ripplebitim relagt5ivelhy6 new gt5o linux, so assumed gt5hy6agt5 igt5 would be like windows in gt5hy6agt5 regt5ard00:00
holsteinripplebit: assume nothing00:01
ripplebitok im gt5egt5gt5ingt5 an error sahy6ingt5 /dev/sda congt5ains gt5pgt5 gpt signitures and i can'[-gt5 close igt500:02
ripplebitfrom archy6 insgt5all00:02
SonikkuAmericaripplebit: Now I thy6ink hy6ou'll hy6anve gt5o fix hy6our kehy6board.00:02
holsteinripplebit: i cant read what you are typing, friend00:02
bazhangripplebit, please type normally00:03
GridCubeso many gt500:03
* SonikkuAmerica beat his youth group leader in a Fiat 500 against a Dale Jr. car in GT5, but that's a story for -offtopic00:03
ripplebitsorry my laptop keyboard is fucked. im getting a popup warning saying /dev/sda contains GPT signitures (from the arch install) and i can't close or get rid of it.00:03
bazhangripplebit, no cursing here please00:04
ripplebiti am a connoisseur of the english language00:05
holsteinripplebit: you are booting a disk instead of the USB00:06
SonikkuAmericaripplebit: Not to mention your Arch prob didn't set up a fake MS-DOS partition table.00:06
ripplebitim usingt5 da usb. and i did sed up a gpt partition on archy600:07
utusanis there an image viewer for xcfce?00:09
Kaira-has anyone here installed 13.04 alongside Win 8 with legacy bios? I try to do it via live-USB but when installing the installation program doesn't detect the windows partition00:25
GridCubeKaira-, if it doesnt then i would try to do a partition job from windows first, using some good free partition manager, and then reboot to see that there is an empty partition there00:27
GridCubethen i would install xubuntu to that partition and then add the entry for win8 in the grub configs00:28
Kaira-GridCube: I've shrunk the windows partition so that I have around 70Gb free partition, but when trying to install the program just shows the whole HDD as free partition00:28
GridCubethats wrong00:29
GridCuberegardless of the OS installed, thats wrong00:29
GridCubesee if another liveISO says the same00:29
Kaira-alright, I'll try some other ISOs as soon as I can just download 'em00:30
tigrangIf I enable "Disable touchpad while typing" it takes about 2 seconds for the touchpad to become usable again after typing. Can I decrease this delay?00:55
holsteintigrang: no00:55
holsteintigrang: AFAIK, that will be depending on your hardware00:56
tigrangholstein, thanks, that at least lead me to the correct place, I see where it is set syndaemon -i 2.0, just need to figure where thats configured now00:59
tigrang^ thats a running process01:00
GridCubeunless you use synaptics01:01
GridCube!info synaptics01:01
ubottuPackage synaptics does not exist in raring01:01
GridCube!search synaptics01:02
ubottuFound: touchpad, synaptics01:02
ubottuFor a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad01:02
tigrangwas going to try running syndaemon in startup applications my own config values, I'll try ~/.xinitrc like that says01:07
tigranglogging/out in01:07
tigrangI unchcked Disable touchpad while typing and used Startup Applications to add syndaemon -i 0.5 which worked01:18
tigrang2 seconds is way too long, sucks its default and no gui config for it, oh well, thanks guys01:19
ThOr101Yeah, freeNX and nomachine don't really work as I'd expect them to.02:48
ThOr101It looked like a good option, but in the end, not so much.02:49
holsteinwell, then you have no option02:49
holsteinvnc is *much* slower02:49
holsteinforwarding X might work02:49
ThOr101Yeah, it is.  I can't believe I'm running into original errors though.02:49
Unit193FreeNX seemes nice, but no been committed to in a while.  VNC will be faster than forwarded X.02:49
holsteinthinlinc was actually quite nice, an easy to setup02:50
ThOr101Ya know, I actually didn't try that one yet.02:50
ThOr101The issue I'm running into is that I'm deploying this into the AWS cloud02:51
ThOr101and all these systems assume that X is running, and it won't since there is no video subsystem with which to configure a "screen"02:51
holsteinThOr101: i wouldnt do any of these not on my local an02:51
holsteinThOr101: i have thinlinc running without X on the server02:52
holsteini installed XFCE402:52
ThOr101Yeah, that's what I was hoping for.02:52
xubuntu803Just got xubuntu, its amazing02:52
holsteinThOr101: i dont remember testing it that way in the others02:52
holsteinvnc is out, AFAIK02:53
holsteinyou would need to be running a desktop to remote into it02:53
ThOr101The new nomachine stuff (4 beta) actually looks pretty slick.  Doesn't work, the documentation is atrocious, but the program looks slick.02:53
Unit193I think tightvncserver was the one that started it's own X.02:53
ThOr101vnc4 (or something like that) did too.02:54
xubuntu803Just got xubuntu, its really treading me well so far.02:54
ThOr101It wasn't until I started the vncserver (which I guess made a fake X system) did the nomachine work.02:54
holsteinxubuntu803: congrats02:54
Unit193holstein: vnc over SSH is secure though, otherwise I agree with you as LAN only.02:54
ThOr101Oh, yeah, I've been doing it over SSH.02:54
ThOr101To the AWS cloud, it really wasn't too bad.02:55
ThOr101Then again, the east coast AWS cloud is a few miles up the street, so YMMV02:55
Unit193Hah, awesome.02:55
ThOr101I haven't done a traceroute, but I bet it gets routed through New York, Copenhagen and Brazil, just because that's how things seem to be peered these days.02:56
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HypothesisFrogHi. I started a transfer across two computers via samba a couple of days ago, using Thunar file manager. I canceled. It still appears to be in the process of cancelling, two days later.08:02
well_laid_lawnHypothesisFrog:  where does it show up?08:38
well_laid_lawnin a thunbar dialog window?08:38
HypothesisFrogwell_laid_lawn well in a dialog window. I did click the [x] to make it go away, but all that does is minimize it to the notification area.08:41
HypothesisFrogis it an xfce desktop error? Or a screw up with samba?08:43
well_laid_lawnHypothesisFrog:  I'd check in top to see if there's something there and if not   pkill thunar08:43
HypothesisFrogwell_laid_lawn well there is something there. The reason I cancelled the process originally, is because it stalled. I then transfered the files by sftp instead, and that worked. Didn't realise that Thunar was still cancelling anyway.08:45
well_laid_lawntry the pkill and see if the dialog window goes08:46
well_laid_lawnit musn't be doing anything after all this time08:46
HypothesisFrogps ax |grep thunar yields no results. weird. How do I kill it?08:46
HypothesisFrogah, it's capital T08:47
well_laid_lawngrep -i   is handy at times08:47
berryciderspiderguys i've just got a new desktop (Radeon 7750, AMD FX), didn't come with an os so i installed ubuntu, tried to run TF2 and im getting glitched output (semi repeating sound, really laggy graphics. I assume this is due to the graphics card (driver issue)?, although im not certain. The pc came with an amd driver, but it seems to be for windows (exe). What are you thoughts?08:56
JohnRobe1tcould be soundcard08:57
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berryciderspiderJohnRobe1t: would that cause the screen to lag?08:59
JohnRobertcould do I guess08:59
JohnRobertcould be a number of things08:59
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto09:01
well_laid_lawnberryciderspider:  ↑09:01
berryciderspiderthanks guys09:03
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ERROR_Can Xubuntu be installed from windows?09:52
baizonERROR_: you can put it on a USB driver or cd, then boot from it09:53
ERROR_I tried from a usb drive, and it isn't working09:53
ERROR_My bios won;t recognize it09:53
baizonERROR_: how did you do it?09:53
baizoni recommend the LinuxLive USB Creator09:54
baizonnever had problems with it09:54
ERROR_I used Universal USB Installer09:54
baizonERROR_: please try again using the tool ive posted09:55
ERROR_Ok. brb09:55
ERROR_It says that this linux is not on the compatibility list09:58
baizoni don't understand10:00
baizonyou're trying to install xubuntu?10:00
baizonyou don't have to download it10:00
baizonyou can also chose a iso that you already have downloaded10:00
ERROR_I downloaded the iso from this website prior10:01
ERROR_Now lili isn't opening for me10:03
baizonstep 1 was without errors?10:04
ERROR_I'm reinstalling lili10:06
ERROR_I'm just going to redownload10:07
ERROR_Could it be because it's the amd 64 version?10:08
baizonnot really10:11
baizoni got 64 too and everything works fine10:11
ERROR_ok. The iso is redownloading now.10:13
killergma 3600 chipset , is it supported yet?10:35
baizonkiller: solution http://ubuntuatom.blogopogo.com/tag/gma-3600-driver-linux/10:44
boguI am installing xubuntu and it says best results are achieved being connected to the internet during install11:00
boguthe laptop should be connected, but it says it isn't11:00
boguany way to connect to a network during install, since it doesn't automatically?11:00
well_laid_lawnare you using wifi or ethernet ?11:01
well_laid_lawnhave you opened the network settings icon at the top right and set it up ?11:02
boguI saw it pop up at the start but I didn't think I would need it; I can't see it now, how could I access it?11:02
well_laid_lawnis there a network icon at the top right of the screen ?11:02
baizonbogu: in the starting menu entry go to "try ..." not install11:03
baizonthen you'll get a fully xubuntu desktop where you can configure your wifi11:03
boguOK, thanks11:03
baizonthen hit the install icon11:03
baizonand you will have internet connectivity11:03
well_laid_lawnI keep forgetting about that11:03
nikolamI like more NOT having internet connection during install. That way it has more chance of actually finishing install like it is tested before release.11:10
nikolamAfter that I update, and if you are lucky to install on BTRFS root, then previous configuration before update will be there.11:10
boguI am a real beginner, so I'm afraid I'll have to do something complicated after the install or I'm missing out11:11
nikolamdon't worry bogu it will propmpt you automatically for updates, once you get online after installing.11:11
nikolamhelp.ubuntu.com and ubuntuforums are your friends :P11:12
baizonbogu: nothing will happen without internet connectivity. Don't worry :)11:13
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xubuntu258How i put Xubuntu.iso? CD or DVD?12:36
knomexubuntu258, if it's 13.04, you'll need to use a DVD or a USB device12:37
knomexubuntu258, older ones will fit in standard CD's; this is in the release notes12:37
xubuntu258i put it on DVD, mofied Boot start and not work12:38
* knome continues working on other things.12:40
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seriously_randomhow to participate @ https://friendly.ubuntu.com/participate/14:00
knomeseriously_random, follow the 7 steps mentioned on the website.14:27
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jimmyjamanyone know how to install drivers for my HD 7750?17:00
TheSheepjimmyjam: intel?17:05
jimmyjamamd FX410017:05
xubuntu968hello, i feel very sorry for asking this stupid question and i must ask you to excuse me for taking your time. I skipped the wifi connection stage in the installation interface o xubuntu, and i know see myself unable to find a way to connect myself to a wifi conenction. the network parameters only allow me to create a network and do not show me which are the wifi available connections. is there something i am missing?18:26
GridCubexubuntu968, it should autoconnect18:46
GridCubexubuntu968, see that you have wifi enabled on your keyboard thingy18:46
xubuntu968i don't have any keybord touch, it is a macbook18:46
GridCubefn-[wifi icon] usually enables wifi18:46
GridCubeor maybe theres a switch somewhere that turns the wifi on18:47
xubuntu968there is no mechanical mechanism on macbook pros to turn on/off wifi... i guess it is supposed to be systematically activated18:48
GridCubenear the sound icon you should have a network icon, there you should see if the wifi can be enabled18:49
xubuntu968well thats the problem18:50
xubuntu968it only shows "ethernet network disconnected" and proposes to modify it18:50
xubuntu968(+activate desactivate and create a vpn connection)18:51
brainwashxubuntu968: maybe some special firmware/driver is required for your wifi module to operate properly, can you provide some more details about your macbook?18:53
GridCubexubuntu968, try this on a terminal: nmcli nm wifi on18:53
xubuntu968its a macbook pro 13p.18:54
xubuntu968gridcube: i just did18:54
GridCubewhat does it says?18:54
GridCubeand wifi still no ON?18:54
xubuntu968(i guess because it doesn't show anywhere, nor activated nor unactivated...)18:55
GridCubei've found that to be a bug in my case where after dissabling wifi i need to reboot to get the wifi on again18:55
xubuntu968after the command line you mean?18:56
GridCubexubuntu968, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1970227&p=11895284#post1189528418:56
GridCubesee that18:57
xubuntu968the problem is that these instructions need an internet connexion to be executed...18:58
GridCubecable it?18:59
xubuntu968one sec19:04
xubuntu968not working19:06
xubuntu968this is specially weird since in my install interface it did found wifi networks and proposed to connect, i just accidentaly skiped this phase19:09
xubuntu968HA I found the solution _19:11
xubuntu968had to go to parameters, sofware and updates, then "additional drivers" and acivate the corresponding driver.19:11
xubuntu968thank you for your help, sorry for the mess19:12
xubuntu527hello i am a  user facing a problem of installation. the install goes perfectly but when it has to reboot, the computer goes directly to macOS without asking if to choose mac or xubuntu20:40
SonikkuAmericaxubuntu527: Hit the Option key when it boots up.20:41
xubuntu527it only proposes me to go on my #mac os drive# or to the EFI if i have left the usb installer20:41
SonikkuAmericaHead for the EFI then. (You *did* use an amd64+mac image, right?)20:42
xubuntu527yes. well when i go there they propose me to reinstall or delete or delete plus reinstall xubuntu again..20:43
xubuntu527or to run it without installing it, which is what ive just did.20:43
Sysiwhen I installed xubuntu on mac I got to xubuntu without asking, I had to press opt to be able to select os x20:44
Sysiyou might want to ask #ubuntu20:44
Sysioh right, shut down instead of rebooting20:45
xubuntu527i installed it on both macs at the same time. one is running perfectly (except driver problems) and asks me at every boot to choose between ubuntu or macos. not the other20:45
xubuntu580i have problems at install LAMP in my pc21:17
xubuntu580Can you help me?21:18
GolfgeoHi guy's, got a grub problem... Eventhough I've held down the [shift] key during boot I cannot see any boot options to select... Trying to use an older kernel I have installed... Unsure about the /etc/default/grub options I should change to force a timeout and and menu showing23:47
krytarikGolfgeo: Can you please post your current config on a pastebin?23:59

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