:17
samba35jrib, can you pls tell me which is best vnc server17:17
jribsamba35: read the wiki and use the one that you want17:17
Sempersamba35, SSH17:18
QTPieManhow to get sleep and hibernate?17:18
SemperUse SSH in order to remotely use the desktops17:18
Sempervastly superior to any VNC.17:18
samba35Semper, can you pls give some more details17:18
QTPieManany help here?17:19
SemperGetting a guide17:19
LucidDreamZzZssh has nothing to do w vnc17:19
greeniekelly: i don't think it matters much17:19
saiarcot895QTPieMan: I believe sleep is equivalent to suspend17:19
greenieas long as it's not fat32 ;)17:19
kellygreenie, BTW , sometimes i get partclone faild ? but this error message happen when i want to make a backup from ubuntu in vbox to externel harddrive17:19
QTPieMansaiarcot895: yup suspend17:20
hbeckhey folks. I am getting intermittent connectivity to stuff on my LAN, just upgraded the motherboard and I am suspecting driver issues for the on-board ethernet. Here's a paste of lspci and lsmod (relevant parts): http://paste.ubuntu.com/5884910/17:20
SemperThis should help: http://narnia.cs.ttu.edu/drupal/node/13217:20
BenjaminRHHey guys. I'm having some trouble installing 13.04 on a new Toshiba Satellite S70 (dual-boot with Windows 8). Anybody have any experience with that?17:21
saiarcot895QTPieMan: as for hibernate, see https://help.ubuntu.com/12.10/ubuntu-help/power-hibernate.html17:21
SirRocksaircot895: Here's what I have so far: http://postimg.org/image/jc3k7pjfl/. I click on the Protege script and it won't run. I type the command in the terminal and it can't find it17:21
hbeckfound some posts saying there may be some issues since the 8169 driver is being used instead of 8168. Would that be responsible for ping, ssh, etc. connections working in and out17:21
greeniehm no idea, didn't try that yet17:21
QTPieMansaiarcot895: ok17:21
Semperk1l, I am pretty sure I could get individual core temperatures with speedfan / coretemp in windows.17:21
OerHeksSirRock, if you installed correct, http://localhost:8080/webprotege/ >>>  http://protegewiki.stanford.edu/wiki/WebProtegeAdminGuide17:21
BenjaminRHMy major initial problem is that the screen is completely dark. If I hold it up to the light and squint at an angle, I can just make out the install window. Function brightness keys don't seem to do anything.17:22
SirRockI'll try this now17:22
holsteinBenjaminRH: i have seen that17:22
LucidDreamZzZthis is #ubuntu17:23
BenjaminRHholstein: have you seen any solutions? :)17:23
holsteinBenjaminRH: i actually have an EEEpc like that, intel hardware surprisingly.. i can use totally different function keys17:23
LucidDreamZzZhbeck, what symptoms17:23
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
holsteinBenjaminRH: also, this happens are reboot, from the bios screen or where ever17:23
LucidDreamZzZtry blacklisting the module you do not want to load17:24
BenjaminRHholstein: yep. that's my problem17:24
shahaneuxneks:  sudo apt-get clean has removed all stff i downloaded :(17:24
holsteinBenjaminRH: its affecting the bios screen?17:24
SemperBenjaminRH, get it fully installed and use brightness config17:24
Semperif it affects the bios17:24
Semperit is most likely a broken screen17:24
BenjaminRHSemper: I can't see anything to install it, unfortunately17:24
Semperyou must have a broken screen17:24
BenjaminRHthe screen certainly isn't broken, Windows runs find17:24
holsteinBenjaminRH: you could have a bad backlight17:24
hbeckLucidDreamZzZ: Ethernet comes up "ok" but connectivity is in and out. Ping will get "destination host unreachable" for a while, then work, then fail again17:24
Sempereven on the lowest brightness setting you should be able to see it17:24
shahannow it asks for downloading 288MB again17:24
hbeckthis is just from one local box to another17:25
BenjaminRHSemper: maybe it's a combination of the backlight not being on and the brightness at 0 or 1?17:25
holsteinBenjaminRH: when it was happening to me, i would pull the battery and unplug17:25
LucidDreamZzZhbeck, thats exactly what i was not hoping for :(17:25
matbanguys just installed the ati driver for my HD 7750, TF2 running better than before but it's still lagging quite a bit. what can i do?17:25
holsteinBenjaminRH: but, i found the odd function key combo as well17:25
chadthedudeHello guys, this script is coded in which language? http://pastebin.com/0cw2c8QW17:25
Sempermatban, is it the AMD Prop driver?17:25
BenjaminRHholstein: ooh! What's the function key combo?17:26
holsteinBenjaminRH: what i usually do in those situations is remove the hard drive so i can force power off and test without damaging anything17:26
chadthedudehttp://pastebin.com/0cw2c8QW <--- Which language this script is coded in?17:26
holsteinBenjaminRH: quite random17:26
chadthedudeholstein: sir, http://pastebin.com/0cw2c8QW <--- Which language this script is coded in?17:26
LucidDreamZzZhbeck, i would keep trying in here idk, but blacklisting the module that is not supposed to load might fix17:26
saiarcot895!patience | chadthedude17:26
ubottuchadthedude: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/17:26
kellyhow to extract gz via terminal ?17:26
BenjaminRHchadthedude: javascript17:26
holsteinchadthedude: i would try a programming channel17:26
BenjaminRHchadthedude: that's a greasemonkey script17:26
chadthedudebenjaminrh, .js extension?17:26
BenjaminRHchadthedude: yep17:26
BenjaminRHchadthedude: .user.js17:26
chadthedudehow can I execute it?17:26
LucidDreamZzZhbeck, keep asking in here someone probably has same issue17:26
BenjaminRHchadthedude: check out greasemonkey if you're in firefox, or tampermonkey if in chrome17:27
chadthedudeBenjaminRH, come to #gstreamer as this is ubuntu-only.17:27
chadthedudecome to #gstreamer and help my ass, man.17:27
holstein!language | chadthedude17:27
ubottuchadthedude: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.17:27
matbanSemper: is was the open source one, xorg. I just followed the instructions on the page. Are there tests I can run to confirm which it was for you?17:27
chadthedudethis is a ubuntu-support channel, we'll get banned by holstein.17:27
Sempershould be17:27
holsteinchadthedude: i am just a volunteer making a request.. thanks for your consideration17:27
SemperGoogle how to check which driver it is17:27
Semperif it isn't fglrx17:28
chadthedudeholstein; volunteers are kind.17:28
hbeckLucidDreamZzZ: hooray... I'll have to see if it is an issue windows-side also (hardware issue or driver issue)17:28
Sempertry their proprietary driver17:28
LucidDreamZzZhbeck, yeah not sure hmm17:28
hbeckgoogle finds several threads talking about the drivers with the NIC in question17:29
LucidDreamZzZhbeck, try blacklisting see if it loads the 'correct' one instead ? dunno17:29
SirRockOerHeks: I tried "mkdir /data/webprotege" but the terminal says no such file. What should I do?17:29
hbeckLucidDreamZzZ: yup, thanks. Will try that as well as seeing if I can get the proprietary drivers in there.17:30
LucidDreamZzZim not the best to ask but it might be worth a shot17:31
matbanSemper: is this right? http://linuxhelp.150m.com/ati/ati.htm17:32
LucidDreamZzZhmm gtg, hth17:32
LucidDreamZzZhbeck, good luck network flakiness worst issue17:32
SemperSimilar but not up to date17:32
Semperpretty sure you can install it from software centre.17:32
martinnyhello, is there a way to have a raid6 over network or some sort of filesystem with redundancy with multiple physical boxes?17:33
Sempermartinny, that is unlikely17:33
Semperbut not impossible17:34
matbanSemper: it recommended using the open source version, which is what i did: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver17:34
SemperYeah I know.17:34
martinnySemper: whats the best way to have a expandable FS?17:34
SemperThat open source documentation must be pretty old to think that opensource is still better surely.17:35
wabashWhere can I find a list of packages and versions that are in the repos for Ubuntu 13.04, 13.10?17:35
Semperthey've been working on their own driver making it better for ages.17:35
Semperwabash, use synaptic package manager17:35
Piciwabash: http://packages.ubuntu.com17:35
wabashSemper: In 13.10? I don't have that installed yet!!   :)17:35
wabashPici: Ok, thank you. It's an online database of sorts?17:36
Piciwabash: yes17:36
wabashpici: ok thanks. Looking at it now.17:36
Sempermartinny, I don't know but generally NFS with RAID is a enterprise class hardware and software job.17:36
matbanSemper: so I should install the flgrx driver?17:36
SemperI am not an expert however.17:36
Sempermatban, try it at least17:36
Semperit *should* be better.17:36
Semperbut it isn't "free open source"17:36
matbanSemper: also what about this guide? http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Raring_Installation_Guide#Installing_Catalyst_Manually_.28from_AMD.2FATI.27s_site.29_BETA.2FEXPERIMENTAL17:37
Sempermatban, that seems accurate and correct17:37
matbanSemper: ok thanks17:38
=== ese is now known as pal
quadHelixIs there a trick to get pdo-mysql working in 12.04?  I have the pertinent packages installed and updated, but cakephp and composer are complaining they are not present17:42
ikoniaquadHelix: where are they looking17:43
quadHelixikonia, i assumed /etc/php5/apache217:43
quadHelixikonia, i commented out the line in the ini file to get composer to download plugins.  Now it is saying it really needs the PDO tho :(17:44
ikoniaquadHelix: what package did you install for pdo ?17:44
quadHelixikonia pdo-mysql?17:44
ikoniaquadHelix: that package doesn't appear to exist17:44
ikonia!info pdo-mysql17:44
ubottuPackage pdo-mysql does not exist in raring17:44
quadHelixikonia, correction: php5-msyql17:44
quadHelix!info php5-mysql17:45
ubottuphp5-mysql (source: php5): MySQL module for php5. In component main, is optional. Version 5.4.9-4ubuntu2.2 (raring), package size 73 kB, installed size 239 kB17:45
bcowsif I do sudo killall <ps name> and it runs without error but the process is still listed under the "ps" command what am I doing wrong ?17:45
quadHelixikonia, it was complaining about mysqlnd and odbc too17:45
ikoniaquadHelix: looks fine to me17:46
ikoniaquadHelix: just installed it myself17:46
quadHelixok ty ikonia17:46
sarcasticsimbaHey there! Does anyone know how I'd go about setting the screen resolution larger than 1024x768? (I'm running ubuntu in a VM)17:47
theadminbcows: I think "killall" defaults  to sending SIGTERM, which means the apps are responsible for finishing up themselves, they are just told "please finish". Try with -KILL17:47
adamksarcasticsimba: Do you know if you are using the vmware Xorg driver?17:47
sarcasticsimbaadamk: I'm using virtualbox, so I don't think I've got that driver installed.17:48
Sicpfirst off, try VMWare's "VMWare Player"17:48
Sicpexcellent stuff, no extra baggage and really fast17:48
sarcasticsimbaIs it free or open source?17:49
adamksarcasticsimba: OK, so are you using the vboxvideo driver?17:49
adamkVirtualBox is fine.  If it doesn't what you need, there's no reason to switch.17:49
bcowsah thanks theadmin!, that worked17:49
SicpI think VirtualBox is crap17:49
adamkdoes, not doesn't.17:49
Sicpthat's why I switched, but yes..no reason for you to do the same17:49
sarcasticsimbaadamk: The only graphics drivers I've got installed should be the nvidia ones I installed after setting up the VM17:50
EkusheySicp: but vmware isn't free17:50
SicpVMWare Player is17:50
sarcasticsimbaAnd I'm not a fan of anything Windows; this is for a thing I need to do for work.17:50
adamksarcasticsimba: You can't use the nvidia drivers in a virtualbox vm. virtualbox virtualizes its own GPU.17:50
adamksarcasticsimba: Pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log file.17:50
theadminsarcasticsimba: You just need to install the guest additions: sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-dkms17:50
sarcasticsimbaadamk: Huh, I see. I'll get right on that, thank you!17:51
quadHelixI am viewing phpinfo(); and it says the ini file is processed but it contains no other reference to the PDO17:53
Captain_Protonis it possible to have empathy pop message in 13.0417:54
theadminCaptain_Proton: pop? Do you mean pop3? If so, Empathy is not an e-mail client, sorry, try Thunderbird, Evolution, KMail... etc17:55
BenjaminRHperhaps you meant a notification?17:55
theadminAh... Captain_Proton, I think it shows notifications by default, maybe you unchecked that in settings?17:55
BenjaminRHI thought there was some way to add apps to the whitelist17:55
=== chadthedude is now known as stein
Captain_Protontheadmin, yes I lloked for it but I do not see it in the new vrs17:56
sarcasticsimbaadamk: It keeps telling me "Permission Denied" when I try to access that log.17:57
lotuspsychjeCaptain_Proton: geary can notify new emails too i think17:57
lotuspsychje!info geary | Captain_Proton17:58
ubottuCaptain_Proton: geary (source: geary): email client. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.3.1-0ubuntu1 (raring), package size 1113 kB, installed size 4085 kB17:58
theadminlotuspsychje: Empathy is of IM client, not e-mail (which is what I said in my first reply to him/her)17:58
lotuspsychjetheadmin: oh ok17:59
kelly_what would you guys recommend as a media manager/player for large libraries ?17:59
Captain_Protonlotuspsychje, thanks but I am looking to empathy do a toster popup thing. in older version you could uncheck use notification. but I think they removed it in 13.04. So i am loking for hack or something17:59
BenjaminRHkelly_: Clementine for Music? Or Audacious for Music? and maybe XMBC?18:00
theadminCaptain_Proton: Empathy does display notifications for me. Are you sure you have notify-osd installed?18:00
theadmin!info notify-osd18:01
ubottunotify-osd (source: notify-osd): daemon that displays passive pop-up notifications. In component main, is optional. Version 0.9.35daily12.11.28-0ubuntu1 (raring), package size 164 kB, installed size 790 kB18:01
rantickelly_: I've heard a lot of people rave about clemintine and nightingale18:01
=== err-or_ is now known as err-or
OerHeksrantic +1 clementine is awesome18:01
kelly_ I used to use gmusicbrowser18:02
kelly_noise can't handle 150GB of music unfortunately :(18:02
euxneksanyone have a link? First I've heard of nightingale18:02
ranticeuxneks: http://getnightingale.com/18:02
BenjaminRHnot nightingale :(18:03
euxneksrantic, thanks18:03
BenjaminRHAudacious is the best for music imho18:03
Ari-Yangkelly_, mpd is good, Music Player Daemon. and a front-end gui like gmppc, sonata, and others18:03
ranticBenjaminRH: Audacious is nice but she explicitly asked for something to manage large libraries ... I wouldn't feel duacious would be best for that18:03
ranticgoodness I can't type today18:04
Ari-Yangkelly_, http://www.musicpd.org/18:04
sarcasticsimba@adamk: pastebin.com/8Vj403SM18:04
BenjaminRHrantic: I manage quite a large library with Audacious18:05
BenjaminRHrantic: but I see your point18:05
kelly_thank you guys18:06
euxneksis audacious installed by default on ubuntu now?18:06
abhi_Hi everyone . I have installed ubuntu (12.04 LTS 32bit ) on windows 7 machine ( With deleting windows 7 ) . It worked fine but I have released that I am using 64bit system , so I installed 12.04 LTS 64bit by deleting 32bit install (using CD) . But =after install I am unable to boot , I am getting error 1962 (No operating system found) . I have tired Boot - repair and here is my past bib - http://paste.ubuntu.com/5884554/18:06
euxneksapparently I've installed it already :P18:06
kenlikmy ubuntu is 12.10 and i'm has java installed as "java -version" works and shows java version "1.7.0_21" OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea 2.3.9) (7u21-2.3.9-0ubuntu0.12.10.1) OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 23.7-b01, mixed mode)18:06
lotuspsychje!info audacious | euxneks18:06
ubottueuxneks: audacious (source: audacious): small and fast audio player which supports lots of formats. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.3.4-1 (raring), package size 298 kB, installed size 1234 kB18:07
quadHelixikonia:  what is the contents of your /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini for the [Pdo] and [Pdo_msyql] sections?  My driver is there but apache is not loading it, and I did not see the driver in mods-available.18:07
abhi_I have searched ubuntu forum could not find any help and I am new user cannot post before completing 25 posts . Please help ( My system is ThinkCentre18:07
kenlikbut http://www.java.com/en/download/testjava.jsp doesn't show the machine informations; so how to solve it?18:07
kenlikmy browser is Google Chrome 27.0.1453.11018:08
Captain_Protonabhi_, is there anything on there you want to keep like docs or music?18:08
quadHelixabhi_ have you tried reloading the 64 bit OS again?  when asked how you want to partition your disks pick the option that says something like "let ubuntu decide" and "will destroy data"18:08
=== rantic_ is now known as rantic
theadminkenlik: is icedtea-7-plugin installed?18:08
abhi_@captain_proton I do not want to keep anything18:08
theadminkenlik: And, in chrome://plugins, is it enabled?18:09
abhi_@quadHelix I have tired reinstalling ubuntu twice but i got same result18:09
Captain_Protonabhi_, Like quadHelix said wipe and reinstall18:09
nasirhow do i password protect an app?18:10
abhi_@Captain I have done that , but install i get Error 1962 :No operating system found - http://paste.ubuntu.com/5884554/18:10
BenjaminRHabhi_: boot off a live-usb, use gparted to formate the entire drive, then reinstall using the live usb18:11
kenliktheadmin, not. i'll install icedtea-7-plugin; is it an ubuntu package, right?18:11
theadminkenlik: Yup18:11
abhi_@BenjaminRH I should not use the DVD ? ( which i burned ) but use a usb ?18:12
BenjaminRHabhi_: the dvd is fine too18:12
BenjaminRHI assumed you were using a usb18:12
theadminabhi_: DVDs are slow, so if you're fine with waiting like 10 minutes for it to load, yeah :D18:12
Semper*I have LM SENSORS* Anyone know how to get the individual core temperatures of a FX 8120?18:13
abhi_@BenjaminRH @theadmin Do I burn the GParted on same DVD or different one ?18:13
BenjaminRHabhi_: I think Ubuntu has a built in thing that lets you reformat the drive. Disk management, or something18:14
theadminabhi_: Uh, GParted is included in the Ubuntu dvd, you just run it (select "Try Ubuntu" on the startup screen and search for it in the Dash)18:14
BenjaminRHtheadmin: gparted comes with Ubuntu now?18:14
theadminBenjaminRH: Used to for ages. But the installer doesn't install it on the target system, it's only on the live media which kinda makes sense18:14
lotuspsychjeSemper: maybe apt-cache search sensors might help to find any other toolz18:14
BenjaminRHtheadmin: ahh. That does make sense18:15
prawnsaladhi, using ufw, how can i see the current default action?18:15
abhi_@theadmin @BenjaminRH Thanks , I will do that now and let you know the results ( b/w i borrowed a usb now)18:15
kelly_can i use geray mail for gmail account , there is a strange problem i put the email and password then when i click add it said username or password is incorrect but when i log to the gmail account via browner it works !!!18:16
vkHi, so I'd like to resize my ubuntu window. I'm sarcasticsimba from before, but for some reason I guess I wasn't logged out...?18:16
sarcasticsimbaOh, there we go.18:17
Semperspent bloody ages trying to find something18:17
abhi_@BenjaminRH do I need to change the boot mode to UEFI ? or not needed?18:18
lotuspsychjeSemper: did you look here if yours is listed? http://www.lm-sensors.org/wiki/Configurations18:19
SemperI know it is since LM sensors is listing k1018:19
kenliktheadmin, thanks in advance it solve the problem ;)18:21
lotuspsychjeSemper: how about this url: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto18:21
kenliktheadmin, i just check these option from ubuntu software center, and wait a few minutes ...18:22
BenjaminRHanybody know how to set nomodeset when installing 13.04 from a live-usb?18:22
quadHelixdoes anybody have a working LAMP install?  if yes, could you tell me what you have listed under the Mysql section?  My phpinfo() contains only 4 references to mysql and all are inii files.18:22
[cannibalera]Guys, I'm doing a server database with mysql and redhat, and would like to know what are the parameters you can change to create a partition to store the bank.18:22
auronandace!nomodeset | BenjaminRH18:23
ubottuBenjaminRH: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter18:23
theadmin[cannibalera]: Redhat... is waaaay not Ubuntu.18:23
BenjaminRHauronandace: thanks! I didn't realize the problem was popular enough to put it in the bot :)18:23
[cannibalera]theadmin, sorry, is CentOS ;)18:23
lotuspsychje!lamp | quadHelix18:23
ubottuquadHelix: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.18:23
Semperyup re did it but it made no change18:24
=== pp is now known as Guest54963
theadmin[cannibalera]: Still. Go to their channels.18:24
quadHelixubottu - i know what it is... what I dont know is why my phpinfo has no references to mysql18:24
quadHelixubottu - ty for link i go read18:25
ubottuquadHelix: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:25
prawnsaladhi, using ufw, how can i see the current default action?18:25
lotuspsychje!ufw | prawnsalad18:27
ubottuprawnsalad: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as Gufw also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo18:27
kelly_guys  what is imap username ? and smtp username ?18:27
kelly_where can i find these settings ?!18:28
euxnekskelly_, usually you set those in the options of your email client18:28
LucidDreamZzZimap username and smtp username are your email address18:29
euxnekskelly_, imap username is the name you use to log into the mail server to get your emails, and the smtp username is the name you use to authenticate to a server to send emails18:29
LucidDreamZzZfull email address with the @18:29
Semperlotuspsychje, Asus board, not listed in their wiki18:29
ner0xAny simple way to add a script for startup/shutdown?18:30
LucidDreamZzZcron job18:30
kelly_ok what is the imap password and smtp password ? my gmail password right ?!18:30
lotuspsychje!cron | ner0x18:30
ubottuner0x: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto18:30
euxnekskelly_, generally, yes. Are you setting up an email client?18:30
ner0xlotuspsychje: Even if it has to be run from root?18:31
LucidDreamZzZhmm good point18:31
ner0xWhat about /etc/init.d/ or something like rc.local ?18:31
LucidDreamZzZsudo user can run cron without pw?18:32
euxnekskelly_, if you want your email client to log into gmail and sent emails via gmail's smtp server then yes, it would be your gmail username and password.18:32
LucidDreamZzZsecurity hole18:32
lotuspsychje!info xsensors | Semper18:32
ubottuSemper: xsensors (source: xsensors): hardware health information viewer. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.70-2 (raring), package size 17 kB, installed size 115 kB18:32
SemperI'll try it18:33
Semperbut I have no GUI18:33
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
BenjaminRHauronandace: thanks very much for that nomodeset link. Solved all my problems :)18:33
theadminLucidDreamZzZ: Nope... Not like you can edit the systemwide crontab without the password, right? So, if you add the command there, why would it have to ask for password everytime?18:33
LucidDreamZzZyeah i guess18:33
LucidDreamZzZyeah u need pw to edit jobs right18:34
Semperover ssh18:34
Semperit still gives only one temp18:34
LucidDreamZzZhate this sudo18:34
bitbytehey guys I'm on ubuntu server and for life of me can't remember how to display current drives cause I'm trying to setup my stab any ideas18:34
LucidDreamZzZjust let me have root i will be ok18:34
bitbyteI'm trying frisk but can't remember how to print the drive table not part ion table18:34
euxneksLucidDreamZzZ, sudo su -18:34
LucidDreamZzZsfdisk -d18:34
LucidDreamZzZyea that is retarded18:35
LucidDreamZzZsudo su18:35
LucidDreamZzZiknow to do it but meh18:35
lotuspsychjeSemper: hmm are you sure you have several?18:35
euxneksLucidDreamZzZ, ah18:35
meowlulzcatany good c++ book suggestions18:35
SemperI built the machine, I know it has 8 cores.18:35
lotuspsychje!ot | meowlulzcat18:35
ubottumeowlulzcat: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:35
SemperI am also fairly sure it reported them in coretemp/speedfan.18:35
lotuspsychjeSemper:maybe the the ##hardware channel aswell to findout more about your issue?18:36
LucidDreamZzZi usually have to do exactly that because im not sure how to use pipes with sudo18:36
=== krink_ is now known as krink
TheCompWizcan someone tell me why when I have 2 interfaces both with gateways defined... I do not get two default gateways?18:37
LucidDreamZzZonly 1 default, but you can use 'metric'18:38
LucidDreamZzZthen it wil prioritize, not perfect but all we have18:38
TheCompWizLucidDreamZzZ: I know this... and have done such... but only one interface's gateway definition applies.  (specifically the first one to come up)18:38
TheCompWizonly ONE default route is added for some dumb reason.18:38
xentity1xHi I'm having trouble accessing my tty shells on a lenovo 530w with an nvidia quadro k2000m graphics card. Anyone else have this problem?18:39
xentity1xThey're black but I can enter commands18:39
LucidDreamZzZhmm, i have two gateways as well but not set up for second one yet18:39
TheCompWizLucidDreamZzZ: if you ifup both interfaces... only the 1st gateway will be added to the routing table.18:40
TheCompWizor rather... the gateway of the first interface to be brought up.18:40
LucidDreamZzZxentity1x, if it works at all you are lucky, check hardware compatability list18:40
dufahello! I ran into a problem where the default ubuntu video player (totem) prompts an error when trying to play video prom a dvd.18:40
lotuspsychje!info vlc | dufa18:40
ubottudufa: vlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.6-1 (raring), package size 1059 kB, installed size 3356 kB18:40
lotuspsychjedufa: install vlc mate it can play them all18:41
LucidDreamZzZTheCompWiz, man ip you should be able to add gateways?? hmm18:41
dufawill chech it out18:42
abhi_@theadmin I have followed your instructions , I have run the gpart and then installed ubuntu again but I am getting same error18:42
abhi_what should i do ?18:42
theadminabhi_: Um, what's the error?18:43
xentity1xluciddreamzzz, you mean check to see if my graphics card is supported? Where do I do that?18:43
TheCompWizLucidDreamZzZ: I can manually add them... that's not the issue... it's just annoying that using the "interfaces" file doesn't work.18:43
LucidDreamZzZright that is where i would do it too, hmm18:43
LucidDreamZzZxentity1x, one sec i try to find a link18:43
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution18:44
TheCompWiznot just that... but creating a sub-interface on a bridge tries to create a 2nd bridge... rather than just the sub.18:44
abhi_@theadmin Error 1962: No operating system found .. Press any key to repeat boot sequence18:44
theadminabhi_: Err, wut?... I dunno, sorry. Looks weird.18:44
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection18:45
LucidDreamZzZtbere ya go xentity1x ^18:45
lotuspsychjeabhi_:did you look at the uefi trigger?18:45
xentity1xso its not supported18:46
abhi_I am unable to boot ubuntu 12.04 LTS (64 bit) after installing it over Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (32bit) ( I made mistake installing 32bit first) ( ThinkCentre)18:46
LucidDreamZzZyeah vesa driver might work18:46
abhi_@lotuspsychje what is uefi trigger ?18:46
lolcatWhat cp flags to copy my full install?18:46
LucidDreamZzZbut yrmv18:46
xentity1xis this for the nouveau drivers?18:46
xentity1xim using the proprietary.18:46
xentity1xAm I out of luck?18:46
TheCompWizabhi_: is the server 64-bit capable? ... are you wiping the disk?  you can't install on-top-of 32-bit.18:47
Deepjmeowlulzcat :  the book by stroustrup18:47
abhi_@TheCompWiz yes it is capable , I have wiped the disk18:47
abhi_http://paste.ubuntu.com/5884554/  - Boot repair18:48
TheCompWizabhi_: is the bios configured for 64-bit? ... some have options to turn it off.18:48
LucidDreamZzZxentity1x, good q i reallydont kjnow then check nvidia.com maybe hmm18:48
LucidDreamZzZdid you get the correct binary?18:48
dufalotuspsychje, seems the problem was with missing libdvdread for reading scrambled video, everything works now. even got vlc. thx bye18:48
LucidDreamZzZthere are like 318:48
zebaothi have problems with radeon drivers18:49
abhi_@TheCompWiz it is configured18:49
TheCompWizabhi_: what is the exact error?18:49
LucidDreamZzZzebaoth, join the club18:49
LucidDreamZzZwhat ereors18:50
abhi_Erro 1962: No Operating System Found18:50
abhi_Error* When I try to boot18:50
TheCompWiz... then you didn't complete the install... or grub failed.18:50
abhi_@TheCompWiz I think grub failed , how do I fix that18:51
TheCompWizinstall grub18:51
csdcoWhat defines an "obsolete package"?18:51
TheCompWizwhen a package is replaced by another package that does the same job.18:52
csdcoOkay, thanks.18:53
LucidDreamZzZdamn garry's mod crash...18:53
LucidDreamZzZsay not enough memory i have 16gb18:53
csdcoI was nervous to remote "134 obsolete packages" if obsolete just meant they were no longer in the repository or something.18:53
LucidDreamZzZi can play singleplayer tho18:53
TheCompWizcsdco: what were you doing?18:54
bitbyteany of you guys able to help with a apt problem18:54
csdcoa release upgrade18:54
csdcoTheCompWiz: @18:54
theadmincsdco: That's perfectly fine then, you can remove them safely18:54
LucidDreamZzZyeah edit /etc/default/grub, then run grub2-update or whatever18:54
theadmincsdco: Happens all the time18:54
TheCompWizdist upgrade? or just update?18:54
bitbytei keep doing sudo apt-get upgrade and it keeps saying no packages18:54
csdcotheadmin: thanks18:54
csdcoTheCompWiz: dist18:54
csdcobitbyte: you tried sudo apt-get update first?18:55
TheCompWizcall me old-fashioned... but I still like to nuke-pave between dists. :D18:55
bitbyteyeh I've run update first and runs fine18:55
csdcoTheCompWiz: Right on.18:55
bitbytekeep getting this http://pastebin.com/PJF012mW18:55
LucidDreamZzZi had a horrible time dist-upgrade a while back18:55
LucidDreamZzZnever again18:56
bitbytethe web min dependencies i can live with but it apt-get install isn't returning any results18:56
bitbytei.e. i get same as above on sudo apt-get install vsftpd18:56
TheCompWizwebmin? ... you're fired.18:56
LucidDreamZzZwebmin ok if preinstalled otherwise not worth effort setting it all up18:57
bitbytewell its a home server and i liked the way it displays the users and groups :P18:57
LucidDreamZzZi likethe icons too18:57
bitbytemainly used it for trouble shooting issues with deluge18:57
bitbytebut yeh at the moment apt-get seems broken as it returns no results18:58
conscientiathe automatic grub is nice for setting up multiple distros18:58
cantelopeCan someone please take a look at this and explain whats happening? I am trying to reinstall apache because it refused to parse php, but apache WONT uninstall :(18:58
LucidDreamZzZi like their isp config thing for pay, but then you might as well get plesk or cpanel or whatever18:58
LucidDreamZzZis it called apache2?18:59
LucidDreamZzZthat is just the configs18:59
theadmincantelope: It's removed...18:59
LucidDreamZzZi thought18:59
cantelopetheadmin: then why does the service start, and respond to http requests19:00
theadmincantelope: Now you can also remove the no longer required packages with 'apt-get autoremove', like it told you.19:00
EaglemanWIll this run once every two weeks in a cronjob? expr `date +\%W` \% 2 > /dev/null || screen -d -m -S Esxi-Backup /scripts/to/run19:01
conscientiaYou could try whereis for looking around19:01
bitbyteso any ideas why apt-get upgrade isn't working ? ?19:02
LucidDreamZzZlol brb19:02
huehuei've got broken packages...19:02
cantelopetheadmin: what part of apache is removed by that if it still can start and function?19:02
LucidDreamZzZi have to play video game19:03
conscientiathat needs dkpg-reconfigure19:03
theadmincantelope: I am quite sure that "apache2" is just a metapackage that doesn't actually *do* anything, it just depends on the actual server packages19:03
ElishaHello people, I have problem with Ubuntu's network, I have set static IP, but reconfigures itself over DHCP to different IP in the background, how is that possible?19:03
theadmincantelope: So do the autoremove thing19:03
cantelopetheadmin: okay, I did that and that got rid of it (seemingly), but then I installed php5 (which autoinstalls apache again) and my php files still download rather than parse. Is there something else I need to do to flush out the old config completely? I know from other clean installs that installing php5 works out of the box for a dev environment19:05
theadmincantelope: sudo a2enmod php5 ?19:05
cantelopetheadmin: "Module php5 already enabled"19:06
theadmincantelope: ...huh.19:06
theadmincantelope: Well, you could try purging it altogether ("remove" doesn't get rid of config files, so: sudo apt-get --purge autoremove apache2 )19:06
conscientiais there somewhere you can track modules?19:06
theadmincantelope: Then you can reinstall and get the default configs back19:07
TheCompWizElisha: when configuring the static IP... did you forget to shutdown the interface first before making changes? .... perhaps dhclient is still running on that interface.19:08
LucidDreamZzZi think the package is apache, not apache219:08
theadminLucidDreamZzZ: Nope19:08
LucidDreamZzZidk tho19:08
theadminLucidDreamZzZ: "apache" is yet *another* metapackage, lol19:08
ElishaTheCompWiz: that might be the case yes19:08
theadminLucidDreamZzZ: Doesn't matter which you write19:08
cantelopetheadmin: still giving me the same behavior... :\ strange19:08
LucidDreamZzZwow haha theadmin :)19:08
ElishaTheCompWiz: though I did do restart of networing service19:09
theadmincantelope: Odd... well... I dunno really :(19:09
EaglemanHow can i run a cronjob every 2 weeks?19:09
TheCompWizps ax |grep dhclient3  & kill the process if you see one listening on your interface19:09
cantelopetheadmin: thanks for the help19:09
conscientiavixie-cron or crontab maybe is a good idea for cron issues19:09
coventryWhen I add or remove my yubikey, "udevadm monitor --udev" reports many interleaved "add" and "remove" events.  E.g. <http://pastebin.com/gXNkEW0d>.  Is there a udev-related way to prevent this from happening?  It's something I have to work around to securely use my yubikey to lock and unlock my screensaver.  (Ubuntu 13.04)19:11
ElishaTheCompWiz: yes, there was a dhclient running, thanks19:11
netlarWhen I use find I keep getting gvfs, why is that?19:12
netlarI am not even looking for that19:12
ElishaI had problem with restarting networking service yesterday, so I deleted the ip addr del ... because it wouldn't do it otherwise19:12
coventryOr an un-udev-related way?  (I copy-and-pasted that question from #udev, where it has been languishing for a while. :-)19:12
Picinetlar: How are you using find?19:14
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
netlarPici: find -name "nameoffile"19:14
babinlonstonthere are 100 files which name was start with _babinnotes_ to _babinnotes99_ how can i remove the _ underscores from all the 100 files and rest want to be as it is ... please help which command will remove all the _ s19:15
Picinetlar: and how are you 'getting gvfs'?19:15
felixsamoraidentify via /msg NickServ f3lixthecat19:15
DJonesfelixsamora: New password time19:15
netlarPici: find: `./.gvfs': Permission denied19:15
LucidDreamZzZgoing to play hl2dm19:16
saiarcot895babinlonston: you'll need to have a for loop, and in it, you can use the mv command19:16
netlarPici: I do not get that if I run in sudo19:16
SpookydadDoes anyone know how I can get the app Creator from Simplify3d to find my USB port?19:16
babinlonstonhow can i use mv for all 100 files , did i want to use it one by one ?19:17
netlarPici: I guess it is a protected file in my home directory, think I answered my own question, thanks19:17
Spookydadpronterface finds it as /dev/ttyUSB0 but Creator can't find it19:17
Picinetlar: its because of the way that gvfs works.  You can append 2>/dev/null to the end of your command to point stderr to /dev/null19:17
coventrynetlar: It is trying to enter that directory, but it is owned by root.  Don't worry about it, unless you think the file you're searching for could be under that directory.19:18
felixsamoraDJones: done :-)19:18
Picibabinlonston: assuming you want to remove all underscores from those files: rename 's/_//g' *babinnotes*19:18
coventryPici: I don't think that behavior has much to do with gvfs.  It is strictly a matter of filesystem permissions and the way "find" works.19:18
netlarcoventry: I was just more curious, was not seeing that in any of the tutorials I have been watching19:18
Picicoventry: yes, but the permissions thing has to do with the way gvfs works.19:19
coventrynetlar: no worries.19:19
r0berthello all. can somebody help me ? i installed 2 ntfs drives from a windows pc with movies. i created a share but i can't access it from windows 7 or other notebook19:19
babinlonstonyes i want to remove all _ from files will this help me rename 's/_//g' *babinnotes*19:19
Picibabinlonston: yes, that is why I said it.19:20
netlarPici: so gvfs is for the gnome file system19:20
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
babinlonstonok wait let me try and give u the result sir19:20
Picinetlar: yes, gnome's virtual file system thing.19:21
netlarPici: I was not sure what you were talking about with the /dev/null stuff19:22
Picinetlar: That was just to make your find command not show you the errors that it was getting from not being able to access those paths.19:22
k1lnetlar: gvfs is the GUI automount stuff19:22
ratek__1babinlonston, why not test it in a new directory with 3-5 files first19:22
netlarPici: ahh ok, thanks19:23
babinlonstontested with 10 files and not worked for me19:23
babinlonstonjust not even showing error19:23
conscientiacould you try access the from a sort of livecd environment and mount the UUID from there in a temorary directory?19:23
conscientiathe share directory I meant19:23
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
Spookydadcan someone help me with a USB configuration issue?19:28
abhi_I repaired by GRUB2 - Purging & Reinstalling GRUB 2 then also i get Error 1962 (No operating system found )19:28
abhi_I am unable to boot after installing ubuntu 12.04LTS 64bit on Thinkcentre19:28
wilee-nileeabhi_, This a dual boot and if so with what?19:29
abhi_@wilee-nilee not dual boot19:29
wilee-nileeabhi_, No but you have a uefi setuo, hold on19:29
funkyhey folks19:29
wilee-nilee!uefi | abhi_19:30
ubottuabhi_: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI19:30
funkyI used iptables -L -n no rules set,  mysql listens on localhost:330619:30
funkywhen I want to connect it rejects19:30
funkyany idea what can it be?19:30
abhi_@wilee-bilee and @ubottu thanks19:30
wilee-nileeabhi_, more http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2147295    http://www.rodsbooks.com/efi-bootloaders/secureboot.html  Enjoy.19:30
bitbyten vsftpd do you guys know how to define the passwords for users19:31
bitbyteor the users taken from the ubuntu username list19:31
wilee-nileeabhi_, Was this a computer with W8 originally?19:31
abhi_@wile-nilee originally was with Windows 7 then I installed ubuntu 12.04 lts 32bit & was working fine. Then I realised that it is 64 bit machine , so tired to install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32bit and getting errors from then19:33
=== funky is now known as alex_fun
wilee-nileeabhi_, Did you want the gpt setup?19:36
huehuecan i actually get some help around here or not19:36
wilee-nileeabhi_, Cool, I figured that.19:36
Jagst3r15can global menu be backported to ubuntu 12.04 for LibreOffice?19:36
wilee-nileehuehue, Only by stating your troubles to the channel.19:37
Spookydadhow do I configure my usb ports19:37
SonikkuAmericaJagst3r15: Install lo-menubar19:37
mnmsGuys someone ry to compile vim with ruby 2.0 ??19:37
huehuealright, well basically i tried upgrading my software from 10.04 to 12.04...but it stopped somewhere halfway and said that i have broken packages19:37
ratek__1babinlonston rename 's/_//g' ... works here, if theres no error, that means it worked19:38
aviraldgHey. I'm not sure if this is the right channel, because my problem is likely caused one of several different things. So, I have a Django app running (via the devserver) on a Ubuntu VM and every time I try to hit it, I get a 500 error, plus ERRNO 32 Broken Pipe. A different Django app set up on the same VM works flawlessly. I've tried everything, but this just doesn't work. Help, please!19:38
mnmsGuys someone try to compile vim with ruby 2.0 ??19:38
Jagst3r15SonikkuAmerica why Canonical cannot backport?19:38
Piciaviraldg: if its via the devserver you might want to ask in #django19:38
wilee-nileeaviraldg, For the record help removes some users wanting to help, it does me anyway.19:39
SonikkuAmericaJagst3r15: Who knows?19:39
Spookydadis there a UBuntu beginner's channel?19:39
SonikkuAmericaSpookydad: #ubuntu-beginners19:39
marcin_msomeone try to compile vim with ruby 2.0 ?19:40
potatomanI was wondering if anyone could help me with a problem i'm having with terminal19:40
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.19:40
wilee-nileepotatoman, Stste you issue to the channel. ;)19:40
huehueso...anyone gonna answer my Q19:41
potatomanthanks! I've been trying to install ubuntu with bastille, which i think may be the source of the issue. For some reason, when I try to open a terminal window it fails to create a child process. could this be a result of some setting in Bastille? after initially saving the settings I didn't have thsi problem. any ideas?19:41
wilee-nileehuehue, This a desktop release?19:41
huehueYes, my PC already came installed with ubuntu, it's not a duel boot or anything19:42
potatomanit's a desktop release, I got the iso and installed it onto a partition on my PC19:42
wilee-nilee!eol | huehue read the eol upgrade path19:42
ubottuhuehue read the eol upgrade path: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades19:42
wilee-nileehuehue, You were in the install portion or download?19:43
Dr_willisBastille? - havent heard of that in ages.. why do you really want/need bastille?19:43
LanserHi, I cannot open "Computer", it gives me an error saying "Nautilus cannot open computer location"19:43
potatomanI'm trying to harden my computer to some degree because I'll be doing some work in cybersec19:43
Lansersorry, "Nautilus could not handle computer location"19:44
wilee-nileehuehue, Can you post the broken packages as well?19:44
huehueI searched for updates, it gave me the option to update to 12.04 and everything was going as expected, but when i left the computer and came back i saw i was still running 10.04...checked what happened and it said i had broken packages19:44
Lanserhow can I dix this?19:44
LanserI cannot open "Computer", it gives me error saying, Nautilus cannot handle computer locations. How can I fix this annoying problem?19:44
wilee-nileehuehue, lets see two things in a pastebin 1st cat /etc/apt/sources.list   then a sudo apt-get update19:45
huehueI get this...19:45
huehue[sudo apt-get install] Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done You might want to run 'apt-get -f install' to correct these. The following packages have unmet dependencies: libc6: Depends: libc-bin (= 2.11.1-0ubuntu7.12) but 2.15-0ubuntu10.3 is installed Recommends: libc6-i686 python-louis: Depends: liblouis0 (>= 1.7.0-2) but it is not installable ubuntu-minimal: Depends: libc6-i686 E: Un19:45
Dr_willisLanser,  try making a new user. see if they have the same issue.19:45
LanserI did, dr_willis.19:45
Lanserdidn't work19:45
potatomanwhen terminal opens up at all I get an error like "bash: fork: retry: no child process" several times19:46
Lanserit's also showing some mount thing19:46
Lanserthe mount is there19:46
Lanser"??" and "usb"19:46
Lanserwhen this thing arrived, the error was triggered.19:46
potatomanfollowed by "/user/bin/lesspipe: 1: /user/bash/lesspipe: (and so on)"19:46
Dr_willis'some mount thing' ?  be a bit more specific19:46
Lanserdr_willis: are there any other file managers like nautilus for gnoem?19:46
Dr_willisLanser,  theres dozens of file managers out there.19:46
Lanserwhich one is the best, dr_willis19:47
wilee-nileehuehue, Pastebin those two command readouts.19:47
Lanseralongside nautilus.19:47
Dr_willisnot all handle the special 'places'  that gnome uses.19:47
Dr_willisLanser,  try them out and decide for yourself. I tend to j7ust use 'mc' in a terminal window19:47
LucidDreamZzZi like rox19:48
Dr_willisrox-filer has some neat features.. and some weird quirks. ;)19:48
potatomanDr_willis: is bastille obsolete? is there any other SELinux-like hardening tool I can use?19:48
LucidDreamZzZyes those are features :)19:48
Dr_willispotatoman,  no idea. Ibe not heard bastille mentioned in years.19:48
ubottuSELinux is available on Ubuntu, but not officially supported. Ubuntu uses another security framework by default, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor19:48
LucidDreamZzZit generally does exactly what i want19:48
wilee-nileeDr_willis, So a question, on eol upgrades should one use the eol path given by the bot always, users have been reporting upgrades in the update manager is all.19:49
huehueHit http://us.archive.ubuntu.com precise Release.gpg Ign http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise/main Translation-en_US Ign http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise/restricted Translation-en_US Ign http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise/universe Translation-en_US Ign http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise/multiverse Translation-en_US Get:1 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com precise-updates Release.gpg [198B] Ign http://u19:49
ubottulilo is an alternative [Li]nux Boot[Lo]ader. Note: it is recommended that you use GRUB on Ubuntu instead.19:49
wilee-nilee!pastebin | huehue19:49
ubottuhuehue: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:49
LanserI cannot mount anything19:49
Dr_williswilee-nilee,  if they  are truely EOL and the repos have moved, then they have to do the special stuff the bot says about changeing the sources.list ,19:49
LanserI cannot enter any USB19:49
huehuesorry i don't know what that means or what you want me to do lol...19:49
Lansermy ubuntu is screwed up19:49
Dr_willisLanser,  'enter any usb' ?19:50
wilee-nileehuehue, Look at the bots pastbin info.19:50
Dr_willisyou can alwys try mounting via the commandline.19:50
LucidDreamZzZthese x-update mesa 3 drivers are sooo good19:50
Lanserdr_willis, I connected my PSP and nothing is popping up19:50
wilee-nileehuehue, YOU run each command then copy and paste all the read out to the pastebin, seperating the two with a couple of spaces or seperate pastebins.19:51
LucidDreamZzZplays like i had hoped19:51
Lanserill give you the screenshot, dr_willis19:51
=== Guest46150 is now known as apt-get_install
wilee-nileeDr_willis, Thanks, I wonder if these upgrades offered on eols can be thrown by sources.lists & source.list.d being well customized, lol.19:52
LucidDreamZzZs/like/better than19:52
Dr_williswilee-nilee,  thats why the big move to using ppas have been pushed so hard. ones sources.list really shouldent be touched much these days19:52
huehuei have an address for that19:53
wilee-nileehuehue, giver to us.19:54
huehuei don't know what that is exactly but19:54
LanserMy battery was at 01% a few minutes ago, and I had connected a PSP in my computer, and my computer suddenly shutted down (i set this), and then, when I started it again, nautilus says "Nautilus cannot handle computer location", and I cannot connect any USB now. and it shows this: http://i.imgur.com/86amf8G.png19:54
Lanserdr_willis, http://i.imgur.com/86amf8G.png19:54
wilee-nilee!ppa | huehue thatb is a ppa.19:55
ubottuhuehue thatb is a ppa.: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge19:55
Dr_willisLanser,  could be the label of the filesystem has some weird characters, or its currupted.19:55
LanserI connected a kingston usb drive with some files in it, and it doesn't show up, I also tried checking /media, but its all empty there.19:56
wilee-nileehuehue, Honestly even though your computer is running now are you backed up?19:56
cantelopeHow can I prevent a user from logging in via ssh without breaking the ability to log in locally as the user using 'su'19:56
Lansermy filesystem is corrupted? how can I fix this?19:56
Dr_willisLanser,  try mounting it by hand, with use of the mount command.19:56
Dr_willis!mount | Lanser19:56
ubottuLanser: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount19:56
Dr_willis!fsck | Lanser19:56
ubottuLanser: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot19:56
LucidDreamZzZtouch /checkdisk19:57
Lanserdr_willis, WARNING!!!  The filesystem is mounted.   If you continue you ***WILL***19:57
Lansercause ***SEVERE*** filesystem damage.19:57
Lansershould I run fsck anyway?19:57
Dr_willisLanser,    you dont fsck one thats IN USE.19:57
Dr_willisfsck if its mounted read only, or if you are on a live cd.19:57
LanserI think my filesystem is corrupted19:58
wilee-nileeGod_, get a nick that is respectful.19:58
Lanserbut I don't know what exactly is the problem.19:58
Dr_willisLanser,  then boot a live cd and fsck it. or i think you can fsck from the recovery console.19:58
God_Cuz I can make circles19:58
LucidDreamZzZsorry my bad19:58
Lanserdr_willis, right now, my distro is screwed up?19:58
LucidDreamZzZok ok19:58
wilee-nileeLucidDreamZzZ, I will let the ops know of you watch your language and attitude.19:58
guntbertGod_: stop it please19:59
God_Wilee is a bitch19:59
Dr_willisLanser,  you are sort of jumping to conclusions....19:59
Lanserdr_willis, when I connect a kingston-usb drive with some files in it, it doesn't show anything, no files no anything, /media is all empty.19:59
adamkLanser: Or simply unmount the usb drive and run an fsck on it.19:59
LucidDreamZzZwildc4rd, ok whatev19:59
Dr_willisLanser,  again.. TRY MOUNTING the usb by hand, using the proper MOUNT command...19:59
Lanserdr_willis: how?19:59
Dr_willisLanser,   and try fscking your / partition from a live cd, or recovery console to see if thers any errors20:00
LanserI don't have a live cd.20:00
Dr_willis!mount I gave this to you earlier | Lanser20:00
ubottuDr_willis: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:00
=== mario_ is now known as aouaou
Lanserdr_willis, how can I mount a usb?20:00
Dr_willis!mount | lanser  I gave this to you earlier20:00
ubottulanser  I gave this to you earlier: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount20:00
LucidDreamZzZfsck you20:00
wilee-nilee!ops | LucidDreamZzZ20:00
ubottuLucidDreamZzZ: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!20:00
LucidDreamZzZwildc4rd, chill20:00
kelly_guys , does geary mail support hotmail ?20:01
Lanserdr_willis: I am really annoyed, I think my distro is screwed or something20:01
Lanserthis all happened suddenly20:01
Lanserit was working yesterday20:01
Lanserit just shutted down20:01
guntbert!enter | Lanser20:01
ubottuLanser: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!20:01
Lanserill try to restart my computer...20:02
Dr_williswe offer suggestions.. and they get ignored..20:02
wilee-nileeyeah, fun huh.20:03
kelly_any idea guys ?20:03
Dr_willischeck the geary homepage?20:04
Dr_willishotmail had a pop3 support feature last i looked.. ages ago.20:04
LanserI cannot use any USB.20:06
wilee-nileeDr_willis, I get the pop yahoo in thunderbird by adding android to the server, lol20:06
LanserI connected 2 different USBs, and nothing is popping up, like my distro isn't detecting them.20:06
Lanseralthough, lsusb shows it detected them20:06
Lanserbut I cannot browse them20:06
Lanseralso, /media is completely empty20:06
IdleOneLanser: Please don't hit the enter key every 4 or 5 words20:07
protocoldoes ubuntu naturally run a little warm on laptops? I have bumblebee/bbswitch installed to handle my dedicated video, and even when my dedicated video is off, my laptop still runs semi warm (as compared to it running in windows) any thoughts?20:07
wilee-nileeprotocol, install this and set up a conky or something to see actual temps. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto20:09
wilee-nileeprotocol, exact info is what you need20:09
katanayaprotocol, i've found some extensions in chrome run like crap, might check out the system monitor to see if any processes are using a lot of CPU or RAM.20:10
wilee-nileeLanser, Do thses usb show in other OS's linux is a bit finicky that partitions are not corrupted.20:11
kelly_guys i will buy new hdd and install it on my pc , if i format it as ext4 then where can i find it ? i mean i still use my hdd as ntfs and i don't use windows20:11
LucidDreamZzZsorry if i offend anyone, young people please use nice civil language20:12
auronandace!partitioning | kelly_20:12
ubottukelly_: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap20:12
LucidDreamZzZadrenaline goin20:12
LanzerGuys, I am having a very severe problem.20:13
Dr_willisLanser,  and for the 3rd time.. try mounting via the command line, using the proper mount commands.. its possible its just the gnome auto-mounting system thats having issues20:13
wilee-nilee!details > Lanzer20:13
ubottuLanzer, please see my private message20:13
Lanzerdr_willis, trash is not popping up20:13
Lanzermy filesystem is screwed up20:13
Lanzermount cannot fix it20:13
Lanzerwhat's the main problem here?20:13
Dr_willisLanzer,  then use the rcovery console or a live cd/usb and fsck yoru filesystem20:14
Dr_willismount does not 'fix' currupted filesystems.20:14
Dr_willisand  you are confuseing 2 differnt issues. start with the fscking, then move on to the other issues20:14
Lanzer1. When I connect any USB, nothing shows up, /media is empty, 2. I cannot add anything in my gnome-panels, 3. Nautilus says "cannot handle computer location"20:14
Lanzerdr_willis, I cannot enter any USB, and I don't have a live cd.20:14
Lanzermy system cannot detect anything20:15
Lanzeri am stuck20:15
Dr_willisLanzer,  1) plug it in.. 2) read up on that !mount factoid. 3) see if it is in fact SEEN by  the dmesg output, 4) mount it via the command line to see if it works20:15
Lanzermount what, dr_willis?20:15
Dr_willisyour USB flash drive.20:15
Lanzermy whole entire distro cannot detect anything20:15
Lanzerand trash is gone20:15
LanzerI rm'd /media20:15
Lanzerand my trash is gone, how can I restore it?20:16
Dr_willisso put it back?20:16
Dr_willissudo mkdir /media/20:16
LanzerI didn't rm it, I just pressed "remove"20:16
Lanzertrash is gone20:16
Lanzeri cannot put trash back, nothing is popping up20:16
Dr_willisany would you rm /media in the first place.. you just trying random stuff?20:16
FloodBot1Lanzer: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:16
Dr_willisLanzer,  use the command line? you dont need the gui at all to  do this stuff.20:16
* Dr_willis is not even sure HOW you would remove /media/ via the GUI.20:17
Dr_willisor if you even COULD do it as a user.20:17
Lanserok, I did "mkdir media"20:17
Dr_willisthat was NOT the command i gave.20:18
Lanserthe question is, how can I make my system detect USBs? and how to fix nautilus? it says "nautilus cannot handle computer location"20:18
Dr_willis media and /media are 2 very differnt things  depending on where you are at.20:18
Dr_willisLanser,  again.. PLUG IN THE USB FLASH.. run 'dmesg' and verify if it is or is not seen..20:18
Dr_willissystem detecting USB's and gnomes auto-mounting is broken are 2 very differnt 'issues'20:19
Lanser[  948.734870] sd 10:0:0:0: [sdb] Write Protect is off20:19
Lanser[  948.734877] sd 10:0:0:0: [sdb] Mode Sense: 23 00 00 0020:19
Lanser[  948.735868] sd 10:0:0:0: [sdb] Write cache: disabled, read cache: enabled, doesn't support DPO or FUA20:19
Lanser[  948.751061]  sdb: sdb120:19
Lanser[  948.757618] sd 10:0:0:0: [sdb] Attached SCSI removable disk20:19
FloodBot1Lanser: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:19
Dr_willisthere you go.. the SYSTEm does in fact see the USB at sdb120:19
Dr_willissudo mount /dev/sdb1  /media/MAKEADIRCYTORYFORITTOGOINTOFIRST      would mount it.20:20
Lanseryes now it worked20:20
protocolhm I guess its not as hot as it feels... the 'sensors' command showed an avg of about 57C20:21
* wilee-nilee turns down their hearing aid20:21
RavAngellhey guys help me. I've a trouble. I simple want to install john the ripper program in my debian wheezy. I do: sudo apt-get install john. Everything looks like ok. Installation made successful. After that I simply try to execute command: john, but it says: "bash: john: command not found". Even $man john working, but simple typing  john doesnt. What I can do?20:21
Dr_willisRavAngell,  you mean to be asking in #debian perhaps?20:21
wilee-nileeRavAngell, For debial see their channel.20:21
Dr_willisbash has some rehash/rescan command to rescan the paths to see whats there also..20:22
Lanserdr_willis, "fat read failed"20:22
Lanserdr_willis: http://pastebin.com/WPywsFCy20:22
Lanserhttp://pastebin.com/WPywsFCy <--- is my distro entirely screwed up?20:22
Dr_willisLanser,  and where/what filesystem is on this usb?20:23
Dr_willisLanser,  you seem to want to be convinced its 'screwed up'  - so just reinstall if you really really want to keep pushing that idea.20:23
LanserI need to fix my current distro.20:23
Lanserhow can I?20:23
Dr_willisstart by running a fsck from the resue/recovery mode - if you think your filesystems are currupted.20:24
Lanserhow can I do that?20:24
Lanserhow can I enter recovery mode?20:24
Dr_willisits an entry on the grub menu at boot time20:24
adamkLanser: What you pasted above does not indicate any problem with your distribution.  the filesystem on your USB device is hosed.20:24
Lanseradamk: my distro has a few problems now too, it cannot detect USBs all by itself, and it still keeps showing "??" and "usb" even though /media is empty20:25
Lanseralso nautilus says "cannot handle computer location"20:26
adamkI don't know what you mean by "cannot detect USBs" but all those "FAT-fs (sdb1): Directory bread(block 505) failed" errors show that your filesystem on that device is broken.20:26
Dr_willis /media/  shows MOUNTED devices/filesystems.. if none are mounted.. then it would be empty.20:26
Dr_willisif it cant mount it.. then it wont show up in /media/20:27
Lanserhow can I enter recovery mode?20:27
Dr_willisits an entry on the grub menu at boot time   ......20:27
Lanserhow can I get the grub menu?20:28
Dr_willisor make a live-usb/cd     its alwyas a good idea to have one handy20:28
Dr_willisboot up.. you should see the grub menu.20:28
LanserI use compaq.20:28
Dr_willisor hold SHIFT if its hidden by default20:28
ubottuTo rescue a broken system, boot the alternate install CD and select "Rescue a broken system"20:29
Dr_willisold factoid. ;)20:29
Dr_willisOr is it called 'rescue mode' these days? they keep changeing the names.20:29
theadminDr_willis: Nope, "recovery mode" still20:29
Lanserdr_willis, I cannot install Ubuntu again right now, how can I use my current one to make one?20:30
Dr_willisyou can make a live-usb/cd from  your Ubuntu OS of course.. if you have the iso downloaded...20:31
Lanserlike, how can I use my current distro to make up a install cd?20:31
LanserI don't have any iso downloaded...20:31
Dr_willisfor fscking, you might want to use a smaller live disrto  like the system rescue live cd.20:31
Dr_willisLanser,  then you download the iso...20:31
kelly_is there any difference in performance if i partition the hdd to 5 partitions or just make it 1 partition ?20:31
Dr_williskelly_,  cant say ive ever noticed any differance.20:31
kelly_thank u Dr_willis20:32
Dr_willisages ago people woule argud about how one 'end'  of the HD is faster then the other.. but these days - most people dont  care. ;)20:32
wilee-nileekelly_, A single HD has 4 primaries total or 3 and a extended for logicals.20:32
Dr_willis /  swap and /home  is about all  i use.20:32
zykotic10kelly_: wilee-nilee with GPT you can have as many primary as you want... just sayin.20:33
LanserIf I download a .iso of a distro, how can I install it without burning it to a usb or a cd?20:33
Dr_willisLanser,  easier to put it on cd/usb20:33
wilee-nileekelly_, Make sure you understand the limitations and types of partitions allowed otherwise you may make your partitions dynamic.20:33
aninhaOii tudo bem?20:34
lauratikais there a way to not use adobe flash in ubuntu 12.0420:34
Lanserdr_willis; I can't do that.20:34
Dr_willisLanser,  since i imagine setting up grub2 to boot an ISO file - is going to be beyond your skill level20:34
Lanserso how can I do it without usb/cd?20:34
wilee-nileezykotic10, Yes I know, however hardly anyone here knows what a msdos setup HD is.20:34
kelly_thank you guys so much for the information , i appreciate it20:34
LucidDreamZzZi installed with pxe20:34
zykotic10wilee-nilee: probably true ;)20:34
wilee-nileezykotic10, I know the regulars do. ;)20:35
wilee-nileelauratika, There is the restricted-extras or the plugin20:35
wilee-nileelauratika, Sorry my bad there is gnash and another.20:36
lauratikawhat you rekon is better?20:36
wilee-nileelauratika, NOt sure I just use adobe.20:36
Dr_willisgiven how gnash 'barely' works... ;)20:36
jackw411evening guys, having a bit of trouble. I'm trying to install lessc on node package manager on this ubuntu machine. Got as far as installing it, when I type 'lessc' into terminal it comes back with suggested usage, when I make it compile the less file in the terminal window, it outputs fine, however, if I try and output the result to a file, both sudo and normal user get permission denied. set the folder executable, changed ownership to root, what else20:36
wilee-nileelauratika, yes20:37
lauratikawilee-nile: thanx, Dr_willis: gnash not good?20:37
Dr_willislauratika,  if 'barely works' is good enough for you.20:38
theadminlauratika: Just "sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer" and you'll get Adobe Flash20:38
wilee-nileelauratika, The open source flash are well, problematic in general, depends on your tolerance I suppose.20:38
lauratikaDr_willis: no is not...20:38
theadminlauratika: That works the best...20:38
=== zz_Enviious is now known as Enviious
lauratikatheadmin: i dont want to, but thanx.20:38
theadminlauratika: Well... That's really the only bearable implementation of Flash. That does work.20:39
lauratikatheadmin. i see20:39
f00bar80autoconf issue >> http://pastebay.com/1257240 , any idea what's wrong ?20:41
Dr_willisof course it depends on what you need flash for. ;) there may be alternatives for special cases20:41
sarcasticsimba*sigh* I installed some Virtualbox guest utilities and now the VM won't boot.20:41
wilee-nileesarcasticsimba, Have you checked at #vbox20:42
sarcasticsimba wilee-nilee: Not yet, I'll give it a look!20:43
Lanserdr_willis: how can I mount this usb? http://pastebin.com/5u8nNit020:46
Lanserwhat's the /dev/sd*?20:46
ambedzijusHEY FLOOD BOTS20:46
lauratikashu shu!!20:47
wilee-nileesu, su, sudoing20:47
wilee-nileehi need support?20:48
ph4sm4can someone check this out and maybe help http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=216293520:50
guntbert!here | ph4sm420:50
ubottuph4sm4: Please give at least an overview of your problem *here* (all in one line) - you will get a much greater audience. If you have to use more than 3 lines, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com20:50
ph4sm4well I'm trying to compile my OTserver with the command "cmake .." and I get an error that I don't know how to fix20:52
f00bar80ppl any comment ?20:52
adamkph4sm4: Do you have the libboost and libgmp development packages installed?20:52
guntberthi eddygordo , Do you have an ubuntu support question?20:53
ph4sm4@adamk I think so20:53
ph4sm4I think I downloaded them but it also says I need some GMP file20:53
ph4sm4Or something like that20:53
eddygordoi tried to find an italian server but dont work20:54
adamkph4sm4: It's a yes or no question :-)  And it's easy enough to determine if the packages are installed with dpkg.20:54
k1l!it > eddygordo20:54
ubottueddygordo, please see my private message20:54
adamkph4sm4: And you shouldn't need to manually download them...  You would use synaptic or apt-get to install them.20:54
ph4sm4Yes i did use "sudo apt-get install" but not sure if exactly those files20:55
adamkph4sm4: Make sure libboost-dev and libgmp-dev are installed.20:56
clientCan an OS affect the wifi connection?20:56
f00bar80autoconf issue >> http://pastebay.com/1257240 , any idea what's wrong ?20:56
EnviiousThe man.20:57
f00bar80aptitude says i'm using the last version of autoconf20:57
clientcan you explain the issue? f00bar8020:57
FroMasterAnyone know sed? I just can't seem to get the hang of it. I need to search through a file '/tmp/file.log' and replace the word 'FAILED' with 'SUCCESS'20:57
f00bar80client, autoconf is throughing this error in paste above , i don't what;s wrong with it .. i've tried to run cross-compiler config script20:59
Jagst3r15anyone here know how to use git-cola20:59
f00bar80client, and that's the error i got , even when tried autocong -v , got the same error as above20:59
protocolis 70C a concerning temp when using dedicated video processor?21:00
jribFroMaster: and what did you try?21:00
adamkf00bar80: What version of autoconf is installed?21:00
clientJagst3r15 are you using the git-cola GUI?21:00
ph4sm4@adamk Nope they weren't installed, will see if the server works now :)21:00
Jagst3r15client yes21:00
clientdo you know how git works? Jagst3r1521:01
jribf00bar80: what are you building?21:01
FroMastersed -i 's/FAILED/SUCCESS/' /tmp/file.log21:01
Jagst3r15sort of21:01
clientprotocol fahrenheit?21:01
jribFroMaster: that will only change the first instance of FAILED on each line.  Add 'g' after the last slash to make it do all instances21:01
f00bar80jrib, 2.6521:01
lauratikai can't understand very well how encryting keys works, i alreday create a pair of keys. what should i backup in case this pc gets broken or stollen?21:02
clientIs the processor heating up that much? protocol21:02
jribf00bar80: you are building 2.65?  2.65 of *what*?21:02
clientJagst3r15 the principal should be the same for git-cola. Have you read the documentation?21:02
ph4sm4I still get an error tough @adamk. LuaJIT do u know if I can install that?21:02
protocolclient: yea (this is a laptop) and this is during gameplay21:02
Jagst3r15I have staged my commits and then pushed to origin21:02
Jagst3r15nothing happens on github ;(21:02
protocolor anything that requires the dedicated video processor for graphics21:03
f00bar80jrib, the autoconf is version 2.65 , i'm trying to build crosstool-ng21:03
Jagst3r15even though it says success21:03
clientlauratika back up all your information. I doubt most common thieves will know how linux works21:03
adamkjrib: You have version 2.65 of autoconf installed...  The program you requires 2.67.  Clearly you need a newer version of autoconf.21:03
jribf00bar80: see what adamk just said21:03
=== maxx is now known as Guest94251
adamkf00bar80:  You will either need to find a PPA with a newer version, install a newer version manually yourself, or upgrade Ubuntu.21:03
adamkjrib: Sorry about that :-)21:03
lauratikaclient: not just thieves, but if the HD dies...21:03
clientyou probably need to setup a secure connection to GitHub Jagst3r1521:03
BenjaminRHhey guys. I'm having very weird results after a fresh install dual boot 13.04/windows 821:03
Jagst3r15I have sir21:03
f00bar80adamk, apt-get install autoconf >> autoconf is already the newest version.21:03
adamkf00bar80: Right, which is why I gave you the options I gave you.21:04
clientlauratika: back up everything. HDDs dont die soon, unless you bought a terrible make.21:04
BenjaminRHComputer occasionally boots to grub, and after selecting ubuntu in grub it goes to a black screen. Mostly, it skips grub and just goes to the black screen. I just tried closing the computer lid, then opening it again, and now the black screen changed to the normal logins creen21:04
Jagst3r15I cloned the repo, added my files into, staged them, added a commit message and then pushed then client21:04
jribf00bar80: what ubuntu version are you using?21:04
clientnothing happened? Jagst3r1521:05
lauratikaclient: doesnt matter what ever happens, then what should i backup in terms of keys?21:05
clientAre you referring to the SSH keys? lauratika21:06
f00bar80jrib, 10.0421:06
jribf00bar80: you are aware 10.04 is no longer supported on the desktop?21:06
MariusITany ideea how to bypass this "libssl-doc : Breaks: libssl-dev (< 1.0.0) but 0.9.8o-4squeeze14 is installed21:07
MariusIT" ?21:07
Jagst3r15client no :(21:07
jribf00bar80: as a bonus, for upgrading to the latest LTS (12.04), you'll receive free access to a version of autoconf greater than 2.67 ;)21:07
ph4sm4I got a problem I installed luajit but I still get the error "Could NOT find LuaJIT (missing: LUAJIT_LIBRARY LUAJIT_INCLUDE_DIR)"21:07
mercuryrising__why would ubuntu be mounting all my harddrives as read only? They're being mounted as dr-x------ with my user as the owner?21:07
BenjaminRHwtf. Now I login (having closed and opened the lid to see the screen), and select the "Brightness and Lock" system setting. The screen goes dark again21:07
wilee-nilee!language | benjamino21:08
ubottubenjamino: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.21:08
wilee-nileeBenjaminRH,  ^^^^21:08
wilee-nileesorry benjamino21:08
f00bar80jrib, can i upgrade to 12.04 ?21:08
jribf00bar80: indeed, see ubottu21:08
BenjaminRHNow I close and open the lid again, and the screen is displaying again21:08
jrib!upgrade | f00bar8021:08
ubottuf00bar80: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade21:08
lauratikaclient: yes21:09
clientok lauratika, it seems that you can backup your ssh keys.21:09
wilee-nileef00bar80, What release are you running as far a as a update from?21:09
clientlauratika see here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/88712/how-do-i-backup-ssh-keys21:09
wadIs there a way to scan a QR code on my screen, with the OS? It goes to a URL, I'd like to browse to it.21:10
f00bar80wilee-nilee. 10.0421:10
euxnekswad, totally, here is a link describing how to do it: http://askubuntu.com/questions/22871/software-to-read-a-qr-code21:11
wilee-nilee!eol | f00bar80 end of life has specific upgrade parameters.21:11
ubottuf00bar80 end of life has specific upgrade parameters.: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades21:11
wilee-nileef00bar80, I assume this is a desktop, not a server21:11
lauratikaclient: lets say i encrypt a file then uploaded to ubuntu one, then from another pc download the file, wjhat i need in order to read such a file?21:12
clientyou need to pair the SSH keys lauratika21:12
f00bar80jrib, is there no way to upgrade from the command line?21:12
trismph4sm4: did you install libluajit-5.1-dev (or whatever version is in your ubuntu)21:12
lauratikaclient: how can i pair my keys...21:12
ryan95Hello guys, how do I free up space and my laptop's H.d.D21:12
jribf00bar80: there is, it's in the page ubottu linked (look for server upgrade instructions)21:13
f00bar80jrib, also i want to machine that i only have 1 G of RAM21:13
wilee-nileef00bar80, The eol is a command line upgrade read the bots message.21:13
wilee-nileef00bar80, This a server?21:13
wilee-nileeIf a server than it is not eol21:14
=== master is now known as Guest66614
f00bar80wilee-nilee, a desktop, but have only ssh access21:14
Jagst3r15client this is boggling my min21:14
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
euxneksryan95, deleting things off your HDD will help free up space. If you want a graphical interface that tells you where the larger files/folders are, try gnome's Disk Usage Utility21:16
euxneksalso known as baobab21:16
ryan95euxneks: Okay, thanks21:17
adamkph4sm4: When building programs from source, you need to make sure you have the necessary -dev packages installed.  They are not installed by default.21:17
Dr_willisif the program is in the repos, in an older version, the    'sudo apt-get build-deps packagename' can pull in all needed deps i recall to compile the program21:19
Jagst3r15client oh my god21:20
Jagst3r15I did not push the button in the left side that says commit -____-21:20
Jagst3r15it works now :D21:20
ph4sm4I know I need the right dev packs installed but i don't know what they are named! If I want to install sqlite what im i supposed to write? "sudo apt-get install sqlite21:21
Dr_willisph4sm4,  you are trying to recompile sqlite?21:21
afelipesierrarhi everybody21:21
Dr_willis!info sqlite21:21
ph4sm4no I need to install it21:21
ubottusqlite (source: sqlite): command line interface for SQLite. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.8.17-7fakesync1build1 (raring), package size 16 kB, installed size 73 kB21:21
mastershakehey guys im trying to complile something from the source, i installed the proper libraries needed for it, but when i run make, it stops. i took a screenshot of it- http://i.imgur.com/MOUu4ab.png21:21
Dr_willisph4sm4,  then why do you need the -dev packages?21:22
adamkph4sm4: That's why there are tools like synaptic to help you search through pcakages.21:22
ph4sm4Im missing it but i dont know the command to install21:22
adamkDr_willis: He's compiling something else.21:22
ikoniaph4sm4: what are you actually trying to build ?21:22
Dr_willisph4sm4,  apt-get has tab completion for package names21:22
=== gbyers[Away] is now known as g_byers
ph4sm4Oh im trying to build a tibia server and the only last step is to "cmake .." but i keep getting errors21:23
mastershakecan anybody tell from the screenshot what the issue is?21:23
Dr_willis!find tibia21:23
ubottuFile tibia found in stops21:23
afelipesierrarI have a problem, I installed Ubuntu in virtualbox(while learning the basics) and i can not see the usb archives21:24
Dr_willismastershake,  you may want to pastebin text. not images of text. ;)21:24
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
ikoniasomeone needs to make a package of that21:24
ph4sm4Im going after this tutorial https://github.com/opentibia/server/wiki/Compiling-OTServ-under-Linux-systems21:24
ikoniathere is no OT server package, it needs an MOT request, i'ts not the first time I've seen this request21:25
ikoniaph4sm4: don't pull from git - use a stable release.21:25
Dr_willisafelipesierrar,  usb archives? You mean usb flash drives?21:25
afelipesierraryes Dr willis21:26
mastershakeDr_willis: http://pastebin.com/Gdtu7EQW21:26
Dr_willisafelipesierrar,   theres extra packages to install to enable that feature i recall21:26
ph4sm4So do anyone know a good tutorial for starting a tibia server on linux? cause I spent 4 hours one night and git was the best one I found21:26
Dr_willis!vbox | afelipesierrar21:26
ubottuafelipesierrar: Virtualbox is a virtualizer for x86 and amd64 architectures. It's available in the package "virtualbox" in the !repositories, and you can download the Virtualbox Extension Pack for additional, non-Free functionality at http://virtualbox.org . Additional details can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox21:26
ikoniaph4sm4: you can still use those instructions, just don't download from git, download a stable release21:26
Dr_willisafelipesierrar,  then extra things you have to do in the settings. its mentioned in the manual i belive21:26
k1lafelipesierrar: did you install the guest additions?21:26
afelipesierrarNo yet21:27
k1ldo it21:27
afelipesierrarok, thanks so much guys21:27
San1tyis there any way of making a mysql script work with sqlite? some kind of compatibility layer?21:27
Dr_willismaster_of_master,  just a guess - but the code looks in correct. ->   ./arpspoof.c:49:6: error: too many arguments to function 'libnet_get_hwaddr'21:27
k1land you need to make the vbox giving the usb-port to ubuntu.21:27
ph4sm4Alright, but can anyone tell me how to install sqlite dev package?21:28
Dr_willis!info sqlite-dev21:28
ubottuPackage sqlite-dev does not exist in raring21:28
Dr_willisapt-cache search sqlite dev    - and determine its package name21:29
=== nevzets is now known as Spazzu0d
ph4sm4It works21:31
ph4sm4LOVE ALL OF U21:31
mastershakeso nobody can make sense of this? http://pastebin.com/Gdtu7EQW21:31
ikoniamastershake: 1.) what are you trying to build 2.) why are you root !!!!21:32
euxneksmastershake, I think you're trying to compile something with libs and development libraries that are older(or newer) than the software expects?21:35
euxneksis dsniff not available in a repo somewhere?21:35
ikoniaeuxneks: yes, a function from pcap by the looks of it21:35
trism!info dsniff21:36
ubottudsniff (source: dsniff): Various tools to sniff network traffic for cleartext insecurities. In component universe, is extra. Version 2.4b1+debian-22 (raring), package size 123 kB, installed size 332 kB21:36
trisma newer version even21:36
ikoniaI suspect this isn't ubuntu21:36
mastershakeikonia: dsniff21:36
mastershakeeuxneks: just ran an apt-get update, lets see what happens21:37
ikoniamastershake: 1.) what version of ubuntu 2.) dsniff is in the ubutu repos21:37
ikoniamastershake: apt-get update wo'nt do anything21:37
k1lmastershake: are you running root? or is it backtrack or kali?21:37
ikoniamastershake: this is not ubuntu21:37
mastershakeikonia: Linux chrubuntu 3.4.0 #1 SMP Wed Jul 3 23:12:07 PDT 2013 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux21:37
ikoniamastershake: is this ubuntu21:37
mastershakek1l: i am root and i am not running kali/bt21:38
ikoniaI do'nt think it is21:38
ikoniamastershake: I don't think this is an official ubuntu release.21:38
euxneksoh, chromebook ubuntu21:38
ikoniamastershake: what is it ??21:38
mastershakechromebook ubuntu21:38
ikoniais this an official release ?21:38
ikoniaI don't see it on ubuntu.com21:38
euxneksi686 though. mastershake, try sudo apt-get install dsniff21:39
cipherboyikonia, If I read google correctly, it is a script to install official Ubuntu/Kubuntu/etc.21:39
ikoniathat kernel isn't an official release though21:39
ikoniaand hence "root"21:40
ikoniamastershake: you know you shouldn't be compiling as root ?21:40
mastershakeikonia: why is that?21:40
ikoniamastershake: because it opens security holes21:40
euxneksmastershake, try "sudo apt-get install dsniff"21:40
ikoniaeuxneks: does it point at the official ubuntu repos ?21:40
mastershakeits working now, thanks for the help guys.21:40
BenjaminRHThe special function keys (FN+F--) are all screwed up on my fresh install of Ubuntu 13.04. Anybody know how to change that?21:41
euxneksikonia, I'm not sure of that but I think chrubuntu (chrome book ubuntu) just installs ubuntu on a chrome book21:41
ikoniaeuxneks: I do'nt think it does - look at the kernel21:41
euxneksikonia, yeah weird, the chrome ubuntu script is supposed to just download from the ubuntu mirrors according to here: http://chromeos-cr48.blogspot.ca/2013/05/chrubuntu-one-script-to-rule-them-all_31.html21:45
ikoniaI suspect more has happened to this install21:45
euxneks"To make all of this possible, I've rewritten the ChrUbuntu script to pull packages directly from official ubuntu.com sources rather than utilizing my own pre-configured, static image of an Ubuntu installation."21:45
euxneksikonia, I bet you're right21:46
ph4sm4I get a error when I try starting the server..21:46
cipherboyikonia, I just got the script, looking through the source seems that it replaces ubuntu's kernel with google's kernel for chromebooks.21:46
GoddeRIf an object named limbs embeds two other objects called foot and hand and they each have the method Pinky. when limbs.Pinky is called what happens?21:46
blaI can't get direct answer on web - are Ubuntu CD Install images pendrive-bootable if simply written with dd?21:46
ikoniacipherboy: interesting21:47
ph4sm4anyone know what this could be?  Error: Unable to load config.lua21:47
ikoniaGoddeR: this isn't an ubuntu question21:47
ikoniaph4sm4: it can't load that file - is it there ?21:47
GoddeRwrong channel..21:47
k1lbla yes21:48
cipherboyikonia, euxneks see: http://pastebin.com/MGijzBMB21:48
euxneksph4sm4, it could also be that hte file is not readable, check the permissions if it's there.21:49
blak1l, thanks.21:49
Guerrilla_can anybody help me install UO razor in wine21:49
Guerrilla_i mean i have it installed21:49
ph4sm4Its not there21:49
Guerrilla_butwhen i double click the icon, it does nothing21:49
ikoniaph4sm4: there you go,21:49
cipherboyikonia, euxneks also notice around 268 it does some kernel module stuff.21:49
ph4sm4but I have no idea where it is and why it would be located there21:49
ikoniacipherboy: don't trust this - not official build21:50
ikoniaph4sm4: read the docs21:50
euxnekscipherboy, interesting21:50
ph4sm4i have one file named config.lua.dist21:50
cipherboyikonia, Good to know for future reference though.21:50
ikoniacipherboy: very good yes, thank you21:50
ikoniaph4sm4: ok, so the docs probbly tell you to rename that, have you actually read them ?21:51
k1l!wine | Guerrilla_21:51
ubottuGuerrilla_: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu21:51
BenjaminRHanybody know of an up-to-date ppa for nvidia Geoforce?21:51
ph4sm4there is no docs21:51
k1lBenjaminRH: do you really need a uptodate nvidia?21:51
BenjaminRHI don't have the drivers at all currently21:52
k1lBenjaminRH: what is wrong with the nvidia drivers that ship with ubuntu?21:52
k1l!nvidia | BenjaminRH21:52
ubottuBenjaminRH: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto21:52
cipherboyph4sm4, 1) what server? 2) tried copying config.lua.dist to config.lua and trying/modifying/etc that?21:52
BenjaminRHthe proprietary ones are better, surely?21:52
ikoniaBenjaminRH: they are the proprtiary ones21:52
ikoniaBenjaminRH: I'm shocked you don't know this - but you know to try to look for a PPA21:53
BenjaminRHI don't see any proprietary ones in the software place21:53
jactaDoes anyone knows how to disable touchpad when writing? Can't remember it :\