wallyworlddavecheney: looks like there was no release last week?00:50
davecheneywallyworld: working on it now00:53
davecheneyit's an uphill battle00:53
wallyworldok, good luck00:53
davecheneyaxw: BONJOUR!01:11
axwdavecheney: hey :)01:11
davecheneyisn't it a bit early in the year to see you in this channel ?01:12
axwnope, I start today01:12
axwjust getting my SSO setup now01:12
bigjoolsdavecheney: I'm not sure there's any consensus yet on the tls thing, did you have a preference?01:13
bigjoolswill prob have to wait for EU to start to get more attention01:13
thumperbigjools: how horrible is it for use to carry this patch against golang package?01:14
thumperbigjools: instead of forking individual packages?01:15
bigjoolsthumper: won't work on other platforms01:15
thumperwhat won't?01:15
davecheneybigjools: if you've been able to fork those packages01:15
davecheneythen go with that01:15
thumperoh... like windows :)01:15
bigjoolswe have no control over golang on non-Ubuntu01:15
davecheneyrog and I thought it would be more work01:15
davecheneygood to hear it was only 3 packages01:15
bigjoolswell, I am a little concerned about forking net/http01:16
wallyworlddavecheney: so you saying we fork the golang source?01:16
thumperaxw: hello there, are you the new perth bod?01:16
davecheneywallyworld: make private copies of a few packages01:16
thumperbigjools: ack01:16
axwthumper: Hi. I surely am01:16
thumperaxw: welcome01:16
wallyworlddavecheney: won't that be a maintenance nightmare?01:16
bigjoolssince net/http is likely to get a lot of changes in core01:16
davecheneywallyworld: rock, meet hard place01:16
davecheneyplease see the discussion on the mailing list01:16
bigjoolsgiving us a higher maintenance burden01:16
thumperwallyworld: hopefully not too hard01:16
thumperbut yes01:16
bigjoolsg'day axw, welcome to the fray01:16
axwthumper: thanks! Looking forward to working with you guys01:16
axwbigjools: thanks and hello01:17
wallyworlddavecheney: i read it, and still think it sucks to fork go01:17
* thumper is currently writing a depressing email01:17
thumperwallyworld: we aren't forking all of go01:17
thumperwallyworld: just three packages01:17
wallyworldaxw: g'day from another aussie01:17
wallyworldthumper: still, 3 is 3 too many01:17
davecheneywallyworld: please read the mailng list before commenting further01:18
thumperwallyworld: agreed, but in the perfect world, it would be fixed in core01:18
davecheneyi don't think anyone is happy about this situatoin01:18
wallyworlddavecheney: i have01:18
axwwallyworld: Hi :)01:18
thumperwallyworld: we all agree it is sub-optimal01:18
bigjoolsdo we know why there's resistance to accepting in the core Go?01:18
thumperbut the best option out of a collection of shitty options01:18
wallyworldaxw: you follow cricket? if so, ignore bigjools. he is an aussie now but still yearns for the shitty place he left behind for a new life01:19
davecheneybigjools: no, please read my response on the mailinglist01:19
bigjoolswallyworld: I was about to ask if you'd enjoyed that yesterday01:19
davecheneydon't read too much into what agl wrote01:19
axwwallyworld: heh :)  sorry, can't say that I do01:19
davecheneyit was a throw away line01:19
wallyworldbigjools: FO01:19
bigjoolsdavecheney: so you think there's a chance?01:20
davecheneybigjools: yes01:20
thumperbigjools: even if so, won't come fast enough01:20
davecheneybut it won't be available til dec at the soonest01:21
bigjoolswell if we know it's going to be in the next version, that's fine if it makes the next LTS, because the maintenance burden is not too bad01:21
wallyworldthumper: you available for a chat even though you're out and about?01:23
thumperwallyworld: hangout wouldn't really work in this café01:24
thumperirc is fine01:24
thumperwill be home in an hour (ish)01:24
wallyworldthumper: so, i've been reading martin's branches. looks like there's agreement they can be landed. what do you need from an lxc perspective?01:25
thumperwallyworld: let me send this email, then we can talk more01:25
wallyworldlooks like they handle more the non container side of things01:26
* wallyworld has some food01:26
thumperemail sent01:27
thumperwallyworld: I've not looked at mgz's latest assuming he put some up on Friday01:27
thumperI should do soon01:27
thumperfrom what we talked about, the planned changes should be sufficient for the local provider01:28
wallyworldok. there's 2 branches there01:28
wallyworldand some empty methods on ec2 etc that need implementing01:29
bigjoolsdavecheney: after 1.2 is released, how long will 1.1 be supported?01:29
* thumper clicks01:29
thumperwallyworld: I was hoping someone would say to me about my tools branch: we should have tools.Tools not agent.Tools01:30
thumperbut no...01:30
thumperperhaps I'll talk to fwreade about this again01:30
wallyworldtools.Tools sounds better for sure01:30
thumperthis table is mildly sticky01:30
thumperwallyworld: also tools package can be very targetted01:31
thumperin what it does01:31
davecheneybigjools: yes01:31
thumpermaybe, agent/tools ?01:31
thumpernot sure01:31
davecheney1.1 will not be supported01:31
bigjoolsdavecheney: so there's no crossover period at all?01:31
davecheneywell, not supported any more than 1.0 is supported01:32
davecheneybigjools: there is01:32
davecheneybut the answer will always be, upgrade01:32
bigjoolsthat's really hostile to distros01:32
thumperI'm fairly sure, but importing agent/tools in no way implies bringing in agent01:32
thumperdavecheney: right?01:32
davecheneythumper: right what ?01:32
thumperthe line above01:32
wallyworldthumper: if the tools sub package only relevant to agent?01:32
thumperwallyworld: it is only used by agents, and generated for the use of agents01:33
wallyworldso agent/tools perhaps01:33
thumperthat is what I was thinking01:33
davecheneythumper: that is correct, importing a/b/c in no way implies you are importing a/b01:33
thumperwallyworld: then we could keep the agent.Conf in agent01:33
thumperdavecheney: ta01:33
davecheneybigjools: i agree, i don't think it is something I am in a position to change01:34
thumperwallyworld: as agent/config was an attempt to show how horrible it is :)01:34
thumperwallyworld: I don't really want to land that branch01:34
davecheneyI have suggested maintaing a stable branch01:34
davecheneybut the proposal was not accepted01:34
bigjoolsdavecheney: wow :(01:34
thumperdavecheney: for golang?01:34
davecheneythumper: yes01:34
thumperdouble wow01:34
bigjoolsthis chimes perfectly with the lack of versioning in dependencies - just use trunk folks!01:35
thumper\o/ WINNING!01:35
* bigjools wonders how Google handles this01:35
thumperwhere did I put that tiger blood01:35
thumperbigjools: I bet they have their own tool chain around it01:36
davecheneybigjools: they have all their source in one big perforce repo01:36
wallyworlddavecheney: to those golang folks know anything about collaborative software development across multiple teams etc? seems not :-(01:36
davecheneyit's called /google01:36
thumpera while arse guess is that they maintain their own go versions too01:36
bigjoolsI used to use Perforce years ago01:36
davecheneythumper: the development is on golang.org01:37
davecheneyi think they may merge back to their /google mega repo01:37
davecheneybut that is just to fit their process01:38
davecheneyto the best of my knowledge there is no 'private' version of Go01:38
davecheneycan I build a lp recipe from a tag ?01:38
bigjoolsgood question01:39
davecheneybigjools: should I branch from the tag? it looks like lp recipes are happiest with branches01:39
davecheneyok, i'll do that then01:39
davecheneyoh ffs01:39
davecheneythat'll mean pushing to the bot01:39
davecheneythat means I have to ask mgz to do it for me01:39
davecheneybecause, reasons01:39
bigjoolsthe revision spec is defined in the recipe01:39
bigjoolsso you can set what you like01:39
bigjoolswhy would you want a recipe for a fixed revision though?01:40
thumperdavecheney: I *think* you can specify a revision spec in a recipe01:40
thumperdavecheney: and if so, yes you can use a tag01:40
thumperdavecheney: see the specifying revisions01:41
thumpermerge packaging lp:~bzr/bzr/packaging revno:235501:41
thumperlp:bzr tag:2.0 etc01:41
davecheneythumper: fuckin' hot sauce01:42
bigjoolsdavecheney: why would you want a recipe for a fixed revision though?01:49
davecheneybigjools: because I'm still doing the releases without my big boy pants on01:50
* bigjools tries to unsee and fails01:51
davecheneybigjools: right now the recipe builds the debs which I use to make the tools we push into s301:51
davecheneywe're also putting a tarball from the same tag onto the project page01:52
bigjoolsit sounds like you don't need a recipe, just a package01:52
davecheneywhich jamespage uses to produce the debs that go into P, Q, R and S01:52
davecheneybigjools: yes, we do need that01:52
bigjoolsdavecheney: we use recipes to produce repeatable builds when versions get bumped.  If you're fixing the version with a tag, it doesn't make sense to me.01:56
bigjoolsunless you;re going to move the tag around ... :)01:56
davecheneybigjools: no, not planning on moving the tag01:57
bigjoolsI'd just use bzr builddeb or similar then01:57
davecheneyshit, https://launchpadlibrarian.net/145546623/buildlog.txt.gz02:12
bigjoolsdavecheney: it's not going to find the juju tag on your packaging branch is it02:17
davecheneyoh fuk, right, i understand02:18
bigjoolsshouldn't all those nests contain versions?02:18
bigjoolsotherwise it pulls tip02:18
davecheneybigjools: yes they should02:19
davecheneyyou are correct02:19
davecheneybigjools: that is why I want to move away from lp build recipes02:20
bigjoolslike I said, recipes are only really useful for repeated builds02:20
bigjoolsbut if you don't use a recipe, you need to separately package all those nested dependencies.02:21
bigjoolschoices choices :)02:21
davecheney(and wallyworld wonders why this takes ages ... :)02:22
* thumper has one more branch that stabs state.Tools through the heart04:19
davecheneyle sigh04:25
davecheneythe state is back to retrying > 1 time / second04:25
davecheneyi'm tried of trying and failing to fix this bug04:26
wallyworldthumper: if you are looking for a shit way to finish your day, i have 3 mp's that need reviewing. or i can beg someone else in EU timezone04:28
thumperwallyworld: sure04:29
wallyworldthanks. i'll still need to beg for the 2nd +1 i suppose :-)04:29
wallyworldthe simplestreams validation one is especially important04:30
thumper66 files changed, 488 insertions(+), 417 deletions(-)04:33
davecheneyus-west-1 is slow, doo daa, doo daa04:36
* wallyworld looks at thumper's branch before heading off for school pickup04:38
thumperwallyworld: it is pretty boring04:38
wallyworldhopefully easy to review then04:39
davecheneywarning: do not read merge proposal while driving, may cause drowsyness04:41
thumperI'm especially happy with the testing function to check juju-core dependencies04:43
thumperwallyworld: the message is still valid04:53
thumperwallyworld: it used to say that the interface was there to avoid an import loop04:53
thumpernow it is to not bring in the dependency04:54
wallyworldfair enough04:54
thumperaxw: how goes the new starter tasks?04:56
axwthumper: pretty much all done04:56
axwjust waiting on hearing back from IS on getting my SSH key added04:56
davecheneyanyone know anything about a sprint in August ?04:59
bigjoolsapparently there is one here05:01
bigjoolsand you all get to learn about the lovely azure05:01
* davecheney already has his account setup05:02
* thumper goes to make dinner05:04
=== thumper is now known as thumper-afk
davecheney1.11.3 is out!05:14
bigjoolswhen the core asks a provider to open ports, does it differentiate between udp and tcp or does it expect both types to be opened?06:05
davecheneybigjools: the latter06:06
davecheneythe open-port command does not permit you to specify the flavor06:06
bigjoolsit's required to specify on azure, so ... two calls needed.  yay.06:12
=== tasdomas_afk is now known as tasdomas
* axw wonders how long before his brain stops automatically doing things the IBM way06:55
axwam I better off using the openstack or local provider for familiarising with juju code? local is undergoing quite a bit of change right now?06:57
TheMueaxw: yes, local is in a too early stage07:00
TheMueaxw: using ec2 is a robust and convenient way to get into it07:01
TheMueaxw: good morning btw ;)07:01
axwTheMue: thanks. Good morning :)07:01
axwfirst day at Canonical - I'd like to accomplish something more than getting my accounts set up ;)07:01
TheMueaxw: and hey, I've still got the IBM way of thinking in my brain, even after now more than one and a half years07:02
axwoh, you worked at IBM?07:02
TheMueaxw: oh, no, but a long time with ibm technologies. first mainframe, later websphere stuff07:02
axwah right :)07:03
TheMueaxw: and in very conservative companies with large and unflexible it07:03
rogpeppe1mornin' all07:11
axwrogpeppe1: good morning07:14
rogpeppe1axw: yo! welcome!07:14
axwthanks :)07:14
rogpeppe1axw: is this your first day?07:15
axwrogpeppe1: yes it is07:15
TheMueaxw: where do you come from?07:16
rogpeppe1axw: feel free to ask about anything. i imagine you'll probably be busy doing all those initial things, but if you wanna take a look through the code, we're all online07:16
axwTheMue: I'm in Perth, Western Australia07:16
rogpeppe1axw: i guess your day is just about ended now, right?07:16
axwrogpeppe1: Thanks. Still a few hours left. I'm just getting set up with juju/openstack now07:17
axwdone all the new starter things07:17
rogpeppe1axw: i've not done the openstack set up yet :-)07:17
TheMueaxw: oh, the australian/new zealand group slowly outnumbers the european one07:18
axwrogpeppe1: oh, no, I'm just using canonistack07:18
TheMueaxw: good reason to have the next meeting in australia :)07:18
axwTheMue: :)  there do seem to be quite a few people in A/NZ07:18
rogpeppe1axw: yeah, i haven't tried that yet. i probably should...07:18
axwrogpeppe1: what do you develop against then? EC2?07:19
rogpeppe1axw: yeah07:19
axwTheMue: just not Perth, it's dead boring07:19
TheMueaxw: so we'll select Sydney, visiting Dave07:20
axwTheMue: Sounds good. I don't mind Sydney.07:21
TheMueaxw: never been there, so far only europe, us and india. so it would be a new experience07:23
axwwho knows about the openstack provider? seems there's a bug where it's expecting authentication to have occurred at bootstrap time08:15
dimiternguys, I need help landing this branch lp:~dimitern/juju-core/073-apiserver-pinger-on-ma-connection - i run the tests like 30 times since friday and it never fails on my machine, but it always fails on the bot - can someone please pull it and run all the tests to see if it can be reproduced?08:17
dimiternaxw: can you give more details?08:18
axwdimitern: 1. I pulled tip of juju-core; 2. I init'd and configured environments.yaml to target canonistack; 3. juju bootstrap -v08:19
axw2013-07-22 07:58:23 ERROR juju supercommand.go:235 command failed: cannot create bootstrap state file: cannot get endpoint URL without being authenticated08:19
dimiternaxw: do you have your canonistack creds in the env?08:19
axwdimitern: yes08:20
axwdimitern: I can get around this by forcing authentication in goose/client code08:20
dimiternaxw: set | grep OS_08:20
dimiternaxw: you should see 5 lines08:20
axwdimitern: yes, they're all there08:21
dimiternaxw: have you done "go install ." in cmd/juju ?08:21
dimiternafter pulling08:21
axwdimitern: go get ./...08:21
axwdimitern: I don't have another juju installed08:22
dimiternaxw: but do you have an existing working dir from before?08:22
axw~/.juju ?08:22
dimiternaxw: do go install there, just to be sure it runs the correct binary08:22
dimiternaxw: no, the source checkout08:23
axwdimitern: I guarantee you it is :)  I modified the code to fix the problem08:23
dimiternaxw: what was needed?08:23
axwgoose/client.go: authenticatingClient.MakeServiceURL checks IsAuthenticated08:23
axwI changed it to call Authenticate if it's not08:23
dimiternaxw: gmm let me see08:23
axwI'm just not sure if this is the appropriate place to do it. It's getting called during bootstrap08:24
dimiternaxw: can you paste the exact log please?08:25
dimiternmgz: hey, can you help me with a branch i'm having trouble landing08:26
axw2013-07-22 07:58:09 INFO juju provider.go:115 environs/openstack: opening environment "openstack"08:26
axw2013-07-22 07:58:09 INFO juju provider.go:417 environs/openstack: bootstrapping environment "openstack"08:26
axw2013-07-22 07:58:21 INFO juju tools.go:26 environs: reading tools with major version 108:26
axw2013-07-22 07:58:23 INFO juju tools.go:30 environs: falling back to public bucket08:26
axw2013-07-22 07:58:23 INFO juju tools.go:53 environs: filtering tools by series: precise08:26
axw2013-07-22 07:58:23 INFO juju tools.go:76 environs: picked newest version: 1.11.008:26
axw2013-07-22 07:58:23 ERROR juju supercommand.go:235 command failed: cannot create bootstrap state file: cannot get endpoint URL without being authenticated08:26
dimiternmgz: pull this and run all tests to see if they pass please: lp:~dimitern/juju-core/073-apiserver-pinger-on-ma-connection08:26
dimiternaxw: please use paste.ubuntu.com next time :)08:26
mgzdimitern: SURE08:27
dimiternaxw: hmm interesting08:27
dimiternmgz: cheers08:27
mgzer, caps08:27
dimiternaxw: i'll look into it, might be indeed a bug08:27
axwokey dokey, thanks. I'll stick with my patch while I play.08:28
dimiternaxw: which revision of goose you're on?08:28
axwdimitern: 9908:29
mgzdimitern: running tests now08:29
axwdimitern: entirely possible I'm out of date...08:29
axwhmm nope, seems to be the latest08:30
dimiternaxw: it is the latest08:30
axwdimitern: would you like me to log a bug? or is this stuff too much in flux for that?08:31
dimiternaxw: yes, please do this, so we can triage it and see whether it's a config issue or indeed a goose bug08:33
dimiternaxw: against goose i think, not juju-core, as it seems08:35
mgzdimitern: either the test run hung after the charmload tests, or something else is very wrong...08:43
mgzhow do I run with -gocheck.v and do all the tests again? >_<08:44
dimiternmgz: you cannot08:45
dimiternmgz: but, if you just go into .. wait a sec08:45
dimiternmgz: state/apiserver and run go test -gocheck.v08:46
dimiternmgz: alas, gocheck doesn't support running tests recursively08:46
mgzI'm failing to get cmd/juju tests to complete at all...09:02
mgzwith trunk09:02
mgzI'll give up and just test the ones you care about in your branch09:02
dimiternmgz: ok09:02
mgzone failure09:04
dimiternmgz: strange.. go version?09:05
mgz1.0.2 from distro09:05
dimiternhmm.. that's probably what the bot is running, but this is wrong, should be 1.0.3 or even 1.1.109:06
mgz1.02 on the distro has the borked fixes from 1.0.3 so should be much the same09:07
mgzwe did say we were going to switch wholesale to 1.109:07
dimiternwell, i can't make it break here09:07
mgzbut haven't really pulled the trigger on that yet09:07
dimiternreally frustrating..09:07
dimiternand the logic is sane, should pass09:08
mgzthe bot has 1.0.309:08
mgzat least that's what I get when I ssh in and run go version09:08
mgzif it helps, you can run that test yourself on my setup09:09
dimiternideas how to debug this on the bot without stopping it?09:09
mgzif the bot failing on the same test as me?09:09
dimiternit is09:09
dimiternhmm.. i'll try to find another way to test the same thing09:10
mgzif so, ssh and play around09:10
dimiternthanks btw09:10
dimiternmgz: if I can bug you a bit more :)09:18
mgzsure :)09:18
dimiternmgz: added some logging to the branch, so if you pull it now09:18
dimiternmgz: and then run go test -gocheck.vv -gocheck.f TestMachineLoginStartsPinger09:19
dimiternmgz: pasting the output, I should get better idea09:19
mgzssh in and see yourself :)09:19
dimiternmgz: I wouldn't want to screw up the bot09:20
mgzit's not the bot09:20
dimiternmgz: aah, ok09:20
mgzit's my test server09:20
mgzcd go/src/launchpad.net/juju-core09:20
mgzthen run the last command09:20
dimiternmgz: when I do bzr pull there it says perm denied09:21
mgzI already pulled09:21
dimiternmgz: ah, ok09:21
mgz(you need forwarding for that to work)09:21
dimiternmgz: ha! it passes now09:22
mgzhm, failed once for me09:22
mgzrun it a few more times09:22
dimiternmgz: weird.. so it's a timing issue then - adding two log statements seems to have fixed it09:22
dimiternmgz: I can't see this - I run it like 5 times, all pass09:24
mgzlogging probably made the race harder to hit09:24
mgzit passed the last few times for me.... just failed again09:24
dimiternmgz: that's indeed disturbing09:24
dimiternbut what i can say is that the pinger gets killed in both cases09:25
dimiternjust some timeout is needed perhaps after that09:25
dimiternmgz: sorry, can you pull again please?09:31
dimiterni'm approving it with the last fix, fingers crossed it might pass09:37
axwis there a primer anywhere on the procedure for changesets? how to get it reviewed, etc.09:39
dimiternaxw: basically, you create a merge proposal with lbox propose and it gets reviewed on rietveld, you need 2 LGTMs, then you should set the commit message on LP and mark it as approved, the bot will land it09:41
axwdimitern: thanks.09:42
dimiternaxw: note: you'll need go 1.1.1 to compile launchpad.net/lbox/...09:42
mgzdimitern: done, sorry, was off in the clouds09:46
dimiternmgz: thanks, run it 10 times, passes, finally!09:48
dimiternrogpeppe1: ping09:58
rogpeppe1dimitern: poing09:59
dimiternrogpeppe1: it seems there's a problem with provisioner tests after the short/longwait stuff has landed09:59
rogpeppe1dimitern: ah09:59
rogpeppe1dimitern: is that why the bot is failing?10:00
dimiternrogpeppe1: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5900029/10:00
dimiternrogpeppe1: yeah, I've seen this on several other branches trying to land10:00
dimiternrogpeppe1: I might be wrong, but it seems like the most probable cause, can you look into it please?10:01
rogpeppe1dimitern: ah, i think i see where the problem might lie10:02
dimiternrogpeppe1: it seems in one place it was 200ms and was changed to shortwait10:03
rogpeppe1dimitern: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5900040/10:03
rogpeppe1dimitern: it assumes that a short wait is enough to check for no operations *and* to wait for the operation to be performed10:03
dimiternrogpeppe1: yeah10:04
rogpeppe1dimitern: it should probably loop polling Status10:04
dimiternrogpeppe1: it wasn't shortwait before10:04
dimiternrogpeppe1: lxc-broker_test.go in ensureNoChanges10:04
dimiternrogpeppe1: it was 200ms10:04
rogpeppe1dimitern: agreed. but ensureNoChanges should not also be ensureEnoughTimeForSomethingToHappen10:05
axwgood night all10:05
rogpeppe1axw: g'night!10:05
rogpeppe1dimitern: it was only lucky that we weren't using a shorter timeout for ensureNoChanges10:05
dimiternaxw: 'night10:05
dimiternrogpeppe1: seems likely yes10:06
rogpeppe1dimitern: i think this is useful stuff to find out - it will make our tests less flaky in the end10:06
rogpeppe1dimitern: i'd like to try running the tests with ShortWait=1 * time.Microsecond10:07
rogpeppe1dimitern: and make sure nothing breaks with that10:07
dimiternrogpeppe1: why? that seems extreme10:07
rogpeppe1dimitern: it's important that we don't *rely* on anything happening within the ShortWait time scale10:08
rogpeppe1dimitern: otherwise our tests will be flaky10:08
rogpeppe1dimitern: setting it to a very short timeout is one way of checking that10:08
rogpeppe1dimitern: obviously i wouldn't commit that change10:08
dimiternrogpeppe1: yeah, it seems likely a lot of tests will fail with 5 orders of magnitude shorter timeout10:09
rogpeppe1dimitern: who knows?10:09
dimiternrogpeppe1: trunk tests do not fail on my machine though.. but I already had an issue like that with my branch - the bot is slower10:10
rogpeppe1dimitern: it's a related kind of test to changing LongWait to 1 minute, which found a few issues10:10
rogpeppe1dimitern: exactly10:10
rogpeppe1dimitern: i bet that test would fail on your machine with a smaller ShortWait10:10
rogpeppe1dimitern: i just tried it and get exactly that error10:11
rogpeppe1dimitern: (only that one test fails in worker/provisioner, which is hopeful)10:12
dimiternrogpeppe1: really? with 1us10:13
rogpeppe1dimitern: yeah10:13
dimiternrogpeppe1: awesome10:13
rogpeppe1dimitern: i haven't tried any other packages yet tho10:13
dimiternrogpeppe1: ah..10:14
rogpeppe1dimitern: one test fails in state (but only one - i expected more)10:18
dimiternrogpeppe1: so 2 so far? did you run all of them?10:19
rogpeppe1dimitern: no, i thought i'd start with the likely candidates :-)10:19
dimiternrogpeppe1: ok10:20
rogpeppe1dimitern: i fixed the state test; other than that there are 4 tests in the whole suite that fail: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5900118/10:35
rogpeppe1dimitern: that's not too bad, i think10:36
dimiternrogpeppe1: very good10:36
dimiternrogpeppe1: and how about the provisioner?10:36
rogpeppe1dimitern: i fixed that one too10:36
rogpeppe1dimitern: the fslock one was just a ShortWait which should have been a LongWait10:37
dimiternrogpeppe1: awesome10:37
dimiternrogpeppe1: please propose this so things that are waiting can start landing10:39
rogpeppe1dimitern: i'm just fixing the remaining tests10:39
rogpeppe1dimitern: or perhaps i should propose that fix now...10:40
rogpeppe1dimitern: ok, will do10:40
dimiternrogpeppe1: tyvm10:40
rogpeppe1dimitern: https://codereview.appspot.com/11525045/10:44
dimiternrogpeppe1: reviewed10:46
dimiternmgz: can you take a look as well? ^^10:46
dimiternrogpeppe1: good to go then10:54
rogpeppe1dimitern, mgz: thanks11:01
rogpeppe1it's marked as approved11:01
mgzI'm a little worried the bot is unhappy right now...11:01
dimiternhow so?11:02
mgzdave got a version bump reject twice it seems11:02
dimiternit works sometimes it seems11:04
mgzyeah, randomly failing tests are not fun11:04
dimiternif the stars align right, the timeouts/races do not cause trouble :)11:04
allenaprogpeppe1: Do you have time to talk to rvba and myself?11:12
rogpeppe1allenap: certainly11:12
rogpeppe1allenap: anytime11:12
allenaprogpeppe1: We'll invite you to a hangout. Should be quick.11:12
rogpeppe1allenap: cool. we've got a meeting at 12.30 BTW11:12
allenaprogpeppe1: We'll be done by then.11:12
rvbarogpeppe1: I've just invited you to our hangout.11:13
rogpeppe1rvba: could you paste a link? i haven't seen the invite yet.11:13
rvbarogpeppe1: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/cc7900440cd9b8960e9a2ded920992997465edd2?hl=en11:14
dimiternrogpeppe1: standup?11:31
rogpeppe1dimitern: ah yes, one mo11:31
dimiternwallyworld: ? ^^11:32
wallyworldi'm already there11:32
mgzyou're a different there to us in that case11:32
wallyworldi used th one in the calendar11:32
rogpeppe1wallyworld: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/f497381ca4d154890227b3b35a85a985b894b471?authuser=111:33
mgzso did I..11:33
rogpeppe1wallyworld: me too11:33
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* dimitern thinks codereview.appspot.com went to extreme lengths to make most of the generated numbers look very close at the end :)12:22
dimiternwallyworld: looking12:23
wallyworlddimitern: yeah. btw, those were for rodger and martin12:23
mgzhe can always review as well! :)12:23
dimiternI have one of mine https://codereview.appspot.com/1146304412:23
dimiternwallyworld: ah, ok, won't touch them then :)12:23
wallyworlddimitern: thanks for offering!12:23
wallyworlddimitern: we were in a hangout so i forgot to prefix the pastes with some explanatory text12:24
dimiternwallyworld: np12:25
dimiternrogpeppe1, mgz: when done take a look ^^ please12:48
rogpeppe1dimitern: reviewed12:50
dimiternrogpeppe1: thanks12:50
rvbarogpeppe1: I see Dave Cheney has disabled the Azure provider to release a clean version of Juju… is it ok if we re-enable it now?13:06
rogpeppe1rvba: if you've changed things to use the new tls fork, i don't see why not13:06
rvbarogpeppe1: yep, that's currently being reviewed.13:06
rvbarogpeppe1: hang on, I updated the code and the Azure provider is now already re-enabled!13:07
rogpeppe1rvba: cool13:07
dimiternmgz: https://codereview.appspot.com/11463044 ?13:29
rogpeppe1wallyworld: posted a review13:31
* rogpeppe1 goes for lunch13:31
wallyworldrogpeppe1: thanks, will look tomorrow13:32
mgzdimitern: lgtmed13:58
dimiternmgz: cheers13:58
dimiternrogpeppe1: ping14:12
dimiternrogpeppe1: i though you fixed the log pollution from the api?14:15
dimiternrogpeppe1: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5900721/ i'm getting this all the time14:15
rogpeppe1dimitern: those messages are printed only once, at init time14:16
rogpeppe1dimitern: at least... hmm, they should be14:16
rogpeppe1dimitern: perhaps they're being printed once per connection - i'll just check14:16
dimiternrogpeppe1: well I'm restarting all the time, so they might be printed once14:17
dimiternrogpeppe1: but should they?14:17
rogpeppe1dimitern: they're useful messages, yes14:17
rogpeppe1dimitern: i have an old branch somewhere that makes them less necessary14:17
rogpeppe1dimitern: but given that they only appear once, i don't think they're a great burden, and i do think they provide useful information ("why isn't my API call being made?" "ah, it's because it's being discarded because it has the wrong type signature")14:18
dimiternrogpeppe1: can we at least make them appear only at TRACE log level?14:20
rogpeppe1dimitern: Debug is probably more appropriate14:20
rogpeppe1dimitern: and i think that's enabled at test time, whereas i'm not sure trace is14:20
dimiternrogpeppe1: we should really have an easy way to set log level at run time for tests and production separately14:21
rogpeppe1dimitern: agreed14:21
rogpeppe1dimitern: BTW with my root-for-entity changes, i think we should be able to avoid the need for any of those messages to be printed.14:22
rogpeppe1dimitern: which might argue for them being left at the same log level, or even higher14:22
dimiternrogpeppe1: interesting idea14:24
rvbarogpeppe1: care to review that branch (it's really tiny)? https://codereview.appspot.com/11492044/14:37
rogpeppe1rvba: looking14:38
rogpeppe1rvba: i get a chunk mismatch error (occasional unavoidable rietveld glitch) - could you run lbox propose again please?14:38
rvbarogpeppe1: done.14:42
rogpeppe1rvba: thanks14:42
hazmatis fwereade on vacation ?14:58
mgzhazmat: yes, till thursday14:59
ahasenackdoes mongodb from precise work with juju-core, for the local provider story?15:00
ahasenackit looks like it doesn't support ssl15:00
ahasenackit's 1:2.0.4-1ubuntu2.115:00
dimiternrogpeppe1, mgz: https://codereview.appspot.com/11666047/ - machiner uses api now15:08
mgzdimitern: looking15:11
rogpeppe1dimitern: reviewed15:19
dimiternrogpeppe1: thanks15:19
rvbarogpeppe1: btw, you'll note that my latest branch (to cope with gwacl's most recent changes) only touches test files.15:26
rogpeppe1rvba: cool. LGTM15:27
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rvbarogpeppe1: ta15:29
mgzeveryone hold off marking any mps as approved for a while15:31
mgzI'll give the okay when y'all can start landing again15:31
dimiternmgz: ok; thanks for the review btw15:37
rogpeppe1thumper: yo!15:42
rogpeppe1dimitern: fairly trivial CL: https://codereview.appspot.com/1156004415:42
TheMuerogpeppe1: lgtm15:47
rogpeppe1TheMue: ta15:47
dimiternrogpeppe1: will look a bit later, have to go out quickly15:48
* dimitern bbiab15:48
rogpeppe1dimitern: np15:48
mgzokay, can mark mps for landing again now15:51
mgzeveryone will want to update gwacl15:52
rogpeppe1any other takers for a small review (more Go- than juju-centric)? https://codereview.appspot.com/1156004415:57
marcoceppiJust wanted to drop by and let you guys know about this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/1203795 It's blocking local provider on LTS16:02
_mup_Bug #1203795: mongodb with --ssl not available in precise <juju-core:Confirmed> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1203795>16:02
mgztalk to jamespage :)16:03
marcoceppimgz: well my first thought is to just upload the raring version of mongodb to ppa:juju/devel and call it a day16:04
rogpeppe1niemeyer: trivial change to mgo: https://codereview.appspot.com/1141904516:14
rogpeppe1another small CL (just copying some code from goamz) if anyone fancies a review: https://codereview.appspot.com/1168004316:34
rogpeppe1mgz: this is what i was referring to in a reply to you earlier16:35
rogpeppe1mgz: assuming this goes in, i'll go and refactor the attempt loop code to use AttemptStrategy now.16:35
mgzrogpeppe1: ta16:36
niemeyerrogpeppe1: What is the implements command?16:39
rogpeppe1niemeyer: it tells you which interfaces are implemented by which types.16:40
niemeyerrogpeppe1: Should it be fixed instead to behave as the compiler does?16:40
rogpeppe1niemeyer: that should probably be fixed indeed16:40
rogpeppe1niemeyer: but changing to use *file seems reasonable - i certainly found it quite surprising when i saw that that actually worked16:40
niemeyerrogpeppe1: It's just style, but sure16:43
rogpeppe1niemeyer: i think it might be the go/types package that's broken here. not entirely sure.16:43
rogpeppe1niemeyer: yeah, looks like it.16:44
niemeyerrogpeppe1: It's changed16:44
rogpeppe1niemeyer: ah, i should try go getting it again16:44
rogpeppe1niemeyer: hmm, yes, the implements command is now broken16:48
rogpeppe1niemeyer: against code.google.com/p/go.tools/go/types anyway, which i think is the correct path16:48
rogpeppe1niemeyer: thanks16:49
niemeyerrogpeppe1: Cool, glad the change makes it happier16:49
rogpeppe1niemeyer: yeah, go/types still isn't fixed in that respect.17:01
rogpeppe1niemeyer: BTW: https://github.com/dominikh/implements17:01
dimiternrogpeppe1: reviewed17:08
dimiternrogpeppe1: https://codereview.appspot.com/11560044/17:08
rogpeppe1dimitern: thanks17:09
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rogpeppe1dimitern: i'd appreciate a review of https://codereview.appspot.com/11680043/ if you've a mo - it's just code moving17:31
rogpeppe1right, i need to go17:31
rogpeppe1g'night all!17:32
dimiternrogpeppe1: g`night; will look17:33
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* thumper just prepaid for an ubuntu edge phone20:43
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* thumper needs another +1 on https://codereview.appspot.com/11561044/20:47
thumpermramm: you available?20:47
mrammneed a couple min, just got off a long flight but basically available...20:48
mrammalso, hotel network here sucks so we will have to see how it all works out.20:49
mrammbut trying a google hangout now20:57
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wallyworldthumper: you still otp?21:36
arosalesany folks try hp cloud with the recent juju-core release?21:49
wallyworldarosales: i haven't. issues? it would be great if we had an account to test with :-)21:59
arosalesjcastro and m_3 reporting it is not working atm22:01
arosaleswallyworld, I am verifying22:01
wallyworldok, let me know if i can help22:01
wallyworldarosales: btw, i'm about to land a tool to do image metadata validation. hopefully today. will let you and the guys know22:02
arosaleswallyworld, thanks that would be great22:04
arosaleswallyworld, do you know if the tools were updated on hpcloud to match 1.11.3? or is 1.11.0 tools sufficient?22:05
wallyworldarosales: you will need the 1.11.3 tools. i do not know if they were updated. listing the public bucket contents will show if they were22:06
arosaleswallyworld, ok I will check.  currently bootstrapping on hp cloud I get:22:07
wallyworldarosales: so the 1.11.3 tools are missing. i'd like to see a --debug bootstrap to get more ides why it is failing22:09
wallyworldyou could also try with --upload-tools22:09
m_3arosales: might be a bucket issue22:09
arosaleswallyworld, ya I don't see any 1.11.3 tools on hp cloud22:09
arosalesm_3, what error were you getting?22:10
wallyworldwe should add that to th relesase process22:10
m_31.11.2 works fine in hp, but 1.11.3 gets some auth grumping22:10
* m_3 looks22:10
wallyworldi can't off hand think of what may have changed22:10
m_3dev:~/talks/now $ juju bootstrap -e go-hp22:10
wallyworldto cause that22:10
m_3error: cannot create bootstrap state file: cannot get endpoint URL without being authenticated22:10
arosaleswallyworld, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5902083/22:11
wallyworldah, i know where the issue might be. can you do a bootstrap --debug ?22:11
arosalesbootstrap --debug above ^22:11
arosaleswallyworld, also any reason 1.11.3 tools are missing from hpcloud?22:12
wallyworldarosales: they just weren't copied there as part of the release process i'm guessing22:13
wallyworldso our release process needs to be updated22:13
wallyworldi'll try bootstrapping on canonistack to see if i get the same error22:14
arosaleswallyworld, if you a pointer to the 1.11.3 tools I can upload to hp22:14
wallyworldarosales: http://juju-dist.s3.amazonaws.com/22:15
wallyworldor you can use sync-tools22:15
wallyworldjuju help sync-tools22:15
arosalessync-tools upload to an arbitrary bucket?22:16
thumperwallyworld: nope, around now22:17
thumperalthough need to go let the dog in22:17
wallyworldthumper: ok, just talking to some folks about hp cloud issues22:17
wallyworldwith 1.11.322:17
* arosales uploading the precise i386/amd64 tools to the hp bucket22:19
thumperwallyworld: ok, did you want to chat?22:19
wallyworldthumper: yeah, i had a meeting about the addressability issues with rodger and martin and asked martin to send an email which he did. i just wanted to touch base on that22:20
thumperok, I need to read it22:20
thumperbeen looking at the ubuntu edge stuff22:20
wallyworldok. i need to do that too22:20
wallyworld$32M is a big ask22:20
wallyworldarosales: fwiw, i just bootstrapped in canonistack with current trunk, which should not be too much different to 1.11.322:22
wallyworldso hopefully using the current tools will work22:22
* arosales retrying hpcloud with updated tools22:27
arosaleswallyworld, still getting http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5902120/ with updated precise tools22:29
wallyworldarosales: hmmm. i know where in the code it's happening. but without an account to debug with, it will be hard to find out why, since it works on canonistack22:30
arosaleswallyworld, I can get you a sub on my account for testing22:32
wallyworldarosales: that would be f*cking amazing22:33
arosaleswallyworld, I will pm you the details22:33
wallyworldthank you. now we can smoke test etc before release22:33
wallyworldthumper: i have an errand to take care of, will ping you in a bit22:38
thumperwallyworld: ack, talking with hazmat22:39
arosaleswallyworld, fyi no saucy amd64 juju-tools on amazon23:06
arosalesfor 1.11.3 that is23:07
wallyworldarosales: i'm not sure what the saucy status is. dave cheney would know a bit more23:12
arosaleswallyworld, you should have access to hp cloud, let me know if you see the auth error23:13
wallyworldarosales: thanks. logging in now23:13
arosaleswallyworld, I uploaded all the tools that amazon had for HP23:13
wallyworldarosales: what region are you using?23:30
arosaleswallyworld, ^23:33
wallyworldok, thanks23:33
wallyworldarosales: right, i have reproduced the error. now to debug23:35
arosaleswallyworld, sometimes that is half the battle23:36
arosaleswallyworld, thanks for taking a look23:37
wallyworldindeed. i need to sort out why it didn't show up on canonistack23:37
* arosales not sure on the delta between canonistack and hp23:38
thumperwallyworld: I'm likely to just merge this with your ok :-) https://codereview.appspot.com/11561044/23:39
* thumper waits a bit longer for another +123:40
thumperwould be funny to land with "trivial"23:40
wallyworldthumper: do it!23:40
wallyworldthumper: will talk to you later - i'm sorting out a critical hp cloud issue with the latest release for the guys at OSCON23:41
thumperwallyworld: np, I need to go to the gym anyway23:51
thumperand that is a *need*23:51
wallyworldof course23:51
thumperalso I have an email to compose re: addressability23:51
wallyworldarosales: so something is resetting the openstack client's credentials, just got to find out what and why23:54
arosaleswallyworld, ok thanks for taking a look23:55
* arosales is available for testing23:55
wallyworldnp. will let you know when i find the next bit23:55
arosalesI may have to step away for dinner with the family but I will log back in23:55

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