JamesTaitGood morning all, happy International Criminal Justice Day! :-D08:31
dpmhey dobey, around?13:20
dobeyhi dpm13:20
dobeywhat's up?13:21
dpmdobey, I'd like to see if we can test U1 music streaming for the music app. As far as I can tell, all it's needed is the qtdeclarative5-ubuntuone-credentials-plugin package13:21
dobeyyes, now that it's finally building correctly on armhf anyway13:21
dpmah, cool13:22
dobeydpm: you can copy the package out of ppa:ubuntuone/nightlies into your PPA if that will make it easier13:22
dpmyeah, that's what I was thinking13:22
dpmmhall119, popey, how do we usually get the packages required to run QML plugins (e.g. file manager, terminal) into the coreapps daily PPA? Do we build them using recipes or do we just copy them over from other PPAs?13:24
dobeydpm: please don't create yet another recipe that does the exact same thing :)13:26
dpmdobey, I was just thinking of the better way to get up-to-date builds, but I can see the point in not getting more builders busy :)13:27
dpm*best way ,I meant13:27
dobeydpm: well, hopefully will get it in ubuntu proper soon too.13:28
popeyyeah, i just do a copy-package13:30
popey(with binaries)13:30
dpmpopey, mhall119, done, copied the binaries for raring and saucy over13:30
dpmthanks dobey13:30
dpmah dobey, before looking at it in more detail, do you know off the top of your head if copying over the ubuntuone-credentials will be enough, or are there other dependencies required?13:59
dobeydpm: should be enough. all the deps should be in raring and saucy already.14:00
dpmperfect, thanks dobey14:01
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