micahgskellat: do we really want apt-offline in the desktop seed?04:00
micahgnow I remember why I didn't merge it before04:00
Unit193It doesn't have you tagged, but just so you know as well in case you missed the mail: https://code.launchpad.net/~unit193/xubuntu-default-settings/xubuntu-default-settings/+merge/17485204:01
micahgUnit193: do we now have a xfce4-popup-applicationsmenu application?04:10
Unit193micahg: Of course, it's xfce4-panel.04:11
micahgUnit193: xfce4-panel installs that?04:13
Unit193micahg: Yes sir, xfce4-panel: /usr/bin/xfce4-popup-applicationsmenu04:13
Unit193(And this isn't some package I mangled.)04:14
micahgheh, ok, I've never seen it before (then again, I'm still running quantal on my bleeding edge machine)04:15
Unit193Heh, nice.  I've already set it on the computers here, mainly because it's faster for me.04:16
skellatmicahg: Yes, yes we do want apt-offline in the desktop seed04:17
micahgskellat: ok, I'm thinking to make it a recommends then04:17
micahgI don't think it's critical to the desktop04:17
Unit193It was in "Depends"? 0_o04:17
skellatPrevents a chicken-and-the-egg problem if somebody gets a disc, installs a system, and then finds it is disconnected04:17
skellatPrior discs didn't give you a good way to handle bandwidth-constrained cases including updating the view of the repositories.04:18
micahgskellat: recommends ok?04:20
skellatAs long as it gets on the shipping disc, I'm cool with it04:20
micahgskellat: you know, we can install it on the disc without having it on the desktop seed?04:20
micahgdesktop seed == xubuntu-desktop metapackage04:21
micahgship == on CD and can be installed w/out making everyone have it04:22
micahgoops, no, that's live I think04:22
skellatWe ship documentation for it now for everybody04:22
micahgok, I'll add it as a recommends then04:23
micahgthe catch with recommends is that it won't be installed on upgrades from one release to the next04:24
skellatWe'll burn that bridge when we get to it04:24
micahgbut I don't think that's a problem as the main use case is new installs, right?04:24
skellatBingo.  New installs is the biggest worry at this point.04:24
skellatIf somebody is bandwidth constrained, they're not going to upgrade except via dist-upgrade which apt-offline would handle anyhow.04:25
skellatAs to notation, I should have wrapped it in parenthesis to make it a Recommends then?04:25
skellatDo you want me to update my branch real quick to do that?04:25
micahgskellat: sure, can you get rid of the long comment as well?04:26
skellatI'm sitting at my BeagleBoard-xM which is on Debian now so this might take a moment or two04:26
Unit193I think it'd make sense to just have it in ship and live, but that's me.04:28
skellatPushed rev 939 back up to LP04:29
micahgUnit193: oops, you forgot to add the new .in file :)04:30
skellatI see pastebinit is a Recommends too04:30
micahgthe main difference with recommends is that it's removable04:30
Unit193It's supposed to be jockey.desktop.in, I didn't rename it. >_<04:31
micahgUnit193: you familiar with bzr mv?04:31
Unit193micahg: I'd assume it works the same as with git.04:31
micahgjust not everyone uses it :)04:32
Unit193Thanks for the reminder, I'm not great with VCS.04:33
skellatI've been learning bzr the hard way...through usage...04:33
skellatmicahg: LP is showing the diff on the merge proposal now04:33
micahgskellat: can you run bzr rebase :parent on your branch>04:34
skellatHold on04:34
micahgI'll be back in a few minutes04:35
Unit193Hopefully I un-failed myself...04:35
micahgskellat: actually, I can just merge it in as is (I was going to do a pull, but am thinking otherwise now)04:37
skellatI just found that bzr rebase is missing from the version of bzr in Debian Testing at the moment04:38
skellatHad to find my netbook and boot it up04:38
micahghrm, weird04:38
micahgit's called bzr-rewrite now04:38
micahgskellat: it's fine, I can do a merge, pull is good when the commits are all good, I think merge is better in this case04:39
skellatJust ran it on my Xubuntu netbook and it said no revisions to rebase04:40
micahgskellat: oh, well, :parent would only be set correctly if it was the original checkout, otherwise, you'd probably need to reference the to merge into branch by name04:41
micahgskellat: it's ok, I'm doing a merge04:41
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* micahg has gotten used to git as of later04:43
* micahg will give that a couple minutes and then update the seeds04:43
micahgUnit193: also, no changelog entry...04:45
Unit193Yes, that I didn't add in, it's whatever anyone else wanted.04:46
micahgUnit193: dch -i -DUNRELEASED and add an appropriate description (usually better to update this as you add stuff for future reference)04:47
Unit193Pushed up to revision 439.                                                                                                                                  05:09
Unit193(Version is in oddly, but it's marked as unreleased anyway.)05:15
micahghrm, I'll fix05:15
Unit193(I don't normally use dch too much)05:16
micahgyeah, I guess -i does do that..05:16
Unit193Picks up name and email from env too. :/05:18
Unit193(Tried fixing it in .devscripts, didn't work.)05:19
micahgwas that name wrong?05:19
Unit193It was until I fixed it, pushed one is right.05:20
micahgUnit193: I'm creating a team for gtk-theme-config and adding you to it and pushing up what I have05:21
micahgand here we are: https://code.launchpad.net/~gtk-theme-config-maintainers/gtk-theme-config/debian05:31
Unit193Might not look at it tonight (01:31), and in a way I kind of hope I don't get to it tomorrow. :P05:32
micahgUnit193: heh, ok, BTW, I can't upload settings yet as it needs some lintian fixes, can pastebin if you lik05:32
Unit193Sure, or I could try it, but would have to pbuild it as I don't have translation things setup.05:33
micahgUnit193: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5883129/05:35
Unit193Weird, I didn't get that...05:55
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Unit193micahg: http://paste.openstack.org/show/40641/ that's all I got.06:00
micahgUnit193: right, you need to run lintian on the binaries produced by the test build :)06:01
Unit193Ala lintian -I --pedantic ../xubuntu-default-settings_13.10.2ubuntu1*deb ?06:02
Unit193(Normally run it on the binary/source changes files of course, which is the paste.06:03
micahgsomething like that06:04
Unit193Yep, that's all I got.06:04
micahgI use lintian -iIEv --pedantic06:08
micahgah, that check was removed...06:09
micahgin lintian 2.5.1106:09
Unit193Going to say that your output was E, not X, so -E wouldn't have done it.06:10
micahgI'm on precise ATM06:10
Unit193(Maybe I should start using -E too?_06:10
micahghrm, I'd say we still need that check as lucid doesn't have a high enough dpkg, /me sends mail to -devel06:11
Unit193Heh, fun indeed.  If you mean ubuntu-devel, I'll read it tomorrow. :)06:13
Noskcajmicahg, Can you have a look at the latest xfce-indicator-plugin from debian? i couldn't work out the conflict06:16
micahgNoskcaj: yeah, on my list, but not tonight06:16
micahgthe patch probably needs to be reworked for the new upstream version06:16
NoskcajIt does, that's part of why i ran away from it06:20
micahgbluesabre: you're working on catfish, right?06:52
micahgbluesabre: Bug #1202085 06:57
ubottubug 1202085 in Catfish "Create policy file to remove dependency on gksu" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120208506:57
NoskcajWhy do we still keep the old patch files is xfce4-datetime-plugin?07:39
NoskcajUnless i've missed something, the datetime plugin no longer needs the patches it has08:16
bluesabremicahg, I've recently learned an even better way to remove the dependency, I'll introduce it soon.09:51
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pleia2knome knome knome 19:42
knomepleia2 pleia2 pleia2 20:13
knomeaha, wow20:14
knomethat'll take some time20:14
pleia2oh, pictures!20:18
knomepleia2, are the quotes after the first subheader intentional, and if yes, why them abut not the next paragraphs20:19
* pleia2 looks20:20
knomei'd also tweak the links20:20
pleia2ah, I think that was him quoting the mission statement of the org20:20
knomeah, right20:20
knomethat's a bit weird20:20
* pleia2 clarifies that20:21
knomemilwaukee (case)20:22
knomeopensource (no space)20:23
pleia2that's how we spell it now20:23
pleia2no :)20:23
knomeso the links20:24
knomethey are just URLs now20:24
knomei'd rather change to "Read more about Project: Community Computers" (first link) etc.20:25
knomeand i'm thinking we might want to move the "if your organization..." to the top20:26
pleia2yeah, I was split on that20:26
pleia2I think I had it all at the bottom before20:26
knomethe bottom part is boo because it's not separated any way from the content20:26
knome(yeah, i should get some theme improvements in so we could handle these things better)20:27
knomeother than those mentions it looks good to go20:28
pleia2knome: ok, refresh20:30
pleia2it has pictures now too!20:30
knomewe could align those20:31
* pleia2 fixes up last link20:31
pleia2I tried to do center in wordpress magic, but it no likey20:31
knomehmm. okay. i'll see20:31
knomemight be again something in the theme20:31
knomelooks like i really should get the stuff done ASAP20:31
pleia2I'm going to close editing, you can edit if you want20:31
pleia2planning on publishing Friday morning (alreayd had sticker news today)20:31
knomei'll look at the pics, then publish20:31
knomeoh, ok20:32
knomei'll look at the pics then ;)20:32
pleia2thanks :)20:32
knomehmph, right20:32
knomeyeah, we need a theme update20:32
knomeand i should send those question to tero at the local uni20:32
pleia2ah, title should be "Xubuntu at Project: Community Computers in Milwaukee"20:32
pleia2since that's their formal name20:33
pleia2yes, you should!20:33
knomei don't have an edit lock20:33
knomehow long are you going to be around today?20:35
pleia2I'm working but I should be around all evneing20:38
* pleia2 laundry20:39
Unit193Oh yeah, I need to do that too. :?20:39
knomeok, good20:48
knomei'll do some improvements soon then and let you see them20:49
knomeand i hope we can get to send IS a mail about them before i'm off to the summer cottage again on friday :)20:49
knomejjfrv8, hello :)20:58
jjfrv8Hi, knome 20:58
pleia2doc hero, jjfrv8!21:01
jjfrv8Don't know about that :)21:01
jjfrv8I think it's doable to finish the P docs before 8/1.  Does it look that way from your end, knome ?21:03
knomejjfrv8, at this speed, definitely21:03
jjfrv8Ok.  I've got chs 5, 7 & 8 ready whenever, I don't think 9 needs any work (if you and skellat still want to include it). 10 and the rest look easy21:04
jjfrv8I'm going to work on networking (ch 4) this weekend when I get a machine with wireless21:05
jjfrv8* I meant chapter 6 for networking21:15
knomeok, some improvements in http://xstaging.lallinaho.fi/21:50
NoskcajTranslating the xubuntu docs is officially the most tedious thing that can be done21:52
knomeNoskcaj, stop doing that. the australian translation is probably the most useless :P21:52
NoskcajWe matter...21:53
knomeNoskcaj, i mean, if you think that it's tedious, then stop21:53
NoskcajI did21:53
knomeyour effort is more valuable elsewhere.21:53
knomepleia2, ding ding ding!22:41
pleia2hello knome!22:42
knomelook at the link i posted22:42
pleia2oh I didn't look at the thing22:42
knomethe footer is off and not "everything" is there, but does the top part look better now?22:42
pleia2yeah that looks fine22:43
knomei also fixed some of the editor styles22:43
knomeso you should have a semi-WYSIWYG view22:43
knomebut there's still a lot to do 22:43
knomei want to change the navigation22:44
knomethat's one proposal, but i'm not 100% happy with it22:44
pleia2I like it22:44
knomewhat do you think of the activities/blog part in that though?22:44
pleia2I am sometimes blind to menus on the top of the screen, so I lke repeating them later22:45
knomelike in the bottom of the page?22:45
knomethat might work22:45
pleia2or even the Get Started links currently under the screenshot in our site now22:46
knomeumh, yeah22:46
knomei want to get rid of the graphical navigation though if at all possible22:46
knomeor change the way we're doing it22:46
knomeit's a pain to maintain22:46
pleia2I don't care if it's graphical, just enjoy that they exist where my eyeballs go22:47
knomei hope they stay where they are22:47
knomefor your comfort ;)22:47
pleia2much appreciated ;)22:47
knomeso, what about the activities bar?22:48
knomeif that looks good, i could throw that in22:48
knomeit does waste some vertical space..22:48
knomethe whiter bg22:48
pleia2oh, look at that22:48
pleia2it's too bright in this room for me to have noticed22:48
pleia2and with that, I think it's too subtle22:49
knomeheh, ok22:49
knomeotoh, if you don't see it... then you don't22:50
knomei'd have to look at it with my laptop screen22:50
knomebut it does give some structure for the frontpage22:50
knomepleia2, ping23:50
knomeyou comfortable with those options?23:50
pleia2yeah, I don't really like wysiwyg editors anyway23:50
knomeyeah, me neither23:50
knomethe styles menu is also useful23:51
knomehas blockquote, code (block and inline), style that we can use to mark parts that need review and preformatted text23:52
knomeand we can add anything we want23:52
knomeeg. tell WP to have an item named "Elizabeth" and with that, create a p.pink element :P23:52
knomeand yeah, <h1> is disabled from "format"23:54
knomeso you don't need to remind yourself what the "highest" header was you should use23:54
knome(you can still a <h1> element with the text mode)23:55

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