studio-user711so quiet in here :-)04:47
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Guest25812Hola, el centro de software de ubuntu no me funciona..09:23
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studio-user632buenos Dias !!14:02
studio-user632Existe la posibilidad de installar rivendell en UbuntuEstudio?14:02
arnaud__hi ! I have an issue with Ladi Session Manager, no MIDI is shown but it works fine in Patchage. As anybody ever saw this, and know how to fix it ?18:34
Alex222I'm having trouble recording tuxguitar with Ardour.  I have tuxguitar connected to jack through qsynth but when I play tuxguitar at 120bpm and record it into an Ardour session set at 120bpm the tuxguitar gets off beat.  Hydrogen doesn't. ???20:20
ristoJust learning to use Ubuntu studio for audio production. How do you interconnect the various programs so that they play, sync and save as one. I know this can be done, I'm just new to the Lynux world.22:12

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