W3ird_N3rdsomething on your website/wiki is broken, is here anyone with power?17:29
W3ird_N3rdI try to login with my Launchpad details (no idea if I already have ubuntu one) and get:17:30
W3ird_N3rdOpenID error: return_to does not match return URL. Expected 'http://wiki.ubuntu.com/?action=login&login=1&oidstage=1&stage=openid', got u'http://wiki.edubuntu.org/?action=login&login=1&oidstage=1&stage=openid&janrain_nonce=2013-07-22T1717:30
=== ogra_` is now known as ogra_
W3ird_N3rdseems I'm not alone..17:38

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